Christine to Cody – Brittany/Amber wanted you so hard it was awkward to watch. Made me uncomfortable.

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Caleb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

BB16-2014-08-12 17-05-54-477
5:05pm Frankie and Nicole hug it out they say sorry it’s just a game.

BB16-2014-08-12 17-07-26-276
5:06pm Hammock Christine and Cody
Christine says one of her questions was how does it feel to be offered so many alliance and did you expect that she could bring that up in front of Nicole and Donny.
Christine answer that people think she’s smart because of her glasses but Nicole is the smart one Christine can’t see,.
Cody tells her a long “nightmare” about getting in fights with people on the streets. In this dream he goes out for dinner with pauly, Derrick and his siter. Calls some guys out confronts them they pull out a gun shoot him but he’s bulletproof. He chases the thugs down calls them out fights them etc etc..

BB16-2014-08-12 17-20-49-941

5:18pm backyard Zach and donny
Donny – I have to ride it out let the chip fall..
Donny say whoever he talks to or makes deals with people it doesn’t matter they will just change up in the end.
Donny – I was never in on the majority vote.. never no one told me about the majority.. this last time they told me the opposite.. Hayden was right he told you the truth”
Zach – I know

Donny is going to ride the beard until the end if he doesn’t go this week theres a good chance he’ll go next.

All we have is a month and five days.
Donny always thought those duck dynasty guys toka lifetime to grow their beards but donny’s beard is only 1 year.

BB16-2014-08-12 17-20-50-109

5:20pm Frankie and Derick
Frankie tells him Nicole has made peace with him today before she’s sent to jury. Adds that Nicole is ashamed at how she’s played the game recently but is proud of ther game as a whole. Derrick point that the Jenga game may be a hint from production the upcoming HOH might be like that, “THey’ve done it before.. don’t tell anyone”

BB16-2014-08-12 17-33-24-910

5:28pm Donny and Derrick
Derrick tells him he’s good Christine wants Nicole Gone, “You only need three votes.. if it’s a tie CHristine won’t keep her she just backdoored her.. you have to be mentally prepared for thursday”
Donny – If I win you and him (Frankei) are not going up.. If I win we can collectively decide who to put up.
Derick says the number one thing is to keep Donny safe this week, “We’re going to pull this off I didn’t think we could do it but we did.. do you think he’ll vote for you”
Frankie joins them, Derrick – you only needs 3 you have 2 right here..
Derrick hopes that the ream america tasks from now on are not Game related he doesn’t want to mess up his game for it.
Zach finds out as a have nots he can drink Chocolate almond milk. Donny mentions that last time Zach drank a lot of that he got constipated now all he’s eating is peanut butter and drinking almond milk.
They’ve been talking about their jobs, Derrick made up one and DOnny’s real one. THey say they like the unpredictability of being a grounds keeper.
Derrick says he’s still got a few things on his BB bucket list.. Still needs to get a Veto and be zinged by the zing bot.
Zach – what the hell can they say about you
Derrick – they are going to crush me.. CBS has some of the best writers
Derrick starts saying that Nicole went to a very prestigious nursing school she finished a 5 year program in 4 years, “She’s a beast. (Derrick brings this up a lot)

Beat Mode and Frankie roll in..

They start talking about Christine always following Cody around.. Frankie says he use to be attracted to guys like Cody but now he’s more attracted to Caleb type guys, “Once you go Beast mode you never go back”

BB16-2014-08-12 18-15-17-067

5:29pm Hammock Christine, Cody and Nicole
(Mostly chit chat.. one tid bit)
Christine to Cody – Brittany and Amber wanted you so hard it was awkward to watch. Made me feel uncomfortable.
Nicole – True
Christine – I was like Girls lets calm down be more sly about it maybe you’ll get some
Cody – It was uncomfortable.. why
Christine – Because they were so awkward about it.
Nicole – Especially Amber.. didn’t see Brittany that much.. I asked Brittany if she liked you and she laughed for 10 minutes and said you were only 23.
Christine – she never said no I asked her to she never said no..
Big brother tells them to take down the shades from the windows.. Christine and Cody treat it like a competition and WIN!

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BB16-2014-08-12 18-09-33-978
6:09pm Victoria dressed for Badminton

BB16-2014-08-12 18-24-32-195

6:19pm kitchen Derrick, Frankie and Caleb
Caleb says he’s been asked to do straight porn 3 times when he lived in Nashville “I would never do that.. it was for quite a few thousands.. beast mode was like sorry ladies and gentlemen this pen1s is mine and it’s not for sale.. “
Frankie thinks they should have a gentlemen’s agreement if you are on the block you’re not a have not.
Derrick says it’s impossible top do that.

Caleb – If I win HOH i’m putting Christine and Victoria on Slop
Derrick – Victoria has done it twice..
Caleb – I don’t really care how many times
Derrick – I’m just saying
Caleb – One of them is going home
Derrick – Christine has only done it once .. Vciotira has done it once I see your logic in that.. Cody has done it twice..
Frankie – I’ve only done it once
Derrick – you had you had you had a circumstance.. that’s a lot different actually
Frankie – A lot different
Derrick – In my opinion a lot different
Caleb – I’ve done it 5 times basically
Frankie – Caleb I promise you I will not make you ha have not
Caleb – I’ve been a have not twice where I slept in the bed.
Frankie – Christine has only done it once and it was the longest time ago.. I just finished doing it..
Derrick – ya last week.
Frankie will do it again just doesn’t want to be on slop and on the block.

BB16-2014-08-12 18-33-17-884

6:40pm Badminton and chit chat.. Cody, Nicole, Caleb and Zach are playing badminton. Christine, Frankie, Donny, Derrick are on the couch watching..
Christine tells them about her twitter questions I said “Dear Dan gheesling I love you please love me back”
Frankie – Who?
Christine – Dan From season 10 and 14
1) What would you do if you win
2)Whose game are you trying to imitate. or who do you think you are playing like
3) ?
She can’t say the third question.
Derrick – can you tell us the question and not the answer
Christine – No
Frankie chimes in says he had a question he couldn’t tell them “how hard is it keeping your big secret”

BB16-2014-08-12 18-52-56-359

6:51pm Nicole and Cody win the Badminton game.
Caleb wants to play again. Nicole says she’s played 5 games wants to take a break.
Zach – you win by hitting the F*** birdie on my f** balls
Nicole – did i Really hit you
Zach – No.. but I made it look that way .. They laugh
Zach – You’re a breast Nicole a Beast there’s no denying it.

BB16-2014-08-12 19-15-11-158

7:11pm Kitchen Cody and Victoria
Cody says he hates it when good people like Nicole are leaving and players like Frankie and Christine are still in the game.
Victoria asks him if he could talk to Christine. .

Victoria wants Nicole to stay. Cody plays it up that he was surprised Christine nominated Nicole. Victoria says Donny is more of a threat to Christine’s game than Nicole. Cody tells her when a HOH backdoors someone they usually want that person to go home, “Once this decision gets made.. it’s stuck” Victoria wonders if it’s a buy back next week. says if Nicole stays and HAyden comes back with Donny they’re f*** . Cody wants Donny out next week.

BB16-2014-08-12 19-24-58-314

7:20pm Caleb and Derrick pool
Derrick saying beating Frankie in the final 2 will be hard given his sister’s fame and his plans to give the winnings to charity. Derrick is really stressing this.

Where the vote stands.. Nicole is going to jury

The new bomb squad – Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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I want to fly a plane over the big brother house, skydive down, run to Christine, grab her wedding ring, and hand her divorce papers.


I call shotgun!


Is Caleb Gay ? Yes up No down…..


I don’t think being overly in love with yourself means being gay


Classic insecurity.


I’m not going to say yes or no but I think he has possibilities going over to the other side. Again what’s with the blue scarf?


I think he’s bi-curious, brokeback mountain style. No straight man wears so much pink and is OK with cuddling with other men. I’ll repeat, no straight man that I have ever met would “cuddle” with another man. As far as I’m concerned, there are 2 gay guys on the show, and 2 either bi (Cody) or bi-curious (Caleb).


I agree with Goofy. A lot of people are terrified of their sexuality and afraid that if tempted or presented with the opportunity to be with someone of the same sex, they’d act on it. And because of this fear that they don’t want to acknowledge, secretly imagine how much shame they think they’d feel, and thus label other people who are comfortable, or just don’t care, as gay or bi. Totally.


Straight, gay, bi, bi-curious are just descriptors, though, and have nothing to do with fear or shame or anything of that nature. Just say what a person is inclined to be interested in.

Yet no straight man would find it acceptable or desirable to cuddle with another man. I don’t get why I got 28 thumbs down above so far, must be Caleb and Cody fans, or maybe people who watched too much Glee and feel any mention of the topic is homophobic. But people love to point fingers.


Cuddling between males is a generational and cultural thing as well. In European countries for example it is not that unusual among straight youth, nothing sexual is implied either. In North America it is becoming more acceptable among youth and it is reflective of how homophobia is beginning to wane among young people these days compared to their parents. Older people think cuddling always leads to sex or is a show of love for one another. This is not the case with most youth today.. Caleb/Zac/Cody/Hayden fall in that age group where it’s not such a big deal to cuddle with your buddy.


Plenty of boys on my son’s middle school football team cuddle and tell each other they love each other. They are straight boys that LOVE girls. Girls have been doing that for years and I agree with Brandt that “In North America it is becoming more acceptable among youth and it is reflective of how homophobia is beginning to wane among young people these days compared to their parents.” Very true. I don’t think it means Caleb is gay just because who is cuddling with him is gay….it isn’t a contagious disease caught through hugging.

Ambers slipper

I disagree, I think he is very comfortable with his sexuality a lot of insecure men could take a lesson from him


And what exactly, cuddle with another man? Jesus Christ. This is what the Hollywood media has created.


There are a lot of men like Caleb with massive egos who crave adulation and enjoy being worshipped by both sexes, that does not mean they are gay either or bi-curious. Being made to feel that you are desirable and looked up to by both sexes is not that unusual these days with a lot of men who are narcissistic. That would describe Caleb to a T.


Agreed. But can I come along and tell Cody how much of a Tool he is!


Lol, I couldn’t stop laughing, it has to be a twist the game is basically writing on a stone if keeps going this way, where the Pandora box, no the diamond pov, I don’t want to sacrifice donny


Not yet, give her husband a chance at half IF for some reason she wins. Dont divorce before winnings, divorce after and run laughing.


I actually have stopped watching the feeds as I now am finding them too boring…BUT i do find reading this forum way more entertaining!! Unless I read on here something truly twisted or interesting happens I probably will wait till the final 3. It’s too much Derrick controlling everything and nothing left that would be surprising. zzzzzzzzzzz


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
I feel a little better.

Yo! Christine.... Pinocchio wants it's NOSE back!!

Who has bigger b@lls…… Christine or Cody? Does Christine have any values or morals? Such an UNCOUTH skank! AND, Cody just might get his girly ass beat when he gets out, right after Christine’s hubby serves her papers!


Christine has some nerves! She acts more thirsty than Amber and Britney. The difference between Christine and the other two ladies is that they are SINGLE. Single women are allowed to flirt with good looking guys like Cody.

Also, now I remember why I don’t feel too bad for Nicole. She spendt most of her weeks in the house hating on Amber and trying to get with Cody but settled for Heydan. Chris and Nic wanted Cody and the only reason he is giving Christine attention now is because Brit and Amber are gone.

Tim says

I won’t be serving papers – I love to watch it is my thing, especially when I know in the real world when we do the watching thing Christine is never with someone as good looking as Cody.
I have been getting my rocks off for weeks watching that is how we roll


Really Christine???? Coming from you the b!tch that will NOT get off of Cody’s d!ck. Atleast Amber and Brittany ARE NOT MARRIED!!!!!


I don’t think I remember Amber or Brittany cuddling with Cody at the level that Christine is. She’s laying on top of him, rubbing herself all over, etc.. She just keeps lying and lying.


You’re right, Amber n Brittany were not all over Cody. It just aggravates me that Christine told him that Amber and Brittany wanted him so bad and it made her uncomfortable. Christine was just jealous of the “little” attention Amber n Brittany showed to Cody because she is a married woman who is over the top infactuated with Cody n will not get off of him!!!!!


My thought of how the evicted house guest return… The ones inside the house play for HOH while the evicted ones also play for HOH. This would maybe (if their nomination loses the BOB) keep the returning houseguest safe for one week.

I can only hope Donny wins HOH this week and stays HOH until the Calvary returns (hopefully Hayden). It’s obviously too late for Nicole this week.

Team Beard since day one!


Strong with Obi Wan KeDonny, the force is.
Uses Jedi mind tricks on the other house guests he does.
Mensa he is.
Doctor of Medicine he is.
Special Forces he is.
Fear the beard, you should.

Love BB

What are the chances of 2HOH/BOTB being over this week? Or do you think they’ll wait for the return player to stop it?


SERIOUSLY?! It made Christine UNCOMFORTABLE about Amber and Brittney?! Amber and Cody were always JUST FRIENDS! Amber is one of the most classy kindhearted girls. This poor girl is SCREAMING insecure!! She really needs to evaluate her BB life. Not only is her obsession unhealthy, she nominates her ally. Has she not ever heard SISTERS BEFORE MISTERS!! gah..


I really wonder what people that watch only the episodes think of Christine and Frankie.


I only watch the episodes, I don’t subscribe to the feeds and I CANNOT stand Christine and Frankie!!! But I also read some of these spoilers! I wish CBS would show how she is all up on Cody!!! But I’m sure they won’t!! Frankie seems to just be a snake in the grass, I cannot decide whether or not he really is bc I don’t watch the live feeds! :/


You’ll notice Cody never said HE was uncomfortable with Amber and Brittney supposedly being after him. They know Amber is watching and are trying to goad Cody into saying something bad about her. They have been doing this for a while now, especially Christine. Amber and Brittany are gone and they’re still jealous. When the show ends they are going to feel really silly when they find out Cody ended up staying on in LA with Amber. These girls are so pathetic, its like high school all over again.


Agreed. Christine needs to see a psychologist for her habitual lying.


ill help you with that one allie


Beast Mode P*rn Star????

This guy can do it all lol!


Did I miss Amber n Brittney being all over Cody? I know Britt losened up before she left. But I don’t recall either of them rubbing on him like a dog in heat. Like Chriskank.


Naw, me either, I think they spent some time together a couple of days before she left but that’s it. I could be wrong


yeah – I literally laughed out loud at that comment. Delusional much?!? It always amazes me when people go into this house and say such complete BS, hypocritical statements. I understand that almost every past HG I’ve heard talk about their time in the house has said you kind of go crazy in there and think crazy things, but to completely make something up is bizarre. Not to mention they talk about it being after some time in the house and Christine has been talking negatively about Amber and Brittany for as far back as I can remember.

Derr- a- licked

I want to fly a plane over the house, drop Evel Dick down in the backyard by parachute, drop a toy police badge with a note ” One of you is a real cop”, set some crows loose, drop some sanitary pads for Cody, and a diamond power of veto for Donny !


lol……….. I love it.


With the way these HG’s minds work, they’ll just think that Donny would be the real cop; of course, that’s with the help of Derrick.


I think Zach has the hots for Nicole.


I really liked Christine at the start and now she is so repulsive.

Victoria please just win HOH and do something crazy.


If Victoria wins hoh, she will do whatever Derrick wants. In case you didn’t know, he control that idiot.


Sad but true.


My eyes are really starting to hurt seeing Christine’s face and hearing her voice is killing me.


Its skerry so skerry.


Yawn…all I care about now is to see who returns into the game. I think it might be 2 people returning this year but the flipside to that is Frankie will probably get a suitcase full of DPovs…


Frankie doesn’t know who Dan Gheesling is..? Didn’t he write a blog during his HOH that he was one of the “super fans” playing against people whom never seen the show before? He’s a pathological liar! LoL

Frodo on Steroids

I’m actually starting to think that Cody and Christine are going to hook up. I’m mean they are right there. Are they sleeping in the same bed? Something is gonna happen.

But then again, does Cody even like chicks? Who knows? This season is so confusing.

Derr- a- licked

I think so too. She mentioned to him several times last nite:” I’m going to bed now.” Honestly,Ratine will jump at the chance, Codine may show some restraint…. don’t think he’s THAT horny.


I bet Cody will hook up with her in jury house out of desperation. No cameras there. Ugh, n her husband is still convincing himself this is purely game move. What a joke.


No me gusta Christine.


Hayden would be sooo jelly looking at cody touching nicole’s butt. WHAT A PLAYA CODY.


Christine: “Brittany and Amber wanted you so hard it was awkward to watch. Made me feel uncomfortable.”

Very funny Christine! We all know you’re talking about yourself!


Hahaha….Yes, Christine, you sre sooooo right…it was awkward to watch the single girls flirt with Cody but not at all awkward to watch a married woman follow, straddle, cuddle and hang all over Cody. Your behavior isn’t uncomfortable for anyone especially your husband. Idiot.

Caleb's teeny weenie

I will be the copilot I will take a washrag and wash all the white slime off her hands before you take off your ring .

Caleb's teeny weenie

Her ring


Nicole is now selling Donnie out to Christine telling her everything they discussed today. She is workinh her hard. I think she is convincing Christine to keep her and get rid of Donny.


Derrick and Cody would be stupid to keep Nicole. One, because if Hayden comes back from jury then he and Nicole are getting back together. Two, her and Christine would be up against Cody and Derrick.

I pray Nicole goes! I need Donny to stay this week.


Nicole, needs to go the jury house sit back relax and tell everything she can think of to Hayden and Jocasta (Lord, I love Jo but not her, not in less YOU help her with her game).


She’s wasting her time even if she convinces Christine we all know who runs the house. Christine has no sway except when she’s snitching on someone. Even if Nicole tells her who Donny’s targets are the boys already know that because if Donny wins HOH there’s no one else to put up except the boys or Victoria.


Christine actually has the nerve to suggest Amber and Brittney were latching onto Cody? Um wtf does she think she’s been doing all summer?

I’m one to separate people personally from their game style, but Christine is beyond delusional.


Caleb, Christine, Cody, Derrick, Frankie, and Victoria…once and for all, STFU!!!!!


I love Victoria for not wanting Nicole to go home


I know they don’t have names, but the new sides of the house are about to be Caleb, Frankie, and Zach vs Christine, Cody, and Derrick. I pray Donny stays this week and assimilates himself with CFZ over CCD. Get CCD out of the house then Victoria, and ladies and gentlemen we’ll have a good final 4.


I almost agree with your theory, with a few exceptions. If they can get Donny out next week, then he’ll go. If that happens, then the next obvious target will be Victoria, but thats where it gets interesting. I think Cody and Derrick could bring in Victoria and either Christine or Caleb and go against Frankie, Zach and Christine or Caleb (whichever one isn’t brought in by Cody and Derrick to go against Frankie and Zach). This, however, is all theory. The real determining factor in how the remaining houseguests align in going against each other will be decided on who wins HOH that week. If Frankie, Zach or Caleb wins HOH, then Derrick and Cody will either go along with getting Victoria out, or try to convince the HOH to get Christine out. If Derrick or Cody win HOH, then the chances of there being a line drawn in the sand and the house diving goes up considerably.


I’m pretty confident that Hayden is coming back from jury. His targets will be Cody and Derrick. He said that in an interview.

HOH will definitely determine what happens. I think Donny and either Frankie, Zach, or Caleb winning HOH (especially Frankie) would be a great thing. Donny could put up Christine and Cody and the other person put someone up with maybe Victoria and leave Derrick open as a backdoor.

Derrick, Cody, Christine, or Victoria leaving next week would be beautiful.


If Donny survives and happens to win HOH, he has already sold his picking rights to Derrick,who will definitely come to collect. So it really doesn’t matter if either Donny (or Victoria for that matter) wins, Derrick still gets to pick.
I was kinda hoping Donny was making an empty desperate plea, but he keeps reiterating it, so that makes me think an HOH by him will do nothing more than remove one more obstable for Derrick.


The HGs are such a bunch of idiots. Talking about the have nots and not realizing Derrick skirted the issue of never having done it or go on the block and a botb battle. The real threat to everyone’s game is Derrick. His mist is better than Dan Gheesling….geeeez!!!

I do hope two evicted HGs comes back. Victoria finally said something smart and dumbo Cody missed it. They will lose their #s and finally the power will be flipped. I would love to watch these dumbos aka bomb squad scramble and watch their game implode.


While it is true that Derrick hasn’t been on the block, he has been a have not twice — week 2 and week 5.


It made Christine uncomfortable because she wants Cody all to herself… it makes us uncomfortably to see Christine (a married woman) all over Cody….


1. too much hugging
2. Cody fighting even in his dreams, that is all kinds of funny
3. Zach is starting to find a very comfortable groove. I wondered when people would start to look to who they wanted to sit next to. that will help Zach in the same way it did help Rachel. he may remove the target all together. Donny seems ahead of him, Nicole is gone this week, Cody has turned his hate to Frankie, derrick is starting to see the threat Frankie presents
4. Derrick is the biggest BB fan that has yet to admit it. he knows so many specific details about past seasons it is scary. seriously thinking he knows writers for cbs after that comment. he is as aware of production as anyone on this website. unfortunately no one else other than Frankie seems to be as aware.


And she’s ugly too. A perfect 0.

Alice N. Chains

Am I the only one that feels like Christine will end up like Michelle Noonan from BB11?

Lady D

Too funny! I have been thinking the same thing for weeks!


How so?


Ugh, Victoria SAVE Nicole, lol. She is the only one thinking logically. I like Donny, but I honestly want Nicole to stay. I wish there was a special twist with both of them staying.


Christink you talk about Amber & Brittany all over Cody and how it made you uncomfortable, “what the hell”? You two-faced hawk nose b!tch in heat, how do you think your husband feels? OMG! YFPOWT, GO HOME!


Is Derrick says Jenga game may be a hint up coming HOH. that production has done it before. Then he say don’t tell anyone. why would he say that if the game is not fixed?


So the other people wont practice the game.


ugh frankie and his hugging and touching

where’s the vomit button :O


Simon/Dawg, it seems like Derrick is under the impression that TA has won 3 tasks ($15,000) because he told Frankie that he wanted to win one more and have an even $20,000 in TA money, but I’m pretty sure they only one 2 of the tasks. They didnt win the one where they needed to get a house guest to get in an argument at the nom ceremony or veto meeting. I think that Derrick believes that Zack going at Amber at the veto meeting was a win but BB showed an “X” for FAILED MISSION. Am I correct on this?


team America completed the first two mission… the rumor about Zach being Amanda zuckermans cousin and nominate a physical treat, amber. they failed on starting a fight with two house guest and the last task … derrick and Frankie has the false impression from dr that they completed the third task…


Thanks Anonymous, thats what I thought. I think Derrick n Frankie think that Zach going at it with Amber at the veto cermony was a win, but the task was to have someone argue at someone else for “20 seconds,” and the things Zach said to Amber didnt last for 20 seconds. And BB showed a big X and said Failed Misssion on the cbs episode.


We all know Nicole is going on Thursday. Another production ploy to make the chat sound like Nicole has a chance to stay. Production needs to hurry up with Hayden coming back because this season is dead.


Here we go again hypocrite Christine! lol. I’m sure Brittany and Amber have been watching you with Cody since they left and feel uncomfortable watching you drool over Cody too! Hahaha


I’m not sure why Christine and Nicole feel it necessary to inflate Cody’s ego even further with exaggerations about evicted,thereby non consequential HGs. He obviously has a high enough opinion of himself since he uses such ‘gifts’ to do nothing more than exist in the house and receive a free pass.

I never got a read on Brittany’s feelings for Cody,but Amber demurred on several occasions when he tried to get her to admit she was interested in him. In fact, she even told other HGs she thought of him as just a friend.

Praise, you know...

I hope Jocasta comes back and f*cks up everything Lololololololol.

Thor's Sister

I hope no one comes back and Nicole stays and then wins HOH and puts up Frankie and Christine. Is there no justice ffs.


Any chance somebody got the footage of Christine masturbating?
I could use a good laugh.


2:15pm camera 4 Aug 12 starts there and ends on camera 3 at about 2:29pm…when she signs something I’d rather not type here with the hand she’s not using under the sleeping bag. Yes, folks…sign language with the other hand so she knows the camera’s on her.

Judge not or thou shall be judged or something.....

It is gross all the pawing that Chris and Cody are doing no doubt. But who cares what her husband thinks about it? She can deal with that when she gets home. The more people talk about it the bigger it seems and no one is buying that hes alright with it for now. Do you people know this man? I think if he was calling his wife a whore and saying mean things everyone would be freaking out. He is defending his wife because that’s what you do. Esp on social media when you can’t talk to your partner wtf are you supposed to do? Give the guy a break (her hubby) and just stick to the game in the BB house. Don’t worry about what kind (if any) of trouble she will be in with her man when she gets out. As if any of you give that much of a shit. I mean really.


her husband is a major pu$$y and an insult to not only married men but men in general.

Toe Cutter

I wonder what it was exactly that made Christine “uncomfortable” while drooling I mean watching Amber/Britany flirt with Cody? She didn’t like watching good looking people talk/flirt with each other.? She knew that with these women in the house Cody would not give her any attention? My gosh she is diluted and even though I like Cody, he does seem boring lols.


wait, it was uncomfortable to watch how Brittany and Amber were around Cody? They weren’t anywhere near being all over him in comparison to Christine, plus they’re north single. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha okay Christine, that was awkward to watch, sure. Makes complete sense ._____.


I meant both, not north. stupid auto correct.


as much as we all rag on christine for being all over cody, lets not forget that cody is always hugging on her, cuddling and rubbing her just as much. The whole thing is just very uncomfortable to watch.


It’s funny that Derrick, and mostly Cody and Christine talk a lot of crap about Zach when their the most disliked people in the house.

#ZachAttack #Wildcard


I think it’s funny that the only remaining alliances in a season where there has been a *BILLION* alliances are the three that Derrick is in. I really didn’t want to like him for the longest time but i have to give credit where credit is due and commend Derrick on an amazing social game. Even when he’s not technically in power, he finds a way to ensure who he wants to be nominated gets nominated and who he wants to go home goes home. This trend started when he turned on Devin and will continue with Nicole going home on this Thursday. Kudos to him for saving the Detonators last week as they irrationally contemplated cannibalizing yet another alliance member. *Sidenote: Somebody, anybody please explain what an alliance is to the entire cast of bb16. I have no idea how they even trust each other even remotely at this point, call me crazy but if I witnessed week after week my alliance take out it’s on members, I’d be hella paranoid.* The only bump in the road for Derrick appears to be the possible return of Hayden, as Donny, Cody, Zack and Victoria all had great relationships with him. I see Derrick dragging Victoria to the end to secure the win. The only chances either Christine and Frankie have of winning this game is taking each other to the finale. Zack, surprisingly still has a pretty solid chance of winning as he is disarmingly and boyishly likeable, despite the ZackAttack antics. Cody has been this season’s biggest let down, I get the feeling that people genuinely feel betrayed by him (Amber, Brittany, Nicole) and although it’s only Nicole who will be in the jury, I can’t picture a scenario where he gets himself to finale (as no one would take him) where he would win. Cody will most likely end up Derrick’s final victim.


I could totally see Derrick on finale night and I know he really has plans to drag Victoria all the way to the end with him. Derrick has played a game that is more strategic than his fellow HGs who are vulnerable to his influence. But I cringe when I hear the gratutious lying he does.

His constantly reminding HGs that he’s always honest and plays straight up is completely unnecessary, as they never even develop the slightest doubt about him ( as evidenced by him avoiding being nominated). It reminds me of Shelly from BB13 who always had to remind people she was a ‘straight shooter’ but, in fact, she was anything but.

Derrick the Dog

I would love to know how a police officer is allowed to take almost 3 months off to be on this show.

I see it already, When he goes back to his job, anyone he gives a ticket to or arrests will just bring up what a documented liar he is

Cases dismissed


Lol……..”Who’s Dan Gheesling?”
Uuuhhh….frankie I thought you were a superfan? Dan is the man. 😛


As I said earlier you are correct but when a person puts his/her life in front of millions to see then you need to act like a lady/gentleman. Christine and her husband knew she was coming on BB and they both knew what to expect. If you don’t want your business talked about then when you come on a reality show and act like a lady/gentleman whether married or not. Or keep your tail off the show(s) because once you get on there and start acting like a whore or slut then that’s on you.

If her husband has had enough of her acting like she is then it’s up to him to get in touch with CBS and tell his wife to come off NOW, instead he’s also allowing her to continue for what – 500k. So when you get on these shows and act like a damn fool. Don’t get angry with the public for voicing their opinion.
You don’t read this blog about us saying things like this about the other ladies that were on the show and actually I believe Christine helped to get rid of the other ladies so she could have her pick of the men that were left – she’s acting like this is not her first rodeo. You are entitled to your opinion just like we are. Thank you


My comment was for “Judge not or thou shall be judged or something….. ” I must didn’t hit the right button.