POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: JohnnMAC and Audrey
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

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3:01pm HOH Vanessa, Shelli and Clay sleeping
Talking about the entire house talking about what is going on with Audrey.
They go over the things Audrey was saying on Sunday before she snapped and went into hiding. She was trying to get Jackie, james and Becky to convince Shelli to not nominate he. She was also spilling the beans about all the alliance’s on Shelli’s side. Most of this they found out about from James. Shelli doesn’t think Jame made any of that up she doesn’t think he’s the type to “Make things up”. Vanessa has some doubts about James.

Vanessa – why did she unravel like that… like what happened
They agree Audrey couldn’t keep all her lies and schemes straight that is why when it all collapsed she unravelled.
Shelli brings up Audrey going off about Johnny mac putting Shelli up next week when Shelli was 2 days into her HOH.

Shelli asks her who she would put up for. VAnessa says she will heavily listen to Shelli and Clay’s opinion and is very open depends on who the other HOH is.
Vanessa – I have a good enough reason to justify anyone.. other side of our group us five.
Vanessa – I wouldn’t do a move against Liz and Austin
Shelli – you said we should put someone up in our group..
Vanessa says she means she wants to try and take the heat off them.
Shelli says the whole house already knows they are working together.
Vanessa says the biggest targets are Liz because of the twins and Steve
Shelli says people are worried because of his game.
Vanessa says Steve has no social game he’s not a worry
VAnessa – would you feel comfortable putting liz and Austin up
Shelli – no
Vanessa – all 5 of us need to stick together

Vanessa says Liz is worried about going up, she hasn’t talked game with them lately.
Shelli says Liz, Julia and Austin are 3 votes in the house and 3 jury votes
Vanessa says 3 votes is a big deal she never thought of that. Vanessa adds there still 12 people in the house.
Vanessa stressing they have to stick together, their alliance of 5 is loyal. Once they get to final 8 they can worry about turning on each other.
VAnessa is positive Jackie is working with Jason, Meg, James.
Shelli – she’s playing really under the radar
Vanessa says Jackie made a mistake turning that offer down, “She basically told me i’m good with jason I have nothing to worry about” Vanessa explains she showed me they are working together she should have taken the deal and pretended to with her.

Shelli asks who is a floater
Vanesa Becky
Shelli – she will win competitions
Vanessa – She’s a social floater
Vanessa has no idea where Steve or Johnnymac are. Shelli says Jackie and Becky are two possible swing votes.
Shelli starts thinking that Becky, Steve, JohnnyMac and Jackie were the 4 that votes to keep Jeff. She believes that was the 5 person alliance Audrey was talking about. (+1 for Jeff)

Clay gets up, they start talking about Steve throwing all the competitions and it pisses them off.
Vanessa tells them Steve is not “Linked” in like the other floaters are. Steve has no numbers so he’s limited what he can do.

Steve joins them says everyone is sleeping. Syas they are making a lot of rule exceptions for Audrey, “She was eating pizza”. Adds they were letting her sleep on the floor and with the lights out.

Steve points out Have nots can break the rules they’ve done it in the past you get a penalty vote. So it won’t make any difference for her.
After Steve and Vanessa leave Shelli and Clay start getting paranoid that Steve heard them from outside the HOH.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-22 15-34-34-488_jpg

3:03pm Austin and LIz Bathroom
Talking about Audrey not showing up to the wrap party.
Liz says Audrey took the P..U… S…S..Y way out
Austin tells her if Liz is picked to be a have nots He’ll volunteer to be a have not with her.
Liz says at least Audrey is in the have nots in the back room dungeon. If she was the purple room they would be all scared to go in there
Austin hopes they close the have nots room down it’s too cursed now

4:11pm Looks like everyone but Liz and Austin are sleeping

Austin is talking about the Movie Sunshine where a group of astronauts have to restart the sun. (Cool scifi movie)

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-22 16-44-12-905_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-22 16-33-03-893_jpg

4:32pm Audrey roaming on the feeds.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-22 16-50-50-426_jpg
4:44pm Audrey and Jackie
Jackie – how are you doing
Audrey mumbles
Audrey – what sht general consensus
Jackie – we all love you we want to make sure you leave happy, beautiful, strong, powerful
Jackie adds they all love her they want to make sure she’s OK, Nobody wants to confront her, fight her they just want to have a good time before she leaves.. “sorry it had to be this way”
Jackie – are you ok
Audrey – How did it all boil down.. Did What I tell James did he tell everybody
Jackie says there was already a back door before Audrey told them about the alliances.

Audrey says Austin, Clay, Shelli and VAnessa were just looking for a reason to put her up points out this is what they did to Jeff “I totally fell for it”
Jackie – No game talk no nothing.. we want you to walk out of here strong beautiful Women

Jackie They’re going to love you out there.. You played one hell of a game girl.. we all think so we promise

Audrey thanks her and runs back to the dentist room .

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Bunny Slipper

Please, Big Brother, make Liztin stop. At this point it’s just getting creepy.


Why do you care so much? They are enjoying each others company. What is the problem and what is so creepy? I see a man and woman who are attracted to each other. If Liz didn’t want him all over her, she is a grown woman so I’m sure she’d let him know. It’s not like Austin is forcing her there. I don’t understand what’s so creepy.


you are blind if you think liz is enjoying this. this is even more uncomfortable than caleb and amber last year


Liz told Austin she likes having her legs and stomach touched. That’s why he is doing it. She is leading him on.

O Please

Liz loves attention. Her own twin sister said so. Trust me, she likes it. Actions speak louder than words and she always has a huge smile on her face when Austin is all over her. She may be using him but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like him touching her. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve never seen HER complain myself. I don’t watch the feeds and I don’t have time to come on here all day every day. So I could be wrong. Austin isn’t forcing her to be in bed with him nor is he forcing her to let him touch her. Unless your name is Liz, you don’t know how she feels.


I agree, they are all adults. Shelli and Clays age difference, Austins alter ego creepiness, Liz’s using her feminine gifts, Vanessa’s Rx habits, Audrey’s tantrums, James’ disgusting comments, … it is all OK, they are 18+ and can do whatever the fuck they want.

However, if it were me in the house, I would try to break them up, i think the house seems to agree, he is a little much.


Liz isn’t attracted to Austin, she’s using Austin. Liz was attracted to Jeff.
And, Austin is creepy! I feel sorry for his actual girlfriend. Good luck in the real world Austin, after you publicly humiliated your real girlfriend.


Shelli and Clay are making me sick. They have ZERO loyalty to anyone, and bad mouth other players for not being loyal. Clay has literally made 3 “ride-or-die” alliances in the last 3 weeks in a row. I hope once Vanessa realizes they have already flipped on Liz and Austin, she outs them and gets the other side to put them both up. How are they not everyones #1 target? Obvious couple, responsible for 2 evictions, allied with everyone at the same time…put these two up together and get at least one out ASAP.


OMG what a frickin turd she is. Taudry, you are so low.


This “T”Audrey has been bugging the absolute fu*k!ng sh!t out of me. In the game she was nuts and took the childish way of basically quitting but everytime someone says “T”Audrey you are ridiculing her for being Trans.

Just stop being ignorant. We aren’t here calling Jason “F@ggot or Queer” Jason. We aren’t calling Vanessa “Dyke or Homo Vanessa”.

She is a girl. She is a girl who played a shitty BB game but a girl nonetheless. Who knows whether her breakdown is calculated or not but one thing Trans people suffer with is emotional and physical attacks from intolerant, ignorant jackasses like you everyday if their fucking lives. I don’t care if you or anyone likes it or finds it weird, but RESPECT her and everyone in general.

It’s time to give it up. It is not funny. The fact you can write it so casually is a form of bullying and bigotry whether you acknowledge or not.

****I didn’t like how Audrey carried herself the last few days and feel she disrespected BB but I would never stoop so low to mock her.****


i think they are calling her taudry is because she acts like a toddler !


Is anybody else wondering has Vanessa made the full transition, or does she still have penis & balls.


Like I said…you just stand out.


You expected a response with your comments and your wanting more. Getting those jollies, im sure your more than tickled.


Could somebody please reply to me and tell me why I’m getting thumbs down? I didn’t know being respectful is seen to be wrong.

If you thumbs downed me I would be more than happy to hear why.


You said what you had to say, not everyone is going to agree or disagree with you. You should know that. Calm down. Take a walk. Your trying to hard. Go get some fresh air.


People don’t like being told what they think based on someone else’s viewpoints. Stop trying to make it a big deal that Audrey is transexual. People don’t like her because she is a lying, shit stirring bitch. She blew her opportunity to represent in a positive manner just like Frankie did last season.


You do know that tawdry is a word and means “low blow or in low in character” right? I’m not sure if whomever said that was taking a shot at her identity. I could be wrong, but I took it as her actions.


I thought it was a “corruption” of the word tawdry? i.e. It was a tawdry attempt to hurt her opponents reputation.


Boom,set you straight


I always thought people calling her Taudrey was saying she was tawdry (which isn’t nice, but not offensive).. I never imagined it had anything to do with being trans.

Dr. Love

Wreckshitty need what the diary room has been giving Audrey, a strong tranquilizer.

BB Watcher JohnnyMac fan

Um, I believe the nickname “T’Audrey” is meant to sound like the word Tawdry, having NOTHING to do with her being transgender. It’s an insult, yes, but I did not view it as related to her being a transgender. Even though it uses the letter T.

100 Tacos $100

No, I’m pretty sure T is for Taco.


I didn’t think Trans was a bad word like the others you mention, they call themselves the LGBT community proudly so what’s your problem exactly?

Like...I'm Jackie

See! As soon as she starts talking again…it’s all about the game. It’s descent of Jackie to talk to her and try and build her up and then have to shut her down when she starts in on the damn game.


Why is it such a crime to talk game? She’s still in the house and is still playing just like the rest.


The crime would be that she spent hours in the diary room, did not speak to anyone aftwards, has been holed up in a room for days acting like a child while everyone else has been cooking for her and making sure she is okay. Then the first words that come out of her mouth are about blaming others for HER own poor game. Not “I’m okay guys” or “thanks for the food guys”. No. She sucks.

Butters Mom

Im pretty sure she stopped playing the game when she gave up slop for pizza and other food, and skipped the veto ceremony. She should no longer be in the house and she definitely should not still be trying to play the game.


I think the only reason she is still in the house is so she gets her stipend.


Audrey is NOT playing like the other HGs at all. She has been eating which her fellow have nots aren’t doing. She sleeps when she isn’t supposed to. Doesn’t even have the decency to show for the veto meeting. In no way is she playing the game like everyone else. Only now that her meds have worn off is she trying to jump back in. Too late. Sorry not sorry. She’s not special.


But she is NOT playing the game! How can you say she is playing the game like everyone else? She hid in the dark and did not play the game.


very true


Exactly! All these people buying into this poor Audrey charade is hilarious. I say bravo Audrey for fooling/continuing to fool those people who come on here defending her. Audrey said it tonight(was watching to see how BB would edit Audreys meltdown) when she was in the DR: I am just really upset with myself ,& embarrassed how I played. She was not bullied, cussed out etc. This brat didn’t like the fact she screwed up royally & opened her big mouth,& was constantly paranoid/taking game, one too many times,& spewed out one too many lies(not only to the other hg but her own alliance). Bottom line, this act continues to be put on by Audrey even though her hg have been kind, tried talking to her, saying kind words, making her food etc. This pampered chic has been vile to others(calling Becky a racist) but apparently some people want to forget that.


I guess we also wanna forget Jason and Day making fun of Liz’s weight, or Austin being an unreasonable a-hole towards Steve, or James farting in Meg’s mouth, or Vanessa and her incessant paranoia, or just about ANYONE in the house lying to each other…the only difference is Audrey got caught and couldn’t deal in a healthy emotional way. That’s not a reason to attack or antagonize. If anything I sympathize with her, because the game must be way more difficult than any of us know and saying the dumb things a lot of you have been saying about the poor girl is exactly what I expect from anonymous internet trolls!


For a troll you make some valid points…lol…love the irony of your last statement and your name…lol


EWWWW Austin rubbing Liz between her thighs creepy

Lemon balls

Would of been creepier if he rubbed clay between the thighs.. about 90% creepier


Why is it creepy to see a grown man touching a grown woman? Are we now supposed to live a society where men and women are never allowed to touch each other? If Liz didn’t want to be touched, she wouldn’t allow Austin to touch her. The fact she draped her leg over his legs when she was laying next to him is proof of that. He is not forcing anything on her. He isn’t doing anything that she isn’t allowing him to do. If she didn’t like it, she would tell him to stop and complain to production about it. She does like it. She is using his attraction to her to protect herself. She is using him as a meat shield. I don’t hear anyone calling her creepy, so why are people calling him creepy? He isn’t taking advantage of her, she’s taking advantage of him, and she’s enjoying every minute of it.

O Please

I totally agree with you. I think people are just projecting their own feelings about Austin. Liz loves the attention and choose to lay in bed with him. Just because she is using him doesn’t mean she doesn’t like what he’s doing. They keep talking about his “girlfriend” yet none of us knows the status of his relationship outside of the house or even if he truly is in a relationship or not. Where is the proof? Does she have Facebook, IG, or Twitter?? Has he mentioned her on social media? I think SOMEBODY would have dug up this information by now.

Also somebody compared Liz and Austin to Caleb and Amber which makes no sense. Caleb was obsessed with Amber who made it VERY clear she didn’t want him. He literally stalked and harassed Amber. She even complained about him from time to time in her DR sessions. That’s not the same as what’s going on with Liz and Austin.


Sounds like she’s gone. Too bad no one told her how they really feel. Kissing her ass to the end. I’m in California so I haven’t seen it. But sounds like she got away with her obnoxious behavior hope m wrong and


Jackie in the DR…. wtf


Jackie in the DR…… lol wtf


OMG she just does not stop!


Yeah try to blame others for your brought this on yourself crazy, suck it up, move on, and stop trying to use Jackie to get you votes to stay.


are they any working links for live feeds?


The jig is up Audrey. Bye bye


Liz and Austin is gross. Make it stop! As for Audrey… I laughed out loud reading how she automatically tried to start talking game. Good for Jackie for just saying it like it is; it’s a done deal, and they all want her to go out gracefully. She needs to straighten up and start talking and not go out like a bitch.


I am in california . have not seen the show sounds like no one had the balls to tell her the truth. . tell her how they really felt too bad she needs to know how rude and inconsiderate she is how poorly she represented the transgender community what an embarassment she is to the show how selfish and self centered she was to the other players what a complete waste of time her presence was to all how disrespectful she was to the players viewers and CBS


This comment is way more insane and outlandish than anything Audrey has done in the BB house…she over played her hand in the game but a disgrace to her community? Get a grip.

Misty Beethoven

I agree, Jackie showed a lot of decency and compassion, all the while letting whatshername (the Unibomber) know she’s going home. This is excrutiating to watch. I can only imagine what the HGs are feeling. It’s like she sucks all the air out of whatever room she’s in. I may have to DVR tomorrow, because it may be too uncomfortable to watch.

Twistin' for the win!

LMAOoooooooo @ “unibomber”!!!!! Bwahahahahahahahaa!!!!!! Funniest thing I’ve seen all night because thats exactly what she looked like.

Side note: in her DR session with that hoodie on, she was emotional but she didn’t appear to be having a psychotic breakdown. I think she is acting the way she is because they (production) wouldn’t change things to keep her in the game. Makes more sense to me that she was in there so long trying to manipulate her fate.


Unibomber. . . LMAO! She does look like that. What a psycho!


Well, Audrey does not disappoint. She is back to normal and will be leaving people to scurry up until the next HOH comp


WTF. I know there is a lot of editing but they left out a huge chunk. Damn it production, stop your secrecy!

another name

the episode edit with 9 minutes left.
They skipped the witch hunt house meeting.
oh man… they sanitized.
episode only viewers sure missed a lot more of the story than they usually miss in the golden edit lottery.

Misty Beethoven

WOW, watching the episode, and damn, CBS really glossed over the whole 5 hour diary room bullshit. To the casual viewer, they are probably thinking WTH is going on? Bad form, CBS. You should have found a way to convey what happened without having to give all the tawdry (hahaha) details.


Not to mention the whole strategy on they took Jason off and not J.M. Was to ensure Audrey went home. Wow.


I think it is beyond stupid that Big Brother said this Big brother Take Over Twist will twist up the game every single week, but this week there was no bbtakeover. It’s like don’t say one thing and then have nothing to show for it. Also Audrey is a big liar but shelly threw her under the bus with the whole jason situation


There may have been a twist planned but with the Audrey drama the producers said they had enough to deal with.


Love the fact when Sheli, Clay and Vanessa were discussing Steve throwing Hoh, that Clay is pissed Steve isthrowing them!! Laughable. Either Clay can NOT win at all or is throwing them so the women take care of him. My thoguhts are he is throwing them.
Audrey just came out to see if she has any symphany and when Jackie mentioned she was leaving, ran back to the have ot room.

I had high hopes forthis group, but I do not have a favrite. I like Austin, he seems genuine, but doesn’t really know how to play the game. Liz messed up his game and she admited she was flirting with him.
Steve may have a touch of Aspergers, not saying it in a mean way. I am a special ed teacher and recognize the traits. he is high functioning and social game is a real struggle. he s not the creeper they have made him out to be. I believe he stands to the side waiting for somepone to invite him in, typical Asperbergers trait.


I was wondering this too. My son has Aspergers and I have noticed a lot of similarities in Steve.

PF the B

Totally agree that Steve displays some signs of Aspergers. Whether or not that is the case, I enjoy his quirkiness!

Rational Mind

I don’t get why people are all over Austin because of his girlfriend. Did everyone miss the part where he said they had a discussion before he left, that they both felt if something happened when he was gone, with either him or her finding someone else, well then so be it?

Agree that the only reason Audrey came out was to see if her little play got her any sympathy to keep her around. Why she is still there baffles me. If she isn’t going to follow the rules she should have been evicted automatically. I know everyone keeps talking about her being in the DR just prior to the Veto meeting but I read she was also in there for a few hours late Saturday early Sunday morning. WTH would production listen to her for all that time.

Agree with others as well on Steve. I made the same comment on another post. I think he does have Aspbergers or something similar.


I think it’s from his pregame interview where he said he didn’t want to cheat on his girlfriend. Then he gets all touchy feely with Liz and now all of a sudden it’s we have an understanding. It’s the way he portrayed his relationship when he first came in the house versus what he’s saying now that makes people think Austin is slimy.

What about a shower, Audrey????

I feel really uncomfortable for her.

Doesn’t BB tell them to keep up with their personal hygiene? :: sigh ::


I really feel bad for people who just watch the edited Big Brother show and don’t have the feeds/or come on this amazing website to read detailed updates (thank you Simon and Dawg!) because if I was just a casual viewer of the show I’d be so confused in regards to what was happening on the show. So much stuff happened with that whole Audrey situation that the last 15 mins or so of that episode just felt so disjointed.


Is the grossmance real?

kathie from canada

CBS sure sanitized the whole Audrey fiasco tonight. They left the TV audience thinking there was just a slight disagreement as to how she and Clay perceived their earlier conversation. Thursday’s eviction will likely be anti climatic as well.


Oh CBS did quite the edit…they never showed Audrey locked out of HOH room while everyone else in the house were discussing what Audrey told James(the alliance with Shelli,Clay,Van,Austin,Liz). I watched to see how they would edit the situation since Audrey was going all spaz/covert in disguise/ laying around sleeping & not interacting like a comatose patient. We got one quick glimpse of Audrey in her gray hoodie tied tight around her face & wearing sunglasses. That was all they were going to elaborate on for tv. Good thing for the feeders that were able to see it play out more. Then they went straight to the awkward veto meeting with no Audrey…so bizarre, can’t wait for tomorrow’s live eviction!


Good for Jackie. She didn’t let Audrey get into her head, and she did what nobody else has done, she told Audrey straight up she is going home and did it with compassion and class. I have gone from not liking her because of her AR past because I am not a fan of recycled reality show contestants, to respecting that she was laying low and letting the visible players create targets and enemies, and now I am liking her more and more. Of all of the girls, I think I like her the best. If she plays smart, she could be around for a while. She hasn’t made any enemies, except Vanessa, and that is more because Vanessa doesn’t like people that stand up to her, not because Jackie did anything wrong. Jackie could have played along and stabbed her in the back later, but she straight up told Vanessa that she didn’t need Vanessa to get Jason to keep her safe, which is true.

And as for Audrey, I think she expected people to come in and feel sorry for her and pledge pity votes or deals to save her, and now that she sees that isn’t going to happen she is back to the same old crap that got her nominated in the first place. I will be glad to see her go.


Regarding tonites show: I may be overly cynical, but I don’t buy Shelly’s tears for one minute! She is so afraid of how she will look getting Audrey out. All she cares about is the perception and how it will affect her so-called career.

Lemon balls

Your dead on!!!
And to think she wants to be an actress…bad performance Shellie girl..
Good luck in Atlanta-wood


right like her tears after she evicted DA …. PHONY ALERT !


You are exactly right when it comes to Shelli. She wants an acting career & def cares about her physical appearance & social image. She is more concerned how the viewing audience will percieve her & how voting out Audrey will be perceived. That is why she keeps going on & on about playing an “honest” game. Total bs!


I would love to see the Glenda the good witch Shelli on the block sooner than later to see how she reacts. She’s phony and a sneak which is fine for the game. But it was hard to stomach her edit this episode from the extreme fake cheering that is louder than anyone else, the smirking, the fake high horse bullsh*t in the DR , the hard crying she did to the point Clay had to console her but then she smirks. I wouldn’t doubt if this showmance is something she’s enjoying for partly for attention they will receive from the audience for having a showmance.


it sad that audrey won’t do press day and it sucks she should just cool down for a little bit. I hate shelli in this game I hoping next twist america hoh or mvp to nominate her she is so fucking annoying. Nobody will put her on the block until DE which sucks. She has won two hoh I do not get why no body wants to go after her. I wonder who will be the target. The next hoh is the music comp hoh where is it a bob pov or hoh. It will be interesting.


I wish the other side would all go in and talk with Audrey, they need to understand everything she said is not a lie. Think about who always goes up on the block, it is always someone on their side, these people need to stop and think, don’t believe everything, but think about what has happened since Shelli, Vanessa have been the HOH. Audrey is not telling a lie about everything, the other side needs to wake up and think for themselves, and please stop telling Shelli and Clay every damn thought that they have, come on, start thinking and kicking some ass. Now for Austin, gee, now he is going to volunteer if Liz is a have not? Really!! He is so creepy, do you hear Liz say she would volunteer if he was a have not ? Hell No, she is not that into him, I can’t wait for him to see they are playing him for a damn fool. Austin gets on my last damn nerve, he is playing with his heart and emotions, he is a fool.


Audrey just can not own up to anything. So sick of her trying to play the victim. She made this mess. I believe she deserves to be booed like Amanda. That would be politically incorrect so it will not happen. Julie will probably try to get her off the stage ASP anything can happen in a live show.


slim I agree I want shelly in clay to go home after audrey


Funniest things ever:
Audrey getting called out for trying to use production as strategy
Austin (the biggest guy in the house) being scared of Audrey walking around w her hoodie cape and sunglasses


One positive thing that audrey did was expose the super alliance to the rest of the house .Kudos audrey , you made this game allot more interesting!!


Those tears would probably be real if Shelli knew how rat’s ass awful her extensions look.


I agree, they look terrible. I don’t know why she has them.

Lady E

During the first episode of the show, I thought that Audrey was going to be a chill person. As time went on, she became super awkward. I don’t know why she had to start so many alliances. I understand that it’s a “numbers game” but it’s also a “social” and “competitive” game. Everyone liked her at first. She could’ve been coasting through this game, but she had to ruin it for herself. I’m sure we all think about how we would play the game, but I’m also sure that this is harder than it looks. Why does she expect a pity party to stay in the game? She’s not Dan, and she can’t pull off a funeral. It’s like she’s expecting the producers to hand her the 1/2 million dollar prize. This opportunity could’ve gone to someone else.


Well I guess we can all stop asking the question of “Will Audrey participate in the eviction ceremony?” or “Will Audrey do the sit down interview with Julie tomorrow night?” There’s no way CBS will allow Audrey to speak with Jackie (however brief it was) and walk out without speaking to Julie. On second thought, scratch what I said about Audrey participating in the eviction ceremony. She still might refuse to pop a squat next to JohnnyMAC

Trans Am

I doubt Audrey is a part of any transgender “community.” Seems more like some sort of anti-social shut-in who does not have the guts to leave her parents’ basement and has only met another trans person briefly as part of the medical process.

And I’m sure she blamed her narcissistic and borderline personality on the struggles with being transgender and otherwise never made any serious effort to address her mental problems.

another name

a few mixed thoughts:
a) Austin planning to throw a vote to Audrey could be the absolute stupidest move.
b) the episode edit for tonight told a story. Could have told a way more interesting version either from the she deserved it perspective or the she was framed perspective. but hey… they told a story.
Problem: how are they going to explain the alliance split or deliberate cold shoulder if they aren’t showing that Audrey blew the lid off the alliance and that’s what caused the committee meeting?
c) the shelli trials tribulations and tears: get real. considering they were slowly laying the roadwork for the nomination from night one of the hoh: those tears were as real as the tape on hair.
d) I won’t say much about clay. i’ll just roll my eyes when he talks about honesty and integrity in the d/r. I think they’ve rolled so many times this episode that they feel like a slot machine.
e) don’t worry about the stammering. when vanessa lies her eyes get almost as bulgy as when she’s angry. they go normal to slightly larger when she’s trying to run a deal to bulgy when she’s lying to pop out of head when she’s angry. when she’s angry and lying she becomes a cartoon character. there’s a reason she wears shades at the poker table. her eyes rule her face.
f) going to be a pretty weak campaign segment for Thursday’s episode. so, if they are giving her Ativan and she’s dosed up and the edit is protecting the houseguests (as much as she’s hated, that edit was pretty gold for everyone but Audrey) is it safe to assume she’s struck a deal with production?
g) the only part of the punishment that was worth airing: the twin switchout without knowing the dance fully. and how this switch affected the game. and of course that wasn’t aired. otherwise it was a complete waste of a quarter of the episode.

Austin's creepy hands says

Grossmance? You mean Shelly and Clay!!

f shelly

shelly is the most annoying person ever.


I watched last night’s episode waiting to see how the edit would work. No one was portrayed negatively. Audrey got a good edit as they basically painted it that she was caught in several lies, she tried to get James to go after Shelli and that was what led to her being on the block. To the TV viewer, that would seem logical. Then they must be confused why Audrey wasn’t there for the veto meeting. I’m curious how tonight will go and see if maybe they present a story that will explain it to the TV viewer. How fictional that story will be could be interesting. I do hope the producers give the TV audience a better understanding of the craziness of this week.

Skidd Marks

They won’t.


Does anyone else think production is paying her to act this nuts?

another name

my guess was she wanted to leave but production offered her an incentive to stay. they gave her the prescription (medical treatment) and got their own paid medical consultant to agree that technically it didn’t matter if she was in the house or not if she was going to be looped for 48 hours. They’ve bent the rules because technically she’s not in the game anymore since they removed her ability to participate or campaign (not that a campaign would have worked).