Big Brother Spoilers Week 7 Battle of the Block Results

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Ca;eb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?
  • Jocasta is evicted by a vote of 6-2
  • HOH winner is Caleb his Nominations are Donny and Hayden
  • POV Winner is DONNY who uses it on himself. Caleb’s replacement nominee is Nicole
  • Hayden is evicted by a vote of 5-2
  • week 7 HOHs Christine and Nicole
  • Nominations are (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
  • Battle of the Block winners are Frankie and Caleb

BB16-2014-08-08 21-55-26-429

Frankie wins the BOB by himself
Zach – you’ve been talking shit about me this entire time
Frankie – Your game is dirtier than a d1ldo coming out of my a$$
Zach you to Christine you’re a f*** lair to
Zach you’re a liar dude…
Zach – I had your back
Frankie I had your back to..
Frankie – sucks that you lost to me one person
Zach and Frankie are fighting.. screaming at each other.. it’s awesome!

BB16-2014-08-08 22-05-01-431

10:00pm Living room Zach, Frankie, Caleb, Derrick
Zach and Frankie screaming at each other
Zach – You sh1t on me you sh1t on me you f*** me over really bad you’ve been talking sh1t about me behind my back.
Zach – Christine has been lieing to
(You need the feeds to really catch this argument)
Frankie oh boy where do I begin .. They go into the Fire Room
Frankie – i’ve been lying to you this entire game i’m not who i said i was i was on broadway many years ago i’m a youtuber, mougal and personality I tweet and I vine I make videos.. I walked into this house with 1.5 millions followers.. I’ve been hiding that fact from you .. My sister is a mega mega pop star
Frankie – What is my last name
Zach -Grande marciano
Frankie – Ariana grande is my sister
Cody – I don’t buy it
Derrick – I buy it
Frankie – it’s been weighing very heavily on me.. that is why there is only baby pictures
Derrick – I thought Ari was a dude
Frankie – I’ve been playing this game really paranoid and when my grandfather died the paranoia ate away at my soul.
Frankie says he didn’t trust Zach he knows the three of them are in lock down and he’s on the outside.
Frankie – It broke me down”
Frankie starts explaining everything that happened
Frenaki says holding this secret is affecting his game he’s playing this game for a charity he’s using the money to build schools “It’s part of what I do.. i’m not a bad person.. “
Cody – whats was the whole plan of putting me up against him”
Derrick asks him why is he telling them this right now
Frankie – I’m telling you the truth because i’m sorry .. I got freaked out and I did what I did..

Cody – how locked in are you with Christine
Zach – they were in it to the end
Cody – either you were fucking us or she was fucking us or you were both working together
Frankie – Aspect of it..

Derrick – Honestly most of us are who we are saying we are this is our life.
Frenaki it’s me i’m playing this game as me
Caleb – Are you even gay
Frankie – I’m very gay

Derrick tells him he holds no ill will against Frankie it’s a game.

BB16-2014-08-08 22-19-49-008

Donny comes in Frankie tells him he’s a youtuber and internet personality
Donny – Cool deal cool deal

Frankie says his grandfather dieing had a HUGE affect on his game it took his centre and threw it over there.

BB16-2014-08-08 22-32-47-443

10:30PM Frankie tells the girls his big secret…
I’m a youtuber and a Social media Mougal.. I have 1.5 million followers.. I’ve been hiding this secret every day it’s been eating my soul when my grandfather passed away me centre when away..
My sister is Ariana Grande
Nicole – OH MY GOD
Victoria starts screaming.. OH MY GOD I’M GOING TO KILL YOU

BB16-2014-08-08 22-34-23-962

10:33pm Bathroom Cody and Derrick
Derrick wonders if they can get Nciole up.
Cody – Nicole doesn’t trust Christine at all and Christine is scrambling. Cody adds everything they tell CHristine goes to Nicole.
Cody says what Frankie did was good of him
Derrick agrees but say Frankie did at all for strategy.
Derrick – Victoria… now he owns her.. she will never vote him out
Cody – she wants to know him out the outside
Derrick – it was pure strategy
Derrick says they will find out where Christine’s head is at if Donny wins POV and one of them goes up..
Derrick – I didn’t come here to meet a pops star’s brother.. i am who i say I am .. I left my family for 90 days..
Caleb comes in says one of them has to win the HOH… They start talking about Frankie’s Sister. Caleb wonders if he has a chance for a date. Derrick tells him he doesn’t have a chance. Cody asks what if she’s not a “Christian Girl”
Caleb says he’s only interested in CHristine country girl


“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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259 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers Week 7 Battle of the Block Results

    1. Frankie’s “reveal” irritates the p@ss out of me. Self-serving rhetoric trying to influence the house annoys me. I always wonder about what is lacking in people that they have to try to make themselves look better because of something a relative does. It’s her accomplishment; not his. One more reason to not like Frankie’s gameplay.

      1. Frankie’s “revelations” <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Kenny's "revelations"
        And all it took for kenny is to utter one line "fuck it, i'm gay", on the other hand, Frankie's revelations took so much drama; "we can't do it because the camera is better in the living area" and even the content in his revelation is too dense. Good for him though he finally gain Victoria's allegiance. :))))))

      2. this was gonna be an epic night, and Frankie revealing who his sister is, just ruined the season for me. Zach was in true mission mode, and you could see his game taken right out of him right after Frankie made his announcement. I can’t even watch the feeds any more. Frankie has become even more unwatchable now walking around with “my sister” talk crap.

      3. What surprising to me is how no one has blown up Derricks game yet. They are all still protecting him Don’t get me wrong, Frankie deserves everything he’s getting, but even the other night Hayden and Nicole blew up Frankie and Christine but never said a word about Derrick and Cody wanting to get Zach out. And even tonight anyone noticed how when Zach started talking about Nicole telling him that Zach started the Detonators alliance three days ago and Frankie was looking crazy how quick Derrick came in the room and ask to take it private? Zach said he didn’t have to keep it private, but Derrick who was never in the living room by the way came in to ask they take it private. Then when they got in the room and Frankie was saying that all three of them wanted Zach out, Derrick corrected him and said no now if you’re coming clean come all the way clean because we’re not millionaires like you and some of us need that money and Zach you know I was never going to vote you out? As much as I dislike Frankie, I can’t wait for Zach to finally listen to Frankie talk and realize Derrick was the one that initiated getting Zach out, because at first Frankie did not want to vote Zach out. Derrick convinced him to do it saying Zach was not good for his game and even joking about how What Frankie did to Caleb with Amber he was now doing back to him with Zach. I mean seriously when are Nicole, Christine and Frankie and Caleb going to tell Zach Derrick and Cody were involved in the plan to get him out?

      4. And it just happens to be done on the night that his sister is sitting in the live audience … convenient was that!

    2. Wait Derek just said “they shouldn’t have allowed him to be able to play by himself” meaning Frankie. “.Caleb should have been made to play too”. So it’s obvious production change the rules and let Frankie play the game without Caleb ….Because they knew Caleb was going to throw it and production needed Frankie to stay. Derrick had just said that to zach in fire room

      1. Look at it this way.. Frankie being on BB helps boost “his” sister music sales, because he said she has an album that just dropped, of course now everyone that does not know will get curious, and go and download or purchase the song. He said she’ll be at the finally, which means BB will have a larger audience there which is great for their show and ratings. IT’S a WIN WIN for both BB and the Grande Family.

        1. Aianna Grande, Justin Bieber…in my books, that’s not necessarily a thing which recommends someone, in fact, quite the opposite. Bleh, >yawn<

      2. If production rigged it for Faggie to win by himself & didn’t allow Caleb to play i’ll never give CBS my ratings ever again.

        1. Why do you have to use that word to describe Frankie? Did you use the N-Word and change the ending to describe Jocosta or Derrick too?

          How are these people allowed to post such comments in here?

          Come on guys I love this site but those comments and people that make them should be banned instantly and permanently.

  1. Go Frankie!!! That’s a true boss! Playing against the odds and a hypocritical house who have all lied, backstabbed, and threw each other under the bus.

    1. Astounding that Frankie is taking the heat as a liar! What the heck game do these bozos think they’re playing? They have ALL lied! This is going to clear the air! Love the drama!

      1. I feel you 100% everyone save Donny has lied in that house! I applaud Frankie for getting everything off his chest. If Cody, Derrick, Caleb, and especially my beloved Zach Attack want to be angry, them be mad!!! They’re total hypocrites and have all done what Frankie has! And Derrick is still lying through his teeth!!! I’m surprised at Zach, because Zankie has made my summer amazing! He’s talked about Frankie since the first day they met! He literally tried to call Frankie out for where he went to hs lol! The boys are doing the most right now!

      1. So what if production rigged it? Caleb tried to throw it, Frankie single-handedly won, all hell broke loose afterwards…that’s some good TV right there. I know I was entertained.

        You people seriously believe reality TV is “real”? lol

    1. Actually secretly wanted him to win with the mindset that he will then team up with victoria, nicole, donny and christine to change the balance of power. But then again he went back to Derick and Cody’s ass. Ugh.

    2. Production changed the competition last minute. Fishy? Yes, indeed. Production wants Grande to suck blood and annoy America for another week!

    3. I feel so bad for zach like he got fucked by Frankie, Frankie lies and lies and now just cause his secret come out he’s sooooo awesome… Like if zach doesn’t win he’s gunna go home cause of a fucking popularity contest like I knew when this season started Frankie’s identity would help him win this game and it just did I’m done

    4. Wow I never felt more repulsed by all the name-dropping star fuckery fame-whoring shamelessly promoting his royal highness shit show grossness that I just witnessed on the feeds ever! I’ve been a fan of this show forever and witnessed the highs and lows of this roller coaster ride we call BB, but tonight took the cake as far as
      WHAT THE HELL AM I WATCHING AND WHY AM I WATCHING THIS! Pulling the dead grandfather card to Justin F’in Biebs, Jesus just when you thought it could not get any worse.
      It does.
      It truly does.

  2. Production sucks ass. Of course they would do something that is easiest for Frankie. About done with this season.

        1. It’s an insult. Like you don’t matter, you’re of low social status.

          It’s a reference to that stupid show FAMOUS IN 12.

          1. I think that it’s actually from the movie Friday in a scene with Ice-Cube and Chris Tucker?
            You can YouTube the scene, (it’s kinda funny) instead of YouTubing all of Frankie’s garbage.

        2. Courtesy of Urban Dictionary…
          Bye Felicia: When someone says that they’re leaving and you could really give two shits less that they are. Their name then becomes “felicia”, a random bitch that nobody is sad to see go. They’re real name becomes irrelevant because nobody cares what it really is. Instead, they now are “felicia”.

  3. Frankie getting caught in his lies.. ROLMFAO

    Sad part is Donny might go home this week…. I’m hoping it’s Victoria, or Nicole.

    Can’t believe he’s telling them who he is…

    1. Yes! I hope Victoria or Nicole get sent to jury this week those two girls are useless, they should had just stay at home. Don’t touch my Donny.

        1. Well the girl waited till the very last minute to make a game changing move, so yea she is useless.

      1. What??? I don’t know what show you’re watching, but Nicole has been winning comps in the show I’m watching…wow Victoria is useless, annoying, and should have never made the cut. Christine is a useless follower ..and borderline cheating on her husband!!

    2. OMG are you all noobs?

      Best thing in the world is Donny gets evicted. He gets time in jury to relax. The house will continue to blow up………………… then America votes Donny back in! Common folks no one is thinking. If your a Donny fan you want him evicted. If your a Hayden fan you want Donny in the house. In my mind they are the only 2 that will be back. It may not be a vote but a comp. I like those 2 for that as well.
      As for “AG” she manipulates for sure. But the fact is in this house Frankies dancing back round makes him a comp beast most times. Donny’s work outside makes him fit. The 2 have dominated non luckbox comps.
      Thursday was great at least we are seeing some action. I guess I’m not the majority here because I can’t pick a dog in the fight. Got no fav this season again.

      9 left lets handicap this BB
      F4- Derrick
      F4- Cody
      F4- Caleb
      F4- Nicole
      Crazy but Caleb is less a target. If Cody/Derrick decide to ride him and they may he sneaks F4. Nicole only has to duck as the bombs explode. If Hayden gets back in he has a shot F4 also.
      Jury ticket please……….. Christine, Frankie, Donny(sorry peeps), Victoria. Zack is wond way to tight but he competes. Long shot but might get there. Cut the check to Derrick unless Cody backstabs him 1st. Derricks playing with house money the rest are playing for 50 grand.

    1. Why does Frankie think that is so impressive – being related to a famous person and announcing that he is going to give his winnings to a school. He could give money without going on BB.

      1. Why are these people acting like Frankie is so wonderful because his sister is famous? Just hand him the check for $500,000. He has misted them all. Shrieking in excitement, starstruck, thrilled that he knows Justin Bieber, give me a break! So all the dirt he did is now swept under the rug?? This is not a fair competition. How do the others even stand a chance for America’s Favorite Player, much less winning in the end?

        1. If he really wanted to “protect” his sister he should never have gone on BB & shown the world what a vile, disgusting asshole he is.

  4. Not surprised. Knew Frankie would pull it out on his own. These dummies never even went through that as a possible scenario before the BOB. Bet Victoria gets seated next to Donny and Derrick instructs them to vote out Donny. Enjoy the $500K, Derrick.

    1. It might actually benefit Donny to be voted off this week – then he would have the opportunity to fight his way back into the house. Guessing production would encourage that – Donny is a fan favorite.

      1. Donny may be a fan favorite but he would not come back in the house and go against the grain. We need a person like possibly Hayden to come back in and do some damage!

    1. Or Donny. I hope they have a defibrillator on stand by. Poor guy’s gonna go into heart failure trying to win pov this week.

  5. yesss! as I said before, despite how annoying and self-absorbed Frankie is, (although caleb/zach/cody/derrick also think they are God’s gift to humanity) you have to give him props for winning BOB on his own while Caleb just sat there… and this is good mainly because now more excitement, more revelations (hopefully of Cody and Derrick’s lies) and just overall more drama! this is the big brother I enjoy, when people really fight to stay in the game! :)

  6. OMG THE FEEDS ARE BLOWING UP! This is the best thing that has happened alllllll season! FRANKIE IS SPILLING IS LIFE! And of course Derrick comes in and tries to stop it! STFU PIGGY! We deserve this fight! This boring season owes us this!!

    1. Couldn’t’ agree with you more Derrick really pissed me off by saying all that crap when he wanted Zach out too. And also he’s lying about who he is what makes him think he’s better. I’m hoping that Donny wins POV and Cody is the replacement that gets sent packing. Hoping the power changes now that some things are out in open.

  7. I like Donny hope he wins pov mable its a good ideal to keep Frankie in the game cause he mad at cleab derrick cody Nicole if Donny can be save it will be Donny with Frankie

    1. Unbelievable…
      Goes to show you how f*ucking star struck and stupid these three broads are!!

  8. WHO GIVES A SHIT FRANKIE????? Throw your net worth and who your sister is (no a major star BTW) and these stooges seem to be eating it all up, I hate this show

    1. All the girls are ga ga but I love how Caleb sees this as his ticket to stardom!! Lol. He’s gonna follow Frankie around like a puppy and never vote against him. He might even put out to get close to Ariana Lol

  9. I find it hard to believe frankie won the bob on his own. I thought the point of bob was TEAMWORK! This is so staged… this is some BULL

  10. Hey they don’t play the game, it is production that plays the game!
    And yes the joke is on you people when almost each and single action, move and eviction is scripted and executed!!!
    I hate, hate that show and any comment that it is a reality tv and cheap stuff!!!!!!!

  11. Production is going to have to go hard protecting Frankie, now that he told them who his sister is… They’re gunning for him now, because they’re thinking he dosen’t need the money as bad as they do. He only made their job even harder..

  12. i am actually kind glad he won b/c when your ass is on the line you safe it and that’s what he did you can’t be mad at him for that..

  13. OMG I am watching the live feed and Zankie are going at it OMG Frankie told all about his sister and who is really is.

  14. So when is Derrick and Cody going down for the flipping on Nic & Hey! And drawing a line in the sand. If Christine and/or Frankie put that out this house will truly explode.

  15. Wow. The guys are trying to cover their tracks and Derrick is freaking out because he knows he is snake. He is there to “monitor” what is going on and make sure that his lies don’t come out. Donny, Victoria, Nicole, and Christine are on the outside while the other side of the house is hashing it out. Caleb saved Zack in my opinion. Not Frankie. Man. I hope Zack goes right to Nicole.

  16. This is ridiculous! They will now screw Donny… Now Frankie is making “Mea Culpa” to the other men in the gang.

    I’m done with this sh!t…

    Cheers everyone.

  17. How the hell did Frankie win I just want to see him walk out the front door! Hopefully Donny wins pov and Christine puts Frankie up and Frankie goes home. Can’t stand Frankie.

    1. Frankie can’t go up this week, he won BOB he’s safe….its a bunch of bull. I hated last season, and this one now also. Production is too obvious with their interface. Its fake now, its almost scripted.

    2. Have you not been watching this season?!! Once you win the BotB you are safe for the week. Christine cannot put him up now. #rolleyes

  18. To the people who were bashing Nicole before she decided to put of frankie and Caleb for not putting up big players. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS.

  19. It would be really wise for them to keep Zach again so that if Frankie wins HOH next week, there is Zach to keep the target off of them. Donny is going home unless he wins POV.

  20. Just rename Big Brother the “Frankie Show” for the rest of the season. Who is he to call a meeting and make everyone listen to him? I would have walked away. What does his sister have to do with him hiding who he is? He is safe this week but he better watch out. He thinks telling the truth about him will make them think he is telling the truth about what he heard, said, did, etc. Derrick is too smart for his crap.

    1. I think it depends on where the house is, Derrick will try to flip it on Nicole, I’m sure but I dont think his input matters as much to Christine. I guess I hope this is the way Victoria goes if it can’t be Frankie. No one will vote Victoria back in if its an Ameirca’s Vote and she wouldn’t win her way back in, neither would Jacosta.

    2. There is a chance Nicole might be going up, but I don’t think Christine will actually backdoor her to be honest. Christine’s got to know that everyone is coming after her and Frankie, so she may probably backdoor another guy if the game changes. Either that, or she may take the safe route and nominate Victoria. I don’t think she wants to play that huge dirty game of backdooring after a promise and risk a jury vote, as much as she is a dirty liar.

      1. I would actually begin rooting for her if she put Derrick up there, and the HGs would jsut have to understand that the fact that no one is considering putting him up is the reason he should be gone.

  21. Frankie is spilling alllllll the beans!!! Get them Frankie!!!!!!!!!! You have got to give him props got winning by his god dang self. Dang Beast!

  22. I’ve never been one to talk about production rigging, but I can’t help but notice that every single BOB competition has required two people to win it, and if one of them openly sabotaged it, they would definitely loose. I’m curious to see what kind of comp was it that allowed Frankie to win all on his own.

    1. They’re probably paying him. I’ll bet he’s getting more than the rest of them combined for the publicity he’s bringing.

  23. I honeslty dont like to blame production for everything arent bob always a pair working together sicj that its near impossible to win it by yourself. Moreover donny and zach arent exactly bad competitors? How did frankie win it

  24. And people were so mad that Zach stayed… This entertaining DRAMA would’ve NEVER happened had he been evicted… Jocasta and Hayden would’ve been a BOREFEST…. Thanks for the drama Production.. now get them some BOOZE..

  25. Hate to say it but it’s looking like either Donny or Nicole are going this week. They failed to make a big move last week and it’s biting them in the ass this week

    1. Production is what’s been biting them into ass the last two weeks, there’s no other way. Even Caleb said the competition is probabaly taking too long to build because they changed it now that he was gonna throw it.

      1. Yes, the BOB played much later that it usually is. I think once Caleb confirmed it to production in the DR they had to scramble to change up the comp so it would allow one to win without help from their team mate.

  26. Doesn’t matter who the odds are stacked against…somehow the underdog prevails every time! That’s the damn “unexpected”!!! Lol! This is rich!

  27. Say what you want about Frankie and his shady game, the guy just beat two people by himself. I’m excited to see what kind of comp it was for him to even have a chance. I’m not sure Nicole is as safe as she thinks she is.

  28. Gosh…I hope anyone that wins POV (not Ratine) will use it to BD Ratine.Zach will probably stay over Donny and that worries me. Go Beard!!!

  29. Of course Derrick now says he has no ill will towards Frankie after he has been a ring leader at getting Zach and Caleb all riled up all day long. #rolleyes

  30. Who knew Frankie had it in him to win a team comp by hisself. Dang!!! The other house guests should be quaking, especially if Frankie links up with Christine and they make plans. Wow! Frankie is also spilllling liiiifffe right now. He is giving it to Zach. If Frankie has guts he should spill everything. Including the stuff with Derrick and Cody. This just got crazy. Can a person who won BOB be put back up at veto?

  31. OH STOP using your sister’s fame….”this is the biggest month for her, her single dropped.” He says that after he says he hid his sister’s identity to protect his sister. WHAT??? Protect her identity from the 15 people in the house while he repeatedly gloated about it to the millions that watch BB???

    Please. Who is shocked Frankie won all alone???

    And now, the boys will band again because Frankie could win HOH next week. Great. Thanks production for sucking our hopes dry yet again.

  32. We all knew deep down that he wasn’t going home! He is Production’s golden boy.They must think that the audience is so stupid and we fall for it all the time.

  33. are you fucking kidding me???
    are you guys all naive and think that frankie is the only one who has lied???
    derrick is the mastermind lying to each and every one of them, cody has lied to everyone in his alliance

    before the double eviction zach was telling EVERYBODY that he didnt trust frankie and that he wanted him gone sooner than later… wtf so zach can lie because he proclaims it as his strategy???

    also nicole going off on frankie for not being faithful???
    nicole claims she had frankie back… when her original plan was to fucking backdoor him…
    also why the hell is zach spilling the beans to nicole???? she is just as dirty as frankie, when/if hayden buys back into the house, nicole would choose hayden over zack in half a heartbeat. zach only has a chance of staying with frankie and his original fucking alliance.

    that is the name of the game. derrick has lied so much more and backstabbed more than frankie.

    1. Derrek is the biggest snake in that house, It sickens me to know he’s a cop! I’d hate to think all cops have that ability! All the fake reports he’s probably made, lies about “criminals” I feel sorry for any citizen that would in counter him in the streets.

  34. Oh wait…duh…that can’t happen, forgot that witch stays hoh now. Wow…this week bites ass!!! Thank goodness one of the evicted get’s to come back!! But ughh until then.

  35. Hope CBS gives us a good portion of the fight! How in the hell did Frankie win it solo? Did BMC really just sit on the ground or obviously threw it?

    I’m not liking this at all. If POV is used, that leaves Nicole, Derrick or Vic, ugh. Sugar Honey Iced Tea Production, really?

    This gem:
    “Frankie – Your game is dirtier than a d1ldo coming out of my a$$”
    – So, what does that say about your hygiene Frankster? I see we have a pot/kettle situation again.

    1. Nasty FAKIe …how does your “G” rated sister feel about your dirty foul mouth. Oh, wait a minute you SOUL is probably so affected you can’t control yourself.

  36. also zach was saved by cody, derrick, caleb, christine, and frankie
    HE ALMOST WENT HOME BY NICOLE’S HANDS – it was her plan b after her frankie backdoor plan failed.
    zach should be keeping to himself and not ruining his game.
    by aligning with nicole he royally screwed himself over and the fact that he wont listen to frankie but will listen to the person who has nominated him twice is complete BS


    caleb should thank frankie for evicting amber because now he can focus – amber had the same effect amanda had on mcrae.

    i really hope zach gets his shit straight because he is being extremely unreasonable right now

  37. WTF PRODUCTION IS SABOTAGING THE GAME. I KNOW THEY HAVE A PART IN DR BUT SHIT THIS MAKES ME BEYOND FURIOUS. We all knew what production was doing before the BOB. They make it so obvious. REALLY INFURIATING WATCHING FRANKIE GLOATING ABOUT HAVING A MILLION DOLLARS ETC. It would be amazing if there was some psychical violence coming our way lol seriously

    1. Scratch that watching BBAD and thought he said he had a million dollars. None the less, shut up. Production probably said tell everyone the truth, maybe hoping that would be entertaining which failed. So wish they let Caleb throw that comp.

  38. I HATE Fakie … Now using his sister’s celebrity to try to get out of his own SHIT! FAKIe says meeting adjourned! Fake ass wanna be… Still thinks he’s in charge…I’m a U tube AND MEDIA Mogul! I have 100 million twitter followers…and I KNOW I’M FAMOUS….my SOUL was affected and I’M Taking You ALL to meet the Beiber…! So there you ALL better be in AWE of me. Ugh …I hate him more than EVER! That screech you hear is Victoria peeing herself to be his bestie.

    1. Now…Nicole is concerned about offending Ariana Grande fans and having haters …wait it gets better – she is apologizing to FAKIe for nominating him! FAKIe… I was voted the 33rd most influential blogger in NY. Ugh!

  39. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!! Production set this all up and every body know it. I hope CBS gets fine for fraud. They are the biggest scammers of all. I hate this show and I am not watching it anymore after this season, I am DONE!!!!!!

    1. Big Brother isn’t a Game Show, if it was a game show and not Reality TV, production wouldn’t be allowed to manipulate the game every season, since it would be against the law. They’ve manipulate the game almost consistently, especially to protect certain HGs that are bringing in strong ratings, which has happened for the past 5 season, that I’ve been watching…

      Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, Dan have all been protected before, either with a special power, or DR manipulation, because they brought in super strong ratings… I’ve only been watching since season 10, but I’m sure it’s been going on before that.

      Ratings = Billions of Dollars…. You better believe CBS will get those ratings however they can…

  40. I love how Derrick is saying “now everyone has admitted who they really are.” Sneaky rat. Good for him. He’s playing a hell of a game.

    1. Derrick is not being sneaking about WHO he is! He has simply not admitted to his real PROFESSION and, actually, I don’t recall anyone ever asking him what he does for a living beyond the first night when they all introduced themselves to each other

      1. LOL I call bullshit. They literally had a conversation yesterday about how one of the HGs thought Derrick was a cop and he denied it and acted like the very notion was ridiculous

  41. It makes me nauseated at how Frankie is pulling the my sister is famous card and how supposively wants to build schools. Who gives a shit about his sister that not many adults seem to even know who she is. I was reading twitter updates too, and he’s also pulling the I can get you into broadway shows for free and introduce you to celebrities like Justin Bieber. The girls are all excited about this. It’s so obvious that he’s using this “honesty” spiel as a way to manipulate the house guests. We’ll see if anyone can see through his bullshit.

  42. BOB competitions that *required* two people: the champagne/swing, the magical floating puzzle, and the wedding cake
    Competitions that didn’t “require” two: the tv images one, the chess one, the dominoes

    Make whatever assumptions you want

  43. Derrick telling the guys the he knew coming into the game that people would disguise who they really are…uhm, hypocrite douchebag!!

  44. It’s so disappointing how starstruck all the girls are at Frankie’s “big revelation”. Who cares? What does it have to do with the game? And he’s eating it aaaalllll up. Being in the BB house and not getting tons of attention must have been killing him all this time.

  45. Wow Frankie pulled it out huh? Cant do anything but respect that. Now thats its done id love to see Derrick or Cody on the block next to Zach. I now hate them more than Frankie.

  46. Is it bad that googled Frankie’s sister and still don’t know who the hell she is? Never ever seen her in my life.

  47. Guaranteed it was some kind of endurance comp that had to do with flexibilty. Something tailored to frankie. If 1 teamate wins both are safe. I see no other possibilty of how 1 person could beat 2 in a team comp. from the houseguests comments all day pretty much everyone mentioned “sounds like they’re building a house in the backyard” aka some kind of frankie rigged endurance contraption.

  48. Not sure which one I hate more at this point, Derrick in a suit or Cody’s birth? This is a shit fest! I don’t know if production rigged it, but it just brought more drama in the house, so I love it!

  49. I am already tired of the boasting and bragging! Ugghhh. This will be hard to constantly listen to him brag! Caleb will now believe everything he says cause he is now obsessed with Frankie! Amber who?? It’s gonna hard to watch now and I have watched every season!

  50. Do they even know who Ariana Grande is? LOL the house guests are so clueless they probably never heard of her.

  51. man the pink weasel escapes AGAIN, he is going all the way to the end, and now they all are buddy buddy with him. this makes me so sick, come on Nicole win the POV, keep yourself safe and do not change the noms!

  52. Seriously ZachAttack, the one time that the house is blowing up around you and you choose to sit in a room alone…? Where is the crazy Zach?! He must really be sad that Zankie is over, Hahaha!

  53. I didn’t even know who Ariana Grande was before Frankie came into the house. I wish I could go back to Minot know in who she was!

  54. Production at it again. Last season I will watch.I hope donny wins veto.and this is what they get for voting hayden out. Victoria should go up if veto is used shes gonna side with frankie so she can meet his sister

      1. And yet Heather0922 decided to grace me with her response….must have hit a nerve so not a complete waste after all

    1. Who says they watch it? I haven’t watched for 3 weeks now just based on what I read from this site. If it looks interesting I’ll tune in but guess it’s another week of passing this up.

  55. WOW. Didn’t see that coming. .Zack was the only one who wouldn’t give Frankie a hug after his big reveal. He was so hurt and saw right through Frankie’s BS. It was a really nice moment when Donny tried to console Zach. I hope Donny wins POV so that Cody or Derrick can go up. I thought aleb was a goner this week. Christine will probably play it safe if Donny or Zack wins POV and put Victoria up. Who knows at this point. I didn’t expect the unexpected this week.

  56. Production had NO PART in saving Frankie! There are reports on Twitter that the BoB comp was which team could give the most angry handy J’s to strange men in 10 minutes……. how does THAT kinda comp give Frankie an advantage?!?!?!? I didn’t think so.

  57. 16 mother ficken years watching BB! this year with production influence just put the nail in its coffin, I am so done!!! Fuc the fat C@#t Production bitch1

    1. It seriously took you 16 years to realize that production “steps in” on BB? Seriously? All of these shows are “influenced” by their production in an attempt to make good TV. Why do you think all the people that participate in the shows are required to sign contracts where they can’t discuss these things? There is no such thing as “real” reality TV. It’s only an illusion of reality for entertainment purposes.

      1. no ahole it didn’t me 16 years, was just saying that this year production influenced it way to much, i mean common now, what’s the next step, giving them scrip’s and doubles for the comps?

        1. scripts will be handed out next week along with bringing in the hair and makeup crew, and you know they have to have body doubles for the stars FRANKIE DERRICK AND CODY since there all MEGA STARS, o please, lmfao

  58. I KNEW IT!!! I said in a earlier post that production would make sure his a$$ stayed. GD BB is as real as wrestling. (I know the irony with the name) Fu##ing production always sticks their nose in this $hit. They knew Caleb was gonna throw it so they made sure all the teeny boppers, who love his sister, still have there favorite in the house. Hell everyone was tanking BOB comps and NOW they decide to make it individual comps. Why in the f##k do I watch this $hit? I’m crazier than any of them for watching.

  59. Well no shift in power again. Unfortunately I can see Donny, zack, or Nicole getting the boot. On a side note, Derrick is playing a great game but I really don’t know why he is so adamnet about getting Nicole out. She can clearly win comps and if she’s ever hoh again, he is the last person she would put up ensuring his safety for the week. She’s on to everyone in the house but him. I mean either way he’s still in a great spot but he doesn’t realize that he has her in his back pocket.

  60. Derrick saying he literally wants to go to the DR and tell them to send him home is great. They should all do it. Zach is saying the same, what a useless casting choice. So annoyed with crap twist and the awful gameplay by most of the house.

  61. Man I hope frankie and Christine work together to get derek and cody out. This is the perfect opprotunity to get one of them out they have the votes to do so

    1. Def should have put up two string players. CALEB should have been on Christina’s team not the injured and limping Donny (though I think he hid his injury from her). SUCKS!

  62. Frankie is a narcissist. You knew this would be his play eventually. With his back up against the wall, he would act like a diva, and pull out the Famous Sister card. He has just ensured that he won’t win the game. He has an even bigger target on his back now.

  63. if Zach and Donny cant be veto now I want Zach to stay just to bring the sh*T down

    Donny can always come back into the house

    1. I don’t get it either, but it’s always been there. I remember clearly in Week 2 when Devin/Amber were HoH, Derrick was the one really pushing for Nicole to be nominated.

      I love Nicole so much, and it truly does not make sense for Derrick to get rid of her when she’s literally 100% loyal to him.

  64. One thing I don’t understand why all the excitement about Arianna Grande? In two to three years she will probably be begging for a spot in Celebrity Apprentice.

  65. Caleb…STFU!!! You are not God’s gift to women…you have no chance with Amber, Nicoles friend Mariah, let alone Ariana Grande!! I have never seen anyone as delusional as you in my entire life…Bitch Mode Cowgirl!!!

    Derrick…STFU!!! You aren’t who you say you are…you lying POS!! At least Frankie had the nads to come clean!! Even if I don’t like him…I can appreciate that!!

    Christine…ah hell, don’t even get me started!!

  66. Flankie doesn’t care about winning BB….. it’s all about getting more YouTube followers!

    About threw up watching Victoria acting like a 10 year old giggling school girl, when pink pony boy told them all about his videos. OMGaaaaaaaaaaawd…… heh heh heh heh!

    THIS SEASON BLOWS!!!…… And Julie Chen, where are these TWISTS you liar!

  67. I was hoping that Donny would get America’s Favorite Player if he didn’t win but I guess now Frankie will get that with his million followers.

  68. I didn’t see the BoB competition, so can’t comment on how Frankie won it “all by himself.” But I do know that these girls are all “starstruck” now! Frankie “holding court” while they all swoon! They will probably NEVER vote him out now. Especially Victoria — She’s a “hot mess! I agree with Derrick — I think Frankie did this just for “show” purposes, to garner some empathy for coming weeks and to try to strike up an alliance with the 3 girls and Donny. Derrick, Cody, Caleb & Zack need to watch their backs now or they will be in the minority. I would absolutely HATE to see someone like Victoria win this season — she has done NOTHING to prove that she’s anything but a floater and I don’t trust Christine. And Zack just rubs me the wrong way (I’ve never been a big fan of the Gators, I guess). Caleb is playing a better game now that Amber is gone. Donny’s a good guy, but I’m hoping Derrick, Caleb or Cody wins. Just my 2¢ worth…

  69. All these people are screaming about production and how they are done with this season…… But I bet they keep watching and posting on a BB blog lol. It’s ironic… I’m done with this show yet I’m gonna post on the shows fan blog hahah. This game is all about the lies and the backstabbing. There are also a considerable chunk of fans who don’t pay for the feeds soooo they don’t see all this behind the scenes stuff. I’m going to keep watching the drama because it’s how the game is played lol

  70. are you kidding me??? calls himself a MOGAL? LMMFAO, his sister is a MEGA MEGA MEGA STAR, I just pissed and shoit my pants, O PLEASE, and I thought Caleb was full of himself

  71. It’s so obvious that production changed the BOB competition once they heard Caleb’s plan to sit down, that’s why it took so long for the competition to begin…

    1. Caleb just said it was funny that the competition was a lot easier to win solo than as a pair and Frankie agreed. Frankie said he used a strategy he knew Zach and Donny would not use. How did Frankie know all this???? MUST HAVE BEEN THE PRODUCTION BIRD singing in his ear….

  72. How the hell can Frankie win all by himself? Like seriously, this BOB must me about one person sitting and the other one running or trying to do sth or about guessing like WEEK 2. That’s the only scenario I can think of. Or BMC was just too scared to throw it. I just can’t see how BMC couldn’t do anything to Frankie in comp. But I don’t care about that Caleb anymore. I never consider him as a strong competition or a beast or sth that he thinks himself is.
    Anyway, with Frankie yet staying for another week, I can smell a lot of backdoor plans now. There’s a lot of scenarios:

    – If Donny or Zach wins POV and takes themselves off the block, Frankie and Derrick may try to work together to convince Victoria to be a pawn and Christine to put her up on the block. And then evict Vic. With that they can accomplish TA mission. But I doubt this will happen
    – There will be a new alliance consisting of Donny, Vic, Nicole, Christine and Frankie. They will work together to backdoor Cody/Derrick/Caleb/Zach in the next few weeks. This may happen, ’cause now Frankie, Christine know that the Detonators don’t trust them anymore
    – With one of the jury members may return back in this game, they will not send strong guys out first. The detonators may stick together again (I don’t want this to happen at all) and send the outsiders out first then Caleb, Vic. Zach, Christine and Frankie have final 3 deal and send the HITMEN out the door. Frankie or Zach may take Christine to the final, because they know that Christine won’t receive any votes from the Jury.

    After all, what they need to do now is to figure out Cody/Derrick final 2 deal and their lies and work together to backdoor them

  73. I can’t stand Frankie and want him and Ratine gone ASAP, but this question is a little off topic. Why was Derrick wearing a suit??

  74. Ok… I’m no fan of Derrick at all, but to be honest I don’t see why everybody hates the man. Okay he is manipulating people, but it’s a game you have to do what you have to do to win.. And he’s doing a damn good job at it since NOBODY ever thinks he is coming after them.

    1. The problem is the worst Derrick is the worse sin a reality star can commit is to be boring. He’s not interesting in his own right even if he is involved in big moves (before he ruisn them). He’s kind of a mysoginist, he uses his daughter all the time to gain sympathy, he’s not glaringly attractive or witty. He has no loyalty, he ties to take credit for things he didn’t instigate, he comes out smelling like roses out of pure luck. He acts so sweet to people to their faces and has nothing good to say about anyne unless it benefits his game… there are probably other reasons.

    2. The same argument can be made for Frankie……only thing different is Frankie has actually won competitions and Derrick got lucky and won HOH once…..I Guarantee Derrick doesn’t win another comp

  75. It would have been so funny if after Frankie gave away his “BIG SECRET” if somebody said… who the Fuc$ is Ariana Grande!

  76. Nicole, Nicole, Nicole. Seriously? Do u think she will be mad at me 4 putting u up Frankie? People r gonna hate me. Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Frankie the Rat
    Christine the Snake
    Zach the Circus Monkey
    Derrick the Pig
    Cody the Chicken
    Cant think of animals for the other people right now……Everyone seems to hate the rat and trust me im not a fan but id personally love to see the chicken and the pig get their heads chopped off first

  78. BTW “Ari” has one of the most annoying singing voices. Annoying must run in the Grande family. Frankie, dude you’re in your 30s…get rid of the crayon color hair! Cool your sister is a “mega mega pop star” and your grandfather died, my mom died you don’t see me acting like a lying fool. I highly doubt Frankie is any different in real life than in the BB house…

  79. So Frankie’s explosive secret would only be met by awestruck impressiveness to those in the house that are shallow enough to think that by default Frankie should be given more respect or revered?
    Who screamed – Victoria I bet was the only one over the moon about this news.
    What does it have to do with the price of milk?
    Angelina Jolie’s brother isn’t (I would imagine) impressing people with his blood tie to his sister.
    It has zero significance in the game and if it makes people treat him special well they are absolute morons.
    Just my opinion.

  80. Now Nicole is sorry she put up Frank. She needs to c here mom cuz life outside the house is gonna be terrible. LOL

  81. Why would Frankie pull his ace card now? He is manipulating and using his sister, as a dangling carrot. If you hang with me, you may meet her and hang out after BB….NOT. This is all strategy and a distraction. If this was such a non issue, he would have told his secret from day one…..he didn’t because it would make him a bigger target. I hope the gamers are wise to his antics. Granted he said he plans to donate some of the cash to charity, Frankie is playing the game for himself and wants the money for himself. Everyone is there for their love of the game and personal gain…..there is nothing wrong with that. Just as Frankie, whoever wins can make a charitable donations, at their discretion….albeit family, friends…whatever. From my point of view, the playing field is the same, but Frankie is too self absorbed to realize that. Bad move, dude….you should have waited until the finale for the big reveal

  82. Finally this useless girl Victoria is talking sense. Nicole is acting all star struck on the live feeds about Frankie and believe it or not it’s Victoria who is actually telling her that Zach is who they need to get behind right now so that they can still get out Frankie and Christine later on.

    WOW. Didn’t expect Victoria to finally show a game face and be the one to smack sense back into Nicole.

  83. Well we had two weeks of fun this season and now its over. Production has made sure that I know longer care who wins. They got their Fakie to stay but that means Donny is going home and Caleb will be up Fakie’s butt the whole time.

  84. I don’t like the way Frankie is telling everyone he intends to spend the money on building schools in Africa. No one can say that isn’t admirable, but why mention it? does that make you more deserving of the money? Or does he think he needs to justify to them why he, as someone that comes from wealth, is playing a game for money? Neither sits well with me. Gameplay and, to some extent, how you treat people in the game, is the only thing that determines how deserving you are, whether you are frankie grande or not.

  85. OK, here it goes (deep breath)

    Once upon a time, Big Brother used to be known as the “guilty pleasure of the summer”. I’ve watched this show from the very first season onwards. Sometimes I’ve quit on certain seasons; sometimes I haven’t watched certain seasons at all. I really don’t consider myself an ultra-fan at all. With that said, I have to ask . .

    What the f*** has happened to this show? And how did it go so wrong?

    I’ll answer the second question in two words: Alison Grodner. I’m well aware that production probably used to do a little subtle “nudging” in influencing gameplay from time to time in the early years. Ever since BB10 though, these “nudges” have turned into full-blown shoves that tries to emulate the WWE in scripting what happens and I believe it has gone too far. Other questions: Why do you need to bring in someone’s relative for the last three seasons? What’s the point? Secondly, thousands of candidates to become HG’s and these are the best 16 you can come up with? It almost seems as though they try to slot a HG into a certain pre-defined “character”, instead of just getting an interesting AND intelligent person that can actually play the game and who isn’t just a recruit behind a pretty face.

    Twists? Simple question: How many “new” twists have you seen since July 1? Most twisted season ever? Bull***t!

    After 4 seasons of not watching BB11 through BB14, I came back to the debacle known as BB15 last year because I had access to feeds. Big mistake. I went into BB16 this summer to give the show one last chance at redemption. They’ve failed. I’m pulling the plug once and for all on BBUS. I’m not just talking the talk, but walking the walk as well.

    To Simon & Dawg: You guys do a great job with this site. I do appreciate the work you put into this, but alas, I can no longer participate in OBB. I’m giving myself a lifetime ban-LOL.

    Congratulations to Derrick on winning BB16.

    1. There is no excuse at all for the language you used in your message. Talk about Frankie’s personality all you want but when you used that f word you instantly lost respect.

  86. frankie is literally the most despicable rat dirtbag scumbag lowlife ive ever seen on reality tv. he really is a horrible person. i bet a zillion dollars his sister is embarrassed as all hell. zack was the one dude who truly adored him and the moment that faggot frankie realized zack wasnt going to literally blow him he bailed on him like he was nothing.that shows alot. zack was genuine. frankie showed the world what he is.nothing but a self serving fame whore degenerate loser freak.

  87. Are you all seriously falling for the games CBS is playing off of? Obviously they want the semi celebrity to stay because it’s huge for their ratings. If you watched the show on the double eviction you would have seen Ariana Grande sitting in the crowd. You think that it’s a coincidence that she just so happened to be there on the night that they’d typically see the most ratings…. It looks like CBS and BB production are doing exactly what they think is good entertainment. You can’t fault them because for a while, their ratings were dropping hugely. We all love the show, but you can’t fault them for making good entertainment. It’s a show about lying, you have to lie to win the game and then learn damage control and Frankie is very good at damage control. It’ll bite him in the butt sooner or later though.

    1. The ratings are falling off because of artificial, forced, scripted, boring gameplay dictated by production, and by production I mean Alison Grodner. This is not a real “game” anymore. Seriously, the first time Frankie came on the screen, did everyone not know that he was going to be protected by production and would get to the end of the game just because he was this year’s gay guy? Grodner is manipulating the game to keep him there so the gay and lesbian community keep watching, she thinks that’s the way to get ratings. Some no talent 19 year old Nickelodeon star sitting in the audience isn’t going to help the ratings, getting rid of Grodner and returning to the unscripted strategy play of the early seasons is the only thing that would save this show from the scrap heap of TV.

  88. I have never wanted to believe that production gets involved to such an obvious extent – but this is just BS! I knew something was going to happen when it took so long for the BOB to take place…they needed to make sure it was a battle Frankie could win. So extremely disappointed.

    1. I’m going to be honest, I think production is favoring Donny actually because he knows a lot of America loves him (including myself). He won the rubber ducky game which I thought he would have no chance in normal circumstances HOWEVER, I was confident he would since I noticed production benefiting him. I don’t mind in this case.

      One the other note, they need to have way more people that NEED the money. I volunteer!

  89. I’m not sure why all the anger and shock. By week 2, it was already known production selected Frankie as their #1 asset. Of course they’re going to keep him around. I’ve come to the conclusion weeks ago that Frankie will make it to final 3. Unfortunately, I’d say just accept that particular fact; it’ll save you from a bunch of unnecessary anger-filled rants.

  90. A better reply would have been. “Frankie, why should I care who your sister is? How does that matter?”

    1. Not only are his siter’s accomplishments not his own, but additionally, EVERYBODY makes videos for YouTube, everybody. So what? First he said he had 1.5 M followers, and only later conceded that those numbers are over ALL his media channels, and the only reason any of his videos hit any number was because it was about Justin Bieber, duh. What a conceited, pathetic person. And let’s not forget how he AGAIN used his grandfather’s death to try to get out of how he screwed everyone over. Puh-lease! Sick.

  91. I’m sorry, but production had to have rigged the BOB competition…there’s no way Frankie would have won if they hadn’t. This is the only BOB comp that was individual. This sucks

  92. I was really rooting for Nicole to win (because she seems like one of the only decent ones left), but now I don’t see how that’s possible. If Nicole doesn’t win the veto, I think she’ll be backdoored by her former friend, Christine. I’m really hoping Nicole and Zach make it through this week and have Hayden come back in the next week. Then, Nicole, Zach, and Hayden might be able to flip the house and send the other houseguests scrambling:)

  93. Though I don’t normally comment on the events of the game, after watching Frankies’ confession I feel compelled to speak my peace. First & foremost, Frankie, you are a grown man behaving like a teenager, riding the coattails of you’re younger sisters’ success. Whether or not you have hordes of followers doesn’t mean jack squat…it doesn’t make you famous or important…for you to insinuate such grandiose delusion in the presence of a man [Caleb] who risked his life and served his country is both insulting & embarrassing. I neither like nor dislike Caleb, but I respect his service….that’s the kind of feat that warrants accolade & praise. My father served in the Army…my grandfathers’ brother served in the Canadian Navy and was injured during WWII. All those who serve are the true ‘Rockstars’ …people like Frankie are just shallow wannabes. Secondly, Frankie, for you to purport that Madonna has nothing on your sister, I beg to differ. Madonna was a pioneer, visionary and trend setter who changed the music industry in much the same vane as The Beatles & Elvis Presley and that was before the internet even existed…even today, she stands as the benchmark by which all female artists who have followed are compared. Even wildly successful, household names such as Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera could not ever match her. I know this because I lived it, witnessed it…I didn’t have to google it. For you, Frankie, or anyone else, to suggest anything different is borderline lunacy and revisionist history. Finally, I would just like to express my bewilderment as to why people like Frankie are cast for this show. I’m Canadian…I’ve never been to the U.S. but I’m absolutely certain that it, like countries all over the world, houses millions of hard working,blue collar,down to earth, everyday folk who bust their backs every day to pay bills and put food on the table. Anyone of them would savor the opportunity to win money and improve the lives of those they love. These are the kind of people I wanna see play the game …it’s ratings gold because, no matter who walks away with the big prize, the world becomes a little better place for someone authentic, and that’s a win for us all. I don’t get the time to watch the feeds as much as I would like so I have come to rely heavily on this site over the years…it is,by far, the best of all the update sites thanks entirely to the committed, tireless efforts of Simon & Dawg. If not for their marked diligence and for the commentary that ensues, I feel that I might never be privy to the true game that unfolds beyond what CBS televises…as a fan of the show since its’ inception, I would not relish such a loss.

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