Donny asks How can I ask someone to volunteer to sit beside me and then send them home?!

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Ca;eb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-11 09-28-47-971
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6:20am – 9:45am Victoria is awake and in the bathroom getting ready for the day. She heads outside to tweeze her face and then goes inside and continues to pluck. She then heads back to bed. Big Brother wakes up the house guests at 9am. When the live feeds return from being blocked only Donny and Frankie are awake. Frankie changes his batteries and goes back to bed. Donny heads up to the HOH room and tells Frankie that they called him to the diary room and asks us to decide if we are going to do it or not. Donny says well that aint going to happen how could I get someone to volunteer to go up against me. We had the opportunity to get someone to volunteer before the nomination ceremony but since that didn’t happen we have another opportunity today before the veto ceremony. They need to at least get us together talking about it. Should I get Derrick and bring him up here? I can’t do it but maybe you and Derrick can just do it? How can I ask someone to volunteer to sit beside me and then send me home. Frankie repeats the mission get someone to volunteer to go up on the block. Donny says you could try getting Victoria to volunteer saying everyone likes her and she wouldn’t go home but that wouldn’t work. Frankie says I feel like this is just an extension of the last one that was impossible. Donny says if Christine were to see me talking to you and Derrick this early in the morning that would really sabotage me. Should I get Derrick so we can discuss how its impossible to do it? Christine joins them. Frankie covers for Donny and says thank you Donny for waking me up!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-11 09-33-13-945

10am – 10:15am Christine heads back up to the HOH room and says I can’t think about what to say. Frankie asks are you happy? Christine says once this is over I will be. Frankie says everything that I did put you in a better position with the boys. Christine says I don’t know. Frankie says even with Zach I feel like he loves you more than ever. Frankie says you could say you’ve (Nicole) said many times you’re alone in this game and so I guess this includes me. Christine says that before and after the BOB she just kept questioning me. Christine says I didn’t want to say her name until then end. Christine says what I was thinking of saying was a little more dirty. You know apparently I was going to get back-stabbed this week so I am going to take the first stab. I wanted to say something out of character for me. Frankie says that’s good too. Christine says I am just so nervous. I want to think of something clever. Frankie says this person has said they’re alone in this game and after feeling the knife protruding out of back, I realized that must include me too. Christine says and so I decided to take the last stab! That is awesome! This is so scary. Frankie says Donny sat alone for 5 hours yesterday when we left. Christine says that is so sad. Christine says I think after I will come up here. Frankie says yeah and leave all the fall out downstairs. Frankie says she will probably try and come after me but I will take her on guns a blazing!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-11 10-02-31-437

10:20am – 10:30am In the fire room – Christine talks to Derrick and he tells her that Nicole doesn’t know how many people you really have. She will probably talk sh*t about you. You will need to talk to Victoria after to pull her in. Christine leaves. Victoria enters and Derrick tells her that Nicole is definitely going up. You are 100% safe this week! Victoria smiles. Derrick says it worked. We will celebrate after. Just keep acting nervous. Victoria heads to the bathroom where Nicole is and continues smiling from ear to ear.

10:30am – 10:35am Out in the backyard – Derrick and Donny are talking about the team america mission. Derrick says the mission involved all three of us to get someone to volunteer to go on the block. Its doesn’t make sense for you to volunteer to go up next to you. Unfortunately we can’t complete this mission this week. I am pretty sure Christine is putting up Nicole. Derrick tells Donny I would not vote to evict you over Victoria. But if everyone comes to me and tells me they’re voting you out then I couldn’t be the only vote to keep you. But if Nicole does go up then Christine wouldn’t put her up unless she didn’t want her to go home. So it won’t take much convincing for you to stay. We can’t be seen all talking and give Christine any reason to put someone else up. If team america stays intact that is huge that’s almost 50% of the house. If one of us did go up then its huge to have two people that would be guaranteed votes for us.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-11 10-36-02-680

Up in the HOH room – Frankie tells Christine that yesterday was so awesome! It was nice to know that everyone likes us. They love us! Christine says well everyone especially liked you and Caleb. Christine says I could say In the big brother house you can’t attempt and fail, you can only attempt and follow through… So I am going to go ahead and take this knife out of my back and pass it along so Nicole go ahead and take a seat. Frankie says that’s awesome. I wouldn’t say pass it though. Frankie says I would take this knife and return it in the hopes that you can’t use it again. Christine says that’s awesome! That is going to be the best speech of the season. Zach is going to be pissed.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-11 10-43-12-455
Out in the backyard Nicole talks to Derrick and asks if she is going up. He says he hasn’t heard anything. Nicole says I don’t think she would put my up unless she had the votes so she would need you. Derrick says she wouldn’t need to. Derrick heads inside. Donny joins Nicole and she asks him if he knows if she is going up. Donny says hasn’t heard. (Derrick told Donny that she is likely going up.

10:45am – 11am Up in the HOH room – Derrick and Frankie talk again about how this team america mission is impossible to do this week with Donny on the block. They house guests are waiting around for the veto ceremony to begin.

Out in the backyard – Cody tells Donny that he has no idea who Christine is going to put up next to you. Donny says Nicole would probably win HOH over me, she’s won 3 and I’ve only won 1. Cody says even you sitting next to Victoria she is so lost in the game. I wouldn’t vote to keep her because she does nothing for me in this game. Donny says I will just need to see who I am sitting next to.

11:10am In the kitchen – The conversation is about whether or not or@l is considered s*x or not. Christine says her husband Tim is the only guy she’s gone to second base with. Derrick and Frankie are surprised. Christine says I did it just for myself. Victoria says for morals. Christine says yeah.

The new bomb squad – Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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For someone fighting for charity, Frankie sure turned that TA money down fast…


If anyone believes Frankie is donating all of his winnings to charity, then they’re crazy. He didn’t have to go in the house to do that. He could have held a fundraiser, or as his 1.5 million followers to donate a dollar each and even if only half had donated he still would have made more money doing it that way then going on BB. Just like everything else, Frankie is out for himself.


He only has 262,000 followers.


Frankie has publicly stated he is giving money to charity, by the way his charity work started long before he stepped foot in the BB house, if any you bashers of Frankie bothered to do some homework you would know that.. In fact he received an award from the organization buildOn for his charity work back in April. He is also co-founder of a charity called Broadway in South Africa which works with disadvantaged youth in South Africa.. Every single person is in that house is playing for their own reasons.. So what if Frankie is doing it for charity and for himself? Is he so different from any other player?

Gag Frankie

Frankie is the stereotype caricature of a gay man with the way he cannot keep his hands off the other guys on the show or his hands out of their pants. He makes all gay men look like they are sick perverted sex crazed perverts and that is so not the truth. The gay men I know are wonderful and terrific men, and it is a shame Frankie is making being gay something you should be ashamed of by the way he acts an CBS and BB are helping the sick perv do it.

H.R. Cankles

Frankie isn’t gay, he’s VERY gay…


I wish someone would point out Frankie that he is not loved outside the house. He is so delusional he thinks that everyone loves him! That ego of his needs to be checked. Too bad no one in the house has the guts.


He has 700,000 Twitter followers, he has gained 50,000 in the last 48 hours. That’s a lot of love.


Frankie Grande has turned into the underdog this year partly because of the increasing amount of gay bashing being done and people are feeling sorry for him for being the target of abuse which bordered on the hysterical and was unwarranted considering with the exception of Donnie, the other house guests have also got their hands dirty with the amount of scheming and lying going on in the BB house. To point Frankie out in particular as being the worst liar is ridiculous when in fact it is Derrick who has yet to inform the other players that he is a undercover cop who has the advantage of being a professionally trained liar and manipulator. Frankie was an underdog going in and has become even more of an underdog now.. #GoFrankie is trending on Twitter.


Your description of Frankie says more about your true feelings towards gay people than it says about Frankie.. Being a hypocrite and saying how much you tolerate gay people then turn around and bash them the first chance you get is letting your true colors show. Homophobes like yourself can be quite PC when it is to their advantage.


Nicole’s only hope is the TA mission. Hopefully they get Victoria to volunteer and send her home.


Nicole had so much potential. *yells* SO MUCH! I think she was scared because she didnt have enough people behind her. But MY GOD, she had so many oppurtunities. And poor Donny has been excluded since day one, he doesn’t even brother anymore.


Now the mission will sabotage frankie’s game so he don’t want to do it but when Donny said the same thing last week piggy and fakie tried to make him look back to America. Losers and America only like Donny in the TA.


Nope. Derrick is the man. I am not the only one that likes Derrick. He is playing the best BB game.


He may be playing the game, but I bet if TA had to vote again, they wouldn’t choose him, and if he don’t win BB he won’t get America’s Favorite. That will more than likely go to Donny. I can’t wait to see Frankie’s face if he doesn’t get TA which even if he was going to win I don’t think Production would give it to him, because the houseguest already talked about being at a disadvantage, and they don’t want to come off looking like there were favorites shown or the game is rigged

Ians Beer

People may not like Derrick BUT he has played the best game without ever being nominated or even questioned by the rest of the morons in the house. Cody is just a shadow. People that condemn him “in real life” as a police officer for playing the game how he has been, is just ludicrous. I just want to sprinkle some “brain food” on people that make these comments on here. Yes, it’s a GAME….and if the other sheepies are too stupid to realize how they’re being played and manipulated, that’s not Derricks problem lol.


Omg you took the words right out of my mouth!!!! Seriously, I just started tout become a Derrick fan. Everyone expects people to be honest and sweet and not everyone is that way. It’s freaking big brother if you want to see people holding hands and singing kumbya (however the hell you spell that lol) then watch sesame street. I love seeing the scheming and manipulating. These houseguests are so dumb you can’t blame him for seriously misting the house. I’m hoping he wins it.


Derrick will probably get a promotion after this.


Someone knows what is going on, thank you for that I agree 100%, everyone wants to be against the one that is doing something cause they’re favorites are following along with it so he’s the bad guy.
What the problem is with the others they may be book smart, but no common sense. I believe they could put Derrick in the house with older people and with no common sense he would still have the house the same way. He has carried Cody and Victoria this whole game and his-self, all Cody had to do was lay up and play with the girls and they spill their guts to him and it has worked all season, so yes Derrick is the best player the whole season. Glad to hear from someone that knows how it works.


I will concede that Derrick is playing the Big Brother Game.
Let’s say Derrick is one of the final two. And not with Victoria.
Will the Jury really believe that Derrick did all what he said he did to get there. A lot of his game ply IMO was a mind manipulation. That can be tricky because the person can believe that they in fact came up with the idea themselves. This is a slow group to get the clear picture right before them. I’m just not sure Derrick can justify his game play sitting next to say Franky, Zach, Christine. He may even have a hard time with Cody with so many girls in the Jury. There was with good reason he did not want to be know as a cop. That may not help also once revealed.
I think his best bet is to take Caleb.

Feedback please.


yeah man Derrick is keeping real by bein a bigger liar than frankie!


Nicole should sense something’s awry – go to Christine and come clean about the plan to get Christine out. Stop protecting Derrick. Tell Christine the boys wanted to dethrone Christine and that she promised not to nominate her but then Derrick said “I know but are you going to?”


Christine walking in on Frankie and Donny – busted! Christine, listen to your gut that you’re being played. Tell Nicole about the plan or at least tell her that you’re gonna nominate her.

This is annoying because everyone’s protecting Derrick, just like last season when everyone was protecting Andy.


As much as I hate for Nicole to get nominated today, or voted out Thursday, she is really only good at comps, and not socially, and she knows things yet don’t listen. Donny told her his suspicion of Derrick and Zach told her about the alliances, Victoria told her how she felt used by Derrick, and she confirmed Derrick was in an alliance but she didn’t know how to tell Victoria. She even said she wasn’t going to sleep last night becuase the last time she did she got blind sided and Hayden went home. Well she didn’t sleep last night but not “ONE” time did she check in with the HOH after sensing she was upset with her. At this point she deserves to go for being so stupid and naive. Again, I don’t want to see her nominated, but she’s not even trying to help herself stay.


Is it that I have just noticed more lately…..but Frankie sticking out his tongue every few minutes is looking like a lizard…..and ANNOYING


Donny is actually playing a very smart game. Even though he has been onto The Bomb Squad he knows he can’t go against the big alliance just yet while they are still strong, he has witnessed every person to speak out about the big alliance go home. He is very slowly building up relationships with people without creating alliances so when the big alliance blows up(every big alliance is bound to blow up) he will be able to make his move. I still think it’s a long shot for him to win, but he’s playing it the best he can.


I can’t believe how stupid some of you people are. Donny goes to bed at 11pm, sometimes ealier. Everyone stays up until 6-7am talking game. Donny then wakes up at 8pm, while the real BB social game players sleep until 4pm. He doesn’t even see these people but maybe 7 hours a day and no one really talks much game during the day.

Donnys socail game is embarrassing. He has won comps, that is the only reason he is still in the house. Otherwise he is useless.


First of all, you just suggested that Donny sleeps 21 hours a day which i do not believe is true, correct me if I am wrong though. Second of all, while I do agree with you that all the game is talked at night, my point is that if Donny were to talk game as much as the big players he would get thrown under the bus very quickly and would be moved up to #1 on the target list. I never said I think he is playing the best game(I think Derrick is by far playing the best game) but I do think Donny is playing a smart game with what he has to work with.


Meant 8am not 8pm. Typing error that was quite obvious to figure out.

Roisen Dubh

Donny does that because he’s knows he been an outsider since day one. Nobody’s talked game with him and he’s knows the score with these people. Jocasta knew it to. There’s only so much you can do when the whole house basically puts you in a box.


Donny does that because he is old. Don’t come in the house and go to bed before midnight and wake up at 7-8am.

Doesn’t work.


Regardless of how early he goes to bed and how much he never talks game with them. If ever one is so stupid then why does the rest of the house want him out? It’s certainly not because they think Donny is a floater, or a weak player. They want him out because they know he’s “SMART”, and “ON TO THEM”. So no one is stupid, Donny is the only one that has realized their game plan and the only one that knows who’s behind it, So he’s not dumb for sleeping all day and not talking game. He doesn’t have to do any of that and is still on top of what’s going on and never paranoid about it like the rest of the house guest. Donny knows everything that is going on, and like the saying goes, sometimes it’s best to be seen and not heard. I mean look how far it’s gotten him? Every week they want him out, but yet they manage to keep him. If they were smart they wouldn’t be sending home target that may come back and get them out. They should have sent Vic home this week, because she probably won’t win to come back and if she does like Jocasta it would be easier to get them out again. If the twist is this year two players come back then those guys are screwed. They’re going to be screwed if only one come back, but two s always better then one.


Donny winning comps cause he getting done sleep.
And he still in the house and other are gone bye bye. Lol


Some sleep. Lol i need some

Mister E

Donny is smart for not getting in the middle of all the drama in the house. If he was to stay awake and talk game with everyone, then he would be gone already. He justs sits back and lets them go after each other. Yes, he is a target, but he either pulls himself off the block or he sits back and lets the other HG on the block be all paranoid and run around ruining their own game. I think he is the smartest one in the house, but he was not giving a chance at the beginning of the game so this is the hand he was dealt and he is doing the best he can with it. If he does get voted out this week, then i hope he is the one to come back into the house.


Derrick and Frankie are so full of s**t that it is practically pouring out of their ears. And not to mention the overwhelming sense of hypocrisy coming from Derrick concerning the TA mission. Basically the line-up in the house now is:
1.) Derrick – Piggy Puppet Master
2.) Cody – Derrick’s #1 Toady
3.) Christine – Unfaithful Shrew
4.) Zach – My Personal Favorite
5.) Frankie – Sparkly Satan
6.) Donny – Nice and Innocent Guy
7.) Victoria – Everybody’s Favorite Puppet
8.) Caleb – Only Person That Seems to Have Some Sort Of Clue What Is Happening
9.) Nicole – Gullible but Has Potential to Hurt People


Boohoo. Because Donny sleeps through every important game play event that happens at night, he has one of the worst BB games ever.


I think you’re being too soft on Cody. He’s Derrick’s #1 Bitch! Pathetic pretty boy pussy.

He’s the floater actually.


cody isn’t really a floater because that would involve making game decisions to lean one way or the other. he just goes where derrick goes and only where derrick goes. he is the biggest B!tch in BB history. Derrick’s personal one


Cody has done absolutely nothing so far in the game, yet acts like he is beast in the comps. Every week he says, I am going to kill it in the comps and he just goes flat. He is the male Victoria. He should stick to posing in underwear.

Girls Are Dumb This Year

Ok. most of the girls this season is playing a horrible game. The smartest of the three left is Nicole. Thats why should could be possibly leaving this week. A girl smartens up..she gets targeted enough said.


I don’t understand why everyone likes Donny. He does nothing! He gets up goes on the elliptical sits and doesn’t talk most of the day to anyone has his ice cream and goes to bed. Then he complains about those damn kids waking him up at night Really?? And oh yea he wins comps but still doesn’t talk game with anyone. Boring.


You can claim Donny is boring, but Derrick has made the whole game boring. What’s exciting about watching sheep herder herd his sheep? Donny was dealt a bad hand in the game – c’est la vie. I don’r know who you expect him to talk game with – most of those punks won’t give him the time of day & those he does talk to ignore what he’s saying (even though he’s right) and go throw him under the bus. Maybe if Devin hadn’t tossed him aside for the stupid Bomb Squad he could have lasted longer with Donny’s guidance. These people are idiots not to have allied with him because he knows what’s going on & he would be loyal – instead they keep running back to Derrick despite them being shown numerous times that they can;t trust him.


please god Team America needs to END!!!!! we don’t even like Derrick and Frankie ARRRGGGRRR


this We shit?? you got a mouse in your pocket?? I love Derrick. Frankie can’t go soon enough.


It’s over nicole is going home


I have a question.
Is Christine the first married houseguest to disrespect her spouse (cuddling with Cody) ? I can’t think of any other married house guest that ever pulled this BS.


I Don't Like Derrick

Not that I remember, but a lot of dumbass women have disrespected their boyfriends. And yes, it is usually dumbass women, not men. I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with flirting; it’s just that most people will not do it in front of their spouses. To the dumbass who missed, but actually agreed with my point, Yes, the dumbasses are too stupid to do anything about Derrick’s manipulations. My point, exactly. The hypocrite is not that great


I think production has a hand in doing most of the manipulation, so much so that it’s becoming more and more convoluted, and last night it seemed like there was some bad acting on the part of Frankie and Caleb. Frankie should have never been allowed to win, but obviously Frankie is the one pre selected to win, or at least it seems that way. For reality TV, it sure doesn’t seem very real.


Caleb should have not been allowed to go on the NFL outing. He didn’t do anything to win it.


Sarah, married, on BB Canada 2 did much, even more than, Christine. But she was better looking.


Donny still has a shot here. It’s a good day in the BB house!!!


Where is the Coup d’Etat or the DPOV when you need it? Nicole leaves this week, followed by Donny, then Victoria then maybe in 3 weeks we’ll get some excitement. In the meantime snooze fest…

Beast Mode Cowpie

Unfortunately production is saving the DPOV/coup d’etat/Pandora’s box twists for when Frankie is in trouble. Seems like Frankie is this season’s production darling and the one they want to protect. And Frankie knows this now – he has gotten cockier than ever since he “saved himself” (Caleb should have played the BOB and screwed it up, rather than just sitting out). He absolutely loves all the attention and camera time he is getting this week, especially his big “reveal”.


I agree, it would have been better if Caleb would have played and screwed up the game while Zach and Donny won

The Canadian gal

Quite frankly, I think Derrick is playing a wonderful game but it has nothing to do with him, it has more to do with that weak cast we have this year (especially the girls).

It would be golden to see Derrick trying to play that game in a house full of Dan, Rachel and even Amanda, he would have self-evicted. Hahahahahaha!


Nicole knows she’s going up. She’s expecting it.

This season is predictable and boring. I wish someone would make a move, but that’s not going to happen for a few weeks at least.


I think for BB17 they should put shock collars on the houseguests and randomly zap them when they talk game.


better yet, shock them when they lie zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzap, they all (not Donny) would drop and start to convulse

Maria L.

That was by far, the most hilarious statement yet! LOL


Frankie’s sister didn’t win anything at the teen awards. Maybe she’s not as hot as he said.

At least be right....

She won:
Choice Single Female Artist
“Problem,” Ariana Grande featuring Iggy Azalea – WINNER
Choice Female Artist
Miley Cyrus
Ariana Grande – WINNER
Katy Perry
Taylor Swift

I’m no fan but the truth is the truth…


she won the last and most important award best female artist of the year u fool


she won choice female artist……and song


Actually you’re wrong there. She won best female artist.

Roisen Dubh

When the summer ends, so does her career.


I saw that she won 2 awards.

At least be right....

She won at least two things…
Not a fan but she did win…

Teri B

Again…..Yawn…….Wake me up when BB Australia starts. I think this is around the time last year when I stopped watching because it was such a bloodbath with Amanda. This year is just as bad, in it’s own way. Ugh. So disappointing none of these idiots could’ve banded together and taken down Derrick’s crew. I’m guessing he will win, and I hope I’m wrong. Oh well, there’s always next year!! (Cubs fan)


I watch BB Australia because I was getting bored with this one and was pleasantly surprised at how they ran the show. Houseguests nominated but public voted and it was soooo much better. Why don’t they do it that way here? What was good about it was that there was still game play but they didn’t get away with as much lying because the country could keep those in that were entertaining but at the same time not nearly as dishonest. Our BB has become sort of a Jerry Springer show for me which sucks because I did really love the show and now I am finding it so hard to watch. I do though because I hold out hope that someway sometime someone will wise up and really give the ones who deserve it whats coming to them.

Roisen Dubh

I like how everybody lies to themselves when they pick a target and put a BS threat to justify there decisions. They know Derrick is running them and they don’t care. Zach really disappointed me over the weekend. Derrick’s game should’ve been blown up sky high but Zach pussed out. What was up with that? If he would’ve did Derrick the same way he did Devin, Derrick would be on the block. They’re talking about the alliance. Sorry folks, they’re still playing Devin’s game. I thought it would stop, but it hasn’t. That’s why Derrick is a buster and his game is overrated. People know but don’t want to change it.


If Nicole’s leaving means Donny gets to stay anther week , I’m all for it. I like that the fact that the two worst females in the house will have to battle it out now. Nicole is too afraid to talk to Christine cause she’s worried about annoying her. More passive and naïve game play from Nicole. Its going to cost her.


I think all this hype being showed about Nicole going up and home is just that – HYPE. I think production has people in the house portraying this and I think it will be as Derrick wants- Victoria goes up as a pawn- Donny goes out because this is what Derrick wants. And let’s face it they all do what he wants and he stays clean. This game is so predictable. Derrick is a very good liar, guess you have to be to get this far , but I almost choked on BBAD last night when he was telling Donny outside how he had his back, team America all the way. I truly feel sorry for Donny, he has NO ONE and is lied to every day. Derrick can portray all day long how he is playing such an honorable game because he has a daughter- please quit using her it makes you look like an a**. You straight up lie every day so get over yourself. His arrogance has become as annoying as Frankie climbing all over the guys and hugging and kissing on them. He is a disgusting little troll and I and not talking about looks or his being gay, I have gay friends, its his attitude that he is deserving to win and the mean backstabbing he is doing. I think what Christine said, and I don’t like her at all, is his true self out side of this game showed,that he acted like a diva at their excursion they won. I think this is him in real life and he has just about faked as much as he can.


derrick is also a student of the game

people talk of Nicole claiming to be a super fan….well I have caught derrick multiple times talking about VERY specific events that took place…5 years ago in the BB house. he knows WAAAAAY too much about BB, and it shocks me that no one has noticed this in the house. it would be a huge red flag someone who knows the game that way.

its like how no one on this board would ever get in. why? we know how to play production, as of now, Frankie and derrick know what production wants and they know how to play the game as such. it sucks, because we all here see it and hate it.

Teri B

Totally agree.

The Canadian gal

If Nicole goes home then be it! At least Donny got to stay! 🙂

If she would have listen to Brittany or Amber (even if she would have turn her back on them through the end) this year would have been VERY interesting.

She is good in comps, a woman could have had a chance to win it all this year. Unfortunately she played idiot and listened only to her immature brain commanding her to-hate-the pretty-popular girls just because they are pretty and popular…..

Too bad, now bye!


I was taught at a young age not to use the word Hate, but I sure as Hell can’t stand, dislike, loath and detest Derrick and Frankie.

Derrick, is one of those snakes that you never knew it was there until he bites you.

Frankie, is the snake that you know it’s bad for ya to pick-up but you still pick- it up and baaaam he bites you. You knew he was going to but you couldn’t resist picking it up. That’s what we have in the house two snakes of different species.

Donny is the only one that knows a snake is a snake is a snake trust it and you’ll be sorry.


If Nicole goes home this week, next in line are Donny, Victoria , Christine, then who really cares at that point. There are so many “twists” this year that it’s straight up predictable. #losing interest


Christine and Frankie believe that they are loved by everyone? They are going to have the shock of their lives when they read all of the comments that show how much they are truly despised.


I believe the reason why Frankie wants Nicole gone before Donny is because if Frankie is voted out next week. He won’t have a chance against Donny coming back into the game from jury. If the public votes I think Donny would win against him.

Teri B

While I agree with what you say, Production will have to rig it so the “public” “surprisingly” voted for Frankie to reenter the game. He is, after all, their little darling.


This is the type of scenario we get as fans of the show when HOHs do “what the house wants” and are ” afraid of getting blood on my hands.”


I think Frankie is one of the most disgusting human beings on the face of the Earth….I hope he gets the shock of his life when every one boos him when he gets evicted. But I am sure CBS will make sure that his sister’s fans are in the house so that doesn’t happen. I have never commented before but this by far is the worst season I have ever seen of Big Brother and I love the show.
I would comment about what Christine but I think that loser is in for the biggest world of hurt when she leaves and finds out how pathetic every one thinks she is, that I almost feel sorry for the joker, almost! She is going to need some serious therapy when she realizes how disliked she is!


Most of these houseguests are going to be in for a rude awakening when they leave & see how disliked they are, like Christine, Caleb, Frankie & Derrick. Victoria & Cody are going to be surprised how irrelevant they are & I think Donny & Zach are going to be surprised how liked they are.


“If Derrick is able to continue this level of manipulation and control over the house all the way through to the end AND win, he will go down as one of the best players in the history of the game.” – Dick Donato.

Roisen Dubh

What about Vic? Her trusts in men is gonna be shattered when Derrick is done with her. I feel sorry for her prince charming, dude’s gonna meet her wake up a few years later with a clingy wife and 5 kids asking himself how the hell did this happen?


It’s just bugging me that Christine doesn’t question the fact that everyone apparently knew Nicole was going to put her up and not one of them said a word. That would have been my first question……So, who was on board with this?


Well Christine is about to ruin her game, she’ll be gone next week.


Christine is a dumba$$ and Frankie is pathetic.


People evaluating players based on the fact that they lie make NO SENSE. This whole game is about who to believe and who not to believe. Its a GAME based on lieing!! Derrick by far playing best game because he doesn’t get emotional… he just kind of rolls with the punches and adapts as necessary without overreacting or flying off the handle.

Donny has had no chance from Day 1 simply because a guy in his 40’s is not going to relate to 15 kids in their 20’s (except Frankie who has the mentality of a 15 yr old). They should have done a better job of mixing age groups.


I disagree about Derrick playing with no emotion. He’s had it easy but the few times he’s been even slightly tested he’s not handled it well-he tends to panic plus he resorts to threats & intimidation. That might work with Victoria & the other weak-willed people in there, but can you see him doing that to Donny? It’s not the lies that I have a problem with, it’s the way he goes about it. He should have been cast in a group this immature.


I really don’t understand the Derrick hate. Everyone in the house has lied, it’s Big Brother. What show did you think you were watching? Lying / betrayal is NOT against the rules, and every winner save for Jordan who fell ass backwards into winning that season has lied to someone at some point. Don’t hate Derrick just because he’s better at it than everyone else.


I think it’s just that he ALWAYS lies, gets mad when others play they game and is constantly bullshitting for jury votes. It’s just gross. His berating Victoria for believing something that was actually true was disgusting. He keeps saying he’s nice to her because she’s someone’s daughter; then tells the guys he’s going to berate her into apologizing. He’s trying so hard to come off to America as the nice guy and he;s one of the biggest jerks and liars in the game. People like donny because of his authenticity.


Hey I like Donny too, seems like a great guy, but not the smartest game player. He had his chance to take out a leg of the Bomb Squad / Detonators when he and Nicole were HOH and they completely blew it by nominating Jocasta and Victoria on either side. They have no one to blame but themselves.

I think people get confused when watching and think this is a Soap Opera rather than a game where $500k is at stake.

Derrick has made 0 personal attacks, unlike Christine, who constantly calls other female house guests and former house guests ugly. All of his lies have been game moves. He’s just damn good at manipulating people. It’s almost unfair, as this has to be part of his job as an undercover cop.


What game are you watching? Derrick has made a habit of trashing all the women in there. And people keep saying Donnie had a chance to do something. How? This BOB has made it almost impossible. Say he had put up Derrick & Cody and Nicole had put up Frankie & Zach. Even if one of them left you’ve now got 3 of them coming after you. There was no way Nicole was willing to do that. They made a good attempt at backdooring someone. Unfortunately they picked the production-protected Frankie to target & that was never going to be allowed to happen.


“Derrick has made a habit of trashing all the women in there”

Examples please.


” Even if one of them left you’ve now got 3 of them coming after you”

Then so be it. What she did hasn’t exactly worked out too keenly has it? If one side of the house is dominating you, you HAVE to take out the head of the snake when you’ve got the chance. The minute that happens they’ll be stabbing each other in the back like crazy in order to keep themselves safe. That hasn’t happened yet with this group because they’ve never really been threatened.

I swear these people are wussies save for Zach. “I don’t want to get blood on my hands…” Guess what, if you wanna win this game, you’re going to have to get a little blood on your hands.


Plus he looks like Porky the Pig !!!!!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Donny is my favorite.

People ask and wonder why he doesn’t talk game or why they see him mainly lounging around. IT IS BECAUSE HE IS SMARTER THAN THEY ARE. He only talks game to those he feels may understand what is really going on. And that is that Derrick is running the game, Cody is riding his coattails and Frankie is a snake. The one or two he has mentioned this to are so blind- they flat out ignored what he said. He senses their stupidity and naivety. So the game talk stops. Derrick wants Donny out with such a passion. Does anyone understand why? IT’S BECAUSE HE KNOWS DONNY ISN’T DUMB OR FALLING FOR HIS SHIT. The HG’s ignore him. He’s not an ass-kisser and won’t bow down to the Z list “celebrity” Frankie Grande.

To any mature minded person, this makes sense. But to a dumb mother fucker, Donny is lazy and isn’t playing the game.

Get real, people. (Glad Nicole is going home if it all works out. Hope Hayden comes back. Donny + Hayden + ZACHATTACK!! Let the game begin!)


Donny’s problem is he’s too timid of game player. He’s been armed with all types of damaging information just by sitting by and observing, but he doesn’t act on the information. When he does, it’s too subtle. Players can’t tell if he’s just warning them as the ‘good guy’ or if he’s actually sharing information to ingratiate himself into some sort of an alliance. Time is also against him. These whacky alliances (broken as they are) are too entrenched to flip in Donny’s favor.

Ironically, the Detonators are feeding off their own dysfunction(scheming to see who can out-scheme each other) that will ultimately reward Derrick, the Puppemaster, with a seat on finale night.


Even his being subtle has resulted in them running back & telling Derrick. Hard to fight that & stay around. If he flat out told them what was going on they wouldn’t believe him & he’d be dead in the water. Think about it – who did he have to work with. Almost all the outsiders were worthless – more intent on getting in good with the dude bros than in actually playing a game. The women in particular were very weak this year – with better women he could have rounded them all up & been the leader of the pack – instead he got idiots calling him scary & perverted. So tired of them putting in people like that.

Beast Mode Cowpie

I like Nicole but she created her own situation. She knew about the Bomb Squad early on (including knowing that Christine was in it, and lying to her) and yet she just sat back and voted with the house as they picked off all the people around her. Did she think her number wasn’t going to come up soon? I admire that she tried to take out a bigger target last week (Christine winning POV screwed that up for her) but she trusted all the wrong people and then seemed surprised when they turned on her (she is still trusting Christine; seriously?). The last hopes for her game walked out the door with Hayden, so it might just be more merciful if she does go home this week.

Roisen Dubh

If Nicole goes, she deserves it. Girl couldn’t smarten up even when they sent her boy toy packin. Donny tried to put some sense in that wooden head of hers but to no avail. Please win HOH this week Donny, and put up Vic and Cody. Make Derrick squirm at least a little bit.


does team America end if one of the three is voted out?

Nicole's and Hayden's Sweet Romance

Nicole, where there is a will;there is a way! Remember what happened to Zach last week. It was all doom and gloom. He was gone and then the house flipped in the middle of the night and decided to save that bad boy! So long, Jocasta,leaving Nicole blindsided and Hayden evicted. Nicole doesn’t deserve a second blindside carried out by her “bestie,” Christine at the behest of the ego-enlarged “terminator,” Derrick…so shady and despicable! Please HGS see him for what he is and push him out the BB door ASAP!


She absolutely deserves it for being an idiot.


Did anyone else think it was more than a little bizarre when Frankie shrieked “MOMMY!” when he won the BOB?

If I only had a brain

Ok .. Christine obviously needs to get her head examined. Why is she remaining loyal to her alliance ? They have not been loyal to her (zach put her on the block!). She hears that Nicole wanted to backdoor her and she is all Oohhh let me just backdoor her and not even confront her about it?? This was her last chance to make a move .. She has to know that, she can’t win she is first target to go when her alliance is left. She has no final three or final two with any of them .. Yet they convinced her to vote out her own ally ? Yea good job.


I love Donny. He is such a kind person. A true Christian heart.