Big Brother 16 Spoilers Week 7 HOH Results “If you want to put me up put me up”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  ? Next HOH ?
Original Nominations: ?
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

Earlier this evening there was the live Double Eviction.
Jocasta is evicted by a vote of 6-2
HOH winner number one is Caleb his Nominations are Donny and Hayden
POV Winner is DONNY who uses it on himself. Caleb’s replacement nominee is Nicole
Hayden is evicted by a vote of 5-2

BB16-2014-08-07 22-40-43-712

HOH wins Nicole, Christine

10:40pm Bathroom
Nicole says she’s not putting Zach up but Christine might


BB16-2014-08-07 22-49-19-557

10:49pm Derrick, Zach and Cody

Cody – After this week if i’m still here i’m not working with Christine or Frankie

BB16-2014-08-07 22-58-07-276

Zach has a poem for Nicole

Roses are red, violets are blue
Zach Laughs
Roses are red, violets are blue
they all laugh
Your glasses are really cute, just like you
Ever since Day one I’ve had a huge crush cause you’re best
and the way I prove it is because I have no hair on my chest
they all laugh
I’d go on one knee right now and tell you I want to be with you forever
But instead I decided to write you a love letter
This letter is waiting on my desk at home
Nicole we can go to Germany or we can go to Rome
If you were to be my showmance, 38 days from now I can call you Miss Rance
But I’m not done not just yet Nicole I would do anything for you, but not just yet
You’re the HOH and I don’t wanna be on the block
But if you do I won’t flock. I’m with you till my Big Brother life is over
Nicole you’re not a pushover, You are so beautiful and everything about you is perfect,
Right now as I’m speaking you make me nervous
That gorgeous smile and laugh, all I want to do Is Boom
Roses are red, violets are red.
My co*k is really hard, because of you.

BB16-2014-08-07 22-58-12-281

BB16-2014-08-07 23-13-41-192

Frankie says congratulates them for making it to final 9
Zach saying he can’t believe he made it
Caleb – I’m sure we can all say the same.

BB16-2014-08-07 23-18-06-083

(Cody and Christine back to rubbing each other)
Cody – I can’t believe Christine farted right before the comp
Zach – that fart was disgusting
they all giggle

BB16-2014-08-07 23-24-51-703

11:21pm Living Room Caleb gets his HOH Basket It’s from his mom.. He’s pissed because he didn’t get any food even if he couldn’t eat them until next week.

I’m so proud of you I pray you are doing ok, This is so exciting. Stay strong I love you and miss you. Stay focused and true to yourself. don’t lose yourself in the mix stay humble and don’t boast too much remember Jeremiah 29:11
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”
you are in my prayers I love you see you soon. love mom

BB16-2014-08-07 23-39-01-015

Houguests are exhausted not much of anything going on.. The rubmance between Cody and Christine appears to be over.


?Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

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126 thoughts on “Big Brother 16 Spoilers Week 7 HOH Results “If you want to put me up put me up”

  1. when is this two HOH thing gonna be over. It messed up all the season and they still continue doing it. Nothing good has happen because of it. If anything just made it harder for big moves to happen.

    1. The two HOH has made for a boring first half, well maybe not boring but it has really limited the big moves we’re used to seeing BUT, here’s the pros.

      It’s caused floaters and those who are awful at comps to be on the block almost every HOH to therefore get them out of the house early. Nothing worse than seeing a final 4 with 2 or 3 floaters.

      Also, having so many strong players towards the end of the game is really adding to the paranoia in the house and making things finally interesting. It’s taken a while but things are finally starting to heat up now so it may pay off.

      I’m with you though, the first half of BB this season wasn’t that great. The only entertaining thing was stalker Caleb terrorizing Amber lol

    2. BoB this week would be interesting, i can still see Victoria and Donny going home even they are not put initially as BoB players. Given that there are only seven people left one of them needs to win BoB and the other needs to win PoV to ensure that one of the douchebag fratmen leaves the house. I’m hoping Christine puts up Zach and Donny and they win while Nicole puts up Cody and Derick. Then with Nicole remaining as the HOH this week, she creates a new alliance with Donny, Christine and Frankie (not by choice but necessity), Zach and Victoria to turn against Derick, Cody and Caleb.

    3. MVP destroyed BB15, to where Production had no clue what to do with it, every idea was terrible…. MVP without rules for it? I mean 2 simple Rules could’ve allowed it to last til final 5 as originally planned, “Same person can’t win back to back weeks” and “MVP can’t tell anyone they’re MVP” it would’ve kept the confusion of who could win it next? as it spread out through each HG.. It not only killed ANY chance of Elissa winning, and of course it gave birth to Demanda, and her famous hogging of the HOH without ever earning it…. I’ve been watching since Season 10, and these stupid twists are killing the game more every season.

      1. IMO, I have to admit the last few seasons have sucked.. But think of it like this Nicole was the target in the house.. She feels betrayed by the house, and guess who won HOH. I think it makes things a little more interesting. The last four seasons have completely sucked.. The brigade was a crazy good alliance but it was so predictable what would happen. I can honestly say that with this season even when predictable, it’s entertaining… Maybe because there’s not really a solid alliance.. The season is up for grabs still and any of the house guests(exception Victoria) can still win it..And I think production will come up with a crazy twist to really stir things up.. “Expect the unexpected”

  2. NICOLE NICOLE NICOLE. TURN THIS HOUSE AROUND!!!!!! Frankie, Cody or my # 1 choice, Derrick better leave this house next week. #teamnicole

    1. I would love to see derrick leaving, love nicole and donny, the others lie so much they lie to themselves, frankie and christine were ready to throw derrick an cody under the bus and vice versa, then convinced themselves thst it was all nicole, hayden, and donnys doing,insane, nicole has proven herself a competitor and would love to see her win it all!

    2. I know Christine is not gonna wanna give up the HOH to Nicole this week at ALL! Nicole better hope that she gets number one pick so she can get her hands on Victoria as one of her noms. She’s worthless in comps so maybe Nicole will stand a chance of getting to stay HOH. I really hope she does. I’d love it if she put up Victoria and Derrick. She’s no good and while he may be a cop, he’s just been laying around getting fat for weeks and weeks. ( I cracked up at the Porkie Pig reference about him – he does look like him!) Then, Nicole can tell Derrick to get to steppin’. Or, if POV gets used, put Skankie up alongside of Derrick. Sorry, I meant Frankie….not! He’s the most offensive player this year, I think, and I really hope that Nicole doesn’t have to resort to working with him to make up numbers to get rid of her targets.

  3. Yay!!! Put those guys up, Nicole! Let them play BoB for once, sheesh. Maybe it’ll be like Jordan…when Jeff left, she was winning her heart out. ????????????????????????

    1. The thing I’m thinking is if Nicole puts up the people she wants to put up like Frankie/Caleb they’d probably win BoB… and if Nicole’s dethroned Christine might be enough of a snake to backdoor her. This 2 HoH thing is a real pain in the ass.

  4. I’m calling it right now zach and Nicole will have an alliance by the end of this week! Nicole had no one and zach has no one he can trust

    1. I hope you’re right, but I don’t know how much an alliance with Zach will help her. His alliance is trying to get rid of him every few weeks.

  5. Oh thank sweet baby Jesus! A detonator’s definitely going on the block, and there’s some hope to even get one out! This week is going to be good. Go Nicole!

    1. Just like last week, right? I wouldn’t be surprised if Donny or Victoria get evicted week… Cody is gonna let that future divorcee Christine rub his thigh, and she’s going to mess something up. Or Derrick is going to get to Nicole again…. Nicole and Christine are idiots.

  6. Now the douchenators are scared nicole needs to put up derrick or cody or frankie but it seems as though Christine may put one of the boys up don’t screw up this hoh nicole.

  7. Meh Cody/Derrick can’t even win HoH
    .. put them on the block!!!! Let’s see if they can save themselves like they always claimed they would if they ever were on the block… i can bet all the money in the world Victoria will save herself before Cody even could

    1. Chief Wiggum’s ability to remain undetected has a lot less to do with how good his game play is…and more to do with how bad everyone else’s is…

  8. I’m surprised Cody’s still marching to the beat of that “I hate Frankie and Christine” drum, I thought he would’ve flipped in a second now that Christine has power.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I saw chemistry in that Zack/Nicole picture. As obnoxious as Zack can be, he can be pretty charming as well and I’d get why Nicole wouldn’t go after him this week.

    1. with a guy like Zack, life would NEVER be dull… he sort of reminds me of Bob Hope, with the golfing and that odd humour and those kooky jokes and his flappy shorts and dark socks

  9. Like I have said before, Christine is so unpredictable. Who would have thought she could win HOH with Nicole? I’m so happy for Nicole. I think the nominations will be Zach/Donny and Victoria/Cody

    1. I am 100% with you on rooting for Nicole. BUT (and I truly mean this with all respect) the four noms MUST be ALL GUYS!!! Do NOT nominate VIctoria under ANY circumstance. If they do the result will likely be a carbon copy of this past week. In any event, Nicole MUST be the final HOH. Christine is a snake. (That’s me being VERY nice.) If Christine is the final HOH, and the veto is used, she WILL put Nicole as the replacement. Mark that in stone.

  10. For the Love of Big Brother fans, please CBS get rid of this 2 HoH twist. It is ruining the damn game! Nicole needs to put up Cody and Frankie.

  11. thank god nicole won it, i hope she learned her lesson about being a pussy and not put up two strong people right off the bat quick trying to backdoor and take a god damn risk..i mean if you know you’re about to leave go out guns blazing and not making the safest fucking move because regardless of making the safest move you will always be put up

    1. WELL SAID!!! I just keep thinking, though, that she blew one chance…..

      Hopefully it will be all guys, but I have my doubts.

    2. Except then she will probably be dethroned & those 2 strong players are safe for the week – that’s why this BOB thing sucks.

  12. Put Victoria up and then put up her ‘beaver tail’ that is taking up too much space in that house. That hair is absolutely hilarious.
    Derrick has got to go.

  13. I just want Donny safe again through the week please don’t put him or Victoria up put the other people up they need to go up they shouldn’t get the money if they don’t do nothing I hope Christina don’t put up Donny or Victoria please production make sure Donny or Victoria don’t go up they deserve a week a free please safe Donny America favorite player please

    1. Get a name and quit ranting about “Americas Fav”…you dont know shizzzzzzzz. Donny aint doing a damn thing, and never will.

  14. Phew. Nicole surely learned her lesson and now will definitely nominate two strong guys instead of using a pawn.
    Christine needs to get a grip and learn that she’s NOT with the guys but who are we kidding? She will nominate Donny and Victoria/Zach for sure.
    I am PRAYING Nicole is the sole HoH

    1. Here is the hangup. She can’t put up two guys, she will be dethroned and possibly be backdoored.

      BOB kinda screws her, unless he gets first pick.

  15. I hope Nicole wins the battle of the block, stays HOH and then backdoors Christine! I would love it if she got a taste of her own medicine and rolled into the jury house right behind Hayden.

  16. I don’t know if Zack is being honest or being fake. I don’t really think he’s entertaining. I feel sad when he tries to pick on girls on this house. His poems and jokes are not that funny

    1. everyones got one. Oh yeah, laugh once in a while. It’s good for ya!!!! Or go walk your cat :)

  17. I gotta say Nicole has really grown on me this past week. She is possibly the only decent female player this season and she is also the only one left who can really oppose the Detonators. However she’ll have to pull a Rachel Reilly and win all the comps from here on out to get to the end.

  18. It’s a long week till next Thursday. I get the feeling that Nicole will play with emotions while Christine plays strategically. I think Christine will put Victoria up with someone. Nicole is definitely probably putting up Frankie and Cody who could definitely win BOB dethroning Nicole could set herself up for a BD.

  19. Huge win for Nicole. I have mad respect for her using her emotions as fuel to her fire.

    In my opinion she needs to work with Christine and exploit how low she is on the totem pole with Frankie. She needs to bring her back into the fold and not allow the boys to manipulate Christine. She also needs to listen to Donny and work with Donny going forward. Donny is a smart cat and although they royally messed up their nominations by not putting up 4 strong players the first time, they can work together and figure out what needs to be done.

  20. BMC said his biggest fan could go on a hunt with him. Let’s play BB player hunt. Damn, now that would be some fun. It’s just a joke for the PC crowd. Or is it???????

  21. F*ck I don’t like these new HOHs…

    Still Nicole and or Donny could go home though depending on what Christine does with her nominations.

    If Victoria and Donny lose to Nicole’s nominees of say Zach and Frankie/Cody/Derrick then she will be dethroned.

    Basically whoever can pick first and stick Victoria with their target is likely going to stay in power (unless the other HOH’s nominees really feel safe and throw it to keep Christine in power and then backdoor Nicole).

    That is really risky though..

  22. If they even consider giving Jokasta a second chance they are trying not to look racist. She’s the biggest Joke (besides Marcellus and the veto incident) to be on BB.

  23. Damn, why did Christine win. Sadly she will probably just pick Donny and Victoria to go up on the block, making any choices that Nicole does moot. That’s like the worst combination, if it is a mental event, Victoria will blow it. And if it is physical, Donny can’t push as hard and well…. Victoria would blow it again. Ugh I hate how things are right now.

  24. Wow, Hayden ended up getting crushed after all. I hope he comes back in the house. He knows for sure what the deal is. How is Derrick escaping? Geez, these guys can’t put anything together. Zach needs to blow up everybody’s game. It’s amazing the lies these people tell each other to justify their votes. Caleb made the biggest move of the game so far. This is getting unreal. I bet they’re regretting getting rid of Amber now. Nicole needs to put up Frankie and Derrick. The sad part is she still can’t see which way the wind is blowing.

  25. Derrick has played one of the best games in the history of BB. He has manipulated every vote, every person put on the block, every person who’s voted out. All without getting blood on his own hands or winning a lot of competitions.
    He’s a master manipulator, in fact he’s so good all the other house guests like and trust him. I wish he had aligned himself with nicer people. Donny, Nicole, Jacosta, Hayden and others. But he’s in it for the money and he will probably take home the money. He’ll deserve it.

    1. NO HE DOESN’T DUMBASS!!! Why can’t you dumbasses see that?? Sometimes not so great players win, like Dan, whom dumbasses call the greatest, and better players don’t win, like Janelle. A lot has to do with the stupidity of the houseguests they are dealing with. DAMN!!! Theses houseguests are just naïve idiots!!! Derrick would have never lasted playing against Janelle, Ian, and just people who used common sense in their game.

  26. At least with Christine winning HOH we can see what her husband thinks if he is the person who sent her her letter.

    I hope he tells her off in a subtle way.

    Something like, “Remember your marriage vows whore!”

    See that was subtle! :P

    1. About as subtle as Caleb’s Mon saying “don’t boast too much”! Unfortunately it probably WAS too subtle for him.

  27. Please, please expose Derrick for playing all sides this week. I’m so tired of everyone believing Frankie and Christine are the only villains here. I hope Derrick and Cody are nominated!

  28. I am watching BBAD for the first time tonight. Christine can’t keep her hands off Cody. Gross. I love Nicole said “I can’t wait to see pictures of Tim.” Christine didn’t reply. Go #teamnicole #zackattack

  29. Ratine just go ahead and JUMP Codeine . Put us all out of our MISERY watching you rub him DOWN…then go on to talk about your CHURCH! UGH, You are a piece of WORK!

  30. please production don’t let Donny go on the block again please help him please America want Donny safe this week an next please help our favorite player

  31. The 2 HOH thing is lame. Nicole would be the out right winner. But now she has a chance to be dethroned. And with the numbers against her, i can see the houseguests being pawns and throwing the BOB comp to get her dethroned and ultimately getting her out. It really messed with the game cause it leaves for too many options.

  32. If Nicole puts up 2 strong guys she’ll go home. They’ll win Bob and she won’t be safe. She needs to put up Derrick and Victoria, Derrick hasn’t won anything yet and Victoria is a vote for him if he stays on the block. Plus, that puts Christine in the awkward position of choosing someone from her alliance who to put up with Donny and Donny’s proven himself a great competitor, fully capable of winning Bob. Having Nicole in hoh with Christine will also make it that much more difficult for Christine to employ her lying shady tactics. She will be transparent to Nicole, the guys will go ape sh*t with their paranoia and before you know it the target on Christine will completely overshadow the one on Nicole.

    And I’m super proud of Nicole. Way to protect yourself girl, now go make some deals to cover your @ss for next week.

    1. And I don’t think that hypocrite Derrick will throw the BOB, like he told everyone else to do before last night.

  33. And so the vulgar deranged MF-er dodged the eviction tonight. Good for him!

    The MOST despicable characters are however Derrick-the-Piggish-Cop and the Tampax-Cody. I HATE Giggly-Hyena-Christine and the Evil Gay Clown but the Cop and the ball-less ahole are the worst!

  34. I was livid when Julie said that the two-HOH twist was only dismissed for the DE. almost as pissed as finding out that Christine the witch lasted longer than Hayden.

  35. Donny needs to get to Zach and say straight up, I’ve been on the outside the whole time do you really think I had enough juice to even consider getting you out of the game? Use your head dude. Derrick snuck in a keg of Dan’s mist.LOL.

  36. If Nicole wants Frankie out, she has to put him up with Victoria. Nicole needs first pick, or Christine will put up Victoria.

    Christine will pick weak players so she remains HOH. She knows there is a chance Nicole will backdoor her.

    BOB will protect strong players once again this week. My prediction is Victoria goes home.

  37. Are you not posting my comments on purpose?

    I just wonder since I don’t think they were bad enough to not post… -_-

    1. Nevermind..

      I just was wondering and didn’t see my former two comments pending.

      I guess you can reject my most recent comments.

      Again thanks for doing all of this I love the site. :p

  38. I love this. Everyone is going to Nicole, Frankie and Christine are blaming Cody and derrick and vice versa. Nicole is going to know every secret. She has a tough decision.

  39. If Nicole thinks back to all that has been said, she should put up Vic and Derrick. That “handcuffs” Christine into putting up who? Donny/Caleb, Caleb/Cody, Frankie/Caleb…. See what I’m getting at. I have this strange feeling Caleb is going to end up going very far because he is “loyal” even though he is being played. Why get rid of a nitwit that’s going to vote how you want?

  40. Frankie is blowing up Derrick Cody Caleb Zach.

    He has no loyalty. He is going home. Girls don’t trust them.

    1. Not Christine! Her and Frankie are like glue now! They haven’t gotten desparate enough to turn on each other. If they make it to the final 4 with hopefully Donny and Zach then they will definitely turn on each other! But I think this week they’ll try to play NIcole and if they can get rid of her.

      I think if the house had to though they would probably get rid of Victoria.

  41. KARMA IS REAL! Now Nicole needs to put two people less strong than Christine’s noms so she can remain HOH and back door someone (hopefully Derek or Cody). I’m just happy a detonator (or whatever they’ll call themselves this week), is going home, regardless.

    1. Nicole is making the same mistake twice. She is putting up Caleb and Victoria while Christine is putting up Donny and Zach. Caleb and Victoria have been working well together. Zach will probably throw the comp and loose so that Donny will stay on the block and be sent out to pasture. Dumb! Are they NEVER going to change the people that go up?

  42. Watching TVGN Frankie just gave Nicole the biggest snow job, if she falls for that load of garbage and trust Frankie and Christine she is the stupidest person to play BB.

  43. Frankie’s desparate ways way come back to bite him in the bum…

    Hmmm looks like a Cody BD may occur.

    Nominees seem to be:

    Nicole: Caleb/Victoria

    Christine: Zach/Donny

  44. So sitting here watching BBAD and Frankie talking to Nic and Chris, right after he throws people under the bus he does what?……… Checks his hair in the mirror! Hello Red Flag Nicole! Nicole put Derrick and Vic up, win HOH and back door that fake fuck!

  45. These girls are morons. They just finished saying Derrick and Cody were behind tonight. But yet their noms are Vic/Caleb (Nicole) and Donny/Zach (Christine). How stupid are they?
    Oh and they are going to work with Frankie now.

    1. Why don’t they put of Derrick/Cody and Frankie/Caleb, with Zach a possible replacement.

      Are they this dumb. Victoria just be the one that ends up going and Nicole will be screwed.

  46. Nicole isn’t in as great a position as she could be, she can’t be dethroned this week so a lot f her game depends on Christine’s choices…

  47. once again Donny will be nom I don’t like it at all can the men get a break Frankie an derrick never being nom I wonder if derrick well tell Victoria to throw it now production yall got to save Donny please yall just don’t know when Donny won pov me my aunt jump up off the couch so fast we almost broke the tv that’s how we America want Donny in the game he our favorite please help him production please help Donny

    1. Not everyone in america likes Donny….actually he sucks. Old man almost had a heart attack running down 20 feet of track lmao. He will be going home soon, and then hopefully you will get a name and quit posting forever so I wont have to learn it :) Peace!

  48. Am I the only one who feels that Christine has some qualities (both physical and in personality) that resemble an insect?

  49. Really Nicole? You seem like a nice girl. Midwest & all that. I want to root for you (& Donny). + Hayden to come back, The Underdogs have been slaughtered all season. & now with The Detonators split, you are working with Christine & Frankie again. How many times have you been HOH? 3x’s?? Who have you got out?? You are a suprisingly good competitor…but a (beyond) belief naive game player. Smh

  50. I’m pissed that Christine and Frankie stayed in the house longer than Hayden. I hope that Hayden comes back in and helps to send the detonators packing!

  51. Nicole needs to think hard about who she puts up she needs to stay HOH dethrone Christine and send home Caleb Frankie or Cody but Christine could put up any one of them ask them to throw it to stay HOH and backdoor Nicole or Donny

  52. I know I get to watch feeds and BBAD, but my goodness are these people that blind and stupid? I actually sent in a request to play for BB it was the season with the coaches. I can promise if I ever get picked you’ll here me say Jimmyj and a shout out to Simon and Dawg! Nicole is going to blow a third HOH unless she wakes up!

  53. Nicole and Derrick in the bathroom, Frankie walks in and Derrick leaves and I heard Derrick say to Frankie YOU ARE MY TARGET. Frankie then starts to brush his teeth. Did anyone notice he only brushed the outside of this teeth and not the inside of them?

    Is Derrick now against Frankie?

  54. Derrick continues to prove that he deserves to win this game… First he sets the plan in motion to get Zach out then he changes his mind last minute to keep him. All the while manipulating the whole house yet nobody has Derrick on their radar!!! Nicole still trusts him 100 percent & wants to go to the end with him!!!

  55. The “RUBMANCE” is the strongest alliance in the house! Christine would lay her life on the line to be able to rub that arm all night. Cody’s arm is her one and true alliance. Lol.

  56. Derrick and Cody game just got blown up (mostly by frankie). Derrick chances to win the show just went down big time. No longer has the squeaky clean image.

    1. Derrick lost control of the of the game when they sent Amber packing. His only saving grace is Caleb of all people. Zach and Nicole are trading notes right now, so expect Zach cutting some throats and talking trash while he does it. If they can hang on and Hayden comes back, expect a blood bath. Hopefully Donny will start getting into the mix, his shadow game is done. Time to come out swinging old man.

  57. my prediction wish list

    Nicole nom -caleb and Victoria
    christna nom zack and Donny
    battle of the block winners zack an Donny
    pov winner Donny
    pov use yes
    save Victoria
    replacement cody
    caleb goes home
    next hoh winners cody an Donny
    cody nom Frankie christna
    Donny nom drrick an Victoria

  58. It doesn’t really matter who Nicole puts up because they will try to win the BOB and if Christine puts up a Detonator they will throw it so she remains HOH and it will be a repeat of this week with another Outsider going home. Same story different week YAWN.. When Derrick was feeding NIcole full of sh!t saying they didn’t have the numbers she should have said if you and Cody had voted with us like you said we would have had 4 votes you 2 and Hayden and Donny and I could have been the tiebreaker. Also when he said they would have been coming after us she should have said so what it would have been 7 of us me(Nicole), Hayden, you and Cody, Donny and Jocasta and Victoria against Caleb, Frankie and Christine. So explain to me again how we didn’t have the numbers. Then she should have said I may have been stupid last week but I’m not this week and then told him you can leave now. Of course she didn’t do this though and if she puts up Victoria again then she deserves to go home this coming week and so does Donny if he’s not smart enough to figure out why Caleb put him up by now. smh…

  59. it looks like caleb is in position to make the final 5. he is a comp beast both physically and mentally and from final 5 and on he can easily win pretty much every competition. His combination of loyalty and competition ability make him a dangerous person to sit next to in the final 2.

  60. This guy is talking non-stop on after dark and I had to mute him. His redneck accent and knowing how bad he smells just make me want to gag.
    I hop animal rights activists get after this ahole for killing animals with a stick. Poke him with a stick and see how he likes it.
    Watch out ladies – he’s coming to a town near you.
    Love how Victoria evicted her brother Hayden – I guess she gives sexual favours to her family members?
    Go Donny boy – you deserve it and no one else left is redeemable.

    1. Are you dense? WIld boars/pigs are WAY overpopulated in Texas and are also very dangerous and will attack other humans with no hesitation whatsoever. Why do you think everyday is open season on them in Texas??? Kill them however you want, gun or stick. You should join PETA…they would love you

  61. Why doesn’t Nicole put up Donny with someone strong? Who says Christine gets to put Donny up and match him with someone weak? Have they explained what would happen if both hohs picked the same person for eviction anyway?

    I say put Derrick or Cody up with Donny and threaten that if he loses it then she’ll campaign like crazy to get him booted. Long shot but it could work.

  62. Just saw the banner; Christine vs. Nicole, holy $41+!!! The Dynamic Duo had a falling out and now they’re going to make nominations and share an HoH room lol. It might seem predictable, but if they make it, The Detonators could be another Brigade; everybody has won something. With the exception of Nicole and the last HoH, every HoH winner = a male Bomb Squad alliance member. Even though they ditched Devin and Caleb, majority of The Bomb Squad are still playing together. Devin blew the whistle and people still want to work with them! They had the HoH room week after week and schemed. They were able to control majority of the votes and share information privately. One or maybe two of them are bound to be the last 2 standing, although I want Donny to get to the end!

  63. Hey simon/dawg, I have replied ot commented over 20 times in this post alone, and others yet YOU HAVE NOT shown even ONE of them??? What gives? I dont even curse at all, or use negative remarks! CMON YO!

  64. Julie basically said someone is coming back. Which week will that be? Have two more evictions then have the four compete to enter back into the game, similar to last year?

  65. Zach/Donny vs. Caleb/Victoria. How disappointing. Wouldn’t be surprised if idiot Zach agrees to throw it, although even that might be hard with Victoria on the other side.

  66. This may sound unrealistic, but I am hoping that Nicole stays HOH, with Victoria winning VETO,saving herself. And with Derrick/Cody/Frankie getting BD.

  67. Zach looks like he is genuinely into Nicole in that first picture. He’s staring straight into her eyes. Rawr. I saw this go down on after dark. He’s definitely not gay.

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