“It’s not me putting her on the block it’s us putting her on the block” – Shelli

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

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7:07pm HOH CLay and Shelli
Shelli wants them to be honest with everyone. If Audrey tells JAckie they knew about jeff going up they did. Jeff was targeting them.
Shelli – “The truth does not send us on the block “
Clay agrees the truth isn’t that bad
Clay says Audrey told JAmes she wanted to be the one to put Shelli and Clay both up
Shelli – See you later Audrey

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-19 19-12-14-912_jpg

7:09pm Vanessa and Clay
Talking over their attempts for damage control.
Vanessa says once Audrey goes it’s going to be like when Jesus died.. before Audrey after Audrey

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-19 19-16-00-912_jpg

7:10pm Have nots Audrey and Vanessa
Vanessa says she hopes Audrey can realize she would be really stupid if VAnessa trusted her at this point.
Audrey – I have nothing to lose now
VAnessa – I hope you’re America’s player it would make it a lot more sense
Audrey – My biggest mistake was telling them.. clay and Shelli
Vanessa – OK
Audrey – I wanted to stay loyal to them because SHelli brought me food and was nice to me when everything blew up .. I feel really bamboozled they didn’t trust me and I really trusted them.
Vanessa shrugs says – Oh well
She leaves.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-19 19-25-41-649_jpg

7:16pm HOH Vanessa and Shelli
Vanessa – She started already..
They compare what they heard Audrey doing to get the votes or stay off the block.
Vanessa says Audrey was manipulating her being gay, “I’m a liberal person and those values means something to me”
Shelli lets her know she was damaging her game last week when she said she wasn’t putting Audrey up because Vanessa is gay and Audrey is transgender.
Vanessa blames it all on Audrey.
Shelli says she is so mad right now.
Shelli says the numbers look better getting Audrey out against John.
Shelli says clay told her Audrey is throwing Liz into their alliance which wasn’t true. They agree it’s a good thing Audrey doesn’t know about Julia.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-19 19-37-04-207_jpg

7:33pm Jackie, Steve and Jason
Talking about Audrey’s attempt to stay off the block. Jackie says Audrey told her about a 6 person alliance containing herself, Austin, Clay, Liz, Vanessa, Shelli.
Jason leaves..
Jackie – you can’t play the game too hard but not too soft, you have to find middle.
Jackie – I don’t want to be the person that’s not playing hard I came her to play but it’s almost better not to..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-19 20-02-37-205_jpg

8:01pm Johnnymac and Steve
Steve tells him Johnnymac is this season Spencer Clawson. mentions how Spencer got far and if he had won the last HOH he could have won the season. Steve thinks Johnnymac will go up a lot and nobody will vote him out.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-19 20-04-12-875_jpg

8:04pm HOH Meg, Jason, James, Sheli and Clay
Shelli wants to hash out everything that was said. Shelli says she’s playing a very honest game. Audrey has been given a second shot and little by little Audrey’s paranoia has gotten the best of her.

James is first to share what Audrey is saying. He discloses everything Audrey was telling him earlier today. The 6 person alliance, Throw Jason under the bus to prevent the POV from being played, james was the original target,

Becky comes up tells them Audrey is up and they can hear the conversation from the Living room.

Shelli says the two people she wasn’t going to put up were Meg and James. Shelli and Clay say LIz’ nomination this week were her own they had no idea James was going up.
Shelli says Audrey telling JAmes he was a target this week and claiming they knew he was being nominated was a huge lie.
Sheli – Everything Audrey is telling you about NOMS take with a grain of salt

Shelli brings up Audrey telling them about a 6 person alliance. Shelli says it was made week one the night before Audrey blew up and called that first meeting in the HOH. Audrey brought that alliance together and it was never a serious thing she hauled everyone up to the HOH .

Shelli says if she nominates Audrey tomorrow, “It’s not me putting her on the block it’s us putting her on the block”

James says he let his defenses down when talking to Audrey.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-19 20-43-26-691_jpg

8:39pm House meeting without Audrey
Shelli going over her reasoning for nominating Audrey tomorrow. Goes over some of Audrey’s attempts to campaign and recounts some of what happened earlier today with the big Blow up with Audrey.
Shelli sums up that this morning Audrey was trying to get them to put Vanessa up.
Shelli – she’s ruining my game she’s ruining your game
Shelli wants them all to agree to send Audrey home.
The crowd starts saying “the house wants her out.. say it’s the house.. the house the house”
Shelli goes back to recounting what Audrey was saying to james going back to her games.

James tells them he doesn’t want them to think he’s working with Audrey “She was using me as a tool because I’m safe this week.. She was tryign to get Me, JAckie, Becky and JAson to form a 5 person alliance”
Austin – today this happened.. WOW
James laughs says she also wanted to get Austin to be put up.

Clay jumps in says Audrey amplifies the stress and doesn’t make the game fun to play. Adds that Audrey turns them all against each other,. spreads lies. He want them to look back at their times in the house and think how good of a time they had.

Vanessa jumps in.. says she’s not behind some big plot says she would have to be a mind controller to be able to get Jeff to do what he did.
Jackie jumps in says Audrey told her that Vanessa and Austin staged the fight with Jeff
Vanessa – use your logic how good would we would have had to be
Vanessa over and over integrity, trust, loyalty, respect, straight up, straight shooter, stand up, Audrey bad

Shelli starts to yell says she’s done with Audrey’s lies, “I’m putting her up and everyone is voting her out..”
Jason – She’s actually quite Funny

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What’s ironic is that Audrey “outing” an alliance that she is a member of only made it worse for herself.

What she didn’t think through, is that gives people all the more reason to evict her. If they believe her, what better way to start weakening this alliance than by voting her out.

Children's Stories

The Little WomanBoy Who Cried Wolf.


The crowd starts saying “the house wants her out… Say it’s the house… The house the house”
Lmaooo! That is the most hilarious line I’ve read all day. Simon… You’re just something else! 🙂
Another reason onlineBB is awesome!


The entire house wanted her out for the longest except Van & Shelli would not have it. What gets me is now that Shelli & Clay got their spot blown up,Shelli continues to have no balls when owning her noms,& is using “the house”? Seriously Shelli, since when did you care about the house,oh I remember…when Audrey put ya on blast!


Audrey didn’t “put Shelli on blast” until she knew she was going up. Then she panicked and started telling everything she could think of…


Everyone is involved in the drama except Johnmac. Love it. Johnmac keeps listening and not opening his mouth is the best strategy.
It is good everyone will want to win next HOH. Next HOH should be endurance.
What will the 6 people alliance do if they win HOH next week to prove what Audrey said it is not true? Will they put each other on the block. I doubt it.
If the 6 people alliance do not win next HOH, they will be on the block.
Last year Beast Mode Cowboy volunteered to be on the block to prove there is no alliance. This year there will be no one volunteering on the block to prove there isn’t 6-people alliance.
Meg, Becky and Jason has to play along with Shelli now because the POV ceremony is not happened yet. Wait for after the POV ceremony. Jason, Meg, James, Jackie and Becky will strategize to get out the 6-people alliance.
I cannot imagine how the psycho Vanessa will act when she is on the block.


Shelli and Vanessa are super annoying!!! Hopefully Audrey leaves too.



Audrey the type of girl that wants love so bad, but when she gets it, she does her best to sabotage it

I go back and forth between thinking wow this bitch cray and damn she needs someone to talk to (professionally)


I totally agree!


Yayyy, as much as I love the drama Audrey creates, I couldn’t bare seeing Jason or Johnny Mac going.

And, i’m sure we’re all pumped for the aftermath bout to unfold after noms

just need my popcorn and i’m good to go 😀


Shelli and Vanessa are super annoying. Audrey needs to go and they follow right after.


I know Audrey lies, a lot, but surely the houseguests can see that Vanessa, Liz/Julia, Austin, Clay and Shelli are all together by the amount of time they spend in the hoh room together. I wish they would all realize and come together to break this group up.

I hope two of the non-sleeper cell alliance wins hoh. If I remember correctly from the last time the twin twist happened, that if they were found out they both didn’t get to come in, correct? So why would they let them now. Bring back day instead of Julia!


Doesn’t matter who knows, they just have to survive 5 evictions


I am so glad the girls are running shit this year and seem to be the smarter ones this time. A refreshing change of pace. I really like Liz…just hope she smartens up a little more. And Shelli has been really impressive. I like her on a personal level. She seems like she has a heart of gold..but not playing with it too much in the game. I like how she can tell Clay off when she feels like it too. Vanessa could win it..she needs to tone it down a bit right now. Jason is also a fave. MASS represent! Hes saying all the right things so far and not too much.
Although shits about to hit the fan with Audrey…lol
I like this season! Best one in years.


I really hope I’m the 1st comment so everyone can see what I’m saying. Lots to get out:

These HGs are dumb as fuck. I get it Audrey lied. Audrey lies. Audrey will continue to lie but why would you tell the Sleeper 6 or Sixth Sense or whatever they are called about what Audrey tells you? It makes PERFECT SENSE. If these HGs (the ones not in the alliance) realized that Barbi, Claymate, Vanessannoying, Austalker, and Lizia have spent all their time together in the HOH room the past 3 WEEKS they would piece it together,

Are those 5 (+Julia) having endless orgies or maybe they are scheming up there? I’m going with scheming because I don’t think we would miss group sex on the live feeds but that’s just me.

If it’s Audrey vs Johnny MAC I’m clearly rooting for Jesus.. Oh sorry Johnny MAC to stay but odds are this season will go to shit. Everyone is tired of being pawns yet they can’t understand why any of the 5 in the alliance never goes up?

These people are morons and I fully expect once Audrey leaves the other side will either continue to go up and get picked apart OR they will get power and somehow get convinced to take out each other. I thought everyone here thinks Jason is this great player? Dude needs to figure this shit out because heaven knows Meg, James, Becky, and Jackie aren’t.

Hate Audrey all you want as a player but if we lose her, Jace, Day, and Jeff we have lost probably the biggest personalities and schemers this season. We will be stuck with a terrible yet powerful alliance, a bunch of dumbass sheep and Johnny MACS DRs…..

Team #IncognitoDentist Johnny MAC


Took the words out of my mouth. I thought last years people were dumb, but holy crap if they blow this off WOW. Just wow. They have every piece of possible evidence(camping in the HOH, same deals being made by the same six people, nominations, Audrey blowing them up) and I still think James, Becky, Jackie, Meg, Jason, John are all just going to ignore it. This is just really hard to watch. I thought Jason was about the smartest game player there and he’s completely ruining that. I figured if anyone would see what’s going on it would be him.


Look at Shelli and Clay tag team everybody for damge control. Jackie just sold out James, Meg, Jason as an alliance. I hope Jackie isn’t buying this. Probably is though.


Despise Audrey because it’s not just her lies but the bag of over the top crazy she carries. On the other hand I feel the other side is not aggressive nor care to strategize but rather hang out, have fun & watch one another get picked off all summer & act upset when clearly they need to blame themselves. I want to see Steve, Becky,Jason & Jonny Mac form a group but will never happen. JMac is too passive & will never stand up for himself. Demand that you no longer their comps. Still see him as the dark horse but want him to start taking control of his game.


Agree 100%. So sad Steve and Jackie are the only two on the other side that believe Vanessa and Austin is not to be trusted. You get those two out Shelli Clay and the twins won’t know what to do. And where has the twin been all day, teaching the other about the dance routine?


Audrey, like Day played too hard and too fast and it cost them 500k. Can we just fast forward to Thursday, i really think Audrey knows she’s defeated and will just lay low the rest of the week. Boring.

(((((SHUT the FARK up, Shell!!!!)))))

For more than 2 hours or so, she’s on n on n on to every houseguest about audrey

Then .. To vanessa, then the group consisting clay, meg, james, jason

Then .. Ordering jackie to summon the ENTIRE house to talk more crap about audrey

And now the group gotten tired, dispersed for diferring excuses, she rattled on n on to jackie

I feel like pulling my hair AND her hair – both real n fake.. If she does not give it a rest any time soon. I swear i would.

:: God help meh ::


Glad to see you are calling out Shelli(shut the fark up shell-hilarious!)too. Apparently we have some Shelli /Clay fans on here that are putting out the thumbs down like it’s their job but I am totally with ya on the Shelli.


As much as I despise Audrey, Shelli & Clay need to stop spewing lies out of their b.s. holes. The fact they keep saying their are playing an honest game is beyond gross. Stop saying that because you sound ignorant! Jackie has become relevant due to this whole Audrey ordeal. Cracking up watching pop tv where Jackie is in HOH with Shelli & Clay.


Typo their-meant they are


I must’ve missed it…what lies are they spreading about audrey?


I so don’t want Johnny Mac to go home. He is GOLD in the diary room and such a nice guy! He’s gonna blow them all away when the time comes.


Am I the only not that likes shelli?


No Marie you are not the only one that appreciates Shelli. She is a good game player and actually there to play the game of Big Brother. We watch to be entertained.

Don’t mind the haters here. Most of them are so miserable in their own lives that they don’t allow themselves to enjoy anything. Feel bad for them and enjoy the show!:-)


I meant to say MY life is so miserable because I am blindly believing in Shelli.


So Audrey tells everyone the truth and are they really just going to blow it off? I’ve been rooting for this people to get some power and take control. Now they’re so oblivous to what’s happening with it even been told to them they are still going to sit around and do nothing. Its getting really hard to support these people.


Great this season of big brother is starting to suck seems that some people(Clay) came to make friends and not play big brother he just wanna have fun i hope Audrey goes bat shit crazy on them the next 3 days can’t wait

B-bad owl

Watching bbad. These people want to drink the Shelli and Clay kool-aid so much that they are drowning in a pool of it.


Shelli and Clay found a bottle of Dan’s mist.


I miss the mist..

Fake overload

Shelli and Jackie talking = fake overload


Good Lord, and here I thought that Jason hanging out with Da’vonne would’ve helped him be a little bit more perceptive. Jason is actually buying all Shelli’s selling him but the kitchen sink, I mean seriously… How do you not realize that some of what Audrey has said could be true just by this week’s HOH nominations alone. C’MON JASON WAKE UP, DON’T BECOME JOHNNYMAC…


Could not agree more! I expect more from Jason but apparently I aimed too high lol!


Give Jason some time. He’s still on the block for cyin’ in the night! After the eviction, there will be plans made…and put into effect IF one of the other side can win the #**#$#* HOH. I would love Jackie to win HOH next week just to see what happens for the other side. For sure, she’d put up Vanessa and maybe Liz or Austin. Then, the game changes.


Right!! The fact he said he doesn’t believe the 6 person alliance “story” and Shelli wants to work with him….Iike REALLY? You’re on the block ( by her hand) but she all of a sudden wants to work with you? #iCant


I believe Jason will figure it out soon. Give them some time this all just went down. When the dust settles they will put the pieces together. I think in the next few weeks the alliances will change drastically. Austin or Vanessa will go rogue.


Shelli is herding them sheep too good tonight, I should’ve bought some pop corn. its amusing to me how some of these people are so easily fooled, must be something in the water.


Shelli is still HOH and has to put up a replacement nominee. I would be “buying” all this too in this scenario. Next week = different…unless Clay or Vanessa wins HOH.


um no, jason was telling meg he doesnt believe a word of a 6 man alliance or any of the other stuff audrey said to james. logically speaking, you take everything said with a grain of salt, but some of the things audrey said do make sense. whether jason believes it or not, he should be skeptical of shelli/clay. AND of course, jason must be a fool to tell shelli/clay he believes audrey and doesnt trust shelli, its just not smart. so is NOT believing in the possibility of that 6 man alliance with audrey.


Smartest thing Jackie has said or prob will say: People keep going after people in their alliances & yes we the viewers are shaking our heads & yelling at our tvs due to your hot mess that is this season. Make an alliance in the morning & destroy it by night. Sweet!


production clay should go home after Audrey i really
want him to go after Audrey
i wish America could make a secret team if one wins hoh we tell them
who to put up if the do they will be rewarded
my team will be Austin Jackie meg reason i do it this way cause none of them work together in nobody will be on to them at all or i will do Austin jonny mac jason


Do you think the 90’s Throwback Twist will save Audrey this week? Something like, “Let’s rewind back to a time…” and she gets to stay? Production does not want to lose this lady.


I have never seen so much blind stupid.
It’s getting just annoying to watch

B-bad owl

Enjoy tonight’s festivities folks. This is the highlight of the season. It’s all downhill from here.


I think the other side is on to it but can’t say too much they have not had any power in 3 weeks. So hoping the power shifts. Love the Vanessa / shelli duo. Nice to get some insight from Liz.


I think the outer five are onto the truth about Clay. Shelli, Austin, Liz and Vanessa. They just have to stay very quiet and appear to be drinking the kool-aid until Audrey is safely on the block and until they get some power. In my heart of hearts I think Steve and Johnny see it and hope they will win both hoh spots Thursday.



another name

… so no one notices 5 people spending 3 hours plus a day together separated from everyone else. and no one thinks its an alliance. huh. I want to sell these people plots of land on the sun.
okay. they can all be picked off. I’ve attempted to like some of them. even when I thought they were throwing things too obviously and lining up to get on the block, I still wanted to root for some of them.
I can’t.
I can’t root for blatant stupidity. I don’t endorse Audrey but add what she says to what’s been said in previous weeks.
you all suspect that pawnymac is throwing botb. (da said it to a couple of you before she was evicted). you suspect he’s being asked to throw it.
you all know shelli broke her word to becky about backdooring Audrey in favor of da.
jeff told all of you the fight was contrived to target him instead of Audrey.
you all know that those people spend too much time together in the hoh to not be working together.
so… don’t save Audrey. but don’t trust the five either. get real. Stop throwing comps, get your head in the game or just walk out the door now before you make yourself any more of a laughing stock.
I had to turn off the council meeting witch hunt mob when everyone started nodding and agreeing that none of it could possibly be true. oi fricking vey.


The sad fact is the remaining house, not in an alliance, are still clueless about the real alliance of Sheli/Clay/Vanessa/Austin/Liz/Julia.

The sooner they wake up the sooner might have a good season of BB17…

Omg people!

Still lots of game to be played!! Some of the comments here are just silly. Who knows what is going to happen as I am sure production will steer this to keep it interesting. I’m glad crazy is leaving!! Hopefully this will help her realize she needs professional help. I also love Johnny Mac and I think he is much smarter than we all give him credit. Yes they are voting the drama out weekly and that’s fine as I was happy to see them go. I just want a genuinely good person to win.


Audrey is spot on that Shelli, Clay, Vanessa, Austin, and Julia/Liz have been working together, and that Vanessa and Austin staged the fight to get Jeff nominated and eventually voted out. However, she has no credibility with anyone because of the constant paranoid/scheming state she’s been in all game, so even though she’s right, no one will believe anything she says. Sucks to be Audrey lol.


granted Audrey has made her own bed she can lay it. That said, I am even more boggled by the “other side” of the house that seam to just either be game dumb or blind or both. Why is it that, Steve/Meg/jason/Becky/James/Jackie have not asked themselves….why is it that Johnny Mac is always nominated when Shelli-Austin;Clay-Vanessa-Liz are in power? is he being used by them to throw BOB(which he is)…I am tired of the Clay-Austin-Shelli-Vanessa power control, but the other side of the house is so filled with idiots that it wont change much. Audrey will probably go this week(another boring easy eviction)


I know. Part of it seems to be personality traits. But also, I’m thinking that BOB dynamic isn’t helping much because it seems to promote and favor big alliance that is almost like a mob. And the rest that are outside of it seem to be almost paranoid to do or say too much to the point they don’t compare notes, connect for the sake of the game, etc. It’s ridiculous to have 4+ people in play for eviction, people sabotaging you possibly, and having two HOHs. I think it’s affecting the social game too much and causing it to take longer for people to put things together and do something about it if they can’t win HOH with an ally.


Jackie is got the right idea at this point. She wasn’t to play but it’s proabably better for her to just not right now. All this talk just means that somebody is going to have to eat shit here real soon.

Oh and bye Audrey…..


They aren’t idiots. This is smartest group in a while. Give them time to digest what Audrey told them and put it together with what they have seen. I think we are in for a good game.

Chill this Town

its further proof that Audrey needs to go for everyone’s sake. even when she has solid information that is incredibly believable(ridiculous amount of “team” meetings in the HOH)…but it doesn’t matter because how could anyone believe or even begin the process of trying to believe her? I wouldn’t want to even be in the same room when she speaks in fear of getting roped into some BS I had nothing to do with

there is a way to use that style of gameplay and make it work. but not all the freaking time. her time is up, I think everything gets 100x more interesting with Audrey out of the house. and I really had high hopes but its time to cut bait.


Audrey will never make it ‘tIl Thursday. I’d be surprised if she either hasn’t already quit or will by the morning.


Audrey is unstable right now. Julia said if Audrey quits the game, she won’t get paid. Audrey has been in the diary room for awhile, then the feeds went black. This makes me think Audrey may be considering quitting. I hope not. That is a cowards way out. She needs to stay, face the music, and get evicted (voted out) like a big girl.


I agree she should stay but not leave without doing some major damage. If I was her, I would do my best to expose the Shelli-Clay-Vanessa-Austin alliance, even try to find out who was that “4th vote” last week(which is Liz) and expose her, Go out like a bomb and cause damage as you leave


Okay, I come here saying I made a mistake about a houseguest! When I first watched the show and heard the way Jason talked I was against him. I like the dude and respect him! Now for my thumbs down votes! Why is everyone bashing Shel&Clay? Is it because they are always in the loop even though everyone knows they are a “couple”? I’ve seen some pretty shitty things written about them on here, but haven’t really seen anything in their actions or words that deserves such things. I thought they were playing Big Brother!


I agree completely. I didn’t care for Jason too much at first, maybe because of how he acted with Da. But I really like him now, he has alot of funny comments. As far as Shelli and Clay go, I don’t get the hate either, maybe because they are steam rolling the house. Shelli is good, say what you want about her, between her and Vanessa, easily the best two players regardless if you “like them” or not. BUT I give Shelli the advantage because she keeps her cool more than Van, and seems to be sincerely kind hearted.


Jackie thinks she shouldn’t be put up. Well, maybe you should try playing the game instead of playing high school and refuse to talk to people who are not in your clique, which by the way is only Becky now that Jeff is gone. She is so unimportant, who cares what she has to say? Go win HOH next week, and then start talking.


Shelli is disgusting.

Valentina Corleone

If they are successful in getting Audrey out (which I hope they are), the one thing that bonded them together will be gone. Then the real paranoia will set in – who do I trust now, who’s gunning for me, how do we get the twins out/keep the twins, is there an America’s Player, etc. I think with Audrey gone there is potential for the game to heat up big time.