Caleb to Christine “If you put Nicole up she’s going home All of us guys are sticking together”

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Ca;eb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

BB16-2014-08-10 22-05-57-875

9:59pm Storage room Caleb, Derrick and Frankie
Frankie says Victoria hates him. They want to get Nicole on the block
Caleb wants to tell CHristine that Nicole was going to backdoor her.
Caleb says Nicole’s exact words are “I promise you if you throw the competition i’ll backdoor CHristine”
Derrick isn’t sure it will work.. if it doesn’t work and Nicole wins the HOH she’s putting them up
Caleb – She already is putting us up
Derrick suggests Caleb go to Christine on his own.. still isn’t sure it’s the best thing to do..
Frankie – would you send Victoria home
Derrick against Donny.. probably not.. I’m being honest.. I dont ;think we have the votes to send Victoria home.
Derrick says Victoria can be manipulated but Donny can’t if the entire house is voting CHristine out he will vote her out.
Derrick says if this doesn’t work and they can’t convince Christine ti put up Nicole they are on Nicole’s Sh1t list
Frankie – “I’m already on her sh1t list”
10:13pm Kitchen Caleb, Frankie and Derrick .
Derrick is playing devils advocate with Caleb’s plan to tell Christine. Derrick thinks it’s too big of a risk. If Christine might not believe them. Caleb says other people were in the room Zack and Cody.
Derrick asks if he’s going to throw their names out says it might arouse suspicions that the guys are together. . Caleb doesn’t see why not Christine knows they a together she’s with them.
Victoria joins them Frankie starts talking about a turtle at the football stadium.

BB16-2014-08-10 22-21-46-575
10:20pm BEEHIVE Nicole and Frankie
Frankie says he knows there was a play to get him out this week and he understands.
Nicole says she heard he said some things and at this point he’s over it.. it made her upset she doesn’t know if he said them or not.. It’s something to do about your strategy
(They hash things out.. doesn’t go well)

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BB16-2014-08-10 22-23-48-606
10:22pm HOH CHristine and Victoria
Christine can I start with the bad news the reason i’m telling you shes going up she promises she has everyones promise she’s not going home.
Victoria – you know i’m not coming after you
Christine wishes she had a backdoor options .. Christine says she promised Nicole she wouldn’t put her up , “I feel so bad about this.. I am pissed off.. Zach was literally the only person I didn’t want to win it”
Christine – I’m so doing i can’t pretend to be nice to him
Nicole comes in.
Christine – It’s Nicole is that OK”
Victoria – ya
Nicole – I need to talk to you when you’re done..
Victoria goes back to telling Christine about her talk with Frankie..

Victoria says she wants a clean slate with Victoria “It sucks that I don’t get to play for my life.. I just don’t want to be in front of julie on thursday and have all that nervousness.. “ Victoria says the pawn goes home sometimes. Christine says they put Frankie and Zach on opposite teams and now both of them are safe it’s unbelievable.
Christine brings up Frankie telling her he won the BOB he deserve to sleep in the HOH bed.
Victoria leaves grabs Nicole tpo talk to Christine.
Nicole marches in
Nicole Ok so i’m so f*** pissed at myself.. I should have known better..
Nicole – you know how Frankie made Victoria cry
Nicole says she told Caleb Frankie was saying he has Victoria in his back pocket because she’s a fan of his sister.
Nicole – Didn’t he say he could manipulate her
Christine – ya
Nicole isn’t going to say Christine heard him say it.
Christine thanks her says Frankie told her in the HOH room he had Victoria in his back pocket because she was a fan of his sisters.
Nicole – It makes me sick to look at him in the eyes..
Nicole isn’t going to fall into his trap of making her feel this small because he’s famous. Good for him. I don’t care
Nicole – do yo know what you are doing tomorrow.
CHristine – I just told Victoria..
Nicole – She’s not going home
Christine says Derrick is so mad at Frankie .

Victoria comes up Nicole tells her Frankie told her she’s a horrible disgusting person for telling Victoria he can manipulate her because of his sister.
Christine – It pisses me off how nice he is to Zach right now..
Nicole – he made me believe i’m horrible person… he’s able to make other people think i’m horrible.
Christine – We’re getting rid of DOnny he’s so useless. .
The agree Caleb is such a idiot for sticking so close toe FRankie.
Nicole tells her
Christine says it doesn’t matter how Frankie, Zach and Caleb vote. they have enough votes to get rid of DOnny.

BB16-2014-08-10 23-15-30-547
11:13pm Frankie and Christine
Frankie warns Nicole is panicking and she’s stalking to the guys saying a lot of sh1t.
Frankie says Caleb has something to tell her he wasn’t privy to it. Caleb will explain thieving that happened earlier in the week it involves Christine’s relationship in the game and her relationship wit Nicole.
Frankie says Christine was the secondary target
Christine – You’re kidding me.. ”
Frankie says Nicole was conspiring to get Christine out she wanted Caleb to throw the BOB.
Frankie – She’s petrified of me telling you this..
Frankie says all the guys are furious with Nicole.
Frankie says the bomb squad is still b@lls strong.
Christine – Really… Zach isn’t coming after me.. you promise ..
Frankie – yes..
Frankie – honestly I have only you Caleb and Derrick in this game.. you know Zach he’s f** himself so many times he’s go nothing left..
Frankie – If She wins HOH you and I are going on the block..
Zach comes in .. Frankie leaves..

BB16-2014-08-10 23-18-53-412

11:18pm FIRE ROOM Derrick and Victoria
Victoria tells him she’s going up. Derrick says it’s not the worst news something is in the works he’s heard rumours and things might be changing..

BB16-2014-08-10 23-32-54-028

11:27pm Zach and Christine HOH

Christine – I swear on my life I didn’t put you up Maliciously..
THey both act like they “had no idea” what happened last week.
Zach – now it’s a clean slate.. I don’t want you out of the house.
Christine – I don’t want you out of the house.. I was so happy you won VEto..
Zach says he’s going to find out if Frankie would win the Veto Nicole was going to put Christine up.

Zach – Obviously I was down with it.. The plan was Caleb and Frankie were going to lose.. if Frankie were to win the veto you were going home
Zach – Nicole was DOWN
Zach says they were all down with the plan to, “Nicole is really close with Donny.. i’m not pleading for you to put Nicole up but you were going up if Frankie would win the veto..

Zach – A lot of people want Nicole gone.. Derrick and Cody want Nicole gone.. .
Christine asks him if people will be mad at her is she does’t put Nicole up
Zach – Cody and Derick really want Nicole out
Zach – People are speculating you and Nicole are working together..
Christine say she made a deal with Nicole that she wuldn’t put her up. She thought all Double HOH’s were making the same deal.
Caleb comes in..
Christine – We made up and we’re friends again you guys would have to promise me she would go home..
Caleb says nicole asked Zach to throw it the BOB
Zach – I volunteered
Caleb continues,  Zach volunteered to throw it because he was pissed at Frankie.
Nicole didn’t trust Zach to do it so she asked Caleb to do it.
Caleb – I tried to throw it
Caleb says Nicole told him Caleb if you throw the competition i’m going to back door Christine..
Zach – The goal was for Frankie to go home and Christine was the backup plan.
Caleb says Nicole ended up saying in front of Derrick and Cody that she promised to backdoor Christine if the veto is played.
Zach – right.. there was no question if Frankie won the veto you were going home 10-0%
Caleb – she was going to do it.. she can lie all she wants to.. look at the tapes .. you can call COdy or Derrick
Zach – Cody wasn’t in the room but Derrick was for sure
Caleb – No Cody was there.
Zach – Cody says he wasn’t in the room but I think he was.
Zach – Every single person in this house thinks whatever is said to you goes to Nicole.
Christine wishes people would stop pairing her with Nicole and Frankie.
Zach – If you don’t put up Nicole it’s going to be more believable
Caleb – all of us want Nicole gone
Christine you have to promise me Nicole goes home
Caleb at this stage of the game Nicole will win every other HOH
Zach – she’s not with us.
Caleb never said anything to her before he was worried she was going to run off to Nicole and tell her.
Caleb – Nicole has lied to all of us.. she’s doing a great job of covering her tracks.
Zach says If Christie doesn’t put Nicole up it’s gong to confirm that Christine is working with Nicole, “If you keep her you’re putting a bigger target on your back”

Caleb starts banging the bomb squad war drum saying they have to get to the final 6
Caleb – All of us guys are sticking together
Zach – no matter what
Christine I feel like i’m on the bottom.
Caleb – there’s no bottom in the six.. there’s no top.. when we get to that six..
Zach – It’s a dog fight
Caleb keeps talking about the reasons they need to get out Nicole..
Caleb – She’s like me but a girls version
Zach says during Nicole formulating the plan to get Christine out she told them don’t tell Christine or she wasn’t going to do it.
Zach – Even then she was covering her tracks.
Christine wants to talk to Derrick, Caleb goes to get him.
Christine –  I don’t know what she’s going to do when I put her up
Zach says he never talks sh1t about Derrick, Frankie, Christine and Cody.

12:12AM Zach runs down to Cody tells him Nicole is going up 100%.
Cody says he never heard Nicole says she promised to backdroor Christine.

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BB16-2014-08-11 00-22-16-347

12:18am Christine and Cody HOH
Christine – If I put Nicole up will you vote her out
Cody Do you want me to
Christine – Yes
Cody – OK
Christine – I am going to swear on my wedding ring you have never been a target of mine..
Christine says she promised not to put Nicole up but with everything that happened with her backdooring me if frankie got of the block.. ya so..
Christine – I want the bombsquad to have a clean slate over again.. ok guys lets do this lets make it to the final 6.
Cody says he was never there when Nicole said she was going to backdoor Christine.
CHristine – I didn’t want to put her up because I wasn’t convinced she wasn’t going home but if everyone promises they are voting her out then they are good.
Cody – so you want Nicole out
CHristine – ya.. you gotta do what you gotta do.. it’s going to be so awkward.. I legitimately like her as a friend..
Derrick rolls in..
Christine – Caleb just told me everything that happened this week.. I’m going to put Nicole up do you promise to vote her out
Derrick – I’ve always had your back
Christine .. ok thank you Derrick
Christine – Can we make it to the final 6..
Derrick says he wants to go beyond final 56 with the people in the room.
Christine is concerned about the Frankie situation. Do you guys trust him anymore..
Derrick says Frankie is safe this week if he never won the BOB he would have gone home..
Caleb and Frankie come up tehy start talking about the nomination speech and the football event.

BB16-2014-08-11 00-51-06-058

12:39AM HOH Cody and Christine
They agree Frankie and Zach are huge F***g liars.
Cody is ready to snap on someone..
Christine say she especially didn’t want to put Nicole up this week because Frankie wants her up so bad and Christine didn’t t trust her .
Christine says Zach told her if she doesn’t put Nicole up the bombsquad is coming after her.
Cody says that is complete bullsh1t
Christine says she wants Derrick and Cody Final 3 “That is how I feel about you” Christine says Nicole and Frankie can tell her all the crap about them she is not putting them up.
Cody hates the way the game is being played.. he blames it on the BOB.
Christine – I’m Positive we have one more BOB”
Cody -at least
Christine – Do you think putting Nicole up is a good idea
Cody says it doesn’t really matter, Cody says Donny is the biggest schemer. Cody blames Hayden and Nicole going home on Donny. Cody is worried that Donny is getting in Zach’s ear.
Derrick joins them, says Donny’s ankle is f*** up that’s why he was so slow in OTEV..
Derrick tells her Frankie has zero trust in the game there is no way he’ll make it to the end.
Christine tells them how difficult it was to spend the entire day with Frankie.
Christine – ts’ so skeery.. so skeery.. I think because it’s a blindside.. Skeery”

12:44AM Pool table Caleb, Derrick and Frankie
Talking about the potential for a jury member by back.. Derrick says if they get rid of Christine and hayden comes back they only have one person to deal with. If they keep Nicole and Hayden come back they are back to dealing with two

BB16-2014-08-11 01-13-55-950

1:13AM Pool table Zach, Frankie and Caleb
Talking about Twitter accounts. Caleb is really excited about tall the followers he’s going to gain by being on Big Brother. Frankie being the social media mougal tells them his sister taught him everything about how to use twitter. Zach asks him for a tip Frankie – “Short sweet no @ mentions”
Frankie says his sister controls her own Twitter feed she doesn’t have a team when you see a tweet from Ariana Grande it’s Ariana Grande on her phone tweeting it.

1:30AM HOH Derrick, Christine, Nicole and Cody
Cody’s looking at the “hebrew book” (Zohar/Kabbalah book), Victoria explains the language is written right to left
Victoria – Those are hebrew letters but those are not hebrew words

BB16-2014-08-11 01-45-16-083

1:45am FIRE ROOM Derrick and Victoria
Derrick says she’s not going on the block tomorrow it’s going to be Nicole.
Victoria squeals gives Derrick a hug.
Derrick – pretend you are worried and sad.
Victoria everyone want Nicole out of this house..
Derrick says unless something big changes Victoria is safe. He’s going to stay up all night to keep an eye on things.

Victoria – I love you so much
Derrick – never doubt me again
Victoria – I know..

BB16-2014-08-11 02-01-52-026

1:53AM Bathroom Zach, Caleb and Derrick
Derrick says they must have done some voodoo mind trick on Christine.
Zach says after Nicole goes they have Donny and Victoria to get out “ you know Victoria Isn’t going to win HOh unless it’s a makeup contest”
Derrick is impressed with them getting Christine to put up Nicole he gives them a clap and leaves..
Zach – I hit the trifecta I was HOH, won the Veto and have nots.. TRIFECTA
Caleb – I won a HOH i won a veto.. i was a have not twice i’ve been on slop for almost a month , I’ve won 2 battle on the blocks .. I’ve won two HOH’s”
Zach – Two Battle on the blocks or three.. were you counting the last one
Caleb – Well ya the team I was on won..
Zach – isn’t that crazy bro.. it worked out for the better didn’t it
Caleb – ya ya
Zach – it did honestly but we can’t forget Frankie did that .. he great at spinning words around..
Caleb and Zach agree they trust frankie a little bit. Caleb says he trusts frankie the least out of their group, (Caleb is referring to the bombsquad)

The new bomb squad – Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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It’s sad knowing how Caleb saying that the guys are sticking together right in front of Crustine’s face and she’s still okay with that just shows how spineless this cast is!!!


One look at Christine and the way she behaves anyone can tell her self esteem is low. She was jealous of Brittany and Amber always saying they were pretty girls, and wanted Cody’s attention. As long as those guys are talking to her she will go along with what they say. She’s more stupid than Victoria to not think for herself. Instead of her talking to Nicole about, after they agreed to start over is crazy. Did she not stop and think when did Nicole say this and if it was true. Maybe Nicole could have said it before they talked things over. She is so stupid thinking about the BS. They are just using her. Again this season is filled with dummies. I wish they would even the season out from now on with more older people and less younger people with females with raging hormones that are so jealous of each other that they vote each other out just for a guy when all the guys do is talk about how dumb they are and stick together. The seasons are getting worse as they go along.


Christine really did swear on her wedding ring WHILE she was cuddling with Cody. Man oh man, she has stooped to a new low. Her husband knows too, he just replied to a tweet about it. Also, backdooring Nicole after you have been in her face all week drops you even lower. If she does put her up, then I hope Nicole t


*then I hope Nicole tears her a new one.


Christine swearing on her wedding ring is worse than an atheist swearing on the bible at this point.


FYI….jealousy has nothing to do with hormones, raging or otherwise. Some women (and even some men) are jealous and catty and it doesn’t matter what age they are. BB just needs to start casting mature women (again, age doesn’t equal maturity) who can play the game. There are plenty of them out there.


All that cackling twat cares about is having Cody’s attention…and that walking vagina even told her he wasn’t present for the back-door deal…even though Caleb insisted he was. Instead of this throwing up any red flags, she is more interested in making sure that the snot-sucking, sniveling snatch wants her there with him til the end…swearing on her wedding ring to ensure it. (rolls eyes) She will go alng with this simply because she wants to be the only girl left in the house…

And don’t even get me started on Chief Wiggum. Not only does he convince The Princess Cried that he saved her…when he did absolutely nothing to make this happen…but you can bet he will also take credit for it saving Donny and expect him to make good on his HOH offer. Makes me cringe! It is like a really bad comic book…
“Stay tuned for the next adventure of Cackle-twat and the Sniveling Snatch…as they attend Chief Wiggum’s Party of Pathetic Puppets…”


I hope Christine is just saying what they want to hear and not put up Nicole. She needs to really think about if Nicole goes home, and she (Christine ) can’t play in the next HOH one of the guys will win, and put her on the block, because she’s at the bottom of their alliance or not in their alliance. At least if Nicole stays she stands a chance of Nicole winning and helping her out. This season is really horrible, and by far the worst group of players of any season.


Cast is H O R R I B L E!!! Dishonest and disgusting! They def crossed the line long before jury. A very dirty game.


People always say every season has the worst people. Do you remember last season and season 9 (awful people, awful season)?! This season has Zach who replaced Dan as my favorite ever, Nicole, Donny… I don’t even mind Caleb anymore. I don’t like Cody but there have been so many worse in the history of BB. Not the best girls… But we have Nicole (if only Brit had a BB tutor like Cody does….).


BB 15 was the worst season. I had hopes for this season but sadly disappointed.

Roisen Dubh

Yeah Christine, you saw how they were up Nic’s ass when she was HOH and now they want to bounce her. Can’t wait till you get the same treatment you dummy, all because you were rubbing up against Cody of all people. This finale is gonna be classic. Beyond butthurt is the best way to describe it. Some super fan you are. A real superfan would’ve thrown a wrench in the works and said do your worst aholes.


Exactly, what is with these girls that when they hear something they only talk to the guys about it? Namely Cody and Derrick. I mean Victoria seriously had a conversation with Christine and never once asked her if her and Derrick and Cody were in an alliance? Sure she trusts Derrick, but at what point do you not think it’s a good idea to ask. And why didn’t Nicole back her up last night when she was confronted by Derrick. Was she so worried about getting her name cleared that she couldn’t say yeah Derrick you were in an alliance with the guys? I mean after she told Victoria she knew, but didn’t know how to tell her> Did Victoria forget about that little tidbit? Or are they just going to let production run their game and not really say what’s going on?

Roisen Dubh

These women are weak. Rachel would’ve put Derrick on blast.


Rachel would’ve tore through this house with ease. Wish they’d bring her in as a coach for these girls. They need someone to open their stupid eyes.


So, here a twist to throw everything into a loop. Let’s say the last hope for the game to be interesting. Say Donny (hope he doesn’t) gets the boot tomorrow and next week BB say’s because they have been doing 2 Hoh’s this season thus far, that two players have a chance to come back into the game. Let’s say it’s a public vote or a contest, and both Hayden and Donny come back. I know there will have to be an extra DV but that would be great TV to see the house quest scrambling big time. Not going to happen but would love the see their faces and watch to house implode. OR have zing bot come in and tell the truth on some of the lies being thrown out there. Keeping Victoria (cries every 5 mins, acts like she has no clue, and is a huge floater) over Nicole = a predictable game again!!!


On hope they let the evicted houseguests compete to come pick and two win to come back and those two are the new HOH, but I know that won’t happen because everyone has to compete in the HOH. I also think BB want the remaining 6 BS to make it to the final 6 like the Brigade, because rarely an alliance that large make it to the end together with the Brigade being he first alliance of 4 to make it to the end. But the sad thing is no one knew of the Brigade, they all suspected, but this season everyone knows about all the alliances with the guys yet the girls are too dumb to do anything about it. I mean how stupid do you have to be when Donny tell Nicole about Derrick and Cody yet she goes and tell Cody Donny wants them on the block next to him because he feels he has a chance, but wait until she find out he’s going to have a chance on the block against her. I felt bad for her after Hayden left, but now she and the other two girls are truly dumb, and blinded by Cody and Derrick.


Love how Derrick is just disregarding the Team America tasks now, after ripping on Donny for doing so.

Love even more that that loser got picked for TA…I didn’t vote for him!

mr ed

There was NO vote.BB picked whom they wanted and told everyone there is a vote.Any type of a vote is a sham.Production sucks everybody in feeling they have some sort of say in an outcome when the people don’t.Wake up !!!


Ya … thats what CBS thinks we’re going to look at for the
next two months? Not me! and a bunch of guys?
rubbing on each other. Not for me… enjoy ladies!
C U next year

Ariana Grande stinks

Bye bye Nicole! 🙁

Shoudl I repeat that I HATE the Porky Dirty Cop and the Evil Gay Clown? NO!
Caleb/Cody is Frankie/Derdick’s bitch.

The only good thing coming out of this is that Donny will stay and the Giggly Hyena is definitely the most stupid person in the house.


Let me take a wild guess here and say that the reason you chose that name is because Frankie is gay and you are a homophobe who hates everyone else in the family that has a gay family member? Ariana Grande actually has a wholesome image and there is no scandals in her past or current life. Imagine that a family member who is supporting a current BB player? Who ever heard of that happening in the last 16 years!!!! Did I get that last part right?


I am really disappointed at Nicole and Frankie. If they want to hash things up, they should be honest with each other and not talk behind each others back again. Props Frankie for pulling Nicole to discuss but it seems the situation is worst.


Thats because Frankie doesn’t truly apologize, sure he says it but he doesn’t mean it and turns everything he does into the other persons fault.


The only reason he confronted Nicole is to cover his ass. He’s a weasel, no props deserved. He’s slime and it is only a matter of time before he’s thrown out of the boys club.


Was tricked before but NOW Zankie needs back on the alliance list… As well as… The bomb squad?!

Chilltown 4 Life

Nicole is gone. Christine bought into what Zach and Caleb told her about Nicole. Which is perfect, Donny stays, and wont target ZachAttack at all. A Donny HOH reign next week would be glorious. Derrick, Cody, or Frankie would go to jury under his reign. Donny is the only hamster to be onto Derrick/Cody for two weeks. Saying why they never get nominated, and are working together.


Donny told Derrick that if he got HOH, he would let Derrick select the nominees. Truth or game play??

Chilltown 4 Life

I heard that convo in the backyard. That’s Donny being desperate, thinking he is going. That happened before Zach and Caleb manipulated Christine. Zach and Donny just need to hold out until Hayden/Nicole comes back into the house to blow up Derrick, then they’ll have the numbers.


I really cant believe Christine was one of my favorites in the beginning she is so stupid if she backdoors Nicole. At least Derrick who was my pre season pick is kicking ass if he can keep it going hell be one of the best ever. People trust him so much even though hes done shady shit no one calls him out and he hasn’t been nominated so far. Derrick ftw,

I Don't Like Derrick

You stated , ” If he can keep it going, he will be one of the best ever.” “Keep it going,” would mean that other people would have to keep falling for his bullshit. So, why is whether or not “he will be the best ever” dependent on whether or not other people fall for his bullshit? If someone is one of “the best ever.” then they are one of “the best ever.” It shouldn’t matter whether or not people fall for their bullshit.. So you just proved my point that I have made it many posts, if a person’s gameplay depends on other peoples’ stupidity, then the person really wasn’t all that great. The other people were just so damn stupid. DAMN!! There are many houseguests from previous seasons that would have never fallen for his bullshit, and he would not have been considered so great. Most likely, everyone on this blog that talks about how great he was, would make comments about how he tried to be slick, and no one fell for the bullshit, and he was evicted. How can so many people not understand that there is a big difference between a great player, and a player working off other peoples’ stupidity?? By now, these houseguests should have realized that Derrick is the leader of the house, and if gets to the end, people are going to vote for their leader. that alone, should make everyone want to evict him. Frankie , Christine, Nicole, and Donny should be advertising everything they know about him, but they are not. Is that great gameplay on Derrick’s part, or stupidity on theirs’?


I half agree. The people being stupid does not make Derrick a better game player. So he shouldn’t get credit for that. But to the extent that Derrick knows these particular people well enough and is able to smooth everything over when he shouldn’t be able to… He gets props for that. Derrick pulling wool over Victoria’s eyes… Not impressed. Derrick pulling wool over Donny and. Frankie’s eyes… Impressed! And your game does rise to the need. It’s like winning against an easy versus a difficult opponent.

I Don't Like Derrick

I understand. But Derrick is not pulling the wool over Donny’s eyes. Donny knows, but he is just not saying anything, which is ??? And Frankie and Christine know that Derrick and Cody had intended to evict Zack, just like they did, but they’re not advertising it, which is ??? And just generally, all these people should know that if Derrick makes it to the end,he will win but they’re not trying to take him out, which is, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING????? And just general stupid stuff, like the two HOHs putting up the same people Victoria and Jocasta, Christine not putting up one of the guys , after Caleb tells her,”The guys are sticking together,” and people listening to Derrick about their HOH and votes. You would think that if Cody wanted to put up Caleb on his HOH, he would, but No, he let Derrick change his mind. And how can Victoria not notice that Derrick tells her what to do with her vote, and then when he changes his mind, so does her vote?? How can these people not know that Derrick is making everyone else’s decision?? And of course, Derrick is going to do what’s best for his game, not what’s best for their game. I don’t know if there has ever been a more inactive, non thinking, stupid cast. What’s going to happen if Derrick makes it to Final 2?? The jury members are going to discuss the Final 2’s gameplay. But one of the Final 2’s gameplay is already right in front of them, it’s obvious, and they’re not doing anything about it. People in the house have already said, “I’m voting for Derrick. He has played the best game.” If people already know this, why are they not trying o take him out???


Donny has tried to clue a few of them in & even when he does it subtly it comes back to bite him. It’s no wonder he doesn’t make much effort to talk game with them because it all goes over their heads & right back to Derrick (looking mostly at you Nicole, Cody, Zach).


I never trusted Derek.


I understand. But Derrick is not pulling the wool over Donny’s eyes. Donny knows, but he is just not saying anything, which is ??? And Frankie and Christine know that Derrick and Cody had intended to evict Zack, just like they did, but they’re not advertising it, which is ??? And just generally, all these people should know that if Derrick makes it to the end,he will win but they’re not trying to take him out, which is, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING????? And just general stupid stuff, like the two HOHs putting up the same people Victoria and Jocasta, Christine not putting up one of the guys , after Caleb tells her,”The guys are sticking together,” and people listening to Derrick about their HOH and votes. You would think that if Cody wanted to put up Caleb on his HOH, he would, but No, he let Derrick change his mind. And how can Victoria not notice that Derrick tells her what to do with her vote, and then when he changes his mind, so does her vote?? How can these people not know that Derrick is making everyone else’s decision?? And of course, Derrick is going to do what’s best for his game, not what’s best for their game. I don’t know if there has ever been a more inactive, non thinking, stupid cast. What’s going to happen if Derrick makes it to Final 2?? The jury members are going to discuss the Final 2’s gameplay. But one of the Final 2’s gameplay is already right in front of them, it’s obvious, and they’re not doing anything about it. People in the house have already said, “I’m voting for Derrick. He has played the best game.” If people already know this, why are they not trying o take him out???


I really hope Nicole stays. These lies that they are saying about her to get her out make me sick


The character attacks are not deserved… But the guys aren’t lying about Nicole. She WAS going to backdoor Christine. And the guys will use Christine… So that will help her short term (and screw her long term). Let’s see who number 4 is out the door… But it’s looking like Hayden might be the one to return (I would prefer Nic).

I Hate Derrick

Nicole would just come back in and play Derrick’s game. Hayden stated that his biggest mistake was trusting Derrick and Cody and if he gets to return to the game, his targets are Derrick and Cody.
He’s my only chance to turn this sorry ass game around.
Because if Donny wins next HOH there’s no guarantee he wll go after them, especially when they will most likely get him to go after Christine and Frankie. Plus Donny likes Cody, that’s another problem.
Nope, Hayden’s got to come back.


If Nicole is evicted why in the WORLD would you want her to come back? She is clueless AND can’t keep her mouth shut!

She absolutely, positively deserves to be evicted for ALL of her stupid game play. I certainly don’t like Victoria’s game plan (cling to Derrick) but at least it’s a plan. To this point in the game Nicole’s “plans” have evicted Jocasta, Hayden and soon herself. For the physical safety of the other houseguests, she should under no circumstances be allowed back in. She may set fire to the house!

To Hayden’s credit, (with even LESS information than Nicole currently has) he knows Derrick and Cody were responsible for his eviction.

To sum up, Nicole is a disaster and may be one of the worst strategic players in Big Brother history.

Roisen Dubh

I think the real reason Donny is still around is because they want to humiliate him before he goes and the opportunity hasn’t arisen. Look at everyone else that’s been sent home. They were given some ritual humiliation and then sent packing for the most part. Joey and Jo escaped it. The rest of the house, you got ratpacked and then bounced. I can’t wait to see Cody’s exit. You think he’s not gonna cry when they start attacking him? I’m starting to think Derrick is gonna hit up Frankie within the next two weeks and lock a real F2 with him. Frankie ain’t winning 500k, but I wouldn’t be surprised that Derrick let’s him get 50k just to screw with the jury and get the last dig in. Let’s face it, Derrick needs to partner with someone who can win comps at this point. He knows it.Frankie is the proven beast out of all them. These guys hate women so Nic is gone. Christine, they just want to make her fell like shit before she goes. Vic, do I really have to say anything? But Donny, they want to break him bigtime. All of this because of Frankie and Derrick. That’s why I started hating Derrick after the 3rd week. He’s a punk in real life, I would bet 1 year’s worth of paychecks on that one.


There really is a gang mentality for the target of the week. Why do they all feel the need to totally trash the person leaving to each other. It’s pathetic.


You hit the nail on the head. There has been a gang /mob mentality in this house since day one. These people are spineless and cutthroat (with the exception of Donny). Every time they want to target someone, its about getting everyone in the house on board. These are not just unanimous house votes, but people ganging up on the targeted houseguest in order to completely humiliate them. I think they get off on it somehow because they always do it and really seem enjoy it. No one shows any remorse during or afterwards. Its really creepy


Question: Did Nicole really say she was going to back door Christine? Or is this just a dirty move on behalf of the guys? Really hoping it doesn’t happen… It’ll only rub salt in the wounds of an already really frustrating season.


Damn Christine didn’t even think about it just up Nicole goes.
Little Twit!


All I want is for Donny to make it to the Final Two and win the 500k; and the looks on Cody, Christine, Derrick, and Frankie after Julie announces Donny the Winner of Big Brother 16, would be fucking priceless!!!!!


Nicole being nominated and possibly leaving this week is great for Donny! I definitely see him sticking longer! The whole house is aware that Derrick and Cody are together with Victoria as their backup .. therefore, I wouldn’t be surprise if the whole house would turn against them, Donny will soon be offered some deals, especially if he wins HOH! so fingers cross, having Nicole evicted this week, followed by Frankie/Christine next.. is great for him!

as for Nicole, I really could care less if she goes, she made stupid mistakes, trusted the people who played and lied to her, kept running her mouth to Cody (and she still is!) who clearly played a role in getting Jocasta and Hayden evicted, she won 3 HOH’s and couldn’t achieve shit : won a frogtard, got Jocasta evicted, and she’s soon to be nominated by her “bad friend” with whom she formed an alliance the first week in the house.. umm yes you deserve to go !!


No it is not good for Donny, everyone wants him out as well. Thats one of the reasons why they want Nicole out because they think her and Donny have came up with some masterplan and are working together. The ONLY reason Derrick wants to keep him is because he wants money from the TA missions.

Roisen Dubh

Yep. And I can tell you went out of way to be nice about explaining it. Kudos.


Unfortunately the whole house doesn’t see it’s Derrick, Cody + Victoria. If they did they’d be talking about it & they’re not. This group is beyond clueless.


Christine is trying to get all the women out of the house leaving her with all the “men”. She thinks she will win over them but if she is a super fan she should know that will not happen. I can’t wait to see how production will manipulate the POV and who might return to the house.


Donny is staying, Nicole is going bye bye.

Next HOH, everyone vs Donny with a bum ankle

Canadian Girl

It seems odd to me that the houseguests that weren’t on the NFL trip felt free to just sleep and lounge the day away (even Donny for a while)…and the ones that were on the NFL trip were instructed not to talk game. Though, we’ve only heard that second hand. Could be a lie. (Someone’s lips were moving!)

On that other CBS show (Survivor) when some of the tribe leaves camp…each group plots at least somewhat against the other. THAT’S THE POINT!

Now I’m (barley) not saying it’s rigged. However….don’t y’all find it odd that Frankie, Zach and now (possibly) Donny have come back from the point of no return?

I smell an intervention. From above (production).


I hope it’s Donny and zach final 2 and I really want someone to put up Cody and Derrick on the block. Cody has no game at all.


Ugh I guess we will have to hear Ariana Grandes name as long as Frankie and Caleb are in that house.

I still can’t believe they allowed him to play. I don’t care if it’s her money he has access to it over the other houseguest. Unfair to the others.

Maybe BB’s ratings are dropping and they needed him to get the younger kids to watch, especially after the embarrassing BB15.

zach's gallon jug of oj (f/k/a zach's ironing board/zach's lemons)

Move over Arianna “What’s Your Face,” there’s a new girl (for Disney to pimp) in town! Her name is Iggy Azalea, and, word is that her standards of decency are even lower than the entire Grande family’s! Should have signed the Daniel Webster version of your contract!!!

What is your problem with Ariana? She has a wholesome image unlike Miley Cyrus for example. She is popular among young listeners of pop music and is actually had great reviews from critics who like her.. She actually has talent. Is it because she is a loyal loving sister of Frankie who we know you hate because he is gay, that you haven’t made any secret about. There is no reason to call the entire Grande family disgusting names.. Grow the fuck up and stop acting like a petulant 12 yr old who is told to clean his room! What is your problem anyway that you can’t seem to stick with one name and use a different one each time you post???

zach's gallon jug of oj (f/k/a zach's ironing board/zach's lemons)



Cody ready to snap on someone???
Give me a break hahaha

zach's gallon jug of oj (f/k/a zach's ironing board/zach's lemons)

The only thing Cody’s ready to “Snap On” is that 7 inch dildo Christine calls a nose!

Amen,great post!Can’t stop laughing !!!!


Can we donate Frankie to Africa?


No fucking way, Africa don’t need that filthy weasel.


omg- that was funny!


thank you producton Donny might stay an thank you Frankie an zack next hoh zack and Donny hope so


donny needs a special power ala jeff in season 11.. please give donny a coup de tat….


** sighs ** I seriously give up
These people are the worst. Christine is the worst female to play this game in a long time.
Me gives up

Roisen Dubh

I’d have to give that honor to Nicole. All her HOH’s have been a bust when they should’ve been game changers. And has no brain when it comes to the social game. She is the dingbat of that house.


So no eye candy left if Nichole goes …
Good job CBS … I for one will just keep tabs on
who wins … Think I’m going to stick around and watch
The Stankie n Frat boy show? NOT! The only one who
doesn’t outright disgust me is Donny, who no one will
even play the game with … oh what fools. BOOM!
What was that sound? oh BB16 ratings crashing to earth.
BBCA coming not soon enough


You think Nicole is eye candy? LOL


Christine swears on her wedding ring.
Why is this funny to me?


what did she promise?


Disappointed and still surprised at the way the women of this season have allowed themselves to be steamrollered by the men. It’s been a bore, ladies. Next BB (if there is one) I hope to see a female cast that is less passive and hesitant. We’d like to see some girls who are not afraid to play their own game.


I’m shocked at how these women are so easily manipulated by these boys. I can only imagine what Rachel Reilly would do to Derrick and the boys. She wouldn’t let them make her decisions that’s for sure. If Christine puts up Nicole, that would be the dumbest move this season (well one of them anyway…there’s been a lot this season)! Why put up a person that’s not coming after you?! Stop playing Derrick’s game and play your game!! I wish Zach, Nicole, Victoria, Donny, and Christine would flip the house. If Zach is smart, he’d realize he’s got a better chance against them in the future. He’s on the bottom with the detonators…Christine is too. They will get her out next. This season is beyond frustrating. Hope production gets players with balls next season!

Nicole Get A Clue

I bet if Nicole was to win next week she would have played Derrick game as while and she would had done everything Derrick told her too do, meaning she would had put up Christine and Donny, I find it hard to believe that she is a nursing student.


What would Rachel have done? Aligned with Derrick, that’s what.


Disagree…I think she could have cut off he head of the snake…and she damn sure wouldn’t let anyone manipulate her decisions. I just wish we had strong females in the house. They’re getting picked off one by one. I’m still so shocked production picked girls like Jocasta and Victoria?! Seriously…that’s the best Americas got!


Agree! It kills me to see them so easily manipulated!

Roisen Dubh

Wow, Nic and Zach saying they’ll vote for Derrick. Donny said earlier he’s voting for Derrick. These guys have already given up. But for some reason, I don’t think Derrick’s gonna win it.


Such a predictable season.

This BoB twist made it so easy for a power alliance to control the entire game.

Ariana Grande Stinks

Sickening! It would be great if the production showed them the polls with Donny, Nicole and Zach being the most popular and Christine, Frankie, Derrick the least popular house guests! THAT could somewhat shift the game from the hands of the EVIL to the hands of GOOD.

GO DONNY, GO NICOLE! GO ZACH (the ONLY entertaining house guest!)


Caleb you’re just a Frankie’s bitch! The same goes for Cody who’s a Derrick’s bitch! #sickening


The bottom three tend to be CODY, Christine, and Frankie (not Derrick). Good to me because Cody is dead last to me!

That Voice !

I can’t stand hearing the whining of Nicole anymore ! Her voice is sooooo annoying…Get rid of her, so we don’t have to HEAR her anymore ! So immature !

Trigger Happy Cops

I know! She sounds like she got 40lbs of boogers in her nose, she needs to blow it. LOL

It's a GAME

May the last two win.
Don’t hate the players- hate the game.

That is all.

Bye Bye Butch

I’am happy Nicole is going up on the block, cause if she had won HOH next week she would had let the guys pick her nominations which means she probably would had put up Donny, she totally would had. That girl is not able to think on her own.


I’m surprised that Christine is still wearing her wedding ring…..hahaha

Team Anyone but Cody and Derrick

I love how every year on this site, people say BB is rigged or that this year has a sucky cast. But, my favorite part is the dreams of a Pandora’s Box, Coup d’etat, or the DPOV. Honestly, what happened to them? I think CBS just eliminated them all together, probably thinking this stupid twist of a BOB and 2 HOH’s was better.


First ever BB twist but Unannounced on public television… is called an emotional affair. It’s obvious Cody is used to attention from married women, due to his action and comments he has made….this is a stroke to his ego. For Christine, it is an unfulfilled fantasy to be with a hot guy….I don’t want to judge, but maybe she should have waited to get married. I keep forgetting she is only 23, although she looks older….game play is game play, but Cody is of no real value, she is the one being used…..I don’t how she can spin this, when she gets home…..the reality is she cannot control the women who will be all over Cody, after the show ends and he moves on to a pool of many women, especially married women, because he seems to open for this.

Define: Irony

Well, while most of the world would agree that Cody is HOT HOT HOT, Christine has said on multiple occasions that she is most turned on by short fat men, “The shorter the better.” Her exact words. So she might be thinking that it is she who is the attractive one between the two of them, that she is pulling his strings. I know, irrational to many of us, but she did seem genuine about her preferences. Still though, she ended up married to a tall skinny dude!
Having said that, I believe that the way they act together is totally disrespective and humiliating to her husband. I don’t even like her but I feel I have to feel sorry for her husband! How can neither of them think for three seconds about how this, IMO intimate touching, might be affecting her husband?? Baffles the mind.


Again BB shows conniving a sneaky hateful gay man weak woman a bunch of bullies and 1 honest man who has fought tooth and beard to win comps be decent and caring but has a snowballs chance in hell to win. Not only does this season look like the production staff is coach the house guest but also rigging the comps . Its sad I actually feel sorry for Victoria she is a caring person regardless of all the other insecurities she has. The fact that Derrick is a officer of the law and talks about the respect for women and his daughter seeing the show someday he has shown he has no respect for women. Just a disgusting situation. I suggest in future BB you have America be the 33% of the vote on who wins.


I literally cannot stand Frankie, if Nicole doesn’t stay and kick some of these guys out I’m not even gonna bother watching the rest of the season, Hayden come back already!


Big brother really needs to step it up and start interfering somehow to not allow these guys steam roll through everyone. This has been a very boring and predictable season. Give Nicole some sort of power to stay !

mannequin of misery

Why is Christine not questioning WHY no one from her alliance warned her that Nicole was going to backdoor her until now? IF they have her back, why are they just now telling her? And who was Nicole making this “promise” to? Per Caleb, Nicole PROMISED she would backdoor Christine, but the people in the room were all people from Christine’s alleged alliance. How has this not occurred to her?

Love BB

Christine & Cody in each others arms:
Christine: ” I swear on my wedding ring that I’ll never…” (oh wait, where DID I put my wedding ring?? It was around here somewhere……)


All I can say is that Janelles don’t grow on trees. This has to be the saddest group of women they have had.


At first I was upset with Christine because she was just going to put up Nicole without investigating, but seriously who cares. Everytime, Nicole or Christine get into power they just let someone else make their decisions for them and get steamrolled. Looking at this house of misfits I already know who will win, of course it will be the Zoo Keeper Deprick so it’s no need for me to even waste my time anymore. CBS said this season was going to be the most season with twist. I guess the twist is having that animal house of misfits. The mental war veteran, Ugliest Scarytine, the Gay clown, the Wussie, the Half ADH Half MRDD skunk, Nurse peabrain, Country bumpkin, Crying Dumbo, and chief Busta Wiggims!! Can’t get nobetter than this!!


I am sad Nic will be going home:{ But will be very happy when Christine walks out before Vic due to Derricks manipulation:} She is only putting her up as she is Jealous and doesn’t want any others touching Cody.
What a disgrace to true marriages.