Caleb “I’m serious I’m going to sit on the ground and say .. I’m ending your game today..”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  ? Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

Frankie tears

4:50pm HOH Nicole, Derrick and Cody
Talking about Frankie wanting to tell them a story about why he’s in Big Brother. Derrick mentions people can make things up just as easily, He cites Matt Hoffman saying his wife had a “Leg Disease” but it being a complete lie
Caleb – I’m serious I’m going to sit on the ground .. I’m going to say .. I’m ending your game today..”
They compare notes about AMber, Caleb finds out Frankie had a big role in getting Amber out and spreading sh1t about her. Derrick says Amber is going to get a present this week with Frankie leaving . Caleeb is going to take the tape with Amber written on it from inside his cap to the outside. and say “THis is for you Amber”
Caleb will tell Frankie during the COmpetition. – “Frankie don’t even break a sweat cause i’m not moving.. “
Derrick – It sounds like a big apparatus is being built out there
Caleb – they’re building six flags out there.
Caleb – “I’m going to lay there like a fish.. a dead fish”
Since I was a kid I was told to not play with Snakes you are the biggest snake in this house.. You pray to god you win the Power of veto. Caleb says he’s going to start listing all the lies Frankie said during the competition and asks Frankie for answers. Caleb has a bunch of speeches ready one will highlight all the final 2 deals Frankie has made and how he made a final 2 with Caleb day 2.

Zach joins them Derrick jokes say Caleb has changed his mind he’s “beasting it” Derrick adds that if Caleb does what he plans on doing he’s upstaging Zach a lot.
Zach says he’s going to tell crap to Frankie during the competition “I f***g hate Frankie\”
They all agree they don’t care what Frankie has to say about his life outside the house. Caleb mentions he could tell everyone his war stories but he wants to keep personal things out of the game. Caleb mentions that Frankie is going to tell him tonight and he told him to just keep it to himself and tell him when they get out of the house.
Nicole – he’s grabbing at anything
Derrick mentions that Caleb found out Frankie’s role in evicting Amber.
Caleb is most pissed about this for because he was played by Frankie. “I wanted to run down there slam his face into that memory wall”
Zach – I hate that guy with a passion. .. I feel like the f***g idiot but i’ll get the last laugh on Thursday..
Zach impersonates what Frankie will do during the BOB comp because Caleb plans to throw it.(See image) Zach adds that Frankie will be crying he’ll be talking sh1t to him, Caleb will be talking sh1t to him it’s going to be epic.

Zach is telling Nicole to put Frankie And Christine on slop
Nicole doesn’t want to put Christine on Slop because it’s so hard for her to eat.
Zach – So what it’s big brother she signed someone saying she will eat whatever
Derrick points out if Frankie is on slop he’ll be weaker in the POV.
Zach about Frankie – He’s so fake he brown noses everyone.. he’s the fakest person in the game.. Zach adds the things Frankie said are horrible he feels like he looks like a idiot for following along with Frankie.

Caleb says what it happening this week is kinda like boar hunting with bay dogs and Catch dogs.
Derrick and Zach are the dogs you demoralize the hog, bark at them tire them out but don’t go after the hog or the Bay dog can die.

Caleb – you guys are basically running around frankie barking after him.. saying Hey Freak you going home”
Caleb – But you need a catch dog.. BEASTMODE COWBOY is your Catch Dog
Caleb – “I’m going to probably just say something simple.. I’m going to mention the AMber thing cause that eats me up..
Nicole say this was for her, you know she’ll be at home watching

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BB16-2014-08-08 16-54-23-398
4:53pm looks worried

BB16-2014-08-08 16-57-00-056

4:56pm Kitchen Looks who’s back to cuddling..

5:46pm HOH Derrick, Nicole, Zach and Caleb
Caleb talking about the things Frankie told him about Amber that were lies but he believed Frankie over AMber.
Zach – THat’s so f**d up
Caleb – OHH I can’t wait for the Veto OHH I can’t wait for the BOB”
Zach – I cannot wait for the BOB.. dude he’s so turnt right now.. what are you at right now like 5”
Caleb – 4
Caleb – Take that skinny little pink hair and slam it against that memory wall
Zach – Whoa
Nicole – You’ll get kicks out
Caleb – WELL YA i’m not going to do that.. .. If it was out on the street it would be a different deal..
Zach – He would be in the hospital
Nicole – Whoa
Zach – he would be in the emergency room f**ed up right now
Caleb – If it was out in the street.. I wouldn’t touch him
Explains he would ask someone to punch Frankie and go home watch lion king “there it’s done”
Derrick ya lets go watch lion king..
Zach – The circle of life.. ”
Caleb – The Circle…
(see iamges)

BB16-2014-08-08 17-56-01-411

5:50pm Zach and Caleb “Crushing it”

BB16-2014-08-08 18-17-39-751


Caleb doesn’t want anyone to use the veto he’ll say the reason is because he’s squeezing the life out of the person he’s sitting beside (Frankie)

BB16-2014-08-08 18-36-31-522

6:25pm Living room Caleb and Zach
Caleb getting more steamed about Frankie goes through all the things he’s going to say to rankie.. repeating everything over and over…
Caleb thinks because he’s planning on throwing /sabotaging the BOB Production is changing the competition that is why they are still building it and it’s so late.
Caleb is going to incorporate a strike 1 strike 2 strike 3 into his tirade ask Frankie questions if he lies 3 times he’s out.
Caleb – Quite Frankly my parents told me since I was a little boy not to play with Snakes.. sorry Frankie i’m not playing with you today you’re the biggest snake in the house
Zach – Take your time there’s no reason to rush it.. think about it pause.. .. it’s stronger looking when you are standing up..

BB16-2014-08-08 18-48-37-451

6:45pm HOH Christine and Nicole
Christine promises her no matter what she is not backdooring Nicole.
CHristine says that Zach told her Nicole was trying to get him to put Christine up.
Nicole says at that point their relationship was stronger than ever SHe completely denies saying that to Zach.

BB16-2014-08-08 19-29-56-864

7:28pm FIREROOM Zach and Donny
Zach explains the Caleb/Frankie rift.. Caleb’s blaming Frankie for Amber being gone to make a long story short.. Frankie made Nicole lie about something to Caleb and Frankie said if you don’t lie to Caleb i’m going to put you on the block.. Nicole lied to Caleb and that is why Caleb got mad at Amber and wanted Amber gone.. So CAleb feels like Frankie is the reason that Caleb turned on Amber so he’s going to do this whole spiel To amber during the BOB
Donny – I hope so
Zach – Dude you have nothing to worry about..
Donny – we’ll do good..
Zach – I’m a little sore but i’m limber.. limber and quick
DOnny best case scenario we win and we are the safe ones for the week

BB16-2014-08-08 19-37-00-522

Cody showing us Eliza’s lips from BB15

BB16-2014-08-08 19-51-12-950

7:46pm ROCK ROOM Donny grabbing something from the drawers. Caleb tells him the only way he would try and win the BOB is if the winner gets 5 thousands dollars or wom other prize.
Donny leaves Frankie comes by
Caleb – you must have really messed up Frankie .. obviously Zach remembers something to a T because he’s upset
Frankie – none of it had ill intent.
Caleb has hear a lot of things but it’s all be he said she said stuff.
Frankie says it will all come out when he talks to the house tonight.
Caleb says everyone will appreciate him being a man about it

7:54pm Feeds on Jeff BOB Com under way

9:13pm no feeds

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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I am seriously going to enjoy BMC throwing the BOB and seeing Frankie cry like a little baby.


If Caleb just downs down like that, it will be the funniest thing all season for me.


even though I think production will make this plan backfire and get Caleb evicted, this combo of beast mode cowboy and zack attack on feeds was by far the most entertaining highlight all season. it would of been more entertaining having Zach and Caleb teamed up earlier in the game than Zach and Frankie. if they go through in what they are planning, Frankie is gonna shit himself.


He won’t. Now he’s incorporating a “3 strike” addendum into his BIG PLAN. That gives him an excuse when he doesn’t go through with it. Boastmode is full of himself.


…….and now it’s five grand or a prize. He’s weaseling out of it. And seriously, do you think he would give up a chance to show his prowess on an endurance comp.? Now, if he LOSES it, he’ll then have THROWN it, of course.

Amber's Future Restraining Order

Sadly Dragon Lady Grodner would probably cough up the $5,000 to keep the little pink weasel in the game. That or the twisted twist we have been promised all summer will bring Pinky With No Brain back. Groan.


The problem with throwing any comp, and Caleb should know this, is by Thursday a whole lot can change in that house, including Frankie taking himself off the block and BMC sitting there a big target suddenly!

Amber's Future Restraining Order

The Pink Flamingo is using his Grandfather’s death as an excuse for his sh1t on BBAD, Derrick going off on him, at least for now. What a couple of losers. If my Grandfather died in New York while I was on a reality show in California there would be nothing left of me but jet exhaust. Just sayin’….


Is Frankies big secret who is sister is?? Does he think that will save him? Of course with these fame whores i guess it’s possible.


i dont think have of the house would even know who she is. they are all over 15 anyways. and what does that have to do with his game in the house. i dont think itll help him one bit.


He’s probably going to tell them about the “schools” he’s going to build with the money. Not so sure that is legit or not. Like the others shouldn’t play so hard for the money because he is using it for “charity” and not personal gain. SMH


What does he think will happen? People (who actually need the money to live on or make their lives better) are going to say, oh, gee this guy (who is now telling us he doesn’t need the money) he needs it for a charity reason? And we should all just let him win because it’s the ‘right’ thing to do.

I can’t believe he thinks that might help him at all, it’s an admission that of all the people, he doesn’t need the money. Imagine he tells them his sister is making $$$$ in entertainment? Wow, that’s delusional.

What’s the number one reason people wanted Elissa out of the house? Because she clearly had money, didn’t need money and wasn’t going to need money. The last thing some cop with a new baby is going to do is say, oh, that’s great frankie, why don’t you take my place here?


Completely agree, Sunnydee! “I’m a Poet & Didn’t Know It” Remember that from grade school? 😉


Killer cop. Lets not forget Derrick is a douche-bag.


No, I think he is going to appeal to Caleb’s Christianity by telling him about the schools he wants to build. That’s what he’s been telling TA but who knows if it’s even true.

Think what you want...

FYI – think what you want about Frankie’s game play….but don’t doubt his commitment to building schools in Africa. It’s totally legit….all you have to do is google it.


Who effing cares if he’s building the world’s largest Free Obstetrics and Gynecology Center for the Lindsay Lohan’s of the world. The fact of the matter is, It’s a day too late and a dollar hooker too short!


No I think he will reveal his tail. And his love of cheese


I still don’t have a clue who his sister is. I don’t give a sh*t enough to spend the 10 seconds to google it.


Frankie only defense left if he needs to address anything to the house will be outing himself, Derrick and Donny as TEAM AMERICA. that will really open people’s eyes on Derrick’s game.


That rat so fast he will play for himself and beast mode dummy

Amber's Future Restraining Order

Derrick the pig giving a hardcore interrogation Caleb threatening “if we were outside” threats, someone just asked him if he ‘even gay! Blaha Blaha!! Blaha!!


I think Production will step in tomorrow and Frankie will win POV. I hope not, but either they will step in and Frankie win the POV or Production will convince Derrick to convince the others to keep Frankie (for TA) which then may put a target on his back.


Gosh someone needs to nominate Pig Nose!!!!


I agree


Is he the biggest liar and manipulator in the house? Seems so to me. Not that I have a problem with that but, man, he somehow gets on my nerves. Probably because he gets away with it every time.

team amber alert

Derrick and Cody are dirty too


You don’t hear Derrick and Cody saying a word, their running scared now – they didn’t think it was going to go this far – I bet now they want to start playing clean like they should have been doing in the first place. Every dog has his/her day – Frankie is the 1st and then it will trickle down to the others. Caleb is not as punchy as we all thought, I bet Derrick is taking a second look at him – saying damn maybe I better leave his Jaw alone, Caleb may hit me back. It’s on NOW!!!!


It’s because he’s a cop, there is a smug arrogance he has which is what I hate. It’s like that cop that won survivor last season I could not stand that guy! They’re not the same but they were both cops haha


The guy is a disgrace to the public service and police officers. Wanting to direct violence against anyone is just plain wrong. Plus it stinks of anti-gay rhetoric and homophobia. You can feel its just from reading the words like “don’t touch him”, etc. They do not realize these words many gay people hear on a daily basis in certain parts of the country. Now I am hoping Frankie survives. Plus how is Derrick, Cody, Christine, and Zack innocent regarding Amber?


Are you blinded by your hate for him? He said don`t touch him because he’ll get expelled from the house. I guess frankie telling Zach to not touch Devin was anti-black too. Leave him alone, he’s not a cop inside the house, he’s playing the game, we’ve seen worse. Give him a break.


I agree with you. I think Derrick is playing a good game. You can’t play Big Brother and not get your hands dirty alittle. Compared to last year’s winner Derrick is a saint.


Also, unlike last years winner Derick is playing a great game. He’s the houseguest whisperer; he can manipulate anyone do do anything, has controlled pretty much all of the evictions and has name has never been seriously considered for eviction.
Even Cody who has a F2 deal with Derick doesn’t realize that he’s planning on ditching Cody and dragging Victoria to sit next to him at the end.
He’s playing a great game and I can’t hate him for that, but I am disappointed that his great game is ruining my entertainment by making it a predictable, therefore a boring season.


LOL. Who is pignose?


Its almost surreal to see Frankie in the position he’s in now. Even if he does stay this week, he is target number one from here on out. Not even the safety net of returning into the game can help him now.

This week's already nuts.

If this goes the way everyone is talking about, it’s a Dan level mist jod by Derrick and co. Frankie did stir the pot when it came to Amber but in the Zack nomination, he had his hands really clean for a change. It will be impressive if Derrick and Cody not only get through this week without that backdoor option but send Frankie out as the scapegoat.


If I was Frankie and got evicted had a chance to come back my response would be, naw, you know I really didn’t want the 500k it was nice while I was in charge but let’s call this a rap. He may not even come to Finale Night.


If it wasn’t for being obsessive over Amber, Caleb would probably be my favorite HG but for no he sits behind ZachAttack

smd nicole

lol u clearly don’t have the feeds…. he literally can’t stop talking about himself…. remember the drinking game in big brother 8 where the guys would drink every time jen johnson would say “I”????? ya we would all die of alcohol poisoning in an hour if we did it with caleb


It’s funny that the other houseguests are using Amber once again to get Caleb pumped up into doing something. He’s so easy to manipulate!

I bet now Caleb will blame everything on Frankie and think that Amber was actually in love with him. LOL

Help please

Love the show thanks simon & dawg for the updates .. Question .. I was discussing the current state of the house with my dad and we were wondering when and why Christine and Frankie are getting the backlash ( as opposed to Derrick and Cody) .. Were they sketchy first? Are tgey working together? If someone can tell me when it began I’ll go back and read it or someone can quickly explain it to me that would be great


That’s the $1,000,000 question! She’s still being played by Derrick and Cody and can’t see it. Maybe it’s because Hayden trusted them. Also, Hayden outed Frankie and Christine when he was on the block before he was evicted and Nicole followed in his footsteps. She was played by the whole house, but even more so by Derrick and Cody. I’m not sure Nicole trusts Cody, but Derrick worked his manipulation magic and turned it to his advantage again. I so wish he was on the block.

Eviction night

Why did Hayden and Nicole both accuse Frankie and Christine … What did they do ? Or are they clueless and it was really Derrick and Cody.


Basically when Nicole and Christine became hoh Frankie went up to them and told them to nominate Derrick, Cody, Zach, and Caleb. Nicole told Zach about this and Zach told Derrick Cody and Caleb and then they were pissed and blamed everything on them too to Nicole and she believed them

Question mostly answered

Thanks !! So why is Christine lumped with Frankie ? They aren’t working together (besides detonators) or did I miss something ? Basically its just Derrick manipulating and escalating what Frankie did to overshadow his involvement … But then again Frankie did say to put those people up and he was quick to say bye bye zach … This makes more sense now .. Thanks !


Some of the things Christine did to Nicole was tell Nicole that Victoria n Hayden made out. Hayden denied this. Also, Nicole n Hayden thought Christine was votng Zack out but she actually voted for Zack to stay. Frankie n Christine approached Nicole n Hayden with an alliance but then voted for Zack to stay.


I’m wondering if Nicole is hedging her bets at this point but not truly trusting Derrick. She may realize she can’t trust anyone anymore, but she can only get out these backstabbers one at at time. Derrick’s plan to have Caleb throw the BOB, was an opportunity for Nicole to secure her HOH without any chance of being backdoored by Christine. That may be why she’s going along with it. Frankie is a dangerous player no matter, a good target. Even if she prefers to take out Cody/Derrick, she still gets a lot accomplished with a Frankie hit and she practically ends guaranteeing her HOH win. Plus, Zach really is sincere about working with her. Nicole knows he’s still loyal to Derrick/Cody. If Zach is ready to protect her to some degree then there is no point in rattling him by shaking up his connections just yet. It’s obvious that Zach is bent on taking out Christine after Frankie goes, which means that he really has no reason to go back on his word to Nicole about not putting her on the block, at least for the near future.


Nicole was absolutely talking about Cody last night when she said. ‘I know who needs to go’ something like but I don’t know how to do it. She was especially upset because Cody and Hayden were supposed to be close. Cody swore his loyalty to the Rationale….then left her and Hayden out to dry.


Just read an exit interview from Hayden, and in it he says if he got to go back in the house his #1 targets would be Cody & Derrick.

Here’s to hoping Hayden gets to return. I’d love to see Cody & Derrick called out!!


Frankie was looking sketchy weeks ago. Everyone knew his social game was strong and that he was potentially playing everyone. Recently he and Christine were getting close, and she was looking shady as well bc she also didn’t seem to have clear loyalties. Then she started playing too hard by dropping the Vic/Hayden rumor and leaking the guy alliance to Vic. Meanwhile Derricks laid low having his guys do his dirty work and also working the trusted brother/father figure angle with everyone.


Excellent analysis, IMO.

Teri B

Yeah, like Production would tolerate the cowboy just sitting down. No chance.


you don’t want to believe production does things but this last veto I wanted Donny to win and last year it was the same situation in that duck comp Zach looked like he had it locked and then couldn’t find 3rd duck what if the 3rd duck wasn’t there who would know nobody and Donny is old and slow so I think several pits only had 2 I do think they try to keep it to a minimum but always someone comes out of diary room and in 10 minutes they seem to know a lot more than before just saying


I personally think it would make for much better TV if Caleb just sat down and started chewing out Frankie. I’d much rather watch that drama play out than just another “nail biter” comp.

But you never know what production will do.


Caleb’s gonna end up going home…idiot


Very possible, but we can dream that things will work out as planned, which they usually don’t. I am at least glad to see Caleb wasn’t buying Frankie’s talk about why he was in BB by sitting him off from telling Caleb why.


he wants to tell him a building the 500 dollar schools in 3rd world country even the worst economic country it would be a piece of junk don’t believe any of it don’t think he would say anything about his sister because who would care


And Donnie, Derrick and Frankie will each have another $5,000


Yes it could happen, then he’ll feel like the biggest douche volunteering to go on the block. If he throws the BOB and doesn’t win veto it would be the perfect opportunity to get rid of him since they are all so scared of him.
When they have the chance they should take it, otherwise before you know it he’ll be Final HOH ready to win the game.

It seems the majority want Frankie out. I’m all for that. But Caleb being evicted after telling Frankie he’s a mastermind, that would be hilarious. And will for sure teach Caleb a lesson in humility.

It’s all up to Derrick really. Things can quickly change like they did with Zach.


I dunno. Caleb learning a lesson about anything might be over-estimating his intellectual capacity. We are talking about a guy who continues to act like the woman who repeatedly and implicitly rejected his advances is his wife in the real world. I have a feeling the only thing he’d take from his stunt ending with his eviction is that he lacks enough self-confidence and should really work on getting more. lol


LOL!! I still love you, Queen Bee!!


Then that shabby amberbeast had the nerve to say don’t use the veto. I can’t believe Christine has not told they all were in on it about Amber Derrick too. He is so dum to think Frankie did all of this himself to get amber out. I must have miss something. What or who told that beast about Amber ?


I hope this doesn’t backfire and Frankie stays and Caleb goes although Idc who goes. Dumb ass beast mode had it coming if he goes! I can’t stand Christine and Cody. Shame on Christine, I feel bad for her husband fr!


I felt bad for him too with that HOH letter…


Yeah, he said “please don’t forget about me..” Heartbreaking.

Don't agree

Now this game is getting nasty…. As much as Frankie has done his dirty work, no one deserves what they are putting him through right now. It’s quite awful. It’s kind if like watching a gang verbally abuse someone. I don’t know how to feel about this. The whole conductor of all of this was Derrick and Cody and the fact that Frankie is taking the brunt of it doesn’t sit well with me. I bet Derrick really is a dirty cop outside of the house.


The whole seasons has been a gang mentality once the “alliance” decided who was going home they were brutal talking about the person behind their back and shunned them around the house.


i totally agree with you, Don’t! this is almost as bad as when amanda terrorized elisa when elisa was HoH.


Amber went through the same thing , and under Frankie’s HOH. So if she did, so can Frankie. Karma is a beeyatch.


The bashing is always unnecessary but when you get caught playing a dirty game don’t expect anyone to say anything nice about you.

Maria L.

I too, am disgusted with what is going on with Frankie. I am certainly not a fan of his, But he doesn’t deserve this. Mr. Smug Derrick gets off ‘Scot Free’! When will these people wake up! I am also disappointed in Nicole; her half lie. She adores Derrick, and won’t fess up, that he and Cody started this.


derrick gets away with it because hes calm even when someone wants to do something different from him he thinks to himself and presents a situation to get them to alter there thinking im not saying I want him to win but hes the player by leaps and bounds

Caren in Canada

I hate to say that I agree with you wholeheartedly, I was so stoked at the fact that Frankie, was going to get a little karma served up, but there is nothing I hate more that a group mob mentality! Maybe it is just him playing us with that sad (sitting alone like everyone wants nothing to do with him) look on his face that just makes me feel horrible for anyone in that house that is treated like that! I realize this is just a game, but man when did it turn so dayum ugly and mean! The way they are ignoring him and treating him like chit just makers me feel really uncomfortable for him! (even though part of me knows he deserves it)


When is the BOB!?!?!?!?!


Somebody give Derrick, Donny and Frankie their pink slips, because Zach Attack/Beast Mode is the true Team America.


Blackfish – TOTALLY AGREE!


Are they doing the BOB yet? Can’t wait to see the fireworks this will create. I hope Caleb does what he says he will do. Should be funny to see on the next episode.


Can you tell me how Derrick never gets nominated. Are the house guests blind to the fact that he is the mastermind here.


Dan stashed a can of mist somewhere in the house and Derrick was lucky enough to find it.


Right!!! Derrick has those cans of mist stock piled like that cop on survivor had Immunity Idols

The Block

The only houseguests that were never on the block were Derrick & Cody. This week is the first time Frankie has been on the block and the first week that Victoria was not on the block. It amazes me on the level of stupidity of people actually wanting to go on the block (Caleb/Zach). What’s even more stupid is volunteering or even agreeing to throw a BoB competition (where you are guaranteed safety). Would you throw a veto competion if you were a nominee, even if you had the numbers to not evict you? Wait, we have to see what Caleb will do, stay tuned. Soon we will be saying Marcellas who (Season 3)?

smd nicole

y’all may hate him now but in a couple years we will all look at derrick at one of the bests ever… dan gheesling has even said that derrick is the best person at covering his tracks in the house ever

Roisen Dubh

He is playing a damn good game. That’s just a fact. but he’s made major mistakes over the last couple of weeks. If he would’ve been playing the way he was the first 3 weeks up until last night, he would’ve been beyond golden. He shifted gears way too early and that’s gonna end him. But if he wins, love him or hate him, it will go down as a top 5 solid BB gameplay ever.


Looks like TA maybe in play?


now caleb saying he won’t throw it if its 2 weeks of slop

and Frankie was in DR comes out and hugs caleb



I STILL will bet $$ that he won’t throw it. He’s all talk.


Production will stop it somehow just like last week, feeding people ideas, it is bullcrap, love nicole and donny, can not stand derrick and cody.

go/ frankie

nicole is a dummy , i hope production really does save frankie

Captain Crunch

Christine actually thinks she got a shot with Cody, now that the other pretty girls ( Brittany and Amber) are gone lmao!! she’s too stupid to realize he’s using her and no one else in the house likes her. Cant wait for her to leave after Frankie




As they say on Youtube: Exposed!


I can NOT believe how naive Nicole is, Derrick & Cody played her like a fiddle, and yet she still is will to continue working for them. Ummm wake up Nicole! Frankie couldnt have flipped the house by him self! Frankie aint a mind reader, he knew you were gonna backdoor him! Yey you can add 1+1 & figure it out! OBVS Derrick & Cody (The ONLY ppl you told and made an alliance) with other then Donnie & Hayden back stabbed you!

You know the old saying fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

I guarantee Derrick & Cody will backstab her again, seeings she was too dumb to relaize it the first time.

production rigged it

I agree if somebody made an alliance with me and then made up some bullsh!t story for stabbing me in the back, I sure as hell wouldn’t be stupid enough to trust them again. I would have put their ass on the block in a heartbeat and called them out in front of everybody and then sat back and watched the fun.

Roisen Dubh

I have to admit if Caleb’s plan happen on BOB, it’ll be good TV, but I wish these people would stop mugging for the camera and just play the game. Somehow America’s favorite is morphing into the bigger prize than the 500k. And it’s just not this season. But it sounds like it’s gonna be a tough week for Frankie and Christine. They’re getting the Shelly treatment- you know when Rachel busted her?


I think Frankie is going to tell them that he is Arianna Grande’s brother. Then Cody and Zach will fall back to him, with Victoria and then he might be saved. Lol. I don’t know. Just my thought. Because he told Victoria she is going to like what he tells them later. I don’t like Frankie but I’d have felt better if Derrick was in this position. Frankie is probably going to play the brother of a celebrity card.


i don’t think he’ll use the ariana card. that’ll get him evicted real fast because these people already think he has $$s and doesn’t “deserve” to be there. of course, the others all “deserve” to be there. i think he wants to tell them the real reason why he’s there. he has schools built for children in africa and other 3rd world countries from the money he earns on youtube and his winnings on BB TA. it costs $5000 per school.

Friendly neighbor

I hope nicole is playing dumb and playing along derricks game, Maybe it’s better for her right now standing between the guys let them pick each other out… Why is she not telling zach that derrick and cody wanted him out before frankie etc….? Hope zach and nicole work something out soon, And I surely hope I am not giving them too much credit…


As annoying as Frankie’s personality may be to us viewers… I hate seeing hypocrisy with Derrick, Cody, and Zach ganging up on him when they have lied and done just as much backstabbing to Caleb about Amber and each other… I guess Frankie ended up the fall guy, but the stuff Caleb and Zach are saying makes them look like punks, they are mad because they got played by a gay guy(which I think plays a part in their anger because this group of guys already seem very misogynistic towards ALL the females), and if Zach hadn’t been sleeping all last week, he could have realized it wasn’t Frankie that originally wanted to turn on him but mainly Derrick….
I hate to say it but now I am hoping Frankie wins veto just to piss them off… (I usually root for the outcast of the house for entertainment purposes, even when it was Devin briefly) lol


Hmmm..Frankie is NOT a female.


Does anyone else see Victoria floating to final 2…


I hope she does not.


Yeah. Derrick is Taking victory to final two because he knows she is the only one he can beat in the final. That’s while he keeps telling the others that they shouldn’t vote her out because she is a vote for them. He is playing the others and they don’t even realize it.


I see a difference in what Frankie does vs others. Frankie straight makes up complete lies about people. Christine does the same thing. There is no basis of truth to some of the rumors they spread.

Derrick for example stretches the truth. Could you technical say they are lies, probably yes. But they are based from what others say and then he puts spin on it to work in his favor. That to me is the Big Brother game. Not fabricating complete utter bullsh*t.

Straight up lying, gets you in the position Frankie is in right now. Happens every season to certain house guests.


nice. Zach goes from studying like a boss to crushing it with caleb



Wont be long till Francie uses his sisters name as a ploy. This is one time I wish I had live feed. Love to see him squirm. He is accustomed to being the center of attention. Wahhh!


This is getting ridiculous. Boast Mode Cowboy needs to simmer down. What did your sainted momma say boastmode? Whooooo little doggie!! The guy still makes my skin crawl…..sorry.


Kudos to Hayden and Nicole for using their nomination speeches to turn the house on Frankie and Christine… It would be great if they go for Derrick and Cody soon but it’s better than watching Nicole, Donny, and Victoria go out in a row

Roisen Dubh

I just read Hayden’s exit interview and Derrick, Cody, Frankie and Christine better pray he doesn’t come back in the house. Especially Derrick and Cody.


Honestly, derrick and cody hasn’t won any competitions in a while, I would save them after getting out Frankie and Christine


I agree, but if you really think about it, they don’t have to. They manipulate every HG to do what they want done.

Kathie from Canada

I’m still not convinced. This whole situation just seems too fluid. So many slimy things can happen between now and eviction night. It always makes me nervous when people are counting chickens before they are hatched. 🙁


hope production gives frankie a pass if that idiot BMC throws the comp or ejects BMC for making the violent threats against frankie.


to those saying what is said about Frankie is bad

cmon folks, what he said about Zach since about week 2 while pretending to be “zankie” was about as bad as it gets. this guy has it coming, and I think its time he eats some of that pie Zach has had to eat all summer.


Yes. Let’s pretend that Zach is not awful. I mean come on, Cody, Derrick, and Caleb have each spoken at length about how they hate the way he talks to (and about) Victoria. Give me a break. None of those people liked Zach. They all thought he was crazy and impulsive, especially when he was HOH.


Hope hayden comes back in, over frankie, christine, and Jocasta. Then him Nicole, Donny, Zach and maybe Caleb (dont care if he goes but as long as its after Christine and Frankie). Then a Donny, Hayden, Zach F3. If it gets to that I honestly dont care who wins. Of course Donny for America favorite though.


Nicole really has no options, she could team up with Frankie and Christine or team up with derrick and cody? I think Nicole believe that derrick and cody are a better option for her at this point in the game….. she felt more betrayed by Frankie and Christine, also she sees the house wants either Frankie or Christine gone…. I think she realize both derrick and cody cant be trusted its just she cant do anything about it at this point…….. Zach gave Nicole tons of info about the house and vice versa with their honesty convo In the bee hive…. im hoping if hayden comes back Nicole and Donny is still there so they can link back up and battle derrick cody and caleb…..

Derricks Lady Hands

Don’t worry, Production will rig it so one person is supposed to sit in a locked cage while the other has to save them, or some bs like that. Just like Donny “finding” those ducks so fast.



Zach threw the comp and maybe Christine also? Zach won the comp easily after he found his two ducks. Donny was only on his first duck and for some odd reason he slowed down with his search for his third duck , he just sat there when Donny found his third duck….. Christine was super slow with her searching for her ducks….. I think the only person trying to win that veto was hayden, Donny and bmc… the rest could have cared less because they knew Nicole would be the replacement nom…..


Caleb thinks because he’s planning on throwing /sabotaging the BOB Production is changing the competition that is why they are still building it and it’s so late.


they are changing the comp that’s why its taking so long…. production wants Frankie to stay in the house…. Frankie is to valuable to be evicted this soon….


Caleb betta hope the veto is used by somebody other than Frankie, cause he keep begging to be left on the block with Frankie he gonna wine up walking out the door.


I don’t know who’s sweater that is …. but it really works on Zach. I would totally jump him.


I thought Frankie already told his story about building schools in other countries and he could build so many schools with $5000. I think it was in week one or two when he mentioned his “good deeds”. Maybe he didn’t tell it to everyone.


I know Frankie told derrick about the schools and maybe Donny was with them? bc with the TA, one mission would purchase a school.


One may not like Frankie, but the violent language directed against him is not acceptable. I sense some homophobic and anti-gay sentiment on the part of Caleb. Wanting violence against someone in what is only a game is going to far. Sorry, if no one agrees, but CBS better put an end to it. It also shows what a low life Derrick is As a police officer he should have a higher standard then that. I know absolutely despise Derrick because all he is directing this hate against Frankie. Play hard, but don’t threaten anyone.


I have gay friends (male and female) as well as straight friends and none of my male straight friends would appreciate or tolerate anyone including a gay man continuously sexually harassing (which is what Frankie’s actions are) them.
And even my gay male friends do not aprove of the way Frankie is always touching and talking inappropriately with the hgs.
C’mon, what would everybody be saying if Donny were acting that way with all of the (younger than him) girls in that house? ?


Derrick is probably a homophobic cop in real life, so naturally he is all for this violent threats being made against Frankie. This is no longer just joking around either.. Caleb I could see being like that in real life.. Zach I am genuinely disappointed at.. With Zach it’s more like his best friend ripped his heart out in an act of betrayal and he is lashing out blindly.. I hope Zach finds out that Frankie tried to save him but was outnumbered and luckily Caleb got on board to save Zach. We all know who the mastermind was behind the scenes to evict Zach.. Let’s hope Zach finally finds out.


In an interview, Hayden said if he gets back in the game he will target Derrick and cody, I would love to see this. Derrick and Cody are too comfortable.


Simon and dawg I think you can take the detonators off the alliance list it’s done lol


I think he wants to tell Victoria about his sister especially when he said she would be so excited. Still don’t know who she is and don’t really care. Frankie is disgusting and needs to go. Team Beard all the way!!!


I guess I’ll be waking up to the BOB results at this rate!

new to BB 14

Production is atticipating BMC throwing the comp(BOTB) they are rigging it so a single person(Frankie) can win it!!

And if they do vote out BMC after he throws it and Frankie doesn’t get veto BMC will go to jury with a venge and comeback into the house later kicking some butt


I think somehow Frankie will be on tv all summer….. if Frankie does get evicted on Thursday, he will be the one coming back in to the house? he is more important to production than hayden is…… only way hayden comes back is if two people come back? I think after 4 people have been evicted and sent to jury house, those 4 people will have a battle of the block type competition and the winners will be able to comeback in to the house?


using “I am ariana grande’s brother” would NOT work on me. in fact, it would just increase the target. my thought would be “uh oh…he will be winning the America’s vote stuff, why keep him here”. then it would be “wait….who is ariana grande?”



Thanks for including the tidbit about looking more powerful standing up. Sooooo funny !


Caleb is being set up by the dingus CopaNator AKA “if she were MY DAUGHTER …I’d F**k you UP” Dudley DOright wanna be lame ass. Why is he being given a FREE pass to the WIN?
On to another of my FAV HGs – RATine – she’ll go home and say ” But, baby IT was ALL gameplay” BullS**T

Help me understand

Caleb said – you guys are basically running around frankie barking after him.. saying Hey Freak you going home” Is he calling Frankie a FREAK?

gr1zzle T

As much as i thought getting frankie out would be awsome they are taking all the glory out of it by doing it the way they say they will. Have some pride and show some respect. you have all lied and got caught but hes more at the center of it all


I have a strong feeling that production would help nicole realize what happen this week and nominate derek or cody as a replacement as a last ditch effort to save frankie