Jackie – “Austin’s the leader, he’s the brains chop off the head.. I thought of it”

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: JohnnMAC and Audrey
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-21 19-33-50-912_jpg

7:33pm Jackie, James, Becky, Clay and Jason
James tells Jackie if it’s the “Three of them” Holding on to the HOH he’s going to throw it to her as long as she doesn’t put him up.
Jackie says she would never put James up, “I do want to win, You should be like I want to share your alcohol with me”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-21 19-44-45-974_jpg

7:38pm Vanessa and Steve
Steve tells her outside james, Meg and a bunch of those ‘Other people” were in the backyard talking about VAnessa being really smart because she went to law school
Steve – Just letting you know.. Just letting you know
Steve scurries away. Comes back in ten minutes and they start going over the mechanics of the final few weeks of the show. VAnessa asking him about twists, People coming back into the game, the rewind last season etc etc.

Steve tells her about BBUK how there’s no strategy.
VAnessa – what’s the point
Steve – they try to find the people that are the most outgoing and entertaining
Steve never watches it

Vanessa asks why Cody took Derrick
Steve says Cody would have walked out to a nightmare if he hadn’t picked Derrick

Vanessa asks if the vote was close.
Steve says Jocasta and Donny were the only two not to vote for Derrick.
Jocasta because she thought Derrick was fake praying with him.
Steve says he needs to watch how he says Donny’s reason “Donny and Cody had a good relationship in the early stages in the game”
Vanessa – why did you say you have to be careful
Steve thinks real reason Donny voted for Cody to win was because he was bitter.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-21 20-04-23-472_jpg

8:02pm Clay, Meg, Jason, Becky, James, Jackie, Shelli
Jason saying Steve is throwing all the competitions. Jason says Steve has more muscles than him.
James – he’s got good cardio.. I ran with him he’s pretty fit
JAson – he’s freaking dan goosling
Jason goes on and on about JAson being a threat.
They start talking about the twins. Meg says she’s heard them talking about it. Jason says both twins come in next next or the week after.
James asks Jason how sure he is about the twins. Jason says he’ll swallow his own tongue if she’s not. James mentions his bet with Jackie if the twins come in he gets to fart in her mouth.
Jackie, Meg, Meg say Austin and the twins are close warn that’s a strong 3.
Shelli says what are they proposing
James – we win HOH we chop them
Clay – this early
Becky breaks it down if they get rid of the twins before jury big brother will bring a jury member back at some point. If they keep the twins that’s not an option. Jackie suggests if you are doing well in the game you want to keep the twins.
Jason says they need to get rid of Austin. Jackie chimes in says they need to get out Austin he’s the head of it.
Jackie – I’m down.. He’s the leader he’s the brains chop the head off
After some more chatting James tells jason keeping the twins and Getting rid of Austin is a great idea.
Jackie corrects him says she thought of it
Jason says the twins in Jury will vote together.
Jackie, James, Becky and Jason say they want to Backdoor Austin next week. (Meg may have too clay and Shelli playing along)

[envira-gallery id=”123109″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-21 20-12-07-867_jpg

8:11pm Audrey

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-21 20-39-31-926_jpg

8:37pm Kitchen James, Vanessa, Liz and Austin

Vanessa is telling them a dream she was having where everyone in the house but her went to “Jury Camp” where they learnt about the game. ( Vanessa is slowly turning in Audrey.. First came the alliance theories now the dreams)
Austin says he’s had a dream about Jace being a bum living outside the house. He also had a dream about Jeff chasing him and Liz around LA. Austin also has dreams about gymnastic centres, “I go 3 times a week for 3 hours a day”

.. Chit chat..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-21 21-04-35-507_jpg

9:02pm Becky, VAnessa James and Liz
LIz was wondering if she should bring Audrey some food, she doesn’t want it to go to waste if Audrey isn’t talking/Eating.
Becky saying they have been nice to Audrey above and beyond what is fair “She really was not nice to Jackie when she was on the block”
Becky says Audrey doesn’t have to attend meetings, She doesn’t have to be a have nots
Becky – She’s been really mean to people.. we’ve bended rules for her.. we’ve offered her help over and over and over
Becky and James leave.
Vanessa doing the dishes tells Liz Audrey completely ignored her today when she came out.
Liz says she was warning them last week not to talk game in front of her.

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Audreys Balls

Yes!! Get Austin out! I hope they put up Shelli, Clay, Austin & Vanessa.


When they were talking about bedrooms, then guys bedrooms, then the girls started on there’s….sweet baby Jesus! When Shelli started on hers and kept going on and on and on, the other HG’s faces looked painful, like shut up bitch! When is this mouth going to STFU!!!!! It’s not all about you bitch!


And seriously, Austin. Dragon bookends? Talk about arrested development. Does he live in his parents’ basement by chance?


Becky look good in that black top yo.
Make me wanna impregnate.


Seriously…they are talking about evicting Austin and Shelli and Clay sitting right there. I mean really? I know they think Audrey was lying about the big alliance but in the back of their minds…is there not any thought that maybe there may be a slight chance that it might be true. If they really think about it, instead of always playing dumb games and acting like this is summer camp. No one from that side has gone on the block. They are always in the HOH up until Audrey called them out. Liz only hangs with them after leaving the diary room switch. They are always the ponds. Etc. I can go on and on. Wake up and talk some offence game moves and not in front of that sickening couple Shelli and Clay. Unbelievable.

Audrey's potion

So true. I bet next post is going to be about Shelli telling Vanessa they are gunning for Austin


And then what? If this comes back to these 5, they know it would be Clay and Shelli who passed it on and THEN they have confirmation of alliance? Do Shelli/Van/Clay take a chance and duck the HOH and let “them” get Austin or the twins out because they’re more or less fine with that?


I’m with you about Clay and Shelli, at this point this would be a rewind of BBCAN1 where everyone wants to be the bestman and bridesmaid of the power couple. The only difference is that Clay hasn’t won anything yet, hopefully someone will be smart to take them out soon, they are in the best spot inside the house and I hate them as much as I hate Derrick and Cody (good players but ruins the entertainment value).

Audreys Balls

Exactly!! Wake up, you IDIOTS?!!


Yeah..pretty ridiculous. Hoping Jason figures it out soon

Shelli & her Claytoris

The king and queen continue to control the game and their merry band of misfit morons. Let’s hope they continue…since they are the only people ( other than Vanessa and Steve ) really playing the game. Long may they reign !!


Here is a thought! Production has already broken how many rules for Audrey. What if they just don’t go get her on Thursday when she is evicted tobsee how long she would stay held up in the have my room. I would laugh my ass off if at the finally they had to go in and tell her the game is over and she can go home now….lol. Heck she might even be crazy enough to hang around for next season all held up in the have not room. Wouldn’t it be great if she finally came out and its a new group of house guests…….

another name

Audrey as bb’s equivalent of bbcan’s marsha the moose?


only without the charm

Give It A Rest

OMG!!! I actually laughed out loud at that!!!! Sooooo funny!!


The other side got rid of Davonne and Jeff because they could spot the bs a mile away. These people who are left are really clueless. How do you not notice that certain people have never been put on the block? They have to put two and two together. Audrey said it was an alliance, none of those people have been put on the block. Sheesh! It’s not rocket science.


Am I the only one that thinks Jackie looks like a grown up Lilo?!


Grinch Stole Christmas


James gets to fart in jackie’s mouth when both twins come in!!! Hahaha


So Ms. Audrey just completely checked out of the game huh? I wonder if she will even show up Thursday for the ceremony or if she will just walk out of the house before the live show starts. I thought she was a fighter until the end but I guess she isn’t. Ms. Audrey never give up don’t ever stop, keep going if you want to win just keep going no matter what!!!!!!


You just know that Austin is hoping Liz gets a nice drunkard state on so he can fully take advantage of it under the covers… The guy reminds me of Uncle Fester…

Ian's Beer

So…Dawg, Simon, Everyone…you are all sure that’s Audrey covering herself from the cameras and everyone else? Sunglasses, hoodie done up tight and over head and blanket..really? I’m not doing the livefeeds but has anyone seen if it’s Audrey?


She was munching away in her bed (vile) and it sounded like 37 frat boys were eating potato chips! That is one loud, horse toothed chomper! Audrey might as well throw Becky and Jackie in her suitcase and call it a day! Nobody would miss them!

Give It A Rest

You sound just like a buddhist


Did I miss something? When did Steve go from being the sketchy, nerdy guy trying to fit in with the cool crowd to being this years Dan?


Steve has always been smart…but the whole weirdo..sketchy freaky guy is an act. He’s getting away with throwing comps and throwing hinky votes..he wanted to keep Audrey and Nom Meg…so he could be the one to take out Audrey, for the street cred during finals. Steve has long term plans and he is just getting started. Keep your eye on Steve, it’s mostly an act.


Steve talks to himself… and scowls at himself…. so no its not all an act. Dude is weird


Steve knows that if you go over scenarios only in your head you end up going over and over and end up on the crazy train like Aud and Van. So he verbalizes them to organize his thoughts and to let the feeders know his thought process. I liked Steve in the beginning but less and less every day.


Watch Steve closely and you’ll pick up on a ritual. Or maybe it’s a tell. When he sticks finger in his ear he immediately moves it to his nose and then rubs it on his beard. I think it shows his discomfort when talking game with others.


Is it wrong of me to want to see someone in the DR (other than Audrey), and then comes out of hiding and goes to go in DR, but can’t cuz it’s busy with a HG and she’s just banging on the door looking like a blanket ghost.

Also damn how does someone sleep that long other than having like the flu


Audrey seems to be depressed or mentally challenged.The game she played was unskilled, the moods are like a rollercoaster. I venture to say her daily life is sociopathic and why she is in this house under intense scrutiny is beyond me! Bye Felicia!


that’s not very Buddhist like

Twistin' for the win!

She needs to bathe at least. Gross.

Ash J Williams

“Audrey said this and Audrey said that and Audrey told them about the alliance”…Yes we know this but it doesn’t make her behavior any less bizarre or unstable. This was the problem, she called everyone out but what does that really mean? All she did was “tell on everyone to everyone” big deal. It wasn’t a great move at all obviously. It was just really bad gaming because there was no real point to her doing it but to call them out….Ya, so ? She didn’t have anyone on her side she wasn’t losing her mind(sort of speak) because people were lying about her in the house and she had some thing to prove. It was simply bad gaming….period. She did it and now she has to pay for it. This is a game and it became to much for her because she made it that way. Im sure in her life outside the house she is just lovely but inside the BB house she messed up….period. Hope shes fine in her outside life.
They need to screen people a little better and maybe change up some of the questions they ask people before they apply to BB like…Hey have you ever had a mental break down or been in a psych ward?? You know, things like that to start.


It makes me wonder if Audrey has always gotten away with this type of behavior in her personal life when she hasn’t gotten her way. It’s next to holding your breath til you turn blue in the realm of maturity. She’s got to be thinking “I’ll show them, I’ll make them ALL sorry” while she shuffles around in that dank space. I wonder if she’ll be able to hold out til Thursday evening? Personally, I would treat her exactly like the 5 year old she’s channeling, and pay her absolutely NO attention. What a bore.

Beast Mode Cowpie

This may have been a case where they just put aside the psychological evaluation because this was a PR move for the show. They had a transgender person interested in going on the show. Transgender is a hot topic in the media right now courtesy of Caitlin Jenner, so it was sure to draw more attention to the show. I could see a group of execs saying “we’ve GOT to get this Audrey person on the show this season no matter what”. Not saying that is what happened here; just saying I think it’s possible. I like that they attempt to create a diverse cast for the show (I think they could do a much better job of it but at least they try). However I do not think a house guest should be given preferential treatment so as not to offend the demographic that house guest represents or appeals to, and there are some indications that might be happening in this case.


…and this is why they shouldn’t have put up audrey. as long as audrey was in the house everyone was too focused on her to notice the alliance.

not that i’m really complaining as this probably makes the game much more fun to watch, but seriously the alliance could have probably coasted for at least another week easily if they had taken out jason and kept finding bs reasons to take out that side of the house a la da’vonne and jeff’s evictions.

another name

truthfully, the alliance would have been good for the week.
but that’s not what shelli and clay wanted. clay’s been itching because he doesn’t have control of the alliance, and this week would have ostensibly ended his and shelli’s ability to play both sides of the house with shelli as hoh when one of the other side goes home for the second time under her rule.
he’s always wanted Audrey out. he created the argument with her so that he could further manipulate shelli into getting Audrey out. (I believe because their game styles are too similar but that could be my bias poking through).
he wants to get into a more male dominated alliance where he’s the alpha. what alliance is he pushing? shelli clay steve john. his gf, the socially awkward guy he can push around, and the guy that has been the yes man to every one of his whims about going on the block and throwing comps. talk of vanessa in the group seems to have disappeared. Becky and Jackie have been axed by clay’s authority.
yeah, it’s supposition, but I fear that it’s the classic case of don’t want too many girls in the alliance in case they decide to gang up and get rid of the guys. because girl alliances have such a good history in big brother. sorry for the sarcasm. I could be wrong about that part, but the more he talks about who he wants to work with, the more it seems to become boysclub with shelli as his extra vote.
As far as Shelli and Clay are concerned the other side of the house can target Austin all they want. They were going to dump him anyway on their way to their new alliance. The six person alliance with the twins is no longer their major alliance. it’s their side deal now.
I said earlier today that I just didn’t like Clay. I thought about what i’m writing now and whether i’m being objective or biased. I think i’m being objective, but if i’m misreading things, sorry about the rambling.

another name

skipped the shelli clay Jason meg deal.
because meg’s game has been about as useful as water wings in a snow storm so far.


This is getting scary. Is Audrey mutating into something the other house guests should be concerned about? If I saw anything like what Audrey is doing IRL I would probably run away from that person immediately and call a mental institution. There’s just no telling what she would do or is thinking.

Either get Audrey out of the house because of obvious mental instability/degradation, or treat her like every other house guest before her. There shouldn’t be any special treatment for anyone. I thought transgender people wanted to be treated as equals, I don’t see this happening here.


The 24×7 petting of Austin on Liz is just making me gag when she has not once reciprocated but instead said comments should make the NORMAL Male back up…

Austin needs to be booted next week…

twistin is a huge jobless loser

I wonder if Shelli is using Clay.

Also wonder if Audrey is Marilyn Manson. I think that’s a twist.


Is Jackie getting on anyone’s nerves. I can’t stand her. She’s always looking at herself in the mirrors. Shelley does the same. REALLY… FAKE FAKE. I hope Austin and liz win hoh and put up clay and shelli. Make this happen.


Next week it a mystery who is the target. Vanessa wants to target becky, jackie, john group she know they are coming after her. Everyone made deals to be safe and next week deals will be broken. I think the hoh comp will be the music comp is it hoh bob or pov last year zankie won. I hope audrey comes out to just hang and relax it stressful lock up for 48 hours in the same room. She needs to go outside and take a nap breath a fresh air before the lock down. I think audrey did have a panic attack based on the house meeting without her and she ran to dr. And now still is haunted think that everyone was make fun of her. I wish everyone go into the hn room and just apologize and say it just game and everything will be alright. I hope she will be able to stand on evict night or able to speak.


Audrey reminds me of that 6 year old kid on the playground that doesn’t get their way, throws a temper tantrum, and takes their ball and goes home.

confederate americian

1) james u dont got any b1tches waiting for ur midget ass on the outside
2)Austin is not going to get inside liz. she dont’ dig u. and ur f@g way of handling ur jealosy isnt gonna help u. u human resource rat. did bill demott hurt ur feelings. nobody cares about judas. ur a nobody in wrestling.
3) shelli clays just gonna hit it and bounce. ur hot but he’s not gonna give up all the poon hes gonna get after the show.
4) Austins liz is out of ur league. ur so gonna get heart broken. no puussssseeey for u
5)james? is that the best looking asian guy u could find.cbs picks the 2nd ugliest one on earth right behind julie chans white washed alien home wrecker face lifted slant eyed skank.
6)jackie is a bottle rat cum dumpster. don’t need to break out the grey goose to get in her. just go to walgreens and get a bottle of rubbing alcohol. she cant tell the difference anyways.


Same post different day. You should come up with some new lines/ thoughts. While you are at it maybe type out a couple of full words. The texting/ abbreviating gets annoying.


I’m going to make a few educated assessments about you…

1. Your house is on wheels.
2. You go by your first and middle name …Bobby Joe…Jimmy Wayne, etc.
3. You’re missing a few teeth.
4. Your stench makes people gag when you walk by.
5. High school is your highest completed education level…and that was with GED.
6. Your wife is also your 1st cousin.
7. Your idea of a fancy dinner is Olive Garden.
8. Your truck has confederate flag decals, not for heritage, but for hate.
9. Class is not a word in your vocabulary.
10. You like putting others down because it makes you feel better about your own mediocre and sorry life.


Not that I’m defending the original comment, but the fact is, looks like number 10 applies to you as well….

confederate americian

1. Your house is on wheels.
no its 150m in the sky
2. You go by your first and middle name …Bobby Joe…Jimmy Wayne, etc.
yes but its asian names ching chong ping pong slant eyes
3. You’re missing a few teeth.
2 teeth but getting my gold bridges next week
4. Your stench makes people gag when you walk by.
only when i don’t shower for 3days plus, i love the smell of my own smegma
5. High school is your highest completed education level…and that was with GED.
6. Your wife is also your 1st cousin.
nope not married
7. Your idea of a fancy dinner is Olive Garden.
no olive gardens in canada
8. Your truck has confederate flag decals, not for heritage, but for hate.
i love the confederate flag for some reason. been trying to get that chrome hearts one
9. Class is not a word in your vocabulary.
nope.. new money hustler trap back jumpin
10. You like putting others down because it makes you feel better about your own mediocre and sorry life.
no i get off when ppl insult me bak online. gives me ammo against my other friends. makes them think im creative when im just using copyright infringment

skeptical onlooker

I’m pretty sure Audrey will spend Thursday getting dolled up for her eviction..and swan out to the audience.
Hope she doesn’t have the * I’m ready for my close up, Mr De Mille look:)
If she does that…the Audience will give her an ovation..and most will never know..that hours before..she was looking like a bag Lady…devouring an apple. ( The crunching was LOUD!!!!
She’ll be spinning to the Media..just like she did in the house. ( and of course..the HG’S cannot refute it whilst in the house.
She’s going to be one vindictive, vicious,venomous vampire.


jonny mac

when austin gets back door’d jonny macs gonna bang liz, shes gonna be horny by week and spread em


You’re wrong. Johnnie Mac gets Becky and Liz gets Steve.



If you want info on what Audrey is going through, visit this link.


It’s a little scary how much Steve doesn’t flinch when being pranked/scared. Total badass.

is it just me

Steve is in a frat where his name is pussy thrasher. I got a feeling he has alot of experience being pranked.

On a different note a few days ago when Jakie straight up refused Vanessa’s offer before the veto was used I was thinking “damn how does she dance with those massive balls” and i was intrigued. Now that a few days passed and she talks about how she can’t put Vanessa on the block (as to why i have no clue) im now thinking may be she is just has no clue how to play the game.
I don’t get this “I can’t put so and so up” mentality. Sure you can its big brother if you are not lying you are being lied to. You would figure people would have caught on to this by now.


It is very clear to serious viwers that Liz has zero interest in Austin. He tends to hug up to her and put his hands on her (not forcefully or in overt sexual manner) and she does not reciprocate. She is playing a good game, keeping her protector until Julia can come in too. Then watch how fast she quietly supports getting him out.
James is the most disgusting individual playing the game. Fart in Jackie’mouth? Really? He needs to go for sheer grossness. Hope they target him as soon as Austin and Vanessa are out of the way.
I don’t think the outsiders are idiots at all. Smart really, to avoid putting targets on themselves by not outwardly going after Shelli/Clay when they have no power. Win both hoh spots and put them up on opposite sides along with Vanessa and Austin. Clay and Vanessa vs. Austin and Shelli. Leaves one up with a pawn if veto is used on one. Watch how fast Liz/ Julia throw that veto if Austin is up. lol Should they be chosen to play. One of them could be the “pawn”.


Vanessa , you’re not as smart as you think you are hun . you’re in a house of fools . Shelli, your brother called , he is pissed you replaced him with a younger model . This season is AWFUL ! if I were the house guests I would refuse to follow any of the have not rules .Since production has broken that part of the contract . What can production do , throw them all out ? If CBS dares to edit the next two episodes for sympathy for the devil . I will stop watching this train wreck . YO GIVE BECKY MORE AIR TIME .

Not witty enough

I think it would be hilarious if the house guests were able to do the Jimmy Kimmel game where they read mean tweets about themselves.

is it just me

ya Becky’s twins need more air time

Valentina Corleone

Couple of random thoughts/questions: I am in awe of Liz’s ability to take a one syllable word and draw it out to a multi-syllabic word. A true talent; borders on a whine, but stops just short. What would Jackie look like if they made her take all that fake hair out? Can James exist if he didn’t have something on his head? How embarrassed is Shelli’s brother right now after her revelation she thinks Clay looks like him? If I close my eyes and listen to Jason talk, I think of my great aunt Rose who lives in Boca. I have a feeling that Austin was teased/bullied as a child. Who’s Becky, and when did she get in the house?


ok it is Tuesday and no one is wondering why there hadn’t been a twist yet? I find that strange yet wonderful because they are so complacent. Hopefully it will be big, like Audrey getting off the block. I know it is just a matter of time before she goes, but that certainly would shake all of them up.


Van has made too many deals with people & the fact this chic thinks Jason & Meg owe her with nothing in return blows my mind. Van is the huge master mind, not Austin. Austin is annoying & rather lay up in bed with Liz & could care less about the game. Van thinks she is running things regardless if she is HOH. I really hope these HG wake up, stop worrying about fun & start focusing as well as strategizing.
Steve & JMac are definitely capable of killing the comps but are willing to do whatever Van or Shelli tell them to do & if they don’t start playing their own game, all their hard work will have been for nothing! Shelli & Clay keep spewing trash out their mouths about playing an honest game & I find it foul they feel the need to keep justifying it to each other.
Shelli is paranoid everyone is coming after them but unfortunately these people are still clueless about the dynamic duo in the sense that they won’t target them. Even though the viewers are not in the house playing the game,it’s obvious who has had the power & is pulling the strings. I expect more from Jason since he is the most knowledgeable & observant from the outsider group.
I really need to see the outsiders go hard this Thursday to win HOH, take the power & put up Shelli,Clay or Van.
Since Jackie has not excepted Van’s deal, she owes her nothing,& if she can win HOH, put Van up.
It’s getting frustrating to keep watching the ego maniacs:Van,Shelli,Austin,Liz& Clay keep escaping the block. Need to see something this week from the others. I fear if Steve or JMac do win, they will let Van or Shelli ruin their HOH. Grrrr….! Come on people wake up & start playing the game please!
With Audrey leaving this week,us viewers need to see fireworks go down instead of Van,Shelli,Austin,Clay& Liz steamroll the house!


Austin says he “dates based on energy, not looks or personality”… What the Fk ever Austin.


Johnnymac, looking good there bro, in white, tank, and hat. 🙂

Once again

Shelli: stop thinking with your clit. I’m so tired of these otherwise intelligent women letting guys run their game. They always end up on the screwed over side and it drives me absolutely mad.


It’s unfortunate that there will be some complainers out there that say that the only reason Audrey was put up/evicted was because he’s transgender. I’m sure that if she’s evicted on Thursday, she’ll claim the same thing, duisgusting to make oneself ever the victim.
Big Brother calls into question the legitimacy of the show by allowing Audrey to be exempt from the rules that every other player must abide by. That serves to further feed into her fantasy that she is special and that rules don’t apply to her, next thing you know, she will be permitted to remain absent from the eviction ceremony! A have not is supposed to be just that, so if Audrey is supposed to be a have not, why is she eating whatever she likes? Let me guess, because she’s special!
I honestly think that Audrey needs some type of psychological counseling ASAP, her child like, spoiled, over inflated sense of self importance goes way beyond abnormal. Big Brother needs to screen it’s applicants better, there are so many people that would love a chance to “play the game” and yet the opportunity is wasted on someone who won’t even follow the rules!