Audrey Emerges from Diary Room and Hides “What’s in the brown bag?”

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: Audrey and JohnnyMAC
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 15-11-34-532_jpg

2:40pm JohnnyMac and Austin
(Austin talking about the twins to Johnnymac)
Austin says Julia and Liz both hate Jeff they want nothing to do with him.
Austin says he’s been have anxious dreams about Jeff not leaving Liz alone after the show is over.
Johnnymac asks if he’s worried about competing with Jace
Austin – NOooo when they describe their type it’s me..

Feeds cut every time they bring up Audrey’s name

Jason starts saying there’s not going to be a twist this week. Everyone gets sour when there’s a twist every week.
Austin says if “She” walks they won’t put her on the Talk and won’t get that interview with Julie.
They agree Audrey should stay in the game and leave with dignity and have something she can use to help her community

Jason – either way she opens doors..
They agree there’s something taking precedence with production right now the the Power of Veto Ceremony is very late and Audrey has been in the Diary room for 3 hours and counting.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 15-28-35-016_jpg

2:58pm Bedroom Jason and Vanessa
Vanessa is wondering if Audrey walked would they continue the week like normal. Jason thinks so, “If they make it go normal I don’t know what she will do”
Vanessa says she will use the veto on Jason regardless if Audrey comes back.

Vanessa doesn’t know. Jason hopes Audrey will stay for Audrey’s own sake. Says she’ll get all these opportunities if she leaves she won’t have them.
Vanessa says there might be a twist where someone comes back in. If Audrey walks she won’t be given that chance to come back.

Vanessa doesn’t like this uncertainty, “We haven’t had a takeover”
Jason – I don’t think we’ll have one
Vanessa – she said every week
Jason – the 90’s thing is enough (Umm no)

Meg joins them.. Jason says he’s not on any meds. When he told Production that they were like “REALLY!”

Meg points out that Jason, JohnnyMAC and Liz haven’t had to do their 90’s dance yet.
Jason – they have other priorities..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 15-51-59-101_jpg

3:22pm John, Julia and Steve
speculating about what America is voting for this season.
Lots of chit chat.. about past season, family etc etc..
3:48pm Austin and Vanessa join them
Steve – She’s been in there since before noon
Austin – She’s not coming back .. enoughs enough

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 16-19-05-656_jpg


Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 16-31-32-940_jpg

4:04pm Vanessa goes up to talk to Shelli. Vanessa says she went to offers Audrey some Advil and Audrey seemed much calmer “They must have given her something”

4:51pm Feeds have been on fish for awhile

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 17-46-21-496_jpg
5:21pm Feeds are back They had the POV ceremony Audrey never showed up

Vanessa saved jason with the Veto Shelli put up Audrey as the replacement

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I am guessing lots of meds and a hidden power are in that bag


,.. or the diamond power of veto.


Audrey snuck baby Jesus in the house. She’ll laying low, then she’ll unleash baby Jesus on Thursdays live show.

Lemom balls.

I’m guessing empirical prozac …


I hope no special power was given.
Wouldn’t be fair because your having a break down or perhaps a favorite of the production or for ratings.

Nakomis' Sixth Finger

It was Lawon’s Special Power! She’ll whip out his key and he’s returning in her place!


what is going on?


Ridiculous they’re gonna slow the game down for her? It’s not a case of someone having a random breakdown. She’s avoiding the block and making the house uncomfortable. She needs to be evicted and I think at this point she’s more disappointed with the game she’s played, if she even cares.


Exactly…she has to go!

If she doesn’t go on the block today, then she’ll just be empowered to pull this shit again.


what is going on? this is exciting!!!


Hey Audrey it’s just a game everybody is going to be voted
out except the final two . All sixteen can’t win !!!!!


I’m not an Audrey fan, but I don’t hate her. I do like having her in the house because she brings that “wildcard” factor that is able to turn the house and expose secrets. That being said, she’s obviously unstable and needs to go home, for her sanity if nothing else.


The Queen returns. Now we can get on with the game…..


Seriously.. Production can’t write this stuff any better! haha. I mean, why oh why would anyone (inside the house not included) want Audrey to leave? This is awesome TV! Well… feeds that will be on TV. What’s in the bag? My guess is it’s a bag full of skittles… Taste the rainbow Audrey!




Upon closer inspection.. it’s a Mcdonald’s Happy meal. No. Doubt. About it.


I swear it’s a 40 ounce of malt liquor!

brotalk to human dictionary

It probably took hours for production to convince Audrey that they weren’t going to portray her too negatively in the episodes. Realistically, they could spin this in a way that makes people on feeds’ heads spin like Linda Blair.
After all, she was telling the truth more than lying this week. If she doesn’t go ballistic at some point by Thursday, I get the feeling that episode is going to be a walk through the twilight zone.
Well, more of a walk through the twilight zone than usual.

Misty Beethoven

If I was in that house, I’d either sleep with one eye open or arrange to sleep in shifts. Five HOURS in the DR, and she’s back? Hide the knives, kids. Expect the unexpected, indeed.

brotalk to human dictionary

Production is worried. They were supposed to install the retro rewind takeover button today, but they’re afraid of public outcry if they do.
Some people say I’ve got a sick sense of humour. I don’t see it. 🙂


But in all honesty folks, Audrey… kudos to her. She is without a DOUBT, true and through female because hey, let’s face it.. she is what every female is, it’s just she hasn’t learned to hide it like all the other females in the world, normally guys to see this side of a female until 2 months into the relationship.


No offense News, I am female and is not one shred of Audrey that is like myself or any females I know. Not in any way. Don’t have a clue about the person male or female she models herself after but it was not a good one.


So you and your friends are like the only women who don’t get all emotional and cry,,,WOW


Here’s a news flash for ya News(just playing off your name), please don’t lump all females into the same group as Audrey. I am not even coming at it from a transgender POV. Audrey clearly has deep issues that far surpass the average woman. Her behavior is disturbing & is NOT ok.


Did you ever consider that it is your negative energy that you are putting out there that is causing your problems with 50 percent of the population?


54% of americans are on psych meds. 46% of americans own guns. gotta love it.

Pink Floyd the Barber

Americans on psych meds are 1 in 5, and gun owners are 1 in 3. I think the over prescribing of drugs is the most troubling. BB should not allow contestants to take drugs that elevate the ability to focus; that would seem to provide an unfair advantage. Aderall (excuse spelling) is one such drug.


First of all, if you are arguing Adderoll enhances the game of the players in the house, I am guessing you didn’t take a look at Vanessa from about noon until 8PM during her HOH (when she got her “meds” and was on them). She was perfectly fine, calm, cool, and collected ntil the time DR called her for her daily adderol. After if kicked in for about 8 hours she was a non-stop talking, indecisive, repetitive, and annoying game player. She literally sat upstairs talking the same story about why she nommed Jeff to everyone that would listen, even continuing after the “victims” fell asleep in front of her (Johnny Mac) LMAO.
Quit claiming adderoll is some kind of mind enhancement, unfair advantage. For those with ADD/ADHD it evens them out, but for ppl like Vanessa who prob told their doctor they had fatigue in order to get it prescribed, it turns most into a mile-a-minute annoying mess who cant stay focused for longer than two seconds.

Pink Floyd the Barbet

ADD is over diagnosed and Adderol; an amphetamine, is over prescribed. I’m guessing this drug would not be allowed in many sports. (Olympics, Tour de France, etc)
In any case, I believe the expression is “hoist by your own petard”


Where did you pull those statistics out of?

Pink Floyd the Barbet

i pulled my stats from the internet after posing the questions to Google, and researching various sites. The other poster’s statistics looked high, though what I found (while quite a bit lower) still seem high regarding the psych drugs. They are probably accurate, but hard to believe that doctors write so many prescriptions for those types of drugs!


if they did give her golden power of veto then we know she win this game it will not be fair to the other house guest at all


They should go right to the veto. Ignore the prima donna put here up have a quick vote and get her the hell out. Enough time has been wasted on this sicko. But they won’t they’ll probably give her even MoRE attention Let me know when she’s done and gone then I’ll turn the show back on. They wouldn’t take all this BS from a normal person But this is good tv. What a bunch of ……


I thought house guests do not get a stipend unless they make it to the Jury House. Will someone please clarify the stipend issue? Thanks!


They get a stipend for playing… a certain amt each week they are there. If they quit and just walk, they forfeit all the money they have earned to that point. So even now, they are being compensated.

Twins Fan

No, they do not forfeit the money they made until then. They get $1000 per week as long as they are on the show. If they make jury, they continue the $1,000 per week until the end of show. This is common knowledge amongst Big BB fans.


They get a weekly stipend, but once in jury it’s gauranteed for the remaining weeks which is why everyone wants to make it to jury….guaranteed money. House guests evicted now only get paid for the time they are in the house.


My understanding was they get a stipend that is weekly. 3 weeks in house 3x stipend as an example. If you make jury you get full season stipend no matter when your evicted. Basically if CBS owns your ass that week you get a stipend. Been this way a while if I’m not mistaken.

Thus why everyone wants jury. Think USA is 600 usd range so 11 weeks normally, about 6600. We have 13 weeks this season but 13 days up front so 12 weeks max stipend I’m guessing maybe 7200. The Canadian show I believe the stipend was 500 it was mentioned by HG couple of seasons if I remember right.


I could’ve sworn I heard someone last season say 1000/wk.


Thank you everyone!


What tha?? Looked like a smile on her face when she’s turning the lights out just a little crack on her lips, she look’s out of it with her mouth hanging open like that. yeppers take her out don’t trust her. no moe no moe.

Butters Mom

Did any of the house guests notice she was carrying the bag or question what was in it?


So vanessa says Audrey is calmer now.

did they give her weed?


Probably Ativan or one of the ‘pams’: Lorazepam or Clonazepam. Something to calm the anxiety and let her sleep.

Houka Inumuta

Steve is the only one playing, love the show and season but man this group cant get it together. no real alliances in my eyes.


Forgot Steve was there for a minute! Congrats to the network for finding the most messed up transgender person they could find. Never mind that I’m sure there is probably some intelligent, mentally balanced folk out there that would have jumped at the opportunity to represent. This group is just kind of boring to me.

who cares

Andy Cohen said it best… She’s Coo Coo for Co Co Puffs. He normally champions LGBT individuals. But he said she is a Looney!


Wait. She’s gotten food? Did she get a penalty as well?


Why wouldn’t they just let her eat in the DR if it’s food?


Why does Audrey keep wearing those sunglasses inside? Anyone know or has she said? I don’t know why, but it’s getting on my nerves…..

B-bad owl

Audrey, and many of the other houseguests are seen wearing sunglasses inside on a regular basis because of the lights. Remember, this isn’t actually a house. It’s a television studio, and the lights inside are bright as hell.


This is all game Play on Audrey’s part, there’s nothing wrong with her at all, yea she nuts but not insane, what a shame I wouldn’t be in that house with her, she truly is crazy and I don’t find it funny one bit, and it has nothing to do with her gender, I have a very close friend that is transgender and she doesn’t act like that, Audrey problem is she’s got a big mouth and got caught, and as they say she was caught with her panties down. Get rid of her and move on already!!!


No matter what’s in the bag her staying now is not a good development. She’s not in a good place.

The Rose

she got snakes and drugs

Shellie's Dog

Did they have the POV ceremony?

kathie from canada

great line Simon! That cracked me up!!!


Audrey was the replacement nominee. She did not attend the meeting.


It looks like a Veto in the bag to me


Love the enhanced image Dawg…lol


I overlooked it at first, then when I scrolled back up I saw that and DIED laughing!


Audrey’s game play didn’t work like she thought it would, but instead of acting like an adult about it, she acts like a little kid who needs special attention. It’s disgusting. And if she was so worried about how she was going to be portrayed maybe she shouldn’t have come on the show! Get rid of her!!! Thursday can’t get her fast enough. Julie is probably dreading the post eviction interview.


This is complete crap! Get on with the Veto ceremony. Stop giving preferential treatment to Audrey! If she can’t take it, she needs to be removed from the game. No one likes to be on the block, but it happens and then someone leaves. That’s how the game goes. Hand the game to her and it’s even more rigged than ever. Totally unstable person.

Audrey is Drugged

It would seem Audrey got some strong drugs to sedate her. So I wonder what kind it was? Weed, a sedative, an antidepressant, an antipsychotic, herion, cocaine, something else? She looks out of it, like a zombie about to drool or something.


I love Julia’s face in that picture. It’s how I’ve felt all day waiting for Audrey and the game to get started.


Austin, your being played. The twins don’t like you like that.


I would love to see Austin’s face when he finds out the twins don’t feel the same way about him. Plus that Liz really liked Jeff and she voted to keep him. Oh to be a fly on the wall.


Nobody likes Austin or his furry beard(with critters living inside it) like that lol hehehe! Austin is gonna flip & I seriously hope we can see his face if they present him with the info that Liz voted for James & she actually liked /crushed on Jeff…priceless! Austin sucks!


isn’t it a rule that all lights must stay on during the day? she turned them off when she went to the Have not room.

B-bad owl

The rules only apply when and if they are enforced.


I don’t mind saying it today reminds me of Dan and the “funeral”. There is a stink you can smell a mile away. It’s going to be cherry IF Audrey goes up. Possible they’ll move POV ceremony to tomorrow so production can work on Vanessa and Shelli in the DR to target Becky or Meg. Leaves Johnnie in a real chitty spot if Nessa removes Jason which sounds like what she is doing no matter what. I figured by now production would of had enough of this bat shit crazy broad! I trust nothing AG does

The Rose

The worse thing is that the veto and nomination speeches will NOT be as spicy as planned because Audrey play the boo hoo card and the cra cra card!


That does look like the power of veto to save her. I hope it isn’t!!!! Audrey needs to go.


I would love for Audrey to push that emergency button! It’s never been done before so it’d be pretty intense. The best part would be if they continue on with eviction and they all scramble to figure out who to evict!

Y y y y

She reminds me of that NY mob boss a bunch of years back. The guy who walked around in his bathrobe mumbling cuz he thought the Feds wouldn’t prosecute him if he was nuts. His name may have been Vito too…coincidence? I think not.


A psychoactive drug, psychopharmaceutical, or psychotropic is a chemical substance that changes brain function and results in alterations in perception, mood, or consciousness.


I feel like an idiot! The veto drawn on the bag looked real on my small phone!!


I hope Jeff bangs Liz on finale night with Austin tied to a chair being forced to watch.

Hey “Judas” you mad or nah?

Busy Liz

Liz should do Jeff while texting Judas.


You made my night with that comment-mad love to ya for that post & making me almost spit my water out while reading your comment! I would pay to see that all day every day bro!


Dude, that’s not cool. I’m 90% sure Liz will hook up with Steve.


I hate to tell you Austin, but Liz is just not into you.. As for Jeff, she liked him, and she voted for him to stay.
I really don’t know what to say about Audrey. If she is really this fragile, she never should of been let into the house. This is totally unfair to the other players!

brotalk to human dictionary

anyone seen the movie se7en?
don’t ask what’s in the brown bag.


It’s Grodner’s head. Audrey’s in control now.

brotalk to human dictionary

considering james revealed every truth she told I was afraid for his cat.


relax everyone, she got food. 90% sure she has snacks in that bag, and that one of the things she did while in ‘diary room’ was complain & have an anxiety attack and claim to be hypoglycemic and they gave her food.

She’s a have not isn’t she?

and medication, of course, but probably much of it was she talks so much. someone like her looks a person straight in the eye and tells them that they told her something, when they know she was the one telling them that info, she’s got problems. that isn’t a condition of hormones & meds, not knowing that you are lying, that’s pathological.

and yes, Jason saying production is surprised he wasn’t on meds, it should be a screening for keeping these people out of the house. it seemed to start with Mcranda’s season, way too many people taking serious medication doled out by the production, at their own schedule instead of the schedule that these people should be taking them, imo. and way too many psychological problems. You think maybe someone taking anti depressants, that’s a signal they should NOT be in the house.?


Which is a show i recommend people look up and watch UN-Real drama about behind the scenes of a reality (dating show) which they, (didn’t occur to me to see it this way) described as a ‘game’ that one of the bacherlorettes can ‘win’. bizarre


Remember….CBS will allow anything for ratings!!!!


so nothing new yet?
i wonder whats going on >_<


Whoo hoo!


Wow talk about cowards, she can’t even face the fact that she screwed herself up. I am so glad she is on the block, not sure they will get her out, she might work her magic and get saved, but at least they did something.


PLEASE everyone vote in the poll and get Dawg higher then Audrey!

another name

did I hear correctly that Audrey didn’t attend the veto meeting?
has nominated in absentia ever happened before?


just have to wonder how the show is going to handle that on Wednesday’s broadcast


They could have the camera focused on Shelli and make it seem like Audrey did attend the Veto ceremony


Delayed the veto ceremony. ..and she didnt even show up?! It’ll be interesting to see how production edits this week.


New Rule…if you know you are going to be nominated you have option to hide under your covers!!

another name

I don’t know how to make the concern face emoticon.
looking back to the last episode and seeing how things have played out,
it could be edited that Audrey was the victim of a backstabbing witch hunt and cracked.
really really easily.
cracked so much they had to medicate her with a tranquilizer and continue the foregone kangaroo court without her. Think of the enemy dynamic it would make for ratings. It would be nearly a complete fiction – but when has the edited show ever been completely fact based. stop giving a few cast members golden edits and production can craft a good vs. evil storyline here that will have episode only viewers clamoring for more.
considering clay and shelli were already convincing themselves to dump 1/2 the six before botb nominations. considering they are discussing vanessa now… the editing of the episodes could get really interesting (biased) from this point on. even more like 2 different games than ever before “interesting.”

Triangle of Love

Clay is going to get a really bad edit on this. Hope his family is ready for the blow back.

another name

realistically, my concern for clay shelli and vanessa is on par with my concern with Audrey. They are just as bad, they just haven’t been caught in their lying backstabbing game play. yet.
tbh, yeah, poor families. maybe their children should think about that. it takes more than saying you are playing a straight shooter honest game with integrity at the end of the day when you’ve spent the day lying.
just like Audrey, they don’t own their behaviour.
sorry families, your relative house guest is a hypocrite dingus…. would that be a hypodingus?

skeptical onlooker

Very unfortunate photo of Audrey. It’s a cracking ugly one. In view o f her instability..for want of a better word…highly unlikely meds. (could she take too many?) Not food or veto…she can’t keep her mouth thing to say..what with her mouth hanging open like that..
She’s a piece of work that one…and not a good any way shape or form.
A very bad choice for the Transgender community..and for having acceptance. I personally feel for all people desiring to be accepted for what they are..and I hope this doesn’t reflect on them badly.
CBS ….do your homework..FFS!!!!