Big Brother 17 Battle of the Block Results “We’re safe, no backdoor”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

James and Jackie win the BOB competition dethroning Liz. Shelli stays as HOH her nominations are Jason & Johnny Mac

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-17 19-06-31-233_jpg

Julia enjoyed the competition.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-17 19-12-07-907_jpg

7:12pm Jason and Shelli
Jason telling her he’s lost his job. (They told him if he doesn’t come back before July 19th he’ll be terminated.. it’s a cheap ploy for sympathy)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-17 19-15-18-704_jpg

7:15pm James and Jackie
James – We’re safe no backdoor we can sleep easy

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-17 19-27-55-076_jpg

7:23pm Bedroom James, JohnnyMAC and Clay
James comments during the BOB Jason tried to steal a pumpkin
James says if johnnymac picks him to play in the veto and he wins h’ll use it on Johnnymac

7:25pm Becky and JOHNNYMAC
Becky says she told Jackie she voted Jeff out
Jmac – People think it was you
Becky knows , “I keep my sh1t to myself.. James know that I didn’t and Jackie knows I vote him out those are the only two that matters”
Johnnymac says he’s going to lay back this week “Hopefully someone freaks out”

Johnnymac is worried about the votes this week
Becky says she won’t vote him out
Becky – “I’m not close enough with Shelly to know who she would put up”
John reassure her they will not backdoor her this week.
Becky – Shelli likes me Clay doesn’t I know that.. he’s (Clay) is always after information
Becky thinks Clay is a good person to work with she’s going to continue working on him.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-17 19-51-12-395_jpg

7:50pm Johnnymac taking it easy after another comp

7:58pm Johnnymac and Austin
Austin tells him he’s good
Johnnymac says he’s been in 12 competitions already.
Johnnymac – that was cool 90’s grunge (BOB Theme)
John says the punishment for the week is they will all get pagers.
Johnnymac- Jackie threw up (After BOB)
Austin – I heard
They agree to work out later.
Julia joins them.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-17 20-03-24-897_jpg

8:02pm HOH James, Shelli and Clay
James says Audrey is pissed at them for the “Whole JaSon thing” she’s mad that Jason is now targeting her.
Shelli told Jason the truth that is why she’s pissed.
Clay says Audrey is driving him crazy. Shelli says Audrey makes her paranoid.
Audrey feel indebted to Shelli because Shelli stuck with her while Clay buggered off, “:I fled the scene.. she knows Shelli won’t take her because of me”
James – that’s what she said
James explains Audrey’s telling him Shelli and Clay have a final two don’t work with them, “We’re insane for working with you guys”
Shelli says Audrey has to go “it is way too early there’s 13 people in the game.. it’s way too early for her to be doing this”
Clay asks him if it was Audrey and JAson on the block who would he vote out.
James – Audrey of course
James says they need to get John off the block. Shelli thinks he’ll probably just win the POV again.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-17 20-11-18-814_jpg

8:06pm Jason and Meg
Meg says they apologized to Johnnymac for putting him up they never apologized to her.
Production tell them to fix their microphones. jason tells them he’s on his death bed.
Jason says he‘s not mad he doesn’t get it though he was never targeting Helli. She thinks people are blamming him because he was close to Da.
Jason – Big Brother if next week is endurance i’m going to f****g kill you

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I got a theory what if Austin win veto in take Jason off in
Jason win next hoh in promise not too put up him or liz or her sister
in go after shelly an clay now that whould be tv

Here is some Reality

That will NEVER happen. CBS needs Jason gone. He is the ONLY person who is not scared to put Audrey up.

WAKE UP JohnnyMac Fans

Johnny reassures Becky that she wont be backdoored!!??! (LOL) JM cant even stand up for himself and confront Clay and Shelli about breaking their deal with him from the BOB he threw with Da. He has no clue that hes really not aligned with C&S and it was because of JohnnyMac that his #1 ally, Jeff, went home. Dont understand the popularity for this Floater.


he will make it far because no ones gonna go after him ’til the end

Skidd Marks

Johnny is playing his game. He is on pace to make it at least to the jury house. His social game is on point, and he is dangerous in competitions. The problem is going to come in when people start to see exactly how good of a player he actually is….Hopefully before then, some of the “stronger” players in the house will have started to turn on each other.

Skidd Marks

Johnny is playing a good game. He has had a hand in every eviction. He has been a loyal soldier, and he hasn’t made enemies. He is on pace to make it at least to jury before people see him as a potential threat. Hopefully in the next few weeks some of the so called power players in this game will start to turn on one another which can help Johnny move along further.

B-bad owl

I get a kick out of these people thinking Jackie wasn’t going to be good at comps. How quickly they forgot about the first HoH comp she was in where she finished second.

BB17 Getting Boring FAST

I want to see Audrey and Johnny in a showmance!! Could you imagine the sounds JohnnyMac makes in the bedroom? Urrahhham yeaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr rooooo rooooo ehhhhhhhh….in my Johnny Mac voice.


HAHAHA! That’s totally what JohnnyMac would sound like!


wait so im confused, did jason’s company contact BB and tell them he’s fired? and then they told him?


They probably told him before he left


Dear Jason

You work in a grocery store checkout.

The End

seriously, you think that place is going to go, oh he went AWOL WHILE BEING ON TV we don’t want him back in case people want to come to our store that didn’t come here before just to see the famous reality tv show guy?

Yeah, ok. #imnotbuyingit

plus, Jason, you are getting paid for being on tv show, probably more than your income at store, so you do have that.


Such a lovely and once again hateful comment, coming from someone who supports Austin and all of his Creepiness.


Worst scenario. Jackie and James seem safe for now. Hate seeing Jason and Johnny Mac remaining on the block.
Screw Shelly and her bitch boy!!!


I actually liked shelli and Clay but they are seriously ticking me off! I don’t want Jason OR jMack to go home.




So tired of hearing Shelli complain about Audrey and keep saying “shes gotta go!” Then to scared and say “but I cant do it” i have lost what very little respect I had left for her.


What the crap? How I’m the world did they beat Jason and jmack?!?


cause you know, Johnnymac was playin’ for “Them” ……….again


What the crap? How I’m the world did they beat Jason and jmack?!?


Jackie needs to win HOH next, imagine the faces of producers if the twins were to be in danger the week they are to enter the game. :)))


Thumbs-up if you want shelli to put up austin.


Thumbs up if you want Shelli to put up Clay

Angela M

Thumbs up if you want Shelli to nominate herself?


Thumbs-up if you want shelli to backdoor austin




Yay Austin is no longer HOH this week! Maybe Sheli will make a smart move and go with her gut and backdoor Austin the gross stalker!


Shelli will never make a “smart” move.


Actually one of you raises a good point about jackie. Shes underestimated competition wise. Anyway im hoping meg gets picked for pov wins and takes jason off. With the hopes of audrey also being a safe. And shelli puts up becky. Man thats a lot of hoping though :/


when someone says if you pick me to play… does that mean if you get a houseguest choice?


Man James has turned into a little scumbag… he was in an alliance with Jason & Meg and they could have kept Jeff instead of him, but he immediately tells JMac to pick him for POV so he can save JMac. SMH

I wasn’t a huge fan of his to begin with, but I’ve lost all respect for him now


Welcome to Big Brother…


so he can force up another nominee i suppose, one that everyone wants gone, even it sounds like, shelli

maybe he said that because he is talking to jm, and he will say the same to jason obviously. doesn’t matter who comes down, if they want someone else to go, they need that person to not win pov and do the switch. in this current situation, they don’t care if jason goes, they do care if jm goes, they would replace either, but if they want to ensure jm stays they’ll have to put up audrey probably for the votes.

if they really wanted those people up to go, why not put them all up, then jm wouldn’t be there, only people there would be acceptable targets.


Nope he told JMac, Jackie and Clay but he said NOTHING to Jason!


The answer is the pawn insures 1 target that is wanted by tanking. Second is relationships and wanting limited’ blood on your hands”. I buy that less personally than all the alliances personally. how many folks are in various alliances with Shelli/Clay for example. that makes them feel safer.
4 up with 2 targets 1 on each side has a lot of voting risk. Also makes 2 safe after BOB right away. You need a 3rd real target to be backdoor in case POV is used. To many HG’s with no control


cause there is no way you lie in Big Brother he he

Valentina Corleone

This is the thing – its a game, one that requires you to align, plot, scheme, strategize, and lie if necessary to stay safe each week. Think of the Borgias, those people would have kicked ass in this game, and if all else failed, resorted to poison. Some people are good at keeping their friends close and their enemies closer. But this group is the gang that couldn’t shoot straight, so as of right now I’m (kinda) rooting for Johnny Mac and Becky.


It’s pretty impressive that, despite voting against him, James feels really close to Johnny Mac.

The Rockstar Dentist is playing a pretty strong social game. Hope he stays safe this week.


I don’t know if JohnnyMac threw the comp. But if he did and gets voted out it’s all his fault. Throwing the comps eventually catches up to you.

Guy From Canada

Yup not everyone can be a Dr Will 😉


he was productions’ pet, not a puppetmaster, a protege in the making of the BBus Series, anyone who watches the feeds knows this. The only thing he did was say “yes Allison Grodner”


Instead of b.o.b there should be a hoh comp where they choose a person to represent them with the winning hoh staying hoh and the person who was their representative safe


jonny mac trust Austin he will pick him over james
cause Austin gave johnny his word that he want nom him in he didn’t that time
I think johnny mac trust Austin more then shelly and clay that’s why I want Austin to win pov so he could
save johnny mac build more trust
johnny mac Austin next hoh my prediction
we got to keep people that’s johnny mac trust in the game nomatter if we like them or not he
our number 1 to win it all


Do you really think that Austin would save Johnnymac, I don’t think so……..Austin’s girlfriend has bigger balls than he does!


I’m really torn over who to root for. I liked Vanessa, Austin and Jace from the beginning, but then Jace got voted out, Vanessa became a paranoid/power tripping HOH last week, and Austin has become so possessed with Liz, even though he has a girlfriend outside the house, that it’s really creeping me out. I don’t like James because of the 24/7 sex jokes that aren’t funny. I don’t like Audrey because she is always twisting things and because she kind of reminds me of Piggy from the Lord of the Flies movie. I don’t like Liz and Julia because their voices are so annoying, like OMGaaaaaawd. I don’t like Becky or Jackie because they are totally nonexistent in the game. I don’t like Steve because he’s an ultra lurker. I don’t like Jason because he just smokes and is so persistent on getting revenge and “putting people in their place”. I don’t like Meg because she gets so emotional when she gets put on the block. Doesn’t she know she is playing Big Brother? It happens. That leaves JohnnyMAC, Clay and Shelli. They are the only ones that I can’t find a reason to not like, even though Clay and Shelli are clearly playing both sides of the house, which will come to bite them in the ass eventually, and JohnnyMAC is just throwing BOB’s and winning POV’s, and if he’s not careful will be taken out eventually because of it. Things change constantly in the house though, so who knows how I will feel next week or even in the next few days.

Oh yeah, and when I say I don’t like someone, it’s not that I hate them. I don’t hate anyone in the house. I just don’t like anyone enough to throw my full emotional support towards their success in the game.


Theres no one to root for. Jason would be my pick but hes a goner for sure. Johnnymac would be my 2nd choice but after today he thinks hes strong in the big alliance. Theres no chance for the ones not in the alliance to come together. Only thing to look forward to is a split in the alliance


i like how you say you can’t find a reason to not like clay, shelli, johnny. but then you also don’t say that you actually do like any of them. when you point out all that, and come to that conclusion, for me i do like johnnymac (diary sessions i like) but i do not like clay & shelli, and yet there isn’t any really good reason to not like them. they aren’t actually crazy eyes like vanessa, they aren’t crazy pants like audrey, they aren’t offensive like james, they aren’t sneaky like Liz & steve, they aren’t out for revenge like jason & jackie, and they aren’t invisible like meg & becky, but somehow all that doesn’t add up to likeable.


I completely agree with all of that. kind of amazing actually. every single freaking cast member…100 percent agreed.

I wanted to like Steve, and hoped he was not just kind of creepy…but he is.

I want to think J-Mac knows the game well enough and is just playing a Dr Will type game in being totally comfortable going on and off the block. but his DR’s sort of show a guy with no spine in that house. I don’t know. but I am struggling with a fav. last year SUCKED but I at least had an ATTACK to root for. can we get a Zach Rance takeover? Pink Hats, Fruit Loops…why not.

Natural Selection

Is this Big Brother, or a zoo: the lion and his cougar can go…


love the comments you can read in a one-liner 🙂 Way more fun to read 🙂


So Jason is going to lose his job, which is working as a cashier at a grocery strore? Even if he came back in time, he already bad mouthed the customers and I doubt his boss would be OK with that.


They need better twists. They should keep Bob and veto the same and then in a surprise twist during the ceremony, the two people who won HOH become the nominees and everyone else must vote immediately with no time to campaign. That would be a hilarious scramble and freak out. Much more entertaining than a double eviction.


There is the coup d’état.


Bye bye audrey hope you win PoV


did you hear shelly said johnny mac on our her side he going up everytime
get her out next week please

is it just me

or does anyone else now giggle whenever James says he wants to backdoor Audrey

Also does anyone else find it hilarious that the token nerd Steve said he does not read. Hence unable to actually be a nerd because nerds are suposed to be smart which most often requires reading.


Ugh they keep getting rid of the interesting players…Jason/J-Mac cannot get evicted. Shelly/Clay need to go followed by Audrey, Liz/Julia, Jackie and Austin in that order<<<<<>>>>>


Vanessa is the best player in the game. She not perfect, but it’s crazy in there and she’s intense, as long as she can pull it back and keep up the integrity persona, another target will always pop up. She’s done a good job of staying out of the HOH for the most part this week. Poker doesn’t give you the skills that Derrick had to lie and create a persona, so it’s definitely going to be messier, but she’s doing well. Her reads have been pretty good, she saw Steve’s pulse going, but over thought it, I though she might be covering because of her connection to him but probably not. Picking Clay, Shelli and working so hard on their trust has set her up to go deep. Clay would be more suspected if it wasn’t for Shelli, her credibility rubs off on him, but ppl seem to like him. The biggest threats to Van’s game are Audrey, tick, tick, tick, and possibly JMac/Becky down the line. It’s funny to me that feed watcher don’t see that the TG excuse she gave was just a cover, and when she complains about liars, when we know she’s lied, they don’t see how that’s a strategy and then call her a hypocrite. Wake up, ppl lie about hating liars every year, its good to make yourself appear honest. I think she knows that alliances that blow up, usually ruin those players chances, she will work to keep her group loyal as long as possible.
I also like Jason, Shelli, and surprisingly Becky.
I don’t see Jason doing well in the game, he’s too frank in comments while being too passive in gameplay, but he is hilarious and I wish he could be on my TV forever!
Shelli is quite smart, and easily gains ppls trust, but she needs to stop feeling sorry for ppl and focus. Her emotions are distracting her right now. (clay would have f’d his game by now if not for her)
Becky surprises me in every convo, she is really smart and perceptive. I think that train knocked a lot sense into her head.


Sunday is the Sabbath. Saturday is the day of the gods. J Mac the POV is calling get off your azz voting could start getting tight.
So if Jason comes off who goes up versus Johnnie Mac? Meg if she is not POV holder or Steve or Audrey. JM beats Audrey and likely Meg, Nessa Austin and Liz swing votes with Steve up. J Mac might be in real trouble common AG fix this thing Johnnie must stay. Audrey will be all over POV holder not to remove JM to keep herself safe. Bet production would be too.


Wow, like everyone else I don’t have a favorite this year. First time ever but like the cast.
I sure hope production reads here as I would like to suggest if they are going to do bob: 1 – only the reigning hoh gets the room, letter and treats. 2 – instead of the weekly twists the hoh gets a reward that they cannot share (kind of a Pandora’s box. 3 – bob winers are rewarded, like they do for the winners of each leg on the amazing race. I so hate the throwing if comps. Hate slop instead they should earn food doing comps. Amazing what lack of food will do to people. I liked when house guests were given tee shirts with some insight as to how they are being portrayed. Austin; stocker.


I’m not a fan of anyone really. I just want the house to be shaken a bit. It’s become too predictable again.

the wizard

anybody else think the BOB sucks and is a complete waste of time…all it really does is allow those in power to keep the power by having an extra chance at winning hoh….for the last three weeks on this show we’ve seen the exact same thing and will probably see the same pattern this week