Power Of Veto Ceremony Results! “She’s going to be all over you like a wet slithery cond*m!”

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Ca;eb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-11 11-44-38-981
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11:10am – 11:45am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the power of veto ceremony to take place. When the live feeds return – we learn that as the power of veto holder Zach took himself off the block. As the head of household Christine nominated Nicole as the replacement nominee.

Up in the HOH room – Cody is hugging Christine. She says that was so awkward! Christine says I don’t know what to say to her. Cody says honestly you could just say to her that you found out that she tried to backdoor you. Christine says thank you so much for coming up here with me! That was a rough one huh?! Caleb gave me the thumbs up though. Cody asks does it even matter if people know that we’re working together? Christine says no. Not until it gets down to just the bomb squad then they might come after us. Frankie joins them and tells Christine she did so good. Your speech was so good. She’s going to be all over you like a wet slithery cond*m! They talk about how if someone is coming back they have to seed Donny home next week because he would beat the others to come back.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-11 11-49-45-681

11:50am – 11:56am Out in the backyard – Nicole walks with Donny. Nicole says I noticed how Cody was acting ..it was the same as when Hayden went home. This game isn’t fun any more. Nicole says if it comes down to it being where people have to do this then I will just go. She told me last night so many times that she wouldn’t put me up. Nicole says it would have been stupid for her not to put me up. Donny says its not over yet. Donny says I didn’t get the opportunity to give a speech. Nicole agrees you didn’t. Donny says I could have convinced Zach to save me. Nicole says I’m not even going to talk to her ever again. I don’t even care what she means by knife in her back.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-11 11-48-09-235

Caleb joins them up in the HOH room. Caleb jumps on Cody and starts riding him. Frankie joins in and climbs on Cody. Christine says I toughed you so that you didn’t feel so bad having two guys riding you. Caleb talks to Frankie and Cody about how it was ether telling Christine that Nicole wanted her out. We have to get Nicole out because if someone comes back we don’t want Hayden to come back and have them both here. Cody says that’s the same reason why we need Donny out.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-11 11-58-42-852

12:10pm – 12:20pm In the kitchen – Derrick comments that Donny and Nicole have been talking for 20 minutes now. Nicole heads inside and then comes back out and says to Donny they’re all in there pretending like nothing happened. Donny says the sooner you can go in there and act normal the better you will feel today. Nicole says its just hard when they’re acting like nothing happened. Donny says its hard when they act like your friends. Nicole says I can read Derrick like a book! Donny says I just wish you could have read him a lot sooner like I did. When I warned Hayden about things he told me not to worry about it and I wish I hadn’t listened to him.

In the kitchen – Christine comments that she just hates when things are uncomfortable. Everyone leaves the kitchen but Christine and Victoria. Christine tells Victoria that I legitimately love Nicole as a person and I would like to hang out with her outside of here but I just couldn’t risk it.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-11 12-13-41-202

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12:25pm – 12:35pm In the fire room – Victoria is talking to Derrick. Victoria says that Christine told me she loves me. Derrick says yeah I told her to talk to you so that you wouldn’t put her up if you won HOH. Victoria says that Nicole was so red, red like a tomato! Derrick says you and I will probably go up next week. It all comes down to luck now. We need to win competitions or we’re going to go home. Derrick says the worst case if we went to jury on day 63 then we would only be in jury for 25 days. Which is fine because otherwise I would go crazy. Victoria says you’re not getting evicted on day 63. Victoria smiles and says oh my god yes! Victoria says oh my gosh! Wow! Oh my god, oh I love you! DO you think Hayden hates me? Derrick says no, you had nothing to do with that. Victoria asks do you think Nicole hates me? Derrick says no, you didn’t know she was going up. Victoria says Zach has been really lucky! Derrick and Victoria take a nap.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-11 12-29-20-439

12:45pm Out in the backyard – Frankie and Caleb are suntanning talking about it being a double eviction or not again this week. Cody and Zach are playing pool while Christine and Donny watch. Christine says Cody I can’t believe you did an underwear shoot with underwear like that! Frankie says Cody is an exhib!tion!st.

The new bomb squad – Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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160 thoughts on “Power Of Veto Ceremony Results! “She’s going to be all over you like a wet slithery cond*m!”

  1. Christine is such a fool, does she seriously think those boys will keep her? No one is thinking about jury and the people who will not vote for them. Now it is just a picking game, not fun

    1. I kind feel sorry for Christine to be honest.

      For being so ugly and stupid, she was probably bullied all her life. I think that explains her actions.

      1. That comment is too true, and wait until she gets out she is going to be bullied again…but at least she will have her submissive hubby around who has watched another man fondle her for the past couple of weeks.
        She must be loving that attention because in the real world there is no way that someone as good look as Cody would even touch her, look at her or want anything to do with her. You know your lonely or hard up when you give an ugly chick like that the time of day. I wonder if he throws up in his mouth a little every time he touches her?

        1. Best line today

          Nicole says I can read Derrick like a book! Donny says I just wish you could have read him a lot sooner like I did. When I warned Hayden about things he told me not to worry about it and I wish I hadn’t listened to him.

          Really! HoH can read Derrick like a book. She need yo go out quick. What a super fan. I know Donny was mad when she said that. Dumbo

          1. I don’t understand how Donny wasn’t able to get through to these losers about watching out for Derrick. It’s like common sense at this point. He’s never gone up, he doesn’t win anything, everyone ‘trusts’ him and they all will be in disbelief as he wins….(or maybe they won’t since nobody but Donny really seems to want to win. The rest just want airtime)

            Do you notice how they keep saying “on this will be good TV” or “they’ll definitely show me doing that in the broadcast”.. ugh. Frankie is the absolute worst in regards to this. I almost vomited when I read an article in people which paints him as a huge personality and will probably get his own reality show. double ugh

            1. Donny is a mature adult. Other than Derrick and Frankie the rest of them are stupid little children. Donny, common sense and all, is considered a “wrinkley” and “gross” by these future personal care workers.
              Look out the future is scary.

        2. There are plenty of couples out there have 1 attractive partner and the other not so much.. How do you explain fat girls with buff hot guys for example? Or nerdy looking guys with hot girls for another? Christine may have a hot husband for all we know. That old saying that beauty is only skin deep is very much true.

      2. OH MY! Fabio… lol… really? Do you really need to make it about her appearance. This is so mean! But such a wonderful comment at the same time! LMFAO!

      3. I don’t think she was bullied, I think she was never hung out with the popular kids, and now she in the house she gets to hang with people she wouldn’t hang out with outside the house. You can tell by the way she always talked about Brittany, and Amber, and how beautiful they were and how the guys all fell all over them. But she “NEVER” said those things about Jocasta, Victoria, or Nicole. Why is that? Because she never felt threatened by them. The sad thing is she wants the attention from men, and she’s a 23 year old married woman. I don’t fell bad for her, because she has been warned. She has more information on everyone in her alliance than any other person yet she chooses to believe them, and when Hayden and Nicole called her and Frankie out, not a one of her alliance vouched for her or defended her. At this point she’s not thinking about winning she’s thinking about being liked and getting attention from Cody. Once again this season has been filled with raging hormones (the women) and all they can see is a hot guy, and not consider the reason they came there. The guys every season always dominate, because they stick together. They don’t come there for a showmance.

        1. Christine’s husband looks like the hugest loser there is sticking by his women when she pants after another man on national tv like a dog in heat (and she is a dog that isn’t just a literal term).
          I would be throwing her to the curb as quick as I could unless he is into that sort of thing!

      4. Soo you feel bad for Christine and then u call her ugly and stupid? That’s classy. You should never wish for anyone to be bullied.

    2. Agreed. I’ve been saying that for a long while now: they are a bunch of morons. All of them. But even though some are morons, they are good people. And I call them morons because some are plain stupid and others were cowards that never took the first step to change things. And this is what I don’t really like: I keep telling people that I do understand that you need to lie to move ahead and play your game… but is it necessary to use expressions like “slithery cond*m”? Really guys? Yeah… I know reality shows are trash, but please… have some class!

      I hate Frankie and also dislike Derrick. But CODY is the one that really disgusts me. Last week he was all over Nicole and now it’s all over Christine. Cody behaves like a dependant b*tch. Can’t wait to see him rising with fleas after sleeping with the dogs. He deserves to be the first sent home once it’s just their alliance in the house.

      Yup, folks: unfortunately, from now on, all that’s left is to watch the show until the bomb squad start shooting at each other. I don’t think we’ll have anyone to root for since everyone left in this house will be despicable ones. I see Nicole going, then Donny, then Victoria, then Zach… etc

      1. Actually both Cody and Derrick want to take Victoria with them to final 3. So unless Hayden or Nicole come back in THIS very week…it’ll be almost impossible to flip the script and get Derrick or Cody out..since nobody has ever really mentioned nominating Derrick let alone voting him out.

    3. When this season is over and they all watch and read the feeds, Christine will be like “Damn we should’ve listened to Joey” and will realize she will go down in BB History as one of the biggest puppets in the game.

      1. Thanks for your comment. I never got over Joey’s eviction… it’s the classic old story of women being afraid of men and doing what they are told to do. If they had stuck together, they could’ve evicted Paola and sent some of the bomb squad packing. People forget that yes, in the first week you do what the house wants, but you don’t need to be afraid of standing out… you need to be afraid of being rolled over! REACT YOU MORONS!

        1. about two or three weeks into the BB game i compared Joey to Joan of Arc & crusade,
          only to receive a few looks or negative votes. i saw something almost Wonder Woman
          circa the 1970s concerning her pitch to the “gals” who were gossiping. can we say lead
          balloon as we go over the poor woman’s PR mistakes? let alone her lack of astute timing?

          1. Well yeah… perhaps.

            I think Joey’s mistake was to be such a sport about the whole thing. She also shouldn’t be like HEY Y’ALL, IF YOU HAVE A VAGINA, LET’S SPECULATE TOGETHER AND TURN AGAINST THE BOYS!

            Somehow I think she has such a big heart that shouldn’t be left in that house to lose her faith in mankind by the experience. In her interview with Julie she pretty much stated that the house is like high school all over again. I hope that, if she longs for a career in media, she gets another better chance.

    4. doesn’t christine know that she is HOH? Since nicole isn’t HOH, why does anyone mentioning she said she’d put Christine up as a replacement even matter. And since people came and said that, but Cody denied being around when it was said, those are the same people who said that he was around. At no time did Christine even bother to talk to nicole to ask about it.

      Thats what I object to the most, not that they prefer to believe people like derrick who are always lying, but that once they are told something, they never go to the person and ask them directly. C said that she was going to work with nicole, that’s what people do when they are working together. No one objected to her putting up victoria, they understood that move. they just wanted to see if they could manipulate her to get nicole up.

    5. That’s what these two girls get for being so jealous of all the pretty girls in the house, now they turn their backs on one another and is going out the door after one another. Karma at it’s finest. :)

  2. Is Christine on another BB show because those guys aren’t taking her to the finals. It could have been a game changer putting up Cody or Derrick. Am I wrong here?

    1. Nope, putting up Derrick would’ve reset the entire game and leveled the playing field. But these dummies don’t care about the game, even though they say they do.

    2. Disagree. Christine might be a good choice to take to the finals because of how she’s played the game. The bitter jury syndrome makes her someone to carry to the end.

      Same with Frankie. No one’s going to award him the 500K because of who is sister is.

      And the same with Victoria, because she’s, well, Victoria.

      On the other side of the coin, right now, only Cody would take Derrick to the finals — purely because of loyalty, the BB16 version of the Renegades. No one else would take Derrick. And absolutely no one would take Donny because everyone likes him.

    3. Christine is easily manipulated. Derrick, the trained cop that he is, probably instructed Cody : ” Look man, she’s not a pretty girl. She probably never had anyone that looks like you give her the time of day. Cozy up to her, seduce her. WE got this, bro.” Christine told Nicole many times that she wouldn’t backdoor her. I actually believed her. I guess I’m a tool too :(

    1. They should stop interfering so much in the house, it would have been really good had production not gotten involved in Derrick and Cody going with Hayden and Nicole to evict Frankie or Zach, then when they spoiled that they could have had even better TV if they let it alone and allowed the fallout to occur, but they interfered again – There was no way for Frankie to know about what was going to happen, but he was all over Caleb before the competition asking him not to throw it (they didn’t show that on TV and just claimed he wouldn’t look at him and then he knew). Production gets in the middle and instead of having two competing sides you have this nonsense.

      Lets not forget that Christine swore on her wedding ring, while hugging on another man that she wouldn’t want to evict Cody. That is the biggest BS I ever saw.

      1. Can you please, please, please tell me how they interfere? I don’t watch the feeds and I work full-time so I can’t really stay up to date reading all the blogs and stuff. Although I think that last BotB competition was rigged, I also think: how could they do that with all the other HGs there watching it live? So can you please tell me more? Would they just call Derrick in the DR and say: hey, flip the house? Vote differently?

        I feel that, if they are gonna interfere, at least allow us to choose who we want to evict… just like BB is still played in some countries around the world!

        1. Tonny. It’s obvious Even Zach was shouting ” they keep on telling me the same thing to say ” BB told him to stop. Went to fish it was over. That’s just one example.

    2. Shut up and stop complaining because Hayden is gone. BB16 ratings are actually doing pretty good from what I have read so stop blaming the show because its not going the way you want it to.

      1. I could careless if Hayden is gone. This season has been the worse. Last year and the year before last ran circles around this season ten times over. For instance, Frankie for sure was the target, it took BB Production practically all day to get the game switched to be in Frankie’s favor. It’s my opinion and I am sticking with you!!

  3. …sigh…Christine. Well, hopefully Donny wins HOH and…oh who am I kidding? Might as well call it a day and give Derrick the $500K. Oh, and Frankie, STFU.

  4. Christine is such a puppet. Does whatever the boys tell her to do. Has absolutely NO game for herself. Just following simple orders. Terrible game move, terrible person, just plain terrible. I usually don’t care who wins, but god… I hope it isn’t her.

    1. That is what happens when you are as ugly as Christine, you have no self esteem and any attention any man pays to you, you eat it up. Christine has to be one of the ugliest people inside and out to ever play Big Brother.

    2. Nicole was a puppet this entire season, if she wasn’t on the block and was here next week she would have done everthing Derrick told her to do , that means putting up poor Donny boy so she deserves to go to jury and think of how Stupid she was for playing Derrick’s game. Everyone is playing Derrick game for him except Donny so he deserves to be here over Nicole. Bye Bye

  5. All your fault Nic. You had the HOH’s to put yourself in a better position and you chickened out every time and gave your power to your buddy Derrick. Frankie is a serious piece of shit that needs to get dealt with. Nic isn’t gonna give you the satisfaction of begging, just like Britt and Devin. This is shaping up to be one bitter jury. Good going Christine, can’t wait to see you on the receiving end of a hate filled nom speech. No one deserves it more than you at this point, and I hope it comes from Cody.

  6. Christine has low self esteem.
    Nicole is smart but gullible.
    Victoria is childish and naive.
    Caleb is stalker crazy.
    Zach is funny but confused.
    Cody is a puppet.
    Donny is genuine and cool.
    Derrick is the master manipulator.

    1. Allow me to make a correction: Cody is a b*tch – always on all 4s ready to perform any job he’s told to perform.

      Simply put.

      1. He would make a great gigolo! Any one that would be desperate enough to touch Christine would be desperate enough to do anything! I mean money is great but you couldn’t pay me a million bucks to fondle that hag!

  7. I’m really annoyed right now. This sucks. “People are playing super dirty”. Honestly I can’t remember a season with this much lying, back stabbing, and manipulation. I understand its part of the game. Usually there are a few people that just win comps and fight with a loyal alliance. Where are these people, you know like Jeff?

    1. I absolutely agree. These players have seen lies help people in past seasons, but they think that means that you’re supposed to lie constantly. They don’t realize that for those lies to be truly effective, the HG would play it straight for as long as possible until there was a need/opportunity for a lie to change the game. Like in Jeff’s season 11, Kevin knew he was in trouble and made up a story to try to deflect attention away from himself…and it worked, and it was all downhill from there for Jeff. People believed you because you weren’t already pegged as a liar. This season is full of sloppy players who think they’re geniuses at the game….but are just cruising along because of weak castmates.

  8. Stupid Ratine; can’t say I am surprised. She’ll do anything for those guys. Little does she realize that she will probably next out the door

    1. Yes seriously it’s no one fault but her owns, she decided to be the doormat, and when truths was giving to her she didn’t listen and ran to Derrick and Cody still believing their lies and told them everything Zach said about them. I bet when she gets out and watch the tv for herself she will still believe Cody and Derrick. Pathetic!

  9. Christine lost her damn mind. Ugh! Did she not watch BB12? Does she not know that Derrick will not lose Victoria, he clearly wants to take her to final 2.
    Nicole could have won HOH next week and keep her safe.
    She is so insecure and does whatever the boys want her to do. Omg I want Donny to win HOH and I want this stupid 2HOH to be over ugh!

    1. Are you serious Nicole would had not kept Christine safe, Nicole would had put up Donny and Christine on the orders of DERRICK, Nicole doesn’t know how to play this game without Derrick commends.

  10. I’m so looking forward to seeing Christine go out the door, leaving Vic as the lone female in the house. (Ha, ha, Chris.) After that, I’m going to enjoy watching Cody, Frankie, Derrick and Caleb cannibalize each other. It’ll be like the Donner Party, all over again.

    1. at this point, all that I look forward is to see them eating each others heads since they will send out all the players I like… Can’t wait to see Frankie and Cody evicted… followed by Derrick… the last more of a wishful thinking since he probably will win this piece of shit. Hopefully it’s between him and Victoria and the sour jury will give the money to her as a sign of their resentment…

  11. When you look back on this season Christine, you will see yourself as one of the biggest tools in BB history. Reality check, girl; Cody is playing you like a worn out fiddle! Dumb,dumb dumb. My last hope is for Donny.

  12. Wake me up when Nicole comes back into the house. That’s the only thing that will save this season. And if it’s two people returning, then when Donny goes out next week, both him and Nicole come back. That would be worth watching. These other scum bags aren’t worth watching one bit

  13. I said it many weeks ago. Christine wants to be the last female standing with these guys. For the first time in her life she feels “cool” and only way these guys even look at her. Disgusting witch!! Cody needs glasses and morals!!

  14. I also have to say that Nicole has wasted 2 HOHs and on last nights episode when she said that she trusts Derrick , I lost hope. Ugh.
    I’m praying for a miracle, I want Victoria to wake up but she is so blind!
    Where does Big Brother find these weak women?
    #BBCAN3 needs to come soon.

  15. Christine is enjoying her ride with the “in” crowd for a change, which in this case simply means the majority of the house. She loves working with all the guys, especially Cody. I can’t tell if she feels bad for turning her back on people like Nicole and Hayden, or if it’s just a ploy for attention (“oh my God, that was SOOOO hard” – not sure I buy it). The outsiders will be disposed of soon (even when one of them comes back, they will probably be re-disposed quickly) and then I think Frankie and Christine will become the top targets of the alpha males. I hope so anyway – Christine and Frankie are the most annoying to watch at this point.

  16. ugg …I was so hoping she would put up Derrick, I like Derrick, but I just wish she would of made a real bold move to shake the boys up.

  17. I do not want either of the 2 on the block to go home. Where are all the TWISTS that we were supposed to get this year? Come on CBS, make this season good again and give us some good twists.

  18. I would love if Nicole took this opportunity to blow up Christine, Derricks and Codys game but I don’t know if she will

  19. Nicole was a player that I liked but when she told the guys she’d be willing to vote out the ONLY player who stood by her and Hayden (Donny) I lost respect. It’s all really unfortunate as I was hoping Nicole and Donny could find a way to stay in the game a few more weeks and then have Hayden come back. On the one hand, the longer Donny squeaks by the more I hope. On the other hand, if he gets out sooner, he has a better chance to come back into the game. But unfortunately I agree with all of you who think the gig is rigged for Frankie and possibly Derrick. The public is so hungry to see good win out over evil; the idea that production might rig it for the opposite is so difficult to comprehend.

    1. That’s why I hate Nicole so much! She is willing to turn her back on Donny on a dime, for the benefit of Derricks game. She is no better then Victoria.

  20. The biggest issue BB has is the people they cast and the jury stipends. They cast people who don’t know the game or people who tend to be followers. So a dominant personality can easy influence the cast. Amanda did it last season and Derrick is doing it this season. They need to do a better job of casting players who not only bring drama but ones who can think for themselves and make moves. Also, I know it might be unreasonable but they might need to have a sliding scale for jury. Otherwise you will keep hearing people say I just want to make it to jury. It needs to be an incentive to get further, so more money is the key to that. Oh and they definitely need to come up with different games that way everyone doesn’t know what’s coming.

  21. Derrick is playing the best game to get to the end but he doesn’t have the likeability that Dr. Will had when he was pulling the puppet strings. I don’t like him and don’t root for his type to win. Its a skill to be the bad guy but have the ability to have all types of people want u to get away with the wrongs u inflict on others. Dr Will had it, to some degree Evil Dick had it, Dan had it but Derrick he do not have it at all. I can’t stand him. Donny ftw!!!!

    1. right. you wish Zach was also playing the game derrick is, that derrick was really with Zach this entire time as Zach deflected bullets. but no.

      It MAY ruin him in the end. where he can’t win because he lacks that other person who has his back. I mean, he has cody, but cody is a total weenie. I prefer to not count that wuss

    2. You know Tasha, what would put the icing on the cake if none of them won, Derrick, Frankie, Christine, Cody, Caleb. and Zach. What needs to happen is Donny wins HOH and keep winning POV’s until the end along with the person that gets a chance to get back in the house. That would be a game changer and to see the expressions on their faces.

      Production you’ve stepped in and messed it up now try and clean it up please for the most deserving and that would be Donny. He played a clean and respectful game and that’s what we love about him. Please Help Our Donny

      1. Without considering the chance of someone coming back, I think it would be great to see Victoria win with Caleb at her side. It would be perfect if these two dumb lucked their way to the winners circle.

    3. What would put the icing on the cake if none of them won, Derrick, Frankie, Christine, Cody, Caleb. and Zach. What needs to happen is Donny wins HOH and keep winning POV’s until the end along with the person that gets a chance to get back in the house. That would be a game changer and to see the expressions on their faces.

      Production you’ve stepped in and messed it up now try and clean it up please for the most deserving and that would be Donny. He played a clean and respectful game and that’s what we love about him. Please Help Our Donny

  22. I’m gonna have such a huge grin on my face if neither Derrick/Cody/Christine/Frankie make it to the F2. At this point I rather root for Caleb or Victoria then those four. Can’t wait till this decision bites Christine in the butt.

    1. i myself may now be back on Team Caleb. I’m not sure I like his motives, or Zach’s, but at this point if Hayden/Nicole are not in the house, I have no desire to see anyone else win. If Cody actually did something strong to stop Christine from putting up nicole, different story. If Zach wasn’t lying to everyone when he says he and Frankie are ‘done’, I’d be on his side as well.

      At this point, the only thing that would have been interesting is to vote Victoria out, and then Christine, then have hayden come back. as it is they are still picking off the interesting players one by one and ensuring they are not in the house. America’s favourite is not even going to be in the F5 or F6, imo. They’ll be in the jury by next week, and even out of site, will earn more votes than anyone remaining.

      1. at least Zach has tried to play the game. both have been pathetic puppets to an extent, but caleb is just hopeless imo. he will follow them until they drop him. there is no other outcome for caleb. I am not sure if the DR even asks him about the game itself.

  23. Nothing is going to change until Hayden or Nicole comeback into the house. Jacosta, Hayden, and Nicole will compare notes at the jury house that Derrick is behind their evictions. He’ll have the same problem that Dan had in BB14 if he does make it to the end, a scorned jury. Zach and Donny just need to holdout until one of the evicted houseguests comes back in.

      1. 7 dislikes…. hahaha. The evicted house guest, Hayden, Jocasta, etc will not be in the jury house together, until after they play to return. They will go to the jury house after. They will not have an opportunity to talk among each other until then.

    1. to be fair, hayden didn’t do anything when he was in the house. nothing. he was basically a floater and that is being generous.

    2. The season ended 2 HOH’s ago Now only thing we can hope for is Donny stays one more week wins HOH puts up Baretta Derrick and Liza Minnelli Frankie, if one comes off Saturday Night Fever Cody. Would be worth seeing all the squirming and the boys in the fetal position for the duration of the week

  24. Simon/Dawg are they going to have a Diamond POV this week if yes does anyone think it will be before Thursday? Also, will they go back to double HOH’s this week (if yes the picken’s will be slim). If Donny’s doesn’t go home and he wins HOH it maybe hell – then again I won’t bet my umbrella on it on a stormy day.

    1. What a great twist (are you listening CBS?)! I would love to see something like that and have Nicole win the diamond POV and then she can nominate a replacement. Now THAT’S good television!

  25. Of the 9 HGs 6 are aligned. It’s almost over for the other three. It will be an alliance shootout soon. Too early to make big moves? Never too early. Now you outsiders have no moves left. The puppet master will keep the aligned, aligned until there is no outside competition. The Frankie, Christine, Zach go. Cody has been out since the beginning and is no more than a vote for Derrick.

  26. but she just isn’t that good at this game. Nicole showed this by ruining any chance of a revolt by repeating everything Zach said. just annoying. and the rest didn’t help either. then Zach is confronted and folds.

    this ending is obvious IMO. Derrick/Frankie/Cody will shed Christine and Zach at some point, and make the final 5 together. then its down to comps, sometimes even those can’t be rigged(big brother all stars, who could predict boogie would distract Janelle and she would take her hand off the thing and lose)

  27. Christine is a total idiot. Might as well give the money to Derrick or Frankie .Last year was the first year that i said i would stop watching. But despite all the horrible and despicable things that took place on last year’s season, it was still more interesting than this. I’ve said it many times that I will stop watching this year and but didn’t cuz i was hoping for a shift of power, which doesn’t seem to be coming. But, now, I’m serious. I’m done watching.

    These woman have had all the insider information handed to them on a silver platter and, yet, they still are taking the backseat and letting the men run the show. They’re completely clueless, dumb and sad to watch. I’m so disgusted by them and am ashamed that they are part of my gender. How sad that they are so dense that that they can’t even come to the realization that they must stick together as a unit. Horrible, just absolutely horrible. C you next year.

    1. I couldn’t agree more that’s why I quit watching this joke of a season after Amber left because I knew then that the power was never going to shift so I didn’t need to watch to know what was going to happen. After these last 2 disasters of a season maybe they will get some people who actually have a brain and a set of balls next year and it won’t be so damn predictable.

  28. I’m done with this season if Nicole’s gone , give Derrick 500k and wrap this season up already . Wake me up when there’s big brother 17

    1. Hope you are right. Derrick deserves the $500k over anyone in that house this season. Top 5 BB social games in history, manipulation up there with Dan Gheesling.

  29. I’m going to come clean with you my fellow posters. My cousin is Cheese (CheeseBalls) the famous snack at D list gatherings. You should value my opinion above all others on this site because I’m collecting aluminum cans so I can build Porta-Potty’s in the jungle. Thanks. Could someone get me a coffee? Christine?

  30. Nicole really is a fruit loop dingus. She claims to be this mega superfan yet she Played such a disappointing game. She allowed herself to be a sheep and got blinded in a showmance…and all she did was whine about getting blood on her hands…. Everyone knows the Will game now and quite frankly soo sick of it!!. Adios Nicole won’t miss you and your whiny voice!

  31. Only thing to look forward to now is thin sliver of hope that maybe Hayden will go back in the house and take out Derrick, Frankie or Christine. Derrick would be the most satisfying hit for me. I guess Nicole or Donny could also take him out if they were both evicted and one of them made it back. I would hope that Nicole would be aware going back that those three had backstabbed her the most. A person can hope. Otherwise, it’s too discouraging to keep following this show. It’s also possible for Donny to win HOH next week and do some damage. I just want the guests in power to have their game messed up a little bit and feel some fear, for a change. Other than that it’s going to be hard to beat their group.

  32. Nicole hahahaha good bye! “cody had the same look on his face.. bla bla bla” girl, why you keep running your mouth to this loser, who’s been playing you the past few weeks! you deserve to go! won 3 hoh’s and NO PROGRESS, goodbye Nicole! and Crustine you’re next! Victoria will be the last girl in the house xD

  33. Please let there be only one HOH so Donny can and win send one of the bomb squad home hopefully not frankie or derek because if those two went home they will most likely come back. Let two juror memebers come back so Donny will have the numbers unfortunately that will not happen because there is not enough time. Let there be a power change right now or I will never watch big brother again it’s starting to get boring

  34. I do not know what game some of you were watching when you say “we need Hayden to come back and shake things up!” PLEASE!! He was one of the if not the lamest player in BB history! He won nothing, rarely strategized or knew what was really going on around him, told lousy, gross misogynistic jokes about his penis and did nothing but take up space and oogle Nicole’s ass all day! Trust me, him coming back will not change things one iota and as soon as he comes back is as soon as he would be shown the door AGAIN!

    1. thank you! reminds me of past HG’s who have claimed their return would change things and they would be coming for so and so. it never really seemed to work that way. and hayden didn’t do a thing in that house, he was the male jocosta. I can’t say Victoria because she has actually won a bunch of comps(“won”) but hayden, pshhh

    2. Actually Hayden was the only one besides Pow Pow that even talked to Donny and was a decent human being in this cast of shitballs.
      He also has stated that he would go after Derrick/Cody if let back in the house.
      That blindside was a game changer for Hayden, unfortunately they sent him packing cos they knew they could manipulate Fruitloopdingus easier and they did, now she’s gone.

  35. Is it just me or does Frankie look like Beavis in the first pic of this thread? And Christine reminds me of Gollum from LOTR. I am usually turned on by tattooed women, not this time. nothing attractive or smart about her whatsoever.

  36. It is going to be incredible to see Christine’s face when she feels the knives of all her bomb squad bros in her back when they send her ass out of the house. They are about done playing with that rag doll. She’s pumping herself up like she’s the big bad wolf and she’s running shit. We will all soon get to laugh her ass……

  37. Crustine is beyond stupid! She’s a giggly airhead with attitude. Victoria is at least empathic. This b!tch is a Hyena with no brain. Unbelivable!

    Caleb just confirms what I’ve been saying all along: he’s 100% in the closet.

  38. I am done. Christine gets attention from some boys for the first time in her life and she turns on the only person who would have kept her safe. It is so sad that being the center of some make believe attention is more important than her integrity. Her husband and family must be proud. I am signing off of big brother for this year. Nothing but of arrogant want to be’s. Well except for Donnie but he doesn’t stand a chance.

  39. the derrick cody situation will be funny to me because he is totally going to ditch cody at some point and think he will still be a vote. but cody is such the wimp and total emotional baby that he will vote for whoever is sitting next to derrick.

  40. For being a super fan Christine should know a girl has never won against a guy in the final 2…. she is seriously an idiot!

  41. after Donny and Christine are gone, I don’t care who they pick on next. Let them physically kill each other and I don’t care. They deserve each other!~

      1. I totally agree with you. I hope they tear each other apart and there are emotional breakdowns , lots of tears and maybe a few shouting matches. These people deserve each other. Poor Donny, now he is completely alone. Hope he can pull a rabbit out of his hat.

  42. Donny needs the DPV so he can remove himself and Nicole and force ferret face to put up two more nominees. Then maybe the rest of the season will be worth watching.

  43. really derrick, Nicole and Donny, the 2 ON THE BLOCK have been talking for 20 minutes.

    really. what about all the time you have spent talking with your alliance? you and cody never sit the dang block. NEVER. yet you both freak out that people will figure out your game and just now have figured out that it doesn’t matter! maybe now you can stop saying people are throwing you under the bus, when you haven’t even been freaking nominated and we have had a double!

  44. Donny is in top 5 worst BB social games in history. You can’t come into big brother sleep through every crucial game play event in the house and think you can win.

  45. And frankie is just perverted and gross!! Everything out of his mouth has to be sexually oriented. It’s either “a wet slithery condom” or “she’s as dirty as a dildo that’s been in my ass”. Oh for sure Frankie, AMERICA LOVES YOU. Not even fool!! I wonder how Caleb is going to explain the picture of him bending Frankie over to his conservative Christian hometown. I guess he willing to do or say anything Frankie wants to get in that studio! Hahaha!!

    1. poor Frankie is an innocent wilde*childe by comparison
      to Spencer’s Larry Flint edged ‘rustic” opines that almost
      got this BB season cancelled last fall. i has hoping good
      ole Spencer would take a bigger dump than Frank Zappa’s
      on CBS’s pristine stage but he was all talk and no action!!!

    2. I was just going to post the same thing. Who talks like that constantly the way Frankie does, especially when they know they are on camera. The parents of Ariana Grande’s fans must be so pleased.

  46. What’s the context of the simulated Gay Sex Action going on with Caleb riding Cody and Frankie?

    Simon? Dawg?

    Looks like Caleb is really Beast Mode in bed, too! Look at those abs!

  47. Just when I thought that Chrustine couldn’t be any uglier, she does this. Obviously not thinking about jury votes . AT this point I think she’s trying to help Cody win

  48. Let’s change bomb squad to “baaaa” squad, They are nothing but sheeps to Derrick’s game. they’ve done nothing or any big moves that blew up the game. They flip and change their positions faster than the weather. I don’t get why they are just looking at just getting to jury. The only ones looking at the grand prize is Derrick and Donny.

    This is the saddest bunch of HGs in BB history. BB should go back to the beginning when they had food comps and the have nots were not picked or volunteers. it was much more entertaining watching the HGs fight it out. Plus comps to win luxury items for the house like a trampoline, pool, BBQ, etc. The game is so complacent and boring with the HGs having nothing to do but sleep.

    Christine is an idiot. She should have put up one of the guys and not Nicole. She’s up on the block next week. I don’t mind that she’s going but she had a chance to flip the house with Nicole. Oh well. I’m glad Donny is safe. I hope the twist is that Hayden and Nicole return to the house. Nicole fills Hayden in and these two with Donny team up and flip the house and get rid of Derrick, Frankie, Cody and Ratine in that order. Cut off the head of the snake.

  49. And……this predicatable joke of a season continues on. Did anybody ever doubt that Christine wouldn’t do what the guys wanted and put Nicole up. Nicole should just look at her and tell her how fu*king stupid she is and say do you really think the guys are not gonna take you out after the rest of us you clueless moron. Then tell her she’s doing their dirty work for them because Derrick and Cody don’t have any blood on their hands and they haven’t even been on the block yet. She also needs to tell Victoria to wipe that stupid grin off her face and then tell her I’ll be seeing you in a week or two dumba$$.

  50. To bad that BB16 would not take a chapter from BB2 Canada and let the BB fans be HOH for a week and let us put up who we want out.

  51. So looks like the only HG with an actual pair is about to go. Nicole knows that she is on her way out and if she’s smart she will stand up at the live eviction and say ” Christine you are a fool if you think anyone of these guys has your back and I will keep a seat in jury warm for you.”

  52. If Nicole is the one voted out Thursday
    I am one that hopes Donny,Zach,Calib or even Victoria win HOH

    Otherwise it will be Donny on the block or even backdoored

    Donny might be Americas favorite in the hearts of fans but Arianus Grande’s facebook/twitter followers will make sure Frankie the perv wins that title.

    BTW I was at a bar Saturday night and an Arianus Grande song started to play everyone in the bar booed and the dj took it off

    Shes only popular with 12 yr old girls or 21 yr old girls with a 12 yr old mentality ahem Victoria

    I had hopes for Calib after Amber left and he turned on Frankie but when he found out Frankies sister is and he(calib) says he wants too meet Justin Beiber I lost it.

    Exit question : What kind of 20something man like Justin Beiber?

  53. I’m more surprised that these people are so easily duped by the SAME tricks again and again. Nicole had to know Christine is as malleable as she is.

    All it takes is for Derrick to dictate, then Cody the house pillow to show up and start cuddling followed by Frankie with some over the top dramatic,lie and minds are changed.

    They keep running the same play on the same HGs until they are gone,yet they all are in disbelief when it happens to them. They will pivot to Donny next, then Christine, then Zach.

    I can’t feel sorry for the Non Detonators. You get the (BB House) life you deserve if you fall for the same OLD tricks.

  54. i want to stay is thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk you Donny has a chance
    now Nicole i like you you really nice i got nothing bad to stay about you you should be proud of your self but babydoll you should of listen to Donny about Christina you should of listen

  55. Nicole came to BB for the experience. WTF! This is why her game play sucked–she was too overwhelmed by it all. Go home already where everybody likes you and its all rainbows and unicorns.

  56. Christine will not be able to take if when these guys turn on her. I really think their is a chance she will go home next week. Because Derrick and Frankie my team up with Donny for TA again. And use Donny again as a back door plan. Secretly they all want yo take Victoria.

  57. Um Derrick, so what if Nicole has been talking to Donny for 20 minutes. They are on the block. They aren’t going to talk until the two vetoes fly out of their mouths to take themselves off. Yes, he knows about you and hopefully she does too now. Unfortunately, for Nicole she had to be backdoored to fully get it as harsh as that is. No matter what it wasn’t fully landing even after seeing things herself and being tipped off. If she comes back in hopefully she won’t do a Judd and she really really gets it. Christine’s number is probably coming up next. Even though I wish someone get Derrick or slimy Cody before it’s too late. If someone wins out of that alliance I would prefer it be Zach at this point.

  58. Anyone else notice the conversation last night about coffee? Derrick said he gets a hot chocolate every morning at Dunkin Donuts before heading to work. Can’t believe they haven’t figured out his secret yet.

    1. had he then said he wishes there was a fruit stand on the corner
      so that he could grab an apple or two off of it for later in the day,
      he’d be so darn close to spilling his inner thoughts to the universe.
      derrick is the type of cop who has a running tab all over the map!!!

  59. i have more respect for Helen despite the way Amanda and Andy blindsided her
    than i do either Nicole or Christine right now. I’m assuming that Donny can get to the
    Final Four and that Hayden has the best odds of returning into the game from Jury.

    1. You’re talking about the same Helen that sheeped for Demanda, and constantly said, “this is not the time to flip” every week, up until the week she was voted out, OK, OK Helen?

      Nicole had the power to make a move and chose not to, Helen didn’t have the power..

      I can’t respect either of those dumbies…

      1. yes…. it all made perfect sense….
        her GOP affiliation via her political
        work, her optimism and her bold
        cheerleader from Hades lack of
        political nerve endings. Andy votes
        Democrat. i hoped the Chicago tie
        would help her out. she forgave him.
        everything he said and did. it was cool.

  60. “I’m Frankie. I’m gay. My sister is semi-famous and I want to be. And because I can, I will suggest and perform as many lewd simulated sex acts as I can!” I’m as straight a guy as you’ll ever meet. I don’t understand nor agree with the lifestyle. But I do have a few friends who are openly gay. I don’t know, nor care, what they do in private … any more than they should care about what happens in my bedroom. I don’t believe Frankie’s actions on BB are representative of the gay community. In fact, perhaps, he is an embarrassment to it.

    1. Interesting so you have had a lot of gay interests and tendencies but repressed them all to choose your “straight” lifestyle.

    1. Victoria? The girl who has a crush on the man who browbeat her into submission for daring to not trust him? Get real.

  61. I officially hate Christine and all those demons she has aligned herself with. I guess it’s time to find something better to watch that’s more morally up lifting. The problem with this show is it doesn’t even give most viewers something to hope for. It never goes the way we want. So why abuse ourselves?

  62. If these girls had listen to “Joey” when BB first came on they would not be in the predicament that they are in now. They trusted the guys and the guys picked them off one by one.

    No one wanted to team up with Donny or Jocasta because they didn’t looked or carry themselves like the rest of the HG. They were outcast before the game could get started. The only one that peeped their card(s) was Sgt. Derrick that’s why he had to get Jocasta out and working hard to get Donny out.

    Sgt Derrick went to the weak players, people whom he could manipulate and plant seeds. Sgt. Derrick and Frankie are cut from the same pattern but different cloth.

    I’ll say again the Productions are manipulative just like Derrick and Frankie and it’s not becoming. If they just let it play it self out like the previous ones. It would have been a better season. I know Ya’ll won’t read this and probably don’t give a crap but Ya’ll need to clean this mess up cause it sucks, not good TV

  63. First off, why is Nicole such a fan favorite? She is one of the most annoying houseguests this season. Ugh. That voice. All of that whining and crying. I’ve had enough of her. See ya never.

    Christine, although not my favorite either, is making the smart play for her. Is she on the bottom of the bomb squad? Maybe. But once the alliance has to start going after her, she’s somebody I would want in my corner. She wins competitions and plays a good social game.

    On one hand, you’re saying that this season is terrible for all of the backstabbing but not enough twists and turns? That makes no sense. The difference here is that people are actually sticking with the plan to use the numbers to get out the people they don’t need. Everyone gets voted out so you ought as well eliminate anyone who could boast that they survived or outlasted your alliance.

    1. Exactly! I don’t see why she is so will liked, all of her HOHs have been a Major Fail, and her head is always up Derrick’s and Cody’s ass.

  64. Somebody came up with movie names for all the remaining house guests that fit them like a tee. How about as a group…Dirty Rotten Scoundrels!!

  65. I am upset but not surprised that Nicole finds herself in this position. Firstly, never get involved with someone on the show. Rarely do couples last, and immediately you have a target on your back. Early on if Hayden and Donny not become so close as well, she and Derrick would have been a good duo. She on one side of the house, and he on the other. Secondly, it was obvious early on that her friend Christine was with the guys. My goodness you couldn’t pry her off them with a crowbar. When Nicole refused to cool her jets with Hayden, she lost Christine as well, because she never cultivated what she and Derrick had spoken about earlier. One or two weeks makes such a difference in forming alliances (as seen on bbCAN2). Derrick and Cody were too suspicious of Nicoles friendship with Donny and went back to the guys because Hayden and Nicole refused to even consider putting Donny on the block and felt they were being lied to about another alliance. They stated that over and over again. Although hurt when Hayden left, she never recovered and went on a binge strictly for revenge. You CANNOT play the game that way! As stated by Derrick, Big Brother is not a race, its a marathon, and you have to play it like that. Yes, I fully believe that BB rigged that comp so Frankie could stay, and Nicole got the shaft because Zach is an asshole and turned on her as soon as he won the VETO. But I do believe Derrick and the guys are correct in getting her out now before Hayden comes back and together with Nicole, the two of them start cleaning house. Its too bad that Donny will probably be gone at that point, because it could have been interesting. Nicole has played a very bad game, and unfortunately will be paying the penalty.

  66. The key now is to have the final three be Christine Victoria and one of the Bro Ho’s standing with them. It will be a shoe in for Him 500K in the bag

  67. Christine is a f*cking idiot, those guys will throw her to the side once she’s no good to them. And when Caleb referenced the bomb squad he only mentioned the guys, I wish Donny or Nicole would have heard that and told Christine. Damn Nicole is def the strongest female, I would hate to see her go. Looks like I’m all team Donny, and dare I say it, Team Zach Attack haha

  68. I feel sorry for donny, he is a great player playing with 4 smart player sticking together (they boys) and the rest of the house are mental midgets.

  69. I can’t hardly watch this anymore, they feel so safe and are so smug about it that it makes me sick. I do feel for Nicole because she seems like a good person and I’m proud for her that she hasn’t stooped as low as some of the others in the house, I wish she would stop crying and hold her head up high! I hope they get Christine out and I also feel for her family and her husbands family, and Derrick disgusts me with things he has said and done in the house not as bad as Frankie he is the absolute worst person lower than dirt, I’ve watched bb for a long time and I think you don’t have to act like them to make it a good show! Hopefully Donne wins hoh, Derrick and Frankie lost any respect I had for them when they lost their grandfathers and chose money over being with their families, I could never not imagine spending that time with my family after the death of a family member, shows you just exactly what people will do for money and that is sad, Frankie Derrick and Christine needs to go soon, but they feel like they are going to the end, wish someone would knock them off their thrones, you can play a good game even if u have to lie some and come out of the house being a good person

  70. I am so sick of Frankie looking straight into the cameras and making speeches and testimonials about his businesses and family. A long time ago they were not allowed to talk to the cameras or give shout outs. When did that change? He is long winded and boring and I’m over him acting like he is a big name in the industry. Private jets, first class air, those things don’t give you class.

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