Audrey “I was treated like a f**King virus! Am I supposed to sit here & be a mute? Am I Victoria?!”

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 13-07-26-469
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12:50pm – 1:25pm Backyard – Clay says if its going to be then its going to be you know what I mean. Just try and get to know her. And if the connection is still there then its there. Audrey says she wants to know if everyone is taking zanecs. I’m going to try and get on the same medication that everyone else is on. Audrey says I’m not paranoid this week. Clay says BULLSH*T! Audrey says I’m not paranoid after our talk. Clay says you bring up 5000 scenarios. Austin says at some point you have to put your trust in other people. Its scary to have to do that in here but you have to. Audrey says part of it is its hard for me because of the things I’ve been through. I’ve got like that extra bit of.. Clay says you have to try. You’re going to get burned or you’re not. You have to try. When you don’t trust people, especially people that trust you. You ruin your own game and the game of people around you. You have people that trust you and you almost drive them away. You’re paranoid so much that you push them away. Even people like Shelli who has done everything for you. Clay says case in point you asked me to swear that Shelli wouldn’t backdoor you. Audrey says I didn’t say that. Clay says quote unquote swear to me that Shelli isn’t going to backdoor me? Audrey says I don’t believe I said that. Audrey says I’m not going to argue with you. Audrey says the one thing I said to you wasn’t to hurt you. You want me to not act defensive. Clay says because you’re paranoid of everyone. Audrey says no I’m not. Clay says yes you are! You have been the whole game. Audrey asks what did I do to you that was less credible than Jeff. Clay says I’m not comparing you to Jeff. Jeff is gone! Clay says the way that you’re saying things is the way people portray you. Audrey says that’s not me, that’s you saying that. Clay says the whole house thinks that. Audrey says if I just admit to what you say.. they I have no integrity. Austin says I think what he is saying is that you just have to trust in people. Audrey says I let it go but you’re still going in circles about it. Clay says I’m trying to help you. Audrey says I don’t believe in my heart that everyone is against me. Audrey says I had one bad day. Audrey says you’re basing perspective off things that aren’t empirical! Clay says I don’t care, you think I want to talk about it. I’m trying to help you. Austin says you shouldn’t have bad days with the people you trust. Audrey says I was treated like a f**King virus!! I feel like I need to lock myself in a room and not talk to anybody. Clay says what Shelli has done for you, you should do the same in return. Audrey says I am. I had one bad day. I’ve never done anything personal against her. You guys are saying I am so paranoid, I’m this, I’m that but no one has been in the position I’ve been in. Clay says that is when you trust people the most. Audrey says I get excluded from things. Clay says that was one morning. Austin says I was up there because Liz was HOH, Clay was there because Shelli was HOH. Audrey says why was Vanessa there? Austin says because she was up there last week and we can’t look like we’re working with you or the other side of the house would band together. Audrey says I want to feel included! Everything happened so long ago! Am I supposed to sit here and be a mute?! Am I supposed to be Victoria!? Austin says she got to final 3. Clay says you’ve never done anything for my game. Audrey says I am offended by that statement. I’ve done everything to help your game. You treated me like a creature. Clay says Shelli has literally risked her game for you and I don’t honestly see that you’ve done that for her. Audrey asks what do I need to do .. do I need to chop my arm off and give it to her?!!?!

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 13-14-40-916

1:10am – 1:30pm HOH room – Vanessa joins Shelli up in the HOH room. Vanessa says I thought about something.. what is the most drama free way it catch Audrey in a lie. The one that she told to Day and what Jason told me. Shelli says its not that detrimental of a lie. Vanessa says it speaks to her game and wanting to get closer to Jason. Vanessa says that she thinks James overheard it. Vanessa is worried that Audrey knows too much about Shelli. Vanessa says we have this great alliance. But we are dragging her kicking and screaming ..and making things miserable! She’s doing everything she can to make it miserable. It’s like we’re on a road trip with a kid that is kicking and screaming the whole way. Shelli says that is a great analogy. Vanessa says she could have done things to help our trust. She could have done things to re-enforce our trust instead of constantly taking those little things of trust and karate chopping them. Her paranoia will be her undoing. Vanessa says what bothers me the most is that she takes us for stupid. She takes us for dumb. What are the comps we’ve won .. those are mental comps. Her final plan is to get to the end with you and I and have you and I not trust each other. Shelli asks does she actually think she will get to the end without trusting each other? Shelli says she had a final 2 deal with Jason. She had a final 2 deal with James. Vanessa says that’s interesting. Julia joins them.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 13-11-58-263

Audrey says I asked you if she was going to turn against me? Clay says you didn’t say that. It’s pointless to argue with you. Audrey says I swear on my life that is what I said. I can’t control if you can’t remember that. Clay says you told me that later. Audrey says you just said I didn’t say that. Audrey says I remember things so vividly and I can’t help if you have selective memory. Audrey says when I told you about Jeff and James being in bed ..saying he didn’t think he could trust Clay and Shelli. Clay says you acted like you pulled me into a room and brought that up and that didn’t happen. Audrey says the truth will come out when we can sit and watch the tape. Clay says I would bet everything on my game as to what you said. Gosh this makes me so angry. Clay heads up to the HOH room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 13-46-35-705

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 13-55-05-559

1:45pm – 2:05pm Clay tells Shelli and Vanessa that he almost blew his sh*t with Audrey. She is doing exactly what she did the other day. She gets emotional. Austin was there the whole time and can validate it all. Shelli asks did she pin you down and start bring things up? Clay says yeah. She is trying to .. she just always goes back to she wants to play the victim. She cries and wants you to feel bad for her. She acts like she’s never said or did anything negatively to affect our game. Clay says she says she never said swear to me that shelli won’t backdoor me?. Audrey comes up and asks to talk Shelli. Clay says no can I talk to her. Audrey asks Shelli to mediate it. Audrey says this is getting so blown up. Clay says you can talk to her after. Audrey says I don’t care if you’re in the room. Clay says well I care if you’re in the room. Audrey says well I’ll wait right out here then. Clay tries to relay the conversation to Shelli but is having trouble remembering it all. Clay then brings Audrey into the room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 14-00-06-141
2:10pm Audrey says I can’t even remember how it all got brought up. He said I’m paranoid all the time and that I haven’t done as much for you as you’ve done for me. Clay is telling me how I act and feel. Audrey says I can’t control what you remember and what I remember. About the Jeff thing you say I didn’t specifically pull you aside to tell you that. Clay says I knew it days before and wanted to see if you would lie about it. Audrey asks why? Clay says because that’s the way the game is. I am not going to sit on the sidelines and watch the game with you still here. Audrey says you say that I’m still here because of you guys. I’ve tried to go out of my way to tell Shelli I appreciate the things she’s done. And you’re trying to make me feel like sh*t about it. Audrey says its just scepticism, its not empirical! Audrey says you cornered me. Clay asks I cornered you?! Audrey says you were talking in circles and couldn’t remember what you were saying. Clay says you came outside and started talking game with us. Audrey says you say that I’ve never done anything for your and Shelli’s game. Audrey says I said in that room .. do you think she (Shelli) is going to use it against me. Clay says if you are going to sit here and lie to me I am about to walk out of the room. Lying infuriates me! Shelli asks I don’t understand why this is such a big issue. Clay says because she is lying to me and ya’ll. Shelli says when Vanessa won HOH .. not one time did I ask if she would backdoor me or you or clay. And every single time one of us wins you ask if you should be worried. Vanessa says the premise is that you don’t trust us fully … so should we trust you fully!? Audrey starts crying saying her back has been against the wall since the beginning. Vanessa says remember I asked you after the blow up I asked you what did you learn from this. You said that you waited too long to choose a side. Are you sure that you’re not doing that again? Audrey says I’m not doing that. Shelli says you say we need to put ourselves in your shoes but that is EXACTLY what I’ve done!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 14-09-40-542

2:30pm – 2:40pm Vanessa says why don’t you ever listen to the things I said. You’re not concerned about me at all? Do you have any concerns about me? Audrey says I said I was concerned about you and Steve. Audrey says I told you about my dream about me and her. Vanessa says if that did happen what was my reply? Audrey says you said that you didn’t talk game with Steve. Vanessa asks why are you concerned about Steve.. he is the biggest none threat! Vanessa asks did I abate your concerns? Audrey says yes. Vanessa says so either you’re calling me a Liar or you’re a liar! Which is it!?!!? Vanessa asks were you still concerned about Steve and I?! Audrey says I was paranoid about lot of things. Clay asks about the final 2 deal? Vanessa says did I or did I not say we are building trust this week and when we get to that point .. Audrey says you said that at a certain point you knew Shelli would choose Clay over me. Vanessa says YOU SAID THAT!!!!!! YOU SAID THAT!!!!! Oh my god are you kidding me!? Audrey says I told you that in comlete confidence. Audrey says Vanessa isn’t going to trust me no matter what now. Vanessa says I have no F**KING loyalty to you now!!!! Vanessa goes off on Audrey. Audrey says if I go out this week I will go out with my integrity. Audrey says I am not going to argue .. you are an amazing manipulator! You set up the whole Jeff thing and made it all up to get him out. Vanessa were you or were you not in the room when I said I don’t have a reason to put Jeff up. Vanessa says you have no loyalty to me or anyone. If you think you’re helping SHelli .. you’re not! I’ve been helping you a close second to Shelli like a moron. Audrey says I know how you feel betrayed. In that moment there was no way I could turn on her. Vanessa says you’re constantly planting seeds out doubt with everyone. Vanessa says you said we’re at the point in the game where moves are going to have to be made .. basically insinuating that Shelli and Clay will need to be broken up. Audrey denies saying that. Clay says there is a lot of things that I can prove about you where you lied. Audrey asks who? Clay says I’m not tell you who. Audrey says well obviously their word is worth more than mine. Clay says you’re caught and you’re trying to back peddle. Audrey says when this is all over you’re going to look stupid! Clay says fine I will take that chance!!! Clay says I can’t even speak to you right now. Clay says you’re a liar, you’re a liar, you’re a blatant liar! Clay says I’m not throwing other people under the bus for you. I’ll take that 1% chance I’m wrong. Clay leaves the room. Shelli says there have been 3 weeks in a row you could have danced through this game happy but you haven’t. Audrey tries to interrupt. Shelli says don’t interject! I’ve listened to you talk for an hour!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 14-31-44-871

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Jay A

No Seth lord Audrey Victoria never drew that much attention to herself lol

Jay A

No Seth lord Audrey Victoria never drew that much attention to herself lol Nor did she throw the people protecting her under the bus


i still chuckle because this site used to say “what if Victoria is a secret Mossad agent against an undercover cop” because she was so stealth. Victoria might not have been good at challenges but I found her amusing because she was such a princess yet really wasn’t mouthy.


Audrey just shut up!

B-bad owl

Why would you want her to shut up?? I want her running her face all the way out the door to the interview chair with Julie where we get to watch her continue to lie even as Julie calls her out on her lies. Now THAT’S entertainment.


Agreed. Just shut up for the sake of your own game (although it may be damaged beyond repair). But for our entertainment please keep running your mouth, lying, spreading rumors, denying and causing chaos.


But the thing is she’s not lying on Vanessa. Vanessa really did say that stuff to her, and Vanessa is only getting loud and acting hysterical because she doesn’t want her lies to catch up with her. Vanessa has been playing Shelli clay and Austin. I have no clue at this point who Vanessa is loyal to and who she would take to final two. She’s caught in the middle of Shelli and clay and Austin and the twins and with both groups she is at the bottom that’s why she wanted to form an alliance with Jason and Audrey to have those two on the side as votes for her because her alliance would vote her out over each other because they are pairs. Audrey and Austin knows too much about Vanessa for her to even try and make Audrey look like a liar. Vanessa is the biggest liar of them all she just does it under the radar and Audrey is more paranoid with her last but neither one lies any less then the other.


Now it’s your turn

Ariana Grande stinks!

Now just watch it happen! They’ll talk everything over with Audrey and in the end Vanessa will not use her POV.


Just wht I was thinking. Starting to get boring with the same discussions and the same outcome.

Butters Mom

I think Clay talking to Audrey like this is bringing her attention to the fact that they are all talking about her behind her back and her paranoia of being backdoored is going to increase now… Why did he do that?! Wasnt the plan to sneak attack?! Shelly needs to put him back on the leash… good grief! Not his place!


Listening to the conversation between Clay and Audrey, I definitely got the impression that she knows she is in imminent danger of going on the block


Agreed!! Clay can never keep his mouth shut!


I am confused on why clay is helping audrey. I thought he hated her

Give It A Rest

Clay isn’t helping Audrey. He is trying to get her to say things that he can hold against her in front of everyone else.

Give It A Rest

Can anyone else see that Audrey is consistently bullied by Clay and to a slightly lesser degree by Shellie? They want info from her and turn around and criticize her for it. Pathetic.


I think its the opposite. Audry is the bully at first and then plays victim.

Valentina Corleone

What show are you watching? Bullied? Do you have empiracle evidence of that? She is not being bullied. The game is being played – get info, give info, keep info to yourself, keep your enemy close, etc. And that is not bullying. Get a grip.


lololol or maybe they had a “dream” that Audrey was bullied. I’m pretty sure either empirical evidence or a dream…..

Butters Mom

I am in no way a fan of Audrey but I agree with you. He was definitely talking down to her and so does Shelly. Vanessa just compared her to a kicking screaming child and that is the way they all think of her and talk to her. Do I feel sorry for her… no. She has the ability to act like an adult and stand up for herself and her actions have pissed everyone off but, I don’t like the way they are talking to her either.


You can not be serious!!! If so then you haven’t been watching the same show.


do not use the excuse that they don’t trust her as BULLYING. they are having a disagreement. In no way shape of form is both Clay and Shelli talking crap about her.

I don't think so

I think the amount of down votes says it all… Lol. Everyone in Big Brother always busts out the Bullying card. All she does it sit around and cry. Good riddance.


Why does Audrey have so much control over people get her out end of story


Seriously, why are they afraid of Audrey? So what if she tries to blow up people’s games and out alliances? All you have to do is confront her in front of everyone, deny everything she says, even if it’s true, and chances are nobody will believe it because everyone has seen Audrey stir the pot and pretend to be innocent. If Audrey doesn’t go on the block, it will end a lot of people’s games. The longer they keep Audrey in the game, the more danger they are all in. I really don’t get it.


Let’s face, while Audrey may be the one doing the most of it, ALL of the houseguests are guilty of everything they accuse her of, they are just more “subtle” at it. And hey, that’s okay.. because this is BB, but really, they are all being a tad sanctimonious with their preaching. The whole frickin’ house annoy’s me just as much as Audrey for that reason. I always like this point in the season though because once they get rid of the main disturber, they will turn on each other and that is always fun to watch because they can’t blame the scapegoat anymore. This all reminds me of Da’ crying that she can’t stand the liars when ummm.. the first thing you did in the house was lie.


Yeah Shelli, how are going to make excuses for Audrey now? She just told two people that she doesn’t trust you!
This is an opportunity as the HOH to remove a threat. Instead, she will probably play counselor to mediate Clay and Audrey, and yell at clay for being mean to Audrey.


Clay actually makes a lot of sense, and making a lot of points. Who knew that would happen.

Vicki Laurence and Zack Morris

Is it just me or does Audrey look like young Vicki Lawrence and Clay looks like a young Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell? Is it just me, ahh come on lol lol!!!!!

Give It A Rest

Clay is a liar when is comes to Audrey. She tells the conversation exactly how it happened and Clay says Audrey is lying to him and everyone else about it. He always makes her seem worse than she actually is.


i have no clue what your watching, but I’m pretty sure Audrey has been manipulating conversations in which she has been involved in. Prime Example is the argument with Day, she said that she doesn’t talk shit about her and spreading false rumours, when in actuality Audrey has, in which Vanessa can confirm.

Give It A Rest

Vanessa can confirm it if she asks for Shellie’s permission first, then they will have to talk to Clay and see what wisdom he can bring to the situation. If everyone agrees it will benefit their game without it looking like its benefitting their game Vanessa will be given permission to confirm that yes, Audrey did in fact answer a question she was asked.


That’s how alliances and game talk work…welcome to Big Brother!


Audrey is by no way a saint and has admitted to lying before but Clay is lying on her he even said he didn’t say something then turned around and said he said that later and she called him out on it and Vanessa did say those things to Audrey so has much as Audrey is hated and has lies give her props when she tells the truth because Vanessa is flat out lying right now about what she said to Audrey about Shelli and clay

Ian's lament

I find your pro-Audrey agenda very suspicious. Are you her friend?

Give It A Rest

Clay to Shellie– I am so mad….Audrey and I were just talking and….uh….I can’t really remember what was said….but it was just so terrible…she has to go.


All of this is so confusing to me. I seriously do not get why any of them are even entertaining Audrey’s neurosis. I do not care if she is transgender or transylvania- she is terrible socially which is detrimental to this game. BYE FELICIA.

Bunny Slipper

I was skeptical at first, but now I have empirical proof that all of these creatures are in fact, gigantic dip wads.

B-bad owl

I’m 90% certain that you are correct.


You are going to be 1000% sure right?? You should revise it to be 10000%.

twistin with the twins

Everyone is going to need therapy after confronting Audrey for five more days. They have gotten nowhere with her for three hours. Production better line up some Psychiatrists for multiple therapy sessions.

Big Jim

Audrey is being set up to give Shelli a reason to put her on ?the block like Vanessa did with Jeff last week. Nice to know you Audrey


I am so dizzy from this entire conversation! I am sick of Audrey crying, saying “You have to be in my shoes”, “people are horrible to me” {gee, I wonder why} and my favorite, “I have only been paranoid one day”. {That’s like saying “I am only a little bit pregnant “.} I now hate the word empirical, I am sure there are people drinking every time that word is used, they must be laying on the floor, passed out, slobbering.

Truth Cannon

B*tchy Clay is so much more entertaining than ‘nice’ Clay…


I’m beyond SICK of this Audrey stuff. Good God, put her up and send her home, I’m over the drama and all the protection around her. Everytime she cries, it’s literally exhausting. This isn’t game play, she’s just crazy. And the other side start winning some freaking comps. I can’t stand Vanessa and them but they’re winning and keeping the power on their side.


This is not the way you vote out a person like Audrey because they gave her an extra day to plead her case. She knows that she is going on the block. Hopefully she can guilt people into keeping her.

Really though??!!

Give it a rest I do agree with u. They treat her like a piece of shit on a stick. I’m not an Audrey fan either, like she totally screwed her game with all the lies in the beginning. But I mean now it’s like they are just kicking her because she’s down. She can’t say anything to them without them telling everyone and calling her a liar(when majority of the time she actually right)

Rational Mind

They may be a little harsh with her but I think that’s their response to how she treats them. She thinks they are all idiots and they know it. She says she wants to be a villain , well how does she think they are treated? Do villains cry victim? Put your big girl panties on.


I hope Taudry doesn’t have a sister who can sing and has millions and she can take them back stage to concerts LOL
Seems just like last year with Freakie.


I hope tonight we get liz and steve perspective as why they vote out james instead of jeff. This week will be a lot of dramatic in the feeds especially when audrey is going up on the block.


They have treated Audrey likes child… Shelli would tell her to leave the HOH room or give her reasons not to talk to her during her first HOH. Vanessa may not be a bully but she plays a manipulative bully strategy… Create fights out of thin air or jump into them for her own advantage. Clay seems to have learned from Vanessa today.


You got to admire Audrey for giving it one last shot for her not to be on the block. Poor Clay; shelli will not want anyone in her room tonight. I wonder what Audrey will say on eviction night


Audrey exhibits signs of psycopathic/sociopathic behaviour minus the intellegence. Outside of the BB house (not caught on camera) I bet she gets away with a lot more craps.

Who cares

even Andy Cohen called her insanely Coo Coo

the doctor

just ignore her don’t respond walk away do not give her the attention she craves who does she think she is why does she think she should be heard she is playing the victum card no one has been anything but respectful of her she is the one trying to use her trans status to play on the other players guilt if she wasn’t transgender she would never get away with her actions stop with the guilt and get rid of her


At one point Audrey outed motor mouth and the craziness just got worse. I just don’t understand why they even need all this painful justification to eliminate anyone. Total waste of energy and completely exhausting


This is from another feed I read but I thought it was great:

“Can you hear that?… That’s the sound of Grodner frantically stomping throughout the halls of CBS Studios, trying to find her creative team to figure out how to get Audrey out of this mess.”

so true.


During the conversation at 1:10 Audrey says “I remember things so vividly” yet at 2:10 she says “I can’t even remember how it all got brought up” (referring to her talk with Clay less than an hour ago). Empirical proof that Audrey and her dreams need to go!


did Vanessa bring any other hats to wear?, that green one is gettin old


It’s not flattering to her skin tone either, not sure why production ok’d it. Her black hat is much more flattering.

I have noticed she acts calmer in her cap, while the green one is her warpath/you’ve scorned me knit.


I empirically agree. I keep hoping for a fire comp and that green thing gets burned up.

Leave Audrey Alone...

I kind of adore Audrey. Her scheming is so clumsy and transparent that everyone assumes she must be America’s player. She knows that people don’t trust her. She knows that no one believes a word that comes out of her mouth. The empirical evidence of this is staggering. Yet she is pathologically unable to stop blowing up her game. And I love it.

This girl came to play and she came to entertain. That is way more than you can say for the likes of Becky or Jackie (who I’m not entirely convinced isn’t just a cardboard cutout of Kim Kardashian circa 2002 with some fake eyelashes glued on). I am definitely not ready to see Audrey and her ridiculous antics go anywhere just yet.

This season is fantastic though and I really hope Johnny Mac and Jason stick around too. After the snooze fest that was last season I am loving this cast.


From my perspective, Audrey started this whole drama herself outside with Austin and Clay by crying to them. Then after she realized she over did it by bashing Shelli, she ran up to HOH to try to get Shelli on her side in front of Clay. (She is always running up to HOH to camp out and irritate whoever is HOH.) It backfired because Vanessa was there. Audrey did herself in by taunting Vanessa with the Steve comment. She has no control and needs to go. She creates way too much stupid drama that gets in the way of the game.

Biff Tannen

Audrey hates the dramaaaaaaaaa.


But the difference this time is she is standing up for herself and confronting that Vanessa did say those things. When it was day confronting her she say quiet and smiled she did not say one word in defense of heralded but this time she’s reminding Vanessa that she did say those things that’s why Vanessa is so irate and upset because Audrey is calling her out. When Audrey lied on Vanessa before Audrey didn’t say anything about it she just quietly said that she didn’t say what day was accusing end of but one thing about people when you lie on them even if they’re a liar they will defend themselves and Audrey is defending herself against Vanessa where as before she lied and didn’t defend herself with day. Audrey is not lying this time she’s telling the truth Vanessa did say those things and the most Audrey has been doing is being paranoid but ever since the day blow up she has been feeding them information she paranoid but her lies aren’t as bad as they were before

Ariana Grande stinks!

If the wheels keep turning like this, this will easily be the best BB season ever!

So far it’s been the most fascinating show in years… very compelling to watch.


Even if audrey exposes the house about the sleeper cell alliance she will not have the votes to stay because it will be clay, austin, liz, steve and vanessa, and shelli breaks the tie. She needs to campaign to the others that there is another alliance in the house and try to put steve on the block. I wish shelli to go home she so annoying when she has power.


I saw this coming…the 2 idiots (Shelli & Van) who continually backed Audrey & allowed her to stay would eventually feel the backlash. She (psyco Audrey) does absolutely nothing but start drama & contributes nothing to the group. Audrey would cut their throats to save her own. Grow a pair you idiots! Put her up already-nobody wants her here! Get rid of this psycho while you can!!! Seriously shaking my head in disgust.

Give It A Rest

Two faces-one hat.


I said this before with Jeff, why does this group need to create so much drama in advance of the POV ceremony? Keep quite and just wait until the ceremony and put them up. Plenty of time afterwards if they feel the need for the drama to justify the reason.


Audrey did it to herself with her messy scheming early in the game. Once she got found out, there was no redeeming her. Her only way to save face and get any traction was to win comps,which forces a certain amount of loyalty and bargaining power.

Vanessa and Clay are just as scheming. One more subtle (Clay) and one more vocal,but deflects with confidence and deliberately confusing,constant non-stop phony statistics/pseudo-science( Vanessa).

Shelli wants to be seen as a friend to all,but hates to be tasked with sending someone home (I have no doubt her stress level would be zero if she could anonymously evict HGs).

The other side of the house just sits and wait to be told what to do. No game play whatsoever.


I do not like Audrey. I think she cannot keep her mouth shut when she needs to and s way too paranoid which is a sad deal because she can play an excellent game if only she has a better control on her emotions. I still want her to stay for the simple reason that if there anyone right now who can take out the pretender of a queen called Vanessa, it is Audrey. Vanessa annoys me a shit load more than Audrey ever since she won that HOH, Vanessa is acting like an entitled teen brat.