Big Brother 17 – “Unfortunately I’m right back at rock bottom”

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-19 15-29-24-374_jpg

2:43pm HOH Shelli, Vanessa and Audrey
Shelli says Audrey is making her really jittery, “I’ve been so straight and honest with you”
Audrey starts to tear up says she’s tried from her perspective to give Shelli her trust and loyalty.

Audrey – Obviously you all don’t trust me, I can’t do anything about it..
Audrey says if she feels it’s better for her game for Audrey to leave then she can’t control that.
VAnessa gets up to leave – “I wish you the best in life but in this game I can never trust you again”
Shelli says people from different sides of the house have been telling her things about Audrey.
Audrey thinks these people are making things up to get her out.

Audrey starts telling them that VAnessa is an amazing player so if she’s the one they want to work with that’s fine. Points out everything that vanessa has pulled off is Amazing, “If this is the 500K mistake and it costs you guys that fine”.
Audrey tells her she’s not gunning for Shelli. They argue over clay’s recollection of some events back when Jeff was in the game. Audrey says at this point it’s her word against Clays and he’s got a selective memory.
Audrey – He is not remember things Spot on .. luckily there’s a camera on us 24/7 that can prove it.

Shelli says it’s week 4 she’s in a strong alliance and Audrey is already trying to split that up, why is she doing this? Audrey says she’s not putting seeds of doubt into anybody minds.
Shelli tells her she’s tired they’ve been talking about this for over a hour they are not going to come to any conclusions “I felt like we’ve said everything there is to say right now”
Audrey – I’m sorry you guys feel like you can’t trust me … Unfortunately I’m right back at rock bottom I only know one outcome, it sucks because I know the truth ..

Shelli tells her she needs to take a break they can talk more later
Audrey – I don’t understand why from your perspective why you would keep me a… I’m going to take the next couple days and process it I want you to look me in the eye, I have never done anything in this game to sabotage you and clays’ game..

“Vanessa is very good and I know you guys trust her… I was someone that could have gone to bat for you I swear on my life you are going to see it that no I was going to do I said it in all my DR”

“I hope you do well.. from my perspective I know what I’ve done and what I haven’t done.. this was a mistake this is a major mistake.”
Shelli – what’s the mistake
Audrey – the mistake bringing up the point with Vanessa about the conversation we had..
Audrey knows if Shelli keeps her vanessa will have issues with her and clay. “I’m not longer a part of this group”
Shelli – what are you trying to get me paranoid about
Audrey – People will come for me way before they come for you and if I win i’ll get the blood on my hands.. I’m telling you from the bottom of my heart.. that person is f****g amazing (VAnessa).. she’ is so f***g smart it blows my mind.. she does not have your long term best interest..

Sheli – whose Vanessa taking to the end
Audrey – Austin, she’s had him since the beginning.
Julia comes in for a second. On her way out Shelli tries to sneak out with her but is pulled back in by Audrey.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-19 15-17-07-696_jpg

Shelli has had enough they’ve had this conversation for hours now..

Audrey – all I’m saying it was a mistake for her to exploit that conversation.. At the end of the day she’s (VAnessa) working with Jason, Steve and AUstin.. she’s got her bases covered.. I know you believe in your heart you can trust her I’m telling you when you rewatch this you’ll know I was right and she did not have your best interests.. she’s not going to take you to the end..

Shelli – ok.. every single person in this house won’t take me to the end
Audrey -I would take you to the end
Shelli says she needs to take a break.
Audrey says she’s not dumb she knows how this is going to play out, “I’m telling you I had your best interests in mind I really did”
Audrey – we don’t need to talk about it again we’ve been completely outplayed
Audrey says Vanessa is cutting deals with JAson, she’s with Steve, “She’s f****g great she’s amazing”
Shelli leaves..

Audrey – No f****g Clue what to do now

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-19 15-40-37-060_jpg

3:40pm HOH Audrey and Shelli
Shelli – I have no idea what i’m going to do
Audrey – please give me as much advance as possible.. I’m tired of crying on TV
Audrey begins to cry.
Shelli pleads with her to stop doing this.. she’s got to know the position Shelli is in.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-19 15-48-06-078_jpg

3:47pm Vanessa and Jackie
VAnessa hopes she understands she did what she did. Vanessa says she had no reason to target Jeff before the blow up happened.
Vanessa – In this game it doesn’t take a lot for people to get reasons to target people.. As an olive branch I have an idea.
Vanessa is saying she wants to use her POV on either Jason or Johnnymac and will cut a deal with the one she’s using the POV on. The deal will be for 1 week safety for her and Jackie.
Jackie – I’m close to both of them I don’t think they will do that to me..
jackie says that’s its nice and Sweet of her to offer. (Jackie is after Vanessa)
Vanessa – You don’t want me to
Jackie – you can.. I don’t feel in the need for it to get that messy..
Vanessa – I hope I’m not a target for you you’re not a target for me not even close
JAckie asks whos she going to use the veto on. Vanessa says she doesn’t have a relationship with either.
Vanessa says Audrey has been found out for so many lies.
Jackie says would have been best if Audrey went home last week. Vanessa agrees.
Jackie – yeah too bad Jeff went home

Vanessa says the things Audrey is saying about Vanessa are so hurting after Vanesa went against the entire house and didn’t put her up next week.
Jackie recommends she use the POV on Jason, He deserve to be in the game. Jackie suggests VAnessa talks to Jason he’s got a history with Audrey.
Vanessa asks her about her targets. jackie says she’s been on the block twice and there’s people that haven’t been on the block at all, “If I can be a pawn why can’t other people be pawns in the game.”
JAckie – You didn’t put me up
Jackie brings up Austin coming up to her and all of a sudden caring about her game. “I was like Who’s this guy.. like who’s this guy”
Vanessa says Austin is a emotional guys and he likes women, “He’s very protective of women”
Vanessa says she jokes with him calls him Casanova

Vanessa says John volunteered to go on the block because he thought Audrey was going up.
Jackie says she’s heard John has been throwing competition.
Jackie asks about Austin and his girlfriend back home.
Vanessa explains..
Austin told her he’s made an agreement with his girlfriend before entering the house they have an understanding that they are using this time to figure things out.. they can do what they want if they come back and want to move on or if she wants to move on it wasn’t meant to be.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-19 16-13-59-210_jpg

4:13pm – 4:40pm Audrey and JAmes HAve nots (Audrey is campaigning.. she’s blowing everything up)
Audrey saying Vanessa staged that fight with Jeff and that is why she’s talking to jackie right now for Damage control.
Audrey outs her alliance with them says it includes, Austin, LIz, Vanessa, Shelli and Clay. audrey adds that she’s out of the alliance now. James is shocked clay and Shelli are in an alliance with LIz and Austin.
She tells him not to tell Jason any of this yet wait until after teh veto ceremony. Audrey can prove to Jackie Vanessa made it up.
James says Clay and Shelli are a likable couple everyone is feeding them information. Audrey thinks Becky might come to them if they can let her know Shelli had John throw the BOB so she was dethroned.

Audrey says he needs to Talk to Shelli and say he’s worried about the fight with Audrey”Stick up for me” . Audrey wants him to convince them to keep her off the block and try and get Vanessa to not use the veto.
James – I need some empirical evidence I would be flipping on a lot of people.
Audrey – the empirical evidence i’ve never thrown Sheli and Clay under the bus
James asks If JohnnyMac is on “their team to”
Audrey doesn’t think so she thinks he’s just following clay and Shelli

Audrey warns him how dangerous Vanessa is and how smart she is. Audrey points out Shelli and Clay trust Vanessa so much Vanessa just makes things up now and they beleive it on face value.
Audrey tells him to tells Shelli that jason has mentioned about targeting Shelli. By saying that it builds confidence with SHelli, “She’ll keep nominations the same”
James – it’s supposed to be an easy week
Audrey wants to get johnnymac out this week. team up with meg, jason, JAmes and flip the house
Audrey tells him not to mention Audrey Jason would just use that information to make sure she went on the block.

James says they need to break the Clay/Shelli alliance up. James says he’s going to talk to Shelli. He knows Clay and Shelli trust him. They talk about winning both HOH’s next week and putting Austin, Liz, Clay and Shelli up.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-19 16-40-39-853_jpg

4:40pm HOH Shelli and Clay
After some ranting about Audrey. Clay says Steve is gravitating towards the people he trusts, Shelli, Clay, and JohnnyMac.
Clay says Audrey is going to be behind the scenes there won’t be any blow ups.
Shelli – it’ll be a busy night at the office..

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Audrey has got to go sick of everything about her she doesn’t stop. Most annoying psychotic disturbed person ever to be on this show. She really needs help. She should be instituionalized. What a terrible rep for the transgender community. Of course Jenner isn’t much better. She should not be on TV she should be in a psych ward


I know right… I mean, really.. none of them should talk game. They actually shouldn’t talk at all, let alone talk game. I mean, what do they think this is.. Big Brother?


It is big brother
I HATE AUDREY just watch production keep her bere. She’s a pyscho she never stops, she needs to get help or something , just weird


You have to hand it to Audrey…..that girl is the penultimate game player. Not necessarily a good game player but she sure wasted not time getting to James (who she had been flirting with all week) and device a plan to flip the house. She’s far from subtle though and it will probably blow up in her face. I get more and more worried about JohnnyMac though…he may be the one sacrificed when all the dust settles.


We all know what’ll happen: Audrey will cry herself off the block.


Annoys me beyond words that they allow Audrey & her waterworks/ugly cry & massive manipulation to feel sorry for her. Audrey has put daggers in the house guests backs so who cares what she spews out her lie hole! Amost every HG have all been thrown under the Audrey Mack truck & steam rolled. Seriously grow a pair & get her out already!


If Audrey goes on the block (highly likely) against John…I feel like she could get the votes to stay…she just outed her former alliance and if she can sell the fact that they have to much power…she could get James, Jason, Meg, Becky, Jackie and maybe Steve to vote for her…


Does she know that John threw the BOB comps for Shelli&Clay? If yes, it gives her a lot of ammunition against him… sadly.


I love John, but if Audrey is what it takes to get a house flip, then I’m all for Audrey staying…I’m not convinced that John isn’t just gonna continue to be their puppet or doormat…but Audrey almost has no option than to work with the minority…if Audrey stays…I hope her and James (or Jason, Meg etc.) get that HoH and finally get some of these people out…


Despise Audrey but would love to see the house flip. Sick of the tirants in power. I seriously want to see others make moves. My only prob is Audrey running to Shelli & blaming James for trying to flip house even though it was her agenda. Audrey is a bag full of crazy so nothing is honest or reliable. Audrey would be the one to say: see Shelli,I came to you with this info,I care about you & your game that I was honest so trust me.


Yes, she just told James I believe…


James just told Clay and Meg everything Audrey just told him, so this may not happen. Audrey is her own worst enemy, she can’t develop a masterplan because she can’t control her emotions. Instead of carefully reconsidering her situation, she ran immediately to James…


That’s some vote counting. Steve has a 2 man alliance with Steve that vote is locked in. then there is Jason and the DA connection you really think he’d saw Audrey. Not seeing that. Audrey’s best hope was to not get nominated if she is up I think Johnnie squeaks by.


I don’t see Steve or Becky voting against Johnny Mac, especially if he’s sitting next to Audrey.

And Jason has made it pretty clear he hates Audrey and wants her gone


i dont know. audrey Their strategies were the same, to cause chaos and people had a lot of trouble trusting them. the difference being that people have gotten sick of audrey a lot faster than they did zach last year. she has played like the full season of the game in a few short weeks which means that , as i said they are all already sick of her and they dont trust a thing she says. zach also had a far better social game and she has none.

she could get james, austin and steve but , given how long meg and jason have wanted her out i doubnt she’d get them and she wouldnt get anyone else.


just get audrey out. im tired of her ..i was tired after week 1.

Empirical Evidence

Audrey is such a tool, she was thrown a lifeline by vanessa and shelli as they agreed to trust her again but once again she goes behind their back, she has hands down got to be one of the worst strategic player ever

Yeah Buddy

is anyone else starting to like Shelli more and more?


Not really. I’m not warming up to any of the house guests this year. I liked Meg right away, but now not so much. I don’t know who to root for.


Hell no! Shelli sucks ass dude!

April in Paris

Johnny Mac and Meg have the most entertaining DR sessions and Steve’s convo with himself to the cameras is funny.


If you think yelling in the DR in the most annoying voice is entertaining, I would
hate to see the kind of movies you Redbox


Not sure why anyone in the house is scared enough to get Audrey out. I think they all realize she is all talk, the real threats would be the ones targeting Audrey. I would be questioning those people and their motives because obviously the power shift has gone to one side in the past couple of weeks and now they can deal a crippling blow to the side of Meg/Jason/JM/Becki/James… those in control of the power have buckled and turned though and will be their downfall. They will get rid of Audrey and do that work for the aforementioned alliance, then if any of them get power next week.. so long clay, shelli, vanessa or Austin. JonnieMac is the Donnie of season 17.


Jeez… Vanessa and Audrey are on a downward spiral.

Unless Production intervenes Audrey will be out the door. If she’s not then we have empirical evidence that production is planting seeds with Shelli and Vanessa to not backdoor Audrey.
Don’t get me wrong. I really like Audrey. I think she has a fantastic personality and great one liners, but she’s way too erratic in her gameplay.

And Vanessa just comes of as the biggest opportunist. I mean, using that Veto to broker a useless deal with Jackie?! The week after she evicted her closest ally?! The whole house will know soon that she staged that fight with Jeff. A lot of people will be after her and Austin will be more than willing to throw her under the bus to safe his “Twins'” and his own behind.


You’re 90% sure of that? 90%! How dare you!?

Live Feeds Spoiler

ATM, Audrey is trying to create an alliance with James and Jackie and potentially Jason to get rid of Shelli and Clay

BB Drafter

Vanessa use the POV on JMac!


I hope James believes Audrey. If not, Vanessa and her puppet team are going straight to the final 6.


As well.. I think Audrey is the very definition of a floater. How she gravitates to the power and then when that side gets or looks like it will divide, she is now blowing their game up to gain favour with the other side. Jackie… well… Jackie is just there. I wouldn’t even say she is floating because she hasn’t actually jumped into the water or even found a life-vest to put on.


Shits about to go down, it’s going to get crazy


I don’t know why, but I think Jackie is a lot smarter than people give her credit for. I have a feeling that being invisible IS Becky and Jackie’s strategy, and we are gonna see them start winning a lot more comps in the near future.


Totally agree. I don’t think Jackie is dumb. She does quite well in the competitions, she is never involved in drama, she let Jeff be a meat shield for 3 weeks and at the end of the day, she is still there and safe, so is Becky. Nobody else in the house has a game reason to target either of them. I do fear though that Liz/Julia might target her because of petty girl rivalry, but I think Jackie could squash either of them like a bug if she wanted to. And I think she is prettier than the twins.


Jackie got called out by Julie on the show when Jeff exited for not forming relationships and not doing much at all. She’s probably not a production favourite because I doubt they moved her from show to show to be this boring. She’s more aware of her image than winning the game. I think she will target Vanessa whenever she can and Vanessa is aware of it. She’s not brokering a deal with her as much as confirming that Vanessa will target her first, since
Jackie has no strategic plan other than avenge Jeff.


I agree, Jackie has been holding back a lot in competitions. Her problem is she is a terrible social player. She is stuck up and refuses to talk to anyone that she doesn’t like. She talks very little game, which means no one really wants to work with her. Yes this is an individual game but you can’t make it far with out people on your side. I do think Jackie will make big moves if she wins HOH, however that will be the end of her “game.” Becky has at least tried to reach out to people, unfortunately for her, her relationship with Jackie makes no one trust her.


And if Audrey does end up on the block, I hope that she blows up the Sleeper Cell alliance so that “the other side” finally realizes that there are actually sides and bands together. As soon as Audrey’s gone, a huge drama catalyst will walk out with her, so we need something to keep the feeds interesting. Would be really cool to see JMac, Jason, Meg, Jackie, Becky and James band together and call themselves Pawnshop or something stupid like that. Would also be nice if some of them finally step up and win an HOH for once. I don’t think I can handle another HOH by the Sixth Sense.

Waiting For All-Stars...

I am really liking this season, it is the first season in awhile where daily to weekly the house is re-arranging and alliances keep revolving, with nearly everyone playing the game, even outsiders like Jackie, Becky, John, and Steve seem to be waiting for their chance to join the chaos… After the boring insufferable bb16, the vile bb15, and the weak players in bb14/bb13/bb12, we finally have a strong cast all fighting to win!
Reminds me of the earlier seasons with every player being a strong character!
And despite her bad game-play, Audrey is very good at spinning things to her advantage,
currently rooting for Vanessa, despite her recent theatrics, and Jason, for being a superfan that is actually playing!


Jason and Vanessa are my favorite players this year! Jason has a well-honed wit, and Vanessa doesn’t miss a thing but plays that down! JohnnyMac is the one to watch…he better win an HOH or he is going to go the way of the PAWN! Fun season so far, wish life would slow down so I could be on this site more! Great job on all fronts Simon, Dawg and commenters!

Jeff is a fkboi

Audrey the f did you expect????? People were literally forgetting all the shit you did and just looked past you for a couple weeks, but you decided to shit talk more????? Also I want the big 6 man alliance to win. Also all the people complaining about johnny mac need to realize even though hes on the block he has one of the best positions in the house.

judds granny

would someone tell me how it is possible to not hate Clay? He is the type of privileged, entitled POS that thinks he owns the world. Reminds me of g w bush.

Donald Trumps Blowout Specialist

Al Gore I didn’t know you watched Big Brother.


Let the carnage begin….. maybe! Well either Van is a world class actor or she is pissed! Audrey already has the foot on the gas pedal get onboard or get run over by the bus. The Shelli/Clay info hurts them with the outsiders. The part I’m not getting is instead of groveling to try to keep off the block she is blowing up hard. POV was tomorrow. If we get lucky the Johnnie Mac target gets found out before POV and JM down instead of Jason. Jason would be 100% safe and the wicked witch goes home.
votes stay…. Clay, Nessa, Liz, Austin with Shelli breaking a tie. Thus they would need 1 more vote. Yeh gotta think Steve is a vote to save Johnnie Mac. Liz could pee things up with a stink vote like last week. I cannot see Jason keeping Audrey. I can’t see any viable plan to save her at this point. For Austin/Liz a vote opposite to Van kisses that alliance goodbye.
The question will persist til tomorrow that is will Audrey get put up by Shelli? She’s got cut loose(alliance). Her with 10 days if not nominated can cause a huge amount of damage. Shelli better get her up.
Interesting read at OBB tomorrow morning on the late night scrambling. Looking forward to it.

Yo Yo Yo

I think I just flipped and became an Audrey fan. Why should’t the house feel threatened with the power couple? When Clay spoke, he said “us” and “we” to Audrey – Shelli and Clay are running the house along with Vanessa. I hope she stays…GO AUDREY.

Yo Yo Yo

And I love how Jackie handled Vanessa –

GeekSquad McGee

Clay is a VERY underrated player. He had to learn this game on the fly, but he’s learned quick. He’s smarter than he gets credit for, and he’s IMO the best liar in the house by far. It’s honestly shocking how good of a liar he actually is. And we haven’t even seen him try in a competition yet.

He’s my current pick to win this game.


For some reason, Vanessa has forgotten that she blew up a few games herself, right in front of others to make certain people look bad (lookin’ at you Jeff ya’ sexual assault deviant). You can always tell who is letting the power get to them when they keep on “you crossed the line…” ” you crossed the line”… hey there microwave dinner… you overcooked, “you crossed the line”. The shower water came out too hot! “you crossed the line!”.

Vanessa is trash

Good idea James. Win that HOH and put them up. But instead of Liz put Vanessa up with Clay, Shelli, and Austin. Get Vanessa out first, followed by Audrey, Shelli, Clay, and then Austin in that order. Wishful thinking.


BB they didn’t explain why steve voted that way come on I am curious about it. I know liz does not like james at all. Audrey is going home either way does matter it possible to get the votes. The only way is she could convince shelli to not put her up.


This show needs a Gary Glitter. I hope they keep Audrey because let’s face it… she’s bringing out the drama. It almost seems like she is a production plant. I think this is the first house in a longtime that has had this many personality disorders.


Does anyone else see the similiarity between Audrey and Clay’s game. They both talk to much to too many people. I think that why the two of them are in the middle of all the drama the past couple of days. He might be really cute but something about Clay rubs me the wrong way.


It’s disturbing that BB would allow a real life psycho path to be in the house. I have said it plenty of times,Audrey will slit your throat & smile in your face to save herself. It’s repulsive beyond belief that Audrey continues to not be put up for eviction & that viewers are subjected to her ugly cry & bag of crazy! I like drama & entertainment to keep the show interesting but Audrey is too much!

B-bad owl

Jason’s last DR clip on tonight’s show:

Not only am I still on the block, but now I have to pal around all week with tweedle dee, and tweedle dumb, and John.



Jason is my fave. Love, love, love his DR sessions…. Hope he can pull out a HOH win soon!


James is a coward he went to tell Clay everything how stupid of him dumb dumb dumb


id rather see Audrey against Jason not Johnny Mac because Johnny Mac could go home! Shelli owes the veto to Johnny Mac so she should tell Vanessa to use it on him!


John’s DR’s are awesome


John did not throw the Battle of the Block! Audrey does not care who she hurts and plays the victim! She made her bed let her lie in it.

jiffy lube

Yeah, lay in that bed, with James, checking oil

another name

i’m still cool with nominating Audrey. she’s screwed herself multiple times.
but two things stand out: she’s actually telling the truth about being ostricized by her alliance. she’s telling the truth about vanessa and clay. lol. the other thing… after the argument it’s clear Audrey is the target. did shelli seriously just tell Audrey that she should feel bad for how this affects shelli? really?
can’t help but feel that yes, Audrey is going on the block. but shelli’s been letting her kid run around unsupervised so much, something is going to come back on shelli and clay. realistically, I don’t have any sympathy for any of them.


Well audrey is going down swinging.
looks like the alliance might go down sooner now.

B-bad owl

They will just deny what Audrey says and turn it around on her. Who is going to believe Audrey over anyone?
They already discussed how they would handle this very situation several times.


Can someone make a chart of things Audrey has said. I really have no idea what is true.
Just glad I don’t have to transcribe what she says. Good job Simon and Dawg.


I love seeing Audrey in trouble. I said in week 1 that the way she was playing was going to bite her in the ass sooner rather than later, and for the good graces of Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa somehow managed to stay safe week 2 and 3. Unfortunately for her she couldn’t just sit back and let the target on her dissipate. Her unnecessary, and constant, thinking of different scenarios scares everyone inside the house. She also has a tendency of mentioning something to someone, and when that person dismisses it, or even acknowledges it, she then goes to another person and says that the first person she talked to was mentioning what she initially brought up. The level of manipulation she is trying to pull of on the other houseguests is pretty laughable. She also tends to mention the dreams that she has when trying to implement strategy or make a point, as if the other houseguests are dumb enough to think that what she dreams of has any relevance to what is actually going on inside the house. And then when people dismiss her theories, she plays the victim card, and she plays it often and hard, which is by far the most annoying thing about her. And one last thing, does anyone notice how many times she says the word empirical? She says it all the time. Empirical evidence this, empirical evidence that, that person does not have empirical evidence! I could get drunk very quickly having to drink every time she says empirical.


It’s gonna be a long week of twisted updates with Audrey. It’s hard to read and follow muchh less write it down. Jason seems to be the the only real human in there. Someone above said something off with clay. Agree thanks for the updates guys!

Butters Mom

Usually I think Johns DR’s are funny but tonight they were cringe worthy. Why does production have to write such crappy scripts … let them say what they want like they used to.


Liz just jumps on as one of my favorites. She is aware that Austin likes her but she likes Jeff! Hahaha, talk about being coy and flirty. 😀


What Audrey is doing now is f’n BS! Other HGs should have to figure things out on their own, step their BB game up. Blowing up peoples game on your way out the door is an unforgiveable sin in BB. Audrey should recognize that she got outplayed and campaign against JM to stay, not ruin the game for those left after shes gone. If James truely had no clue about the alliance, then he shouldnt last much longer, it’s completely wrong that he now knows by default. I dont care much for Shlay\Aunessa but blowing up their game (which has been pretty tight) is totally no-class, sore loser BS. Audrey should go down in BB history as a complete bufoon that lasted 3 weeks too many

Gordon Ramsey

BB18 Most Insane Houseguests All – Stars

Audrey bb17
Amanda bb15
Ginamarie bb15
Dick bb8
Rachel bb12
Frankie bb16
Amber bb8
The psycho with the knife from season 2
Who else?

Devin bb16

another name

is the psycho with the knife the guy that went batshit when his ex entered the house because she’d given him an std? or was that another psycho?
I get the psychos confused sometimes.

Donald Trumps Blowout Specialist

Thisvpsycho held the knife to Trista’s neck. Mike Boogie proposed to her on finale night and then called it off. She worked in a bar in Louisiana.

another name

off topic of the thread i’m sure, but it’s weighing on my mind.
I wish so many people weren’t throwing hoh comps.
reasonably, it’s not because I want the other side to be evicted, or to see them lose.
it’s because I REALLY want one of the ‘you’re not the target’ pawns to use the same logic on shelli clay vanessa and Austin to see just how they react to a goose and gander being thrown in their faces. I really want to see how willing they are to risk themselves as they’ve asked others to every week.


100% agree! I can’t wait for one of the outsiders to turn the tables on Clay/Shelli/Austin/Liz/Van.. that will be some good TV.


Yea I agree


omg i think Big brother hates me… i start cheering for davonne, she gets sent home, i start cheering for audrey, audrey is now target #1. maybe i should start cheering for clay/shelli/vanessa, but i dont even like any of these boring people, sigh. i guess jason or maybe becky are my last hope for this season. i cant cheer or fanout for any player 🙁

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Do me a favor. Cheer for Hillary.


sorry to burst your bubble, ive been cheering for hillary since 2008. and for the record, i didnt come to a big brother website to discuss politics/politicians. you might want to take that somewhere else or talk to someone who wants to talk politics with you. please do not reply to me with any politician/politics names or topics, i am not the one.

Donald Trumps Blowout Specialist

‘Scuse me her name was Krista.

another name

the guy I was thinking of was named scott I think. the ex was Amanda I think. got bb2 and bb4 confused.