Nicole says I started to think Cody & Christine were secretly married by how much they touch each other.

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Caleb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-11 12-54-45-200
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12:45pm Nicole joins the others outside by the pool table. and watches from the side. She then heads inside and starts to cry. Victoria hugs her. Victoria and Nicole head into the havenot room to talk. Nicole says I am trying to be strong its just hard. Victoria asks do you want to talk to Christine? Nicole says I don’t even know what Christine is talking about. Victoria wonders if its what she said on Thursday. Nicole says the only thing I can think of is that she thinks I tried to get Caleb to throw the BOB but it wasn’t my idea. I am too scared to ask to talk to her after the way she looked at me. There is not point in talking to her, she was one of my closest friends in this whole experience and clearly she didn’t even want to talk to me first about it.. Nicole says I started to think that Cody and Christine were secretly married by how much they touch each other. Victoria says I was shocked because of how close you two were. You should talk to her. Nicole says I don’t even see the point. Victoria says but she could switch things around. Nicole says I was fine until I got called into the diary room and asked about it. When I went outside they all acted like nothing happened. I have no respect for her at all! Nicole starts crying. Zach joins them and Victoria and Nicole leave. Nicole goes and ask Christine .. I know that you want me to go home but can we just clear the air. Christine says yeah absolutely.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-11 13-04-47-687
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1pm – 1:22pm Nicole and Christine head into the bee hive room. Nicole says I am not pissed I am just hurt. I know that we have had out ups and downs. Consistently my DR’s have been about you. It hurts that you didn’t come talk to me first. Christine says the only reason why I didn’t was because I was told that if I didn’t I was told I would be going home next week. Nicole says I just think I deserve to know why. Christine says I was told that there was a plan for Caleb to throw the BOB. Nicole says that’s what I thought it was .. Christine says I told you that I wasn’t going to backdo*r you and I literally wasn’t going to until I was told that I would be backdo*red next week. Nicole says that Zach came up with the plan to throw the BOB but I said you wanted to put up Zach so Caleb said he would do it. I don’t feel bad now because at least the viewers know that I wasn’t going to actually backd*or you. And you will see that when you get out of here. Christine says that Zach said to me that if you do not put up Nicole then we will all know what the deal is ..that you are working with her and you will go home next week. And Caleb said the same thing. Nicole says this freaking sucks. Nicole starts crying. I am literally in this position because of telling the truth to the wrong person. There is nothing I can do because no one is going to change their mind. Christine says it broke my heart when you came out and told me you know I want you to go home. I love you as a person. Christine says trust me America is going to hate me. Nicole says I should have just stuck with my original plan. Christine says that’s just it they would have terrorized you. Nicole says I have post traumatic stress disorder from that day (Hayden getting blind sided and evicted) and can’t even sleep. I don’t get why you wouldn’t give me a chance to defend myself… and then talk about a knife being in your back that was never in your back!! Christine says I felt like it was.. Nicole says I like Donny and he is one of the only people I would want to vote for in the end. Christine says the thing that hit the nail on the head was Caleb telling me. Nicole says but it was his plan. Christine says it was that you went along with it and told them not to tell anyone and how the other plan was to backdo*r me. I am just emotionally numb in this game and it makes me sick. Christine tells Nicole she still wants to hang out with her. They hug. Christine tells her not to give up.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-11 12-59-38-005

1:30pm Nicole is in bed alone in the fire room crying. Derrick comes in and asks her if she wants to talk. She says no. He tells her he’s around if she needs anything.

In the kitchen – Cody says she will probably try and come to us an tell us things. Christine tells Cody, Derrick and Frankie that Nicole has nothing she can say to turn us against each other.

1:35pm – 1:50pm Out in the backyard – Caleb talks to Victoria about how Nicole threw Christine under the bus and wanted me to throw the BOB and if Frankie won the veto then the plan was to backdo*r Christine. The camera’s switch to Donny and Cody on the backyard couch talking. Donny says I think this is the best case scenario for me staying. I think if I just keep my mouth shut, I’ll be fine.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-11 13-45-46-785

In the kitchen – Frankie says the first time he faced homophobia was on social media. People telling me to go kill myself that that I’m a f**. On instagram I literally get people commenting like that on every photo I post. People get into fights on my photos. Christine says that’s why I hope Tim is monitoring my twitter say that I don’t see all the negative comment. Frankie says Cyber bullying it is real.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-11 13-52-22-923

2pm On the backyard couch. Cody asks why people always rag on him. Christine tells Cody you are very attractive and good at things so that makes it easy to rag on you. You’re very attractive and easy to rag on and you exude confidence. Donny explains how even kids are biased. When they are shown a photo of a not so attractive person and an attractive person and asked who is smarter .. 9 times out of 10 they would pick the attractive person.
Donny says no one wants to cuddle with me because I’m ugly. Nicole says Donny you have a girl friend you can’t cuddle. Christine says yeah! Donny says I don’t want to cuddle, I am saving up for cuddling.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-11 14-01-09-123

2:05pm Over by the pool Caleb tells Derrick and Frankie – I think I will get asked to do survivor. Caleb tells Frankie you and I should try out for Amazing race.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-11 14-06-50-975

2:15pm – 2:30pm Donny, Nicole, Victoria, Derrick, Cody and Christine are hanging out on the backyard couch talking about past house guests. Derrick talks about how Amanda having s*x in the house and McCrae denying it. Victoria says that Amanda and McCrae broke up because he cheated on her and she found out in a letter. Everyone heads inside but Donny and Derrick. Derrick talks about wanting to start memorizing the days like Hayden did.

2:40pm – 3pm In the kitchen – Victoria asks if Christine explained why she put you up? Nicole says yeah because of Frankie and Caleb telling her a whole lot of crap that isn’t true like me trying to backdo*r her. Nicole asks Victoria to grab her salsa and coffee drink out of the HOH room fridge. Victoria tells her I will always be here for you Nicole! Nicole makes a wrap and says I’m eating like a cow again. Nicole says some people feel guilty about their actions and others don’t. Nicole gives shout outs to her family and friends. I’m sitting on the block because I’m such a physical beast! Thank god I have Victoria here. Nicole says Hayden is going to be so mad. Victoria says nothing is for sure so stop! Nicole says I hope they bring me back to host. I can’t believe I never got to host a comp. Victoria says I hope no one tells me off like that. I couldn’t handle it. Nicole says thanks, I’ve been though a lot outside this show. Nicole says I don’t want to talk about it too early because its usually the last person that get the word in. Nicole tells Victoria she better frigging fight to win HOH this week. Victoria says I was so close this week. Derrick comes through and talks about being bored. Victoria says they probably hate us because we’re so boring.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-11 14-55-05-057

BB16-2014-08-11 15-26-18-304

3:30pm Last 30 minutes nothing to report..

BB16-2014-08-11 15-57-11-290

4:00pm Indoor lockdown everyone sleeping but Donny and Victoria

BB16-2014-08-11 16-32-46-653

4:30 it’s quiet

The new bomb squad – Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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100% do not like Christine. At all. I get that its a game but you can still have some integrity. Christine seems to have none. I hope Nicole doesn’t believe anything that she is told.


Let’s not forget about Derrick. Of all the people in the house he’s the biggest hypocrite. He keeps saying if someone talks to his daughter a certain away or do things o his daughter he would do this or do that. Well one of the worst things you can do to a person is lie on them, an the lies on people. True it’s a game that requires some lying, but you don’t have to lie on people. No amount of money is worth that. And he’s lying on women whom he claims to have so much respect for.

Retired teacher

And Derrick has the nerve to keep saying so-and-so lies ALL the time! Yes, people, I realize it’s a game, but can not STAND this man!


That is cop for you!!!


Derrick is playing the BB game. Integrity doesn’t win BB…period.


In BB, where is there integrity? No one has it. Derrick is trustworthy (even though us viewers know better), but only b/c everyone else is so untrustworthy. Derrick only issue on the inside is Victoria is in his back pocket and they know it. She isn’t a threat, yet everyone else is. People just wanna diss derrick because no one else is in the house. But hearing HGs say he’d get his vote in jury means derrick will be there, probably via backdoor. You can’t fault a smooth talker being able to align with a strong group of people. This game changes week to week, day, hour, minute. Remember, we all thought Donny was dead on arrival, and like a Phoenix, Nicole is ashes. But, I do enjoy chaos. I love it. ….. Imagine if Victoria somehow pulls a Jordan and just wins povs and hohs left and right near the end. She’ll win it. Then hell freezes.


What about Jacosta and Donny? When have they ever lied? Hmm. Schemed? Yes. Really hope Donny is EvilDick on the opposite spectrum and Victoria is the fallout in final two. Hope Derrick’s plan backfires. Integrity is possible. Probably won’t get you far though. Rely on competitions and not a lying tongue. Good luck.

Whatever happens, just remember. Just because you have money doesn’t mean you get to enjoy it.


Jocasta may not have lied but she also had no game other than making everyone feel uncomfortable with her religion. Donny has a bit of game to him at least although his social game needs a bit of work. He seems to be always on the outside looking in. I do however respect how fierce a competitor he is and his intelligence.

GodSbabygirl Rollins

Who did Jocasta make feel uncomfortable with her faith?


HAHA You mean she made YOU uncomfortable with her religion?


Jocasta told the house that Catholics aren’t Christians. I know many people personally who were offended by that statement.

Also didn’t care for her fake speaking in tongues. Frankly, it was offensive.


Sorry, but Catholic and Christian are not the same. Different doctrines, different practices. etc. Yes, it’s the same God, but it’s also the same God for Muslims and Jews, and they are not the same.


Christian is an all-encompassing term for religions that place Christ as a main pillar of worship – that includes all forms of Catholicism


It’s so obvious that Derrick is trying to pull Vic to the final two, but why are all the other HG’s going along with it. Of course, he wants Nicole out over Victoria…it’s a no brainer for him. But the others should pick up on his intentions when he keeps squelching any idea of putting up Victoria. He and Victoria are the only remaining ‘power couple’ left. I can’t wait til they notice it.


Yeah this is the one thing I just DON’T UNDERSTAND… How do the other HG’s NOT FIGURE OUT why Derrick is holding on to Victoria!!?? It’s mind boggling. It’s a shame no one listens to Donny.

But when Zach says things to Derrick in front of everyone “I’m voting for you to win” it’s like he’s already admitting defeat and OK with Derrick getting the money. I would think everyone else would think of that and realize that Derrick will probably have everyones vote unless he’s up against Donny. Donny vs Derrick would be close… Donny has won more and fought harder but Derricks been puppet master. And these puppets are real dummies.

Oh and Caleb left the game the moment he found out who Frankie is… all he cares about now are “stars, recording contracts and limos”

Cough, Derrick!

I doubt people’s personalities are that drastically different from how they are in real-life. Ian got far by being trust-worthy. Nicole is too trusting, Derrick’s lies to everyone. You don’t completely change be walking into the BB house.

Butters Mom

I disagree… you can have integrity and win this game… lying or withholding information is one thing… I do understand it is part of the game… This season these baboons have sunk to a new level of low. They are FABRICATING lies upon lies upon lies to the point that no one in there can trust any one. Donnie is LOVED by America for his integrity and could win this game if he were playing it with others who played like he does and if they worked together with a strategy. Hayden, Nicole, Donnie, Amber, Jocasta could have formed an alliance early on and worked together if they had been smart enough to figure that out before it was too late. None of them took the initative and were all too passive about it or too naive not sure which… but bullying, and the mind tricks Derrick is using is not necessary… Frankie is just plain “without” when it comes to anything moral or descent and Production is giving him a solid helping hand so…. an honest game isnt possible for anyone with that going on because its rigged to favor ratings to begin with. I realize its all for entertainment purposes but the “reality” of it went out the window a long time ago…. they should stop with the live feeds and the after dark and just produce the regular CBS program if they are going to run it this way and stage everything. I didnt sign up for the Frankie Grande show.


Even last season with that horrible cast, the only outright lie that I remember is when Andy voted put Amanda and denied it and blamed Elissa.


the thing with production they do have certain games like the ducks in the ball pit I would bet my life if they don’t want someone to win they only put 2 ducks in pit that’s why Donny won this year zack had it and basically gave up looking for the 3rd one this last bob caleb should have played and just dumped it each time then production would have had to pandoras box or something all the post I see everyone hates Frankie so don’t know why


Just to let you know Caleb, found a 3rd duck & was right behind Donny at the end. The POV was not rigged for Donny b/c Zach didn’t find his 3rd duck. You should rewatch that comp before you state that.


No integrity does not win 500k but at what point is it ok to sell your soul for 500k? I get it, we all get it and most of us on this site have some integrity. He may win 500K but sometimes money doesn’t solve your problems it brings problems. He’s an Anal, along with Frankie Christine Cody and Caleb. This is the worse BB I’ve seen yet and I thought I liked it. If they don’t do something to clean this mess up they will lose more viewers. Yes, a game but come on enough is enough I don’t like to see people being tore down in public let alone on National TV it may be good Donny stays out of sight

Chilltown 4 Life

Derrick has a good social game, but also has some bad qualities as a player too. He’s not the greatest strategist compared to some of the past great BB players. He is extremely paranoid. I’m a Zach fan, but it was a mistake on Derrick’s part to keep him over Jacosta, in my opinion. He also uses intimidation over the rest of the houseguests that doesn’t sit well with me. I’m fine with lying in the BB house, but not the intimidation he does.

Caleb4The Win

If the other house guests don’t like how Derrick is playing the game then why don’t they get rid of him? Don’t blame Derrick for their STUPIDITY! Derrick is playing a game and a darn good one too. He was the one who wanted to backdoor Nicole. But is Nicole mad at Derrick? No. She thinks Frankie and Caleb were responsible for her backdoor plan.


That! Exactly!

I truly hope for a jury filled with resentment. If none of your favorites goes back in, we then need Donny, Nicole, Hayden, Jocasta, Victoria, and some other bomb quad member with a knife on his back to NOT vote for Derrick.

Be careful with this one, people! If you live in the area where he works, a huge DIRTY COP sign is up. I’d not be surprised if he was facilitating a drug cartel operation… after all, you know: he has a daughter, right? And it seems he will do whatever it takes to get money!


FU. Why is he a dirt cop again? Because he is owning the people you support in the house.

This is BIG BROTHER you moron. A F*cking GAME!


It has nothing to do with the people we support, this Derrick is a cop with a daughter he swears how much he loves, he would knock someone in the jaw if some man talked to HIS daughter in a derogatory way, but it’s ok for him to talk to other women the way he does, but remember he doesn’t want anyone talking to his daughter that way. You can’t have it both ways. Again, yes it’s a game we all get that but don’t lie and have someone doing your dirty work cause you want to look clean to your “DAUGHTER”. If he’s low down and dirty in BB house – he’s low down and dirty on the job. A zebra doesn’t change his stripes in a couple of days.


Boo f*cking hoo… so he uses a story about his family to further his game. IT IS A GAME!! Big Brother is all about lying.

He isn’t in there like Matt of the Brigade saying his wife has a fake life threatening illness.


No, he just mentally abuses Victoria the moment she starts to question his intentions. He’s learned interrogation tactics, coercion techniques, and manipulations as a cop that he has no business using in the big brother house. at best, it’s an unfair advantage. At worst, he’s a bully, and yeah, possibly a dirty cop. People just aren’t that different outside the house…look at any number of past houseguests for your proof.

Support Derrick

Good lord..You people make him out to be the’s a game. Plus compared to Frankie & Zack he’s a saint.. Now remember in this game you have to do some lying. You can say whatever you want..I don’t see what you do. I say GO DERRICK !!!


by far derrick has played the best game lucky hes not up against real smart people hes done the planning and still would as of now dominate jury votes that hard to do but I see someone getting him out because of comps be ashamed if he comes close sense he did all the real work it looks like a bombsquad member will win derrick Zach cody if one of those 3 win I could live with it the other 3 it would be a joke most of all Frankie with him I know I would tell him if I won hoh the first 2 people to come up to hoh go on the block cause that would kill him quit drinking 10 years ago I will get drunk day Frankie is gone

Deidre are

There is NOTHING saintly about Derrick.. NOTHING. With his self centered attitude I have no doubt that this is a good portion of this man outside the house. Let’s not forget the e comment he made “I want that money and the way your actiing your not helping me get it”… seriously!!!
I really want Cody to wake up and see him with clear eyes…before it’s too late.


Sorry but the majority of people DO NOT LIKE DERRICK!
He is very unlikable and arrogant. His “Your taking food from
my daughter’s mouth” comment is the absolute worst.
He think’s he’s the star of BB16 HA! Sorry but he’s going to be in
for a real surprise when he gets out.
Derrick is the worst next to Frankie and Christine!


I don’t believe that. He is fourth on the poll, almost tied with Zach. Zach is popular too. It is Donny fans and crazy cat ladies that don’t like Derrick.


Thank you for your comment… and for the one who was also defending my point AND my sarcastic comment. There’s no way I’d try to dialogue with someone that starts a comment with FU. Enough said, moving on because I don’t wanna stir the pot. Still: Derrick plays dirty as hell…


A dirty game that is more entertaining than anything in that house.

I hope you people never sign up for BB. Your weenie attitudes would get run over by someone like Derrick every time.

Derrick is playing to win. Just like Dan Gheesling, who worked over Danielle like no other.



I will say FU to you as much as possible. You are calling him a dirty cop, because of a tv game show. IT IS A GAME, not real life dummy.

As long as you are calling someone that dedicates their life to serving the public as a police officer and call him dirty cop. In your own views, you are no better than Derrick. SO FU!


Well, I’d not expect anything else from you than starting a message with FU. It speaks a great deal about the person you are actually. If this is just a TV Game as you say, so tell me: why are YOU so angry that I – and other people commenting in here – have expressed my opinion against your beloved Derrick? Are you his wife or daughter? Give me a break. And this is not only a TV game, it’s a reality show too. Everything that is going on is based on reality. Derrick is acting on his own free will. Donny on the other hand ha a backbone and won’t do anything that goes against his morals. Would ever Derrick do the same? Of course not! And before you imply anything, let me say something: Donny isn’t my favorite player.

Take a chill pill. Your Derrick isn’t resonating with America and just like the two finalists from last season, he may get some money but his moral will be tainted FOREVER. He will be forever remembered as Derrick shady *ss and untrustworthy.

Also, yeah… let’s honor people that give their lives for public service. But guess what: just because cops are cops, that doesn’t make them saints or angels. World is full of dirty cops. If you want an example, watch the “Brute Force” episode from the series Unusual Suspects.

One can full everyone almost the entire time… but one won’t full everyone all the time. Derrick should know that. He may be digging his grave instead of his BB16 throne.

Lastly, I wanna say there’s no way we could dignify your comments. And as I said, I was being sarcastic and now, to be perfectly honest, I gotta say that Derrick may not be a dirty cop, but I truly believe he does whatever he can to move ahead in his life. That’s my opinion. If you don’t like it, I’m sorry… it’s what’s in store today. I won’t reply to you anymore. You can say whatever you want. You probably will reply again since you strike me as a person that wants to have the last word. So be my guest! I won’t engage and I don’t want to turn Simon’s website into a fight arena. Especially featuring people that are not worthy of other readers’ time. So long!


DAMN! Major typo here! I meant:

“One can fool everyone almost the entire time… but one won’t fool everyone all the time.”

Sorry about that, y’all!


I am reacting that way. Because you are calling him a dirty cop because he is playing Big Brother. You are attacking his personal life because of a game, that involves lying to win the money.

The fact you can so freely call him call him a dirty cop, speaks of your terrible character. He is a police officer that serves his community, have some respect. Diss his game, not his real life. You are digusting.


Oh heavens! You are a real piece of work, aren’t cha?

“A dirty game that is more entertaining than anything in that house.” Probably you also appreciate dirty fights and other dirty competitions in which winning at all costs is what matters. And Tonny has all the right of being sarcastic. He was SARCASTIC the first time! He never really meant it! Wake up, Derrickownsthehouse! You’re alone in your comments. Everyone mostly disagrees with you. You’re pretty much EVICTED! LOL. Scarier is your insistence with the idea that Derrick “is a police officer that serves his community” and therefore deserves our respect is plain delusional! You’re probably from those one of those parts of US in which the American flag and army are our most valuable assets. Puhleeze… you’re being pathetic now. Stop it… you’re embarrassing yourself. Derrick sucks… and is friggin’ dirty, mmhay?

GodSbabygirl Rollins

“There’s no way I’d try to dialogue with someone that starts a comment with FU. ”



Right, lady!

Still, after that person tried to get my attention AGAIN, I gave that sad puppy some time and answered. But no more… enough with toxicity in my life. I have enough of that watching Frankie in the house every week. BARF!

Follow Up

I thought “FU” meant “follow-up.”


The worst part is Derprick making fun of VapidVic and then telling her how he defends her all the time. When she gets out and sees this I don’t know if she has the emotional stability to get over it.


Yeah…….whatever happened to Danielle after Dan “dumped” her?


I know one thing Dan won the game…yup that is how it works.


Dan dumped Danielle and then came in second. Ian won that year.

Real Deal

I just don’t like Christine because she made a bad decision by putting the one useful girl left in the house up on the block. If she used her brain she would realize everyone wants this girl out so why should she do it herself? All she had to say was Donny is a bigger threat to her so lets get him out first and if you have to break the alliance and backdoor me next week then go for it….if she used her brain. Instead just more guys bullying girls.

Yet another terrible game move in a season full of them.


I dont like Nicole she seems fake and she tries so hard to be a Jordan when shes clearly not. Fake fake fake.


Jordan was sweet but stupid. Nicole is just plain stupid. She really doesn’t know who Hansel and Gretel are? And she’s supposed to be a nurse? Yikes!

They tried to showmance-up Hayden and Nicole and she shut up down at almost every turn and now won’t stop whining about him since he left. Hayden was probably overrated as he never really did much but act like a stoner/surfer and followed when led.

Nicole started playing the game way too late and wasted opportunities when she did have power. I still can’t believe the dingus is blaming Frankie and Nicole for everything while letting Derrick skate. How did she and fellow moron Hayden both not realize that based on the vote to evict Jocosta it couldn’t have been just Frankie/Christine that flipped but dirty Derrick and gigolo Cody too.


Huh? What in the world does Hansel and Gretel have to do with being a nurse? Oh, I’m sorry miss but according to Hansel and Gretel you only have 6 days to live….


Nicole says,
there are 3 villians in this house. Vic and Nic agree that Chris, Frankie, and Zach are the villians.

Case closed- give Derrick the money. Geez. House of dumbodizzheads


And that quote by Nicole, is why she is going home. She’s clueless! Nicole has wasted golden opportunity after opportunity to make smart moves.

In two weeks time, she has had two HOHs and managed to evict Jocasta (a fellow outsider), help get her BB boyfriend Hayden evicted and the coup de grace, she’s now getting evicted herself! Quite the impressive run of clusterf#@ery!

She has played a small, petty and personal game. She deserves to be evicted.

For those of you who are incredulous as to why Derrick seems to be invincible to this point, let me leave you with a Maya Angelou quote.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

Understand how the quote applies to Derrick is the key to understanding the season to this point.


Yes, I wonder how they’ll all be feeling in the jury house & afterwards when they compare notes & realize they’ve been screwed over by Derrick. This might be a very bitter jury.

Hermione Cumberbatch

This is why it’s almost useless for Hayden or Nicole to return..they’ll probably still not target Derrick or Cody.


I hate Christine so much…im gonna throw an eviction party the week she leaves! which I hope is next week!


The twist should be the first four HG’s evicted have a BOB and two come back. Donny (or Nicole) and Hayden. Then next week or the week after another double eviction. Give some time for the evicted HG’s to regroup and cause some chaos.


The twist should be – 2 people gets evicted and 2 people comes back in.

Like next week Victoria wins HOH and gets Frankie evicted
We have a double eviction and Christiane gets evicted.

Then Nicole and Hayden comes back in


Just figured it out that everyone is getting screwed on this years BB one way or another: Derrick is screwing all of them, Christine is definitely screwing Cody even though she is married and BB does not show it, and No doubt about it that Frankie is screwing Zach one way or another and Production is screwing all of us. Poor Christine’s husband must be a total imbecile or he will send her divorce papers in the BB house! She is disgusting Trash and no other word for her, and Cody if he was a male stripper as has been reported for money now he is I guess lowering himself to perhaps sleeping himself for money or at least thinks he is the way Christine always has her hands on him. I guess some people will do anything for money. I definitely did not think BB could get any worse than last year, but hey was I wrong this year is not even entertaining and at least parts of last year not withstanding the racial crap were. Loved Judd!! The only people on this show that have one ounce of decency are Nicole, Donny and poor childlike without a brain Victoria that are still at this point in the house. BTW, Frankie’s sister definitely not a big deal as she did not win ANY TEEN CHOICE awards last night, or once again only a big deal in Frankie’s made up imagination or either all of the negative press he and his sister are getting because of BB is starting to affect her career big time. Karma always comes back to bite you so Karma bite away at Frankie!!!


Ariana did get a teen choice actually.. but I still agree with everything else

Integrity my A--

You don’t even care to use facts and yet you call yourself INTEGRITY
NOTHING you say means ANYTHING B/C you LIED (didn’t check, made up off the top of your head or the worst on here, repeating it, because somebody else said it and you believed it) with your keen observation Ariana NOT winning anything at the TCA’s
She did win more than one award…not that that makes her special but it makes you a moron and shows the sane folks around here how BSCRAZY a lot of you “feeders” are…
you don’t want the truth. You can’t (are not willing to) argue with facts… just lame a– butt hurt emotional excuses…


Jimmy 64

You suck Christine 6 girls down 2 To go
I hope Nicole wins gets back in that house wins HOH
and puts up that little weasel Frankie & Caleb .


If Donny goes next week, even if someone comes back in and actually wins hoh. Only damage they can do is send one of the guys home(hope its frankie too). Then next hoh the person back in house would not be able to play in hoh and instantly go back to jury.

As long as the guys stay true and Donny doesn’t win next hoh. It is a done deal, bomb squad final 6.

Cackling Hyena

OMG, in your plan, Derrick and Cody gets away scotfree again. So it’s not just the HGs who are misted….just sayin. Only the bearded man is targeting Pork and Cody.
Can we fast forward to BB Canada 3?


Just for people that don’t watch the feeds. Donny is only targeting Derrick. Donny likes and trust Cody. He said he would vote for him in final two, if Nicole wan’t up there.


No he doesn’t really trust Cody but he thinks he’s the weak link in that group.

Cackling Hyena

I am not going to pretend I can perfectly ready awesome Donny.
But just like in prior seasons of BB, isn’t it that when a HG says “I’m voting for xxx in the end” isn’t that the same as putting a target on xxx? (The real message could be: you better vote out xxx because I’m voting for him in the end).
I say this because he keeps on alluding to the fact that Pork and Cody haven’t been on the block (and it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Donny is pointing their attention to the HGs who are “in control”) Unfortunately, no one listened to Donny.


Let’s be honest, Christine isn’t the only one who messed up; Nicole also messed up. It was as simple as coming clean about the whole throwing the comp to ensure that Frankie goes home. I kept waiting yesterday for Nicole to say something to Christine just in case that plan was revealed by the boys.

When Donny and Nicole were talking yesterday, pretty much Donny telling Nicole about the “four horsemen” and how they’ll ride it til the end, no cracks there. Nicole told him that she thinks she’s safe since Christine promised her she wouldn’t go up. Nicole even said it was too early to do anything. Hmm… Helen anyone?

Nicole: Fool me once shame on you! Foll me twice shame on you! Fool me thrice, shame on you! (Her speech after she gets voted back in.)

You have to be proactive in this game; you can’t say “finger’s cross” and hope for the end. This was such a golden week for things to change.


This whole season has been a mess

Caleb4The Win

Do you really think it would’ve mattered if Nicole told Christine about their BoB plan? Christine is not backdooring Nicole because of what Frankie and Caleb told her; she’s backdooring Nicole because she thinks Frankie and Caleb have the numbers and Nicole doesn’t.

If anyone is to blame for the fiasco BoB plan–it’s Caleb! He should’ve kept his mouth shut and intentionally prevent Frankie from scoring a touchdown.


I don’t care what anyone says…Christine and Frankie wants all the decent looking girls gone so their ugly arses will be the only ones for the guys. Frankie will have Zach and Caleb to make love to and Christine will have Cody to make love too.

Caleb's teeny-weeny

If I see Christine in bed with her little pretty boy one more time I think I’m going to throw up. Does she really think he would give her one look outside that house that is a big fat no. The way she has her hands under those covers and he has that far away look you just have to be wondering what she’s doing down there. Christine you have a husband at home do you remember that,that’s watching this, you have a mom and dad that’s watching this you have a mother-in-law and father-in-law that is also watching this have a little class put those hands above the covers and if you actually think your staying more than two more weeks you are crazy you’re on the bottom of the whole heap next is Victoria then it’s you oh! Donnie thrown in there somewhere. And Nicole you’re my girl but you just couldn’t shut your mouth you should’ve shut your mouth when they blindsided you and Hayden, you are acting like a fruit loop Dingas !


What’s funny is how Christine claims to be this moral, Christian person and how she waited until marriage to have sex. She said her husband was the first and only guy she has went to second base with. Now here she is on national TV groping all over some idiot who has no boundaries with women.

Caleb's teeny-weeny

Christine saved yourself for marriage I think not she’s got the ugly girl syndrome where she would go with anything that looked at her,just because you’re not pretty doesn’t mean you can’t have any class I also am not the best looking but I would keep my hands above the covers just saying.

So true

Love the comment Nicole made about thinking that Cody and Christine were married! How does that make you feel Tim? Or are you one of those guys who likes watching his wife with other men? I know you are reading these your old had lady said you would be monitoring social media for negative posts. Hope you don’t have another job because monitoring what people have to say about your lying, cheating, ugly hag wife could be a full-time job!

I Don't Like Derrick

DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE!!! And don’t be surprised if your significant other, girlfriend/wife or boyfriend/husband is doing the same shit to you. Because almost all people cheat especially men. If anybody wants to comment, if it’s not your significant other, or you’re one of the VERY FEW men that do not cheat, then I am not talking about you. DAMN!!!

speaka the english please

Hey dude I am having a hard time understanding what you are saying is English your second language?
Anyway I don’t mess around on my wife and she doesn’t mess around on me – enough said about that! And if we did mess around on each other at least we would have enough respect for ourselves not to do it on national tv……especially when we know our significant other and our families are watching.

I Don't LIke Derrick

DENY, DENY,DENY or be in denial all you want, but like I said, if you are one of the very few, who don’t cheat, or has a significant other that doesn’t, than dumbass, I wasn’t talking about you. DAMN!!! And I write very well, and I know it, so PLEASE DUMBASS, as if you could. Self Esteem too high Sweetie!!!


Christine is an IDIOT! At what point did you not here Caleb say that the boys are working together! They used you to do their dirty work. I really hope production throws Nicole a bone and magically produces some magic Power of Veto. Then she can take her and Donny off and then choose two replacement nominees. At this point that is the only way this game is going to change!


Meant to write “hear” oops!


Golden Power of Veto would a perfect idea right now. Nicole can only hope to win her way back into the game. She is so naive. Donny has tried to tell her, but she keeps being played and then cries about her misfortune. Donny just may get to the F2 by watching those airheads take each other out. It is funny watching all of them get info and then take it to each other. Donny gets a good sleep and waits for the next sideshow to begin. Christine is next to go!! Cody could care less about her even though it looks like he may be getting some undercover action. Victoria will be right after Christine and then the real battle will begin. And Donny will sit back and watch the drama right into F2. Go Donny!!! Smartest player of the bunch!!


These girls are so dumb, I bet even if they access to the live feeds they would still trust Derrick. Sick of people saying they are going to vote for him on jury, because he has the best game, rather than go “Maybe he should be sent to jury, he is a real threat”


Must Agree – when in this game have so many HG said “I’m voting” for someone to win (if he/she makes it) – just odd. My guess – Production is at it (as usual) but I do think Derrick will be gone – I am guessing Donny has been saved (by production) to keep TA together – but at the end of the day – HG’s are responsible for their votes/actions – this is really a strange season – Frankie needs to go and I have a sick feeling – it may have been all about him – hopefully I am off base on this… because, even Rachel was more entertaining and real than this idiot…


I hate this cast with the heat of a 1000 suns. Looks and acts like a sect… do what we say, don’t question nothing or you will die!!! Boring


Im sorry but Nicole is just too stupid. If she had half a brain she would have put up derrick & cody for BOB (and i say that as a derrick fan)

Nicole had every intention on backstabbing cristine and it didnt work so stfu and put your big filr panties on.

it is hard

i totally agree, that time might have the votes. but they miss the chance. I think now, from Derrick point of view(apprently, he is mastermind so far) they should vote out donny, as he is smart, convincable and most danger is that he can’t be controled. the concern is when is the week that the jury housegusets will come back? ensure Donny won’t have that chance is important too 🙂

, they should vote out Donny, as Donny is smart ,convincable and most danger is can’t be controlled. a ( ).


At the time Nicole had limited options b/c she had just been blindsided with the Hayden/Jocasta eviction. If it had worked, the Caleb plan would have ensured her HOH win. Then she could have put up someone else instead of Christine if Frankie won the veto. She could have gone with her original backdoor Cody power move. Besides, she had no reason to trust Christine anymore than she should have trusted Derrick and co. Besides that, it should be obvious to Christine that other people also wanted her backdoored, since they all went along with Caleb’s intent to throw the BOB. Putting it all on Nicole is missing the point.


I never imagined Christine could be such a disgusting rat…i can’t wait for her to get out of the house and see that she is the most hated player this season..hope she drowns in all the hate tweets she’ll get

So true

Not only this season but she is probably one of the most hated players in history! She disgusts me on so many levels!


Ok production what are your plans now.

The Wicked Witch

All in good time – my pretty – all in good time

it is hard

I like Nicole like a person as she is cute girl. But I really don’t like her game. She is not totally innocent as her plan to use Calab to drop the competetion is to back door Frankie, not what she claimed to Christian that it was “Zack”. She has her own plan so when it is falling apart, she can’t really blame on other people if they play dirty.


Shut up Christine I can’t take all of your bulls it anymore. To hope u get evicted and yiu get what comin towards you


Christine, christine, christine.. So many chances, so many dissapointments, so many losses. You’re such a fool. Zachattack is after you next.

You’re the only one I feel like would get boo’ed when you leaving the bigbrother house. Did you forget about your husband when you cuddle and swoon over youngin’ Cody?

You’re not the puppetteer. I can’t wait for you to get your strings CUT.


I’m so hoping Fakie gets boos when he leaves. Loud boos. Let him know right away how we really feel since he told Ratine that America loves them and the way they were treated on the field trip proves it.


Just noticed his sister has 12 million followers. I’m sure she will tweet something when it’s time to vote for America’s Favorite which means he has the 25k in the bag. Bummer.


Faceit when Frankie leaves he will get huge cheers! For his outrageous personality!!!

Frankie and Derrick are weasels

He will get cheers because CBS will see to it, they want those records for Arianna Grande to sell don’t they? Wonder if she will feel any backlash from the BB fans who are watching the show and are also fans of hers and thinks his behaviour is disgusting. My daughter is a huge Arianna fan but absolutely hates Frankie as do all her teenage friends.
They are starting to wonder if she is anything like him – and if her image is a huge show. Although it is just a game you can’t be that conniving on tv without being like that in real life!!!! Like Derrick the cop, you can’t be that sneaky on tv without being like that for real. I hope everyone who has ever been charged by that weasel is getting their lawyers to look into the “he” said lies that Derrick can tell with such a straight face and probably used to get them convicted.


What an idiotic comment!


Nicole, none of them deserve to talk to you.Ignore them. They’re slime.


I really hope the returning HG is Hayden & that the returning HG is given HoH! Then we will finally see one of the scumbags get evicted.


Hayden was just a floater. .He was just Derrick`s bitchee like everybody else is..
And he just went along with Nicole to get Zack out.

If he comes back he won`t do shit and will walk back out right away


You rather have Jocasta come back?


Twist – I think they should keep even the evicted house guests also in the house … They shouldn’t be allowed to win but can still play for second place… They can then sabotage the games of people like Derrick and Frankie… That should be good TV


Christine is being stupid not playing the game right at all. Nicole goes home it’s a matter of weeks maybe just one before she is out. The problem I have with Christine is she is dumb and a puppet she blindly does whatever the alliance wants but was right the other day when she said she is going to be the first one out once it’s down to the alliance. Christine wakeup and get a clue your in jury so start playing for 1st and not 5th or 6th. This is not the time to get out people who might have your back since the others defineatly don’t have your back


This season is pure misogyny, nothing more. If you don’t know what that means it means: dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women. It’s not tactic. And what Zach said about hating Victoria is pure bully.


And, last season was “Pure Bigotry”, what exactly did you expect, change? Wait til next season…

The Thought Police

One thing I like about you – is that I always know what ILL WILL is thinking – refreshing to see you name season after season….

You are nuts...

Just because the women couldn’t work together and are being picked off?
go away with that…
If Frankie doesn’t win they are all homophobes i suppose?
Another made up excuse bc you don’t like the outcome


Thanks so much for the vocabulary lesson you condescending twit.


You’re right. But the women themselves also have this attitude toward other women in the house. Refusing to consider even working together (except for Joey–how dare she!).


So I have been thinking. There is a possibility of having 2 people brought back in! That would be great for the “most twisted summer ever”. There has only been two twists. You see I did some math.

Wednesday September 24 (Finale night), usually there is 3 people left
Thursday September 18th = 4 people left
Wednesday September 17th (they did this last season)= 5 people left
Thursday September 11th= 6 people left
Thursday September 4th= 7 people left
Thursday August 28th= 8 people left
Thursday August 21st= 9 people left
Thursday August 14th= 10 people left (this week eviction and there are really 9 people left)

With this schedule they can bring back one person and be fine. In recent season there have been 2 double evictions, which means they can bring back two players. How awesome would this be! How cool would it be for people who come back into the house destroy the detonators end up winning.

Derrick's Mist

I don’t get how Derrick’s name NEVER comes up ever in any of these conspiracy conversations. Lol, Derrick is the mastermind behind EVERYTHING yet somehow they still can’t figure it out even though it’s right in front of their face.

Anytime anything happens it’s just put the blame on Zach. Lol.

Why is everyone so desperate to protect Derrick in the game? Do they not realize they are all playing the game for him at this point. I’ve never seen this happen before in this game where one player could have a hand in literraly all the moves going on in the house, yet not even be as much as considered being put up as a nom or backdoor candidate.

And not only that, but Derrick has somehow managed to keep Cody in the same predicament as well. Those two are on cruise control to the final 2. The only thing that will stop them is if Derrick decides he wants to take Victoria to the final 2 instead of Cody.

The only person who has a chance to rally against Derrick potentially is Zach. And I don’t think that he would do it unless someone like Hayden returned to the game and was able to confirm to him the info he needed to for sure go after him.

This is why if it is America’s vote we all NEED to vote Hayden back in. In his interview he says that after thinking about it Frankie and Christine are horrible, but now he realizes that Derrick and Cody are even bigger liars and they would be his #1 targets. the only way to get Derrick and Cody to finally take some heat is to get Hayden back in the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hayden won’t get through the mist. The mist is too strong. Caleb, Vic, Cody, Zach are far do blinded by the mist.

What exactly is Hayden going to say? Everyone in there was part of plans put together by Derrick. There is nothing to reveal. He has thoroughly covered his tracks.


I’d love if the decision of who goes back in the house was left to us.

But hey, this site has just published a conversation between Donny and Nicole in which she says she wished she had caught on Derrick’s game before. So… yeah, they are waking up but not so much. I HOPE she finds out more dirty until next eviction and spills them on the table before the eviction!


Unless ALL the evicted HGs this season could be brought back, giving us that power would be utterly useless… Only someone like Devin would turn that house upside down.. Nicole, Hayden, Donny, Jocasta couldn’t rock the boat, at least not as we would want. You need someone the HGs would be in fear of what they would do.. Devin given the opportunity would be that powerhouse, but unfortunately only Jury members can be brought back..

Beast Mode Creeper

The only truthful thing that has come out of Ratine’s mouth was, ” America will hate me .”


I say AMEN to that (in response to Christine saying that “America will hate me”……)
Her words will come back to haunt her…….


To a certain degree, it’s true, yet she used the incorrect verb tense. There’s nothing “future” about it — “America will hate me.” No, her actions today just sealed the deal.

Victoria's Blank Stare

I’m loving the bad press the Hollywood Gossip rags/sites are giving Frankie. They aren’t fooled either…this one was my favorite!


Christine makes me sick! I can not stand her! And NOW Nicole tells Donny she can “read Derrick like a book” (obviously she has not read many books). Donny then tells her “I wish you could have seen it earlier – when I told both you & Hayden about Derrick.” Even though I like Nicole (she DID TRY to make some power plays) I can’t feel sorry for her because she had the info but still insisted on trusting Derrick. And Donny, I LUV him so much – he is perhaps the most genuine, compassionate, wise person to ever play B.B. I loved that he remembered Jocasta’s B.D. & here is is trying to console Nicole, who is on the block with him! He has depth & wisdom, but unfortunately, everytime he has tried to talk “game” with someone – they have thrown him under the bus. The only reason I can come up with that noone wants to work with Donny is that he is not one of the “cool kids.” This season should really be called “High School Reunion.” Especially Christine – she is truly pathetic in wanting to fit in with the “cool kids” & the photos of Christine & Cody – well – a picture speaks a thousand words! Also, T.A. could have accomplished this week’s mission. Derrick could have easily convinced Victoria to go up as a pawn & voted her out. So, at this point, T.A. is a joke. I think there should have been a punishment for T.A. if they didn’t complete their mission. That would have given them more incentive to accomplish them. At this point, I can only say that Derrick (thumbs down) HAS played the best game & I can only hope that Donny (thumbs up) wins America’s favorite player!


I really like Donny but his unwillingness to form any alliance was, in part, responsible for “the outsiders” never gaining traction. He wants to play his own game, fine, then he is on his own. He sits there and talks about everyone waiting too long but he didn’t put himself out there at all, just wanted Hayden or Nicole to somehow, put him on the winning side of the house. For that reason, won’t be sorry to see him go. One thing for sure, I’m not gonna like whoever the winner is—–god, I hate pig Derrick.


CoCo – Donny was more than ready to form an alliance – he tried his best with Nicole, Hayden & even Zach. Unfortunately, NONE of them wanted to work with him. Please don’t blame Donny because the other players are too scared & ignorant to play the game!


Yup. Remember Donny asking Nicole during her first HOH ”how much do you really trust Christine?” and then him getting put on the block because of it. Nicole is one of my favorites in the house (compared to the others ….) but she shouldnt have been so eager to vote out people like Brittany and Amber, who werent going to come after her, and consider working with them instead of kissing Cody and Derricks ass.


People look they are playing a game it’s not a beauty contest or bachelor or American idol. They all went in to win money, how the chose to do it was their doing. The ugliness about looks has nothing to do with the game. Your just like them if you think about. Stop the name calling.


The sad thing is I think many people were prepared to like Christine & thought she would be their favorite. Unfortunately, regardless of what she looks like on the outside, it’s her inside that’s ugly The same goes for some of the others.


Christines husband says on his twitter page he has been preparing his speach for cody. I would love to see how that goes over. My prediction… not so well. Cody could tell christine he is going to bang her right in front of her husband.. and christine would hop on his d-ck. face it they have no morals. and just search a picture of her husband. he would probably sit and watch crying.


He needs to be preparing his speech for his wife rather than worrying about what to say to an empty-headed douche neither of them will see again.


Cody does not care what her husband thinks or he would have shown a little class a lot sooner. As soon as Christine is booted out of the house, Cody will forget her name and start kissing up to the next HOH. That is his game… Use them and dump them..


So true! I loved it that NIC was throwing SHADE…”Donny you can’t cuddle – you have a girlfriend!” Ratine’s husband shouldn’t have a word to say to NoB@lls Codeine. It’s his WIFE that owes him some loyalty. Idiot, grow up and throw that bi**h out.

Biance's twin

gonna try out for bb next season so AG can write my check and the rest can play to go home.

Chrustine Kreuger

Chrustine realizes that what she is doing will make her hated by America. At this point, Chrustine has reached Andy Herrin status as the most loathed BB player . She has stiff competition though with Fukkie

Beast Mode Cowpie

Nicole and Christine are both naive puppets being yanked around by the guys in the alliance, especially Derrick. Every time they have been in power, the guys have “aligned” with them and persuaded them to do what they wanted. It’s not fun to watch, but I have to admit it’s good gameplay by Derrick. If the girls weren’t so distracted by flirting with the cute guys, and would have made some moves earlier that were better for their own games and not the guys’, the situation would be different. I won’t enjoy watching Nicole go home this week, but I WILL enjoy watching Christine follow her soon. There will be a lot of “we shoulda …” in the jury house.


Omg! Christine Christine oh how much I dislike u in this game! I hope you get sent home next week for being so stupid! It would really funny if Christine went home before Victoria! Players in this house doesn’t realize that CODY is another floater in the house he hasn’t won anything or been on the block!

Biance's twin

Christine READ THIS! You and Cooty are next.


They should just call this season “blame it on zach attack.” It’s like when people are caught in their lies they use Zach as the scapegoat lol


I have never liked WitchyPoo AKA Christine because she is so pathetically desperate for male attention. Umm…hello heifer, you’re married. Say what you will about Nicole, I like her. And I liked her from the beginning, but she did allow herself to be swayed by Derrick and his toadies.

When Joey was evicted, it became apparent that these stupid women would allow themselves to be manipulated by the men. Don’t hate…I’m a female and I think all of the women acted stupidly.

Poor Donny was on to Derrick and Frankie early on….I hope somehow he is able to survive. I know Big Brother is about lying, manipulation, etc., but it sure would be nice to have a genuinely nice person win.

Beast Mode Cowpie

It’s disgusting how 2-faced Christine is. She laughs and says cruel things about Nicole to the guys, but when Nicole talks to her directly she is a coward and blames it all on other people. One could argue that it’s strategy and Christine is trying to keep a jury vote (not that Christine is ever going to get that far), but I don’t think that is the case. Christine seems to have a cruel streak in her – she always comments that she can’t wait to see the look on someone’s face when they are blindsided. She actually looks forward to that – that is cruel. I hope that karma kicks in and she gets blindsided herself soon, so she knows how it feels (oops, I guess that means I have a cruel streak too)


If Nicole could read Derrick like a book as she claims, Derrick’s game would’ve already been exposed, and the last 2 or 3 weeks could’ve went different… Every season most of the girls think with their vaginas, and just follows orders of whoever is in power, which most of the time it’s the men… Same thing will happen to Christine with the Bomb Squad that happened to Britney with the Bragade, only in a entertaining fashion.

I would say Demanda had more balls to do what she did, but let’s face facts, she would’ve never had ANY power if it wasn’t for the heavily bios MVP twist catered for Elissa, and McCrea getting his member swallowed 1st week he was in power…


meant to say “bias”

The Thought Police

Okay, did not appreciate the comment about women – while I do think you have a handle on the game – let’s not use body parts – I know from reading you over the years – you are more creative than that.


My problem with Nicole never know when she is telling the truth. Christine is a back stabber like other few contestants in the house. Nicole over alll flew under the bus and started t play the game late like Victoria and Jocasta.

Myself feels Caleb should go home next before the other house guest next week.




Good for you Derrick, that you got to be put into a season of BB idiots and get an easy win.


Actually, I don’t think you can entirely blame Derrick for this one – he was pretty much overruled by Frankie, Zach, & Caleb who wanted Nicole up this week. Derrick would have preferred to wait for next week, although he’s certainly setting the targets for them.


My problem with Nicole never know when she is telling the truth. Christine is a back stabber like other few contestants in the house. Nicole over all flew under the bus and started to play the game late like Victoria and Jocasta.

Myself feels Caleb should go home next before the other house guest next week.


Not a fan of any of the BS Alliance. Gotta credit Devin for bringing in Christine. However loathsome her gameplay has been, it has kept her there this long. When she runs out of sheep to be thrown to the wolves we’ll see how she fares. She is not a wolf, but a rat. When wolves run out of sheep to eat they will eat rats. They’ll eat snakes, Frankie. They even eat toads when there is nothing else…. Cody. Derrick, Caleb & Zach are the real wolves.

Had high hopes for Donny, but he’s toast.


So sad to see Nicole go… She wasn’t the best gamer but she is so far above these other people. If Donny goes next there’s almost no point in watching this season anymore. Hayden then Nicole then Donny… And then no one else is even remotely likable




I think Donny would tie his beard on to whatever they had to hold on to try to win an endurance comp at this point to not end up on the block again. It definitely won’t be a question HOH because they’ve had a lot of those lately.


I couldn’t agree more

pants on fire

Just a suggestion…when people are put on slop, they also become the house maids for the week. Dishes, laundry, cleaning the bathroom and bedrooms…that would create some natural dissension amongst the ranks. The slobs and neat freaks (if there actually are any) would become enemies. That way a lot of this lying would be put to rest. Let them hate each other for real reasons!! This would work in the early part of the game when there’s lots of them.


Ratine says Donny can’t cuddle because he has a girlfriend–Seriously!!


yea, but did Ratine mention that she has a husband and she still cuddles?


Christine doesn’t have to worry about cuddling up with her ex-husband or Caleb she can cuddle with ????


I couldn’t stop laughing at that! Umm yeah Donny has a girlfriend and shouldn’t cuddle, but Christine you’re married so what’s your excuse lol. I feel bad for your husband because you’re cheating on him with that girl called Cody. He’s soo moody and always saying I’m gonna go off on somebody and doesn’t. At least Zach confronts people and doesn’t hide! lol


If Joey had been able to pull together an all girl alliance it would have been a different game. I think the guys still would have prevailed because the women were too weak (mentally and physically) and Joey wasn’t strong enough to lead like Derrick has.
But,,, it would have been interesting.

If more people had put some faith in Donny it could have been a different game. He could see things that others couldn’t.


Yeah – Donny could have had a very successful harem if they’d had any brains!


Agree. Oh how could this season have been if the girls would have grew a brain early on & formed Donny’s Angels. This has been a season of what if’s. Poor Donny has tried but has been brushed off by the youngins time after time.


They should have a Battle of the Block with the the first 4 Houseguests in jury…2 winners re-enter the house…WITH IMMUNITY! Since BoB was emphasized so much in this season, it makes perfect sense that they close it out this way; To the best of my knowledge, 2 former houseguests have never returned at the same time…it would set a precedent and, finally, give credibility to their credo ‘expect the unexpected’.

Miss 15

But then their plan to rig the game in Frankie’s favor might not work.


1000 thumbs up!!! What an amazing idea this would be! It would really throw everyone a curve ball! Pull through production!!!


It would be cool if CBS does a complete house reset, bring everybody back. Start again, but put the game on hyperdrive.

Miss 15

This cast has made me feel someting I never though possible in a million years. I actually miss last season. At least there was strategy involved in gamplay last season. This is Derrick’s puppet show and they are all too dumb to see he in controlling every aspect of the game. Where in the hell did they find 15 people who has no ability to know when they are being manipulated? Derrick is not that good either, he has been in and out of 7 alliances, and he is extremely aggressive. Any other season, he would be in some trouble.


Last season was Demanda’s Sheep Season, and one of the biggest sheep won… This season is on par with last season…


Christine is right, all of America does hate her. This has been the worst BB in History!!

Butters Mom

I thought last year was pretty bad too… Derick being a cop has brought this year to a new low for me though with his lack of integrity and Frankies over the top wannabe fame whore tactics are just too much. Both of them make me sick.


It’s certainly been the most disappointing season, at least so far.


Nicole still thinks that Derrick and Cody are cool and that Zach is the ultimate liar, so she can go. At least Donny seems to know what’s going on, even though he probably won’t be able to win the upcoming endurance HOH to do something about it.


My heart breaks for Nicole right now. To be alone in that house with all of that :/

Game over. I can’t even stand to watch the rest of these losers for another month. If Donny wins but some grace of god then maybe I’ll stick around next summer.

Productions behavior with the BoB this week has left me no faith or naivity left in my resivours. Thank you Simon and Dawg for your work, and thank god these houseguests haven’t rotted your brains yet.


Your heart going out to Nicole is a nice gesture there Slop. You shouldn’t waste your sentiment. Her chance to grab onto bher game was when she and Donny were HOH together. Donny talked straight to her about several things that should have gotten her attention. Had they, an alliance could have been formed bringing Hayden in and possibly Victoria (she just wants to be save and doesn’t care who helps her). Christine and Cody would have been sent packing, so no more ratting to the BS. Eviction selections would have benefitted the new alliance and EUREKA!! A sole different game for Nicole. Can’t feel sorry for someone who does the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. She was shown the other side’s card more than once and refused to see them.
Bye Nic…………


If Caleb or Frankie were ever on survivor or amazing race, I would seriously kill myself


I doubt Survivor would take the risk of having such a seemingly unstable person as Cabel on Survivor but he would be a two fer. Telling more outrageous stories than Coach or Special Agent Baggy Pink Undies Phillip Shepard put together and crazier than Brandon Hantz.


Caleb, not Cabel… which reminds me I have to pay my Time Warner bill,


Caleb and Frankie on the Amazing Race would just hasten its cancellation.