Big Brother 16 Spoilers – Week 6 summary of Events and HOH/Eviction Results –

might costya

Last night the house flipped Derrick and Cody decided to break up their new alliance and keep Zach the person who was going home up to that point. The game has life again and with double eviction it’s going to be some great feeds.


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  • Nicole forms the Rationales with Derrick, Cody and Hayden. The original name is the Quad Squad The Rationales want to take out Zach, Frankie, Christine. Everyone seems committed to it.
  • POV Players are picked: Nicole, Christine, Jocasta, ZachAttack, Caleb, Victoria. Christine wins the Veto.
  • Christine tells everyone right away she will not use the veto. It’s suspected she privately feared that Frankie will go up and  become a target. She says she didn’t want Nicole to get any more blood on her hands.
  • Derrick and Cody suspect they’re being played by both Frankie/Christine and Nicole/Hayden they decide to play both sides against each other.
  • The idea is briefly brought up to Nicole that she should convince Christine to use the Veto so Nicole can Backdo*r Donny. The real plan was for them to put Frankie up.. Of course it’s seen as too risky and the boredom continues….
  • POV Ceremony commences nothing new or extraordinary happens.. Nominations stay the same.
  • Christine starts campaigning to have Zach evicted from the house
  • Given this perfect opportunity the Rationales play along with Christine. They convince Frankie that Zach is trying to play Cody against Frankie. Frankie decides to vote Zach out. Derrick and Cody couldn’t be happier
  • Frankie makes it official he’s voting Zach out for playing both sides of the house.
  • Hayden notices that Frankie is acting like it’s his plan to get Zach out last week. Like Caleb the week before with Amber.
  • In order to save the detonators in the event Zach blows them up Christine and Frankie will tell Caleb, Hayden, Nicole that Monday night Zach proposed an alliance be made called the detonators they never took him seriously.
  • Christine jumps the gun and tells Nicole before talking to the rest of the alliance. She says she was there when Zach brought up the alliance plan. Later Cody corrects the story to Nicole says Christine wasn’t there.
  • Frankie and Christine rapidly lose influence.
  • Hayden is the first player inside the game that questions how Christine is with Cody says it’s weird that she’s married but is cuddling with him all the time.
  • Caleb will go with the plan to vote out Zach but thinks they have to go through the numbers again and make sure they still have the. Caleb suspect Christine will flip then they will lose the numbers. If they keep Zach the other side will lose a vote.
  • The plan is to vote out Zach Everyone with a vote is 100% on board
  • Last night Derrick suspects Nicole and Hayden are playing him. Cody does to but thinks Christine is playing them too
  • Derrick’s main worry is Donny and he thinks Donny has a deal with Nicole and Hayden.
  • Derrick pulls the Detonators together they compare notes (they all lied and talked sh1t about each other) and decide to vote out Jocasta this week and take out Hayden, Donny and Nicole the following weeks.


OBB Predictions

Jocasta goes home


Actual results
It’s a jury of 9 this year.
BOB returns after the double eviction
if you are out of the house doesn’t mean you are not out of the game

Donny votes to evict Zach
Caleb votes to evict Jocasta
Frankie votes to evict Jocasta
Christine votes to evict Jocasta
Cody votes to evict Jocasta
Derrick votes to evict Jocasta
Hayden votes to evict Zach
Victoria votes to evict Jocasta

Jocasta is sent to the Jury house, Julie says she may have a chance into get back in the game.

HOH winner is  Caleb BEastmode cowboy

Nominations are Donny and Hayden

POV Winner is DONNY

POV used YES

Nominations are Hayden and Nicole

Cody votes to Evict Nicole
Christine votes to Evict Hayden
Derrick votes to Evict Hayden
Donny votes to Evict Nicole
Frankie votes to Evict Hayden
Zach votes to Evict Hayden
Victoria votes to Evict Hayden

Evicted house guest is Hayden , Julie says he might have a chance to get back in the game

Next Head of House hold competition will be played tonight..
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261 thoughts on “Big Brother 16 Spoilers – Week 6 summary of Events and HOH/Eviction Results –

    1. It will be so epic if donny and nicole win the 2 hoh’s just to watch all of them run around like idiots anf turn on each other put up frankie/caleb derrick/cody feeds will be awesome if that happened

  1. I have to say that if Zach stays this week he has a good chance of making it to the end. The target is gone from him. There’s only a few players ever that can stay week after week while being a complete ass to everyone. At the end, he can tell everyone that he was completely honest to them, because he can’t keep his mouth shut. Everyone else tried to lie and keep secrets behind others back.

    1. thats completely true but, many housegests would be bitter about Zach’s attitude towards them. I Find it funny, Zach said he would lie cheat and steal to win but he’s playing one of the most honest games so far.

        1. Are you dumb? How the hell is it a ploy for ratings when you barely saw her sitting there? Good ploy and way to draw the crowd in by showing her for 3 seconds. *Claps*

    2. They were smart to keep Zach because the target on him will protect the other alliance members.


      1. Putting the target on Zach is where you go wrong.
        Zach us not my target, he was on the block my target is the ones that voted for him to stay. She should know that’s why they kept him there to be a target. Don’t fall for it Donny and Nicole. Put up people who have never been on the block. There is a good reason they have not been up. They are good. Get them up. Derrick, Frankie and Cody Christine.

    3. Nicole. Is. Pissed. I love how her and Hayden outed Frankie and Christine. And she was yelling at Christine. All hell has broken loose.

      1. Yeah, but why cry about it.Caleb told her right. Now you see how important it is to win comps. I understand her pain and shock, but dang, grow up and go out there and win and accomplish something. Why cry about it to Christine in defeat saying you know you’re going home. Go out there with Donny and win HOH and take Frankie down.along with Derrick first, then go after Christine and Cody. I mean spill your guts, if they believe you they do and if they don’t oh well. You know where you stand in the house, now go out there and do something about it ,

      2. Okay, peeps, I KNOW it’s just a game, but I’m seriously NOT okay with Zach being a bully to Nicole. And, I’m tired of Christine’s giggly, goofy, desire for attention from ANY of the guys while pretending to be Nicole’s friend. Her claim that Nicole was jealous of her & Cody was just beyond comprehension. Hopefully, Donny & Nicole can convince Cody & Vic to come to their side, but it’s doubtful. Just as with other “reality” shows, I do get tired of the interference from production to save ratings. At least things unfold as they really would with the players’ own paranoia & thinking. Because there’s so little on TV anymore (we don’t have cable/satellite/Netflix, etc) I’ll admit I’ll continue to watch the idiocy on CBS. Also, did anyone else realize they didn’t air the President’s press conference that was shown on ABC & NBC during part of Big Brother? LOL – they sure want the ratings, don’t they?!

      3. I know Caleb put up Nicole and Hayden because they are not in his alliance but I feel like he also did it because they had a showmance and he couldn’t have one with Amber.

  2. all I want an America want is for Donny to get safe please please production help Donny tonight please
    Donny is our favorite

  3. thank you simon for posting the live stream link!!!!…i swear i need this posted somewhere on your main page. i forget every time

  4. Just for those who don’t know, Big Brother WILL NOT be airing on CBS tonight. It will be airing on its sister station. I live in Texas so that is TXA21, I’m not sure what the other state local channels are. So if you are recording it make sure it’s on the right channel. Should be a great show tonight!!

  5. Donny votes to evict Zach

    Caleb votes to evict Zach

    Frankie votes to evict Jocasta

    Christine votes to evict Jocasta

    Cody votes to evict Zach

    Derrick votes to evict Jocasta

    Hayden votes to evict Jocasta

    Victoria votes to evict Jocasta

    5-3 Zach gets to steppin’!

    1. I’m afraid you need to catch up with what’s been going on since 9PM last night.
      Right after the “party”(?) suddenly Derrick and Cody decided to throw their GREAT spot with EVERYONE away and go to war against Hayden, Nicole and Donny.
      It got so messy. All their great work took a huge hit.
      After the 1st eviction, Hayden and Nicole will be more mad at them than at the others, because Derrick and Cody were “with them” the entire week and they’ll see it as a major betrayal.
      Donny and Victoria will be sketched out because they told them this entire week that they’ll see there is no all boys alliance because they’re voting Zach out.
      Just by admitting to Frankie and Christine that they were doubting them this entire week without ever talking to them about it, they’ll have lost trust with them.
      Zach will soon hear the whole story, and will realize they all lied to him about not wavering. He’ll lose trust with Cody and Derrick, as well as with Frankie.

      They went from “we vote Zach out and everyone loves us, there’s no dissention for 1 more week” to “several people will hate us or trust us far less”.
      I’m really disappointed.
      I wonder what Production did during the “party” (?). How convenient for them that it was the night before an eviction. They all hadn’t had alcohol for quite a while. Why would BB block the feeds if it was just a normal party?

  6. simon all we want is for Donny to be safe pass double evictions an beyond we need Donny in the game with him gone it be I tell this person what to do but with Donny they cant tell him what to do he vote the way he want
    derrick do not tell him what to do he wasn’t afraid to put up claeb other been talking about backdoor cleab Donny just put him up straight up Donny is always on top of our favorite poll go check it out in you see who always on top he got to stay for us fans please

  7. Funny how the detonators all accused Zach of throwing them under the bus this week and previously. Yet this week we barely heard anything from Zach like he didn’t even campaign and its the others that threw each other under the bus

    1. I’m excited about tonight’s show too because we have no idea who will win HOH and evicted after Jocasta. It’s one to the few times the live show is worth watching.

      1. Are we SURE that the veto wasn’t rigged so that Donny could stay? Popular opinion puts him in the lead, so production probably needed him to save himself & then they could care less if Hayden or Nicole would be booted. He found his ducks pretty easily, which is fine with me. I’d have HATED to see him leave, but didn’t enjoy seeing Hayden walk out, either.

  8. I’m in NY and it looks like preseason football is preempting BigBrother tonight!!!! I can’t believe it since this will be first vote that won’t be unanimous vote!!! This is pissing me off. Is there a way to watch it online somehow?

  9. In one week from tonight, I will announce two inductee plus the polls will be open till finale night.

  10. Jocasta goes. Victoria wins HOH and nominates Derrick & Cody and briefly states how she’s not stupid, a puppet blah blah blah something along those lines. POV not used and one goes home. Everyone now knows who is where. Frankie/Chris/Zach/Caleb vs. Nicole/Hayden/Donny/Vic.The leftover hitman wondering WTF! This would be twisted, Victoria pulling the trigger on this, GENIUS. I would thoroughly enjoy this. No one would see it coming. Not likely but twisted.

  11. Does anyone else think Zack is playing a game similar to (but not equal to) Evil Dick’s game, like a frat boys version?

  12. Thank you Simon and Dawg for this site! I bought from Amazon the other day thru your site. Will we be able to use your site to go to amazon after the season is over too?

  13. I really hope that the paranoia that derrick and cody got comes to bite them in the a$$. Literally by keeping zack they show that they are afraid to take down a target, and will probably be on the block next. I hope that donny or hayden can win can get one of those people out like please I’m sick of the same people running the house

  14. I can’t see the show? There’s a football game on!!!!! What does this mean Dawg or Simon?!?!? It says my DVR won’t record until 2:00 an est time

  15. I hope Zach stays. Jocasta is as boring as a sack of potatoes. She has all this sass and personality in the diary room but she turns back into a boring, quiet Jocasta when she steps back into the house. At least Zach will try to scheme and play the game.

  16. Ugh! This episode is going to shake up everything! No more unanimous votes after tonight! War is on the horizon! Go Zach and go Donny!!!

    1. By my count there will be at least 2 possibly 3 more unanimous votes. The whatever squad won’t turn on each other until Victim, Donnie, and Nicole are gone, possibly Hayden. Bmode just made a stupid speech. If one of Donny or Hayden come down its bye bye Nicole.

      1. Donny could still win HOH Sunday! Fingers crossed for him! I hope he puts up Derrick, Cody, Christine, or Frankie. If Frankie goes up he’ll probably stay though because Zach, Caleb, and Christine would vote to keep him and Cody, Victoria, and Nicole would vote against him. I don’t see Donny taking him out… Yet.

  17. Christine told Vic about a guys alliance several days ago. Derrieck told her not to trust Christine and when the vote comes out, she will know that Christine is lying to her. The situation changes now, if Vic keeps on voting Zach out, and when votes are 5-3, she will know that Derrick is the one who lies to her. Suddenly, Christine becomes more trustworthy than Derrick and Cody in Victoria’s eyes. And every lies from Christine and Frankie become the truth. Derrick and Cody are so paranoid that they actually throwing themselves under the bus. People will keep Christine and Frankie over Derrick and Cody. Derrick said that he’s a cop and knows who lies or not. It’s such a joke

    1. This would be logical if you werent talking about Victoria…. she is too dumb to figure that out. She just does whatever Derrick tells her.

    1. Thank you, Love!!
      Also I just read a comment from Buzz TV that says that they are having some troubles but will start it from the beginning as soon as they can. So your link was good, they are having trouble.

  18. What was Nicole/Hayden/Donny’s reaction like? I’m at work so I can’t watch till later.

      1. Thanks. I bet it was priceless. Glad to see Donny won POV. I think it would make it interesting if he wins HOH too.

  19. Worst case scenario…. Caleb will put up what the alliance wants. Donny, Hayden and Nicole you all be better to win the POV if your are up.

  20. Caleb was actually the last person I expected to win HOH! Donny fingers crossed you’re safe this week! Lets get Nicole out!!!

  21. Something about a 7 person alliance acting so obnoxious just makes me giddy really just doesn’t sit well.
    Like you just showed all your cards….to everyone.

    If I was Hayden, Nicole, or Donny I’d just “pull the Jocasta”, get use to those orange chairs, and hope I can “do the Janelle” and win PoV’s the rest of the way.

    1. Of course they are giddy and showing their cards. They are going to have a 7-2 advantage in the next 30 minutes.

  22. Can someone explain to me why such a large group of people on this site seem to adore nicole? I don’t dislike her but I feel like she hasn’t actually done anything so far.

      1. Are you kidding me?! She totally lied and took Amber’s words out of contexts when all Amber was doing was trying to get the girls to work together. Her and Christine with their envious selves said Amber wanted to start a girl alliance, which she never said, and then she lied that Frankie was the one who brought up the idea of getting amber out. If you like Nicole, that’s fine, but to sit up here and pretend she’s such a good person is a joke. Amber was the only good person and look what it got her. Knives all in the back. Nicole may not be lying as much as others, but she still has and spent this past week telling half truths to get rid of Frankie.

      2. but why is not lying and backstabbing a good thing? I feel like as long as you’re not caught and it helps you get to the end it’s fine. it’s bb not big clergyman

  23. Donny!!!! So proud of him! I was screaming at my TV cheering him on!

    Sorry I keep posting Dawg and Simon, but I’m literally at the edge of my seat! Glad Zach and Donny will be surviving DE!!!

  24. That POV was not in Donny’s favor and he still won! I was jumping on my couch cheering him on at the end! I’m glad he survived DE, but sadly the only two people left to work with him will become one tonight.


  25. I’m happy but hopefully Donny can win next HOH. I have to say if production placed those ducks just right for Donny, thank you!!!

  26. …… gonna strut like a prized goat this week……UGH ! So happy that Donny won POV now looks like poor Hayden leaving

  27. OMFG when Donny won that I was literally on the floor chanting him on!
    What a friggin beast in these povs… Haha the way he struggled to get over the obstacle made me laugh, poor guy

    YAY Donny Boy!!

  28. I hate this if Donny goes home im done with big brother forever production people are pissed off cause you listen to Frankie and derrick say they want Donny out if they get they wish we America or done with big brother 16 an beyond cause only the bad talking about people win what a joke we are mad

  29. Yep….fish in a barrel, guys. They will pick them off one by one (2 already gone tonight). So, for all the Derrick and his Idiot Squad lovers…congrats!


    1. Hayden is going to spend the next few weeks relaxing by the pool and getting paid to do it. On top of that there’s a good chance he might get to re-enter the game. Two months ago he was driving a pedicab for 10 cents a mile. As far as he’s concerned he’s already won.

  30. LOVE the fake-mance going on the block together … granted i can’t stand hayden more than most, nicole’s voice makes me want to eat blood sausage and hayden needs his hands dirty. bring on #zachattack (however production rigged it)

  31. Please tell us in NYC what is happening. Can’t see it on TV and live stream isn’t working. Please tell us who the second houseguest voted out is!

    1. Your answer is Hayden is gone, but they both have a chance to come back in, probably will be Hayden coming back.. Sorry you missed it.

  32. I like Nicole a lot but it is kinda funny too see her all beat down. The camera was on her after the veto ceremony and she looked like someone just told her that her puppy just died.

    1. Well wouldn’t you! The entitled group is running through the house. Nothing has changed sense the 2 week. Would have rather taken one of the power groups out to give the outsider a little chance. It’s going to get boring even with Zake and his loud mouth, rudeness and hatred towards women. Loser!

  33. I want to say sorry to production cause I was just mad cause my favorite person was nomaited in im sorry for getting mad I am thankful for the show big brother

  34. REALLY NICOLE/HAYdEN?!?!? You still don’t call out derrick and cody?!?!?!?!?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! I can’t believe porky pig’s influence in this game …

    1. This way he can come back. If he was voted out in a few weeks, which he would’ve been, he couldn’t come back. Unless a big player goes home next week I’m almost certain he will be back.

      1. they keep Nicole over hayden right now is that they don’t want Donny and Hayden that 2 strong players play together, it is more dangers than even Hayden gets chance coming back later. that is also the reason why Donny tried to keep hayden over Nicole.

  35. Nicole has fire in her now!! If she wins next hoh, things will for sure change! Love ya Nicole! Get ’em girl!!!

    1. Well that won’t really matter now. She will never have the numbers to do anything meaningful after tonight’s results. We should just fast forward to the end of the season. At this point it is written in stone.

    2. She could totally blow up Derrick’s game if she plays her cards right.

      Derrick and Cody’s last minute flip last night was not a great move, it’s really given away their position. Derrick finally slipped up. I wonder if he will be able to *mist* his way out of this.

  36. jocosta and the most overrated and overlooked HG ever, hayden voss, YES.

    this was a great DE. the WORST news was they can come back. I hate that. I always have. I think once you go, you need to be gone

    1. Yes.

      I look forward to Christine reading her hubbies tweets saying how he can no longer defend her actions w/Cody to his family, friends, and church.

      Thus chuck thinks she’s the coolest when she is one of the most hated people on bb. Ever.

  37. At least two people i cant stand got sent out the door … granted, i can’t stand 80% of the people in the house, but this is a start! I just hope this isn’t a way for Frankie, derrICK, christine, victoria, nicole, caleb, cody to get to the final two…
    All the way #zachattack!

    1. I can’t stand most of these house guests either. I want to see Zach team up with Donny and Nicole. I’m so sick of this nonsense about Derrick being a mastermind. He has no redeeming qualities and was an indecisive flip flopping paranoid jerk this week.

  38. What did Hayden say that threw frankie and christine under bus? I mean does it change anything with the other houseguests or is nicole and donny still being targeted for next week?

  39. I think Cody voting Nicole to evict showed Cody knew keeping Hayden would’ve been better due to him being able to win and take out Christine/Frankie/Zach.
    And Derrick asking Christine in the hallway just irked me.
    And PLEASE get rid of those dances/moves/handshake things they do in the hallway.

    Can I just say Jocasta showed more personality in her evicted speech with Julie than the whole time she was in the house. Like that was…….weird.

  40. Derrick/Cody sitting pretty until final 2 ugh. I really enjoyed the 2 secs of Nicole calling Christine out after Hayden walked out the door though.

      1. I hope so. I’m just afraid that they want to see the detonators turning on each other than Donny staying and shake the house. IF they want to see some betrayals between detonators, the production may want to send the outsiders out

  41. WOW so Donny’s side of the house is dead and Frankie’s side is stronger than ever

    Frankie has Caleb, Christine and Zach

    Derrick has Cody and Victoria

    Donny has Nicole

    1. Clearly now Derrick’s and Donny’s groups will have to merge to survive.

      Hopefully Derrick has now learned how to count!

  42. Nicole and Hayden were so blind to Derrick’s maneuvering it’s hilarious, how’d they not even mention him during their eviction speeches?

    If I’m Nicole I’m on full blown sabotage mode right now, I’d lie on every single person, you got nothing to lose.

  43. Did anybody else catch Zach telling Hayden not to worry, he’ll be back? He leaned in and said it as Hayden was walking out to meet Julie. In addition to be being a poet, is Zach also psychic?

  44. Of course they voted to keep Nicole. All Cody has to do is bat his eyelashes at her and The Detonators will be back in her good graces. Donny knows that which is why he voted to keep Hayden. Besides they’re worried an endurance comp is coming up which made Hayden an even bigger target. Victoria has reached an all new low for me. Hayden used the POV on her last week and this how she repays him?? Nasty.

  45. So how come Cody didn’t get the memo that they were voting out Hayden?? I was surprised when he voted out Nicole & the others voted Hayden. Heck, even Victoria got the word on who was going??
    At least Caleb can’t win HOH this time. And with it being back to double HOH – maybe Nicole or Donny will win one of the HOH’s.
    Christine & Victoria better wake up soon and try to align with Nicole & Donny or they’ll slowly be out the door.

    1. Ugh. Hayden. ): Nicole and Hayden were my fav. I hope Nicole gets a power and bring Hayden bk and he and her take down Derrick, Frankie, & Christine. Hopefully tonight Zack and Nicole will talk and maybe bring Cody and Vic in.

  46. I’m willing to bet that CBS will edit it on Sunday’s episode to look like they didn’t get into a huge fight after double eviction, they will show them all sitting about the table singing, laughing and playing monopoly. CBS hasn’t given us any edit to show where people really stand in that house. Thank god for the live feeds, BBAD, and Simon/Dawg, love y’all!

  47. The only consolation is that they will soon have to TURN on each OTHER once the outsiders are gone. That’s the ONLY reason to keep watching! See FaKie cry, see Ratine eat KARMA, See Cody be his worthless self – don’t get me started on CopaNator– “if she were my daughter, I’d boil your head” scum bucket

  48. Donny & Nicole MUST win HOH tonight!!!! I want to see all hell break lose finally & that’s the only way it will happen!!!! Hopefully Hayden comes back too!!!

  49. Just when there was a glimmer of hope for a power shift in the house, the outsiders will now be picked off one by one. Nice job production, we are back to the same old same old …

  50. I just went to and demanded Zach get a penalty for telling Vic how he voted as she entered the DR. That is a clear violation. He needs to either get a penalty nom or lose his vote. Come on guys let them know production playing the game is one thing but that is a clear violation.

  51. This is so similar to s6. “The friendship” are the detonators. Maggie being Derrick because they were both able to manipulate other houseguests easily. Now I hope Nicole can find some fight in her just like janelle did after kaysar was evicted. Let’s go Donny and Nicole. Also, zack is going to feel so stupid after realizing Nicole and Hayden were telling the truth.

  52. Man, I hope Nicole wins HOH. that’ll stir up the house like crazy! Donny better start talking more and listening less. It’s been a good strategy so far to some extent but for him to advance he needs some allies. I hope Nicole stays fired up Rachel Reilly style!!!

  53. He’ll hath no fury…Nicole is PISSED OFF! Side note: did anyone else notice Caleb’s dumb ass mouthing the words to Zach’s stupid poem while he was reciting it? I don’t rightly know which one of these guys is dumb or dumber! I hope Nicole wins the next HOH and shakes the apple tree cuz there’s some rotten fryit that needs to be thrown out. I need to take a nap right quick so I can watch BBAD!

  54. Donny and Nicole are gonna have to be comp beasts from here on out. The only bright side is that the Detonators will be turning on each other soon. Frankie will pull the Stalker in ; hope Derprick takes out Funkie and Freddy Kreuger first

  55. Now it’s as obvious as the nose on Christine’s face that Donny will be the one brought back into the game after he’s evicted next week.


    1. The Nose on Ratine’s face is a player unto its self. They’re going to have to evict her twice, once for her and once for her Nose. So you’ll have to be spacific.

    2. No, we’re suppose to “expected” the “unexpected”

      LOL at Julie trying to make it seem Zach was going home during the voting, and someone “might” come back, haha.

  56. For all the peopel whining about there would be no drama if Zach stayed, all the drama formed with the idea of getting Zach out, stired the house, and now that it turned around, the drama is white hot…
    Jocasta deserved to go simply because she sucked in every way possible, she was just floating, and rightfully lost her life-vest… All that sass in the DR never spilledl into the house, so she was not entertaining. Victoria should be really scared, because she’s the 2nd biggest floater in that house.

    After 5 long weeks Big Brother is FINALLY here..

    Now, Production, PLEASE… GIVE THEM BOOZE!!!!!!

  57. I stopped watching the live feeds about 2 weeks ago and now I have quit watching the TV show. They may not know it yet but this is the last season of BB US. Every year the players get dumber, I don’t think you can find people dumber than this group and if you could who would want to watch!

  58. But the others are definitely not a tight group anymore. They’re going to turn on each other maybe after one day. I hope Nicole stays angry and blows everyone’s game. Maybe Donny has a chance, but it is slim. How could Donny and Hayden hug everyone?

  59. Donny should BLOW up FAKIe and Sgt. DUdley DOrights game and give them up as America’s Players and let everyone know how much MONEY they’ve made. That’s enough to turn these GREEDY F**ks against them.

  60. NIcole is so stupid. She could easily throw Cody/Derrick under the bus and what did she do? She threw Christine/Frankie instead. Everyone knew about Christine/Frankie lies. It’s Derrick/Cody’s fault not Christine/Frankie. I don’t know how she will feel when she realizes that Cody voted her out. And did Derrick ask Christine who she voted to evict? Christine is so close to win tonight’s HOH, too. Christine is so unpredictable to me now. She was in 2nd place in her second veto, won her 3rd veto, 2nd in tonight’s HOH. I hope Derrick or Cody goes home next week. And don’t let anyone of them return back in this game, except Donny (in case he is evicted next week)

  61. Anyone else pissed off? I hope Nicole can see Derrick for what he is. I feel so bad for her. It will be boring if the Detonators predictably pick off her, Donny, Victoria and then look each other. I have no clue how Nicole will stay in unless she & Donny keep winning. It’s been one-side dominated, mostly male dominated, and I hate it.

  62. Tonite’s episode is the one nite that I actually look forward to – the double eviction. The HUGE problem is that while alliances in the house could have really been shook up, instead we’re left with the same people thinking they’re safe. Am I glad #zachattack is safe? HELL YES. Am I concerned derrick/christine/frankie will still be in power? HELLS YES! do I want anyone to win this season? HELL NO!!! Maybe I’ll give a shout out to donny because he has a clue/doesn’t kiss anyone’s ass and I do love Zach but I’m a little concerned that production let him stay, but man, what does a #bbfan have to do around here to not have idiots ruin the game they love?!

  63. production all need to do something about zack he don’t need to be talking about people like that in he doing it to a women if it was a men their whould of been a problem I know this a game but all need to talk to him I know her father an mom not happy at all he treats women bad

    1. What Zach is doing and CBS allowing it is almost sexual harassment. If he was doing these actions in a job setting, which in essence BB could be construed as such since they are being paid an actor’s equity, Nichole could sue and win claiming sexual harassment. Zach is no longer funny or entertaining he is harassing women. He really is a pig without a snout.

  64. As much I liked disliked the douchenators I really hate them now no class whatsoever nicole & donny hold tight because if it’s a vote for who comes back in the house hayden already has mine.

  65. If I was Nicole, I would do two things….

    1) Show a bit of strife and tears to get the opossum feel. Appear worthless for a few days are garner sympathy. This is a game but emotions are real. Especially a young girl like herself could definitely get to some players heart strings.
    2). Craft this to her advantage. Exploit Cody for not getting the message about voting Hayden attempting to show him he may be more on the outs then he thinks. This may instill a realization that he is player the 50K game not the 500K. With Donny and Cody, Hayden possibly coming back, and maybe swooping in someone else, we got a game.

  66. Great Job Donny!!!!!!! Christine,Frankie,Cody and Derrick new alliance should be Squatters because they are living in Big Brother House and seen like the other’s can’t evict them .Nicole wake up keep your cool and hope Hayden get back in the game if you play smart you could do some damage hope Donny or Nicole win HoH .As the saying goes those thats first shall be last and those thats last shall be first.

  67. Wish Nicole had been evicted, I can’t stand the sound of her raised voice, sounds like nails on a chalkboard.

  68. I think Derrick probably made the worst move of the season by flipping back with the detonators at the every last moment. Not only did he let paranoia get to him but he had Cody and himself in a really good position and just put himself and Cody in a really bad spot. This just caused a lot of friction with the rest of the house especially with Nicole who could rant out any moment now with the loss of Hayden but more importantly put him and Cody in a even worst spot with the detonators. Now you lost trust with Nicole, Donny and even worst the “Detonators” because now they know you and Cody are most likely working together in a final two deal. Nicole or Hayden weren’t even playing Derrick.. They were helping you guys go against Frankie and Christine towards the end of the game and possibly “Backdooring” them. (Wow that would have made so many people happy and make great television, I mean Frankie and Christine going home? Who wouldn’t be?

    1. I love what you said. Maybe some masaganism got in his way–he felt he was being a pawn to Nicole. You are right, this was a bad move on his part. He could have gotten Zach out and if they’d backdoored Frnakie, with NO blood on his hands.

    2. Derrick isn’t very bright and Cody, well poor thing, they had it made being in the middle of both alliances. I can’t believe how Cody threw Nicole under the bus with her back door plan of Frankie. Derrick played into that and had Cody do all his dirty work. I hope Nicole exposes both of them and they go soon. I cannot stand how condescending Derrick. Hope he doesn’t break an arm patting himself on the back!

    3. I am not really sure if it is worst move for Derrick. For now. yes, nicole and hayden are trully to him and cody, but the problem for Derrick is that Nicole trusts Donny like a hell. if he can’t break up this tie of trust, (of course, he can’t as Donny hasnt given him any facts to use to against), he may not be able to control Nicole in the future game. But Zach and Caleb are easier to be dealed with, even it seems that Frankie is more closer to them than he is so far. Because Derrick has facts to aganist frankie + Cody can control Kristin than Kristin control Cody.

  69. For once, this is a good thing. It really does not matter who wins HOH. The Detonators only have Nicole and Donny to put up, but 4 people must be on the block. Someone will have to nominate two members (or Caleb & Vic).

  70. I can’t stand Christine. She is a ugly bit*h. #shelly2.0. Derrick is the type of snake ass cop I cannot stand. Cody is the dumb p@$sy of the group. Caleb is gonna feel so stupid once he see how he is being played. Nicole need to throw derrick and Cody so far under the bus. Please let Donny and Nicole win hoh cause Victoria is a waste of space.

    1. take easy Tasha, they are playing game now, they got to use strategies to win this one man lasting game. as long as they don’t assult others or saying some racing words, it is ok for them to be sneaky. at the end of the day, it is just a game, they want to win, they have to try the best to play, especially social game. and at the end of the day, it is just a show for us, whatever the story you would like to be, please don’t forget that it suppose to be entertaining.

    1. 2 HOH and BOB could make things interesting this week. Donny & Nicole can only be put on the block once, and two others need to go up as well. It could be Caleb & Victoria, but there are some HGs who want to keep them. Also the veto might be won by someone outside the Detonators. One of them must put up one of their own this week.

  71. The double hoh twist continues… Unbelievable. But great news for all you detonator fans!!! Oh theyre arent any? Good job as always grodner & crew

  72. Please please vote for option A just because Frankie and Derrick r gonna b hypocrites and decline the mission

    1. I already voted my 20 times for today for Option A for Team America. I want Derrick and Frankie to go without any extra money. Donny, whom I love, is collateral damage on this one.

  73. On the feeds tonight, Frankie and Cody are telling Zach that they saved Zach, but the reality is they were all voting Zach out until Caleb stressed with them that it didn’t make sense to lose a person in their alliance and lose another ally.
    Frankie and Cody are in it when they make themselves look good, but Caleb and Derrick were the two that truly saved Zack.

  74. I hope things will get better from here on out. There will still be 2 HOH’s, that means that 4 people will be going on the block no matter what. Given the amount of people left and the amount of “alliances” something interesting is bound to happen… right?

  75. Derrick and Cody ruined their perfectly good spot….they will become huge targets soon. The fact that Hayden and Nicole only threw Frankie and Christine under the bus during the eviction ceremony will NOT be lost on Frankie and the rats will question why Derrick and Cody came out unscathed(also with the whole planting the seed for Zach to go home thing because Zach is like WTF??)…there will be a lot of talking…everything will be put on the table….the house will know that Derrick has been playing them soon enough (especially since Nicole is planning on not keeping her mouth shut anymore).

  76. I’m pissed that they let one of the jury members return back in the house. That’s 2 seasons in a row now. It’s so predictable. If Donny isn’t voted out in the next 2 weeks (which I doubt), Hayden will return for 99%, otherwise, Donny will return. Jocasta has no chance in winning back. Why do they want hg to return? I just don’t get the idea. They always get evicted again like J u double D last season

  77. Hope but doubt production will allow it that Nicole wins HOH and puts up smarmy Derrick and Cody and then Cody wins POV and Frankie ugly face goes up and goes home, and then Donny wins next week and porky pig Derrick gets booted out and then Hayden comes back into the game and Nicole, Hayden and Donny clean out the rest of the pigs, Zach and Uglitene, Christine. Do not care about Caleb as he is clueless as a sack of rocks. It won’t happen but it would at least make this season worth watching as of right now I cannot stand the predictability of this show with production’s interference.

  78. Sorry- I never got the Zach love. I work with middle school age kids, and he is the typical 12 year old annoying, aggressive bully, trying to pass it off as, “No, I’m funny! Everybody loves me!” And everybody laughs along, giving him a free pass, because he’s “funny”. Meanwhile, he leaves many broken people in his path. He is not a nice person.

  79. I think it would be funny if Victoria would get angry for being such a puppet and get back at who controls her.

  80. Donny and Nicole screwed up their HOH. I have no sympathy for either one. I also find it odd that Crazy Caleb seems to perform well under pressure. I wonder how much of his nuttiness is an act? I have no real problem with Derrick winning, maybe then he can quit the PD and stop busting high school kids for weed. The real loser out of this whole mess of a season will be Christine, I’m sorry but she is one ugly ass woman; inside and out. Feel bad for her husband though. Can’t stand Frankie. Those twinks that think they’re just the cutest- you’re an old hag ,and get rid of the stupid sideway hat-. who does that anymore? Plus start giving these assholes penalties for the crap they do in the hallways on their way to vote, it’s not in any way entertaining, it hurts my eyes.

    1. I saw Derrick ask Christine who she voted for in the hallway and she told him Hayden. What was that about?
      It’s very very funny that Derrick is using the bombsquad loyalty crap even now when at first when it was formed he said it was WAY too early to have an alliance. Oh really Derrick? Too early? Stupid?

  81. Donny should BLOW UP Fakie’s and Sgt Dudley DoStupid’s game by spilling the WHOLE America’s Players deal and let everyone KNOW how much Money they made… These GREEDY F##Ks would turn on them in a minute

  82. Feeds are awesome tonight. Zach, Caleb, Cody and Derrick:
    Caleb said to Zack pretty much everything Nicole said to Zack was the truth about how the vote was supposed to go down
    Cody told Zach that Frankie and Christine have been playing both sides of the house and were voting Zach out.
    Derrick told Zach that Frankie and Christine were using what Zach had said this week to both sides to hang Zack with it in the vote.
    AWESOME. Love that Caleb actually makes sense AGAIN!

  83. i can’t believe caleb is the voice of reason again saying there is a lot of truth to what nicole is saying. caleb is actually a game player now and smarter than zach. wtf.

  84. Hopefully Donny or Nicole will win HoH, and put up Frankie and Derrick. Putting up Derrick will break the Cody/Derrick alliance, and Victoria will be more lost than she already is; putting up Frankie will break the alliance with Zach and Christine, as well as Caleb. Send Frankie’s ass to jury this week. If only we could be so lucky :)

  85. As much as people want Frankie to go (I don’t see why compared to Christine, Cody, and Derrick), I don’t see him leaving anytime soon. Here’s why: Simon nailed it on the head. Frankie has Caleb, Christine, and Zach in an iron grip whereas Derrick only has Cody and Victoria. If Donny wins HOH next week (and I pray he does!) and say he put Frankie up with anyone… (Let’s say Derrick) Frankie would probably stay. Frankie would have to lose Christine before he’s weakened. I still say he’s currently the securest in the house… For now.

  86. zach is so clueless about everything, its ridiculous. no game. at all. lol at caleb telling him he is out of the loop because he sleeps all the time. zach is really just a dumbass. plus him messing with nicole earlier was uncalled for too.

    1. Zach really is a pathetic, desperate ferret. If Caleb is telling you that you are out of the loop, than something is really wrong.

  87. WHOA!!!!! I can not believe that Hayden went home/Jury (so glad Zach stayed) I just cant believe it. I actually thought Nicole was going to throw up for a minute. I had Hayden down as one for sure to be at least near the end. They caught wind of the flip and flipped it back which was excellent for their numbers but WOW just WOW. That was a great show. Caleb did a great job!!( I cant believe I typed it either but he did). :)

  88. I hope Production finds nice classy black women for future BB shows. I hate to see the behaviour that Jocasta exhibited tonight. Oh my! She’s so low class……real ghetto behaviour! Ugh!!!

  89. Simon & Dawg….
    In your Results post prior to this one, I read that the next HOH competition is tonite. Does that mean Caleb’s reign is over & they immediately do another HOH?
    Sorry…I’m confused…

  90. I cant stand that Donny won the POV and Hayden went to jury. What a bummer. At least Hayden did stuff and was fun to listen to whether it made sense or not he wasn’t a drop dead bore like Donny.

    Praise Jesus Josasta went packing (well jury). But Hayden, really.

    Was it me or did Hayden not give Cody a hug when he left? Yet Cody voted for him to stay. I missed the whole thing that went down in the house between them all but read that people had made up after the blow out or fight or argument . What exactly happened?

  91. Nicole/Donny Better Repeat as HoH (or Zach if a miracle happens and goes after christine)
    Nicole Noms Derrick/Christine
    Donny Noms Cody/Beast mode dickhead
    Either way one of these detonators or Caleb goes home
    Hayden comes back into the house and takes out the rest of that alliance
    Given that production rigs it and the comeback happens

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