Vanessa “What the f**k was he thinking?! Clay “He wins if he goes to jury with Liz, that’s his 500K!”

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: JohnnMAC and Audrey
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-23 02-03-12-104

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12:25am HOH room Clay says that game aside. There are people that would kill for this opportunity. And she is making a mockery of this almost disrespecting this game. She is a havenot, she’s allowed to eat, and people like Jason are mad at that. If she doesn’t come up here tomorrow.. I think it would show a lack of integrity. Her coming to you again almost sent me over the edge again. It’s just I’m never, never shocked at what she says. I am going to run grab her bag and put it outside the front door. Shelli says CLAY!! Clay says Fine, I’ll hold open the door for her .. is that gentlemanly like? Shelli says don’t you dare do that. Clay says He wants to win HOH so bad. Shelli says if you win HOH I will be so happy. Shelli tells Clay that she likes Jackie. Clay asks are we naive or do people really like us. Or are they just playing us. Shelli says I don’t know. The thing that we need to reiterate is if someone else wins HOH other than you and we have to do some sort of talking.. right now we are strong enough in the game that we could even work some sort of a deal till Jury. And say that the reason why we’re beneficial to work with everybody is because its two votes for what they would want us to do during their HOH reign. Its two votes in jury, and its two chances for someone who could win HOH and not put them up on the block. Clay says that’s all you need to say. Shelli says triple whammy. I love Steve but he is danger zone! Shelli says if its a Meg, Jason or James (that win HOH) then we create like a group thing. Clay says the thing about the 2 HOH’s are we good enough that one of the HOH’s won’t have the other put us up. Make them do the dirty work. Shelli says we would just say that to both of the HOH’s, that would be our plea. Shelli says I hate the campaigning part of this game. I love the competitions. I’m okay with the scheming or whatever but that this person won and we have to immediately talk to them. I hate the urgency of it.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-23 02-34-49-166
1:15am Kitchen – Julia talks to Steve. She tells him that she doesn’t like sleeping in bed with Austin. Steve says I know you’re in a weird spot. Julia says I slept with him before but I don’t like sleeping with him, he’s huge and he takes up all the bed. Steve says I just don’t want rumor going around about me. Julia says no, I know. I just wish James wouldn’t sleep in that room. Steve says why don’t I share a bed with James? Julia asks isn’t that weird .. or people know that we’re twins .. so its weird that I do sleep with him. Is that suspicious because everyone knows that Liz likes him. Steve says you’re fine, don’t worry about it. Steve says I’m sure Shelli and Clay are watching us though. Steve leaves the room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-23 03-17-51-093

1:15am – 1:50am Meanwhile in the HOH room – Johnny Mac comes up to the HOH room. He tells Shelli you put the objective up there and killed it! Shelli says I just don’t want to be that girl that wins competitions and cries about it. Shelli says I just wanted to run this by you, its no big deal. When Audrey took me down into the hammock room she started the conversation with I know that I’m leaving and I know that this kind of stuff has happened and I know that you’re my friend. She was like tell me why you as my friend put me up. Shelli says I told her thing that I realized she might use them as ammo. ..I told her that Jackie told you said that I made up the alliance about Jackie, Becky, Jeff, John and Steve. I said you made that up, I didn’t make that up. She (Audrey) said I didn’t make that up, I said that Jason made that up. I told her that we knew that Jeff was going to go up before he went up. And she said what else do you know. I said I know you had a final 2 deal with John and she said I don’t have a final 2 deal with John. She said this is all that I have with John that I would put in a good word for him if you won HOH and he would put in a good word with Steve if he won. Johnny says that’s all true and we never had a final 2 deal but she did insinuate that she wanted to work with me till the end. Shelli says it was at that point I realized I did’t want to give her any other information. Clay, Shelli and Johnny discuss how to handle it if tomorrow Audrey outs them for working together. Johnny says maybe after all the other information came up about her I told you my version of Audrey. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When they return – Johnny comments that she already has votes against her because she ate food unless this was for a medical reason or something. Shelli says it didn’t matter you could have eaten food because the vote is going to be unanimous. Clay jokes that Shelli will drop them (CLay and Johnny) if they don’t win HOH tomorrow. Shelli says this kid (Johnny) wins. Clay says well she’ll drop me. Johnny says he wants an epic endurance tomorrow. Johnny says every one wants to solve the twin problem. Clay ask Johnny after Audrey who would you see as a threat. Johnny says Vanessa isn’t going to come after me but if she gets emotional and goes off the handle and blows up. This week all I was thinking was don’t f**k this up but she (Audrey) as literally done so much damage there was no way I was going home. Johnny leaves. Shelli says I think he is going to do awesome in this game. I would owe him a pawn situation if he won. Clay says not this early you could convince him not to.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-23 02-46-50-245
1:30am – 2am Comic room – Julia asks so what did you think of Audrey as my sister today? Steve asks Julia are you advertising to the house now that you’re a twin? Julia says no! Austin says that’s her. Steve says that’s what people thought you were doing. Julia says that was all her. I was like is this girl serious!? Julia says that was so awkward, I was like what the f**k bit*h! Like I was pissed! What are you doing!? It wasn’t funny, that’s the thing. It was just so awkward I felt bad for her. Steve says don’t worry about it. It’s fine. Austin says its fine. I talked to Jason after that and it was fine. He basically said that he wants you guys to come in. He is waiting for it to happen. They don’t know when its going to happen but they know its going to happen around jury-ish. I want that to happen, I’m not trying to get her out before jury. Julia says I really like him and I think he likes me too. I told him about how I could have been on last season and we didn’t come in because me and my girlfriend had ended our relationship coming in. Big Brother switches the cameras and when it comes back. Austin tells Julia that she handled it fine with Audrey’s Twin skit. Julia says I can’t believe Shelli and Clay talk about power couple. Austin says I don’t know if anyone will go after them, they’re probably come after us before they go after them.

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Team Edward

I love how Shelli had to validate Audrey being on the block again by calling yet another meeting and justifying why she wasn’t betraying Audrey. She is such a woman. A man would have walked away and played a game of pool.


Shelli is the fakest person in the house. Her DR sessions are staged like she is looking at her self in the mirror. Her cry for Da and now Audrey is just plain fake…cant stand her.


1000% agree. I was laughing so hard watching last nights episode I almost fell out of my wheelchair ๐Ÿ™‚ I do not have the feeds or BBAD but keep up on this site (By far the best site! Thanks guys) while at work and have never read how torn up Shelli was. To see her in the DR breaking down was clearly fake and staged for the viewers. She annoys the crap out of me on so many levels. I had forgotten about her crying over Da!
Not that my opinion matters but don’t find her attractive at all and she primps like she is some kind of super model. Her fake hair, bleached (and then bleached 10 X’s more) teeth, probably fake boobs, and it is not mentioned much but some of the “baby talk” I have heard from her is too much. Hate may be too strong since I do not know her but as a character on the show I dislike her very, very much. (Not very found of 1/2 gay clay either)


I agree with you about Shelli. Not a big fan of hers. Not a big fan of Clay either, but WOW, Audrey just keeps pushing and pushing his buttons then goes crying to Shelli about big bad Clay. LOL. JMO!!


You’re very perceptive about the 1/2 gay Clay. ha ha. I noticed that too. Yes Shelli is a bit of a Barbie doll. If we could all look so good! But we don’t and therefore despise people who look like that. Right on for baby talk too–don’t be a poopy head or whatever it was she said.


I do not despise her for her look! I myself do not find her very good looking. If you find the fake hair color and extensions, fake boobs, over bleached teeth, dare I say horse mouth attractive then she is a 10 for you which is fine. We all have our preferences and likes. a lot of guys love the bleached blonde big fake boob look. I personally prefer a more natural girl (Katie Holmes, Angie Harmon) come to mind. I am sure there are plenty of guys who think they are ugly as well. That is what makes the world so much fun everyone is different. I think Meg and Becky are much prettier then Shelli but again I bet I would have liked Becky even more without the enhancement.

Did you see Jackie the KK want to be shaking her fake boobs in the DR talking about the whackstreet boys? Another one with more fake then real going on. Not appealing


Dan– you sound half gay yourself. Or is it 2/3???


Bro I dont like Shelli but she is by far the prettiest girl in the house. Liz/Julia are pretty as well but Shelli is better


Maybe she is to you and that is great. The dude who just got busted for trying to mate with a horse in Arizona probably agrees with you. If you throw a saddle on her and put her side by side with a horse I bet it would be hard to tell the difference. Maybe she is transanimal? that would explain the teeth. “Oh Wilbur”


Shelli has a complete side agenda for being on BB-to become a star/actress,get her 15 min of game. That is why she keeps saying repeatedly about playing an honest game. It’s all about her image. BB is a cut throat game & instead of owning it, which people would respect more, Shelli wants to keep the charade of “playing an honest game”, to make herself appear better. The only person she is trying to convince is herself & Clay. Nobody(majority of us viewers) is buying it.


She’s banking on Jeff’s strategy, and how it catapulted him into minor celebrity status. He was know for playing “an honest game”.


But Jeff S. is legit and charming in a doofus kind of way. Shelli is not legit hot or charming.


Well first of all, all of the DR sessions are staged for everyone. It’s pretty obvious.
I really feel like I’m missing something here because I do not understand all the Shelli hate. I usually agree with everyone’s opinions on the players every season, but I just don’t feel the hate for Shelli. She’s not my favorite, but I think she’s playing a good game and is smart and knows what she is doing. I don’t think she is letting Clay dictate what she does, she has put him in his place on several occasions but asks his opinion on things like ALL the players do with their alliances.

Just my opinion.


I know they are scripted or staged in the DR my point is that a lot of players give their honest point of view or feelings of other players where Shelli and her fake tears and fake concern for her dear friend Audrey was more then I could take. She has made some good moves and strategic plays but she is over the top fake and annoying. To me anyway. Like you said everyone has an opinion and likes and dislikes. It doesn’t make any of us right or wrong since none of us really know any of them on a personal level.


Shelli also did it to her image regarding the transgendered issue as Da said everyone was afraid to vote her out because of that issue. She didn’t want to be the one because it might tarnish her perfect image. Acting like Audrey was “special” and needed kid gloves Sorry, we are all “special” in some way. A game is a game. Don’t baby people and play that card.


I completely agree with you. Shelli is not a top favourite of mine, but she’s moving up there. For the sole reason she’s doing an amazing job keeping her lid on with the whole Audrey thing. Who cares that she’s thinking of trying out acting? Since when is that something to “hate”? Meg’s an actor, Austin’s an actor (of sorts), Jackie’s a performer/dancer. I don’t get the intense dislike either.

Team Edward

Shelli is a good game player and she is smart, yes. My issue with her is the fact that she acts as if her and Clay are not a couple, and anyone that questions their alliance is dirt. I just had to laugh when she claimed to Audrey the fight with Jeff wasn’t staged. The tears are getting to be a bit much.


No doubt Shelli is playing an amazing game & has everyone eating out of her hand, so in that perspective I am not hating on that at all. What I don’t like is she has made it known multiple times on BBAD & live feeds about wanting to be an actress. She is constantly looking in mirrors, she def has the played up features that Hollywood seeking wannabe actresses tend to think is what the criteria is, and it is what it is-not hating on that either.
The bright teeth, spray tanned orange look that is fake in my opinion, but again, not my issue. My issue is that Shelli is very image conscious, and by that she cares how tv viewers see her & puts on a fakeness that rubs people the wrong way. She keeps repeating over & over as if trying to convince the HG & viewers/feeders, she is playing an honest game. That is such a farce & that is personally what I don’t like. Clearly Shelli wants to look good, while playing thegame. She keeps winning HOH, then acts like a cry baby that can’t get her hands dirty, particularly with Audrey. Personally,it goes back to the whole Shelli image perception.
Shelli didn’t want to be the bad guy to put up transgender Audrey-fact! She has cried about it to Clay, where I have heard him several timessay he will win HOH & put Audrey up. Why is Audrey any different than anyone else to Shelli? She had no prob evicting Day(not against her evicting Day either,but pointing it out). Shelli cares about image, wants to be an actress & can turn it on & off in a blink. That is where the so called Shelli hate stems from.


Shelli only cares about her own image. After that talk with Audrey, she cried because of how she looks as a “betrayer” and terrible person. So narcissistic. No wonder she and Clay hit it off.


Shelli is perfectly right to “fear” reprisals of how she is portrayed to the “outside”. Look at the comments on this site alone! She knows the game, and knows the backlash that Andy, Amanda, Frankie, Christine (and the list goes one) experienced. Yes, she knows what she signed up, AND she knows Audrey may not be telling the truth about being an “ultimate betrayer”. That whole scene would certainly have brought out the stress tears for me, that’s for sure. Shelli has experienced the most stress of any player so far (except Audrey, but that’s all been self-induced), and done fairly well with it, I think. I also don’t think she’s “denying” that her and Clay are a team\couple. I mean…seriously? All of them (Shelli and Clay included) talk about themselves as a team.

Pinocchio Obama

Johnny Mac is one of my favorites in the game but if I was in the house I would jump at this chance to vote out a popular threat like him. With as unpopular as Audrey is you can get her out any time.


Actually Shelli was shifing the blame from her shoulders and planting it on the whole house with that move. She wants power but she wants to weasel out of the hard choices that comes with it.

Like...I'm Jackie

Audrey is just unbelievable! I’m literally numb…but I’m going to continue to talk game and continue to throw people under the bus. She is the most pathetic player of all time!


I heard they are going to spin it by saying Audrey had a death in the family. I hope they don’t make excuses for her behavior. If she really had a death in the family she would have told someone. There were 2 deaths in families last year and no one acted like this.


what is Austin’s girlfriend’s twitter? I want to read what y’all were talking about last night.

April in Paris

I cant wait to see their faces when they learn Day noticed the tthe twins first, and Jason knew before Austin and Vanessa did even tho Van got a confession from Julia.


im all for getting out steve within the next couple weeks. meg is right in her analysis of him.


The real Clay is finally Coming out. The nasty guy, who had everything in his life, wants his way again. He arranged mama Day, Jeff and now Audrey evictions, by creating tensions with them and then running to the hoh and making sure they are on his side. Pretty mama boy, and his sneaky tricks gotta go


I like Jason but he is playing a lot like Andy now! And I don’t blame him, seriously, the problem with BoB is that everyone is playing like floaters, whoever has the power will be afraid to make a move that the house does not want because it puts a target on their back. Tomorrow unless Steve or Austin wins veto and HOH, the house will vote one of them out.

Pinocchio Obama

It will be interesting if someone outside of the Sixth Sense alliance wins HOH and we get to see where Jason, Jackie, Johnny, James, Becky, Steve and Meg really stand.


I have a feeling Shelli is going to go really far. She makes me ill. If you don’t want blood on your hands, don’t win HOH every other week. The amazing part is that the rest of the house doesn’t even see her and Clay as a threat. If they just talked to each other, they would soon learn that they have deals with just about everyone in the house. I really hope Jason is just yanking their chain before HOH. It does look like Austin will be the target this week, and that’s ok by me, he is creepy and I hate it when they are there to make out with someone in jury. If you didn’t come to win you shouldn’t be there at all. Liz doesn’t look like she is there to play a game either. I like Julia better. I would love to see team twincest on the block with any combination of Vanessa, Austin and twins because none of them have had to fight to stay yet. It’s pretty easy to be in control when you have the power 3 weeks in a row, but I am really hoping that ends tonight, hopefully Jackie and Becky win HOH and flip the house.


Wouldn’t be surprised if Shelli wins Big Brother. I really want Jason to win


austin’s plan seems to always have been to use this as an attempt to get a wwe contract. problem is wwe tends to like people who cause conflict while all austin tries to do is make everyone like him.


He already had a wwe developmental contract.
He was let go I believe, plus he wrote a letter about the head trainer injuring guys in developmental and the HC (Bill DeMott) fired.


I really liked the seasons with two defined “sides” of the house where one week group A had power and group B knew someone on their side would be targeted and then the next week Group B had the power and group A was scrambling wondering who from their group would go up. Meanwhile we waited and wondered which one from group A or B would try to defect to the other side or leak info to the other side in order to try to gain trust with them. Two groups that were not afraid to stand up for their alliance and let the people know who they would target if they win. This whole pretending to all like one another, BOB, pawns and now everything is a “backdoor” I find more boring and predictable.
If I hear well I couldn’t vote against the house or they would target me one more time. We see from last week how much more exciting it is with a closer vote and people wondering who voted for who and who lied to who.


I agree…so many people want to play this game & then you have fame hungry whores, or people who want to be in a summer camp like atmosphere on tv to have fun or those who rather showmance rather than play the game- Hate that! Austin is definitely that guy. Regarding Jason,I wish he would keep things quiet & not go run his mouth to Shelli & Van every time he gets info. Knowledge is power & that is Jason’s downfall. I want to see him advance,but he needs to shut it. Maybe confide in Meg & that’s it. The fact that every hg feels the need to run & tell shelli,Clay,& van everything kills me. Shelli,Clay& Van are always telling others to come to them & tell them things…is this not a huge red flag?!


Much like James. Audrey gives him some info and he runs right to Clay and Shelli. “I am going to go talk to clay and get to the bottom of this” Damn stupid. why wouldn’t you talk to your group of people and discuss the info you heard and then decide if it is credible or not and keep an eye out. Obviously Clay is going to deny it. DUH!
This cast is one of the worst with using information as a strategic advantage.


“Vanessa says why would he do that? Usually he asks me before making a move that that.”
Austin is creepy as hell, but an even uglier trait is that level of cockiness.
Why do Vanessa and Shelli think NOBODY is allowed to talk game unless they run it by them first?
I love those moments in Big Brother when BAM all that cockiness gets flipped on its head. I cannot WAIT to see Vanessa & Shelli on the block and mad scrambling!
It might not be this week, but it’s coming, and it’s going to be awesome.


What a dumb move Jason!!!

Lemon balls

Big brother has no loyalty … Hence the lies …. He should of waited to see who won HOH … By now , they should ALL realize that Austin has deals with just about everyone to keep liz and Julia safe with him and he will say anything to achieve it….


Jason and Meg living in the house 24/7 and even canยดt realize that Vanessa (who is with Austin day 1) is working with Clay and Shelli …and they leak this information like that!!!! ???

I have to take my hat for the real players in this game Shelli and Clay. one of them are going to win, and the only fault is because they housemates are in a completly dark about everthing!


He’s planting doubt . A great move. He knows they will do it if he can’t .

Big Jim

Is there one person in ?the whole house that will our up Shelli or Clay? They seem to be in a really good position especially for a known couple


Good question about who might put up Shelli and Clay…depending on the HOH win: Jackie, Becky, and maybe James or JMac.


Austin plays this game of ok if everyone likes me then no one will ever come after me. He has all season thought he had good relationships with everyone in the house. This is why he told Jason he super fan(which he isn’t) cuz he thinks Jason will be like “oh I love u you a super fan like me” Jason doesn’t give a fuck. Then Austin tells him about the twins thinking now Jason will love me.

Austin also is floating out the idea of picking off Julia(he isn’t sure about this) because he knows once Julia is in house that Liz will spend time with her and he will be jealous of that. He also knows Julia doesnt like him and he worries Julia will talk Liz into not liking him. Which she already doesn’t but Lurch a fool. He sick and wants to keep his prey away from anyone and all to himself. Insecure losers always try this with girls(control who they around and talk to) cuz they totally fear them realizing they could do so much better.

Twistin' for the win!

I love Jason but he talks too damn much. Geez – keep some stuff for your TEAM only. Clay and Shelly are not his team and as a Super-fan, he should know that. People don’t switch alliances at the drop of a hat – except for BB17 – so he should be leary and he isn’t! Wish I could shake some sense in to him.

Austin is a trip. I really hope that little strategy tidbit of his gets back to Julia and SHE is the one to show him the door. I don’t care who does it really, I just want him to be denied weeks of laying around groping a twin with those nasty ass, perverted looking nails that give me the heeby-jeebies every time I see them. Shit’s gross.

Props to Audrey – nice try.


Yeah the nasty-ass nail polish needs to go!


Audrey is absolutely ridiculous I’m really really behind on everything been out of town(Simon and Dawg thanks so much for this site unbelievably helpful!) but honestly if Audrey hasn’t been showing up to meetings and she’s eating food all these privelages… That is a disgrace to BB! If I was in that house I totally agree with Clay I would take her stuff and throw it out the front door


I don’t have the live feeds so didn’t see what happened but the one thing I’m thinking is Jason said he disliked Andy calling Andy a rat so why is he following suit? Maybe Austin intimidates him. He didn’t need to rat him out.

I survived last seasons BB

Clay asks are we naive or do people really like us.

Umm I can answer that Clay…You are definitely not liked


I am utterly confused about what Austin said to Jason, and have completely lost what’s true and not true with the whole Audreygate. What I DO know is that Shelli has moved up to my #3 fave spot behind JMac and Jason and is likely to stay there. Anybody who can “handle” Audrey as well as she has been has my DEEP admiration. AND, she has been “handling” her on behalf of the whole house for WEEKS now (along with some help from Vanessa). I’m a pretty easy going person, but I would have had to 100% avoid her, or comPLETEly lose my sh#t (a la Day-style?). Shelli has been working HARD+++!!!


Agreed. Just for one minute put yourself in Shelli’s shoes with this Audrey situation and you realize how easy it would’ve been for her to blow up and lash out in frustration, or to give in and let the next HoH deal with it.

Instead she showed an epic amount of patience and she cut bait at exactly the right time. Shelli annoys me with some of her antics but she has a good temperament for the game.




IMO it was always in Shelli’s best interest to handle Audrey the way she did. It was part kindness perhaps but also a whole lot of strategy. Shelli relied on the info and perceptions /dreams/analysis Audrey brought her on a regular basis. I’ll be curious to see how her game play is impacted with Audrey gone.


So far, this year has been much better than last.


Watching ice melt is more fun than watching last season.


First off, I’m not making fun or bashing but does anyone else think Clay talks like he has a speech impediment? It’s sounds almost like he is partial deaf. I have a friend that partial deaf and she has that same speech pattern. Just curious if anyone else hears that?


Yes, but I always thought it was just the Texas thing. He reminded me of that character on the show “King of the Hill” who just mumbles nonsensically with a thick drawl and at light speed.

Actually, now that I think about it, the first week someone, it was a girl, maybe Becky or Vanessa was talking with Clay and was like, “I cant understand what you are saying” and making him repeat himself as slowly as possible. Also, since they are always whispering, etc. that doesnt help.

Havent quite figured this dude out yet….I like him more than Cody but there is still something just a little off with him. Dont get me started on this “showmance” either, they are so unaffectionate toward each other…I mean, no nothing…some canoodling at least, a massage….how about a kiss for crying out loud? I know they are good southern Christian folk but what is up with the lack of anything. It reminds me of that quote….there is no there, there…


Anyone know when Shelly said “poopy.pants” to Clay?


No, I don’t remember where it was but I do remember her saying it. She said it about 4 times to him and said it to him like she was talking to an infant…. just strange.


I just mentioned Shelli’s baby talk in a previous comment reply. It is totally freaky and quite disturbing (and oh so annoying) to me. As I said it is one of the many things about her that makes me really want to see her ass on the block. Maybe then we will se some real tears and not that fake shit she was trying to feed us in her DR session.


It was on one of the tv episodes. I don’t get the feeds but I remember her saying poopy(something) to him which made me go yuck and ff through that. The show should give subtitles EVERY time Clay talks because I can’t understand half of what he says. Kudos to Simon and Dawg for understanding what he’s saying without an interpreter.


I don’t know when, but I can tell you it was pretty cringe worthy.


I believe it was after she won HOH implying he didn’t and was acting poopy.


I believe it was last Thursday (7-26-15) when he was pouting about no winning HOH.


Audrey has always been about game. She was fishing for info before she goes because she knows she is going.
Shelli is still a cry baby and clay is a douche.
Austin is an idiot
Jason may talk to much but the big alliance is fracturing more.

I looked up the meds audrey is on. Pretty strong stuff from the looks of it. Also it does cause memory loss and make you sleepy


Ativan is like valium. It is a sedative for anxiety or panic attacks. It generally calms people and can make emotionless. I don’t think her panic attack could last this long and she shouldn’t need the Ativan each day all day long. She is abusing the drug by doing so. You are supposed to take it when you feel anxiety or a panic attack onset, not because you are playing a game show and want an excuse for people to feel sorry for you. Audrey is a bonafide drama queen. Can you imagine having to deal with someone like that in real life? I doubt she has many friends with her behaviour and probably blames her gender issues on it, to be a victim. I think many of the problems Audrey has are because of her personality disorder and not her gender. She most likely blames everything and all her struggles on the wrong issue to avoid the real problems she has.

So true!

You are very right! Ativan is for pretty severe anxiety and it should not be taken all day everyday! I was surprised when I heard they had given her Ativan but then it made sense how she could sleep so much. I have had to use it more than one time for a panic attack and within about 20 minutes but it made me so tired I couldn’t function. I’ve never even had to take 2 doses in one day…I can’t imagine having the first dose not work because of how strong of a medication it is. It also made me wonder if they gave her Ativan because of the way it calms a person, it might make her easier to deal with if they just keeping giving her a dose every 6-8 hours.

Just me

I don’t understand why everyone is so worried about Steve. Austin, Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli are all coming after you Meg, and you want to take Steve out? Lame. I hope Jason and Steve win HOH tonight and shake things up. Jason has a pretty good idea about everyone and he could really do some damage to the sleeper cell (or whatever it’s called) alliance. Austin’s plan to set Steve up will hopefully fail and I think Jason might be the only one smart enough in that house to catch it.


Meg gunning for Steve is not actually a bad idea, if you have been listening to his feedster talks, Steve’s number one target is her. Also, steve is playing the andy game, floating between different alliances and ratting them out to the other to make the sides target each other, problem is he is socially inept and just creates a bigger target on himself. His plan on copying Andy which ‘leaves a piece of clothing everywhere so he can smoothly interjects himself in conversations’ is not working because he is moving looking for a freaking beach ball and bracelet, which is really weird! Everyone is onto his game and even his “loyal” partners, Vanessa and Austin wants him gone. He mentioned playing Shelli and Clay as his Amanda and McCray but thing is, McCranda was loyal to Andy.

It is really difficult to judge if what Jason did is a good move or not, if Vanessa ratted him out after the HOH tomorrow to Austin, it could spell disaster but from what have been happening so far Jason has Vanessa, Shelli and Clay backing him and Meg. His move potentially give him three allies.


I don’t get why everyone hates Shelly and clay so much. They may be a little annoying but atleast they’re actually playing the game and are kind to everyone at the same time, so much so that no one is really targeting them. Isn’t that the whole goal of this game?! And Audrey is just a complete mess who should have never been cast in the first place and needs to go! With Austin right behind her. He is beyond creepy and gross!


The reason I cant stand them, is because they have been in power the entire time, and are self righteous and been disgustingly SANCTIMONIOUS!!! Ugh. I cant wait till they are on the block! Not until they are under the gun, we can actually see what game they really have!


I am the original Chloe and I don’t agree with this. Could Chloe number 2 please change her name to avoid confusion? thanks!


Shelli is annoying as hell but she played this week perfectly. Two HoH’s in three weeks and no one is gunning for her. That’s pretty hard to do.


Agreed it’s pretty amazing actually.. I wonder how long it go on till, her not being a target that is?


Hi Simon! Great job. Keep up the good work. As for Shelli, I have to disagree. I don’t think it’s amazing at all, I just think most of the house guests are dumb. They can’t see what’s right in front of their face. Like….. who has NOT been on the block? 4 people go on the block every week but someone these same house guests never got put up? Why they shouldn’t let the twins in….. why leave all these couples together? Why haven’t they joined forces?.. Jackie is just starting to believe that there is a twin.. REALLY? Why would James trust the people that put him on the block? Why would johnny Mac trust these people who keep putting him up, doesn’t he know that a “pawn” is another word for expendable? Shelli has also had the benefit of Audrey…. she has been an X-factor causing chaos and therefore helping her game. Not that I was a big Day fan but for excitement sake it would be nice to see her still in the house. She had an amazing ability to read people and spot the bullsh!t immediately. Now that I know that her and Vanessa are both emotional it would have been nice to see them lead 2 different sides of the house. I think it would have been good TV. Last but not least, people have been giving Shelli credit for what Clay has done… He has run both of her HOH’s and she has put up and got out exactly who HE told her to put up. I haven’t seen her do anything yet that was actually her idea.. Even the thought of joining the other side was his. Now I thought she was onto Vanessa but it seems that Clay has kinda convinced her that Vanessa can be trusted, and we all know that she can’t. SHE IS PLAYING WITH CLAY’S BRAIN… and he ain’t that smart either. LOL!


They seem to be targeting the strong/most outspoken ones first so my guess is she will not be targeted for a while unless someone thinks it is a way to get at Clay


As the numbers dwindle … The couples will become larger targets
Austin just painted a huge target on his back which is good for Clay/Shellie
What will be great is when Liz/Julia find out Austin threw Julia under the bus … KaBoom!
One scorned woman is trouble … Austin will have double trouble … double tap x2
I’m hoping Austin goes next week. Then Shellie/Clay will become even larger targets
I actually hope Clay goes before Shellie …
He probably will since he has spread himself so thin …
it’s only a matter of time till his game blows up in his face
*Note … I still think Clay or JM might be a twin also


The problem I have with Shelli and Clay is that they have no consistent game plan other than feeling out the immediate situation and then making decisions. They have been lucky that Shelli has won 2 HOH. Once other house guests start winning HOH, their lack of game plan will show. As for Austin, I think that he sees that Shelli and Clay are not true to the alliance and he knows he is going up next week. Vanessa is spending more time with Shelli and he knows she is going to turn on him. So he is going to stay true to his first alliance, Liz. It doesn’t help that he thinks he is in a true romance, it makes him even more desperate.

The golden power of chetto

Austin needs to play with his brain, not his heart. If Liz finds out about Austin saying they could vote out julia will anger both twins. Austin will probably end up getting evicted next week unless he win HOH


He is playing with his head but he is playing with the wrong head. His “chubby” for Liz is clouding his judgment and ruining his game. He like Caleb is in for a rude awakening I am afraid. When he sees where Liz told Jeff she likes him better, where she tells her sister that she is “ho-ing” herself out to keep them both safe.

It is his own fault. I have not seen Liz holding his hand or rubbing his back. She doesn’t put her arm around him at night. We can all see it is creepy and one sided but poor Austin can not ๐Ÿ™‚

Lemon balls

I don’t like Austin at all.. It’s just his vibe. But what gw ia doing is good game and of coarse from his heart .. He knows with Liz and Julia in the game they are both targets … So he is ironing out the inevitable with the rest of the hg and agreeing that if one leaves let it be Julia.


When did B.O.B. Twist end last year


I think it was right at the beginning of jury. I only see a couple more BotB’s.


Last season it ended after the 8th week…with no BotB during the double eviction. Which means they have 4 maybe 5 left if they account for the 17th player. I think I blocked out a lot of them last season…


If Jason was smart,he could use that info that Austin shared & play it when & if necessary to get himself off the block because I see him going up again. Be chill with Julia, then go to her with it when he needs to play that card& get Austin out. I guess I expect more from someone who loves the game & knows as much as he does. Start playing smart & pump the brakes on constantly spilling the tea to everyone Jason. Austin is a total scrum bucket that is greasy & shady as hell. Still not completely sold on Liz wanting Austin. I still believes she will do what’s necessary to keep Austin close & control him to save her ass in the game. Yes, she allows him to rub on her, kiss her forehead etc. All part of her flirtation to keep Austin on her side.


I LOVE Johnny Mac! He is hilarious in his DR sessions. I also think that was hilarious when Audrey said, “that girl with the black hair.” LOL no one knows who the hell Jackie is. And for Jackie to think she’ll win anything is a joke. Remember her on Amazing Race when she freaked out over losing her eyelashes? Those babies were falling off during the POV. And whether Liz is being a tease or not, I can’t tell. But if she is into Austin, then she is disgusting!

I survived last seasons BB

Regarding Audrey and this live eviction..

LGBT will stand for

Buh Bye


From what I read Austin said he wouldn’t be upset if Julia went. He didn’t say he wanted her out. This is what happens when you play “telephone tag” in that house. Clay/Shell already told Audrey that Austin was “irrelevant” in their alliance, so why are they getting bent out of shape when he does something on his own? These two are unbelievable! Is no one allowed to think on their own in that house? I think that Jason (for being a superfan) is the stupidest person in the house to go and take that information to the others? Why would he do that? Now if Austin gets wind of it and wins the HOH, Jason will be on the block. What a little rat. Austin needs to win that HOH and throw Shelli/Clay on the block. I am sure Vanessa will be thoroughly happy with this. There will be no Clay/Shelli to idolize in the house, and she would be the new Queen!!!


I have to say, my opinion on favorite houseguest has changed a lot! And I’m basing this not on how much I personally like the people, but on the quality game they’re playing.

The best player at this point is Jason. He’s really shocking me with how observant, insightful, and shrewd he is. He’s playing everyone really well. He’s kind of annoying to watch, but damn he’s playing well. He’s enough of a target to be taken seriously at the end, but he keeps pulling back in and getting the target off himself. That’s exactly what it takes to win. Someone like Victoria never had a target, but she was never taken seriously. Someone Jason is both a target and also slippery enough that the target keeps moving. He’s killing it.

Shelli is also playing a great game. What’s annoying is that in her head, she’s the “good honest” player, while in reality, she’s playing a vicious backstabby game–but doing it very, very well. Her social game is on point. Her strategic game is on point. She should be a huge target but isn’t. While she’s kind of revolting to me in terms of how little self-awareness she seems to have, I admire her game play.

Jackie is someone I first met on the Amazing Race, and she’s is HELLA lot smarter, more competitive, opinionated, and evil than she’s coming off on BB. She is deliberately lying very low, and when there are 8 people left, I see this mouse roaring to life as a lion. I think she could win this. If anything, her switch from mouse to lion is going to be so abrupt that it freaks people out and she goes. But I think she’s planting the seeds for a very strong alliance. She’s going to suddenly team up with a strong core, but no one is going to see her as the leader and they’ll take out the fake “leader” before her. She’s the Derrick of this game IMHO.


Goodbye Audrey I can’t wait for you to leave so the game can be begin again! I hope they get Austin out next week that would be so awesome just as the sister comes in he leaves. After that can they please get out Clay, Vanessa, and Steve I’m not a fan of them. Shelli I go back and forth on. I am rooting for Johnny Mac and Becky!


Can people with feeds confirm that Austin does not wash his hands after using the bathroom? On Joker’s they say so and so to the WC, washes hands heads back to bed or whatever. I noticed they pointed out once Austin out of WC does NOT wash hands. Now I see again Austin to WC but no mention of washing his hands. I wonder if Liz knows he has poor hygiene as he is pawing her. Maybe he just has Clay piss in them while Clay is in the shower. People know they are on 24/7 live feeds you would think they would try to have a little class or hygiene. Of course the house is a pig sty like when Amanda and the pizza boy where in there. Why do I remember BB making people clean the house back in the day? It is not a wonder they have ants and bugs.


LOL I read that somewhere too, but the one time I saw him come out of the bathroom… he did wash his hands. (Now I need to wash mine – feeling dirty for saying something nice about Austin.)

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Why did they take Jason off the block instead of J-Mac? J-Mac had come through for them on several occasions and it seems like he deserved the veto. Are they doing it to disguise that they are working together?


If Shelli were basing her decision off of what Jmac DESERVES, that would make sense. But she made it obvious that she doesnโ€™t give 2 shits about what he deserves when she/he put him up a second time as a pawn and cornered him into throwing yet another comp.
Jason was taken down over Jmac because the likelihood of Jmac getting voted out is much much lower than that of Jason. And the point of it all is so Audrey goes home.

Not trying to add to the Shelli hate here, I really do not hate or dislike her. But I dislike her using Jmac b2b. I guess we will see if she will actually pay him back later when he is in power.

Shlayan Debt Crisis

Clay and Shelli have already decided that they don’t need to go on the block that there are better pawns to use than them.

Remember JMac already owes them for going on the block for them, throwing comps, and being allowed to be their pawn.


It’s because no one will vote JMac out so it guarantees Audrey goes home.


Well, there have been a lot of despicable people on BB over the years. Taudry has officially made it to top 6. CBS needs to be more diligent in their screening processes.


I’m pulling for Becky and JohnnyMac to win HOH this week! Then JMac puts up Shelli/Clay together and says ‘OK guys, you can try to win BOB if you want to, but it’s totally up to you, but you’re just pawns’ LMAO!


I know a lot of people are going to disagree..

I liked watching all of Audrey’s crazy antics this week. Not because I like to see someone suffer because I thought having this person lurking around the house like a horror movie was funny. She’s covered in blankets, calling people into her lair, making up musicals in her lair.. lol you can’t make this stuff up. It was fun to watch on the feeds.

I do get that she’s too messed up to stay in the game.

CBS doesn’t respect the Big Brother Game I can remember instances where big name players didn’t respect the game.


I need to find the timestamp for her musical, the pictures were hilarious. And yeah I totally get where you’re coming from.
I feel like CBS casted her primarily based on her story and her being a good looking transgender girl, mixed with her ambitious interviews, disregarding all of the obvious mental issues and medications she is on.
And honestly, it was pretty selfish of them to put their ratings over their better judgment.

Shelli's Chompers

When you call it her lair…cracks me up! She’s lost it.

Butters Mom

Elissa from Season 15 was “Americas Player” … she was given special treatment. Her husband is a rich guy from Canada that is affiliated with CBS and she didnt want to go to sequester at the jury house. She wanted to stay in a hotel if she didnt get voted out before jury. She had a “special contract” and was paid more than everyone else. I hated her more than I dont like Audrey. She wasnt voted as Americas player Im certain she was chosen by production and all of the voting stuff that season was pure production manipulation. Remember Helen being pushed off the board during the comp to get back in the house… Any way, my point is, people have been given special treatment before… we just seem to forget.


Audrey has been fantastic this week– a BB twist all by herself. She lurks through the house like the Creature from the Black Lagoon. What hilarious fun!


The funniest thing was when Shelli put on shades like Vanessa and sat there and held a meeting in them LOL!. Shelli clearly looks up to Vanessa and most of her “game” she gets from Vanessa.


You sure can’t hide your love for Vanessa in EVERY post can you? At least you stopped calling her Nessa for the most part. It still slips out once in a while but not as much lately. Hopefully you can create a fan club for her and be the president of it. You and the other 5 members can have meetings, go root her on at the poker rooms, wear Vanessa rules T-shirts ๐Ÿ™‚

She is all right but she is not all that. She can be a paranoid nut herself you know.


said Mr nice guy


I’d like to see you be locked up in a house like that and not get paranoid


This is a Big Brother message board. I’m creeped out you took time to post at and only about me.


I find Clay and Shelli to be extremely two-faced. Did Clay not say that he wanted to make jury to be with Shelli? That it would break his heart if the two got separated? I realize Austin is creepy, but everyone has kept him in the dark regarding Liz’s feelings (Vanessa, and Liz herself)? He basically said the same thing to Jason but did not say he wanted Julia out, just that he wouldn’t be too upset. That was said to try to win Jason’s trust. He didn’t know that his alliance had already SOLD HIM OUT! They basically abandoned him this past week, even discussing voting him out. So what did he have to lose at this point. Clay and Shelli are playing both sides of the fence here, and their holier-than-thou attitude is grating on my last nerve. They now have a final 4 with Johnny Mac too. Sorry, but they are just too much to handle. Get them the hell out of the house before you all are worshipping them while they boot your ass out of the door.


Come on…this game is the definition of “two-faced”.


It is a “two-faced” game–however some cast members get a pass while the designated villains and creeps of the season do not.It’s just a matter of time Vanessa will come to know what those two are doing or someone points to their duo as a problem to be fixed.


I actually really want Becky to win HOH and stay HOH this week. It would just be interesting for a change. Anyone feel me on this?

Just me

It’s almost 11am in California, are they still sleeping??


pretty much..


Jason is knowledgeable about the game, yet runs around giggling and covering his mouth like a little school girl while spreading the dirt on Austin. What a friggin little weasel, and not keeping this to himself for future use shows me he is more into spreading rumors than playing the game. Very disappointed. He had a valuable piece of information to use later and lost it for 2 minutes of something to talk about. He and James are tied with the same brush. They are the worst in the house for releasing too much information. Maybe they are twins……….lol


I need some clarification, Liz and Julia are playing as one person so, if either of them are in play when they get voted out, BOTH leave the game and/or go to the jury house…….SSSOOOOOO, I do not understand Austin wanting Julia to get voted out so he gets to hook up with Liz in the jury house. Please let me know if my understanding of the game is correct….BTW I think Liz is playing him for the game and she isn’t really into him.


After next week they play individual games.


Thanks Simon! It makes sense now that you pointed out he was talking about next week ๐Ÿ˜‰


You’re welcome


Hey houseguests…..don’t piss off Clay, because if you do, you’re gone!!!! I don’t know if Jeff did so, but Day and Audrey certainly did and look where it got them.

Valentina Corleone

I want Clay and Shelly gone, I want James gone (for nothing other than he’s annoying as hell), I want Steve gone, because he reminds me too much of Andy, and I want…ah, crap, bottom line, Jason, Johnny Mac and Vanessa should be the final 3. They are playing the game, each in their own way, while everyone else is floundering about like fish out of water. I can’t find a reason to pull for anyone else; however, it IS Big Brother and anything can happen. Next HOH can’t come fast enough for me.


Is Julia gay? The convo reads that she told Jason that they (the twins) almost came in last year but she had just ended her relationship with her girlfriend.


Austin’s “Judas vote” tonight might actually work because of Audrey’s conversation with Shelli claiming that this week’s move was a huge betrayal. It made Shelli crazy paranoid that the story would be edited that way. So, if Audrey, who they thought was America’s Player, can’t vote yet she gets a vote tonight it’s going to make them all crazy. They may think America was truly behind Audrey. They may take it as a sign from us that we don’t like the move (which we do). Remember how nuts they were after the Jeff vote? This will be worse because it’s Audrey. Steve is an easy scapegoat because they already suspect him as one of the votes for Jeff and against James. Meg is already focused on Steve and if she wins HOH (I am laughing as I write that) she would put him up as the target for more Audrey-like behavior.
I see two ways this can bite him in the ass. One, he told Liz and I think Julia about his plan. They may use it against him in an effort to distance themselves from him (which would be a smart move). Second, Steve may actually do another crazy vote. How would they explain two votes for Audrey. One would be AP but the other…
I want the two votes for Audrey. Austin lies, but he doesn’t seem to lie well so it will be funny watching him try to pin the votes on someone else. Then in an effort to ease the paranoia the twins will tell someone, maybe Jason to build trust, especially if he wins HOH. Austin’s already his target and that would ensure that he left. The twins would be seen as free agents, two votes up for grabs if Austin leaves.

another name

the ‘look, Austin’s making moves without us’ stuff.
I’ve long paused for quite a while after writing that line. I’m flabbergasted.
like those 3 should be casting aspersions. do they really think they’re playing an above reproach heroic game?
pull that type of crap for the house. they’ve already debated dumping him and targeting him for 2 weeks. The only reason they haven’t is they haven’t been able to pull the right justification switch. Vanessa has to be able to pull a justification out of her ass to convince herself she won’t be viewed as a villain. Shelli just cries and acts wounded to be portrayed as the victim. Clay just assumes because he says the words honest and integrity so much that that’s the game he’s playing. Reality check: they’re the villains that think wool sweaters make them sheep, not wolves.
Same time: Austin WAS stupid to run to Jason. No argument. Of course Jason is going to run to everyone, has he not watched him play at all? But the offended loyalty bit coming out of vanessa clay and shelli? given the amount of behind the scenes shuffling they’ve been doing? stfu.
They’re obviously going to target and backstab yet another ally. It’s a game. go ahead. But i’m getting so tired of the wounded betrayed victim schtick coming out of the three of them when they’re alone. If they were truly heroic figures as they try to present themselves to each other, they wouldn’t be conspiring to keep Austin in the dark that they know, they’d be talking to him about it. But then, the loyal honest game they profess to be playing to each other is all for the cameras to get a better edit now isn’t it?
The strictly game analysis part of me doesn’t hate what they’re doing strategically. As long as they settle in and stop jumping ship by week five or so, and as long as they get out everyone they’ve crossed to get there. strategically it’s not a bad plan. Drop the moral highground b.s. and I wouldn’t even be writing this.