Power Of Veto Players PICKED! Donny asks you’re nervous?! You’re not even on the block!

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Ca;eb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

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1:45pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the house guests to pick players for the power of veto competition.

Power of Veto Players: Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick
POV Host: Victoria

1:55pm In the fire room – Derrick is talking to Caleb and Cody about his conversation with Frankie. They are getting their stories straight about what to tell Frankie about wanting him out/Zach throwing the BOB. Derrick says word for word we were down in the bathroom and Zach came down and said that Frankie asks to go, I’ll throw the competition to get him out. Derrick says you’re in the clear (Caleb) and you’re in the clear (Cody). Derrick says I told him why would I tell him (Frankie) that they were coming after him why I was told he was coming after me. He agreed. Donny joins then and Caleb ad Cody leave. Derrick covers what they were talking about. Derrick talks to Donny and tells him that he talked with Caleb about how he thinks he could be a target for going on the NFL trip. Donny says its too early to worry about that he’s safe. Derricks says I definitely know why they were picked to be on Team America now ..it was a group thing. Victoria joins them and says that she is nervous. Donny asks you’re nervous?! You’re not even on the block. Donny then says yeah you probably are more nervous than me.

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2pm In the bathroom – Frankie tells Caleb that America must hate them (Zach & Nicole for trying to get him out)! Caleb tells Frankie I will never sit out or throw another competition.

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156 thoughts on “Power Of Veto Players PICKED! Donny asks you’re nervous?! You’re not even on the block!

  1. Frankie, you are greatly mistaken! We wished to all the gods/deities in the world you were evicted this week you pompous a$$!

      1. They are probably waiting until Frankie is on the block again because didn’t he mention he heard them building in the room they use for Pandora’s box this past week?

      2. I cringed at watching Zach and Frankie’s “lovers’ quarrel” unfold on the feeds.

        Derrick throwing Zach under the bus (again) when Victorious is Christine’s backdoor plan and Donny is an “Outsider” just makes it obvious that Derrick plans on dragging Princess V to F2 for the win. Now, that’s dirty.

      3. A Pandora’s Box would just bring Ariana in to reward the HG with a little concert, and punish the HoH to be berated by Jessie.

      1. I just can’t believe u said that, your hate goes too far, this is a game, I’m not team frankie but we are criticizing how mean this people is sometimes but we actually are worse, attacking them, I’ve read b4, derrick looks like a pig, or Christine and her big nose, I’m team zack and donny all the way and I might curse to those hgs against them but never offend/attack them like that…
        Secondly I wish Cody go home, I just can’t stand him, he’s the bulliest and coward in the game

        1. Cody is a loser! Bragging about making husbands jealous and on how attractive he thinks he is…sorry buddy, but your beauty is definitely only skin deep, and looks fade. You’ll never have the qualities that make your housemates far more attractive than you. Zach is funnier, Frankie is far more creative, Derrick is a hell of a lot smarter, and Donny is a lot more genuine. Hayden was kinder, and Devin, well, at least when Devin said he was going to do something, he actually tried to accomplish it, as opposed to sitting on his butt and whining. Cody is a prissy 20-something that never evolved past that junior high mentality. Grow up dude.

          Oh, and Caleb? Caleb could beat the crap out of Cody, so there’s that. I would like to see that.

          1. Don’t worry Cody will soon feel Derricks knife in his back… Which he deserves! That pain will eat at him alive for being such punk. I cant fathom how he cant see why Derrick is keeping Victoria around when in reality they have the numbers even “if” 2 are on the block.

            1. First, LOVE your name! :)

              Second, in consideration to the girls in the house, the only one who is on cody’s level of disgusting is Christine. What she has put her husband through is just…there aren’t words. I don’t know the first thing about that man, but I feel for him. His letter to her broke my heart, “Don’t forget about me.” uggghhh….poor guy.

    1. Not really a Frankie fan anymore (and I’m totally expecting the thumbs downs I’m about to get) — but I have to say that while all of us who watch the feeds/spend time on BB sites year after year mostly feel the same about Frankie. We can’t assume that all of America is the same…also if you google Frankie Grande right now, look at all the press Big Brother is getting this year. Production isn’t going to want to lose him any time soon (and clearly there are people who are still Frankie fans…).

      1. They should have learned last season that just getting press isn’t always good. And if they want to pull this kind of BS then tell us fans who have watched the show and feeds season after season that this no longer Big Brother but a showcase for D list wannabes so we don’t waste anymore time or money.

    2. Couldn’t agree more. Get over yourself Frankie. We think you’re full of it and Caleb is too stupid for words. See ya. Oh and your sisters tv show was cancelled and she’s not at the top of any charts. She got bumped by weird Al lol!!

    3. Wow talk about the viewers getting played just read on another site CBS owns A Grande’s record label so huge set up just to sell her records keeping Frankie on show. Total disgusted by CBS!!!!! Must not be big star if this desperate to get her attention to sell her records! Hope it backfires on CBS and Grande family!!!!!!!!

    4. Frankie must go home or this season is lost to a FUCK UP . Me,Me,Me. who fucking cares. WAKE UP. evict the frank floater …

    5. I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever seen a person with a more distorted self image and less self-awareness than Frankie (except maybe Abi Maria from Survivor Philippines)

  2. Frankie has it twisted!! We LOVE ZACH AND NICOLE FOR TRYING TO GET HIM OUT and hat Frankie for being a rat and playing the sympathy card like no other… Fricken Production..

    1. I hope Julie reveals at the finale that Joey was the first one voted for Team American and Donny was second for the houseguests.

      Which means either Derrick or Frankie was basically a back-up plan for Team America.

  3. Neat Nicole got picked. Honestly one of my favorite things about Big Brother is when someone thinks that America loves them and hates the actual favorites. Like how arrogant can you get? It just sets people up for a rude awakening later.

    1. Let’s see who will have a rude awakening when they get out: CrazedCaleb, Fakie, Derprick, NoB@llsCody and Ratine. Zach won’t be surprised at the negative but I think he’ll be surprised at the support because of the way Fakie and the other fratbrats treated him.

      1. Even though Zach has been a loudmouth and completely erratic, one thing he has going for him over the rest of the guys is the fact he’s a straight shooter. He’s pretty much put it out there from day one, that with the exception of Frankie he couldn’t be trusted. I get why he is pissed. Frankie keeps saying how it’s been him saving Zach from eviction. the way I see it it’s been Zach putting his game on the line to do Frankie’s bidding and look how he is repaid.

    1. Honestly I canceled my feeds after seeing Frankie’s gross display of fame-whoring last night. This season has been horrendous – simply because of Frankie, Derrick & Cody ruling the roost. Awful!

  4. Wow, Caleb’s dumber than I thought. He got bought off with some crappy pre-season game? You know they gave him the crappiest seats in the house. Probably in front of a steel girder. Dumbass. LOL. Better win POV Donny cuz Zach ain’t going anywhere.

    1. Do they actually get to go to the football stadium or just watch a pre-season football game? They could be in a room with a big screen TV in another part of the CBS studio.

        1. are they seeing a NFL game or a club game .. KIZZ has their team in LA now …I am guessing its a low end level of football .. could be wrong but one can hope ..lol

    2. When they go on their trip to the game, it’s really going to give the other HG’s a time to bond without Frankie. It’s like the Survivor luxury comps. One group gets to bond over an experience, but the others are given the time to strategize against them. This could really help solidify the house to get Frankie out.

  5. Got news for Frankie….this American is only mad at Zach and Nicole for failing to get him out. Disgusting little pink haired weasel.

  6. Why would America hate Zach and Nicole for wanting Frankie out? I’m in America abd I want Frankie out! Right now he is using the fact that his sister is a celebrity to run the house. Personally I could care less! Some of these people actually need the money to live and for their family…Frankie wants to be in the spotlight. I don’t care who Frankie is and shame on cbs for not putting someone in the house that actually needs it and giving that spot for an arrogant ass.

    1. I think it is pretty clear that most of America and BB fans hate Frankie and want him gone if you read the hate that Is on his Facebook an Twitter before his family erases them. He does not even have 300,000 twitter fans. Hope Karma bites him in the rear an looks it is having negative affects in his family’s life including his sisters.

  7. It’s ridiculous that someone like Frankie is cast. Frankie has an unfair advantage. He is sorely mistaken, nobody over the age of 10 cares about your sister. Quit living vicariously through her, you rat. Be your own person. Nobody with an iota of intelligence cares about you or your sister.


  8. Frankie thinks BB is pushing social media harder this season & everyone will walk out with more followers than the previous seasons. Add Social Media Whore to his resume. Seriously this guy is delusional, If you think he is insufferable in the house, just wait til he gets out and on twitter. Him and Devin will be up each other’s asses and acting like they rule the universe. His you tube videos are not even great, He is seriously the worst.
    Who besides Allison ”Rigged” Grodner & Kassting thought he was ever a good idea? I hope ratings go way down after the next two episodes when people tune out & say enough is enough. Frankie gives Repugnant a new meaning!

    1. I seriously think Frankie (and he doesn’t know it yet) miscalculated the effects on his career by appearing on Big Brother. It will actually hurt his career pretty badly once he realizes when he gets out that he is so disliked and everyone sees him as fake and disingenuous. Furthermore, not sure he is helping his sister at this time in terms of the bad publicity he is getting. Some may rub off on her and she does not need that. She may be forced into damage control. The guy (Frankie) is really an idiot who seems not to understand the importance of a positive image not only in social media, but in entertainment. And yet he continues to be clueless. I wish one the house guest like Zach would tell how it is. Why are they even talking to him about alliances, etc.? Let me swim or sink on his own. None of the other remaining house guests need him. It does not make sense to have him next to you in the final 2. He won BOB so he is safe, but they need to get rid of him next week unless he wins another HOH. Make him survive via competitions only.

    2. derricks really only one that gets it he said from the start your going to have plenty of haters to and I think that the majority of the players are worse off than when they came in there is a reason in real life you don’t let everyone know your business because it human nature to judge

  9. I will relish the look on disgusting Frankie’s face when he eventually get evicted. If he is never evicted then this is my last season of big brother because Production has destroyed it.

  10. I hope Nicole wins pov and takes Donny off. Then Christine is going to put up Victoria because she is to stupid to think for herself.

  11. If Donny doesn’t win the POV (doubtful Nicole would use the POV to save Donny) I hope Zach does. It sucks they are on the block together. With that said, Donny kill it and win the POV again!

    1. I’d see Nicole win the POV and take Zach down, I don’t want to see Donny or Zach go home, but if one of them wins and takes themselves off the block Nicole is a viable option for Christine to put up. Hate to see that happen. Right now I am with anyone that is against Frankie and Donny doesn’t seem to want to get his hands dirty.

  12. Frankie’s trying to pretend Production didn’t help him.. Cute…

    NEWSFLASH, America Hates you, more than they hate Zach…

    1. Derrick is working on a back up plan in case Donny wins POV or for next week to get Zach on the block and voted out. Zach being the next target keeps the target away from Derrick.

  13. please please help Donny win pov for us amercia hugh fan we love Donny cody zack and Christina and derrick should go home before him please help him with the pov he desivre to be there for use if he go we America don’t have nobody to go for

    1. That is SO true! LOL – Frankie is such a publicity seeker (and piggybacker to Ariel!) & CBS is playing on that, unfortunately!

        1. Where is the family connection? wink, wink, roll, roll, hugs kisses with a snap twist and roll of the head. LOL.
          Yes you are entitled to fill the way you do. tootles

        2. Seriously don’t see how anyone who is aware of what has gone on in the last day could like him. You like attention-seeking, arrogant, over-the-top, talentless, delusional wannabes? If you’re supporting him ’cause you’re a true blue Ariana fan say so & I suppose I could understand that it’s dedication to her. But like Frankie??? I honestly have a hard time finding anything at all redeeming about him. Even his charity work is for his own self-aggrandizement.

        3. I’m with you 10th Doctor, I’m ok with the way Frankie has played the game, and he’s in my top 3 favorite players right now…I love that we can’t even post a positive thing about him without getting a handful of nasty comments. Reminds me of last year when anyone dared to point out what a terrible player Elissa was.

          Why am I rooting for Frankie?
          Because Christine and Cody are bad people both inside and outside the house.
          Because Derrick is a far bigger snake, and toxic to his own alliance.
          Because Nichole, as smart as she is, refuses to see the truth of her situation, and is therefore a bad player.
          Because Victoria thinks she’s at summer camp.
          Because Caleb is a huge narcissist, delusional, and I still can’t get past his creepy behavior toward Amber.

          Therefore, I am Team Donny/Frankie/ZACH

          My only real beef with Frankie is he needs to man up and apologize to Zach for what he’s put him through. Zach is one of the most loyal people in that house, and he was most loyal to Frankie. He deserved better.

  14. Can’t believe I let BB hijack another summer after the fiasco that was BB15. Heads need to roll. Mr. Moonves, do you even care that this show is being ruined?? I wish the audience would boo Frankie (instead of clapping like happy seals) whenever he is voted out, hopefully next week! Still don’t have any clue what threat he needed to protect his sister from? Anyone know? Please let Nicole win the veto and take Donny down–only hope that this season can be salvaged, at least for a few days!!

    1. Yes, please Les Moonves do something here? Remove the Exec. Producer. C’mon Sumner Redstone force Les to make changes.

  15. With Christine and Frankie –the wiesels safe– who are the target for this week then? Is it Zach? Or what is their level of priority of who they want out?

  16. Let’s get something straight, America’s favorite is Donny, and there is no competition. Casual watchers know it, live feed watchers know it, and production knows it. Donny will win America’s favorite, and I don’t know why anyone still thinks Frankie will. Even at the beginning of the season when he was somewhat popular with the fans, he wasn’t able to be voted into TA over Donny. Now, he’s almost widely despised, even beyond just feed watchers. If Donny gets evicted, Grodner knows that the fans will get outraged. I honestly believe that production will try anything to keep Donny, and to be honest, I think they want to keep Zach too. I see Nicole or Victoria going home this week.

    1. I’d like to think your’re right, but its going to hard to compete with the Ariana tween army tweeting & retweeting her pleas for her worthless brother.

  17. IDK who I want Nicole to take off the block. I know that I really really want her to win POV. I want Zack and Donny to both stay and work together as a trio. Where has Zack been all day? HE was honest with Nicole. I wish Donny and Nicole and Zack could have a sit down. I love how Nicole and Donny were talking in the living room. Not even hiding it or being sneaky. They dgaf apparently at this point. Glad Donny sees Derick is the head of the snake. Now if Nicole could talk Christine into putting Derick up as the replacement it would be perfect!!!

    1. Nicole & Christine are too scared to do the right thing. Nicole wouldn’t use the veto & probably won’t even try for it. Christine won’t try for it either & would put up someone like Victoria as a replacement if she had to.

  18. I ask a lot of people every where if you like Donny put a one in this box if you like derrick put a 2 in the box if you like Frankie put a 3 in the box

    results Donny 350 likes
    derrick 11 likes
    Frankie 135 likes
    then I ask whould you watch iif Donny goes home they said no we be real mad cause he desirve to be thiere in wee tired of derrick then that 11 turn in to a 2 he lost 9 fans in 10 seconds

  19. Christine=Shallow/Vain


    Cody=dumb as a box of rocks /follower/sits to pee

    Calib=Shallow/Vain/dumb as a box of rocks

    Victoria=Shallow/Vain/box of rocks says don’t compare my intelligence to her no contest


    Derrick=control/power freak

    Zach=smart but lets his ego get the better of him most times

    Donny= honest/integrity/trusting/loyal to a fault

    Donny goes on Thursday unless he wins POV or Nicole wins it and removes him the latter highly unlikely

  20. Nicole’s PoV win hopefully keeps both her and Donny from the Jury House
    if she uses it on him, but if he wins it himself, she may be replacing him if the
    group really pressures poor Christine? Otherwise its Victoria up again???
    Is this today’s new scenario? Zach is very open to joining Hayden & Jocasta.
    Would Christine pit Frankie against Zach? Or even Derrick? I really wonder…

      1. Likewise — Nicole can keep herself and him 100% safe, but if he wins, its either her or
        Victoria who goes up if Christine totally wimps out and avoids putting Derrick or Frankie
        up. Christine could win it and pull Donny off, there are three ways for Donny to be safe.
        I’m still in a fog of a funk over what transpired in the Double Eviction! Christine could really
        royally louse up Nicole even worse this week. Cody or Victoria going up in lieu of Derrick
        practically hands him the half million if Zach does something very stupid as this goes down.

  21. Dear Frankie,
    Get over yourself you don’t matter. The only thing “grande” about you is your mouth and your ego. You are lucky production saved you dumb ass. We hope you get evicted and that way I can watch the feeds without wanting to vomit.

  22. why didnt they let caleb throw it so zach and donny (who also rake in ratings) would be safe, then production could of rigged pov so their beloved frankie could win it or give him the dpov if that didn’t work so everyone wins…now everyone’s up cbs’ ass………… if donny goes the next ta mission should be “play russian roulette” lol

  23. I pray that Donny or Nicole wins this POV! I can’t believe how stupid Christine is playing! She must be obsessed with Cody to not put him up! Cody would go over Zach, and he plans to BD her next week! Frankie listen to Donny! Not only has Derrick turned you and Zach against each other, he’s still trying to get rid of Zach! People talk about the show being rigged, how in the hell have Derrick and Cody miraculously avoided being put up? BD them already so Christine can follow!

  24. production my little sister is 7 years old in she cry every time Donny on the block she love him so much she said he make all of us want to grow up in treat people wright a 7 year old can you belive that she told me her friends at school watch the show two in Donny their favorite too with Nicole Donny has to win pov please help him

  25. It be nice if the fan base would calm down a bit frankie wont win so u can relax with the derogatory words. Derrick playing frankie and zach against each again i bet they wont even try to talk to see they are being played. Derrick is just too smart for this crowd except donny but he cant do anything without numbers. i wonder will nicole actually make a move against Derrick now that she knows, i dont think she will she has not once done anything but trust derrick i dont think she will change it now. Production im almost sure are working over time not surprised, people hate frankie but they watch in the hope of him going home, zach is controversial some people love some people hate him regardless he causes drama so people watch, donny is the “hero” of the season people watch to see him play david against goliath AKA rest of the house. Since they are the three getting the target right now i assume production is doing what they can to keep them going.

      1. Derrick seriously overplays his hand a LOT – from having F2 alliances with half the house to trying to cover his tracks. If this cast had 1 brain cell between them they could figure this out. I am convinced they deliberately make the majority of the cast immature idiots or gullible as hell. I love what the producer of BB Australia said – that BB works best when you cast intelligent people.. Get a clue BBUS.

  26. Getting rid of Victoria isn’t a complete waste as Derrick would lose a loyal lackey, but I really want Derrick or Cody up there. If Derrick left Cody and Victoria would be like lost puppies or deer in headlights lol!

    1. I would bet that Derricks Wife will be really glad to see Victoria gone… He makes me sick how he is with her, I mean I know it is a game but I would really do something bad to my husband when he got home even if he wins..

  27. So wait…. Frankie makes $300-$1200 a month and calls himself a media mogul? Wtf…. Well, I guess he has mommy paying his bills. And he’s 31 years old??

  28. I’m so sick of hearing about Frank sister and Derrick you are just as starstruck as Victoria,Nicole and Caleb

    1. Actually, as much as I don’t like him, I think Derrick is just playing up to Frankie for game purposes the same way he does Victoria. Damn, these people are SO easy to mist with his cop pepper spray!

  29. I don’t think Pandora box is going to happen until the BOB twist is over. I could be wrong but isn’t one of the HOH rooms normally where they hide it?

  30. I have a feeling Derrick will try to throw the veto so he still won’t get blood on his hands. He will just try to manipulate the person who wins it…unless it’s Donny.

  31. Man Zach gets thrown under the bus soo much and most of it are lies lol. I really hope they have a reunion show have the cast see and be like “wow zach we were using you like crazy” lol

  32. I hope Donny exposes Derrick to everyone, and they actually open their eyes. I hope Nicole wins POV, and takes Donny off, but I am afraid that Dickhead Derrick will get in her ear, and she will fall for the bullshit. If Donny remains on the block, he has nothing to lose by exposing him, or even if he doesn’t remain on the block. But either way, I’m afraid for Donny and Nicole. How can these people not see?? DAMN!!! If Derrick makes it to Final 3, I hope he loses the Final HOH, and whoever wins picks the other person, because no one can beat him, including Donny, because these dumbasses are stupid.

      1. Everything he told Nicole about him being the mastermind and manipulating everyone, pointing out how everyone listens to him, about how they vote, and how they use their HOH, only he should tell everyone, not just Nicole. He has nothing to lose; he’s already the target. That’s what he should do, if he doesn’t want him to win, like he claims. He told Nicole what to do with her HOH, and he has already told Christine not to use the veto if she wins, ” I would like for the nominations to stay the same.” And she will probably listen, if she wins the veto. Then hopefully, Frankie and Christine will expose Derrick/Cody for also wanting to evict Zack, which he obviously doesn’t know. Then, hopefully people will figure Derrick out, before it’s too late, giving someone else a chance to win. If Nicole wins the POV, and doesn’t use it to save Donny, she’s a DAMN FOOL!!!, for 3 reasons. He is the one most likely to work with her, he has not betrayed her trust like Cody/Derrick/Christine/Frankie did,and as long as he is in the house, he will be a target before her.

    1. No, he told Nicole earlier about his suspicions of Derrick being the mastermind…he said (Derrick, Christine, Cody and Frankie) have been working together. He thought about blowing their game as he leaves. But, he won’t

  33. Frankie please STFU! You are annoying. I cannot believe you played the famous sister card. To be honest, I think this is going to hurt you. They do not believe you need the money, so unless production keeps rigging it for you – STFU and watch your back. Most annoying houseguest ever!

  34. Well we know for sure now that Donny is the smartest guy in the house. He is the only one that knows Derricks game. I do believe Donny wants a alliance but he knows Derrick has them all fooled and is afraid someone will rat him out. He is a very smart man and if he does not win then he should be brought back for a all stars.
    As far as Frankie and his sister. I am reading these comments and a lot of people are saying that they do not know who she is. That surprises me because she has been on every award show, has had several top ten hits on the charts, on the cover of a lot of magazines and so on…..She is a very good singer, reminds me of a young Mariah Carey voice wise, but none of this matters because we are hear to talk about BB. Frankie’s sister should have NOTHING to do with this game because she is not playing it. Should have no bearing on the way houseguests play their game, or why production favors him.

        1. We’ll if she reminds you of a young Mariah, let’s have her sing ” vision of love”. You have heard that Mariah song, haven’t you? She is no Mariah Carey.

    1. One Direction is hitting my local area with the full intensity of Beatlemania circa 1964 or 1965
      but their better ticket prices bring to mind the severe range the Stones painfully had. I admit
      even if I heard her music before this BB season, I had no idea who Frankie’s very talented kid
      sister is. To hear that he took a Jimmy Durante snozz and reduced it to Martin Short’s profile
      just to blend into the troupe onstage and not stand out further adds to this situation. Ole Andy
      was of the greater unwash’s despite his college degree. At least Frankie can pull some strings
      and get the House Guests he lied about good theater seats if they ever visit NYC on vacation.

    2. A lot of people dont know who she is because she caters to the tween crowd and a lot of us don’t like overly auto tuned mindless pop songs. Sorry! But the whole Ariana grande thing doesn’t impress me much. She’s actually a great singer much better than the average pop stars of today but she’s relatively new to the fame game and she doesn’t have Beyoncé fame or even the level of fame that Selena Gomez has so it’s it surprising people don’t really know her. It’s ridiculous that Frankie thinks having the sister he has should factor into his game. He’d ut himself a bigger whole. I think it’s very telling that the mindless idiot if the house, Victoria, was really the only one impressed by this. It’s a shame to bc I was a Frankie fan before his big reveal and now I’m just so annoyed at his gloating, ego, and obnoxiousness.

  35. I cannot stand Derrick. He lies the most and is the biggest manipulator of them all. He has thrown everyone under the bus. Do not understand at all why people listen to him. I hope the final two are Zach and Donny. Caleb would be OK by me for final two as well.

    1. Wow caleb is the biggest asshole of the bunch. I would scream if he made final two. I can’t wait for him to get out of the house and see how much people hate him and what a delusional idiot he is. I’d love Donny to be in final two and win but if not I’d like Derrick to bc he played a great game. I hate what’s he’s doing but you have to hand it to him for consistently being able to manipulate and pull the wool over everyone’s eyes, that’s impressive. Not that these people are that bright so wasn’t very hard but still. Ideally I’d love for Donny to come out on top and be the one to evict Derrick so we shall see if he ever gets a chance to do that.

    2. Honestly I can’t fault Derrick for those things – it’s the game. However, I don’t like his personality & it only really works because the majority in there are unaware idiots who can’t connect the dots. Add to that, the fact that he has essentially been “practicing” this kind of behaviour professionally for years in his job just makes it come across as an unfair fight.

  36. Funkie is as delusional as Caleb is. NO WAY IN HELL Funkie wins America’s Favorite Player. It’ll be Donny by a landslide, unless Grodzilla manipulates the vote. Funkie is riding his baby sister’s back for fame and stardom. Judging by the look on her face when she was in the audience, she didn’t look too proud of her pink bushed brother . I want Derrick out so bad I could spit ! My dream final 2 is Donny and Zach. Zach gets thrown under the bus so much the tire tracks have flattened his spirit ! I hope Donny wins veto and the next HOH and gets the damn cop out. Wish Donny Zach and Nicole could align and start kicking some lyin’ a$$!

  37. itz so ironical that Zach liked the rumour that linked him into BB15’s Amanda as a close cousin
    but got BVLL over not being told things by Frankie. Devin and Nick went out the door sooooo
    fast, and until the reveal, i was comparing Frankie to Andy, but now he’s defined his lil self as
    a much more bland and forgettable sibling to someone who truly is famous. does he get a cool
    $25,000 check if Donny’s fanclub remains apathetic or small? Nicole and Hayden are like the
    divine pair Jordan & Jeff were, in that memorable season. I’ve almost forgotten McCrae’s antics.

  38. I REALLY hope Donny wins POV. He’s the only one that can see through Derrick and Frankie/Christine. Also, If he leaves then only one of Hayden and him can come back into the house and do some damage. Frankie staying in the house until the twist is over may actually be the best thing (Production) EVEN THOUGH I DESPISE THAT WIESEL. Btw, Americas favourite will probably go to one of Zach (entertaining) or Donny. I don’t care how many fans Frankie has, NO WAY he wins $25000 just because of his personality in the BB house.

  39. Derrick is as big of liar as frankie is, i wanted puke last nite when he was talking all tough that “he was telling the truth.” stfu nostrils!

    1. I’m betting he’s laughing at the inside joke & thinks we’re all laughing along with him. To me it just comes across as being an overly cocky, arrogant prick.

      1. could not agree more. Further, if Derrick were any kind of leader, like he often wants to pretend he is, he could have used last night as an opportunity to come clean about being a cop to Frankie, Cody, and Zach. He could have solidified their alliance, and helped heal some of the wounds in the detonators alliance. Instead, he continues to sow seeds of distrust about Frankie. So sick of this guy using his own allies, both detonators and Team America alike. More sick of what a hypocrite he is, for acting so indignant when other people do what he’s 10x guiltier of.

  40. Yeah Flakie has used Zach alot gaining TA missions and dirty work around the house. Currently i hope Donny gets veto or Nicole to get Donnie off worst case someone pulls Zach off and Victoria goes up and is next to go to Jury. Wish they would get a Pandoras box in there or Zingbot. This whole twist of double HOHs needs to end there is literally almost half the house going up.

  41. No Frankie, America is not mad at Nicole for putting you up on the block. We hope that you’ll be nominated again next week :)

  42. im tired of derrick using America think we like him yes we do like you but for the game we cant stand you you doing Donny like that in old men I hope Donny wins pov for us derrick needs to go he lost most of all his fans he should of never been on team America im not his fan im Donny fan

  43. I’m sorry, but it’s just way too strange that Derrick’s name isn’t mentioned by anyone. Donny tried to tell Hayden and Nicole and they go into la la la la mode. Even when people discuss the other players, they talk about the pros and cons. With this guy it’s I trust him and that ends it. This season is really weird.

    1. He’s authoritative and paternal; people naturally cling to that. It’s psychology on a primal level, which is often a big factor in this game.

  44. Im going to vomit watching the highly edited frankie episode tomorrow night. Already cancelled my feeds might stop watching the show

    1. Honestly I’ve already got the last 3 episodes sitting to be watched with little incentive to do so. I don’t think I can take watching that so I’m just going to give up watching it & check in here for now.

  45. OMG seriously I just youtube ariana grande

    She has a lovely voice but her songs are bubble gum like the monkees of the 1960’s ,the brady bunch/partridge family of the 1970’s/Debbie Gibson/tiffany of the 1980s,and any boy band of the 1990’s.

    Is this suppose to be music no one over 12 listens to her

    1. Monkees and Partridge Family were COOL! “Last Train to Clarksdale” “I Think I Love You” #Classics (showing my age and it looks good on me!)

    2. She has 3 songs in the iTunes Top 100 (#2, #14, #15) and she’s on the Radio a lot. Her album is #30 on iTunes Top 100 and she is featured on the #4 album….just a few minutes ago.
      #FearTheBeard #WildCard #ZachAttack

  46. Frankie is perfect for the shallow world of entertainment where every one tells each other how great they are and rate the person on what kind clothes they wear and how many twitter followers they have. It like one big highschool. . It sad how clueless those people are. What’s even sadder is the people who look up to them and idolize them. It’s such shallow bs.

    1. Dr. Will proved that you don’t need to win comps to be a great BB player!! He lost like 20 something HOH’s in a row yet still won season 2 & went final 4 in all stars!! Just have to be smart & know how to manipulate people.

    2. He made a great shot in his HOH win, to be fair. He was the only one that actually did what he was trying to do and didn’t hit a high number based on luck. He deserves credit for that, though he hasn’t done anything else.

      We’ll see how he does if he ever has his back against the wall.

  47. i know this is “just a game” but i cant even count how many times in my head after last nights BBAD and reading todays spoilers & Twitter that i have thought I F*CKING HATE FRANKIE!! ugghhhhh! and its sucks that Nicole probably wont do anything w the info Donny has given her either, i would LOVE to see Zachattack survive, Hayden win his way back in and him, Nicole and Zach team up and shoot even pull in Caleb for a # and take the rest ON!! sorry if that means sacrificing Donny….i respect Derrick for being smarter than the rest kind of, but geezus his foot has been ON the throttle and its getting to be too much i want someone to CHALLENGE HIM! is that too much ask houseguests??!

  48. I wonder why CBS lists Cody as a former soccer player in all of their advertisements instead of a stripper/party guy? just something that makes you go… hmmmmm They didnt list Rachel Reilly as a “party girl” either… but clearly this seems to be a way they find people to cast on the show…. I think Cody is going to win based on this new information. That is my prediction. Cody is who Production really wants to win this year. No doubt he will be on the Amazing Race as well .

    1. Just like they come up with “professions” for all the wannabe actors & models they recruit. I guess they think we’re fools.

  49. I don’t want to piggyback off my sister but I WILL use her to help me in this game.

    America doesn’t hate Zach and Nicole for trying to get you out…we applaud them for it!

    Can’t stand Frankie…what a self-absorbed tool.

  50. Not watching my feeds at all. Not watching tonights episode(1st missed all year) or anymore CBS shows or any after dark(deleted my dvr recordings and future recordings) Will continue to support this website by reading the goings on. As of next year will no longer be heavily invested in big brother. I evict myself. Glorified soap opera BS.

  51. I don’t love or hate frankie, but now I’m pullin for him because of all the haters he has… At least he’s PLAYING THE GAME!!! Cody, victoria, & christine need to go!!! Zach needs to work with donny & nicole if they all somehow stay this week!!

  52. I don’t understand why any of you good people are wasting your time watching a nano-second of Frankie’s YouTube videos. I have no desire to see him any more than is necessary. Watching him in the DR for the live eviction “literally” pains me. His sister’s 15 minutes will soon be up and ” at the end of the day”, he’ll just be some old queen with pink hair visiting justin beiber in jail!! Here’s to hoping!!

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