Nicole “The way she hangs off Cody freaks me out.. She talks Dirty to him”

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Caleb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: Donny & Nicole
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

BB16-2014-08-11 17-19-02-812

Nicole crying Victoria tries to comfort her.
Nicole – I feel so terrible..
Nicole feels betrayed “I Feel so emotional with everything..”
Nicole says she was always the one that would have to get the blood on her hands. Nicole about CHristine – SHe’ literally here for the money she’ll do anything.. It makes sense but at the same time I did NOT expect that from her”
Nicole says Christine has some type of deal BIG TIME with Cody and Someone else.. “ Frankie, Caleb, Zach”
Nicole says all the information Christine use to tell her Christine said Zach said..
Nicole – She told me to put up Cody as the replacement nominee when I was HOH.. isn’t that weird she’s supposed to be really good friends with cody.. she’s playing so dirty
Victoria she playing hard
Nicole – The way she hangs off Cody freaks me out kinda if you’re married I would never act the way she acts”
Victoria is nodding.
Nicole – She talks Dirty to him, She’s always on top of him cuddling him or whatever and they’re always talking about Sexual jokes”
Nicole says her and Victoria are different than the other girls “I’m not even married and I wouldn’t do that”
Victoria thinks what Christine is doing is strictly game she will do whatever it takes to get ahead.
Victoria wants Nicole to stay
Nicole is going to try and get Derrick’s and Cody’s vote. She needs to work on Christine because the best she can hope for is a tie. She doesn’t think she has a chance with to convince Frankie, Zach and Caleb.
Nicole wonders if they are going to have a twist because all thye’ve had was the Battle on the block

BB16-2014-08-11 17-23-31-331

5:23pm Hammock Derrick and Christine
Talking about Frankie’s money and charity. They both believe Frankie is who he says he is
Derrick says Frankie will use some of the money for charity like he said but how much he actually gives “You’ll never know”
Christine says Victoria winning would have been like an Andy winning. Derrick defends Andy says he played a game doesn’t think Victoria is up to Andy level
Derrick says they’ve only lost 2 out of their original bomb squad 8. “I didn’t see that happening”
Christine – That is so cool knowing we made it have way”
Derrick – if we stay loyal and nothing goes wrong we’re guaranteed 2 -3 more weeks”

Christine says at one point Nicole told her she can be one of her bridesmaids if she married HAyden

BB16-2014-08-11 18-00-40-856

6:00pm Hammock, Derrick, Victoria and Christine (Mostly chit chat)
talking about last season and the Zing Bot
Victoria is nervous about seeing Zing Bot because of what he might say. Derrick can’t wait.
Christine – He says some mean stuff..
Victoria – THe one with the restraining order.. (GM zing last year)
Cody starts working out.. the conversation moves to meridians on the roads where they live..
Derrick says Nicole graduated top of her class and finished 1 year early, ‘She’s really smart… she’s the real deal.. the school she went to is known for nursing”
Christine – WOW

BB16-2014-08-11 18-24-52-051

6:24pm COdy working out.

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BB16-2014-08-11 18-31-50-825

6:29pm Kitchen Christine and Victoria preparing food
Victoria – I’m allergic to literally everything
Victoria asks her how things are with Frankie
Christine better but she’s still terribly annoyed. She can’t act the way she wants around Frankie she has to be cordial.
Derrick joins them.. CHit Chat. Christine goes to the storage room to get something. Victoria tells Derrick Nicole thinks she has a chance of staying.
Derrick – it’s fine there’s no chance of her staying

BB16-2014-08-11 18-42-41-745

6:42pm Backyard Cody and Donny
Cody talking about his first impressions of the house guests thought Donny was going to have a deep voice and be ex military or he lives in the woods.
Cody adds when he first saw Derrick he thought “who wears earrings what a loser cause he had two studs in

BB16-2014-08-11 18-47-42-564

6:47pm Derrick and Frankie
Frankie – Is everything good
Derrick everything is great.. I think we’re good we’re friggin golden this weeks in the books”
Frankie – I agree

The new bomb squad – Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Derrick needs to be escorted out of the house personally by Nicole. Even though that twist wouldn’t happen I mean a guy can hope can’t he?


Why? Derrick is just playing the game, and at least he’s going about it as business. He’s doesn’t talk maliciously about others in the house on a personal level like that piece of trash Frankie. And Christine is a real piece of work. Or piece of trash actually. I feel bad for her husband. He should divorce her skanky a$$.


Oh yes he does… not as mean as Frankie but who can be as mean as that f*ck? He’s hors concours!

He made Victoria cry yesterday… for someone saying “oh, I’d punch a guy if he talked like that to my daughter” he’s a real piece of work. I’m so sick of him.


Thats not talking maliciously about someone, that is a part of the act. Part of selling himself to someone else in the house. You think he really cares what Zach says about Victoria? Hell no. Now Frankie whispers the most spiteful, hateful and malicious crap, more than any other house guest this season…..And if you don’t like Derrick lying, or anyone for that matter, why are you watching Big Brother then????? Lol.


I agree, there are so many people posting on here complaining about house guests lying………….. seriously that’s part of the game! It would be pretty boring if they just all told each other who was going next


Glad there are some true BB fans on here.


There’s a difference between lying and being a liar. Zach tells lies, but Derrick is a liar. It’s one thing to lie in the game to further yourself, but to lie on people for no blatant reason other than to get ahead is sick. Derrick and Frankie did not have to lie on Nicole. Frankie knew he was the one that said he had Victoria in his back pocket because of his sister yet he lied and said Nicole said it. Derrick sits there and uses Victoria and tells her Zach is a liar when it’s him who’s lying when he clearly have just told Victoria like he has said before if you hear anything about me being in an alliance don’t believe it because I am just using them to get us ahead, but instead he chose to lie on Zach by making himself look good, when he knew Victoria would believe him anyway. He lied on Nicole saying she was going to backdoor Christine which is what she said, but before her and Christine made up and when he was in agreement with hit. True it’s a game to lie if you have to but to lie on people when you’re walking around saying if someone does things to your daughter what you would do, well what is he going to do to himself because if you’re going to play the game that way then don’t pass judgment on others when they do the same thing you claim to dispise.


Thanks for taking the time and summing that up and posting it! I clearly have no patience any more. LOL! People don’t get it. It is a social game and it reflects who you are… one don’t begins lying and deceiving jsut because they are there. Also, he’s not loyal to anyone in there… as soon as Cody becomes an impediment to him, he will ditch him. We all have seen HGs lying but having strong alliances… it’s not so much about the lying but how it is being done in this game.


You could never win Big Brother.

Butters Mom

Actually they do tell each other who is going next… they always vote as a house… which is boring.


Kaleb already answered most of the points you make and I agree with him completely.

Still, I must say I rather deal and socialize with someone like Zach that calls people “fruit loop dingus” – after all that’s a pretty non aggressive way of “offending” someone – then dealing with the wolf in sheeps clothing Derrick. The worst for me is him making fun of Victoria and pretending in front of her that he cares. That’s not necessary to move ahead… not in his situation. If he did that once, just to guarantee his “bonds” in the game, okay… cool. But he does it all the time. He toyed with a bunch of people. He literally believes he’s a 100% good! That’s pathetic! That behavior isn’t about telling lies… that’s about being extremely manipulative. He toys around with their emotions. He leads them to believe he actually has a genuine friendship with them when he really has no friendship besides the one with his pocket. You may still argue: but Tony, that’s BB! And I’ll say: not, it isn’t… we’ve seen people winning without this huge amount of lying and backstabbing. For instance, last year Andy was really with Amanda up until when it was time to ditch her in order to move on to the finalists, because he knew he’d always place 3rd place if it was between him and Mcranda. Still he didn’t lie to her face ALL THE TIME.

I would rather be in jury but win AFP than win 500k Derrick’s way.

Im back

Derrick is playing a great game of big brother!!! I’m not saying he’s a good guy ( nothing negative about him being a cop because I respect his necessary, low paying, difficult profession) but he is playing a great game of big brother so far!! It’s the game ya’ll!!!!


Your attitude towards the game is exactly the same as the morons getting punked by Derrick. The Big Brother game basically has no moral rules. You do what you have to, to control other peoples game. I enjoy seasons with a true schemer, a la eveldick, Dan, etc. Derrick is a master manipulator. This is not a morals contest.



Nothing against you but you assume a lot of things, especially about me, without even knowing me! That’s nonsense!

Derrick is only doing great because the other players are too bad at playing BB. And no, this isn’t how the game is played. There ARE a set of moral values… it’s not The Hunger Games, yo! They cannot slap each other and do other stuff. Regardless, a bunch of other people and I have been saying: it’s not telling lies, it’s about being a liar. If he had an alliance and was totally loyal to it, I’d be like: yeah, I like him. Not the case! He wanted to throw Donny under the bus for not completing a TA challenge! He’s ridiculous… all that because of 5k.

I’m sitting tight here to see if he will still be able to get jury house on his side. A lot of resentment will be cooking over a low fire. Unless Jocasta performs a holy exorcism, I don’t see anyone of the jury house members forgiving bomb squad guys. I truly hope now that Victoria wins this thing.. LOL!


Listen Tonny, just because Andy acted a certain way and only lied under certain circumstances doesn’t mean that that is the only way to win. Derrick is playing a game, plain and simple. Like all the houseguests, everything he does or says comes with a price. If he is too hurtful, insensitive, mean, manipulative, etc., others will figure it out. In fact, it’s their job as DERRICK’S OPPONENTS to figure that out. If they don’t, and he wins, well he did a good job with his words and actions. It doesn’t matter if his words and actions make him someone you want to be friends with. I think it’s stupid to go to play a game like this worrying about what other players think at the expense of your own game. If you make a long term friend in the meantime, great. If not, well, that’s not why you joined the game in the first place. I mean, would you rag on a guy at a poker game for bluffing? Seriously.


I respect your opinion and I agree with some points. But, before I talk about Derrick, allow me to say that I don’t admire Andy or his game play. Just used him as an example since his season is the most recent one besides the current.

Now, Derrick: you all seem to think that BB is just a game. It’s wrong. It’s a reality show. The way you are, the way you choose to behave and conduct “your boat” in that house says a lot about you. All I’m saying is: I don’t believe that Derrick chooses to be a backstabber because it’s good for his game, or he acts condescendingly because it;s good for his game, or that he is cruel to Victoria behind her back because it’s good for his game… he does all that because that’s part of his personality. Every one of your actions reflects a bit of who you are. Derrick, when faced with the possibility with winning money, behaves like that.

If none of this mattered, then should we also face all the bigotry from last season as game play? Of course not. Thus: playing the game DIRTY does show the type of person you are in the real world. He can lie as much as he wants, but he doesn’t need to kick the dead dog.

He will never convince me that he’s a good person. I’m sorry. And I won’t ever admire his game play.


You are so right that’s why I quit watching. Win honestly it can be done:)


He’s a liar a hypocrite and a user trying to play Dan gheesling’s game by using Victoria. Always talking about is someone treated his daughter the way Zach does he would break their jaw. Well I guess it’s alright for to use his daughter like he’s using Victoria so long as the guy doesn’t disrespect her. He’s a hypocrite because he said Devin was taking money out of his family mouth by blowing up his game, again I guess it’s ok for him to take money from Nicole family, by lying on her? True it’s a game, but like Frankie he will do anything to win. Hope that’s someone he wants his daughter to be proud of game or not.

Caren in Canada

Ok so I have read so many people comparing Derricks game to Dans and this just has to be said! Dan played a great game with some really great players, but Derricks game is nowhere even remotely close to Dans, Derrick was just lucky enough to get on a season with players that have no idea how to play other than to play follow the leader! The sheep hearder and the sheep, that is all this season has been! There is no way had Derrick played in Dans season that he would have even stood a chance making it this far! I am sure Dan would find it insulting to be compared to Derrick! Out of this entire season, he was just the strongest of the weakest players I have seen in BB. and I have seen every single season! (just my humble opinion)


You are obviously not watching the live feeds are you?? If you did then you would know that Derrick is talking smack about other players behind their backs. He said Zack was an idiot and that he can’t stand Victoria, then turns around and pretends he cares about her and tells her he would never double cross her straight to her face! A professional trained liar and manipulator is who Derrick is in real life and he is using those traits in this game. But since Frankie is gay then what he does with manipulating and lying to others is horrible, at least to people like you. Singling out Frankie when others are doing the same thing if not worse like Derrick is plain homophobic.

Caren in Canada

Um yes I am watching the live feeds. and once again it is justifying my point, Vic is the sheep and Derrick is leading her to the slaughter! This entire cast has done nothing but do as they are told to do, and for the most part Derrick is the one telling them what to do, As I said, he is the strongest of the weakest, and that is all he will be remembered for!


Victoria should have no complaints with Derrick when all is said and done. He’s going to make her 50k richer for basically sitting on her ass all season.


Victoria reporting back to Derrick, like the little songbird she is. I really do not understand why they are so blind. Remember the days when there was at least ONE female not afraid to fight? *sighs* Memories.

Johnny Conservative

There were, the guys were smart enough to recognize that Joey,Brittany and Amber were the type of female you are talking about. I feel sorry for Victoria in a way. There is so much going on around her and she seems clueless.

Wake UP! Someone besides Donny Please WAKE UP!

What’s sad is that Nicole is leaving and she STILL doesn’t realize Derrick is behind it.


She knows Derrick is not to be trusted. She knows first hand because Derrick and Cody were suppose to vote Zach out and they didn’t, she knows because Zach told her about their alliance, and Donny told her, besides she sat there and listen to Derrick lie to Victoria about not being in an alliance with anyone when she knows he is. I hope the twist this year is that two people come back and they have another double eviction. That will give Donny the numbers because the two coming back would be Hayden and Nicole and they would take Derrick and Frankie out


But even after all of that (keeping Zach and then booting Hayden) she still said in the DR that she trusted Derrick! That was her fatal mistake. After winning HOH her and Christine (who is a snake but would have hopefully been able to see she is # 6 on her team) should have been able to come up with their own game plan and made a power move. Yet once again she let the guys dictate who she would put up and who THEY wanted on the block. The two of them needed to put all 4 frat pack on the block and let them start back stabbing each other. regardless of who won the BOB or POV “at the end of the day” (damn Caleb ruined that phrase for us all) one of them would be left on the block with only three votes to save them. Frankie who is a self serving slug would jump on the bandwagon to save his ass (They both sit him down and say we won’t put you on the block IF you join us to get rid of a heavy hitter) So you would have had Christine or Nicole (whoever was not still HOH) Donny, Victoria (Christine and Nicole could easily reveal how Derrick has been playing her since they are both aware of alliances he is in AND the shit he has said about her) Frankie (unless he ended up a replacement after POV) which is 4 (or 3-3 tie and HOH votes out one of the frat pack)

so much worring about next week. This whole “I was told if I didn’t do this or vote this way, I would be voted out next” is bizzare. Even Christine used that this week to Nicole. Anyway all water under the bridge at this point. Donny needed to be a little more aggressive in forming his own alliance early on. He was just scared that whoever he talked to would go tell Derrick and he would have been gone.

as earlier stated the season of the sheep being lead to slaughter!! That is my two cents! Poor Nicole look like she has been rode hard and put away wet in these pictures 🙂

Stupid Girls



Someone would and could if production stops interfering.

Kathy B

Hell, a couple of well-placed .50 caliber rounds would work for me! Fire ’em just above their heads just to mess with them.


We need to pick a new Team America!!! and get rid of the Bum Squad!


I am not sure we picked the three we have with the exception of Donny.

Team Derrick

I agree with RancyPants. I also believe the people were chosen for Team America. I voted for Derrick.


It’s never going to happen and I really hope that Nic does not return from the jury because it would be another big fat waste of time like all of her HOH’s–ha! waste of time and this hoh is sending her home – bahaha.
I had hoped that after Hayden was sent packing and she wasn’t hiding under the covers playing kissy-face, she would open her eyes and figure out what’s going on. Nope.
Even though she can now “read Derrick like a book” -lol , she still mentions every single name but his when talking about who Chris is with or who is running the house.
Ffs, Donnie even told her this morning that it was all Derrick and she nods, says she wishes she new that before and then forgets the entire convo.
I was trying to root for her but she is just too effin stupid and because of her stupidity/memory loss she deserves to go home. Directly home. Do not pass by the jury house. Do not collect stipend or Hayden. Just go the F home!

Butters Mom

i think shes trying to eat her way out of the house now…. shes definitely a stress eater. poor girl.


Christine is hoe, I really feel bad for her husband. She’s an embarrassing woman ugh. Disgusting!


Don’t feel bad for him. If you check out his twitter the man clearly is not worth it. He always states he does not care about the cuddling and always defends her stating that her flirtmance with Cody is only for the game.


Truly she is. She makes Amanda from last season look good. Now that’s bad.

I Don't Like Derrick

LOL. Are you kidding??? Amanda did all kinds of things that I/m not going to say on national TV?? But, I don’t think she was married, but still, that could never be anybody I care about, especially if I was her mother. She would never hear the end of it. And what does anybody expect Christine’s husband to do?? Announce that he’s hurt, or pissed, and talk crap about his wife for all of America. And please, don’t degrade or make fun of the guy. He is probably going through enough hurt and frustration, and he’s not being able to do anything about it.


Chistine and hubby might be swingers.


Only Helen Keller and Stevie Wonder would stick around that Swing Club seeing Christine and Tim on the couch

Cackling Hyena

That’s a good one. Thanks for the laugh.
(On another note, for a smart girl, Nicole is so disappointing. I’m not too sorry for her leaving. Too many mistakes.)


Funny how Nicole only talks about being disgusted by Christine and Cody now that she is on her way out. These two little virgins are acting like they are pure as the driven snow.

I guess she didn’t care about the inappropriate stuff when she was on Christine’s side/alliance.

Hypocrite much Nicole?


I’m pretty sure she saw it before but was keeping her mouth shut because she thought Christine was with her. Sometimes we don’t want to see the truth about people until they show us themselves. Now that Christine has showed her true colors, it has opened Nicole’s naive little eyes.


My god Nicole looks awful! Pull yourself together girl. Its ok to cry, but don’t let this mentally destroy you. Dry your eyes and go out like a boss. Blow up everyone’s game since they are all against you. Give Christine a piece of your mind and let her have it. Walk around the house with your head held high. Then come Thursday, curl your hair, wear your best dress and heels, and sit in that chair with the most smug look on your face. .


Eyes open wide when she learns about Christine. Two “virgins” …really? Christine is MARRIED, the other two are not!


Of all the things this season that have annoyed me i think the worst is that cody has cuddled his way to final 3 while doing nothing but listening to derrick, saying hes going to punch __________ in the face, and just cuddled. Bad player. No personality no game but he is great at being an escort apparently


Cody is the biggest floater in there. Victoria is better than he is!


Cody’s cuddling / molesting is annoying, but only the second most annoying Cody-trait. For me, the number one annoying thing about Cody is his ego. He makes small talk about how good looking he and his brother are… just like talking about the weather. He is a good looking guy, but spewing his own hype makes him reallly fugly.

Christine's Husband

Its not her fault. I have a small wiener.

Christines old man

I love watching her fondle other men I get my rocks off to it. I love the humiliation it is our thing.

Irked by the stupidity!

Nicole…stop crying. Go to the jury house like a BOSS for Christ’s sake and wait for Christine to show up…she’ll be right behind you!


LOL…yup & Victoria will be behind Chritine next week!!!




Feel bad for Nicole, but she needs to pull herself up by the bootstraps and carry on. Isn’t there something hidden in the house that they haven’t found yet? We need some excitement!


The only excitement we’ll get will be when the bomb squad or detonators or whatever their alliance is turn on each other. But then again with this cast they forgive each other so easily once Donny and Nicole go I bet they’ll be drawing straws on who should go on the block, everything ALWAYS ends up sunshine and roses. I’m a viewer, give me a bloodbath dammit !

This is so boring, seeing one side completely decimated, where’s the fun? I guess A power shift will never happen this season.

Resurrect me on finale night.


So tired of these “kids” and their mentality. Can we have some grown-ups next time, please??? Geesh!


I’m sure there will be a conveniently hidden safety in the house…when Frankie’s ass is blindsided. Anything to help out production’s Molden Boy…

On another note, two things…first, I love how Nicole made a back-handed comment towards Cackle-twat when she told Donny he can’t cuddle cause he has a girlfriend…and Cackle-twat agreed with her. *facepalm* Second, I love how Walking Vagina gives Chief Wiggum shit about his earrings being lame…when he is sporting the thorny vine tattoo around his bicep…


Wow. I didn’t think it was possible but this season is officially worse than last years. I hate how complacent and entitled Derrick and Frankie feel. Nobody should ever feel safe in the BB house. There really needs to be a new twist or some of kink that throws these two off there game.
I am also sickened to see Frankie’s sister constant tweets about her brother and I hate how it has affected this game. Big Brother is supposed to be a social experiment in which they are cut off from the world and nothing from the outside should creep in. I live for the day Frankie’s smug face is out the door.
Donny for the win!!!!!! Or if not, Zach Attack.

You're Crazy

What has creeped in from the outside? Based upon your ridiculous comment, none of the house guest should talk about their lives. Please seek help.


Christine has flat out embarrassed her husband on national television. Poor, poor guy…


Yea, but he is an idiot if he puts up with it and stays with her. The guy has been defending her on Twitter!


This is very true….He embarrasses himself further if he puts up with that.


He probably is embarassed that when he finally woke from his drunk stupor he found out he married an ugly trollip.

I love Christine

Your all just jealous because she can get a hot guy like Cody! She has a great personality, is absolutely beautiful. She deserves to win – AND YEAH I AM JUST KIDDING – she is the most disgusting, putrid, evil player to ever play the game….


When this is all over Christine will win the title Joke of BB16, what an embarrassment to both family’s


I agree her behavior is gross and embarrassing and he looks dumb for defending her online, but we never know whats the truth. He might be saving face and not looking like a douche that just turns on his wife in front of an online audience while not being able to talk to his wife. You don’t just have a cyber freak-out when your wife is in the BB house no matter how dumb she makes you look. He could just be waiting until she’s home to blindside her…then again maybe not. But I have a theory he might just be trying to save face in the public eye.

christines hubby

Ok being honest here her husband looks like a weird cyborg troll, it isn’t like he can get anything better if you look at his pic you will know what I mean. Ugly trolls don’t have many options in life he will suck it up and accept his place in the world is to get walked over like usual.


Has Zach been in bed all day or what?

I loath Frankie

Frankie is gross.
I want to shave is pink peacock head.

Troll Doll Christine.......Heh Heh Heh!!

That would be some great airtime to see Nicole punch that troll Christine square in the nose and shortin’ her nose about two inches, then just maybe I might think Christine is pretty!


Christine looks like a muppet.


Christine is an IDIOT!!!! These guys are going to cut her the first chance they get. It would be nice to see her get evicted right after Nicole. What would be even better to see is if Cody is the one to send her out that door. One can only hope right?????


Zarnay…….you have given me something to think about and I’m feeling better just imagining how delightful it will be to see Christine being screwed over by the guys and especially Cody.


Glad I gave you something to think about! Even though I’m hoping for Nicole to get some special Power of Veto I’m not sure that girl has it in her to use it correctly. I sadly think she is a goner. However, she does have a good chance of coming back into the house. Lets just hope if she does she doesn’t get misted by Derrick or Cody again. Donny is the only one that has common sense in that house!


Christiane is said Victoria winning would be worst than Any`s? How about is she wins? Well ..never mind. There`s no way this stupid snaky rat will win.. She would loose even if Jocasta comes back and both make to the final.

Christiane is not even thinking about the money to be honest. She is just hoping for a chance with Cody when they get out. She is so delusional

Kathy B

Christine’s just window-licking stupid.


For all you people complaining about no one taking out big players the first couple of weeks. Wel, this is the reward for that, a house full of players with all (almost) the floaters out the door, And the result? what we have been seeing starting with Jocasta’s eviction.

Now, big brother could be like this all summer if casting didn’t put players like Joey, Paola, Jocasta Hayden and Victoria who are not there to play at all. and instead selected some smart ballsy ones. is it that difficult?

Anyway, I love this season, I didn’t enjoy Big brother since season 10 and that was a long time ago.


Hayden was there to play, and the likes of VIctoria, Cody, and Christine are all floating by too, so don’t pretend that ALL the floaters are gone. This season is horrible. Anybody with half a brain can see that. It is the Derrick Puppet show.


except they are not. Sure Cody is pretty much Derrick’s puppet, but let’s compare him to Shane, or to last season guys. He actually has some substance as a person and is playing the game, he’s a coward tough for sure but still better than the crappy casts we’ve seen in past years.

Christine as much as i don’t like her at all, is not a floater she is actually a pretty decent manipulator and liar, which are key. people trust her because she makes them trust her. I don’t think she’ll sink with the Frankie ship.. see how she has distanced herself from him? that’s good gameplay..

Frankie, Zach and Donny are also good carachters and entertaining players (and strong)

So yeah, i say much better than bb 11 natalie martinez, jordan, kevin f3. or bb12 annoying alliance of men . or bb13 porsche, adam, kalia and jordan in f5. or bb14 danielle, shane jenn, joe frank all being in f7 (and ian tough i know he has a lot of fans), or bb15 awful horris entire cast let alon the f4 andy gm, spencer and mccrae

so yeah, everyone currently in the house except victoria is pretty much better than all of the above who are 95% of the players in the end games for each season. Not saying they’re all likeable, Frankie and Christine are awful, but they’re there to play and are actually pretty smart.


final 2 Zach and Donny is good with me.. this two need to plot the demise of the other house guests. come on you two make a final two deal.


Get real. Zach has no game. Every time he has an opp to get off the bottom of the BS, he blows it up to the BS. He is entertaining and that’s it. If he’s trying to win second well that won’t work either because Victoria’s already there, followed closely by Cody.


Everytime Nicole try to figure out who is working together or someone to blame, she will blame and name everyone else EXCEPT Derrick. FruitloopDingus still can’t figure it out in 50+ weeks. This girl is beyond stupid her and Victoria will make bestie’s. Nicole you had a million chances and you blew each one, so I don’t feel sorry for you. Don’t even go to the jury house, just go straight home to the lil town you are from and on the way pick up a brain!! #justdumb


R.I.P. Robyn Williams

so sad

I Don't Like Derrick

Right after Caleb won HOH, Zack asked, “Who told you to vote against me?” Hayden says, “Frankie and Christine.” Then Nicole calls out Frankie and Christine. The dumbass protected Derrick and Cody. If Nicole would have told Zack about Derrick and Cody wanting to evict him, then Zack would not have been so stupid with that information. Both, He and Caleb would have no longer trusted Derrick and Cody, and that alone would have changed the game. Nicole might not even be on the block right now, if she had announced that Derrick and Cody also planned on evicting Zack. But even so, she could still change the game simply by revealing this information. The question is, Why is she keeping this shit to herself and why is Frankie and Christine??


At this point in the season, I’m worried that Nicole is getting enough fluids, because she’s looking a little dehydrated from all this crying. Can someone get her a Gatorade?


“hey Christine, is that a nose on your face or are you just glad to see me?” ZING!!!!!!!


“Hey Christine, You have a special surprise waiting for you at Finale. Instead of hubby showing up with flowers it will be divorce papers”


Has anybody seen her husband or knows who he is? Im sure he is just a looser like her.


Nicole please stop with the freaking crying you had your chance to make big moves & you didn’t but instead you let Derrick & everyone else run your HOH’s now you’re on the chopping block while everyone else is sitting pretty the only thing you can hope for is to compete to come back in the house! Christine & Victoria you’re both next especially if Derrick or his goons win HOH so you both better hope & pray Donny wins & hopefully he makes a move!!! It’s time for Derrick & his sidepiece Cody to sit their asses to feel the heat!!


*typo I meant to say its time for them to sit their asses in the hot seat


what were all the twists this season? that stupid predictable block battle?


Exactly, this is suppose to be the summer of expect the unexpected – where it go!!! or did the audience get it by watching Derrick and – as someone said above his goons.

This is the time for them to through in the unexpected the show will be over in a few weeks. Or was it Production jumping in when they should have left it alone other than that I hadn’t seen anything unexpected – maybe I missed something

Straight Guy

Usually BB production will put one token gay guy into the mix; this year they put three token straight guys into the BB house, all the others are gays………………………………………………………….


what does that have to do with anything?


Sigh…. I’m ready for All Stars 2.


sheesh. this is officially one of the most boring seasons ever. on one hand (and from a “if i were playing the game” perspective) kudos to derrick because at this point he’s got it made to sail to final 2. on the other hand, nobody watches a reality show like big brother to see anybody coast anywhere. I usually try not to judge the players for what they do inside the game, but mostly everyone left has a very unattractive personality. Sure, you might lie/scheme etc, but these guys take their game talk and actions to a whole personal level which is really ugly and rather annoying. Even Nicole’s feeling of betrayal was a letdown. Don’t get me wrong, I like when the “villains” of the game make me love them (Dr. Will), but none of these people seem that likable. where are all these darn twists that were supposed to make it the most twisted season ever? besides double HOH/BOB, nothing is new; not anything involving america’s influence or offering an evicted player a chance to get back in the house. Where’s the coup d’etat? Diamond power of veto? or how about even an america’s vote that they can’t refuse without consequences?? I’d rather have Rachel and her annoying self back in the house if it meant this season would become interesting.


production is waiting until Frankie is on the block and out the door to have something like a special power


How about next season you mix in some people with life experience, 3 people 30 or over in a house of 16? What the hell is that? I don’t watch Big Brother to look at people who look good in bathing suits, I watch for cut throat gameplay, and backstabbing galore. This cast is very weak, and has no abilty to catch on to the fact that they are being manipulated by 1 person and 1 person only. The ability to know you are being played comes with life experiences. A bunch a kids in their early 20’s simply don’t have it.


It is pretty ridiculous that Donny had no one to bond with in that house. 30 year olds can hang with twenty somethings, especially if they’ve been undercover busting those kids for minor weed possessions. But once you hit about 35, any type of bond with those kids becomes parental only.


I am with you on that. Brittany got booted for calling people on their shit, Donny is the only one with half a clue and Derrick is playing puppet master.


its puppy master


Especially Christine


I wish they would have seasons consisting of contestants who are 50 years and older. Yes that would be me and I would dearly love to play the game but recognize I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the youngsters.

Love BB

Hope Nicole blows up Derricks game as she leaves. Don’t think she will, but boy it would be great to hear his name & all the alliances he started together in one big………. BOOM!
Watch Caleb, Zach, Victoria react to that!
Would give Donny a chance to get a couple of them on his side.
C’mon Donny!!!!!!!!!
Really want you to win!


Blow what up? The true is, everybody knows everything that happens and is happening in the game.
These people just don`t care. Like Zack told Victoria things about Derrick and where did that go??


I don’t think Nicole will blow anything up until they have to complete to get back into the house, and if she loses she’ll spill her guts to Hayden to help him further himself in the game, because she wouldn’t want him going back in to side with the guys. She would tell him to listen to Donny and side with Donny. I think maybe this week they will compete to come back in the game so she may not be gone for long which would be awesome. Get voted out and the same night come back to compete for HOH (which either way she would be safe for the week so she can lose if she wants) and hope Donny win and watch the other side of the house scramble. That would be sweet revenge for her getting voted out. So if she gets to compete and come back this Thursday and don’t win HOH she’s still safe so I would like to see Donny and Zach win HOH everyone else would do what Frankie and Derrick want. Caleb would listen to Frankie and Derrick, Victoria and Cody would listen to Derrick and Christine can’t play. Zach is such a wild card, but I think he still wants Frankie out. So it would be nice if Nicole got evicted Thursday compete and come back and be safe for the week, and Donny win HOH.

Donny FTW

Looks like Hayden will get to go back in the house since I am sure he can beat Nicole, jocasta, and either Christine or Victoria. I hope he goes after some key players and makes it interesting.


At best he can win hoh and take out one bomb squad member. He has no shocking info to reveal, can’t stir up anything. He is a huge threat if he comes back and he will be dealt with the same week. Bomb squad numbers literally have things locked down. Only possible way to stir up anything if Donny wins next hoh.


Come on Donny and Nicole…get to hunting that hidden DPOV. Hell, production, just call DOnny into the Dr and give it to him.


You people are so sad. Resort to cheating.


Why not Production does it every year anyways. They literally sat the shoe for Jeff on the top and eh was so busy throwing things he didn’t see it, and to make up for it they hired him and brought him back. Rachel didn’t get it the first time so they brought her back. Second time was the charm. Jeff had the DPOV, Brendan got to come back even though he didn’t win he married the winner. So this is not asking to do anymore than Production already has and always does.


That was hilarious, I can’t stand Jeff/Jordan. I still enjoy the anger Big Jeff had when he realized he threw the shoe out of the pin.

Ambers Slippers

Best moment ever!!! I watch that scene when Jeff got evicted whenever I am sad. Cheers me up everytime


I don’t think that I can remember a recent BB season where there have been more made up lies and distortions. CBS set this season up for the guys to win…hands down. And Frankie (oh my sister is a pop princess) – words cannot describe how much I want him gone from the house. Also, due to his social media presence and built in tween audience — he should not be eligible for America’s favorite. If Nicole goes this week, and it looks likely, this may be the first season that I do not finish as I can find no redeeming qualities in any of the remaining players save for Donny. One of the Worst BB seasons EVER!


One of the most enjoyable season, I have watched them all. The feeds have been great watching Derrick kill these people with words. Masterful job.


It’s always bad when one alliance dominates the house. The season with the Brigade was also really boring. It’s sad watching when half of the house appears unaware that they are being picked off one by one by an alliance like the bombsquad or the brigade.


Brigade season was great. Led up to the climax when Brittany got cut. Funny watching her cry.


I can’t remember which section talked about this so I’m just saying it here, Frankie needs to shut up about being mat at Nicole for supposedly saying bad things about Ariana. Nicole never talked crap about Frankie’s sister, that would only make her a bigger target. Frankie is just out of “real” reasons to be mad at Nicole, so he’ scraping for whatever is left that he can pull out of his butt. Besides, even if Nicole did say bad things about Ariana, she’s a f***ing celebrity, there are just as many people that talk crap about her as there are who don’t like her. It’s part of being famous…but I mean it’s not like Frankie would know, he’s just some wanna be who is thriving to be bigger than his younger sister.

bad brother

The last couple of seasons has shown that bb has run its course.


I just think its a matter of casting.


The problem I’ve seen over the couple of years is that BB is casting contestants that are using the show to advance or develop their own career in the entertainment field instead of casting people who actually want to play and win the game.


Oh frickin boo boo Nicole! Your game sucks! You got played! Go join your floater BF in the jury and let the grown ups play.


Yeah I know. She isn’t crying because she was lied to. She is crying because she lost a chance at $500k. Now she is expecting some twist to save her, umm no. The next twist is a returning house guest.

Don Corleone

Listen Nicole
“The one who comes to with the deal is the traitor.” (derrick)


you state you want Nicole to blow up Derricks game. How is she going to do that? Frankie and the guys know everything about the alliance with Nicole and Hayden. Thats how the information about keeping Zach got back to them. What else does she have on them please. I don`t get what you feel she can accomplish. Zach blabbed everything the other night.

I Don't Like Derrick

Simply by letting everyone know that Derrick and Cody were going to evict Zack, just like Frankie and Christine were. Zack and Caleb would lose all trust in him. Pointing out how everyone listens to him, he is going to win if he makes it to the Final 2, he has Victoria in his pocket, as nothing but an extra vote, etc.

I Don't Like Derrick

Just Curious… Why are people assuming Nicole is a virgin?? Just because she doesn’t want to mess around on national TV?? Just because she has enough class to want to keep things private and not put on a show, doesn’t make her a virgin. DAMN!!! She also didn’t even want to kiss on national TV. Does that mean she has never kissed before?? PLEASE DUMBASSES!!!


You the only saving grace if CBS actually rigs the game so that Frankie wins the whole thing would be the look on Derricks face when he gets booted to the jury house via some kind of production trickery. Priceless.


You know you are terrible at big brother when Dawg is higher in the poll to win the game than Christine, an active houseguest haha.


That’s because after Donny & Zach I struggle to come up with one I even semi-like.


Nicole was never my favorite at all but seeing as the season played out I started to root for her. She can compete and people call her stupid for getting manipulated which is true but everyone in the house is controlled. Going out with class is nice but Nicole
Blow up everyone’s game make the house go crazy. I would love for her and Hayden to go back because i can see them winning and getting the huge targets who screwed them over.

I Don't Like Derrick

Just Curious Again… Does anyone remember Big Brother being 100 days long??? I believe it was Season 3, and maybe Season 4, but I don’t know if my memory is just playing tricks on me. LOL. Does anyone remember Season 3, just being a regular Season with no themed twists or is that just my memory again?? Season 4 was the Ex twist, Season 5, Twins, and it went from there. But I don’t remember Season 3 having any. Does anyon


I kinda over seeing one person run the entire house. I don’t the point in alliances if ur going to flip with every hoh, bob, and pov comp. These people flip flop more then fish. Nobody would understand loyalty even if it smacks them in their gullible heads. They believe everything that is said to them and it doesn’t even have to come from anyone they align with it even like. Derrik could tell them idiots to vote themselves out and they’d be stupid enough to do it. All the people willing to play their own game and not let Derrik play it for them are going to be gone. The only amusement left now is too see the look on each one of their faces when they realize how stupid and usable they really are as they walk their dumb asses out of the door and the only ones left are Derrik who ran 10 puppets at once and Victoria who hasn’t one a thing but a POV that was handed to her by Caleb.


I hope Donny and Victoria win the HOHS this week so they are forced to nominate the guys. Derrick would surely nominated by Donny and I don’t think no one would throw the BoB because their isn’t many options left for replacement if the veto is used. Here’s hoping


I understand why people don’t like this season!
But to go as far to say season 15 is better is reaching. Really reaching.
I had the feeds for BB 15 and have it for 16.
This cast is billion times better than watching Spencer, Andy, Gina Marie etc…

This week was one of the best on the feeds the only thing that is bringing to down is that POV won by Zack and now the boys are in control. If Zack stayed on the block more drama would have followed but at the end of the day the boys took control.

In additional pls don’t blame CBS. The boys got out all the strong players fr the other side who didn’t form an alliance. Now its really easy to pick them off one by one. It will be like this until Victoria or Donny win HOH.


Until victoria wins hoh? Ru serious. Shell do whatever derrick says worse than anyone ever has

nothing left but used toilet paper

I am so damn sick of bitchctins laughing I could slap the crap out of her. She bold faced lied to nic last note. If you was gonna put her on the block you should not have lied to her. Liers are the lowest form of scum scuckers. I guess you can’t expect more from a ignorant trailer trash like her. Frankie is nothing but a peacock bitch. I’m not a homophobic but he acts like a little bitch. They have crushed Nicole, and it would of been easier for her if you would of just been honest. They don’t know the meaning of that word. I am a firm believer of karma and there is quite a few people in there that have a lot of bad juju coming there way. As far frankie, he just needs to be bitched slapped. His sister is probly ashamed of him. Derrick don’t you realize you will be leaving that house in a few days and your word will not mean shit to the law! You have proven that you will do anything to get what you want to have the out come you need. Defence attorneys will wipe your ass in a courtroom because you are a proven lier. After Donny and nic leave they just need to flush the toilet on the rest of them cuz they all are bunch of dingle berry, tampon suckin, bicyclist seat smelling, porta pottie, mean bully bastards.

Bugs Bunny

You my friend, are a mental case. *Bangs Head*

A Nonny Mouse

Hey Dawg,

Someone mentioned that on flashback to 10:20 BB time either Sunday or Saturday that Cody motorboated Christine. Is there some way to confirm that this happened? Thanks so much for answering.


“The Most Twisted Season Ever!”
I don’t think anything can get more boring than this season. #BB17 #BackToBasics

notice that?

Nicole has let herself go. Badly. Like, she looked good…. Now, the stress is like aging her.


Re: Frankie,
Is it possible to become a ‘has been’ if you are a ‘never was’ ??


The conversation between Derrick and Christine suggests why no one ever brings up Derrick as a threat. It is because they like him.

As Hayden said in his interview with Jeff, Derrick gets to know HGs on a personal level and uses that to build relationships.

Christine allegedly was Nicole’s best friend in the house, but she didn’t know that Nicole went to a good nursing school and finished at or near the top of her class — in four (rather than five) years.

Derrick told her that. He learned that by talking to Nicole on a personal level.

Yes, Derrick talks game — and talks game a lot. But he is able to do this because of the trust he has built speaking to his fellow HGs about their outside lives.

This is very similar to how Dan was able to win so much trust in BB10 — and the main reason he was able to garner the votes of Ollie, Michelle and Jerry.

Just call me Billy

“Yes, Derrick talks game — and talks game a lot. But he is able to do this because of the trust he has built speaking to his fellow HGs about their outside lives. ” <<— that is not something a floater does. A floater talks family life not really game cuz they have none. Derrick doesn't just "talk to people" he convinces them its all of their ideas not just his to do which move. He does it in a nice mannered way where people will listen to him.
Floater? Umm no. Playing a good game trying not to be the "bad guy"…..Very good.

Say goodnight to the bad guy!!!!! 🙂