Power Of Veto Ceremony Results “Is she not showing up for Eviction”

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: JohnnMAC and Audrey
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

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5:21pm Feeds are back They had the POV ceremony Audrey never showed up
Vanessa saved Jason with the Veto Shelli put up Audrey as the replacement nominations. Johnny Mac and Audrey are nominated.

(It’s fairly slow right now)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 17-53-08-534_jpg

5:24pm Meg, James, Julia and JohnnyMAC
James saying he threw the HOH competition the week after he won HOH because he made too many deals wouldn’t be able to keep them.
James say JohnnyMAc has his vote.
They wonder if Audrey is going to skip eviction. Jason says it’s a cop out saying you are “Afraid of the seats” adds that everyone is going know what it’s like “They don’t light you on fire when you leave”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 17-57-59-863_jpg

5:30pm Shelli, Clay and Vanessa
They are concerned about the 5 of them never going up and Audrey having outed them in an alliance does not look good.

(The five is Shelli, Clay, Austin, Vanessa, Liz/Julia)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 18-05-06-614_jpg

5:33pm Steve and James running

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 18-09-01-626_jpg

5:42pm Vanessa and Jason

Vanessa saying they probably gave Audrey some meds. She’s calmed down and sleeping.. Feeds cut..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 18-23-54-039_jpg

5:49pm Hot Tub Shelli and Clay
Studying the dates. (And the cracks in Vanessa’s game are starting to show)

Clay mentions that Vanessa had floated out the idea that they put up an alliance member as a pawn.
Shelli is really worried about this “I’m nervous about that.. it needs to be discussed.. Clay if she’s suggesting to put us up we can’t trust her”

Shelli _ I know you’re saying not to trust Audrey at all.. but the last for two weeks in a row.. Audrey was trying to tell me that Vanessa is much more closer to Austin.. it’s entirely possible that Vanessa is having the same conversation with Austin than she’s having with us.. “

Shelli says if Vanessa is talking to put on of them up over Austin she’s worried. Adds that Jeff also told them Vanessa was closer to Austin.

Shelli tells him he’s being way too Lackadaisical about going up as a pawn.
Shelli tells him she’s going to be really pissed if Vanessa puts them up after all she did this week, “I kinda want steve to win this week.. Steve and you”

Shelli – If she puts up either one of us I’m not down with this threesome anymore
Clay agrees
Shelli warns him how smart Vanessa is.
Shelli says she’s been alarmed with Vanessa saying it was her plan to backdoor Audrey “I didn’t like that.. I thought that was a necessary lie to come up with and how easy it was”

Shelli says he can tell Vanessa lying “She Stutters with her words says a lot of Umm UMm.. when she’s pissed she doesn’t do that the words flow.. when she’s calculating she Stutter. “
Shelli has figured out Vanessa’s tell when VAnessa lies, “I’m just going to watch her”
Clay thinks they can trust her right now that might change.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 18-20-25-041_jpg

5:50pm Vanessa and James
Vanessa talking about her ADD she has trouble focusing sometimes. Vanessa says she’s never been in anything as high pressure as the Competitions on Big BRother. The adrenaline really gets flowing, “I make careless mistakes.. are my ADD pitfall”

James – I have ADD but I never went to a doctor”
Vanessa – the big indicator is you do start a lot of project but never finish them
Vanessa says she starts 18 different project finish them in random order if at all..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 18-40-36-646_jpg

6:37pm HOH Meg and Jackie
talking mad game.
Meg thinks they have a good shot of winning the HOH. Jackie doesn’t want Austin, Vanessa, Steve or Liz to win.
They agree if it’s endurance Jason or Jackie will win it

Jackie wonders who JohnnyMac will put up “Put up whoever we say”
Meg doesn’t think Jmac will put them up. They wonder who he’s targeting
Jackie says Audrey is being rude not showing up to the Veto Ceremony “Come on like why.. it’s like so rude”
Jackie knows who she’s targeting adn they have the numbers to get them out as long as Vanessa’s Side doesn’t win power.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-20 18-38-26-834_jpg

6:13pm Liz and Austin
Twin swap has happened. Liz is freaking out about having to do the 90’s dance she doesn’t know the moves like Julia did.

** Please note feeds are 26 minutes behind since last night. a little glitch **

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when I first saw the movie IDIOCRACY I thought it was a comedy. I now realize it is PROPHECY. these people are the future. gotta love it.


Such a classic movie with little to no recognition.

“Today, I step into the shoes of a great man. A man by the name of Dwayne Alezando Mountain Dew Herbert Comacho”


I’ve been saying that for years! It’s terrifying!

whoopi goldberg

these sheep are all liars.


Twinz have to go next week….plz….I rather Becky have a twin, she’s hot, athletic too….Liz/Julia look like those aliens stickers they used to put on bongs


Apparently they gave Audrey Jesus juice


AG you tell the hamsters to ride the wheel. The hamster is not suppose to run you. Time for a new executive producer you suck pure and simple! I can never remember anything like today ever. miss a POV because your going up what a joke on the part of production they have lost control of the show period.

Valentina Corleone

I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if Julie Chen announces that in light of personal issues, Audrey will not be coming out for an exit interview and there will be no farewell messages shown. We wish her well. My response to that is they better revise the screening process, because this houseguest was a trainwreck, and not in a good way.

Eric CA

There will be NO Audience that night and Audrey will just talk to Julie… Production will also work wicked hard on campaigning to save her… they have done that in the past. I do not think that they will give her a special power… They will for sure do a Fan Vote to bring back an evicted Houseguest instead of the comps to return so production can rig the results… they might do that. I think the fans would vote for Da’Vonne of Jeff to come back over Audrey and Jace… outside of Johnny Mac or Jason… they would vote Jeff or Da’Vonne over any of the ones still in there.

Valentina Corleone

I don’t think Production can fix this one; too much damage has been done. A special power wouldn’t come close to fixing what has been done, and there would be a huge amount of resentment. The next HOHs would nominate her and start this BS all over again.


1st I just wanna say, any true Big Brother fan would know, the previous evicted houseguests will not be returning. That’s for sure. And the reason is bc of the info Julie gave them after they were evicted. She told them about the twins, who voted for them, etc. They all got game related info from her, therefore they will not be returning. If there was even a possibility of them returning Julie wouldn’t have told them anything. They would just get a few non-gaming goodbye messages and whisked to a hotel room. The 3 evictees are out and about. On the streets and on social media. However, I could totally see production wanting to hang on to Audrey. And toss her back in, in a cpl weeks. Just for ratings. The majority of the time though they only let evicted jury members back in, so well see Thursday. It all depends on how much info Julie gives Audrey:)

Triangle of Love

It is hard to imagine them allowing Audrey to walk out onto the stage of a Live broadcast with Julie on Thursday. My guess is they will give her 24 hours to get back to normal, the psych doc will have another look at her tomorrow afternoon and make the call. I don’t expect this to improve, and the doc will be forced to pull her out. I think for the most part, this week is blown, they need to cut their losses here and just move on.


They may do a CBS employee audience with her family sitting front and center to give her a big round of applause. That way they might get an interview and carefully picked good bye messages.


Kinda like these two sides building against each other. With clay and shelli starting to see through Vanessa and the rumours of the 5 person alliance spreading it really isn’t clear who’s gonna be leaving never. Way better than last season this is getting really interesting.


I so want Jackie to win HOH next! Mad respect for her when she subtly told Vanessa what’s up and she finally acknowledges there is a “side” in the house.


I really want Jackie to win this HoH too! Just by the way she talks to people like Vanessa about game shows me she has some real potential to be a BB allstar. She’s been smart and laid low. Borderline floater but doesn’t want to be. If she can survive the next few weeks without taking any hits she just might make it to the end.

Can It Be?

Did somebody finally have the guts to put up Audrey? Whaaaa…


Pack your bags Audrey you’re going home!


I like that Jackie and Meg are talking game now…maybe they are actually catching on…I’m ready for a house flip…hopefully this gets some momentum…


Game on Shelli,wow! Definitely observant of Van. About time the insiders face some disfunction within their ranks! Maybe this will break up their lil alliance. Van is slick but Shelli is all over it. Can’t wait to watch things unfold when & if Audrey leaves.


Boring week see y’all Thursday. Jk but Johnny MAC is good for another week!!

This season starts when someone from the 6 Alliance goes home. Until then this season will be pretty pathetic because the big liars and personalities are starting to get weeded out.

Team #IncognitoDentist Johnny MAC


Imagine Twin Austins.
Twice the creep.
Twice the perv.
Twice the obsession.
Twice the hair follicles all over the house.

Butters Mom

Twice the vericose veins tattoos…. seriously… who gets vericose vein tattoos?!


they’re trees

Tony B

It’s actually brilliant. When he gets them for real, they are covered. We should all get vericose vein tattoos. 🙂


So…….has anybody ever not shown up for a veto meeting? And if it does happen, are there any consequences? I don’t think CBS is going to be able to control people’s perceptions of Audrey. It’s extreme. Not to say it is anything like BB15, but when something extreme happens, live feeders shout from the rooftops…that’s why they couldn’t cover up Ayran’s and G.M.’s racism, Spencer’s pedo remark, and McCranda’s nastiness. JS


Extreme… as in Playing with yourself while someone slept beside you and then wiping the result on them and laughing about it extreme? That would get most people on the outside a date with some kind people who carry pepper spray and take us to see another nice person who doles out sentences for sexual assault… buuuut, for some reason that didn’t happen. Hell, there was a time if you chest bump a house guest you get kicked out but nope… not for sexual assault, that apparently isn’t extreme enough, even when witness by all the feeders.


Riiigghhhhttt…which is why that is all over TMZ. All I’m saying is that regardless of the edit, it’s going to be well known.


Dear God, please let the Jeff thing go… that has been proven on several sites to be false. TMZ even acknowledged it was false and they never give an inch unless they have to. Yes, he was a douche, but he didn’t do that.


Jeff didn’t exactly get away with it. It’s all over the internet. Which, kinda proves my point, sunshine.


I was wondering the same thing. I’ve watched since season 1 and can’t remember anything like this. If anyone has anything similar from other seasons (where the HG wasn’t booted or received a penalty nom for intentionally disregarding rules) I’d be curious to hear about it.

another name

i’m thinking they drugged her.
probably with something that requires a full stomach (hence the baggie).
i’m making supposition I know, but i’m thinking she was incapacitated.
sure, drag out the tranquilized unconscious woman and flop her over the side of the couch. the drool will make for good tv. make sure to get a close up.
just a guess.


I think you’re right on. Just blows my mind – ratings and drama aside – that if she needed enough meds to relax her that she can’t function in the house, that they didn’t send her out.


Austin is being a freak once again to Liz. So tired of him, hopefully he takes the fall next week and watch how Liz is “whoring myself up” and playing him.

I survived last seasons BB

I doubt Audrey makes it to Live Eviction..She will be taken out of House before then

Its never good to see Someone suffer from a medical issue, but imagine if She got far in the game ? It would’ve been even worse…My big issue is shouldn’t someones ability to handle pressure without adverse medical issues be screened by Casting ?

Triangle of Love

Totally agree. I expect the psych doc to pull her out of the game within the next 24 hours.


Cool Shelli..u wanna dance with Vanessa maybe. Bring it fool. U know u will be defeated.

Even Clay is like “we can trust her for now” he a pussy.

I want people to challenge Nessa. But these people not only would lose but don’t even have the balls to do it.

Nessa the only real bad ass at this game.

April in Paris

Yeah thats why she wears shades all the way through her poker tournaments, real bad ass.


No, she wears sunglasses so people cant see her expression. Which means she’s insecure about her poker face.


Wow! I can’t believe what Becky said I think she pissed some people off with that statement


i didn’t catch that! What did Becky say? Feeds being down have made for a slow day and I would love any bit of insight into what’s going on in that house?? Lol.


What did I miss?? What did Becky say?


Veins not vains


Casting Person 1: “Hey I like this Audrey audition… I think she’d make a great houseguest!”
Casting Person 2: ” Ya think? MMMm… I don’t know, she only got halfway through the psych profile questionnaire and then started scratching pentagrams on the paper…”
Casting Person 3: ” You know what #1, you are on the money… let’s fast track her into the house”
Casting Person 2: “Wait.. seriously guys… look at page 56, she started colouring the pages.. is.. is.. is that Blood?”
Casting Person 1: “Thanks #3, I wish all the houseguests were this easy to pick”

Entertainment Tonight news cast after Day 39 “We bring you this shocking report from the Big Brother house where police are investigating a number of suspicious deaths…”

Casting Boss: “Who the hell picked her as a house guest!!?”

Everyone points at #2.

April in Paris

Uhm, uh, wwhhat?

Audrey's Moobs

I hope that there are no ropes or sharp objects in that house.

Eric CA

There are No sharp objects since BB 2 when Justin held a knife to Kristas throat and everybody freaked out. That iwe we can’t have nice things in the house.


This feels like a Chima situation, I wouldn’t be surprised if Audrey self evicts before Thursday. BB is setting a bad precedent by letting her sit out the POV ceremony when she had a starring role in it. When Chima was expelled she was already on the block, and they ended Michelle’s HOH using the logic that one of her nominees had left the house. They probably had to talk Audrey off a cliff and convince her to stay until after the POV so that it wouldn’t be unfair to the other HG. Chima got evicted for destroying property but also for refusing to obey the rules. By refusing to be at the POV ceremony, I think it is reason enough to either give her some penalty votes or straight up expel her. She made the rest of the house wait and messed up production schedule, which costs money. I hope Audrey stays and gets evicted like everyone else in the BB house, and if she isn’t willing to play the game by the rules, she should leave and let the house prepare for the next HOH. I really have no respect for a player that threatens to leave the game. How many thousands of applicants would have given anything to be there even if they only lasted 4 weeks.


Well said, Chloe!!!

BB 17 reject

lol, I was one of the hopefuls to get into the game this season. I waited 5 hours to audition, stressed out for 3 months over the whole ordeal. I cried when I didn’t make the cut. Iwatch this season with a heavy heart, I understand how difficult this game can get but it sucks to see people just quit. I would sell my soul for a chance to play. Hopefully I get it next season 🙁


To not even show up for the Veto ceremony is a total disrespect to the other houseguests and to all of the fans of Big Brother that haven’t had the fortune of being selected to play. There a millions of people who would die to be inside the Big Brother house and be forced to eat slop, dress in stupid costumes and face the constant stress of playing this game, and for her to just cry and make the biggest scene really pisses me off. I can’t wait for her to go. Good riddance.


Austin is crazy this bb and you should not take the fall for liz that is dumb.


I think Vanessa should start distancing herself from Austin and the twins. They’ve gone against her wishes and are more difficult to manage than clay and shelli. She brings clay and shelli back in, adds steve if she wants, and leaves Austin out of the equation, who’s a detriment to her game.

Misty Beethoven

They probably gave her enough meds to stay horizontal for the next 3 days. We’re going to see or hear very little of Audrey until she’s gone.


CARLOS how is Austin being a freak once again to Liz. He has been told by Vanessa that Liz likes him, and Liz herself is leading him along to use for a meat shield. If there is a FREAK it is Liz by leading him on. Yes, I agree Austin is not my favorite, but for crying out loud, stop calling a spade a shovel here. He has not been inappropriate with anyone. A little bit like a teenager here, but nothing awful like a 33 year old woman going after a child (Clay/Shelli). I find that freaky also!!! Noone seems to mind that at all though. Shelli trying to act like an 18 year old is just as offensive to me as Austin`s behavior.


It’s interesting that Vanessa is starting to get caught in some of the BS she began stirring up last week. I would love to see that dominant alliance splinter.

Also, it kind of bothers me that Clay and Shelli are so affronted by the idea of being put up as pawns, considering they’ve done it to Johnny Mac the past three weeks. When there are only 12 people in the house and 2 HoHs, there’s a 40% chance you’re gonna go up (for the first time, I should add). Get over it.


What a douche move on Van’s part though, asking JMac to go up as a pawn again and to throw it while the target is sitting next to him and then when the target changes, leaves JMac on the block and takes Jason off? JMac must be like.. “WTF? You put me up as a pawn and then leave me up?” He might not be showing it but that was a douche move on her part and he will remember it more than when he went up for the others.


I applaud Jackie for the way she spoke with Vanessa last night when Vanessa was trying to make a deal with her. She wasn’t having any part of it. The fact remains though that I cannot stand her. She has the personality of a mop! Am glad to see though that finally someone is catching on to Vanessa. She really has pushed her way too much lately, and I can see what she is trying to do, but I think she is pushing too fast at this point. She wants to get Clay and Shelli out, but Shelli is crafty as well. She might have met her match here, and there is two of them. She will have to do some fast talking, and do it soon to save being exposed.

Audrey's Moobs

Audrey goes to the kitchen hurriedly and stuffs a few things into her bag. Was it a knife? A can opener? A can of Vienna sausages?

Whew, what a relief. On zooming in it is not a knife. Not even a can opener. Just a little can of Vienna sausages that she stuffs into the brown paper bag and shuffles away. So she’s breaking the house rules, but who cares. She’s going to be evicted anyway.

Back in the have nots room, night vision cam shows Audrey appearing to open the Vienna sausages under the covers. What is this some sort of weird sexual thing? Her hand runs up under the covers and a wiener passes into her mouth. Then another. And another.

Everyone breathes a sigh of relief as the last wiener passes under the covers to Audrey’s mouth. She’s eating! She was just hungry! Starvation and transgender hormones are nothing to mess with!

The camera lingers for several moments longer and it appears that Audrey is asleep. The red light goes off of the nightvision camera. Over to the comic book room where James is explaining the dirty aanchez to anyone who will listen.

Meanwhile Audrey quietly scrapes the metal lid to the Vienna sausage cans diagonally across her wrists. The metallic odors of steel can and iron-enriched blood fill the air as a small pool of blood forms under the have-nots dentist chair.

Johnny Mac returns to the room and discovers a scene more horrifying than any dentist office he has ever visited.


It’s funny how Liz told Julia on last night show that she has to “whore” herself out to Austin to keep her safe. That dumbass Austin has no clue how these girls really feels about him.

Better Than Last Year

Hey Simon……..was there ever a time when a hg didn’t show for the POV meeting & stayed in the game?

Have to say….don’t really care for Audrey but she definitely seems unbalanced. For production to keep her in the game just seems cruel to me.

April in Paris

I hope the house proves their lip service love of Johnny Mac and slides Odd-ree down the skybridge- buh-bye


I am so ready for l someone from the other side to win head of household. I would love to see Jason, Meg, James, or Jackie win Head of household. I want to see Vanessa, Austin, Shelly or Clay freak out if their alliance doesn’t win.


I have to imagine that as long as she isn’t damaging property or is a threat to someone else, kicking her out would be an absolute last resort.

twistin with the twins

Do either of you know if there are consequences for not showing up to participate in game play. I don’t understand how CBS would allow Audrey to skip the PoV ceremony. Its like condoning game play by your own rules. Seems like a terrible precedent for CBS to allow. I’ve been watching BB for a long time and I don’t remember anyone ever skipping out on a required function. This all seems so very wrong to me. I was wondering if you had any knowledge about the houseguest requirements. Thanks guys!


If it’s not affecting the outcome of the game, CBS is probably letting it slide. She’s still up on the block regardless of not attending the veto ceremony.

I’ll be shocked if her and her moobies make it until Thursday night though.

Take Audrey Out

Audrey just needs to be taken out of the game for her own good. She needs professional help!! I am completely bothered how production has let it go this far. News flash its no longer entertainment!!!


As much as i want audrey to stay. I think its best she get evicted and get out of the stressful house.

I am on team jonnymac now