Johnny asks “Are we allowed to win it?” Clay “We want Jason to go home”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : ? Nominations 2: ?
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 08-55-06-074
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8:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. All of the house guests are super tired as most of them have only gotten a couple hours of sleep. Liz says I wish it wasn’t so early
so I could talk to everyone but everyones in bed. Shelli asks have you thought about the options a or b and which one you like better. Liz says its tough, I think that. Liz says I think its best to not put all of them up at once. Becky, Jackie and Jason. Shelli says I think it would make sense for me to put up Jason because I have a reason. Liz asks what about Audrey. SHelli says the thing with Audrey is I would need a long drawn out conversation with her and she would need to be on board with it. Shelli says what if you took Jackie and Steve. Liz says and then you take Jason and Johnny Mac. Shelli says the thing is I’ve already told Johnny Mac I wouldn’t put him up. And when I’ve put up Johnny Mac before its been with him throwing it and I haven’t had that conversation with him. Shelli asks why did I go and win something.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 09-06-06-704

Shelli talks to Clay. Clay asks who is she putting up? Shelli says Jackie and Steve. Shelli says Steve is not trying to win HOH until later and is trying to form relationships. He is dangerous. Clay says why wouldn’t you have Johnny Mac throw it and get Jason out of here. SHelli asks make him throw it again? Clay says make him feel like he has a choice. If he wants to throw it then we can get out Jason but if he wants to go out and win it to take himself off. Shelli says if Jason wins the veto who can I put up. I can’t put up Becky. Shelli says I’m having the conversation with you because I don’t f**King KNOW! I’m begging you to help give me answers! Shelli says I need Vanessa up here because she helps me with these situations. You didn’t notice they told us 45 minutes ago that this would be in an hour! Clay I am going to be f**king pissed if they tell us its time and I’m not ready to do this. Clay says don’t get mad at me.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 09-12-53-001
9:20am HOH room – Vanessa joins them in the HOH room. Liz says the number 1 target is Jason. Vanessa says Liz put up Jackie and Becky. Shelli puts up Jason and Steve. With Meg as the replacement. That way your target goes home either way. Clay asks who can she put up other than Steve? Vanessa says Johnny Mac or Meg. Shelli says honestly I don’t want to play puppet game right now! Vanessa says I think the thing with Audrey is a bit aggressive. Vanessa says or substitute Meg for Steve as the original nomination. Shelli says I do like the idea of letting what happens happen and if I get dethroned then I have a chance to play next week. But then I’m seen winning 3 HOH’s.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 09-19-27-766
Shelli says I am thinking Jason and Johnny because putting up Johnny I am not getting more blood on my hands. Vanessa says putting up Johnny is potentially dangerous because he knows a lot of information. Shelli asks Vanessa if you were me who would you put up? Vanessa says I told you. Jason and Steve… and Steve and Meg are interchangeable. Austin is worried about Liz putting up Jackie & Becky because they’re the two biggest female competitors. Shelli says the thing that is making me so mad is the easiest thing to do is to just put up Audrey! It is making me so mad when everyone’s target is Audrey. She is making me a crazy person. Austin says she is better as a backdoor option.

Liz says I am comfortable putting up James. He has talked a lot of sh*t about me. Austin says so you put up James and Jackie. Liz says I don’t feel comfortable with Jackie and Becky because they’re going to win. Liz asks Austin to tell James.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 09-39-53-156

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 09-46-05-050

Clay asks Johnny if they put him up with Jason. Shelli has no options. Johnny asks are we allowed to win it? Clay says we want Jason to go home. Clay says we need Jason gone. Are you okay with that? Johnny questions if he would have the votes. Clay says we have the votes. I’m almost 100% positive. Johnny says lets do it! I’m okay with it. It could be worse. I trust you. Johnny says lets do it! Clay then goes up and tells Shelli that Johnny is okay with going up and throwing the BOB. He said he trusts us. Shelli says this is why I needed you! Shelli hugs Clay.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 09-46-48-463

9:50am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the nomination ceremony to take place.
Shelli is putting up Jason & Johnny (With Johnny agreeing to throw it again)
Liz is putting up James and Jackie.

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I really hate Clay. Can’t he mind his own business and stop playing Shellis HOH. JohnnyMac please win this BOB and stuck it to this annoying alliance, who are merely using you.


I hope it’s something they can win on their own and not be tied together or have to depend on each other to win BOB, because I am tired of this pawn stuff and people throwing it. I hope Jason wins it and Jonny gets ousted for trying to throw it. Maybe then they will break up that alliance between Shelli, Clay Austin and Vanessa, because this is ridiculous. I hope Jason wins and Meg wins POV then lets see them scramble. This game is too predictable with no excitement.


I had to turn the feeds off I was getting so annoyed with Clay and creeped out by Austin with all the Liz touching. Hopefully this 3rd or 4th ??consecutive nomination will teach Jason to shut his mouth every now and then in order to listen and observe more. He must also realize being paired with JMac is a bad omen. That said, I will bet everything I own Jason stays. Production cannot afford to lose another big personality and their comic relief this early on.




He can’t… However, it is looking good for his resume, and he is in one of the best positions in the house IMO. He has had a heavy hand in all of the evictions. As far as I can see, he will not be directly targeted by anyone at this point. Maybe Clay… but as soon as the house gets power, I suspect Clay is gone first. My prediction: Austin goes home this week under julia/liz reign.

Austin is a shaved chewbaca

That would be a season saver if the Liz boots the creepy guy. But it could be a week to early??


This season is slowly turning into a shitfest. BOB is a plague and we need one of those twistos twists, or a powershift or that good old Grodner rig right NOW!!!!! Next week should be endurance so Becky and Jason should win it and put up Shelli, Vanessa, Austin, Clay/Liz


Why ha be there been no endurance comps? Vanessa’s side may not win if it’s endurance.


Is John seriously thinking that he is a part of an alliance when he is the person who is always on the block and in danger? This week is extremely risky, if Jason manages to save himself from the block the only replacement is Becky and she is a loyal number for his game. I like JMac in the DR but his gameplay really sucks, he reminds me of Nicole last season, the person you want to root for but is extremely stupid and just waiting to be slaughtered.


I think the big problem is there isn’t an alternate side of the house. There’s Shelli/Clay, Austin, Vanessa, and Liz. Everyone else is basically single even looking at Jason, James. and Meg, they are hanging out but not really playing the game. James is trying to get in with Clay, Meg is just trying to get along, and Jason knows he’s the low guy on the pole and thinks no one will deal with him. Jackie is just occupying space right now trying to avoid the game. Becky is all reactionary and only thinks about the game when she has to make a choice. It seems everyone has accepted this one dominate group and are trying to figure out how they can become part of it instead of gathering the outsiders to compete against them.

So John realizes there’s only one power in the house and has no way to protect himself if he becomes a target.


Oh my gosh. Poor Johnny Mac. They are such arseholes.


Poor? He is doing this people dirty work 3 weeks in a road


JohnnyMac, stop agree with these ppl. You know you will win the veto again.


JMac is a little puppet for Clay grow some balls idiot

The Unsinkable Skidd Marks

Why should J Mac go against type this week? He’s sitting pretty. He has been one of the most influential players in the game. He can win or lose comps at will. I think he is untouchable right now and he should keep doing what he’s doing… Sooner or later, Audery will win HOH; let her be the one who makes the power move that shakes up the house. Then the game can truly begin.


Clay just using JMAC over and over again. Everyone else wanted to give JMAC a break from the block but not Clay. Sweet justice would be Clay going home on a JMAC HOH. I would love that.


Using?? Johnny Mac said “let’s do it”. Mac fans want to be in the dark!


Yes, totes agree!


Wow, Johnny is playing a very dangerous game but he is playing to win.

Annoying and risky to go up on the block every week, but he keeps himself in the loop on everything without making any enemies – absolutely the best position to be in for the long haul. And in the process he is making people trust him.

When the existing whole-house alliance turns on itself, he will be the man in the middle that everyone turns to for support.


I was thinking the same thing. I’ve been rooting for Austin but I think I’m going for the dentist. What a crazy game he’s playing! But if he makes it through to the end he’s going to be damn hard to beat. He is liked, trusted, well-informed on everything, gaining sympathy from the other house guests because he keeps going up, and a beast at competitions. Hands down the best gamer in there right now and he’s playing a flawless (yet super risky) game.


That’s not smart but foolish and risky. His luck will run out soon. He needs a knew alliance that doesn’t think he’s expendable.


What Johnny needs to do is tell Jason that Shelli wants him to throw the comp and they need to win the BOB. Then he needs to clue in Jackie, Becky, James, Steve and Meg and find a way to make sure that Audrey goes up. This is the only way we don’t have another boring end game like the last 2 seasons. BOB sucks!! Just when you think AG can’t do more damage to the game, she figures out a way to surprise us. I wish they would have a season with no twists at all. They could tell the HG that there are more twists than ever and make them do pointless competitions and tasks. Maybe even put up a scoreboard and make the HG think that it means something for later in the game when it really means nothing, but leave the twists out and let them play the game for a change. How’s that for a twist? Nobody would expect it.


Johnny Mac one day if you have to win Bob i pray for someone throw it. Só you can feel the karma bit you! What a shame.


It’s about as bad as the backdoor option. It takes away a HGs ability to determine their own fate. If Johnny wants to throw a game to impact himself only, fine. But when he’s tied to someone else, it’s a really nasty game move.


Season 18: Devin vs Vanessa

Aaryn The Aryan

They’re letter Audrey slide to the end once again. Just get rid of James or Jackie. Hate this power alliance. Kinda reminds me of the Detonators

oh look

you mean people actually want Jason out the house

I thought to hold such an opinion, one would have to not be watching feeds. whaaaaaat?

good on you houseguests. remove Jason please


Watch when Jonny Mac wins hoh he’s gonna ask clay Shelli or Vanessa to be pawns and theow the hoh and there will be a long silence

Garage Guy

Yeah right!! John will be too much of a coward to do that! Ehhhhahhhhohhhh


If Johnny slips up and wins an HOH, the same puppet masters pulling his strings right now (Clay/Shelli/Vanessa/Austin) will run his win.


Clay, JohnnyMac is coming after you if you using him as a pawn. Payback is a (bleep)!!!

Garage Guy

No he won’t! If he had a pair of balls he would tell them that they already had an agreement to keep him save for a couple of weeks. But he is too much of a coward to say anything to them. Johnny Mac fans are as delusional and crazy as Vanessa is.


First time Jmac wins HOH it will be Shelli and Clay on the block, with him asking them to throw it so he can backdoor Audrey. Good times.

lemom balls

Last season, nobody had a brain when it came to evictions…they all voted one way… This season, the HOH’s don’t have brains of their own…. Hey shelli /liz wanna maybe call a friend too….? .whose game you think your playing ? Not your own Lol


This is ridiculous! Same thing every week!

lemom balls

Here’s a twist… Winner of hoh has 10 minutes in a room by yourself to pick who goes up…
no dealing no squealing..
shelli would have a convulsion

Garage Guy

They will only do that if Jason and Jackie win HOH. Because the others are too PC and terrified to put Audrey up….and thats what CBS wants this year.

Clay's bitch Shelli

Johnny Mac don’t throw it and Shelli should stop being Clay’s bitch. She clearly doesn’t have a brain. Getting Da’Vonne out for personal reasons and being a stupid floater, Austin is the BB16 Caleb, I like Julia a bit more than Liz and I can’t who’s the Devin this year Audrey or Vanessa. Hate the stupid Sixth Sense alliance. Reminds me of the stupid Detonators being controlled by Derrick


The JMac story………..
Yeh it’s frustrating seeing a HG you like continually bending over but what’s the alternative? BOB and AG assured us the early weeks were going to go like this. The only alliance that matters includes the 5 rotating the power he’s on the outside looking in.
What he has going is info. He spends time with the other side plus a working relationship with Steve(mixed blessing). He needs a crack that would allow him to extract value from his knowledge to change the house dynamic. I like his relationship with Clay and by extension Shelli. They may be an arrogant HOH team but they are very effective. When the house splits I want Clay/Shelli on my side personally. They gotta keep Becky safe(4th vote fugazy) as I see her as key. They need Steve gone his loyalty is to Nessa 1st IMO. Audrey also needs to go as she’ll run with Nessa over Shelli/Clay.


Johnny Mac is tempting fate. He can’t win every POV, and if the other side learns that he is throwing the competitions, they might turn on him because they could be the next one sitting next to him. That’s why Johnny has to come clean with the other side of the house, honestly he didn’t even have to throw those other competitions because Day and James really sucked at the competitions, and even if Johnny had tried to win, I don’t think the result would have been different, so he can make a case that he told them he would throw it but tried to win. If Jackie and Becky throw the comp, then Liz is still HOH and they can try to get Audrey on the block.


so at first i liked jmac but now i really dislike him. i hate people throwing competitions(with the slight exception that it may improve their game and not other people’s games) him throwing it for the third time really ticks me off. i mean three weeks in a row??

Go JohnnyMac & Jason!!

I hope JohnnyMac and Jason win the BOB (if they for sure go up together). I like those two the best and I’m sick of having to see John up all the time. I know Jason will fight his heart out, so even if JohnnyMac tries to throw it, he may not succeed. Remember how Caleb threw it last year, but Frankie still won?? It could happen.


Same thing each week. Seriously bored. I don’t even watch the show now. Shelli and clay jammed down our throats and Johnny Mac a nominee each week. A back door each week.

And to think in the old days a back door was exciting. Yawn.


The people in this house are sooooo mean. They are trying to get rid of everyone who name starts with a J. How dare they? How could someone stoop so low. Unbelievable!

Jason lover

If they put up Jason or Meg and one of them go home I am done with BB and the snore fest live feeds! who wants to waste the summer away hearing and seeing the 7 foot whack job. Barbie, ken, rain man steve or dizzy lizzy. I thought last years BB was bad, this year would be a snore fest without Jason

Pink Floyd the Barber

Just watched last nights recording of BBAD and honed in on Jeff eating from a bowl of nuts. After digging through the bowl he would select one and snap it rapidly into his mouth. He would then repeat the process, but he never swallowed and his cheeks became more and more puffed out. It was kind of gross!


I hate Shelli and Clay..enough said


There is something creepy about them. If someone told me they were blood relations it would be easy to believe. Maybe that is why they creep me out, not that they are related, but they look like they could be.


I don’t care for them either. I actually liked them in the beginning, but now they have let all this power they think they have go to their heads! Ugh, can’t wait to see them both on the block.

I know

people hate J-Mac just throwing BOB(I hate battle of block), but honestly at this point its becoming kind of funny. then he can win POV, and give another hilarious DR session with his best buddy POV.

Jason going home would be great. IMO the house is very one sided right now. remove those in the extreme minority in terms of alliance power and then let the “alliance” go at each other. I just don’t see Jason being some mike boogie type player and manipulating people left and right while only winning necessary competitions.


There’s the 5/6 person alliance with Shelli/Clay, Austin, Vanessa, Liz/Julia and there’s everyone else. There is no other real alliance or power base because you can’t have two sides with the BotB. First person as HoH to make an alliance with 3-4 people has a major advantage because no one will make a competing alliance until they are in power but by then it’s too late. There is no one to rally because everyone knows there’s a group in charge and they don’t want to rattle the cage.

I think its funny

the hate J-Mac gets for doing what is really his best play in staying in the good graces of everyone…he can still play POV, you all do realize the greatest player in BB history in an ALL STARS season with…6? people left, told Chicken freaking George to put him on the block when he was 100 percent safe. I don’t mean in a stupid speech, I mean…1 on 1, behind closed doors, and he forgot to tell his biggest ally and it almost blew up on BOTH of them.

great players sometimes have to go with the flow, or even take great risks. yet its funny how many write off J-Mac(he wins his POV’s, and he is still in the game), yet in hindsight love Dr Will’s throw myself up on the block strategy.

whatever. and this comes from a huge fan of Chilltown.


Get rid of the BOTB! I am sick of watching Johnny throw it. How stupid are those people to think the veto beast can’t play a BOTB and win?


So can someone explain to me the difference between Victoria and JohnnyMac? Victoria was “playing” the game, following Derrick’s plan, JMac is also ‘playing” the game following Barbie and Ken. Victoria is entertaining in the DR so is John. But why is it that JMac is labeled as smart and not victoria?


“Shelli says I’m having the conversation with you because I don’t f**King KNOW! I’m begging you to help give me answers! Shelli says I need Vanessa up here because she helps me with these situations.” -Dawg! This is as blatant as it gets (but Clay still does not intellectually get it) that Clay mental game play is of little value to Shelli. Sometimes, I think that Clay’s hugging of Shelli just distracts her from thinking which was confirmed when she basically threw him out of the second HOH room this morning. I like the couple because they appear to be decent people but Clay’s mental gameplay has been disappointing to watch. I thought his mental game was on point the first week when I thought Shelli had matched up with a co-equal (despite her reservations about his age). But, it has been downhill from there to the point that he tells super paranoid Vanessa that he was “90 percent” voting out Jeff. How can you say that in front of her!! Weak. This may be the most lopsided “true power duo” that we have seen in BB for quite a while. Shelli even is dominate in comps and her social game has picked up to a point that he relationships are about as good as Clay’s. Interesting to watch.


SO tired of one group in the house dominating the game. It is last season all over again. Here is an idea. Next season go back to just one HOH. Let the HOH, put one house guest on the block and then, let America nominate the second house guest for the block. That way there, everyone gets a chance to really play the game. If the house guest that America put up wins the VETO, their second choice for the block that week takes their place. It would really turn the house on their heads. I would never miss an episode. And the house guests would not be able to rely on alliances through the whole game like they do now.

Pink Floyd the Barber

I think if America gets to choose a nominee and a replacement nominee, the HGs would start playing to the camera. It would be less real than it is now, (if that’s even possible); however, it might be interesting.


I know production wouldn’t do it because it would be hard to manipulate but BBUS needs some instant evictions. Enough of this throw this comp throwing that veto. Put two people up and send one out the door. No veto, no campaigning. Just players voting how they want to vote. It would love to see this as a takeover twist this season.


Every one hated Darrick last year but let’s be serious in the end hes probably is one of the best players to play big brother the guy was never on the block and he won that’s crazy so now we have all these people hating on clay shelli Vanessa but let’s be honest there actually playing a good game using people getting the numbers doing stuff the other side of the house wishing they were doing so in conclusion if Jason Meg jackie were always in power everyone in this site would hate them and love the other side can’t win them all


Derrick played with halfwits and fame whores. Half the HG’s were there to promote themselves as models, singers, or some kind of personalities. All for pseudo-celebrity status and hopes of getting on other shows.


Why the negativity here? Ok yes it would be nice to have BOB with two opposing sides going at without someone throwing it…but blame Johnny Mac he can say fuck no Im not throwing it. He isn’t a game player. It wouldnt faze this dude if they said here’s 5grand but u gotta self evict or u can’t have it. He would happily leave.

But you hate Vanessa cuz she is playing and winning the game still as of now. Yet u “love Johnny”cuz he is makes the game “boring” so u gona “quit watching”

Makes sense.:-p


For those comparing Austin to Caleb…I kinda think he is worse than Caleb…don’t ya’ll ? As there’s potential for violence and he is way more attempting to control her verbally and pyschologically…rod rage?
Also when Caleb saw amber lying in bed with cody..all he did was keep an eye on it..he didn’t walk up and confront them and say stuff like Austin did after.


The saddest thing about Austin is that he is going to watch the feeds when he gets out and see that Liz was not into him and neither was Jackie and he is going to further cement his disturbing relationship with women in that he feels betrayed and cheated on by women that “use” him and throw him away. But, if I were a woman, Austin behavior, including his sense of entitlement [feminine obedience to male (his) patriarchy (i.e., Austin’s “I protect you Liz and you go and spend time with Jeff, it angers me” crap), his mood swings based on female attention, and then his hostile aggression and physical threats toward other guys who take to “his girls,” who are not even remotely his girls is the most disgusting and troubling thing on the show so far. I may be out of place because I know adopting a female (in my manhood) prospective is tenuously problematic when criticizing Austin but it is highly disturbing to me at so many levels that I hope he is called out (“blown up”) on it at some point. BTW, I have two sisters and I channeled the advise I would give them during our sister-brother family talks.

another name

I would feel bad for the pool of nominees if they weren’t constantly throwing comps. let’s face it, half of the people in the house are pretty much throwing every hoh to keep themselves from looking like a potential target. The entire “insider” alliance might as well just turn around and face the opposite direction when it comes time to play.
I can’t feel sympathy for them because they are creating their own situation. They know the other side is playing to keep power, and yet they intentionally lose every week. I barely looked at the screen during this week’s hoh, and yet I could tell you there were 7 dancers and 3 were male. the hg’s standing ten feet away and actually watching the performance dropped like lemmings over a cliff.
Hard to get behind a bunch of people that are so willing to line up to go home.
The fact that the house hasn’t clued into clay and shelli being aligned with vanessa Austin and Liz is a joke. Let’s get brass tacks: for up to three hours a day shelli and or Clay are in the hoh room with them. They weren’t nervous about being nominated last week when neither of them were in power, and they didn’t draw themselves in closer to the rest of the pack all week hoping to blend in to the herd to avoid detection. The athlete archtype and the woman that’s already been hoh once aren’t targets? How many red flags does the deadpool of perpetual nominees need before they realize clay and shelli are attached to the other side? or at least that they will be best friends to anyone that has power? Buy a vowel or solve the puzzle already.
What’s truly frustrating to me is that the people I would like to support are all sitting on their hands and allowing others to determine their fate in the game. If they’re going to play an undercover game that includes throwing comps don’t whine about being a potential nominee, and don’t complain that they have to campaign against an ally. That wouldn’t happen if they started the week proactively instead of going into the week looking for a way to stay out of power and trying to escape notice.
I’d prefer to see a power struggle, but that won’t happen as long as one side seems content to lose. The longer they stay content to lose, the more the season will deteriorate into a bb16 steamroller situation. and nobody wants to see that again.
Thanks for reading my frustration rant.