Big Brother 16 Spoilers Week 7 POV Results ZACHATTACK

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Ca;eb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick
  • Jocasta is evicted by a vote of 6-2
  • HOH winner is Caleb his Nominations are Donny and Hayden
  • POV Winner is DONNY who uses it on himself. Caleb’s replacement nominee is Nicole
  • Hayden is evicted by a vote of 5-2
  • week 7 HOHs Christine and Nicole
  • Nominations are (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
  • Battle of the Block winners are Frankie and Caleb, Caleb didn’t participate in the competition but as luck would have it actually helped Frankie.
  • Christine promises Cody and Nicole she won’t back door them but no one can really tell for sure what her true intentions are.
  • POV Players are Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick
  • POV Winner is Zach

BB16-2014-08-09 20-38-39-801

8:33pm Zach says that was the most fun.. He wins the POV

BB16-2014-08-09 20-40-25-783

8:40pm Zach and Frankie
Frankie – I’m so happy you won.. I figured that once you won and were safe they could have a conversation
Zach says he loves Frankie as a person but as a gamer he hates him.

Frankie – can we be best friends again
Zach – we are best friends
Zach – the two characteristics i look for in people are brains and humor and your the smartest person i have ever met my entire life… If I was gay i would be on my knees s**king your D**k right now I’m not lying.. I was hurt bro I felt like my wife just cheated on me”
Frankie says Zach made him feel the same way yesterday
Zach – You cheated on me first”

Zach say they were in a very good spot and everything was working well but Frankie had trust issues with him.

Frankie – we’re still good
Zach – I have not game
Frnakie – with me you have
Zach – ya right
Frankie – I F*** you and you F*** me back
Zach – you’re the f** man
Frankie – We’re b1tches

Zach – You were scheming to get me out of the house
Frankie – I did do that..
Frankie says the plan to get out Zach was concocted by everyone Cody, Derrick Christine and Frankie.
Zach – You are so much smarter than me you had the game in the palm of you hands and you tried to get me out..
Frankie – and you tried
Zach – after your tried
Frankie – yes I understand.. we’re even now..
Zach – You ruined my game
Frankie – you ruined your game
Zach what did I do
Frnakie – you divided the group because of the information you were sharing

BB16-2014-08-09 21-04-14-942

like a boss

BB16-2014-08-09 21-14-14-035

9:09pm Frankie wants to sign a pact that they don’t believe thing that Cody and derrick say about the other
Zach says Cody and Derick don’t talk crap about Frankie so he doesn’t know what went on.
Zach – i’m not talking game to anyone.. I’m done talking game to Cody.. all I’m going to do is win Competitions
Frankie – sometimes you have to go through really bad things to trust each other
Zach says Frankie is really good at words he could be lying to him right now
Zach mentions he talked sh1t about him, Zach never did that about Frankie
Frankie says hiding this amazing thing was eating him up he needed to get it out.
Frankie wants Christine to backdoor nicole but she’s probably putting up Victoria, Frankie – “SO donny is going home”
Frankie asks him if Christine is still coming after him
Zach doesn’t think so. Zach says he spilled his entire game to Nicole “Obviously you were included in a lot of it”
Frankie – Amazing..
Zach – She told me all these things about me
Frankie – She lies
Zach – Frankie!
Zach brings up Christine telling Nicole that Zach Approached Frankie about the detonators
Frankie denies it
Zach knows it’s true give Frankie a look.
Zach – F** christine I hate her she’s a snake
Frankie – I’ve stopped talking to her completely.. we have to win HOH this week
Zach where does Beast mode Cowboy fall into all this.. I like him more than anyone know
Frankie – We’re in the bomb squad again..
Frankie thinks they got played by Christine and Nicole. Zach mentions everyone was supporting Caleb throwing the BOB competition so Frankie would be on the block.

Zach – lets do this
They hug it out..
They agree to send home a none bombsquad this week.
Zach – I love you Frankie
Frankie – Love you Zach
(Sounds like they’ve buried the hatchet)

BB16-2014-08-09 21-13-23-507

9:12pm Victoria and Derrick
Derrick tell her they have the votes DOnny is going home
Derrick says Zach will vote the way they all vote like he does every week, “If you are on the block trust me”
Victoria is worried “Donny is good with his words”
Derrick I don’t want to hear you doing this again..
Derrick – you can’t hide the fact he’s won 5 POV”she’s going to be very difficult to get out..

BB16-2014-08-09 21-20-08-094

9:19pm Cody and Derrick

Cody is pissed Zach won the POV says he’s in the Storage room with Frankie right now..
Derrick – Obviously if Victoria goes up Donny goes home.. and if Zach tries to flip the script we vote him out next week.
Cody say if he wins HOH he’s putting up Frankie and Zach he can’t stand the way Zach acts,

BB16-2014-08-09 21-50-07-743

9:29pm Frankie and derrick
Frenaki says he’s cool with Zach, “Nicole has been lying a look very well”
Frankie asks him if they are still cool him, Cody and Derrick. Derrick says he was good with Frankie anyway he was just surprised.
Frankie – Zach is OK with keeping Donny, I would like to keep him I don’t think he would put us up. Derrick tells him to be careful how he mentions that to Cody and Caleb they don’t want to keep Donny.
They want Nicole up. Frankie is going to work on Christine but he’s not sure how close Christine and Nicole have become.
Frankie – I think Christine is accidentally playing us.. there’s a leak it needs to be plugged or eliminated
Derrick thinks Victoria going to be the replacement nominee
Derrick asks beside Derrick and Team America who is Frankie closest to
Frankie says Caleb
Derrick points out that Donny’s target is Caleb.
Derrick – Victoria… when is she ever going to beat us.. never..
Frankie – And she’s never ever putting me up
Derrick – Victoria f** loves you.. never said a bad thing about you.. she doesn’t
Frankie says Nicole said Victoria talks ah1t about him
Caleb joins them
Frankie says he wants to get Nicole up she’s been lying lying and lying
Caleb – Donny won’t beat me in a HOH comp Nicole can”
Frankie thinks caleb and him can work on Frankie

Frankie – we’re all square everything that happened the past few days is over. we’re bomb squad again
Caleb – we have no reason not to be..

BB16-2014-08-09 21-56-15-478



“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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lmao yall are silly

Cooper says:
August 8, 2014 at 12:52 pm
Spoiler alert. Donny and Victoria end up nommed by the end of the week

53 137 Rate This Comment

I got 137 thumbs down when it was blatantly obvious. DEAD.


Good call Coop

Teri B

I just give that a DUH. The slaughter continues. Fish in a barrel, as I’ve said before. Oh well….there’s always next year. (My husband and I are both Cubs fans, so we know what to say…LOL)


Lol. Good call.



Dingus Beard Attack

Top 3 in polls should initiate a one-week alliance with Pinky and Christine for the lone task of dethroning King Derrick. The perks: Christine gets to have Cody to herself as they remove Cody’s life source. Donny gets his main target (and still has the two flaming queens as targets next week — i.e. Pinky and Cody). Zankie gets to strike back after a couple of misses from the Hitmen. Nicole avenges Hayden’s early out. They only need three votes (Zack, Pinky, Nic) and Christine breaks the tie. Pinky might even take Victoria off of Derrick’s mist to vote him out. Just dreamin.
If Donny returns from Jury, it would end any hope of giving Hayden a second chance at the game. Like I said, just dreamin’.


It is not like we needed further proof of what a liar Frankie is, but whether we needed it or not Frankie just stuck his smelly foot in his mouth once again and proved again what a liar he is. Remember he claims he is using ALL THE MONEY and building schools in Africa, but Zach just asked him how many he would build if he won the 500,000 and he said 3 and how many if he won 50,000 and he said 2. Simple math and it means he is keeping the majority of money for himself. Wow either Frankie is so stupid he cannot count, which he probably is, or he is a LIAR. I am going with LIAR, LIAR, LIAR!!!!


Zack is now back up Fakie’s butt. He didn’t learn a thing.


Did I miss something… How is zach and Frankie good again? Last I saw zach was still pissed??


Been a crazy couple of days.. I think it’s funny Frankie thought his bubble gum pop sister would get him off the block.. But I think that plan already backfired. Even zach still says he doesn’t trust him but he loves him as a person (he needs to do everyone and himself a favor and come out the closet) but he will not play the game with him bbad was great the last week.


Are you serious!? Ugh, just when I’m starting to like and root for Zach he goes back to Frankie… I HATE ZANKIE!




Poor donny or Nicole is now screwed, why THE HELL doEs everyone still trust Cody and Derrick after theh made an alliance with haycole? ? Like I dint get why frankie is taking all this heat when those two back stabbed so much worse smh


Beats the shit out of me why Derrick and Cody are untouchable. No one even questions them. Whatever. I honestly don’t care anymore. I just want to see some of their faces on elimination day.


Maybe because as soon as Nicole became HoH, Frankie ran to her and strongly suggested that she put Cody, Derrick and Zach on the block. None of those guys did that–until they found out what Frankie did.



But Donny :<

Go Donny!

Donny’s getting evicted this week unfortunately. I can only hope he wins a chance back in the house out of the jury members. It could be better this way since Donny stands no chance with this bunch over the next few weeks. If he’s gone for a bit, that gives the others time to really start cannabalizing each other then Donny can come in closer to the end and slide into the finals. That will take a miracle though. lol Production needs to start favoring the good people for once instead of the stupid Frankies and Elissas.


I think Donnie is ready to leave to be honest.


Your comment makes me sad.


I think you are right. Donny may be a long time BB fan but his sense of decency and his high morals make things difficult for him. Lying and backstabbing does not come easy for him. I hope he is voted back when the other side has fewer members. Better yet, a double twist and both Donny and Hayden come charging in on their white horses and save the fair Nicole.
Sorry to see that Zach is buying Skankie’s shite again. Hopefully it will not come back to bite him in the bum.


That was the essence of an earlier thread I posted on. If your a Donnie fan him going to jury is a very good thing. He or Hayden will get back in. Viewers choice it’s Donny if it’s a comp Donny still has a big chance. I want Nicole to leave only once and permanently!

Hayden/Donny Fan

I agree…… Production interferes with the game play to push their own agenda…. just like they interfered with Survivor players………. MVP is a joke – again , not fair and the player realize this….


frankie should be pushing to do the TA thing. He should be able to appeal to Derricks greed. If F wants Donny to stay, he’s going to have to push the idea of Victoria agreeing to be a pawn they can vote to evict. donny would agree to act like he knows he’s going home, and they can play off not putting up someone else or Nicole because V will agree to what derrick says. zach would have to push for nicole to not go up so christine isn’t the only one. Christine has to simply admit that they have an obvious agreement of not putting each other up, and someone at some point has to be smart enough to say that one of the 4 evictees is coming back. They need to not send nicole out, because she and hayden will work together to make sure one of them gets back in the house, not jocasta or whoever else is gone.

it is hard

it is getting fun, bro 🙂


Why does Frankie think its cool to put a streak of glitter near his left eye? Your 31 years old……. Its not fabulous, but a little dragulous.


I think he has immature personality disorder to tell you the truth.


Because he is an idiot and hides behind fake personas rather than be real. What a Peter Pan.


You guys hate Frankie’s game right? WELL THEN STICK TO IT! What the heck does his makeup gotta do with it?
Are you angry that you can do that because you’re insecure? Weirdooooooo thumbs down this comment you crazy cat men. LMFAO


I think that what kinda looks like glitter is some type of makeup made for lights but you can see it sometimes if the light hits it just right. I notice it around his eyes sometimes. He must be doing some major covering up.


I think it’s called “Eye Light” to make your eyes appear brighter under the lights. It’s the opposite of eye black that athletes use to cut the glare.


Just subscribed to the live feeds through this site to watch
Zankie make it offish and have make-up sex all night long.
#TeamZankie FTW


#ZACKATTACK #WILDCARD what sweet justice will it be when ZACH SENDS FRANKIE HOME!!


I don’t believe that will happen. Zack is up Fakie’s butt again. He didn’t learn anything. He’s back to acting like a fratbrat. Guess there’s no hope for that kid


Let’s just wait and see, sometimes it takes acting like an “A” hole to catch one, I don’t think and I hope Zach didn’t forget plush he’s has Nicole there to remind him. Fingers and toes cross.

it is hard

don’t you tell that Zack actually is falling love with Frankie? even he doesn’t realize this and think himself is straight, not a gay.


Christine please make e big move and put either Derrick or Cody on the block
Doubt she has the guts to do that though


Do you really think Ratine will suddenly go against the guys and it wouldn’t matter anyway they will vote Donny out unless she backdoors Nic. It depends on what Fakie tells her what to do. Oh the life of a minion.


But can she get the votes? Prob not.


Cody? No way, not a chance. She is too far up his butt.


Thank god zach won!!

I heart Zach

Yea! Praise The Lord !
Zach attack… Staying !!!


Well this sucks. This means Donny is going to jury. These idiots would keep Victoria over Donny!


Until Wednesday, they’d planned to keep Jocasta over Zach.


They’ll keep Victoria because she doesn’t seem to have an original thought in her head. Donny is smart and good at comps, so he’s a threat. Hurry-up and get Donny out, so he can have a break from stupidity and immaturity. Then he can come back in the game – all rested and ready to go!

Wait for it......

BAM! ZachAttack! Now come on Donny, work that magic.


Damn Zach won and Donny…


Maybe Team America will decide to try to complete their task. They get Victoria to volunteer to go up on the block (unlikely, but Derrick could make it happen…) and then get her evicted instead of Donny. *crosses fingers*


It won’t happen. Derprick and Fakie have been trying to get Donny out for too long.


Not sure you’re right about that one. Frankie and Zack want to keep Donny. Frankie is trying to sell the idea to Derrick because he’s smart enough to realize Donny has no alliances and will go after Derrick and Cody before him or Zach. Frankie also knows Victoria is a number for Derrick and Cody. Bottom line, Frankie also just wants to win more money.


And so does Derrick. He’s still pissed that he missed out on that one that Donny refused to participate in. He might cut Victoria out to get a guaranteed five grand.


yes if frankie and zach are telling the truth to each other that Derrick and Cody need to go, it means actually they need to work on getting victoria out. frankie is delusional if he thinks she is in his back pocket, she is only in Derricks and will always be a derrick vote. Getting her out, sticking to Zach who wants to stick to Nicole who is with Zach in keeping Donny, plus Frankiie should be keen on keeping donny for the TA. Derrick is completely wrong, and Frankie needs to be a lot more vocal about this, that Donny doesn’t want to be TA. he didn’t want to do that one single task, this is an opportunity for them all to do another 5.000, it is an easy one, no problem getting vic on the block, and then Donny is around for more tasks. Why they assume the TA will continue if they both target one of their own members is bizarre thinking.


Thrilled for Zach!
Heartbroken for Donny…..


Bummed for Donny and would be more thrilled for Zack, but he’s back to being Frankie’s bit$h. WTH! He wins POV and they are making up in the have not room.


I’m betting Zach is going to be backstabbing Frankie. I don’t think he’ll just forget what he did.


Sad to say, but I guess this means Donny is leaving on Thursday …what a shame I was rooting for him…


Don’t worry!! Donny coming back in the game


What’s gonna happen with Donny ?? Come on TA get Cody to volunteer himself and EVICT!!!!!


Yyeeeeesssss! Now just don’t vote out Donny and all will be good.


What are the odds that Derrick keeps Donny because of TA? Honestly, Nicole deserves to go because of her stupidity. She keeps trusting people who aren’t even doing a good job lying! Done with her.


I was never with her…


I don’t see Derrick trying to keep Donny for TA because Donny made it clear to them that he would not jeopardize his game for TA mission. I think the only way for Donny to save himself is to convince Frankie and Derrick to pursue the TA mission. Other than that, I don’t see Donny staying (even though I would love him to stay and wind). Hopefully if Donny leave he will be the Jury member to return to the game and win.


Rooting for Nicole is like rooting for JUDD last year, i wanted him to win yet he keeps making the same mistake over and over again. Likewise I just want nicole to hear out Donny, Derick is no good to her and yet she keeps going back to him.

Assuming Donny is out and someone from the jury will come back, at this point I want Hayden to come back because Hayden (from an interview) wants to get rid of Derick and Cody and he may actually have the job done, in contrast to Donny, Hayden has a lot more influence in the game.


Hayden was and still in a very clue less person. He did nothing in the game. And if he comes backs he won`t go after Cody or Derrick just like Nicole did not do it.

Im sure Production will tell Derrick to keep Donny, just like they did last week with Zack


none what so ever… Victoria will be the replacement nom and since derrick is planning on taking Victoria to the end,he will not save Donny. everyone wants Donny out. Donny needs a special power like a diamond pov… don’t worry he will be back in the house soon… he will be one of the two jurors to come back in the game.



Ambers Future Restraining Order

Production won’t allow it. Sadly.

Chilltown 4 Life

Yes! Zach won it! Now time for him to get to work to shake things up. Victoria is getting the boot, is my prediction.


I think Zankie can go back on the alliance list! 🙂


I literally just did a happy dance! Way to go #ZachAttack winning that POV. Now c’mon production, save Donny this week like you saved Frankie #wildcard


Not the outcome I wanted, but at least Zach won as oppose to Derrick/Christine/Caleb. Looks like Donny is going to the jury, but anything could happen. He also has a chance to come back so there’s that. Please let someone talk Christine into backdooring Derrick/Cody as unlikely as that sounds.

Poor Poor Zach

If Zach forgives Frankie I will be livid. I really hope this does not end Donny or Nicole’s games. The house divided is much more entertaining. Unfortunately even if Christine puts up Victoria the four idiots(Der,Cody,Caleb, and Frankie) will still vote out Donny. Ugh! My only hope for this season is that one of those four don’t win HOH next week and we may finally get some real action and scrambling going.


With Zack coming off the block TA will convince Victoria (she’s the most gullible) to go up as the pawn and vote her out.

to go up as the pawn


Maybe TA will put Victoria up and try to get her sent home for 5k.. Knowing Derrick tryna keep Victoria around it won’t happen but hey “America will be so pissed at Donny for rejecting that mission”. Well lets see who rejects it now because you know Donny is gonna push for it.


america respected donny for that decision, imo plust it was one of the stupidest tasks ever. Some of the tasks have been really stupid. It’s one thing to create some havoc by hiding someone’s stuff and blaming another person. but actually making 3 people vote against the house at that junction was asking all 3 to risk their chances. Donny was right to refuse it, and giving up the 5000 i think made people admire him more. If Frankie assumes he is America’s favourite, my guess is donny’s actions have gained him a lot of votes.


Surprise Surprise Zach won. Yeah right

Donny will be evicted. Then Donny will win to return to the game.

“Expect the expected”


I agree 100% with you.

You know what would be funny?.. when Julie says “Houseguest expect the unexpected” if everyone would say back ” expect the expected.

Im sure Nicole will go home this week, especially because she was saying out loud the BOB was set up…


Awww man, I’m gonna miss the beard rub.


MaybeTeam America will get the idea of having Victoria volunteer (play it as saving derrick from going up and possibly out) and vote her out… easy 5K as the only real choices are her and nicole.


I will never ever watch big brother again if Donny goes


To be honest, whoever Derrick says will go gets evicted because these people are so stupid especially Cody! I feel bad for Donny but am happy Zach won and it will be better if Donny stays and Victoria( princess wanna be aka floater) goes home.


They need to get rid of Spanky quickly. He is a plague on this house.


I wish they would get Cody to volunteer to go up and send him home. He’s useless. Can’t trust any man that pee’s sitting down.

Baby Firefly

Zach is the kind of person that is an unbearable douchbag when he’s on top, but when he’s down and out, he’s a great person and you want to root for him.
Power doesn’t agree with him at all. And
Sadly, I don’t think he’s going to go after Frankie. Hope I’m wrong.


Don’t worry Donny fans he will only be in jury for one week. I firmly believe that after four juror are in jury, battle of the block will be the way for two jurors to get back in the house? this is the only way for the season to end on sep 26.


The whole game is making me ill right now. I hate it when my favorite is in real danger. Donny is going to have to really work hard to stay.

Canadian Girl

Bummer! I’m a Donny fan gotta admit. Any chance Zach is faking the make up with Frankie?

Poor Poor Zach

I’m hoping that Zach is going to play Frankie’s game and smile and reassure him to his face and then stab him in the back!

Troll Christine!

Will the four-eyed troll Christine put up Victoria? Maybe…… but it doesn’t matter who goes up, Donny is for sure to go next! This BB16 is so lame and dull!

BTW Julie Chen, where are these so-called Super-Duper summer of twists? You lied to us!


I think because all the people this year are so stupid and chicken, that any kind of twist would not even work. Nothing changes in the game this season. Got stuck and will stay this way all the way to the end


Donny, or Nicole is going… #Zachattack #Wildcard


Nevermind my bad my thing didn’t load lol yeah zach get away from Frankie please

Canadian Girl

Or that Zach will see through Frankie knowing he’s still trying to save his butt with Zach since he’s staying?


Definition(s) for the term “New York Minute:”

1. The amount of time that Derrick/Cody waited before talking to Christine about the POV result.
2. The amount of time it took them to decide to “INSTRUCT” Christine to put up Nicole as the replacement.
3. The amount of time it will take Christine to agree to do it.

BTW: “INSTRUCT” is the correct word. If Derrick/Cody told Christine to take a dump on the hammock, she would do it.



They would probably tell her to put herself up a Paw….

Christine said she shoppes at Walmart right? Well , having a brain like she does, I guess she will spend her whole life shopping at Walmart. She will never make it anywhere.


Zankie back together. I’m going to be sick!!!


“If I was gay i would be on my knees s**king your D**k right now I’m not lying.. I was hurt bro I felt like my wife just cheated on me”

Really? REALLY???


I don’t have live feeds. Am I missing something? are they “hooking up”?


Honestly, this might be the perfect TA mission. .convince Victoria she is going up as a “pawn” like every other week…..and then BAM, VOTE HER OUT!


I think Victoria is playing a very strategically game.

She knows people plays personal and they don`t like her, which means they won`t ally with her.

She knows Derrick is the master mind of everything. That`s why she is close to him, and told him she is alone in the game and she only trusts him.

I think Derrick would take Victoria and Cody to the Final 3.

But Victoria could win the last HOH and vote Derrick out.

FInal 2 – Victoria vs COPussyDy

BB Duckie

You’re giving Victoria wayyyyy too much credit here