Zach “It was getting real bad. I started to have an attack & I started punching myself.”

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Caleb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-14 13-18-26-206
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1:12pm The live feeds return from being blocked for the HOH lock down. In the kitchen Christine comments on how that was a nightmare of a lock down. Donny asks Zack if he slept at all? Zach says not really. Zach says to Derrick its getting real bad. Will that come out of my stipend? Derrick says that’s why they asked for your medical card. Big Brother blocks the feeds. They come back and Zach says to Donny that it was getting real bad. I started to have an attack and I started punching myself. Big Brother blocks the feeds again. When they come back – Caleb is making slop. Christine heads back to bed.

1:20pm – 1:35pm In the kitchen – Nicole talks to Donny in the kitchen and tells him that he needs to win the HOH. They’re talking about how they hoped you were sleeping and didn’t hear it. I know a lot of it and I’ll share it with you. Donny says okay. Nicole heads to the bathroom and tells Zach that she hopes the people who are looking like fools continue to look like fools. I know there’s an alliance of 5. Zach says no there’s not. Nicole says don’t lie, you already told me there is. It all makes sense now.

In the earth room – Derrick tells Zach we just got to watch her (Nicole) because she’s ruining our game. Zach says I am just not going to talk to her.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-14 13-28-25-079

1:35pm – 1:55pm In the bathroom – Derrick cuts Zach’s hair. Meanwhile in the living room – Donny wonders if he and Nicole should go into the havenot room to study. Nicole tells him the living room is fine they already know I’m going to help you. Nicole tells Donny that the house is basically against you. Zach tried to tell you the wrong information. He tried to tell you it was 306 and I corrected him saying its 307. Nicole then starts telling Donny everything she can remember about the announcements last night.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-14 13-39-14-325

2:10pm – 2:20pm In the living room – Donny and Derrick are whispering. Donny and Derrick talk about getting another Team America mission. Derrick says if we make it another 3 weeks it could be $30,000 each .. that’s more than America’s Player. Donny says yeah. The conversation turns to talking about what the HOH competition might be tonight. They wonder if its the one were you have to grab pieces and lock in your answer. They talk about how Zach has an amazing memory. Donny says he was in here naming off everyone’s birthdays. Derrick says he is going to ace it. Donny says I hope we get the announcements again. Derrick says that Zach was talking during the whole thing so it was messing people up. Derrick says we only need 1 of the 3 of us (Team America – Frankie, Derrick or Donny) to get up there (HOH) because then we’ll control one side of it. Victoria is definitely going to go up if she doesn’t win. Donny says I hope she doesn’t go up next to me because.. Derrick says no, we need someone strong to go up next to you so that you can win battle of the block.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-14 14-14-40-069

2:30pm – 2:35pm In the bathroom – Zach says that he talked to the doctor and he said there is nothing they can do. Zach says the Doctor said its not going to stop so get used to it. There’s nothing they can do. Nicole asks what’s wrong? Zach says my ear drum is broken and its been ringing every second of my life since I was young. (I think he had said before that he had surgeries on it when he was younger.)

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-14 14-32-09-889

2:50 – 3pm In the living room – Zach is asking Nicole in the kitchen if the number in the announcements last night was 324. (It was 307) Nicole says why would I tell you? Zach says why wouldn’t you. Nicole says because I don’t want you to win. Zach says it was 324 wasn’t it. Nicole says sure. Zach asks what did I ever do to you?! Nicole says leave me alone. Once you start you don’t stop! Big Brother why do you let him do that to me! Derrick comes through and says Zachary leave her alone! Zach asks if he can paint her nails. Nicole says you’re not getting my vote. You achieved what you wanted. I am actually in a good mood right now and I don’t want you to ruin it. Nicole asks are we going to be friends after this? Zach says of course. Nicole says I’m sure you talk so much crap about me in the DR. Zach says I actually don’t. Nicole says I know you talk crap about Victoria but you’re nice to her face. Nicole says I actually hate you. I can’t stand you. Why are you sitting here aggravating me? Zach says we’re having a conversation. Nicole says no we’re not. You were the meanest person to me in this house. I would rather be attacked by a zombie than ever jump in your arms again. Zach says he was a million times worse in college. I’m filtered here. Zach asks are you going to give me your phone number when we get out of here? Nicole says yeah. Zach asks are we going to be real friends or facebook friends? Can I go to you and Hayden’s wedding? Nicole asks are you serious!?

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-14 14-49-24-590

Where the vote stands.. Nicole is going to jury

The new bomb squad – Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Zach has some serious issues huh?


He supposedly has ADHD which I believe he has because my little brother has it too and they act quite similar. And in your comment you sound rude like “ew, he has issues what a freak!” But then again I can’t tell without your clarification. But don’t poke fun of his “serious issues” because he can’t help it.


Rance went to college with and is a good friend of one of my current roommates. His issues are primarily connected to severe ADHD, he’s actually a really really nice guy and super smart.


I LOVE the guy. And I’m not even gay. He is super funny.


Zach’s a good guy. He reminds me of one of my brothers.


On last Sunday’s show Zach asked Donnie if he wanted to have a cookie party and he asked Nicole after their argument if she wanted him to fix her an egg sandwich. The way he said it seemed so serious. Funniest shit all season.


Oh my Gosh I love that kid! I figured he’s awesome outside of the BB house 🙂


not sure what part of my post sounded like I was making light of Zach’s problems. Hitting yourself uncontrollably sounds like it’s more than ADD


I think it may have been your name that threw it off.


Not trying to be rude or funny to you, your brother or family, do you think Zach may need meds? Can he hurt himself or anyone else with this problem? Any information you can share would be appreciated. Zach seems like a good kid but if he has issues shame on you “CBS” for putting him in the BBH, the stress could be getting to him. Hopefully, it will not.
I’ve heard about ADHD but know very little about it (I will to some research) I’m truly sorry about your brother and hope things get better for him and your family.


People with ADHD having trouble maintaining concentration (i.e. they get easily distracted) and have poor impulse control. They are often very smart but get bored easily & are therefore somewhat prone to taking risks or stirring up trouble for the excitement factor. Zach’s is a textbook ADHD example. There is no chance Zach would hurt anyone in there except by accident any more than most people.


Thanks, for the information it was very helpful, again thanks.


My son truly had ADD before they started passing out meds like candy so I researched it because this was meds messing with my kids brain.
To understand ADD think about wires and circuits. When you flip on one switch the charge goes to one wire and then the circuit moves it down the line until you flip the switch off. With ADD the circuit is serotonin (a chemcial in the brain). Normally the brain will re-absorb (re-uptake) the extra serotonin to cut the info going down the line. But with ADD there is no re-uptake of the serotonin and the charge keeps firing even when the brain has moved on to other things. That’s why it’s dangerous for people with ADD to look left, right then left when crossing a street–they get too much info and can’t judge what’s really there or distance.
We tried the meds but they were too dangerous for my son and he found that if he sat at his desk at school he couldn’t even read a full page but if he stood up and rocked back and forth he could do the work. He found his own way to force the re-uptake without meds. Its a long process and if you throw in hyperactivity it makes it harder. But with ADD/ADHD speed calms them down. That’s what the meds are. But so does sugar. So if I wanted my son to calm down I just gave him fruit or a candy bar (in a pinch) and he’d crash.
Sorry if this is boring but so many people don’t really understand ADD/ADHD.


I was listening to a radio show yesterday that had Zach’s mom and brother as well as Cody brother. Zach mother said he has had alot medical surgeries including a fake ear drum. Something about him getting hit in the head. I can’t remember ever element of his body parts that have had surgery but it was alot. His brother gave Zach actual twitter & instagram name. It’s not the one he spoke about in his poem. Nothing was mentioned about Zach having ADD problems but mom did say Zach has always been a jokerster and very active. They asked Cody’s brother who would he have rather seen him paired with and he said Hayden, Derrick and can’t remember the 3rd person.


Yeah, he doesn’t hit himself hard enough…

Lil' Sebastian

“I always though adderall was study aide for college students and a cop out by parents who weren’t able to control their kids. I never thought people actually needed it. Then, I met Zach.” – Anyone around Zach when he’s not on his meds


Wow, I can only hope all of the people making fun of Zach for his medical condition never have to experience it first hand. People are so big and bad to make fun of mental issues when they have NO IDEA how it can affect someone’s life (and the lives of their family & friends). It’s just sad how nothing can convince them how serious these issues can be unless they experience for themselves. Total lack of empathy for fellow man.

Very Few

“Mental Problems” are REAL…
Most have to do with being raised improperly without boundaries or ever being told NO!
Many others are a result of improper diet and poor nutrition (food does not come from a box or a factory)
The rest come from trauma or exposure to chemicals such as drugs, hormones or synthetic sugars sweeteners and pesticide exposure.
Cry all you want but get a clue before you thumbs down. The body does not function improperly for no reason and most are from self infliction or chosen ignorance


You are either very ignorant or need to educate yourself. Most mental health issues are considered to be a combination of genetic predisposition & environmental factors – heavy on the genetic part. Get a clue before you post garbage like this troll.

you must believe

Everything you are told…
you probably think McDonalds makes food!
Genetic predisposition ?
You obviously don’t understand genetics.
You must think Darwin theory has some merit.

Go back and learn something
You must think taking meds that lead to more serious problems are the solution.
You work for big pharma
The human body when fed properly has no such issues
These are all FABRICATIONS of society run amok
Take your birth control hormones
Your effexor that can lead to death
READ some of the side effects to modern medicine and learn something
I am only speaking the truth go be blind…
99% of mans problems MAN created (Humans)
understand yet?

Uh Oh

Dang, I think YOU need some meds!!!!


OK – obvious troll

Mental health issues are NOT self induced!

Wow! That is probably one of the most uninformed and ignorant comments I’ve seen yet. When you make comments about serious health conditions you should really have some iota of what you are talking about first, and not just your own assumptions. While some conditions can be caused by drug interactions, that is just the tip of the iceberg, and blaming the people who are suffering from these conditions, as though they brought them onto themselves is really not only insensitive, but just plain incorrect!


Zach’s ADHD is not a mental issue/illness. Not that long ago it was called fidgeting, getting bored easily, needing to move around a lot, can’t sit still. Now there’s a term and condition for everything. It used to be medicated with Ritalin (remember that whole horror story?).
The other physical injury to his ear is causing tinnitus (ringing in the ear) and I have that. It can’t be medicated and you just adapt and accept but that doesn’t make it fun.
I don’t buy the ADHD labels so many people are getting handed out randomly on an unusually large scale. It’s called boredom, someone who needs to keep busy in order to not get frustrated.
It’s not life threatening and it certainly is not mental illness.


I will agree it’s overdiagnosed, but I can assure you that ADHD is a very real condition – if you ever lived with someone who has it you would know that for sure.

Learn the facts before you speak!

Are you stupid or what? You think mental illness is caused by diet, or how you were raised or any other such nonsense? I think you’re confusing personality flaws (being a brat because you were never told NO) with actual mental illness. Mental illness is CHEMICAL. Your brain does not function normally. Sure there are external (environmental) factors that can increase the risk, but they are not the cause. If that were true every abused child would develop mental illness. The misinformation you are spouting only furthers the ignorance people have about mental illness, thus stigmatizing it.

you must believe

Society is inherently good and not self interested.
How many genetic papers have you published? oh was that a zero? I thought so!
Clowns read a community college entry level text book of lies and half truths and think they know everything.
Do some research of your OWN! learn something maybe or just think. You say they are chemical problems? Really? how enlightening… you don’t think that is because of the chemicals in our diet? or the chemicals our body produce in response to a stress situation during our up bringing? STUDY SON before you go making a fool of yourself AGAIN just because the ignorant masses thumb you up OR you are offended by the truth doesn’t make you the least bit right.
The MAJORITY supported Hitler in Germany mass conformity means nothing to me, only pursuit of the truth. Look into which populations have the most incidence of Mental dysfunction. Again you will prove my point.
Back up your comments with FACTS and evidence not what MOST people say or think or is the politcally correct or RATHER POPULAR opinion. Smoking is healthy right?
Wait til the truth comes out… why do you think the healthiest folks in the world are the ones who don’t eat poisons and rely on the freshest natural healthy diets on the planet. Why do you think it is that only domesticated animals suffer certain illness? Oh right back to my point.
Class dismissed.


You need to do some scientific research. If you did you would know that mental disease percentages are pretty consistent across all populations, cultures, & races and that advanced methods in brain research has shown that these are the result of neurotransmitter related differences or malfunctions. Go back to the dark ages you ignoramus.

Wow, how sad

Have you ever had your son come to you crying saying he wishes he could be normal like everyone else. That in his heart he wants to be a good boy but his brain won’t let him. That he rather be dead than be different than everyone else. Ask you why god made him this way? And cry yourself to sleep at night because you have no answers for him besides you love him and think he perfect the way he is. Do you study every ingredient on every piece of food or drink you give him because you heard certain things can make it worse. Your sweet kind beautiful son who actually scores genius levels on iq test but fails in school because he just can’t get what is in his brain to come out right ( his words) if not, the shut the duck up because you have no idea what you are talking about. My son is not spoiled or never told no. He has eaten fresh organic mostly vegitarian diet since the womb. He is surrounded by people who love him unconditionally and do everything in their power to help him succeeded. We do this every day with no medication, just diet exercise and patience. It is a struggle. You have no idea our life and lifestyle. People like you are why people like my son struggle everyday with feeling less than and judged. Same on you and shame on you putting your opinions on people with disabilities you know nothing about. And thank you for everyone speaking up on here to end the hate and non acceptance of people with mental illness and know it is just as serious and psychical illness but judges way more harshly.

and yet

Here you are on a BB website
Keep swallowing your daily Ned’s of societal programming
Hahaha haha
No wonder America is in the state it is in.
Hook line a sinker


Are you serious, Really, Really, who told you that dumb ill-advised, ridiculous stuff ? I mean seriously, I’m so aggravated I’m moving on because I know you don’t believe what you just wrote. Really!!!


You need to do some more research. Most mental issues such as ADHD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia are caused by chemical inbalances of the brain. I was diagnosed more than 20 years ago with bipolar disorder and have been on multiple medications and have read everything I can find on diet, vitamins, etc to help me cope with the manic side and the devastating depression. It is people like you with your ignorance into the cause and effect of these disorders that make things even worse for those of us that have to deal with them on a daily basis..


You are out of line and very uneducated obviously. If you want to learn about ADHD go check out the bbc documentary on youtube “living with ADHD”. Depending on the severity, it can be a very serious issue. Most of these kids have fabulous parents.

Huh is right!

If you want to learn something “GO watch TV”

Cackling Hyena

I wonder if Zach has been abducted by a crow, too, when he was little.

It’s heartwarming to see Nicole spend her last few hours helping out Donny.

#WildCard #BeardTeam #ZachAttack #BirdAbductees

Zach Donny Victoria F3.


hashtag bird abductees the best hash tag of all time


Zach has ear problems & being the the yucky OTEV water probably has given him a severe infection. That aside, based on the last couple of yrs, I am now convinced that BB deliberately casts a lot of people with mental health issues – Zach (classic ADHD, Nicole-anxiety, Donny-OCD, Caleb-narcissistic pd, Frankie -permanent juvenile delusional disorder). While I don’t think anyone should be excluded from BB for most issues, if they are truly doing it deliberately it seems highly unethical & pretty scummy.


ADHD isnt the easiest thing to deal with, and I actually think a lot of it is him putting on a show. I know Amanda and someone else last season were able to take their adderall but not sure if Zach even takes it. You can tell that he’s really a good guy, he just has fun getting a rise out of people. I hope if Donny doesn’t win hoh this week, he does. I’m betting he would make some big moves.


Zach thought he wouldn’t need it so chose to not take his medication while in BB (he probably should have – he would have had a better chance).


I wonder what kinda attack Zach had? I know he had ADHD (at least I’m pretty sure that he does), because I read it somewhere but I don’t remember where though


Zach is bipolar and has a ruptured eardrum in which the tempanic membrane can heal on its own or through surgery. It seems if you stick something in your ear like a q-tip you could tear it by not being careful or change in pressure like when you scuba dive. As for the bipolar, it explains the why he was hitting himself– he’s high, he’s low, he’s loud, he’s soft, he screams at the drop of a hat, panics quickly, being in a situation like this only escalates it.


Seriously??? Do you know Zach personally to have this information? Why would you say he is bipolar? Look the kid MIGHT have ADHD, but I wouldn’t go so far as to diagnose him with every mental condition under the sun. I think he was hitting himself because he said his ear was ringing really bad, he his eardrum is ruptured, obviously it was getting to him at that particular moment . My father has the same kind of condition, it can make you really crazy when it’s at it’s worst.
I really like Zach, he’s crazy, honest to a fault, and freaking hilarious!!! I would hang out with him in a heartbeat! GO ZACH!!!!!!!!!


Thought I should add, bipolar disorder and ADHD are nothing to be ashamed of, Laurens comment just bugged me because she stated Zach has bipolar like she’s his Dr. or something. SMH!


You are wrong. He is not bipolar. He has ADHD as he has stated a couple of times. He exhibits classic ADHD type behaviours – my son has ADHD & I’ve seen it all before.

The Truth

A day late and a dollar short Nicole. Anywho I’m glad she is wiling to help Donny.


While I think it’s kind of Nic to help Donny, it’s in her best interest that he win HOH and stay in the game in the event her or Hayden come back.


Does this have something to do with Zach’s ADHD? And I love Nicole!! She’s so sweet helping Donny.


What kind of attach did Zach have. He behaves like a person with ADHD. Donny ftw tonight

Derrick must gooooo!!

Yessssss!!!!!! Nicole,get into Donny and Zachs heads. There is a 5 person alliance and they’ve been playing you. Especially Derrick!! Put some stuff out there to make people start thinking on their own. If only Victoria could just get it that Derrick has definetly been playing her and making her look bad. I know she’s not the best at the game but talk about disrespect. Open your eyes Donny,Zach,Victoria and form something to get out the ring leader(Derrick). He must go!!!!!!


But Donny already knows. In fact, he told Hayden and Nic not to trust Derrick or Cody. Nic had started believing Donny, Hayden told him “you don’t know him”…the last thing he told Nic was to trust Cody. Thus, the predicament she finds herself in. That’s why she told Donny we should have listened to you. Everything she told Cody got back to Chris


You read what Derrick told Donny, TA needs to stay together for at least 3 more weeks, what’s that all about? Oh, money. He told Donny if they could continue TA for a least 3 more weeks they could make about $30,000 what a manipulator an Anal Hole.

Big Jim

Hopefully something unexpected happens tonight shake this up a little bit


who wants to bet me? Donny is going to win this hoh just for drama.. production will do every thing they can to make sure Donny is still here next week…. Zankie team America are going to be around till the end? likely to get evicted next Thursday are Christine, Victoria, Cody and Caleb.. then buy back comes in play… im really hoping that haycole come back and Donny is still in the house. Derrick, Zach and Frankie are not going to go this week, production loves them to much..


That;s why they gave the clues out when Donnie was in bed


production will do every thing they can to make sure Donny is still here next week…

Unfortunately I think the opposite, production wants Donnie out. That is why they gave the clues out late at night, knowing he goes to bed early and not knowing the clues puts him at a disadvantage. I think production knows the show is boring and wants Zack, Frankie, Christine, Cody, Derrick, Cody et al, to start turning on each other sooner, trying to add some excitement. As long as Donnie is there, they are all going to target him week after week, and the boredom continues. Unfortunately I wish Donnie would stay, and win, but I don’t see it.

PS: I forgot Victoria in the group above, but that is understandable.


Donny’s best hope to stay in the game if they keep the dual HOH crap is probably to NOT win HOH & get nominated directly so he has 2 chances to win safety. Whoever his nominees would go against would likely throw it to make sure he was dethroned & then backdoor him. Of course, if he was nominated, whoever he was paired with for BOB could throw it too (like Caleb last week haha) but at least he’d be guaranteed to play in the POV. All this throwing of comps is getting ridiculous. The dual HOH is a major fail.


Scratch that, he for sure has ADHD but doesn’t wanna take his meds inside the house, but I don’t know if this “attack” and his ADHD are related


Did he have a seizure?


I’m betting Zach had an epileptic seizure of some sort, because he said something about them taking the stipend. I read somewhere that he is not taking his ADHD meds, which could have caused a seizure (depending on the dosage). Just a thought.


Nicole is going out like a b*tch. Telling Donny the sh*t he chose too sleep through. Hope bombs like the loser he his.


Pretty sure Nicole is going out with class, helping the one true, genuine person left in the house besides herself so he doesn’t just get picked off next week. But nice try! 🙂


Donnie didn’t sleep through it if you were watching, he could hear it in his room as well. he came out during it. Nicole is just helping him memorize it!


Does anyone know what happened to Zach? What happened and why did he have an attack? Why was he asking about his stipend?




Sounds like vertigo, (I have that)

Kathie from Canada

Vertigo or tinnitus? I’m more inclined to think tinnitus since his ear drum has been permanently damaged. That would certainly result in constant dining in the ears.


I have ringing in the ears too. I’ve had it for 7 years. You learn to live with it, ignore it. Most of the time I don’t notice it at all.


I have this same problem in one of my ears from having been around shooting with out ear protection……yes there is constant ringing ….if you focus on it its noticable……..but for the most part … least for me …..I can block it out and ignore it………..Given the Big Brother house ……High Stress…..Lack of Distraction…(which I’ve never tried or been in myself) it may just make it MORE noticable and harder to ignore…….I have had periods where is seems constant and LOUDER than normal and I am not sure what triggered it


Since when was this comment section meant to be about personal ailments?


It’s related to what’s going on in the game – people are asking & others are informing. If you don’t care to be informed then just skip those comments.


I think it’s so funny everyone thinks Frankie will be Americas favorite… Maybe before the “big reveal” Lol Frankie be like “I’m more famous than Johnny Depp” haha dude you’re still just Arianna Grandes brother.. That’s why you’re on the show not your dumb ass YouTube channel which isn’t even Nicole Donnie zach.. Wake up zach.


Correction: He’s just a “1/2 brother” which really means squat IMO…I read somewhere that she never mentions him at all and they never really see each other…so since she became a “Pop Star” (that honestly nobody really heard of) he’s just been using her name to make him look good. Fail????

Geez Louise

Really? A “half brother” doesn’t mean squat? Because my half brother gave me his kidney and saved my life! I agree that Frankie is an annoying, arrogant jerk but half, step or adopted are just labels. In my world, those labels don’t exist and my brother is my brother whether we have both the same parents or not.

Thor's Sister

I think that is a stupid thing to say also. Brother is brother blood or not. “1/2” sibling is still a sibling. I wonder about people sometimes

What a beautiful story GL. Much love.


The little pop star must keep up with Frankie since she was in the Big Brother audience last Thursday night.


Donny is not going any time soon… production likes Zach , Frankie and Donny.. this 3 are who productions will protect the most…

Thor's Sister

I feel bad for the guy(Zach) we totally knew something was up. I just thought it was a case of ADHD or something which would be frustrating for him in the house with nothing to do ie acting out out of boredom ect.

So what was he doing? Does anyone know. What brought on him hitting himself.

Vero fowler

Zach hâve definitely ADHD but maybe he had an axienty attack. I’m pissed that Nicole is going tonight they should form an alliance way long ago with Donnie and Hayden before they let the bum squad take them out one by one. Hopefully the rebuy bring back Nicole or Hayden. Last year in BBCAN I don’t remember the name of the alliances get crushed when the public make the nominations they should let America do that once in the season in the US too


The First Five. All of them were doomed after that. Production wouldn’t do that to Frankie…


Of course production will get involved to save boring Donny cuz hes so nice. *Eyeroll*


Donny is almost 20 years older than most of the other houseguests.
How would one of those young “studs” have fared if he’d been put into a house full of 40 year olds?


Exactly! When Nicole said she couldn’t stand anyone in the house he replied imagine how I feel (at his age).


The first year I watched BB was Dan’s first year (and win)……it had more of a cross-section of ages…..Jerry was way older but it still made for an interesting Big Brother competition. Renny was a great “mother”. I wish they’d try that formula or something similar……all the young studs and chicks is very one demential.

Evict Derprict

I wanted to ask if you meant to say “one dimensional”, but then I realized with this crew that your wording “one demential” is much more accurate as they do share the common dementia that they are not handing Derrick a half a mil on a silver platter. 1000 thumbs up for inventing a new word necessary to describe this particular group of morons.


Not to mention that those “young studs” as you call them have a terrible frat bro attitude (& that includes the older ones like Derrick) – there’s not a mature one in the bunch


That’s why I always called that alliance the fratbrats…no caps cause they don’t deserve it.


Yeah Donny’s wanna-be duck dynasty lame ass will be saved by production.


Good! I hope so – sick of the same old same old big alliance with over-controlling Derrick herding his sheep.


Donny is more man than 3 of those others put together. Your mistake is that you don’t know the difference in a kind moral man and a bunch of goons.


Zach might win this thing. he is super smart with these type of competitions. he is giving Nicole the wrong answers, I love it. finally someone playing the game.


Except, like many ADHD people, he does terrible under pressure. Gets flustered easily, loses concentration…


I myself have ADHD and I feel for Zach… hope him and Donny win HOH tonight.
I also hope Christine or Cody goes next week. Not Frankie or Derrick because they would probably return over Hayden in the twist.


We can only hope, but want I want to happen rarely does. Unless Donny wins HOH and stays HOH, the others will ensure he’s out next week.


to be honest, I think that house would make most people break at some point. I know I would.


Zach will be Zach again for the eviction vote. All your fretting and concern will have been for nothing.
Calm yourselves and roll with the drama.

If there were some serious medical problem with Zach, he never would have made it onto the show.
CBS frowns on real life problems.


Did you see last season? Most of the house was on mind altering prescriptions. They would line up for them in the morning. Demanda was double dosing because she was getting Aaryn to give her prescriptions to Demanda. Then Demanda ran out and went batcrap crazy.


I have one word for u, Oil — Caleb


You mean self absorbed, immature, overbearing, well muscled and muscle-headed Caleb?
There is nothing seriously wrong with him that a whole lot of growing up won’t take care of.
Just the kind of meat CBS loves for this Social Experiment.

Having said that, Caleb was the only voice of reason, when everyone had convinced themselves to throw Zach out. The only voice of reason to out Frankie and refuse to compete with him in the BOB. CBS had to have an orgasm when opened his mouth for those.

Zach is as much of a showman as Frankie. Give him a mic and a camera and he will perform until the cows come home. Caleb’s cows…..


Pay more attention – seems to me most of them have issues of some kind the last couple of years or so.


Nic was quizzing Donny on the hints for the HOH comp and Derprick comes in to study-block. Everyday I hate Derprick more and more.


Production should have played the announcements @ 10:30 this morning to wake the Aholes up.


It would be interesting if BB had the BOTB and/or POV at 9:00AM without announcing it before hand.Waking those who stay up all night and telling them POV is in 5 minutes would be pricelees.

I’m not sure why BB allows them to sleep most of the day.

that's me

When the house guests are sleeping the camera crew get a break, at least some do. The backyard stuff is often filmed at night so they can control the lighting. They’re in the middle of LA so there is city noise during the day too. They aren’t actually in a bubble, but it is pretty darn close!


Why is she a b*tch? She is getting her just revenge on the other houseguests like most normal people would. I’d do the same thing. You may get me out but I’m going to try to mess your game up in the process and help the only person who ever was truthful with me so they can try to turn it around. Team Beard all the way!!!


This response was for hmmmok

H.R. Cankles

That moment of Nichole helping a feeble old man is the sweetest picture I’ve seen in many days.


Donny is only 42 yrs old, you make him out to be 80’s or 90’s, he is younger that Brad Pitt 50 yrs old, Johnny Depp 51 yrs old, just because he acts old he isn’t, he knew he would be in a house with young people if he watched like he said he does, he had the chance in the beginning to hang out, talk wheel and deal just like everyone else , but he played it his way- stand offish, slept, didn’t hang out. Let’s make everyone happy and being in 18 Donny’s next year and see how many viewers there will be, I like him, but not for the best player. You’re having him win for all the wrong reasons. If he wasn’t in TA he would already be gone.


Your dripping sarcasm rankles, Cankles.


Zach may have damaged something in the house.


If Donny goes home tonight, my family is finished watching BB16. I can’t STAND Christine, Frankie or Derrick. I think Cody, Caleb, Zach and Donny should work together. As for Victoria, she’s just along for the ride.


I really like the relationship between Donny and Nicole, I will miss the little chats they had. Glad seeing her help Donny study for the HOH competition. Hoping either her or Hayden win their way back into the game. :’)


Donny for the next BB All Stars.
Who agrees with me?


Lets be honest here. He will come into a house of all-stars and go to sleep too early. Miss every single thing again.

I get it. He is very likeable, but he just isn’t cut out for this game.


I don’t know about that. What real incentive does he have to stay up with these people? The scintillating conversation? Maybe if he had some intelligent people to talk with he would be more inclined to stay up chatting with them. The drivel they talk most of the time puts me to sleep.


1. Zach really is always on the ATTACK
2. Zach did more damage than Cody would trying to “smoke” him or Derek in any ally with a bat.(both statements made by those HG’s respectively)


Whatever is wrong with Zach I’m glad he went to Donny instead of the others they may try and use it against him? I don’t know the whole story but whatever it is just give him the meds, please Zach don’t worry about how much they cost just take your medication. We need you and hope the best for you, it’s not worth your health.

truth hurts

tired of everyone supporting Donny. he hasn’t really done much. But derrick on the other hand…….Even though you may not like him, you must admit that he’s playing the best game in the house by far. he is one of the few people that deserve to win bb. jus sayin


Donny won 3 pov’s… thats not nothing


It it kind of sickens me as a BB superfan, that people want someone to win just because he is a likeable person. He simply has been out of loop on almost anything that has happened in the house. The last straw for me was him choosing to sleep through hoh clues last night. Have some respect for the game Donny.


He did not “choose” to sleep through them. He was already asleep when they started & he did get up (not like anyone was nice enough to go wake him up & tell him either).


I dislike Derrick, but where things stand right now his game is the best in the house. With that said I feel everyone else deserves to win too if they make it to F2, it comes down to who deserves it more. If Derrick makes it to the finale it should be a no brainer he’d win if nothing changes in the house. Still want to see him lose though, because I’m anti-detonator (except Zach).


Hey Dawg another site said the BB Doctor told him he he broke his eardrum. Any info on this? Did he do it when he was smacking himself?


I bet Derrick was the hall monitor in middle school.


I think he was the one that got picked on & he became a cop to get his revenge.

Evict the Pig Derrick!

I can’t stand to watch another week where Derrick doesn’t have to sweat. I would love to see Zach split from the bros and go over to Donny, then Frankie follows him with Caleb and they flip it on Cody, Derrick and Christine.
Frankie should do this anyway since I think, Cody has her now over Frankie.


Well obviously Derrick is doing something right so far if he’s isn’t in a bad spot yet, i mean don’t get me wrong you can dislike him if you want and as for myself i definitely want him to fail at some point, but you can’t fault him for being in a good spot. If anything blame the other knuckleheads who are blindly following him, it’s the other players fault that he isn’t sweating, not Derrick’s.


Can someone tell me why Donny is well liked? Yes he is a good person but everyone liked Evel Dick and he was the biggest douche of all the seasons. All i see Donny do is sleep and just sit around

Amanda queefs slop

He is well liked because he is honest, nice and genuine. He isn’t about screwing people over or being a jerk. Hes lasted a long time in this game for playing fairly. That’s rare in the Big Brother game. Im more curious how Zach is so liked. I get Donny buuuut they are total opposites and yet they are the 2 most liked. Seems interesting to me. I personally hate Zach the most.


He is only sleep because…he and Jocasta were the only ones up. He is always up when there is a wake-up. He is sitting by himself, (Hayden) had started waking up. BB gives the wake-up which is ignored several times. So, when he is up at 8:45 am…and is awake until 11:00 or 12:00.
On the other hand the other HGs start waking up around 1:30 2:00. The other day Frankie popped up around 4:00 pm… so basically I’ve spent my live feed money watching Donny and Jo eventually Hayden…..throughout the day. Live feeds have been a snore fest. Thankfully, I teach school and next week I will be done with live feeds….

Pink Skunk

I may be wrong here, but I’m thinking that Zach is waiting to see who comes back from jury. I’m thinking if it’s someone that he can trust i.e. Hayden. that’s when we see a ” Zach Attack.” I would love for F3 to be Zach, Donny, and Hayden . Hate seeing the current Derrick Dynasty, if only Nicole could have opened her eyes sooner. Pompous Caleb, Ho-stine, Frankie Grabme, and Cody-pendent are getting on my last nerves, I’m not watching the live feeds , just coming here, Thanks to the best BB site; thanks to the Dawg & Simon!


I can’t believe Zach is that high on the America’s Favorite poll. He is such a dick.


He;s really not – he just says stuff to stir things up – he doesn’t mean most of what he’s saying & it’s obvious (as opposed to others like Derrick, Christine, Cody, & Frankie who say nasty things behind people’s backs).


I hated Zach for so long that I am starting to like him a little. If Donny can’t win I would prefer Zach to win. The rest of the players are just Jerks, I started off liking Derrick but I can’t stand to look at him or Cody. Frankie is irrelevant to me and I refuse to even acknowledge him anymore. Caleb is so full of himself he thinks he is going to be a big star after the show? Really Caleb, Really? I can even tell you 1/3 of the players names from last year and I don’t think I will remember yours in a few more weeks, Catch that dirt ZING!!!!!!!


Every I see a picture of her face and her stupid bow and her ridiculous knee socks over her tights I want to reach through and slap this bitch.
I can’t stand Victoria’s face, nose, the way she walks, talks, her stupidity and utter incompetence.
I hate Derrick as much.
I like the way Nicole is going out by helping Donny and telling Zach where to go.


So Chief Wiggum is making veiled threats to The Princess Cried…basically saying: “Those girls are gone cause they asked to many questions…so shut up and look pretty or you’re next. And go study to win so I can take over your HOH while you get all the blood on your hands…” *gives her a condescending pat on the head* I know it is too much to hope for…but maybe she is onto him and acting dumber than she is. It is almost like she keeps asking about the alliance to judge his reaction. She already kind of got wind that Zach and Caleb were the ones that saved her from the block this week…even though Wiggum took credit for it. Maybe that clued her in. It certainly would make her a national hero if she has been playing him the whole time and is the one to take him out. Sigh…in my dreams…I guess.

I have to say though, even if these morons aren’t catching onto Wiggum’s bull crap…why aren’t they at least realizing that he is working the jury votes and is a threat to beat in final two? I saw through him in week one…how do they not see it? Anyway, he seems to be getting sloppy lately and trying too hard…so maybe these tools will start to notice. If he or Walking Vagina don’t win HOH and are STILL not put on the block next week… *facepalm*

Speaking of the Sniveling Snatch…I love how he denied there are affections going on between he and Cackle-twat. So he thinks that them pawing all over other like a couple of monkeys with lice is OK…as long as there wasn’t spooning involved… (rolls eyes) I bet he gives Nicole and Victoria extra attention now to deflect the accusations. Cackle-twat didn’t seemed bothered at all…probably was hoping the pansy would take a stance and profess his love. I’m sure she secretly hates Caleb and Zack for drawing attention to it…especially if Cody pulls away from her now because of it. She will be gunning for them for sure.

I’m glad Nicole is helping Donny Darkorse out. BB isn’t giving him a fair advantage…nobody messes with his sleep!

Pink Skunk

LMFAO………” The Cackle- Twat Diaries”……..” The Sisterhood of the Sniveling Snatch”


I don’t think Zach trusts anyone in the house at all after he found out they were trying to evict him last week. I don’t think he really dislikes Nicole but there is no way for him to be able to keep her. I think he’s smart enough to realize he has to stick in the alliance to stay in the game for now. I think he is right up there with Derrick at thinking moves ahead and I think a lot of him acting “crazy” is so that people don’t think he’s that good at the game. I think if given the chance he will get out Frankie and Christine.


I can promise you he really likes Nicole. If he didn’t he wouldn’t bother. His problem is his teasing/taunting sometimes goes too far & he doesn’t get the cues when someone is legitimately fed-up & wants him to stop. Sorry to harp – but it’s his ADHD – my son does the same thing & I could kill him sometimes.


On my TV commercials they are saying first ever of BB a HOH goes home. Is anyone else getting that? They started announcing it around 4:30 CT time.


They are probably talking about Nicole because she and Christine were both HOH


I heard that announcement yesterday but thought JC said that might be the first time an HOH is going home. Then they added, Is Nicole safe or is she evicted?


The reason Zach hit himself is that he has ringing in his ear and it will not stop.

Kathie from Canada

I think it was William Shatner who was interviewed some years ago where he talked about his suffering from constant ringing in his ears and how horrible it was to cope with. If Zach was punching himself in the head, it must have been bad last night. 🙁


My heart breaks for Zach! Could be the pressure in addition to the ear noise, trigeminal neuralgia. Is it Zach I always see popping his neck by turning his chin? Mine started after a neck injury. If the pressure and noise is bad enough (plus a headache) it can cause a visceral reaction.


Caleb may actually win the game. Everybody wants to “use” him for his loyalty and carry him “as far as they can” before cutting him out of the house. What they fail to realize is that everyone will start turning on one another (Christine against Frankie, Frankie against Cody, Returning player against Derrick).

The only way Caleb will get sent out is if Donny wins HoH. Otherwise, the next on the exit list are: Christine, Zach, Cody/Donny, Donny/Cody, and then Derrick. The final 3 would be Returning Player, Victoria, and Caleb. Caleb would win one of the final HoH competions and Returning Player the other. Victoria will be carried to Final two no matter who wins final HoH.


I want Donny hoh
Donny hoh for tonight please production help Donny as your biggest fans
Donny hoh we rooting for Donny tonight go Donny go win hoh for us fans


Lance…..production is told earlier on in the day who is going home if they don’t already know by listening in on the conversations that take place in the house. They pretty well know each week before hand who is going to be evicted.


Gee Anonymous….you want Production to help Donny because you are big fans? Don’t you know that Production never tampers with the outcome of competitions? Just look at last week.

I Don't Like Derrick

OH PLEASE!!!! I guess you think it was okay for Caleb to prevent Frankie from competing? That’s exactly what he would have been doing. Production had every right to prevent a person from sabotaging another’s competition. Caleb chose to sit out. He can’t just choose to sit out, and then change his mind when it doesn’t work out the way he wants, and then participate in the middle of the game with the sole intention of sabotaging. PLEASE!!!


He choose to sit out and he did. I would think a person who had an ounce of fairness would have excused himself from participating in the reward trip. It was tacky behavior IMO.


Uh huh – right 🙂


People are enquiring into what is Zachs problem today, because he stated he was hitting himself in the head. As a child he had a broken eardrum, either through bad infections or an accident. I myself suffer from the same thing (mine was from having an inner and outer ear infection at the same time and pressure exploded my eardrum). The result is that for the rest of your life you sometimes get buzzing in your ear constantly or sometimes it seems like bells going off. That is basically what he said, that the buzzing wouldn’t stop and it was driving him crazy. I assume he is on meds to try to take away the pressure buildup in his ears, and is in need of more.


Forgive me, I know this is not WebMD but is there a med that takes away the buildup of ear pressure?


production we want Donny to say pass this week in next
please give him hoh tonight
that’s his only hope in ours lot of people say they stop watching
if Donny go out this week I will stop too Donny needs too be there
he a great person in we all America rooting for him you should call him in the dr
in tell him about last night cause he might being sleep
we just want Donny to say a very long time he the reason why we watch just check out
favorite poll he always on top in I vote for him my favorite to all the time every week please production
Donny hoh for us