Christine tells Nicole – I don’t trust Frankie! He’s dirty! I just want to tell him to f**k off!

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  ? Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: ?
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

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8:40am – 9am In the kitchen – Caleb tells Donny that it is either going to be Frankie or Christine. Donny says as long as its not me. I am working with you. Caleb says I am just going to sit down and tell him he can win it by himself. Donny says I just hope I don’t go up. Caleb says you wont but it doesn’t matter who we’re against I will be throwing it. Caleb says he hasn’t been able to sleep because he can’t stop think about how he’s going to throw it so that its the most entertaining to the viewers.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-08 08-49-31-894

9am – 9:15am Up in the HOH room – Christine asks how did your talks go last night. Nicole says Ah okay I guess. Christine says I am worried about Frankie. I don’t trust him. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Christine says but I am still acting to everyone like we’re okay. Nicole says I just don’t know who to trust. Christine says I don’t know what to think. Frankie will say something that’s believable but then Cody will says something that contradicts that. I just don’t know who to believe. Nicole says I think a lot of stuff was made up. Christine says Zach is going to murder me. Nicole asks are you going to put him up for sure? Christine says I think so .. and Donny is going to hate me. Do I tell him before I do it? Nicole says I usually do even though you’re not supposed to. Christine says that Caleb still hasn’t slept. Nicole says I don’t even want to waste speeches on anyone. Christine says that Frankie or someone is telling everyone that we have a final 2 deal. Its just awkward, thank you but no thank you. Christine says that Derrick cried when we had our talk. Did he cry for yours? Nicole says no Christine says it was so odd. I don’t know if he is one of those people that can just turn it on and off. There are just so many lies being told. Oh well its going to be a wild ride this next week. Frankie acting all happy and coming up here all the time is just pissing me off. I just want to tell him to f**k off. This place sucks so hard and I keep looking at these pictures and they make me emotional. Nicole says I am so sick of the he said she said crap. If I stay out of it then my name would get thrown in it. Christine says Frankie’s dirty! I don’t like him. Nicole says this just sucks! I think I am going to be sick!

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-08 09-05-45-179

9:18am Nicole asks Caleb to talk to him. They heads into the storage room. She tells him that she seriously owes him so much! Caleb asks what? Nicole says I owe you so much. Caleb says oh I thought you said you owe me lunch. I was like okay when I get off slop you can make me lunch. Nicole hugs him and tells him again she owes him.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-08 09-18-54-439

9:30am Christine asks did you know that Zach came up to me and said that everyone is pissed off at you that you took Nicole into the bee hive room. Nicole says that Zach took me into the bee hive room and told me way more than you could ever believe. Zach is so convincing its sick! Christine says I know! They were pissed at me for believing it but when someone tells you something and is so believable its hard to know who’s lying. Nicole agrees. This game is sick. I can see why when people get out they need help because you can’t go on the street and trust anybody. Christine agrees. Big Brother blocks the feeds and when the return Nicole and Christine are in the HOH room talking. Nicole says I can’t believe Frankie hasn’t been up here yet. Christine says that’s exactly what I just thought. Big Brother blocks the feeds again.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-08 09-34-56-822

9:38am Victoria goes and wakes up Derrick to tell him we’re having the thing.. the ceremony in 15 minutes.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-08 09-39-06-876

9:55am – 10am When the live feeds return Frankie is up in the HOH room. When he leaves – Nicole asks are you going to get mad at whoever strikes at Frankie? Christine says no I want to strike at Frankie! Big Brother blocks the feeds. Christine says I have been trying to avoid Frankie as much as possible. Nicole says please, I just feel like Caleb and Frankie… Big Brother blocks the feeds again. Christine says I am just worried about putting up Victoria/Donny and them losing. I don’t want Frankie to be safe for another week. Nicole says maybe we should give Victoria a break for the week. I just know that if we keep saving Victoria she is going to make it to the end and I don’t want that. Christine agrees. Christine says what if you put up Victoria and Frankie. Nicole says no, I want to put up Caleb. He said who ever puts him up he is coming after and I am not going to be a wuss. We’ve already made it to jury. Christine says I love you. Big Brother blocks the feeds again.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-08 09-57-39-331

10:07am The live feeds switch to the live feed highlights for the nomination ceremony to take place…


?Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

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If Christine puts up Donny, then she made bad moves to put him up so he will win BOTB!!!


Yes. If Victoria or Donny go up for whatever reason, this week, Nicole and Christine might just be the biggest idiots to ever play the game. LMFAO.


this plan to take out Frankie this week will backfire. production will interfere again and Caleb will be gone. not only will this be entertaining for TV but it will also complete the team america task of someone volunteering and having that person evicted. as much as everyone knows Caleb is loyal to his word, this house of idiots will find a way to continue the Frankie love affair and say Caleb is the one to vote off this week. this is entertainment TV and production always gets what they want. this will be an other predictable week of “EXPECT THE EXPECTED” from production and it’s sheep of puppets. smh @ Julie and CBS still promoting this bb16 season “THE MOST TWISTED SUMMER EVER”.


Let Christine put Donny up. Caleb wants to throw the comp so Frankie stays on the block so if that does happen than Donny & Vic will be safe all week. Plus it keeps Nicole’s options open if Caleb or Frankie win POV. I just really hope Caleb can sabotage this competition.


Caleb will be voted out, remember the TA mission to get somebody to go up as a pawn and then vote them out? Yeah, Frankie won’t be going anywhere.


I agree with you, but I don’t like it so………I can’t give your comment a thumbs up. 🙁


TA mission said TA has to convince someone though. And they haven’t said anything to Caleb about being a pawn. He did it on his own. So I’m not sure if that counts.


Never ever thought I would be saying this but if Caleb actually throws the BOB and makes it totally entertaining I might have to be Team Caleb for once. I mean if he sits down and just sits whereas Frankie tries to win it all by himself or if he goes over and starts helping the other team win that might make this season worth watching for once. Now that would be entertainment.

Donny's empty promise

Don’t know whether anybody remembers what Donny told Hayden one evening, at the backyard: that he will give up his game for both Hayden and Nicole.

I don’t see him keeping his word, using the POV on himself, instead of Hayden.



I believe that promise was made but it didn’t include suicide for Donny to go home. Are you kidding me?????


Donny told Nicole that he would sacrifice his game for Nicole or Hayden.

Nicole later repeated this to Hayden in which he said “I don’t know about that” and Nicole told him she believed him because he even teared up.

Anywho, I knew it was all talk but I think Nicole’s really hurt by this because he couldn’t even vote for her to stay.


You are really an idiot.


just bad taste.


What gives you the right to be such a despicable pig? Were you a victim of sexual abuse? Or more likely, you are a pedophile and get your rocks off putting sh!t like this out there. I think you should get pyschiatric help because you really are a sick, sick person! No one should be falsely accused of such a vile action, especially if they are not able to defend the accusation. Get a life you creep!


That’s when he thought they were working together…remember right after the vote..NO one knew what was going on. He thought he had been tricked by Nicole


Frankie had it coming, can’t still believe how he back stabbed zach who was loyal all the way, is it just me or Caleb is redeeming himself


Zach was crazy. He’s done a lot of unnecessary crazy things the weeks he’s been in the house. Even Cody and Derrick wanted to get rid of him. In fact (as everyone saw on TV and the live feeds), it was Derrick and Cody asking Frankie at the pool table to get Zach out that week. Frankie made a rational decision because at that time keeping Zach didn’t benefit his game.


Since Amber has been gone, Caleb has been really playing. I hope Caleb does well now. We all know “love” makes you act stupid 🙂 He for sure doesn’t seem so creepy at all anymore.


Caleb is obsessively TRUE BLUE. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing for a bad thing.


caleb is just obsessed with caleb.


Christine keep saying she doesn’t trust Frankie. Am glad Nicole isn’t saying anything back to Christine because she will tell Frankie about it.


I don;t know – it looked like Nicole was starting to tell her when the feeds were cut. What’s with all the feed cuts in the middle of the convos??


I just CANNOT understand WHYYY Nicole is not even considering puttin gup Cody/Derrick?! They are the ones who screwed her over! Did she not learn her lesson from last week. UGH These girls are so frustrating.
I am really praying that Nicole has some other plan in the works to backdoor either Cody or Derrick but even that is not a guarantee.


That means Derrick is making to final 2 for sure.

How come nobody can see his true collars? If nobody sees that he was the one that wanted Zack out and changed their minds in keeping him, Derrick can do whatever he wants and nobody will see or do nothing.

I hated Derrick since week 1. But now, is like hard to hate him, because there`s nobody else to like.

How stupid everyone left in the game is…


I totally agree. Doesn’t even seem like she is mad at Derrick at all. She made a deal with Cody and Derrick, not Frankie and Christine. And they backstabbed her. I would be coming hard after those two. She’s needs to look at how people are voting, not all the lies and excuses people give her afterwards.


last i heard nicole was targeting frankie or christine but if things go wrong plan C is to backdoor cody. so cod isnt totally safe this week. and to be honest if frankie and caleb are on the block and frankie wins veto i would give christine a better chance of getting back on to nicole’s good side than cody at this point


Cody just seems like a waste of an HOH.. he doesn’t win anything


Nicole was really pissed at Cody. Derrick asked her to talk to him but she told him…no. Since then Cody has talked to her. However, if you remember Nicole told herself, that she knew who needed to go, but she didn’t know how to get him out. I believe that person was Cody…She does not have dependable votes to get Cody out…but she does have them for Frankie.
Derrick is not going to be able to talk Zach down from voting Frankie out. He is convinced Frankie blew up his game. Donny, Zach, Christine, for Frankie. Even if Cody, Derrick and Vic turn. HOH makes the deciding vote. Derrick won’t do it. It would expose him.


I would make a F2 deal with Beast Mode; he’s loyal to a fault and none of the hg’s have any respect for him or his game therefore no one in the jury would vote him the winner.

super floater

every house guest should make a final 2 deal with victoria. she wont win anything and is hands down the worst player of all time. it would be an easy unanimous vote.


I can’t decide. Help!! does Christine look like Freddy Krueger or the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz.


Well, that’s an ugly think to say but actually The Wicked Witch is the Freddy’s Grandmother and Christine is Freddy’s daughter. (I know shame on me).


Who cares what Christine looks like? Talk about her game play or the fact you hate her but please leave her looks out of this. FYI I strongly dislike her!


It’s hard to ignore when she’s probably the ugliest person ever to appear on BB.


Why criticize someone for something they can’t control (their looks) rather than the actual flaws we supposedly dislike (personality). I swear it’s like grade school….eww you’re ugly! The houseguests aren’t even that childish.


Actually, a lot of the housemates are that childish…especially catty Christine. And nasty personalities are what make people unattractive. Doesn’t matter what you look like physically, the inner ugly will always seep through and mask any outer beauty…and Christine has an abundance of inner ugly…

Nuther nonmous

Not sure, but leaning towards “witch”. Her hubby must be squirming.
On another note, Donny TOTALLY reminds me of Gomer Pyle – I think I’d die laughing if he started saying stuff like, “Well, GOLLY!” or “Surprise, surprise, surprise!”


I have thought all along that Donny reminds me of a cross between Fidel Castro and Homer Pyle. Love him.


Their offspring.


Wow. These people are all soooooooooooo bad at this game. They really have no idea what they are doing. If I hear Nicole whine about Hayden leaving one more time I’m going to scream. They all just suck so bad.


Wait, I missed something…Why does Nicole “owe” Caleb so much?
Seems a bit ridiculous when Caleb just nominated Hayden and used Nicole as a replacement.


Because he offered to be put on the block and is going to throw it.


Because he’s going to throw the comp to ensure she remains HoH and keeps Frankie on the block….duh. She’s got to show some gratitude for that for many reasons.

I Guess

From what I can understand Nicole’s plan is to put up Caleb and Frankie with the intent being that Caleb will throw the BOB therefore Donnie and Victoria win and dethrone Christine leaving the path open for Nicole to then backdoor Christine, insuring that either Christine or Frankie goes home.


I definitely am starting to like Caleb since Amber has left! Like he’s playing smart and is loyal! I wish zach, Nicole, and Caleb would make an alliance!!

Caleb overall prong

All this chaos is good for zach and Nicole … Smart move for both of them is to team up with Caleb and between the three they should smooth sail … Lol .. Zach doesn’t do well under pressure but he can surprise people.


CBS will still find a way to make Frankie look good and innocent through all this…

Super Fan Catalog Keeper

Yea, the downfall to getting Frankie out now is he will be a sure bet to get back in the house if he does get evicted because “America” will vote him back in. If Frankie/Derrick/Donny gets evicted they will go back in. If it’s anyone else I could see Hayden going back in. Of course this is if they have “America” vote.

Although if it’s a competition like last season…..Hayden would have a chance.


Even if Frankie gets voted out and this returning players twist is a blatant safety net for him, being voted out once is enough to ruin anyones game. Honestly the only returning player from elimination in any reality show who had a shot of winning was Gary from BBC1 but Topaz incompetence got in the way.


The funny thing is frankie was loyal to derrick, caleb, christine, and zach….i love how nichole said it was frankie who wanted zach out when it was not…….and now everyone is blaming him….watch as he wins bob and Caleb comes to his senses again like with Zach and does not throw it if he does….Frankie wins pov if not he will for sure, most defiantly be the one coming back…they seem to forget this as production would want him over Hayden. I am to the pont to idc who wins ….i love derricks game play as he is under the radar and nichole is the jordan/ian of the season and her and donny have played as clean of a game as it can be.


Can someone explain this obsession so many people have with a “clean game”? I don’t watch BB to see everyone be loyal to each other and never lie. I watch it as a game of chess or poker, where bluffing, strategizing, and maneuvering are part of smart game play…and this requires lying and disinformation at times. Jocasta played a “clean game” and she added nothing. And Nicole and Donny are not remotely playing a clean game–and that’s fine! I just don’t get–can someone explain it to me?


Caleb: “You owe me lunch? Ok, I’ll have a hamburger and a coke. Lots of bacon on the burger.”
Nicole: “No, no. I said I owe you so much.”
Caleb: “Ok. So you’ll marry me”?
Nicole: “No”!
Caleb: “Well, what’s left”?


That’s cute, Nicole wants a nice man to marry, Listening to Hayden last night he’s still playing the field. sooooooooooo, that leaves Caleb he might not be so bad after all especially if he’s not as goofy as we thought. Was it an act? Who knows, but his mind seems it has cleared up since Amber left.


I was thinking they do have a lot in common when they were all talking about cheating on girlfriends/boyfriends. They both seem to have the same thoughts on it.

Although Nicole work need to be more assertive. Caleb needs a woman who wouldn’t let him get too far down the road of ‘Me MAN, you woman’ .


I’d like to like Caleb, but I can’t get past things he’s done outside the house (the utube of him torturing and killing a pig with a stick -seriously WHO does that?). And the homophobic and racist comments he has made on twitter. Of couse all of that stuff has been taken down. But it’s true. I saw it when it was up. So, trying to look past these things as well as his serious psychosis and narcisisim, I do admire his loyalty and now his gameplay. He just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Wish he wasn’t such a creep.


derrick is the dan/andy/will/amanda of the season


NOPE! Can’t agree at all. Derrick is the embodiment of “floater”. Do you know how many side alliances he has? I don’t know why no one has thought to nominate him yet. these people are stupid. but derrick is NOTHING like amanda at alllllll…. Granted, Amanda was a total bitch, but she put herself out there and didn’t care what anybody thought. She made it known who she didn’t like, and who she was going after, and she actually got pretty far playing a brazen game.

The Truth

I cannot stand Derrick but he isn’t the ultimate floater. A Floater by definition either has no alliance or joins many alliances but has no true loyalty to anyone. Check on that front but where his game differs is that he has been able to control who gets nominated and evicted even though he sucks at competitions. Not to mention most of the house trust him. Clearly based on what has happened thus far he is doing a lot of things right because it has gotten him thus far. Yes he lies……a lot……like really a lot and I can’t stand how he talks to the camera, or gets self- righteous about how other people are playing the game, or talks about Donny, or always seems to have a “good reason” to get rid of the girls, or how he punks Victoria behind her back, then claims that he’s defending her, or his lack of exercise, or how he strokes his chin.
He just irritates me.
Say whatever you want about him.


I don’t know whyyyy Zach can’t keep his mouth shut about any info. He did spill his entire game to Nicole though, so hopefully they can work together somehow.

They can’t trust Derrick and Cody though. Like no. Stop telling them things! They are more dangerous than Frankie and Christine. Everyone already knows that those two are already huge liars.


Yes, he spilled his game to Nicole, but then he spilled to Derrick that he spilled to Nicole.

It’s so frustrating watching Derrick mist everyone.


Not that Amber’s gone Caleb is a little less annoying


Nicole is putting up Caleb and FRANKIE, Caleb is again going to throw botb and remain on the block with Franki…. The entire house wants Frankie gone this week…. the second option is backdoor CHRISTINE if Frankie wins pov…..


Christine can’t be backdoored as she is HOH. Unless, I have it confused, Nicole is going to be dethroned because Caleb/Frankie (her nominees) will lose. Caleb is going to throw the BOB. Nicole has no power to then backdoor Christine. If anything, Christine can choose Nicole as the replacement nominee and backdoor her, as she will be the HOH deciding who goes up if the veto is used.

Wrongo Bongo (sorry i had too)

It is only the nominees who are safe for the week…
the HOH that gets dethroned is fair game.


Thanks! I had it all wrong and now I feel like a fruit loop dingus. Thank you for clarifying. This BOB is confusing to me. Thanks again. ????

Wrongo Bongo (sorry i had too)

also you seem confused…
If Nicole’s NOMs lose ala Caleb throwing it…
SHE Nicole remains sole HOH not Christine…
Losing HOH becomes fair game and can absolutely be back doored assuming she does not win Veto…


You have it confused. The winning side of the BOTB dethrones the HOH that nominated them.


i agree that caleb is redeeming himself quite a bit (in the game.) he is still awfully annoying with some of the crap he says, but in terms of the game, ever since Amber left we can finally see some good in him.

What the???!!!

I’ve been watching pretty closely, and from what I see, Donny does NOT work very hard (from day ONE) to deserve the win.

He spends 90% of his time at the backyard, exercising, hanging out etc. He does nothing much to warrant the $500,000 win. He only makes effort as a defense mechanism during POV challenges to take himself off the hot seat.

The winner should go to someone who works somewhat hard, whether it be forming alliances, backstabbing, talking to everybody, sounding people out, and lots of strategizing.

I seriously do not understand why he’s do high up in the rating?

Just because the majority wants him gone? That’s just insane and lacking common sense!


Honestly everyone has their own way of playing and if that’s how Donny plays the game (constantly saving himself off the block by winning POV) heck, let him use his strategy for his own good.


People Derrick is more of a rodent than Frankie he thrown far more people under the bus. Frankie has had what 3 alliance how many has Derrick had. he is making deals all over the place stop with the blind Frankie hate.


They see that Derrick is a common denominator during discussions but Derrick is constantly able to spin everything and move the target away from himself, it’s pretty amazing but so frustrating to watch. He’s really good. If he can manage to get to the finals, he certainly deserves to win, though I do want to see him get cornered.


Derrick is the best player this year bar none. Anyone who dislikes him, clearly doesn’t enjoy good strategic players.


Agreed. People here would rather see production rig the game for Donny than see the best player earn the money. That’s why we’ve seen all of the requests for production to save Donny.


Don’t fool yourself, Derrick is just as much a pet of production.
Look at what happened the night of the “flip” to save Zach, that was clearly production talking with Derrick. Every time he comes out of the DR he seems to have some sort of new directive.

I do think Derrick has some serious skill but he isn’t a lone “puppetmaster”.


I think Derrick was the best player until he got paranoid and turned on Nicole and Hayden. He would’ve been in the best position from all the house guests playing both sides. He was one that never got paranoid and kept his cool and now by him keeping Zack he showed his cards. I hope Nicole realizes this and backdoors him! Team Nicole and Donnie!


I agree but what I don’t understand is how come the other HG’s can’t see that!! They talk how he’s never gone up yet no one nominates him. It’s strange. He clearly stands out as the best but they are so concerned with personalities and petty jealousies they are missing the point of the game… um to WIN.

Which leads me to believe that the real problems with the casting this year is that very few of these people are hungry for the cash or to win. They just want to be on TV. Maybe they come from rich families or don’t understand the value of that kind of dough….Literally most just worry of how they are portrayed or look like on TV. I think THAT is what is making it…as the newspaper said…The Worst Season of BB Ever! I keep thinking Donny’s looking at these kids thinking “what planet am I on?” lol


I think it’s the fault of casting. A lot of them just don’t understand the game and the so-called “super-fans” are not sharp super-fans.


everyone is so stupid, it makes Derrick look smart
put him in the house with people who know how to play the game and see how smart he is


I had a feeling Christine’s plan make up the lie about Zach coming to them last week to form the Detonators would come back to haunt her. Christine outsmarted herself. She thought that by telling this to Nicole — before Derrick/Cody/Frankie/Christine could agree on all the sordid details of the lie — that she’d save face and Nicole would never suspect that Christine betrayed her with an all-male alliance.

Now Nicole knows that Christine was part of an all-male alliance for at least three weeks. And she’s pissed.

Yes, the plan is to send Frankie packing, but have you noticed that Nicole hasn’t told Christine that Caleb is throwing the BOB and that she’s trying to get Christine to put someone up stronger than Victoria with Donny? Smart move, because, it ensures that Victoria can’t screw up the BOB comp — keeping Christine as HOH — and leaves Christine as a fantastic backdoor option just in case Frankie wins the veto.

Still, she’s doing Derrick’s work for him. But no one sees it.

He’s still not even a blip on the radar. They’re talking about Cody as the target instead, because Cody seems to do all the talking to those outside Hitmen conversations.


With all the rats scurrying around lying I have no idea how these nominations will really end up.

Fickle bunch

Oh so now the blame is going directly on Frankie. These people don’t know how to be loyal for anything!?! Good grief. I’m kind of done with this season anyway.

The New Goat

No you’re not – we all sometimes wish we could but we cant turn it off. This show is the greatest. Go Devlin.


Blaming everything on Frankie, when it is Derrick and Cody that are the liars here. Also, what happened to keeping the alliance until others are out? These players are all over the place and none of their game play makes sense. Looks like Victoria will win it all the way these other players keep knocking each other out.


So Caleb is now Zach? Apparently he’s been told to entertain us. I just wish they would stop trying so hard with the contrived performances. Make the game play interesting, the entertainment will naturally follow.

Derrick must be wearing an invsibility cloak when nominations come up. He’s obviously playing every HOH winner, yet none seem to see him.


People kill me.. oh I can’t believe they are playing dirty and manipulating people. That’s the point of big brother. You lie to win and that’s what Derrick does and he’s good at it. Him and Zach are playing the game like it should be played if they make it to the finals they deserve to win. What season does anyone even like? I feel like people complain every season.


I love Sam and Cat.

The New Goat

I agree – if they vote him out none of them will get to meet and most likely date Arianna Grande.


I feel as if I’m watching another lame MTV reality show about twenty -somethings and not BB. At this point I’m not rooting for anyone in particular because none of them are really that likable or have shown any real backbone. Everyone is cheering for Nicole but she doesn’t feel comfortable wiping her butt unless she’s ok’d it with three people. Donny is steadily gathering information but has yet to step out of the shadows. As he pointed out, his body can only take so much, therefore winning every POV from here on out is impossible. Who’s left?? I know its not a requirement to like or respect the best game player or winner, but it would be nice for a change.



People on these boards find one thing an HG does or says, and it affects their opinions of those HGs. And that’s fair.

But Donny certainly isn’t above it. He told a group by the pool that he gave Jocasta the POV only because it would make good TV. He told a group that, with all the girls leaving the house, Victoria would start looking good. He told Hayden yesterday that it’s ok to cheat as long as the girl is hot.

There are cameras around them 24/7. Sometimes they slip up because they forget the cameras are there. Some know exactly where the cameras are at all times and mug for them.

But what happens in that game doesn’t reflect who they are in their real lives. Most are there to win a game, there to win $500,000. And they’ll do what it takes to win. That might mean being one of the guys and talking smack about other guys or about girls’ looks. It means backstabbing and lying and distorting the truth. And that’s why we watch it. Goody-two-shoes finalists are just not fun to watch.

Give me someone who plays the game, and doesn’t play it safe.

At the end of the day...

It doesnt matter if you put up donny or not you mofos hes going to win the pov!!!

Beardmode lawnmower

Janelle 2.0


Did anyone else notice last night when the house guests were voting for either hayden or nicole, that some of them were conferring with each other in the hallway, possibly asking each other who they voted for. Is that allowed?


ok folks I am now totally confused . who is actually with who ? there are so many alliances I can’t even keep up with them anymore and why do they want to keep putting Donny up ? Why can they not see it is way past time to start getting the stronger players out ? time is running out people, get smart in the house .


speaking about looks, someone on twitter said Derrick looks like Orson the pig from Garfield and friends. LOL so true.
I can’t stand him!! Since week 1 I have wanted him gone. Why can’t the house guests see this?


I really like the plan and idea of either Frankie or Christine (getting back doored) going home. 🙂


The sad thing is, that if Christine and Nicole would’ve listened to Frankie they probably would’ve been able to knock out all the boys. Think about it. If Christine nominated Derrick and Zach, and Nicole nominate Cody and Caleb, they might’ve had the votes. It would be: Cody, Derrick, Caleb, Zach, Victoria Vs Frankie, Christina, Nicole and Donny. 2 of the detonators would be down and Nicole/Christine wouldn’t be able to vote, making it 3 and 3. Then Nicole/Christine knock out one of the boys! They could finally start knocking them out, but they don’t trust Frankie. Meanwhile he’s a mastermind! LOL

Beast Mode Cowpie

Don’t fall for it Dingus! Christine is baiting you to say something bad about Frankie so she can run back to him and the alliance with more ammo against you. I think you realize that, but then you’re also trusting Derrick WAY too much so you’re making me nervous. I want you to succeed in sending either Frankie or Christine to jury this week.


The sad thing is, that if Christine and Nicole would’ve listened to Frankie they probably would’ve been able to knock out all the boys. Think about it. If Christine nominated Derrick and Zach, and Nicole nominate Cody and Caleb, they might’ve had the votes. It would be: Cody, Derrick, Caleb, Zach, Victoria Vs Frankie, Christina, Nicole and Donny. 2 of the detonators would be down and Nicole/Christine wouldn’t be able to vote, making it 3 and 3. Then Nicole/Christine knock out one of the boys! They could finally start knocking them out, but they don’t trust Frankie. Meanwhile he’s a mastermind!


julie is a horrible host, but thats what we get cuz she is married to the head of CBS


I agree, she doesn’t even seem interested in the show anymore. The girl who hosts bb canada is way more energetic and engaged in the show. julie just spouts the same lines over and over like a fembot.


Derrick is the puppet master of all these wooden heads hes playing with. Could you see him playing with the likes of Amanda Janelle Rachel Dan Will or the more mature players in the past. Totally insignificant!

out on a limb

I think Caleb’s cockiness is going to cost him. I don’t think its ever a good idea to go up as a pawn of throw a comp that can keep you 100% safe. This is the most fickle bunch in BB history so there’s a good chance the plan could backfire and Caleb could go home. I honesty feel like production doesn’t like Caleb . Now that Amber is gone and that storyline isn’t generating ratings anymore, they will take advantage of this opportunity to get Caleb out. After last season’s debacle they can’t afford to have someone like him representing the show as the BB16 winner. Even if he somehow manages to escape evection this week, his time on the show is very limited.


Bye Nicole


Victoria will be kept till the end!


The problem I have this year is that there are so many detestable people, I want them all out with one eviction.
1. Derrick – Killer cops get no pass with me. Plus he’s a smug asshole. (BTW what police force in the world would allow one of their undercover cops 3 months off to compete on Big Brother? Seriously…. Maybe a disgraced or suspended one?)
2. Frankie – Over the top stereotypical gay dude. Enough already. A rainbow colored asshole.
3. Cody – Tough talking wannabe. Actually a scared little boy. Can a pussy be an asshole? Absolutely, meet Cody.
4. Caleb – Where do you start,… delusional, narcissistic, childlike, obsessive to name a few. His simple mindset is loyalty above all, which in most cases is a good thing. On Caleb his qualities combine to create a shake your head because you cannot believe it, annoying asshole.
5. Zach – Yes we all love a good #ZachAttack, but the truth is the guy is the dimmest bulb in the house. A useful idiot to those who need that sort of thing. A stupid asshole to say the least.

There you have it, not that you asked, but my top five asshole/targets if I had any skin in this BB16 game.

The Truth

“Nicole says I owe you so much. Caleb says oh I thought you said you owe me lunch. I was like okay when I get off slop you can make me lunch.

I died!


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