Nicole “we should have listened to you about Cody.. that was the wrong move in this game trusting him”

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Caleb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

BB16-2014-08-13 19-37-02-061

7:29pm FIREROOM Nicole and Victoria
Nicole says the 6 guys have an alliance
Victoria – that’s the funniest thing ever if that was the case they wouldn’t have been trying to get Frankie out last week.
Nicole – was that the plan?
Nicole – Zach told me there’s a final 5 and all the guys are working together on top of it.. CHristine doesn’t’ know they’ll get her out.. THe best CHrsinte can do is final 5 because the guys want Zach out more than her.
Nicole – Zach had to lie to you, to cover Derrick’s butt about the alliance.. I don’t know Zach could be lying about everything we’ll find out the truth we we get out of here.
Nicole – There’s nothing i can do about it I would have to convince all of them to let me stay.. Obviously they are going to have to turn on each other.
Nicole – Christine and Frankie want me out superbad..
Nicole talked to Caleb and he said she didn’t think she was a liar, “I think Zach was being a little sincere last night.. when he was sitting there saying he would keep me to Derrick I think he was sincere.
Nicole – Derrick got sketched out”
Nicole says there’s no reason for them to admit they are working together in a group of 5.. all that would do is make Victoria angry and Nicole furesterated.
Nicole Can’t remember the name of the alliance “I don’t know what it means… I swear it starts with a B.. “


BB16-2014-08-13 19-32-31-203

7:31pm HOH Frankie and Christine
Christine – oh my god she’s so pissed.. I’m scared she’s going to yell at me when she walks out the door
Frankie – Derrick is so pissed.. so pissed.. he said you know she’s everything I hate about people that play this game.. lie.. just making sh1t up
Christine – Hours before that she said to me she wouldn’t make up a lie about donny because she didn’t want to play dirty and then she doesn it..blows my mind .
Frankie – everyone is becoming so predictable this stage of the game. .I thought Nicole was going to come after us.. I don’t think she’s muddying my name with them.
CHristine says Nicole is targeting Frankei.. “She was so frustrating to talk to yesterday.. “

BB16-2014-08-13 19-57-16-342

Chit Chat about airlines .. Camera zooms in.

BB16-2014-08-13 20-30-07-761

8:08pm – 8:40pm chit chatting..
Frankie says he goes through a Macbook every year he’s not rough with it he just uses it so much he claims The ram explodes there’s so much information in it and I ask it to do so much
Christine start telling them about being a sign language interpreter . She had one job at a bachelorette party “It was a dirty one to’

BB16-2014-08-13 20-40-29-591

8:38pm Bathroom Frankie, Victoria and Zach
Nicole is trying on clothes for the show tomorrow. Zach – THat looks HOT Nicole… you look like a SMOKE BOMB.
Victoria and Frankie says she looks Stunning..
Talking about Cody cleaning up the bathroom and the kitchen today.

BB16-2014-08-13 21-19-13-532

8:57pm Caleb, Derrick and Zach Kichen
Talking about how many twitter followers they will get. Derrick says he’ll be glad with 1K. Zach says he’s going to get 40K. Mentions that JUDD was the most boring character from last year and he has over 40K. Derrick says Spencer only has 22K followers, “I like Spencer I follow him ” Zach says SPencer was boring but not as boring as Judd.
Caleb is worried about his instagram name thinks it will be too difficult wants to change it to Beast mode Cowboy.
Derrick says the lowest person of the season has 5k followers.

BB16-2014-08-13 21-12-47-709

9:11pm Bathroom Nicole and Derrick
Nicole – i’m 100% going home right
Derrick – I don’t think you have the votes I think people are lying to you
Derrick I got pissed off last night because people are giving you false hope which I think is wrong
Derrick – you are one of the smartest players in here and you are not easily deceived.
Derrick – you are getting a bad rap for sure

BB16-2014-08-13 21-26-28-783

9:20pm Cody and Zach
Cody doesn’t want one of them to go home yet he wants Donny gone next week. They agree they are safe as long as Donny and Victoria both win the HOH.
Zach says once they get down to the 5 they tell Caleb the truth about Frankie and take out Frankie.
Nicole joins them
Nicole comes up asks them if she has their vote “I don’t want people to think that I gave up.. My speech is goign to be about the summer”
Zach – That’s nice”
Nicole – Freaking sucks Cody.. I don[‘t want to think about it it makes me said
Zach – aww don’t think about it.
Nicole mentions she thinks there might be a buy back or something.. She admits to be like Devin right now she’s clinging onto anything.
Cody grabs her puts her on his lap. She tells the boys to keep her.. “use me to your advantage.. Donny has won so many vetos those are more important.. there’s more than the eye can see i’m not stupid”
Zach – I want to keep you but I can’t I’m not allowed to
Nicole – Doesn’t matter if i’m in the jury house with brad pit I don’t want to be on the Jury house
Zach – Nicole it’s going ot be great in the Jury house..
Nicole – I hate you
Zach – I’m sorry babe.. you’ll see me in a week..
Nicoel – I would love to see Zach.. I don’t want Cody to come into the jury house
Cody – I love Nicole

The Live Feeds are archived. You can go back and watch everything that happens
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BB16-2014-08-13 21-35-21-175

9:36pm HOH Christine, Cody, Zach, Caleb and Nicole
Zach and Caleb calling Cody out for Cuddling with Christine. Caleb demonstrating on Zach how Cody and Christine sit together, “You guys were like this just yesterday”
Cody says it was for 2 seconds
Caleb says more than 2 seconds Caleb was there he saw it.
Cody – You said all the time
Caleb – not all the time I’ve seen it before
Cody – once.. I’ve never spooned Christine
Zach That’s a LIE a LIE
Claeb – You are going to lie to my face
Zach – you are going to lie to beast modes face.. laying in the rock room you and Christine spooned.
COdy – 100% not true
Zach – So you are calling me a liar
Cody – second biggest liar in this house
Zach laughs – Never lied yet in this game
Caleb says Cody does the same things to Christine as he does with Nicole.
Christine says they never spooned.
Zach – you guys are always touching each other.
Zach – you spooned Christine before
Cody Denies it.

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Am I the only one laughing my butt off at “Hidey Ho Silver?” Caleb, you metro idiot.


I want Victoria to win just to piss off everyone else


Derprick has messed with VapidVic’s emotions. I think she’ll have a hard time when she sees what really happened.


Agree, I want Victoria to win especially piss off Caleb.


Goes with this:

10:17PM BBT:
Then production says, “Caleb, I recognize that English can be a difficult language for you to comprehend, but, stop, still means, stop.” Donny says, he comprehends very little.


No I am with you! I was laughing my ass off. When he said it the first time I did a double take. “Did he just say Hidey?” Then he was explaining it and saud it what two more times! I couldn’t believe it. CBS really needs to make some changes to the game with more challanges and actual twists to change things up as well as do something with casting. This whole trying to become a reality star instead of playing to win the game is getting boring. there are a million ways to make the game more interesting. I remember when they would offer the HOH $$$ to make certain decisions. don’t you think Derrick would have sold out his frat buds for 5 or 10K?


When the voting of team America is close, everyone who is Donny’s fan should drop links on their FB page so your friends can vote for Donny as America’s fav. Ariana ain’t the only who can do that for her bro. We should too. Donny for America’s fav cause the rest are a waste of space and useless.

Blah Blah

Donny is a nice guy and is very perceptive about the situation but he hasn’t really played the game at all.


Donny is a competition beast, he had played an honest game and it proves that you don’t need to be a rat, an a**hole and weasel to win BB. he is a smart man who knows what’s going on and who is in control. He is by himself with no alliance cause no one wants to work with him but he is doing great so far and he can’t use the info he knows because these idiots will tell each other and it will put a bigger target on his back. Look what happened to Nicole. And he’s the only person that isn’t controlled by Derrick.

Jimmy 64

People who play an honest game usually don’t win


If ya ain’t lyin’, ya ain’t tryin’!

Ariana Grande stinks

What game did the Evil Gay Clown play so far, except for being dirty and despicable?!


I’m totally perplexed when I read someone write that Donny hasn’t been playing the game. What in the heck has he been doing then? True he hasn’t TALKED a lot of game, but he hasn’t had much of an opportunity through no fault of his own. There have also been times when he’s tried to talk game and it’s bit him in the butt.

Personally, I feel that not only is he a seemingly really nice guy, but he’s had to fight hard to stay in that house. He’s done FAR more than a lot of them, IMO.

Donny's Truth

LOL…Donny speaking with NIC, says Victoria has “Little Girl condition”. He suggests it’s probably a diect result of being carried away by a CROW – when she was a two year old.

That was funny

I literally started laughing when I read your post. I couldn’t stop laughing! Did Donny really say that or are you the one who gets credit for that hilarious take on Victoria having “little girl syndrome” cuz she was carried off by a crow. Do you mind if I use that line on other social media?


Donny actually said that. He and Nic were playing jenga and Vic was walking through dragging her feet. They were able to talk game some. Donny said that he had thought about “thanking” someone in his eviction speech just to throw some confusion/paranoia.(I’m guessing he was planning to say you earned my vote etc.)
He was gonna thank Derrick…lol

Donny is Turn Up!

When Donny said that about Victoria I couldn’t stop laughing, he has been bashing all the houseguests last night it was too funny, poor Donny done got tried of all these idiots in the house.


Nichole should just call out every persons game in front of all of them and just leave, see how they try and lie to eachothers asses. She has so much information, but she doesn’t know what to do with it. Really what does she have to lose at this point


AG probably had everyone sign a contract this prohibiting them from blowing up everyones game before they leave the house, to save Frankie.


Plus she said tonight that she only gets 30 seconds. She ought to pick one of them and as she hugs them goodbye, tell them loud enough for all to hear “Don’t worry you have Hayden’s and my vote.” That person would probably be out next week…LOL!


That’s the advice Donny gave

BMC's Head Dcarf

Finally, someone has called out Christine and Cody to their faces! Way to go BMC and #Wildcard. I am not into slut shaming, but it’s about time someone said something. Can’t believe Cody tried to deny deny deny. Meanwhile Christine just giggled away, sigh. She literally had nothing to say for herself. How embarrassing.


Christine is sniffing around Cody because she wants everyone to think something is going on between them. I have to wonder what is going on between Christine/her husband to behave so blatantly infatuated with Cody. He was trying to deny he was spooning with her which was hilarious. Even Caleb (who has no clue what is going on in the house) called him out for his touchy/feely episodes with Christine. I feel bad for her husband who has to sit and witness her disrespecting their marriage.


That dummy is still saying Cody was the wrong one to trust. Bye Nicole!

it is hard

she gives me so much hardeak. can she just be quiet and use her brain for even 1 second? she is keeping talking, throwing the names………….omg

Vancouver Dude

Nicole sounds like a desperate housewife…Oh no, desperate houseguest, sigh~~~

DerrickNeedsToGo - NOW!

Huh? Are you trying to say, “heartache”? And that she “just keeps on talking”? I hate having to decipher these comments so much of the time. Don’t you people know how to proof read what you typed before you post it or is this the way you morons talk?


The 18.13% that voted for her as America’s Favorite should be placed in an insane asylum.

~Nana Nana Nana Nana heeeeeeey Gooood Byyyyye!!~

Im back

QUESTION for long time BB fans. Has a previous houseguest from any other season ever cheated on their spouse while in the house?


The closest thing I am aware of is Michelle from BB11. She didn’t “cheat” but she was accused of getting way too flirty with Jeff by a couple housemates. Jordan claimed she didn’t even believe it to be true, but Michelle and her husband divorced shortly after the show..then she wound up doing some weird $ex show on Playboy TV.


Not quite sure but I think Shannon had a live in boyfriend (the one with Dr Wil ) . I think there were a lot more flirtmances going on then actual mances of any kind. I think Janelle and Wil both had partners when they were having their flirting thing but nothing too serious I don’t think.

Christines hand all up in Codys hair and rubbing his back *shudders* it craws my skin and I don’t know how he can stand it but I guess some physical contact is better then none when you are in there for months.


“how he can stand it” … He (Cody) is encouraging her (Christine) to touch him inappropriately AND he returns the disgusting favor … over and over and over etc. again!

Erin C

No one that was married has ever cheated, but those with boyfriends and girlfriends have cheated. None as blatantly as Amanda last year but one girl with a serious boyfriend had sex with a guy in the house. Brittany from way back cheated on her boyfriend at the time as well as a handful of others.


Kristen from BB12 did and so did Amanda last year (if you believe she had a boyfriend)


I can’t stop laughing at Donny and Nicole about Victoria and the crow and do they have a medical term for her condition.

mr ed

NUT JOB !!!!!!

Cackling Hyena

Goodbye, Nicole. You’ve been outplayed big time.
(Now she will feel how the other girls did when they were booted. She didn’t care for them then, why should anyone care about her now?)
Spoiler Alert: Cody will be the last woman standing in BB16.
#WildCard #FearTheBeard #ZachAttack


Finally they called Cody and Christine out for fondling one another non-stop. And the part where Derrick says that Nicole is what he hates in a Big Brother player makes me wanna throw my iPad at the wall. For starters, he must loathe himself something fierce if he hates lying BB players and secondly he is the biggest f*****g liar in that house! Hey Derprick, ever heard of hypocrisy? Go home you poor excuse for a human being. Donny, Nicole, (and somewhat Zach) are trying to keep things interesting and you are trying to beat them down for trying to make this “Big Brother” and not “The Derrick Show”. And if he mentions his daughter one more time I will personally go to the BB house and tell him that no one gives a f**k and that America wants his a$$ to be sent packing and not to mention the fact that he rags on Frankie for using his sister as leverage but he uses his daughter as the same thing. I can’t STAND hypocrites


Don’t hate Derrick for playing the game well. Sheez, I’m sick of hearing people complain about Derrick simply because he’s playing a much better game than everyone else and knows just what to say and to who to say it to.

Yeah, he going to be saying conflicting things to different people, but it’s gaining him trust with the others so that he can keep covering his own butt as the game progresses.

Derrick is boring as can be and if you want to hate him for that fine. But dont hate him for playing the game well. In case you forgot the game is ALL ABOUT lying and cheating at the right moments to the right people at the right time.

EVERYONE who plays the game makes hypocritical statements. And the ones who try to play an honest game end up at home or in jury.


It’s just like the people who rant that they hope that Christine’s husband divorces her when she gets out. Is what Christine is doing horrible?

Absolutely. It’s disrespectful without doubt. But to hope and wish that her husband divorces her is just foul and disgusting behavior. I’m seriously saddened by all the tough keyboard warriors that hide behind their computer screens writing these disgusting things about people they don’t know except from a gaming perspective.

Ariana Grande stinks

You know what?! Eff him and eff you too!

What a classy reply

Typical, someone points out logic and game play and the LOSERS (Ariana Stinks) Nice handle get a life hater…
Come out with their intellectual best.
Having that be your name on here says enough.
You must be 13


I think everyone agrees Derreck is playing a great game. the problem most people have with him is that he is not honest to us the viewers in the diary room about what he is doing. He is treating us like the idiots he is playing with. It also doesn’t help that he is going overboard with calling nicole a horrible lier when he is worse. That’s not good game, that’s just being an ass.

it is hard

OMG, Nicole. what she is doing? her campain is really …..she is the one can;t be trust cause she is threwing everyone under the bus to others. she even told Victor that Derrick want her out! girl, really? your mouth got you so much trouble, you still don;t know yet? and trust Zack? how many times you got screwed up by him, and now you think he is nice? he is a very smart kid who knows how to get info. to against others to help his game! oh, Nicole, you push yourself to the door, campain it doesn’t work that way! learn from donny! why from Britneey?


Hey SIMON, Sent you an Email


K. Thanks


I feel so so sorry for Tim. I can’t imagine the utter humiliation of seeing your wife/husband being so physically close with someone on national feeds. And Nicole figured out what she should have known earlier.


Donny is on the right track, but it is dumb to target Cody, getting rid of Cody would wound Derrick, but not fatally, he can just mist Caleb/Zach to fill the void. It’d be much better to put Frankie/Derrick up, and let the bloodbath of backstabbing begin.


Why not put Christine and lovesick Cody up? I’d like to see them backstabbing each other! LOL!

Vero fowler

I can’t believe Cody and Christine is she married? My husband will probably file for divorce if I acted like that on national tv it’s so disrespectful an Cody seriously boy you need to wear some glasses (not the ones you guys wore on the show the have no lenses) she is not attractive at all. I feel bad for her husband somebody know if he talk about this somewhere? #teamdonny #teamzachattack

Vero fowler

Thank you not sure if is the best husband ever or just really stupid.


Derrick is trash – the kind that can’t be recycled and ruins the globe.
Victoria’s face, voice and bow in her hair make me want to hurl on a daily basis.
Still got to hand it to Zach for being utterly honest.
Still giving props to Donny for his saintly patience.

Vero fowler

I can’t wait for BBCAN those houseguest are boring and so full of themselves. I live in Quebec in Canada and I don’t have a clue who is Ariana grande so she not that big of a superstar really Frankie is such a loser for thinking he will be America favorite because his sister know how to sing. Don’t like the guy at all #frankiegohomeplease

Ariana Grande stinks

I so totally agree! EVERY show the Canadian do do it better: BBCAN is like 10 levels above BBUS in quality, and now even The Amazing Race is MUCH MUCH better than the original US version of it.


Derrick: Look at how pretty the sky is today.
Cody: Fycking Zach thinks he’s so fycking funny, I fycking hate him bro. Have I told you that that punk kid wanted to borrow my fycking shoes?






Donny is real fun him an Nicole talking about the houseguest


Donny… my pride… talking about Derrick ->”he’s friends with everybody.. the thing is none of them talk about it”

Yeah, Donny… you’re the only one to realize that. A little too late but… that’s the price you pay for not having a a few people you can trust and an alliance. You guys waited too long and it’s understandable in that house full of morons.

People talking about Cody’s baby talk. LMFAO! One more sign he’s a mega b*tch.

Now… what is vile Frankie saying Nicole is everything he hates about on a BB player? that she makes sh*t up? Hmm… hey Frankie… tell me… who did expressed his feeling about wanting Jocasta to die? Just a few days after she said a prayer to a dead grandad?

Frankie: backstabbing c*nt of the millennium!

Roisen Dubh

Don’t worry, karma is gonna smack Frankie around.




Does Christine not realize she’s on Cody’s balls?! I felt sorry for Christine in the beginning, be bullied most of her life and all, but now she’s a bully and she’s pathetic.


I Live in Canada and usually much prefer watching BBUS, however i feel as though BBCAN’s houseguests are way more entertaining. Especially after BB15, and BB16. I just wish there are more twists; like the hidden veto inside the BBCAN house. Now THAT would be exciting!


I totally agree. The double HOH twist completely wrecked the game for the minority part of the house, as shown this week: Nicole winning HOH, Nicole now being sent home. The detonators were never really in trouble the entire game. I think we can all agree that we just want the old Big Brother back. #Back2Basics

Vero fowler

Or Marsha the moose with her funny mission nothing close to team America stupid shit


Nicole and Donny’s convo was golden. I miss Hayden. I hope Zach can pull F2 out somehow.


Best case scenario: Donny is one of the HOHs along with Zach (if he can break the piggy puppet master’s spell) and they get Cody or Christink out. I wanna watch Derprick squirm for a week or two while his network crumbles. And I honestly think that Zach has something else going on to the side that only he sees. I may be slightly projecting but I can dream can’t I? I mean we have all heard of the evil ruler being toppled by the unexpected hero that the villain underestimated which is always their downfall. Sure Hyena Girl, Piggy Puppet Master, and the Walking Vagina talk about their hatred and annoyance towards Zach all the time but if that were true they would talk about Victoria and Frankie too. They are scared because Zach can win comps and he has been up many times and gotten by scott free (or somewhat scott free) every time. I honestly believe that Zach could win this! #ZachAttack


Derprick and Fakie on the block and let everyone see where the true alliances are. That would make the best week of the season.


If they’re playing to win, they need to get Derrick out. Otherwise, I love the idea of getting rid of Christine.

Straight up

Donny may not make it until the end, but if he doesn’t at least he can walk out of that house with dignity knowing he treated everyone in that house with respect, unlike Derrick which I understand lying some, but omg he just isn’t a good person in that house. Frankie thinks he is gods gift to everyone, Christine and Cody make me want to vomit, Caleb is way too arrogant, I think zach is a good guy and he is fun to watch, but at this point Derrick thinks he has it wrapped up. I don’t even know who I want to win anymore. I just wish someone would turn that house upside down, that would be worth watching!


Are people really this disgusting when you have the power to watch them 24/7?

Zach – talks behind your back constantly, can’t keep a secret and would throw you under the bus for no other reason than his own amusement.
Cody – hits on married women and has no issues with that. Has no ability to stand up for anything that is right and he couldn’t form a coherent sentence without saying “like” a bunch of times if his life depended on it.
Christine – no morales or dignity whatsoever. She’ll flush anyone and anything down the toilet to be part of the cool kids (her marriage included).
Victoria – Prototypical bimbo who might be the dumbest contestant to ever play this game. Only reason she is still there is because she is so low on the threat level. I think the contestants would fear a dog’s brain power more than Victoria’s
Frankie – May go down in history as the most annoying player ever. Completely paranoid and no loyalty whatsoever and his whole identity is the fact that his sister is a pop star. Also needs to shut the fuck up and stop screaming so damn much.
Derrick – very intelligent guy and I have no issues with how he is playing the game. He is lying which I can’t fault him for that but he’s doing it in a way where he isn’t sacrificing his integrity. He is maintaining his loyalty to the strong side of the house because it’s beneficial to his game but at least he doesn’t talk shit behind peoples back.
Donny/Nicole – Both played the game with tons of integrity. My only issue with Nicole is that she didn’t start playing this game until it was too late. She sat around and did nothing while all the women were getting systematically eliminated because the target wasn’t on her. Now she realizes how important it was to work with the women but it’s too late now because they’re all gone.

And that’s why women are always incredibly weak at this game. Women will not work together because they are naturally used to being in competition with each other for the affections of men. That’s why they are so easy to divide and conquer in this game. Most of them can’t get their own emotions and jealousy’s in check to be effective at this game. The only game plan they ever have is to kiss up to a strong male figure in the game.

They’re useless and can’t even vote together to benefit themselves. Every fucking season we watch them walk around like a bunch of sheep.

LADIES GET IT TOGETHER. geez. It would make this way more interesting to watch.


“Derrick doesnt talk crap behind peoples backs”

Uhhh are we watching the same live feeds????


Is it just me or is derrick worse than Devin when it came to the daughter thing cuz Devin would say I have a daughter and derrick says your taking food from my daughter. It’s sad that the hg complained about Devin saying it yet I hear no one complaining about Derrick. Zach for one felt bad when derrick said that to him and I can’t stand he’s using the daughter sympathy card on people that way even if it’s a game


Perfect scenario for next week: Donny and zach win hoh. Zach noms Christine and Frankie. Donny nominated Cody and Derrick. As long as one of those 4 go home I’m good.

pants on fire

One can only hope that flashing ghost images means finally, maybe, a real twist may be about to happen!! Somehow, some way, some of these people needs to come down off of their high horses and feel some of the pain that they are distributing!!

Straight up

I so hope you are right and that’s what they do!!!


Yeah, it seems there will soon be zombies invading the BB house! How cool will that be, right? Remember the photo of the people watching the house guests behind the mirror? How neat would it be if it were all of the jury members watching all this time and THEY will all come back into the house as ZOMBIES? Now that would be one hell of a great twist – especially since the jury members have been watching and probably know way more than the people in the house! I think I should be writing this show!


Don’t hate Derrick for playing the game well. Sheez, I’m sick of hearing people complain about Derrick simply because he’s playing a much better game than everyone else and knows just what to say and to who to say it to.

Yeah, he going to be saying conflicting things to different people, but it’s gaining him trust with the others so that he can keep covering his own butt as the game progresses.

Derrick is boring as can be and if you want to hate him for that fine. But dont hate him for playing the game well. In case you forgot the game is ALL ABOUT lying and cheating at the right moments to the right people at the right time.

EVERYONE who plays the game makes hypocritical statements. And the ones who try to play an honest game end up at home or in jury.


It’s just like the people who rant that they hope that Christine’s husband divorces her when she gets out. Is what Christine is doing horrible?

Absolutely. It’s disrespectful without doubt. But to hope and wish that her husband divorces her is just foul and disgusting behavior. I’m seriously saddened by all the tough keyboard warriors that hide behind their computer screens writing these disgusting things about people they don’t know except from a gaming perspective.


Curious as to why you copy and paste your post multiple times. We get it, you love Derrick, but you could at least change up what you have to say.


Once again Donny’s dumbass is sleeping through another midnight event. They are showing clues on tv for next comp.

Team Donny

He’s right there and awake, you Froot Loops Dingus!!


BB showed him asleep in the HN room….did he get back up?


Is that Frankie and Zach in the background hugging in the dark? Zach is so confused, unless he’s putting on an act.

Roisen Dubh

Wow. Cody better shut up, Zach will wreck him. Zach don’t care and Cody doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Scratch that, keep talking dummy. Why is everyone afraid of Derrick? They all have known he’s the brains for a while now. They just don’t want to say it out loud. This cast is just rolling over and it’s BS. Such a weird season.


Yes – corroborated by Zach’s comment -to Nicole – “I want to vote for you but I’m not allowed to”. So Dad cracked the whip & now they are not allowed to? Maybe that’s Zach just messing around, but I don’t think so – he’s one of the most honest in there & I think this is very indicative of how a lot of them feel. No independent thought.

Roisen Dubh

Nic has a nice zip drive.


Donny the dumbass is sleeping the hoh comp away.

Epic waste of a BB casting.


Poor Donny…BB is giving clues about Zombies attacking and Donny is fast asleep. Probably be part of the HOH contest and doing now that Donny is asleep so he doesn’t have a chance at HOH.


Why isn’t Nicole waking Donny up!!!!!!


He has slept through every important turning point in the house. The guy is a grade A moron.

Get him out of the house already. What a waste.


Yeah – he’s a “grade A moron” who’s won more comps than most of the other house guests. You must be one of the posters who just wants to post things to see how much you can annoy people. Get a life.


its going to be a question comp.. Zach is going to win this one. I hope Zach does not put Donny up but im afraid he is going to… they are going to pressure him so much that he will not go against them..

Ariana Grande stinks

“Donny says Christine laugh is the most god awful thing to have to listen to Nicole agrees.”

I love it! Crustine’s pointless Hyena-like Giggle is the most annoying thing EVER — especially when petting her Cody-snake!

“Donny – Cody has this baby talk it’s so aggravating..
(Donny impersonates Cody.. hilarious 10:22))”


I would LOVE to see Nicole saying “Derrick you have my vote!” and leave the House. Oh the Dirty Fugly Cop would sh!t his pants. 😉


There’s gotta be something wrong with the pollmeter counter on your site Simon and Dawg. I keep voting for Dawg as one of my favourite 3 and he is below Victoria.
I’m kicking someone’s ass and taking names – this makes as much sense as no one ever uttering Derrick’s name as the head of the cobra in that house.
What’s up with that?
Dawg is leagues above Victoria.

Truth Be Known

I think there is going to be something happening as soon as the lightweights get thrown out the door. The other night on the Live Show, I couldn’t help but think that when Derlimpdick was playing with the fishing rod and Calebrity was sitting there intensely looking at him with scheming eyes that Calebrity was either pissed at Derlimpdick’s hogging the rod or his wheels were turning about something that is going to go DOWN when it’s time to boss ball it out to win the $$$. I could almost see Calebrity thinking…”YA, S.O.B., ya think you got this game wrapped up, BUT I GOT SOMETHING COMING FOR YA!” I’m going to wait for the Shxt to slam into the BB HOUSE Walls. Derlimpdick ain’t winning this…WATCH!


Donny is awake now and looks pissed the f*ck off. Why does he act this way, this is what he signed for.

Ariana Grande stinks

Donny memorable quote (COMPLETELY taken out of context!): “When she gets a hard one, she don’t give up. She thinks if she wiggles it hard enough it will come out.”

HAHAHAHA You dirrty basterd :-)!


Two new uploaded videos on YouTube – one of Christine mast*&bating and the other of Zach getting a wedgie as others watch and Victoria is rubbing Derrick’s head (in her lap).
Shall we call this a spoiler of dinner alert because I want to vomit.
I heard Derrick was married and Victoria was a Jew who couldn’t touch or sleep near men in the house but has now advanced to caressing a married man.
Speechless and shocked.

Hayden's Lisp

Cody just needs touch & closeness. His family is very close. Remember on the premier episode when he got his bb key & got ready to leave , his dad practically french kissed him & licked his cheek like it was a lollipop. He’s affectionate with his farm animals too & thats why he spends a lot of time cuddling Christine . She reminds him of the stray billy goat that wandered onto the family property & they rescued.

Webster's Dictionary

“Fruit Loop Dingus” has been a lot do I have decided to add it to my collection of words and phrases

Webster's Dictionamery

Meant to say “used a lot so….”


its confirmed cody is gay.. I knew it..

Truth Be Known

All this CrackUpstine rubbing on Codypendent and NO ERECTIONS!!!
Sound-OFF: Codypendent is Coo-Coo for Cock Stuff instead of Coo-Coo for Coco Puff CrackUpstine or any Lady Coco Puffseys! No REAL man can sit and appear to be OKAY with enjoying a woman’s touch (ah, or like there of) and not get AROUSED! I remember when Codypendent asked Calebrity why he had a towel on when he was sitting on the couch with his Adam drawers on and Calebrity told him because the “leaves” were falling off. Codypendent was a little to “wanting to know” for me to just think that he didn’t really care about looking at those MASCULINE MALE THIGHS up CLOSE and Personal that Calebrity was flaunting with AUTHORITY! This Zac Efron wienersniffer is all about the MALE phallus taste testing. He uses girls like the towels used on the floor of his DO ME/DO HIM afterglow. Seeing CrackUPstine trying to get juiced up over this “Failure to Copulate-r” is un-Fing-bearable. Stick a fork in it already BB! This SEASON is Burnt Toast! Somebody must have slipped some “saltpeter” in the Codypendent’s food or he’s running extremely low on DieselDick fluid and is operating on WhistlingDicks wiper fluid. (Can this post pass moderation?) Sure it can! I didn’t say nothing dirty! TBK

Love to hate it

Would be so awesome if the “only the house guests evicted are safe” statement was a twist that America could vote someone that’s in the house out and someone that’s out back in…. I’m still waiting for the most twisted summer ever twist that’s gonna shake up the game. I hope that the 2 HOH/ BOTB crap wasn’t all there was…

Detroit Girl

Donny got in a few quips, huh?

“Donny says Christine laugh is the most god awful thing to have to listen to Nicole agrees.”
– It’s not just us!

“Nicole – she’s going to watch the show and crap her pants
Donny – she might not comprehend it then either”
– How dumb is she? LOL


“She reminds him of the stray billy goat that wandered onto the family property & they rescued.”
That made me laugh. Oh my gosh. I’m dying. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
Christine’s husband is as embarrassing if not more embarassing than her.