Clay Suggest Audrey as the target “Clay, think of how much the house will explode if I do that”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-17 14-47-19-298_jpg

2:43pm HOh Audrey and Julia
Audrey says with Jeff gone nobody has mentioned the twins to him. Say’s the house is now filled with targets. He stresses how important it is they win the HOH next week.
Austin – it’s my destiny in life to win this HOH
Austin suspects that Shelli will throw the next HOH if she gets dethroned, he thinks Clay has been throwing ever HOH. Adds him and LIz have been pretty isolated these past few days. Julia says she had a dream that she couldn’t trust Clay and Shelli.
Clay and Shelli join them say they are taking a nap wake them up if theres anything new with the BOB
Austin – I’m getting ready for the beef cakes I’m so fired up
Julia says she cannot believe Liz won.
Austin tells her after Liz won the HOH she was so excited she jumped into his arms. “it was my Big Brother Dream come true… when I watched other season when rachel jumped into Brendon’s arm”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-17 15-19-37-454_jpg

2:50pm Shelli and Clay HOH
Clay- we cannot lose JohnnyMac to Audrey and the other side.. he’s really valuable to us
Clay says behind Shelli, Vanessa JohnnyMAc is next, “He’s given us a lot of information good information”
Shelli reviews his order asks him if JohnnyMAc is higher than James
Clay says JOhnnyMac is better to keep.
Shelli about Audrey “She’s like freaking me out”
Clay suggests they win the veto save JohnnyMac and Get Audrey nominated. They can get Audrey evicted building trust with JohnnyMAC and Jason.
Sheli – Clay think of how much the house will explode if I do that
Clay thinks Only Austin will have a problem with the.
Shelli – I don’t want to be the one who does that

They bring up Austin having a girlfriend. Shelli says Vanessa had mentioned questioning how loyal a person Austin is.
Shelli – Liz/Julia are not very good game players.. I don’t think they even watch the show.. they have no idea how Big Brother works.. their game right now is to just stay in the game.. Once they are both in the game they don’t know how to play this game.. Austin definitely doesn’t know.. the three of them together are numbers but they are pretty weak numbers.
They agree the twins will be put on the block together. Shelli says they need to be careful what they say gamewise to the twins.
Shelli doesn’t trust the twins and Austin she thinks there’s a possibility they both voted out James.
Clay says there is no way.
Clay says Vanessa has concerns about Austin. Points out that Vanessa thinks too deep “Too analytical”
Shelli – we need someone to think that way.. you think socially I think details and she’s analytical.. we need that..
Shelli doesn’t think Austin’s advice benefits them.
Clay ask her if she can pick two people to roll with who would they be.
Shelli – Johnnymac and Steve with Vanessa
That’s Clay group.
Clay wants to get Jackie out so they can grab John

Clay says JohnnyMac is a POV Master. This newly proposed alliance of 5 is the most dynamic team in the game. They believe it to be well rounded and unexpected.
Shelli says Vanessa is smart she use to work in Vegas as a gambler person.. “HE HE HE I just said Gambler person”
Clay is excited says this is the first alliance he’s felt good about. (he’s said this before about other alliances)
Shelli says Vanessa was really pushing for them to put Steve up she wonders what she’ll think of bringing him into their final 5 group.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-17 15-27-43-253_jpg

3:24pm Shelli, Austin and Julia
Shelli telling her all about the musical “Is this real” that they did.
They start studying the Gronk party order.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-17 15-39-35-347_jpg

3:30pm Austin and Julia
Talking about their side will probably not get the power next week they’ve held the power for 3 weeks. Austin says all the ‘Things” on the other side of the house are crumbling.
julia is glad Jeff left
Austin – are you going to play next HOH
Juli a- Ya I think so.. maybe not because I played two in a row
Austin – after the 5th one you’re both in.
They wonder how will production decide which one plays the last HOH as a single.
Julia says the game is easier for Liz because it’s her who’s in the house, everyone knows Liz. Julia can’t wait to come in and tell JohnnyMac she was a dental assistant, “I Love teeth”
Julia tells us how she chipped her tooth – I was chasing a boy on the playground.. in fourth grade.. I ran into a pole .. my Mom just go the cheap fix but internally the tooth was dying. (Johnnymac noticed this difference in the twins)
Julia thinks Shelli and Clay are America’s sweethearts now
Austin – I think Judas and the twins can be interesting too
Juli – they are ridiculously good looking
Julia asks if she’s safe this week. Austin says if she gets dethroned she could go up but Hell I would never do that.
Austin is worried Audrey is filling James with poison he’s going to talk to James tell him he’s not coming after him and whatever Audrey is telling him is just her back to her old games. Austin is going to let James know If James picks him for the Veto he’ll use the Veto to Save james.
Austin – jackie is going through Entitlement Diva mode right now
Julia – I liked her at first..

Austin says Jackie isn’t as big of a game threat she doesn’t have the connection that JAson has. He says now that Jeff is gone that side doesn’t have anyone that can rally the troops.
Austin says Audrey just won’t stop it’s too annoying she just can’t stop talking and spinning.
Austin – they actually gave me prescription medication in the DR yesterday because of how crazy i’ve been
Julia – you’re kidding
Austin says he’s kidding
Julia – what would they give you.. Xannax
Austin – I wish.

Julia about Jackie dancing in the HOH with Clay’s cowboy boots on “Oh my god this girl is so annoying”
Austin – she spends four hours a day doing her makeup in the mirror
Julia – She has fake eye lashes.. It’s so obvious, they’re coming off half the time.. I’m like girl you need help
Austin – Oh my god.. I don’t noticed that.. I don’t care if that’s the way she likes to look

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-17 15-55-23-639_jpg

3:54pm Steve tells JOHNNYMAC he’s surprised they brought back the Battle of the block he doesn’t think it was that popular with the fans.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-17 16-07-47-557_jpg

4:05pm HOH Julia, JohnnyMAC and Austin
Talking about Big Brother having more success matchmaking than the Bachelor. They talk about Past season showmance. It’s obvious that Julia watched the last 4 seasons.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-17 16-22-26-038_jpg

4:16pm HOH Clay, Shelli and JOHNNYMAC
Johnnymac says Audrey was telling them she tried to prevent him from getting on the block.
Clay claims her and Sheli have done nothing wrong to anyone in this game. Same AS JOHNNYMAC. adds sometimes you have to say little lies.
They ask him where he sits with Steve.
JOHNNYMAC says Steve wants to have a final 2 with him, “I trust Becky more”
Clay – over steve
John suggest they pull Becky in and she has Jackie on the side He doesn’t have much of a relationship with Jackie directly.
Clay wants John to know they have his back he’s don a lot for them.

Johnnymac leaves.. they start thinking Johnnymac is a schemer.
Shelli says Johnnymac is being smart he doesn’t want to bring Steve in becuase Steve is “outsider”
Shelli mentions that Audrey had a dream that Johnnymac won big brother 17

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-17 16-26-57-714_jpg

4:25pm Vanessa and Julia
Going over what Liz knew.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-17 16-56-24-131_jpg

4:56pm Jackie, Clay, Shelli and Becky
Jackie saying it seems like Austin is trying to reel her in.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-17 17-10-07-274_jpg
5:08pm Audrey and VAnessa

VAnessa says she doesn’t know where Austin’s head is at “They drank a whole bottle of wine together and snuggled.. instead of talking game”
Vanessa says Austin is in Showmance mode his head isn’t in the game.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-17 17-18-04-714_jpg
5:18pm Becky hears cheering from outside

6:00pm Feeds down for BOB

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Thumbs up if you Still think Austin is a CREEP!!!!

Creepy Austin and cookoo Vanessa

Austin looks like a shaved chewbaca!


Da fuq happened to Vanessa and Austin the last week and a half? It’s like someone slipped them both meth, and it’s taking their worst personality traits and amplifying them by 90%. Is it just me, or has every pic of Vanessa for the last several days look like she’s trying to disguise herself as a member of One Direction on cocaine. In fact, are we sure CBS hasn’t put one of those boy band members in the house and routinely feeding them rails of yeyo in the DR? And then there’s Austin. I genuinely believe the guy is starting to convince himself that it’s his and his split personality Judas’ destiny to each fall in love with their own twin. Wouldn’t be surprised if someone catches him “beating” himself up in the bathroom stall screaming, “Judas, I said you take Julia, I got Liz, don’t screw this up for us man, or I will choke you”. Not to mention he has only worn a shirt for a total of about 12 minutes…..this entire time….and worn a top hat at least once a day every day since he’s been there. These two are a mess right now.


Shelli and Clay are morons if they pull vanessa into this alliance I hope they try it then liz stays hoh and backdoors one of them


I’m so tired of seeing Austin, Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa wk around the house like they are already in the final five. Johnny is the only person in my opinion who is understanding the game, and Steve has tooken the target off of his back and actually is smarter than I thought . Jason needs to stop worrying about Adrey and realize that there is another side in the house and Shelli and Clay are running it. Meg needs to get her head in the game and realize its Big Brother not the Real World. Jackie I am liking now that Jeff have left I’m hoping she can win an HOH and prove herself in the game. Becky is also pretty smart by lying low so far. And I like the twins but I wish they can play their own game and get away from Austin.


Lol johnny understanding the game? He’s my favorite to win right now but game-wise I think he’s more in the blind. If anything, it’s the people controlling the house who understand the game (the 6th sense)


If I have to hear about another one of “Audrey’s dreams”….uggghhhh.


I had a dream Audrey was America’s Player. hehe


I think crazy Vanessa is a twin and if they make it to jury then they become America’s player and win the coveted golden jacket of strait. I’m 90% sure about this guys.


I can’t help but wonder when Audrey or Liz say “Dream” they really mean production………yah never know


Any indication that Julia knows her sister voted for James to be evicted?


Ya I’m curious about that too


i don’t think we would know if she was told. it would be my impression that liz did not tell her, that way she really won’t know who the 4th vote is and would play it off a lot more realistically. she says she is glad jeff is gone, she already told Liz to vote out jeff during the prevoting switch, I can’t imagine she would be that thrilled to be told anything else happened.

not sure why vanessa is trying to spin Liz & Austin not talking game. they showed exactly when the two were drinking the wine on After Dark, and the entire conversations during that time was about nominations and game talking. and vanessa was downstairs during the drinking part, so she has no clue what she is talking about, just as she has no clue that she knows 90% who was vote #4 was Becky. we know she’s wrong so how can she have proof of something that never happened.

she has crazy eyes. before she was HOH for a day I was on board with the whole group, except Shlay, because they were dishonest playing both sides, especially clay since he was always telling Jeff flat out that there were twins in the house, and confirmed it. that was pointless.

the number one thing I enjoy about this season (and yes, steve you are right, BOB is not a fan favourite) is that there hasn’t been a full on house vote. people seem to be voting in a way that puts a little tension into the outcome. when i think it is going to be a landslide vote, against jeff, two people add votes that i did not expect. lol


replace steve and vanessa with becky and jason and thats 5 i wouldnt mind seeing: clay,shelli, becky, jason and johnny with the 6th place going to meg.


Some one needs to Backdoor Vanessa,,they can pull the votes and join other side of house,,Revenge for Jeff and major power flip,,,,would only be a target of 3 or4 ppl,,,and well protected within their new group,,,would work best for Liz,,,would also keep Austin away


Paranóia runs this six sense bullshit group

Shelli's Chompers

Audrey and her “dreams!” Good Lord!

Cole Gate

That’s a hell of a set of veneers. Looks like she could eat apples through a picket fence. Your eyes are drawn to them like a bad accident.


Who? Meg?

I can’t see her teeth past her amazing boobs. Girl’s busting with personality. Picked the wrong clique to roll with though.


This has got to be one of the most paranoia filled seasons ever. They literally talk about how much they trust someone and how much they’ve done for them, and then in the very same breath decide that person is a schemer and they might not want to trust them. Someone needs to backdoor Shelli ASAP. Clay will crumble without her.


I will gladly backdoor Shelli. RAWR


The house would explode if Audrey went up?! They would be ecstatic. Everyone would just look at each other and know she was gone. It seems production has put it into each HoH’s ears that voting out Audrey would be like drowning the blind puppy of a child with down’s syndrome. Shelli, then Vanessa, and now Shelli again is desperately looking for any excuse not to nominate Audrey.


are shelli and clay this season’s lesser version of derek and cody?


Is there such a thing as “lesser than Derek” Geesh I did not like that dude lol


i hope shelly team win bob i hot she go home soon


What is it with these girls and their dreams??? First Audrey , now Julia.
Can Austin {Judas} get any more obnoxious???? What an ego, I can’t figure out why, he is just a mess, with a lousy personality.
I dislike Clay and Shelli, I always giggle when they talk about their not lying and how loyal they are. {Jeff left with their knives in his back.}
I hate Vanessa’s hat, and her entire attitude. She has a enormous ego, and a “My way attitude”.
I do think everyone is underestimating the twins.
JohnnyMac I am hoping is not really trusting Clay, Shelli, and Vanessa.
Does anyone else see Dan Gheesling’s mannerism in JohnnyMac???? There is something about him that reminds me of Dan.


shelli and clay gotta go!!!


I would like liz an her sister an Austin to team up with jonny mac steve an becky


Why does Audrey’s name have to be brought up every week? No one else is consistently targeted like she is, I wonder why……Seriously this cast is very close-minded! Let her play her game, STOP putting roadblocks up every week and kill her momentum. Easily the slickest player this year, too bad the narrow minded cast is gonna prevent us from watching what could be one of the best BB games ever played


Are you saying Audrey is targeted because she is transgenered? I have to say no. She lies more than she tells the truth. She may still be there because she is transgender.

Audrey needs to cool it

I do not believe the cast is unfairly targeting her. They recognize how “slick” she is and are on to her. She may be an all time great if she survives a few more weeks, she plants seeds everywhere. Definitely came to win!


Audrey has never been on the block ergo… she’s never been targeted. They all consider her and dismiss the idea because they think they can get rid of her anytime. Gonna bite some of them in the butt before it’s over. Maybe I am reading into your post something that isn’t there but if you think it’s because she is transexual, you are wrong. That’s the reason they won’t do it….afraid they will be accused of bigotry. I would have put her up and hopefully out the first week. Because she is a lying, pot stirring bitch. No other reason needed.


Audrey has never been on the block ergo… she’s never been targeted. They all consider her and dismiss the idea because they think they can get rid of her anytime. Gonna bite some of them in the butt before it’s over. Maybe I am reading into your post something that isn’t there but if you think it’s because she is transexual, you are wrong. That’s the reason they won’t do it….afraid they will be accused of bigotry. I would have put her up and hopefully out the first week. Because she is a lying, pot stirring bitch. No other reason needed.


You are not paying attention to what is going on. Audrey isn’t a very smart player. She played too hard too fast and kept her two cents in everyone’s game play, and got caught in the first week. She doesn’t know how to take what information she learns and keep it too herself or only tell a couple of people. Her biggest mistake is that she thinks she can mess with everyone’s heads. She got the whole house upset with her because she didn’t pick a side and keeps throwing everyone under the bus. She isn’t loyal to anyone. You can’t win the game playing like that.


Audrey is really good at manipulating and feeding vicious little innuendos about unsuspecting folks. Personally, I am certainly not a fan by any means. It IS Big Brother after all. I would hope she goes soon. That I would love to watch. She is the Frankie of this season.


Plus when caught in an obvious lie she tries to spin it, deflect it or turn it and say it was the other person who lied. I honestly think the only reason she’s still in the game is the fact she’s transgendered. Either because they are afraid of being seen as a bigot or because production is shielding her.


Wow, make up really makes a difference with Audrey.


Other side of the house you lost the game………………………WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING!

Butters Mom

I wish Johnny Mac and Jason would lose the BOB and Shelly would remain HOH… then I’d like for her to backdoor Austin. I can’t take much more of him. GROSS!


Thanks to production for giving us Julia instead of Liz for the next couple of days, it is just so cringeworthy to watch Austin and his constant uninvited touching of Liz`s bodyparts. Plus interpreting everything she says and does in a way to feed his own illusion while not really seeing and acknowledging the other person is painful to watch. Hoping the Zingbot will intervene soon… but Austin would ignore that as well, because zingbot is probably just jealous of him and liz….


Shelli gets a bad rap here for some odd reason. She has a brain and is a decent and somewhat entertaining game player. It’s hard to figure out why some of you hate Shelli and Vanessa with such passion.

You may not agree but I think they are the two best players of this game in the house. I watch as a fan of the game and Johnny Mac, Jackie, Becky offend me as a fan of the game.

U may not like Vanessa and Shelli for other reasons which is fine. But as far as playing the game of Big Brother there is not two more entertaining than Shelli and Vanessa in that house.


shelly clay needs to go not just Austin vennssa to


to me Austin in the game is funny but if you take him out it be like
so boring him in jeff whould of been a great team if jeff didn’t star targeting him
how does Austin know look no far to then the men clay cause to me jeff whould sill
be there if clay didn’t say nothing Austin Austin don’t have to win the game but if he gone
who they going to hate everybody loves everybody he need to stay for the dramma


is there any way austin could be more of a hunk …..he just exudes charm and humility, no wonder these woman cant leave him alone


he could be Steve


I think Jason and Meg could be funny and entertaining but I don’t really know wtf they are doing. Has Meg lost hope of winning?

If I were Shelly I would get rid of Steve, Audrey or Jason this week. She and Clay can’t read these 3 at all. It’s too early for them to get rid of Steve though, so Audrey or Jason. But I don’t think they have the votes to get Audrey out yet. People should be afraid of John being the Veto King at this point…if I were in the house I would. They started relying on him too much, so he’s become powerful. I don’t want him to go though. But as a houseguest I wouldn’t want to go against me in a POV comp nor as a HOH have to renom in the coming weeks.

Steve doesn’t lie well and he doesn’t have a trustworthy face… If Vanessa doesn’t actually think Steve voted for Jeff and is just pining it on Becky to get rid of the other sides numbers, then she really can’t win this game.


These are the most boring house guests in BB history and I don’t care who wins or who loses. After 17 seasons, this will be my last if CBS doesn’t come up with something new. Or better players.