“Even if there were a 6 person alliance I don’t care.. I still want (Audrey) gone” Meg

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-19 17-03-29-049_jpg

4:55pm Have nots Jackie, Audrey and James
Audrey says Clay, Shelli, Austin, VAnessa and Liz are in an alliance. “I was the sixth member”
Audrey tells Jackie Austin and VAnessa staged that fight with Jeff to get him out.
Audrey – Shelli ask John to throw the Comp they wanted to get Da out. (The HOH that dethroned Becky)
Audrey says today she was kicked out of her alliance.
Jackie doesn’t believe there’s a big alliance she needs more convincing.
James thinks if it is a true they are in deep shit.

Audrey goes on about how good Vanessa is and how much Shelli and Clay trust her.

Audrey says Shelli/Clay doesn’t want Audrey to sell out the alliance that is why they are not telling she’s going up tomorrow. “I know too much.. If I’m up of course I’m going to run my mouth”
Audrey says that alliance has been in control for three weeks now.
Audrey says Clay flipped on Jeff before the fight.
Audrey says Liz’ target was Jackie and Austin’s was James.
Jackie asks her why is Audrey telling them all this
Audrey thinks she can avoid going up, “Vanessa is a major threat and she’s very overlooked”
Jackie says there isn’t much they can do they have to win the HOH otherwise there’s no guarantee
James and Jackie mention Austin telling them Liz was thinking of putting them up as Pawns and he tried to talk her out of it. Austin says she’s not buying any of Austin’s game talk thinks he’s just look shady.

Audrey asks them who they trust more jason or johnnymac. James says johnnymac will always do what Clay/Shelli says.

James says he would rather Jason stays. Jackie can’t decide.
James is still shocked that Vanessa and Austin are working with Shelli and Clay.
James leaves.
Jackie asks about this morning.
Audrey – Vanessa approached me about a final 2 deal .. I told Shelli about it
Jackie – then she (Vanessa) turned it on you
Audrey – yeah
Audrey – She trusts Vanessa more..

Audrey says a lot of people are not targeting Shelli and Clay.
Jackie says it felt like Vanessa came to her for damage control against Jeff. Jackie says Vanessa know what it is between them.
Audrey – If I stay I would love to prove to you you can trust me
Jackie says Audrey has never done anything to her, just she’s heard a lot from Jeff and other people in the house.

Jason joins them. Says something is going on people are saying Audrey is pulling people into the room. James is saying Becky needs to talk to Audrey. Jackie and Audrey say nothing is going on.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-19 17-30-49-378_jpg

5:25pm Meg and James
Meg tells him it’s looking shady that he’s spending so much time with Audrey. Meg says it’s difficult seeing him start to listen to her.

James says supposedly there’s a 6 person alliance..
Meg – you’re weirding me out right now
Meg points out that Audrey is going on the block she’s going to say anything and everything.
james thinks she’s blowing everybody up because he’s got nothing to lose.
Meg – Why are you getting Becky and Jackie involved.. Be careful.. people are not taking the whole thing well.
James – who are these people
Meg – everyone out there.. it’s looking Shady.. they are all confused you are talking to her the whole worry she’s going to start stuff.

Clay joins them. james says Audrey told him there is an alliance and Clay is part of it.
Clay goes on to cover it up..

Clay tells them that Austin and VAnessa have had nothing but the most positive things to say about James. They all believe he’s a man of their word.

Clay says they knew Audrey was going to do this she’s just starting 12 hours earlier. Meg asks James who would he trust more Audrey and Johnnymac/Jason. James trust both of them more than Audrey.
Meg laughs at the 6 person alliance, “Even if there was one I still want her gone” Meg laughs after saying this.
Clay goes on

James says Audrey wanted him to go up to Shelli and try to get him to throw Jason under the bus to get the heat off her back. She wanted to form a big alliance, Jason, JAmes, Audrey, Becky and Jackie.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-19 17-52-53-615_jpg

5:45pm Jason and Jackie
Jackie brings up Vanessa wanting to make a deal with her because she f***d up with Jeff. Jason mentions Vanessa is trying to make a deal with everyone right now. Jackie says she’s the last person Vanessa should do damage control on.

Jason says nobody wants to be up against JohnnyMac “he’s like jesus”
Jackie says Audrey has run out of people she’s calling to talk to Jackie, james and her.
Jackie – She came to me and James because we’re safe.. She’s thinking What do I have to lose they’re not going to backdoor me.
Jason says James is looking crazy to everyone.
Jackie isn’t buying anything Audrey is offering her to flip the house.
Jackie – i want Austin to go.. something is telling me Austin has got to go.. it’s a weird feeling
Jason – He’s sketcher than most.
Jason thinks once Audrey goes they will see a whole new side of people.
Vanessa joins.

She says she knows Jackie has a reason to come after her because she took out Jeff.
Vanessa says she wants to use the veto on Jason and for that make a deal with Jason that also extends to Jackie.
Jackie looks at Jason – you don’t have to I don’t want you to, we have our own thing
jason says if she uses the veto on him if he’s HOH she’s good, “If I win the veto in 5 weeks you’re good”
Audrey joins them.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-19 18-05-41-035_jpg

6:04pm Meg And Jason
Meg going over what Audrey is has been saying. There is a 6 person alliance in the house Austin, Liz, Shelli, Clay and VAnessa and Audrye but now Audrey has been kicked out.
Audrey told James this alliance was targeting him
She was trying to convince JAmes to throw jason under the bus and then form an alliance with james, Jason, Becky.

Meg says she was telling James “Even if there were a 6 person alliance I don’t care she’s out.. honestly that 5 person alliance will get me further in the game”
jason agrees he doubts there’s an alliance says because Clay and Shelli are wanting to work with him
They both call Audrey nuts
Jason hopes no one is buying Audrey’s stuff. Meg says james was
They laugh saying James is sometimes not the smartest

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-19 18-16-48-021_jpg

6:15pm Becky, Steve, Vanessa, Clay, Jackie, James
Laughing about Audrey’s campaigning attempts. Exposing her lies and deceitful game play.
Jackie tells Clay and Vanessa they had a chance to get her out last week. They wonder if they should have a house meeting with everyone but Audrey.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-19 18-35-29-504_jpg

6:31pm Vanessa and James

Vanessa says she has no idea what Audrey is saying about her. James says Audrey saying Liz, Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, Austin and Audrey were in an alliance. She also told him James was the original target last week.
Vanessa – I will swear on my f****G mother bro I went to bat for you.. verify with all four of them.

Vanessa tells him she’s not in any alliance with Audrey ‘She weaseled her way back in using my sympathies and as a gay person tried to appeal to that and manage to make me doubt it’s even true what happened”
Vanessa – She told me you had a final 2 deal with her and a clown alliance, she told me about the final 8 deal
Vanessa – just so you know she’s in 18 million alliances all from week 1. she has loyalty to no one.
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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-19 18-46-45-630_jpg

6:40pm Audrey and Jackie
Audrey says Vanessa will use the veto on JAson and Audrey will go up and home. Audrey says Jason put it perfectly going up against johnnymac is like being nominated against jesus
Audrey says Shelli and Clay played her emotionally.

Jackie leaves.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-19 18-56-32-596_jpg

6:53pm HOH Clay and Shelli

Clay – Audrey is going to work she’s already exploded everything about our alliance
Shelli – She’s such a b1tch
Shelli is pissed says this is why Shelli didn’t want Audrey to know early she wanted to take to everyone individually.
Clay – she talked to James and Jackie.. they don’t believe it that whole alliance thing that was nipped from the jump.
Clay says Audrey is trying to get James to throw Jason under the bus so the veto isn’t used.

Clay – everybody is against her Everybody
Shelli – Jackie, Meg James ?
Clay – Yes, Becky to

Clay fills her in on more or less everything Audrey is saying. points out nobody is buying it. Shelli laughs at how ridiculous is sounds to her.

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Hopefully next week one or two of the people outside the sleeper cell wins HOH. Audrey will go home this week and even if she is a number for the “insiders”, everyone seem to agree that Austin and the twins are big targets. Vanessa may be crazy but she is really good at this game. She can infiltrate Jason’s side of the house and is the kingpin of the sixth sense.


It is the same thing as last season. You can have two sides of the house all you want, and we can complain about how boring it is… but at some point, someone in the “outs” has to win some competitions (esp HOH), or they will continuously be on the block.

Best case would be for both Jason/Becky/Meg/James/Jackie/Johnnymac to win both sides of the HOH.

If that happens, I think Vanessa/Austin/Liz might be in trouble.


Simon and Dawg I just want to thank you for keeping up with everything today. I don’t know how you do it.
This has been one of the most entertaining days in all the years I have been following your site. I am so glad I got the live feeds!


Audrey could have seriously done this awhile back(flip the house) but felt so tied in with the cool kids that she got played hard! Due to the shenanigans, lies, deceit,& bag of crazy she has pulled with the house since day 1, nobody wants to work with her or believes her(James a lil bit). Audrey is predictable as hell & so not the Dexter she thought she would pretend to play like while in the BB house. Oh Audrey what will you do next & can you blow up others game any more before you bounce? Fire works this week people-it’s on with Audrey!


Somehow i want Audreh to stay and mess up shelli..clay..austin ..venessa


funny how they don’t believe Audrey when she’s actually telling the truth this time lol…but hey, if he’s leaving then she might as well cause friction for the other side even if they don’t believe her..but they better if they want to strike at that big alliance

BB Drafter

Keep digging that hole Audrey . Lol.

Ian's lament

People better get out of the way cause Audrey is about to drive the crazy train all through the house.


Especially Becky.


Funny how they’re saying James isn’t smart for believing Audrey. Sucks that she’s actually telling the truth and the rest of them in that alliance can deny without any problems. What Audrey gets for lying so much in the beginning.


Audreyis the like the boy who cried wolf. She got caught in so many lies that nobody belIeves her when she is spilling real, critical info.


Best part is that the info will still get used. Not this week, no one wants to work with Audrey, but fo sho, it will be revisited next week. I hope the other side (finally) gets an HOH and puts this current side upupup, with Austin to leave.


I’m more shocked that Audrey had to tell these people about this alliance. Are they that dumb? Clay and Shelli don’t even try to hide it. The constant use of ‘us’ and ‘we’ when he is chatting with other HGs. The fact that the same people keep getting nominated for eviction. How much more evidence is needed before they figure out they need to ACT and not watch from the sidelines?

BB Jon

James is stupid as a rock. He received such good info about the other side of the house, and he blew it off


So why does everyone outside BB hate Audrey. Bc she lies. Hmm isn’t everyone in this game lieing. That’s the point. And I don’t get how the five don’t see the six person alliance. They deserve to go home…although I don’t like any of them…hoping this game turns around and they get rid of the two head of house holds and someone from the other side wins so the six person whatever they call themselves has to turn on one another. This game is all about lieing and creating groups yet everyone hates Audrey. I actually like her and want her to stay but from what I am reading it isn’t going to happen…to bad!!!


Agree with you that everyone in the game lies, and the Audrey drama can at times be entertaining.
The reason I want her to go and don’t like her is am tired of her constantly playing the victim. She lied, she got caught and called out on it, she’s not a victim.


It’s not just the lies people hate its the ugly cries, & playing victim when she is acting psycho. Let’s not forget her obsession with Shelli & Clay(wearing Clays clothes the way she wishes she could skin Clay & wear him like a fur). The way in which she is the one saying to get rid of or put up so and so to people in her alliance & then turn to them & says no you said that,& let’s not forget about her psycho serial killer convo that she labels others(jonny Mac) with when in fact Audrey is the one with the crazy staring at others in disturbing ways. Could go on more because she provides much material. These are just a few reasons people despise her. Believe me I want to see Shelli,Clay,Etc., taken out but the other side (meg,jackie,becky etc)is not ready to go at it the way the dominant side of house is hitting them. They are clueless. Jason has potential…Audrey has lied to so many people that she should of closed her lie hole, acted rationale & not alienate herself. She sealed her fate.


I dislike Audrey because she is straight up nuts. She has lied on everyone and is loyal to no one. She can’t keep her mouth shut and played the victim when truth is she victimised herself. She’s ugly on the inside, much like Frankie was. Once she is gone the others will be watching.Liz, Austin, Clay, Shelli and Vanessa, and Austin. Jason, Steve and Becky will see it clearly. I think Johnny already knows. Hopefully they will win,both of the hoh spots, and get rid of Austin.


yes but when you are in an alliance, you are supposed to be agreeing with what lies to tell. plus you are supposedly coming up with agreements, and then following thru on the agreements.

audrey has been acting like she’s on the block since she lost the HOH comp, the noms have been named, the bob played and the POV and she is not on the block (yet) but still acts as if she is. she has pretty much sealed the deal for being put on the block at this point.


Audrey is a control freak but not very shrewd. So I’m not surprised she didn’t wait until after Veto ceremony even if she ends up going out. Unless they pull a no eviction card off.I know in the Amazing Race sometimes people aren’t eliminated and I can see them saying it’s a “takeover” with no elimination or something for the week. I find the whole outing the alliance thing slightly amusing but what’s not amusing is how some of them can’t keep their mouths shut long enough to ponder information. But them mentality of some of these players in the last three years has been mind boggling.


I think the difference is that she was found out to have lied about everyone. She is an obvious target. Audrey has actively tried to plant lies about the people who have been protecting her. She doesn’t vote with the group who are protecting her. She has been nothing but a liability to their game and yet she stays. For me, I feel as if production is coercing the HoH to avoid putting her on the block. That’s what irritates me. I don’t like Shelli/Clay either but until someone outside the alliance wins and refuses to target the group, I don’t have a reason to rant.


Sometimes lying is necessary. Sometimes lying is smart. Sometimes lying is stupid. Audrey’s lies are stupid. But it’s not even the lying that sunk her game. It’s the constant need to voice every thought related to game that comes across her mind, even if it means casting doubt on the motives of people who are actively trying to save her to each other. THAT’S FUCKING DUMB! It serves no purpose to tell Shelli why she needs to watch out for Vanessa then telling Vanessa why she needs to watch out for Shelli and Clay. Like they’re not going to compare notes? She KNOWS how closely they work together. She simply has no concept of how are actions are likely to be perceived by others while altering her behavior accordingly.


Oh God please i can’t take it anymore let Jackie wins hoh next week to flip this house i can’t stand Clay Vanessa Austin and Shelli now someone please ask Vanessa to stop talking i like Audrey better then these people… Why is there no twist this week what happened to BB takeover ? Simon ?

Three Blind Mice

Houseguests, silly silly houseguests. If you don’t open your eyes, Shelli/Clay/Vanessa are going to pick you off one by one. Go ahead and keep your heads buried in the sand like ostriches if it helps you sleep better at night, but don’t get mad when Shelli wins Big Brother 17.

B-bad owl

At this point, she is my dead lock pick to win the game over Vanessa.

Captain Crunch

I want Audrey to go home but James should have kept his mouth shut about to alliance thing with clay he should have waited it out, now they’re just gonna deflect it as Audrey making up lies and Meg thinks Audrey is more dangerous than a 6 person alliance?? I wonder will they think its funny when they’re (outsiders) are picked off 1 by 1 and sent home.


Please get Audrey out. It isn’t entertaining, it’s annoying!

twistin with the twins

If Vanessa says “at the end of the day” one more time in a sentence I may have to slit my throat. By the way Vanessa, there are many things that do not occur “at the end of the day”!


Hey that’s Caleb’s saying…lol


Every time I hear that phrase “at the end of the day” …. I flashback to Caleb from BB16, and I don’t wanna go there, please don’t make me, please!


Thank god Audrey will go home this week. She is the one person I couldn’t stand to see win this game.


You know what. Good for audrey. If these people (clay, vanessa, austin, liz, juliA, shelli) get away with the 6 person alliance and just pick everybody off like ALWAYS than johnny mac and the rest should feel absolutely foolish

I’m hoping that anybody besides sixth sense WINS SOMETHING. they are playing like fools and i cant stand this poor excuse for a summer long (power struggle) anymore.

Get picked off then. Christ.
I seriously hate this so much.

B-bad owl

My guess is that Steve is the only one outside of the alliance that will look at everything and know it’s true. Shelli, Clay, Vanessa, Austin, and Liz HAVE been running the show. The only person he would have a shot at convincing is Jackie, and even she won’t believe it for another 2 evictions.
In short, the only 2 people with even the most remote chance of making it to final 4 outside of that alliance are Steve and JM.
Put this season in the books. It’s Vanessa’s and Shelli’s to lose.

Shelli's Ob$E$$ion with her hair

HOW many frigging times must she brush her hair??? Omfg

She must hv applied tons of hair products on her hair, enough to fill a grocery cart

She’s perpetually preening herself, checking the mirrors enough to the point of almost breaking afew… Crazzzy insecure~!!!

That woman is soooo vain, she leaves me speechless..

B-bad owl

She is trying to make sure her hair extensions don’t show. She is embarrassed to have people know she wears them. Even though the live feeds and bbad have shown her taking an hour putting them in.

Butters Mom

Jackies extensions have been showing bad in the back… it looks terrible.


WOW Audrey is stupid, even if there was chance she could save herself from going on the block, she just blew it by running to the other side so fast. If she had given it some time she might have had a chance to convince them, but so fast after the fight…oh fingers crossed she is GONE!


This is what Audrey does. When she feels paranoid or screwed she acts impulsive. Recall Audrey in week one pulling people out of their beds? Audrey can’t control herself. Very manipulative but impulsive, which is one of her many down falls.

They are INDEED bathing in each other's FiLTH~!!

:: Yucks~!!! Just Yucks~!! ::

Dirty laundry on the floor, finally washing their bedsheets after a whole month~!!

The house looks lika train wreck. Shy big brother does’nt tell them to clean up their mess, i’m clueless.

The house in the big brother house always look spic n span, their beds always made up etc. Production makes them clean up daily.



They make them clean every week before the live show on Thursday. But in the meantime they just let them do what they want, I could not stand it!

Three Blind Mice

Award for the most clueless houseguests goes to Meg and Jackie.


I think Jackie is buying most of what Audrey is saying. and I loved how Jackie handled Vanessa by turning down her deal. does Vanessa not know that when u win the BOTB ur safe for the week. I think James believe a lil bit of what Audrey is saying but. why can’t he just keep the info he has to quit going to Clay. also Meg reaction to everything James told her confirmed what I thought about her she’s there for summer camp she don’t want to win she just want to hang out.


Audrey is the devil


I am glad Audrey is blowing up Shelli and Vanessa’s game. I went from liking S & V to hating them in a matter of seconds…What does Shelli expect when she backstabs Audrey? Some more hair weaving? Love Audrey or hate her, I am all for her causing chaos to The Sixth Sense. I cannot wait to see that alliance crumble & at the end of this game, Audrey saying “I told you so”

Love It

How stupid did Vanessa look trying to make a deal with Jackie? You may play with the emotion and excitement of a ROCK but you sure have Vanessa’s number Jackie. Good on you!!!


I have no idea why posters on this site completely hate Audrey. Shes one of the most fascinating players I’ve ever seen and definitely underdog material.

People hate she lies? Um hello ITS BIG BROTHER!

Big brother house mess

I mean to say Big brother Australia beats the list in terms of cleanliness AND ordiness


I love Big Brother Australia. They never know who was going to be voted out by the public. The house is always clean. Houseguest, two at a time have laundry duty, kitchen duty etc.
These people are so sloppy. Last night I was wondering how dirty their houses were.
This group has the ants in the kitchen much earlier than usual. Disgusting!


Poor Meg,James, Jason, and Jackie. They will come out looking like the biggest idiots not believing this alliance ordeal. Has it not been obvious? Jesus, look around!


Nessa owns! LMMFAO!

Oh calm down. U all love me:-)

#Nessa got this shit on lock.


Audrey game was to lie, deceit, and sow chaos. The only problem with this strategy….when you are telling the truth..no one will believe you.. Audrey dug her own grave!
However, Jackie does know that some of what Audrey told her is the truth. Jeff told her the fight with Vanessa was bogus, that Vanessa made it up. Does anyone know if Jeff told Jackie and JohnnyMac any more information? He said he was going to. I do believe Jackie will believe what Jeff told her. I also know, Jackie hates Austin, and I am pretty certain she really doesn’t trust Vanessa. She certainly doesn’t want to be indebted to her. As far as giving your word goes. With this group they make promises all of the time and never keep their word. So I would promise them whatever they want to hear. Then do what I want, if they said anything to me…I would just say, “hey, you didn’t keep your word”.
If Jackie gets HOH, I am pretty certain there are 4 people in the house that are going to be used as “pawns”, but they are actually her targets. Austin, Vanessa, Shelli and Clay. Jackie needs someone to have her back. From the conversation, Meg is worthless, James has a big mouth, Jason has made deals with the enemies, {whether he intends to keep these deals, is another thing} I am hoping that when Vanessa takes Jason down, that this is a wake up call for JohnnyMac, and he starts to play the game. He already knows that those 4’s promises aren’t worth squat.
I do know these players better begin to play, or they are gone, and the house will have a lot of people that the majority of people watching are not fond of.


For a “superfan,” Jason seems to miss an important part of big alliances — the side alliances that make individual members even safer. I mean, seriously Jason? You don’t believe there’s a six-person alliance involving Clay and Shelli because they are telling you they want to work with you?!?

But James is the idiot here. He should have filled in Jason and Meg about that alliance and the four of them (Jackie, too) should have kept it to themselves. Evict Audrey, and next week if two of them win HOH, put Clay up with Liz and Austin up with Shelli, with Vanessa as the backdoor option. Only way that fails is if Vanessa wins the POV. Then you take out Steve.

Of course, this game is much easier to play on one’s couch, unencumbered by the stress and paranoia residing in that house.


Thanks Audrey for exposing the alliance.
There are two directions next week
Direction 1: If Liz, Austin, Clay and Vanessa win HOH next week and do not put each other up on the block then it will confirm to the house what Audrey said is true.
Direction 2: If Liz, Austin, Clay and Vanessa do not win HOH next week, they will be on the block.
Either way, the 6-people alliance is in serious trouble.
Right now Meg, James, Jackie and Becky pretend they do not care about the big alliance so that they can save Jason first. when it is done, they have to wait until after the next HOH to see who wins so that they can make the move on the 6-people alliance.
Vanessa and Shelli’s game is over. They cannot manipulate people anymore unless they put each other up to prove what Audrey said is wrong but I doubt it.

There is NO sense of loyalty this year


Basically, everybody’s is ready to throw EVERYBODY under the bus.

There’s NO real alliance this year. Alliance can be made n broken within minits.

Listening to shelli, clay, meg n james pow wow to crucify audrey kinda solidify the fact that whoever is targeted would be the talk of the town, and everyone has something bad to say, and nothing positive to contribute.

*rolling eyes*


This years strategy.
1 – Name a target.
2 – devise plan to tarnish his/her image.
3 – enact plan to the max.
4 – dig their grave.
5 – act innocent.
6 – repeat with new target


from a strategic standpoint i would never get rid of audrey. she won’t have anyone’s vote at the end. it’s still early but she hasn’t been winning any comps so she couldn’t argue that she fought her way to the finals. you either win the game for being really likable, really smart/strategic, or really strong (sometimes lucky) in comps. her game’s been blown up so she doesn’t really have anything going for her. aside from shelli (and only because this is her 2nd hoh) i don’t really see any true standout comp winners so i’d go for meg. of course this is only because shelli is the hoh. if jason or james had won i’d be gunning for shelli/clay/austin to get out so badly. maybe john will wise up and side with the others to get them out. and for the love of god why is the liz and julia thing on the hush. it’s like somebody farted and eventually you deduce who it is but you don’t say anything. p.s. i only read certain posts, are becky and steve even relevant anymore? the only reason i remember jackie’s in the house because she got put up.


Dont be a poopy head Clay!

… Holy shit

Pow wow session members:

Jason, meg, shelli n clay, james

On n on n on n on about audrey this n that.. Shheeesh kebabs


Okay some Big Brother 101…..if an alliance member blows up their alliance after being kicked out do not tell the members of the alliance and give them the chance to cover it up. James and Meg are so stupid for not getting the non alliance members together to compare notes they just jumped on the trash Audrey bandwagon before even checking her info out. They will be so kicking themselves in ass when Clay/Shelli/Nessa/Austin/Liz send them packing.


How can they be so stupid?

Production is going to need to interfere if they want audrey to stay.

Queen bee shelli summoning her "loyal" subjects..

.. To her lair is a tad amusing to watch

She must must must voice out her opinion on audrey .. (I doubt she can sleep tonite otherwise :-P)

austin was walking on his legs n hands resembling a gorilla heading towards the hoh room –> pritty cute n entertaining

Shelli is over-exerting her “powers” imo

Someone gets her out.


Did you hear Liz tell Julia when they were swapping clothes, she is flirting with Austin because he is a good competitor and he will keep them safe. I cannot wait until he is out of the house and he see’s that Liz does not like him, she was just using him, he is such a fool. He is always lurking around wherever she is, I am so sick of Austin, Day called in right before she was evicted, Austin is all muscle, but he is a big WIMP !!! I cannot stand Austin, he thinks we all like him, can’t wait for him and Vanessa to read what everyone really thinks about them. I will be so happy to see Shelli, Clay, Austin and Vanessa on the block.


Loooool Audrey. Classic scenario of the boy who cries wolf. She’s done.


Loooool Audrey. Classic scenario of the boy who cried wolf. She’s done.


Not a fan of James but when he says “They laugh saying James is sometimes not the smartest” he hit the nail dead on …

Thor's hammer

Jason says nobody wants to be up against JohnnyMac “he’s like jesus” lol

Lemon balls

Audry is the perfect example of the boy who cries wolf. …
Was that politically correct ?


From season 12 to now everyone who’s been on was been on some type of medication ( not all but plenty) these types of people should not be allowed to be on the show. If the have adhd or any kind of chemical imbalance


I don’t know who to root for because all the hg’s I like are paired with a hg I don’t like….I like Vanessa and want her to win but I don’t like Austin (or Shelly or Clay), and I like Jason but I don’t like Meg. And Audrey, well, I love and hate her at the same time.

Rational Mind

Outting the alliance as a strategy to stay in the game baffles me. So you give other people information, if you stay, what’s the plan then? People aren’t going to want to work with you because they know you will out any alliance.