Big Brother 17 Week 4 POV results “it’s exactly what Shelli wants”

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Veto Players Picked: Shelli, Jason, Johnny Mac, Vanessa, James, Meg,
Veto Host: Steve

POV winner is Vanessa

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-18 19-05-05-954_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-18 19-05-09-962_jpg

7:09pm Looks like it was a messy competition.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-18 19-06-32-760_jpg

7:05pm Have nots Vanessa and Austin (Hard to hear)
Vanessa says the competition was so easy
Vanessa – I’m shocked JohnnyMac missed it . listen.. it’s good it’s exactly what shelli wants..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-18 19-16-03-518_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-18 19-24-52-179_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-18 19-35-11-724_jpg

7:29pm Jason and Becky

Jason thinks the veto will be used on Johnnymac. He thought he was the target but after talking to Shelli he’s not sure.
Jason – Everyone is acting like this might be Audrey’s week
Jason is really worried about being on the block with Audrey she’s going to work her magic and stay.
Becky – She’s crazy
Jason – Audrey is the hot mess express
Clay comes by “I can’t speak for SHelli.”
jason – I know VAnessa is close to JohnnyMAC
Clay – I don’t know I don’t know .. she trust you over a lot of people in this house
Clay says she’ll talk to jason later tonight. Clay leaves.
Jason mentions that Vanessa told him not to worry he’ll be fine.
Becky says Audrey needs to go.
Jason thanks Austin, Liz and Maybe Steve will vote against him but the rest of the house will vote out Audrey. He actually thinks only Austin will vote for Audrey

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-18 19-49-19-388_jpg
Steve says it was the same competition that Christine won last year .

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-18 19-57-32-472_jpg

7:57pm HOH Audrey and Shelli
Audrey says thet’s the best outcome. Shelli Agrees tells her to get comfortable in the HOH.

Shelli says it was weird that it was raining outside, “Made the paint cooler because it got wet”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-18 20-01-41-903_jpg

Getting ready to pick this weeks have nots

8:30 Feeds down (HAve nots)

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Are we re


Ignore this plz…

Biff Tannen

You never told us: what is the frequency?

Big Jacket

Poor Dan Rather. His massive ego was finally compromised because he didn’t know the frequency.


Hopefully Audrey can’t convice shelli to put someone else up. If Audrey goes home the house will be alot calmer. Would’ve been nice if johnymac won instead of Vanessa


or Jason. I was really hoping one of those two would pull it out.


Either way Audrey would go up and then go home. Unless she stirs more shit, I would like that as much as I like face shelli makes when she does her makeup. It sucks

The Wu

Ugh what kind of BB fan wants the house calmer?? I mean ..really?


I would rather have it calm than watch the redundancy of Audrey crying to Shelli, At least the show would be more fun when the last big target is gone and they all go to war for power.

The Wu

How sad is it that Audrey is the last big target? Or that you think that…?

Captain Crunch

now all Shelli has to do is back-door Audrey or the creep Austin


Why do I have a bad feeling Johmny Mac is going to get screwed?


Man I was hoping Jason would get it, not sure Vanessa will use it. If she does she will take JM off not Jason, and against anyone Jason will be out.. this sucks, wanted Audrey out so bad!


Oh joy
*rolls eyes


Damn it!!!! JohnnyMac!! I thought it was Easy!!!!


Are we really saying goodbye to Audrey this week???…I’m surprised the “maybe we should backdoor Audrey talk” lasted this long….Who is Vanessa using the Veto on???…Audrey is one of the players that can miraculously pull off things go stay…but maybe the others won’t buy what she is selling this time… I wonder who she will throw under the bus now???…

PS: ignore my incomplete comment from before if I have one…


Ugh I guess Vanessa will talk a ton till Monday now. Everyone likes Vanessa with power right?

As long as my boy JohnnyMAC stays this week I’ll be good. Not sure Audrey fans can say the same….

Team #IncognitoDentist Johnny MAC


OMG!!!!!! This can’t get any worse! Vanessa wins POV! Just send everyone home and let her and her alliances battle it out. She’s like Shelly ( from season with Jeff and Jordan) lying and scheming to everyone. Can’t wait for her lies to catch up with her and have everyone crying like Jordan was because they seem to be eating up her stories. She’s also like Derrick from last season has everyone doing her dirty work and no one suspects her. I really want her out of the house.


Vanessa is one of the more honest players. She studied Game Theory. She is brilliant. One of the best BB players I’ve ever seen.


Now I have to listen to the psycho Vanessa strategize for the whole week.


Thought Shelli and Nessa plus Clay were talking Audrey. No way it gets used. Johnnie wake up root canal is coming. Van isn’t taking you off the block. Super pawn might go home. I can read it now. It’s better for my game if Jason stays. Whether it’s BS production or not it’s a long time til Thursday. I just think they aren’t putting Audrey up. Save Johnnie and put up Meg possible bet they leave it the same. Nessa didn’t win to take Johnnie off it was to keep the noms the same. This season is starting to really suck.


I couldn’t agree more. I don’t know why everyone is getting their hopes up about Audrey getting backdoored, I don’t think Shelli has the heart to do it. Plus in her mind she’ll just say “Well it’s way too early to evict Audrey, we’ll keep her around for a little” Vanessa will either keep it the same or use it on JMAc and someone like Meg will go up. Either way things are looking real bleak for Jason 🙁

Misty Beethoven

This is going to be a trainwreck. We will be subjected to listening to Vanessa over-think, over-analyze, over-agonize about who, dear God, WHO to take down and who to put in that place. Argh!!

Team Dawg

You’d think in a situation where Shelli and Vanessa don’t have much to gain by winning the veto that Vanessa would’ve thrown it considering anyone else who won would’ve used it. Now if she uses it to pull off someone Audrey will probably assume (correctly) that they colluded to backdoor her. Given how much Audrey knows about them and the Sleeper Cell alliance I just think it would’ve been a better game move to have someone else have the veto just so Audrey wouldn’t put Vanessa on blast too post-Veto ceremony.


Agreed I thought shelli anf Vanessa would throw it 100 percent when I seen the players picked I can only assume Vanessa wants to gain Jason’s trust

Misty Beethoven

Sorry, meant Shelli will over-think the renom. Too tired to be typing!!

is it just me

or is it alot harder to win POV when people are not throwing it to you?

I’m curious are there other DR sessions that are not aired on the show? People keep saying JM is so funny in his DR sessions but i’ve seen every episode and have never seen him say anything remotely amusing. Matter of fact none of them have been at all funny in any way on purpose. I find Austin funny but not in a laugh with him way rather a laugh at him way because its hard not to find humor in a grown ass man acting so pathetic over some 21 year old who loves his personality aka the line used to describe the ugly friend when you are setting someone up on a blind date.


I have wondered why people think Jmac’s DR sessions are funny as well. I know they encourage them to crank it up so I get it. But it’s just corny and way over the top like they are dumbing him down. But I just chalk it up as if people like someone or feel connected than they/we sometimes find what they do or say more amusing and likable than it would coming from someone else. I don’t care if he leaves, but I do like him and think he sounds like a big goof ball in there. With Austin’s, I always think, how old are you again? Like he’s eternally stuck in a comic book gym in his mind.

Twistin' for the win!

OMG….anyone but coo-coo bird Vanessa. I really needed Jason or Meg to win.



Let’s hope Shelli can pull the trigger!!


Vanessa won the pov whoo hoo

Team Edward

Can someone explain why Shelli can not have Jason next to Audrey on the block? I think I missed it, but if you know she is nuts, who cares what she says just get her out or don’t talk to her all week. I feel as if Shelli is making excuses not to put her up, which will only get her booted next week.


Shellie is afraid if she puts Audrey next to Jason, Jason will get voted out, leaving Audrey in the house gunning for her…she is a coward, afraid to make a big move, get blood on her hands.


Clay and Shelli need to go they have too much power in the house. Each season this happens same thing different group. This show get more and more boring each year. I dont even watch the show or the feeds I can just read the blog her and know exactly whats going on.


Please get Audrey out of the house. Cannot give her special treatment just because being transgender. Hot mess!


I agree shelly an clay needs to go more then audry an austin’
I hope its a rewind

is it just me

why? nobody gave them power in the house, they took it through better gameplay. Is it their fault the people you are rooting for are incompetent?

Lets fill the house with Big Macs and see how that goes. When nobody ever wins a competition cause they are too busy throwing them and nobody ever says anything. Would make an awesome first couple of weeks when you see nobody on feeds because they are hiding.

Get over it. Im sick of the attitude that if the person im rooting for is not doing well this show sucks. Nobody is asking you to watch if you dont like it stop watching its pretty simple. Nobody wants to hear you cry and moan about how some losers are not living up to your expectations so now you need to cry about it from the mountain top.


Very nervous for Jason


Hopefully this week’s twist is the POV holder gets evicted…



vanessa's joan jett eyeballs

Sorry, but all things being equal and fair it’s time for Audrey to go. This raging about equality and treating everybody the same…. guess what, you are a liar and backstabber and it’s confirmed, sorry it’s time for you to go, transgendered or not. You don’t get preferential treatment just because you are who you are. You do not get a free pass.


I’m concerned for Johnny Mac….I was really hoping he was going to win this one. Hopefully Nessa takes him off the block.


Anyone notice a trend when it comes to the viewing the favorite 3 in the poll?

Whoever wins HOH goes down a ton of spots and whoever is on the block goes up…. Just shows the winner of this game is going to be somebody that has not won the HOH much if any.


I don’t get why no HOH sees getting Audrey out as a huge game move that will benefit them later. If the person who gets her out is in the final 2, how can that not win them points with the jury?

Also, knowing Audrey, she will try to work her craziness in the jury too and I wouldn’t want to know I needed her vote to help me win $500k.

Donald Trump's Blowout Specialist

Why does no one have the brains or foulness to GET RID OF THE TWINS!!!! IT WOULD BE A TWOFER DEAL. DUH!

vanessa's joan jett eyeballs

Your name alone made me want to thumbs up you, the twins are a waste of space!

Donald Trump's Blowout Specialist

Why does no one have the brains or cojones to GET RID OF THE TWINS!!!! IT WOULD BE A TWOFER DEAL. DUH! #@$% autocorrect.


Jason, Johnny Mac, Audrey…who cares which one of them goes home. They all are boring game players. And none are a need in the house for Vanessa. So let’s get on with it and pick one of these morons off.

Nessa wins POV and people here pissed. LOL. I got a good laugh out of that. You all really make my watching of Nessa owning this game even more enjoyable with your strange hate for her. Haters gona hate. Nessa gona dominate!


You’re reaching Austin-level creepiness with your infatuation with Vanessa, just saying. Lol


What’s “creepy” to me is you took the time to post hate for me and nothing about the game or the people in the house.

Please go swing from someone else’s balls. Thanks:)

Helen Crump

No summer school this year? Pity.


Steve needs to go!! Shell should put him up, he’s a bugger threat but NOOOO, she’ll be bullied into putting Audrey up, who’s been actually loyal to her. Loyalty means nothing to this cast though. This season is gonna go down the tubes with Audrey gone, she’s the most entertaining HG this year and has played the best game so far. She walked in with an obvious target on her, and has managed to stay so far….please Shelly do not let the bully tactics work!!! Be smart, Steve is a bully who schemes others to do his dirty work. Jace was so right on about him, loved watching Steve squirm when jace confronted him. Hopefully the producers or a twist will help Audrey, but they obviously want her gone too…too conversial for mainstream TV I guess


Remember we haven’t heard anything about the “BB take over” for this week, it could help her stay in the game….if not, who knows what tricks audrey has up her sleeve …. she the kind of girl that ain’t going to leave with out a fight….

If she does get put up…. I can’t wait for everyone to find out about “sleeper cell” alliance and remember Jason told her about the twin thing, so she might throw liz under the bus too….I like house meetings, maybe she will call one or better yet, steal a chapter out of dan’s book and have a funeral lol


Does anyone know if their is going to be a “BB Take Over” this week?


Jason or Meg should’ve won. Now Vanessa is going to annoy tf out of me on feeds

Vanessa owns you!

Vanessa wins POV and people here pissed. LOL!

Haters gona hate. Vanessa just dominates!

Johnny Mac, Jason, Audrey…who cares which on goes this week. Vanessa has no need for any of them in the house any longer. Let’s get going and pick one of these idiots off and get on to the next phase of winning this game!

#Vanessa wins BB and the moron posters are so friggin’ mad!


Vanessa needs to repay JohnnyMac back and take him off the block. I don’t get Clay pushing to keep John up because he has a better chance of staying over Audrey than Jason, but if you and your alliance vote the same plus John then I’m pretty sure you have the numbers to get Audrey out. Clay takes some much advantage.


They’re worried about the random votes last week. They don’t think they can trust everyone to vote the way they are saying they will vote. And they still have no clue who the two other votes for Jeff were (a lot of speculation, but none of them know ). They think jmack is more liked in the house than Jason (which is true). Therefore audrey would be more likely to be voted out.


Shelli finds it extremely hard to put up anyone on the block. Remember, she is working with just about all of them. She is good on all sides of the house, and until people start winning comps instead of throwing them, she and Clay, Vanessa, Austin and Liz will continue to dominate. Although I will say Austin better win one in a hurry and put them up before they do him. This week they are ignoring him a lot, and assume he will get the hint that they want to replace him in their alliance. They held meetings today without him and Liz/Julia in attendance. You don’t have to be a Philadelphia lawyer to realize what is going on. They certainly don’t hide it well.


shelly needs to go look at what she doing to johnny mac he was on the block for you
in you make him a have nots man I hope Austin an johnny mac wins hoh next week
I really do think Austin want to work with johnny mac in juila liz sister do not trust shelly
reason Austin need to say cause of the twins brought in the game in they know he will never put them
up I really don’t think its nothing wrong with Austin he just got a crush on liz who wouldn’t she breaitful


Well one good thing with Vanessa having VETO is she is all in getting Audrey out and wants to use it. The only question is will Shelli put up Audrey.
Goodness why couldn’t Vanessa have seen the light last week when she was HOH. She could have had Audrey out last week and went after DUDE boy this week. But no she was also a scardy cat and didn’t want Audrey’s blood on her hands. Now that it’s Shelli she’s all in for getting her out.
I so wanted Jason to get hoh this week because I know he wouldn’t have had a problem at all putting Audrey on the block


Bye bye audrey sadly.
Hope it bites everyone in the butt


I don’t know why these hgs make everything so complicated ???

Invisible Jackie

Anybody besides me think Clay looks like Alf?


What if Audrey went to Austin and said “I think Liz has eyes for Vanessa” and gave him examples omg that would be the best………..


I actually hope Jason goes this week
But who the f… knows what will happen this week
It’s turning out to be a pretty good season
I actually hope Audrey stays … she’s great at creating kaos
I hope Clay or James goes next … followed by Jackie n Austin

Allison Grodner

Audrey needs to stay this wk no matter what she plays harder than most of lazy ass HGs who are so plain boring and hav no gameplay at all


Vanessa needed to win this POV so she can have control of Shelli’s HOH. She now holds the power. This way she can use it or not. She will use it to backdoor Audrey but not Austin. I think she needs to make a move on Clay and Shelli soon, and she can’t do it without Austin there to help her. Unless she can gather a small army against Clay and Shelli this won’t go down though, and imagine she will have to recruit several votes before attempting something like that. Whether next week or the week after, it has to be soon. If she doesn’t she may lose her chance once and for all. She needs Austin and the twins on her side NOT on Clay/Shelli side. Vanessa may be a nutcase but she is no dummy. Who would go far into the game with a couple that will certainly take one another to the end. Austin already told Vanessa the other night that he didn’t see the twins going far in the game, and told her he would be upset but would get over it, and that in final 2 Vanessa would get it because she can talk and he can’t.


Cannot stand Clay/Shelli. They certainly are a pair. They don’t want Austin in their alliance. Why, because he and Liz are A PAIR. Shelli doesn’t think Austin should save his game, he is supposed to save HER game. Austin isn’t supposed to say anything during her HOH, but it is OK for Clay to do it. Austin spoke out of turn, but Clay did as well with his 90% BS and no one wanted him out of the alliance. What a two faced b…h she has turned out to be. I hope she gets picked off soon. Its OK for her to hang onto Audrey for so long as well, and everyone protect her.

another name

logic errors:
1) take down Jason. lose john’s trust. no more information. nobody to throw your comps anymore. john knows where you buried your bodies. they discussed leaving john on the block and nominating Audrey. that’ll bite them in the ass eventually.
2) nominate Audrey. she will tell that vanessa clay Austin and Audrey and liz are a secret alliance. explains davonne and jeff. puts doubt in a lot of people’s minds about everyone’s side deals. she’ll show that clay and shelli have allied with every hoh so far, jumping from side to side.
3) take down John. Jason will think shelli and clay are shady. Vanessa too. and he’ll be staying.
Audrey will go home if nominated. great. but if she gets nominated with time to campaign there will be thirty-five house meetings in about two days. sure she’s a massive lying drama queen, but any suspicion is enough with thirteen people left in the house. She’ll go home, but not without creating enough damage to the paranoid pack’s reputations.
what’s funny: all of the things Audrey has said to piss off shelli and clay and vanessa this week were true. can’t help but laugh at the irony.
Vanessa’s eyes will pop right out of her head. clay will hide behind shelli saying ‘I know you are but what am i’ shelli will look guilty while saying ‘how can she do this to me, I only put her up on the block it’s not my fault’. Austin will be nowhere to be found.
So yeah, from a viewer’s point of view, this could be fun. but it’s not the smartest move yet with so many weeks left in the game. she should be evicted, but coming up with justifications like they do is just going to make the process a train wreck strategically.


Vanessa is playing too hard again. If it were me I wouldn’t have wanted to win this one. Let Jason or John take themselves off. She only needs to win a POV when someone else is in Power.

Audrey is obviously a player you do surprise eviction on….you can’t let her have time to blow up your game.