Nicole “He’s (Cody) the dirtiest player in this game and nobody would have thought”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: ? HOH Winner 2: ?
Battle of the Block Winner  ? Next HOH Aug 14
Original Nominations: ?
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?


BB16-2014-08-07 19-16-00-093
7:10pm Kitchen
Victoria is calling Frankie out for saying he wanted to get Zach out up until last night.
Frankie tells her the plan was to keep Zach all along.. “I can’t believe how naive you are”
Nicole brings up that someone told her Christine was saying me and Hayden were a power couple week two .
Christine denies it says he’s starting to doubt all the things she’s heard about Nicole

Caleb says he made the decision best for his game and that was to get Hayden out.
Zach – Who would you have put up if you won the Veto Nicole
Nicole – I would have used it.. I was told Derrick and Cody.. (This is what she said Frankie/Christine was telling her)
Zach – You’re being told by .. how come you were being told
Nicole – I don’t want to talk about it
Zach – you’re throwing everyone under the bus
Nicole – I don’t like you you were my target.. I’ll throw you under the buys all day every day..
Nicole says she had Christine’s back and Frankie’s back..

Zach – Nicole… you want to start an alliance.. I want to be in an alliance with you we can make lies up about people
Caleb – I just want to read my letter.. if I read my letter i’ll just tuck myself in bed.
Zach – why don’t you like me
Nicole – you are going to torture me
Zach – why am I torturing you
Nicole – Stop saying my name leave me alone
Zach – Can i make you some food.. I can make you a egg sandwich..
Nicole leave to the beehive with Christine says she’s going to punch Zach in the head ..

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BB16-2014-08-07 19-19-36-086

7:19pm BEEHIVE Nicole and Christine
Nicole crying.. Christine says she was told that they were coming after her and frankie and Nicole was going to backdoor frankie if she used the veto.. Christine has also told that Nicole laughs at Christine says she can’t believe she’s falling for her plan

Nicole I was told you said a bunch of stuff Nicole you were coming after me and hayden we were a power couple
Nicole says Zach is evil when he gets the at look in his face
Christine – they played me they played victoria..
Nicole – I’m going next week it’s fine I won’t be here next week.. I don’t trust anybody
Christine claims she found out that they were keeping Zach 10 minutes before they got to vote she was shocked when they told her Christine was saying all these things about her.
Nicole – Cody lied to ma a lot.. Cody established an alliance with me, Hayden and Derrick.. “
Nicole says she thought it was pretty legitimate it had a name now it doesn’t mean a crap
Christine brings up that Cody wasn’t touching her all week then started again last night.
Christine says theres some serious schemers in the house.
Nicole agrees says she’s trying to figure out who it is.
Nicole claiming that HAyden was targeting Jocasta and Victoria
Christine – holy crap we were played

Christine says she trusted Nicole up until this morning when she was told all these things about her
Nicole says she was crying in the Diary room when she found Christine was against her.
Christine says she knows exactly who is spreading all the lies and is at the heart, She points out that Nicole knows to they just aren’t saying names (Cody)
Christine says her and Frankie were 100% down with getting Zach out but last night they were approached
Nicole – I can’t believe COdy would do that he seemed so nice..
Christine – He has been so nice to me today
Nicole – he won’t look at me in the eye.
Christine says she’s still Nicole’s friends and she’s sorry she’s sorry for everything that happened today..
Christine says she was so upset this morning. – this morning her head was pulsating  it was so disgusting
Nicole – He’s the dirtiest player in this game and nobody would have thought.. he’s lying to my face.


BB16-2014-08-07 19-23-28-592

7:21pm Zach and Frankie Storage room
Zach wants to know what Cody said he was saying about Frankie
Frankie explains that Cody told him Zach was saying Frankie’s next target is Cody.
Zach is shocked says she never told Cody that “and you believed that.. “
Frankie – so Cody is lying
Zach why the f** would I say that.. YES cody is lying
Zach – Now i’m f** no one in my alliance trust me including you
Frankie – I told you my trust with you is fine.. We’re going to need each other now that we drawn the line in the sand..
Frankie says Nicole and Donny are the next to go, Frankie cannot believe NIcole thnks she’s innocent.. “Did you think we were playing Big BROther best friend race”
Frankie says Cody and Derrick are not masterminding any of this what happened Hayden came to Cody and Derrick and offered them an alliance.
Zach – do you still trust me
Frankie – I do.
Frankie tells him Jocasta, Donny, Nicole and HAyden were working together
Zach – Donny is dead to me
Frankie _ I don’t’ know for sure.. to the naked eye it looks like that (That Donny is in the alliance with the other outsiders)

BB16-2014-08-07 19-35-40-151

7:35pm Comparing notes agreeing they all said sh1t and moving forward it’s going to stop

BB16-2014-08-07 19-47-18-575

7:45pm FireRoom Frankie Zach, Caleb and Cody
They are agreeing that Christine was playing both sides she’ll go the side that has the power. Caleb still thinks Christine will go with the other side if they win HOH.Frankie doesn’t;’ think there is anything left of the other side.
Caleb – Donny and Nicole.
Frankie tells Zach he needs to stop with the Christine
Caleb points out that Christine is with Nicole right now not them.


Zankie = Frankie/Zach
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole

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Poor Nicole. I really hope Hayden is the one that comes back into the house.


Right after Nicole is sent packing next.


Donny for the Win

Did you mean Dum, Dum On The Block? 🙂

Donny for the Win

Are you kidding me….. all those thumbs down? That was quite witty….. FOOLS!!!!!


No, Christine needs to be sent packing. Can’t stand her.


Agreed – unless Donny is the next person out the door. Donny would have a very good chance of beating Jocasta/Hayden at most any type of competition and then returning to the game.

tyrese jones

this is what nicole gets for putting up someone she could have used as an ally in jocasta. why run the risk when you could have also nominated frankie.

It's Double HOH

You are forgetting a really important fact about BB this season, the Double HOH means to stay HOH you can’t put two people you are targeting on the block. If they win the Battle of the Block, they essentially have a POV on themselves for the week and you are no longer HOH. This is why so many people were backdoored this year, its the only way to guarantee you can get your target out.


Donny and Nicole didn’t have to put up one weak player and one strong player. There was just there way of trying to get out a big player without getting too much blood on their hands and it backfired. They could have easily put up frankie and zach vs cody and caleb or any combo of those. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who’s working together in the house. But they instead decided to form this elaborate plan so they’d only have Zach and Caleb’s blood on their hands by putting up two weak girls they weren’t afraid of coming after them. Well it backfired and they got what they deserved.

Had they put two strong players vs two strong players. They wouldn’t be in this situation and they’d have more numbers to compete in the last HOH and who know’s what would of happened.


It’s a lose-lose situation for her with the BOB twist. Donny has nominated weak, strong players in his nominations, the only way to win against that is to put up another weak and a strong player. Has it been Zach and Frankie against Victoria and Caleb last week not only she revealed her cards, she will have two strong players going against her the next week. I doubt that Frankie and Zach will lose against anyone with Victoria. Also, granted that the house is against her now but at that point she have Derick and Cody working with her. She did not make a silly move, she was just outplayed by Derick and Cody (with the help of the miraculous fish last night) the last minute. During the entire week she was (unconsciously) playing Derick and Cody to go against Frankie and Christine masterfully.


What shocks me the most is 61 people at this point agreed with your worthless point. They needed someone useless to put up with Zach so she Nicole) could maintain her HOH. She wouldn’t have put YoCasta up if it were a single HOH. If she put up Frankie, Cody or Derrick, etc. with Zack, they would win POV and Donny’s choices would remain. Got it dummy.


Nicole is going to be Fine. Zankie has been broken up. Caleb told Zach and Cody that everything Nicole was saying was true and that Frankie is a liar, so is Christine. Zach got pissed and hated Frankie but he is going to pretend he likes him. They are mad at Frankie and Christine.


And don’t forget she should have made an alliance with Amber and Britney too, but her jealousy for them clouded her game and that left her as an outsider.


Donny and nicole shoulve put up all strong players frankie/derrick vs zach/cody then put caleb as replacement nom if pov was used.

Cry Me a River

Nicole has no one to blame but her self! She could had put up two guys last week.


Would not have been a smart move with Donny putting up Victoria. In hindsight Nicole and Donny should have put 4 strong guys up but hindsight is 20/20.
With the battle of the block twist you essentially have to put up a weak link every week. Nicole was a victim of the twist.


I know I’m going to get a lot of thumbs down too, but don’t care. You’re right to call Nicole out. Nicole was so cold and unsympathetic towards those other women who left the house blindsided. Now that she has 4 to 5 targets on her back she wants to have a pity party. Stop being a baby, those people are not your friends.


I agree with Stickaforkinit, if you want to play nice go sign up with damn Disney channel. For a half a million the game is cut throat. Save the tears!

Nicole Screwed Up

The entire problem began with the nominations. There was no reason for Nicole and Donny to put up Jocasta and Victoria as pawns, they had four legitimate big time targets to choose from ( Frankie, Zach, Derrick, Cody ) and Christine, who they already knew was dirty, or even Caleb as a replacement nominee. There was no reason not to put all four of them up. Worst disaster of an HOH in Big Brother history. Total fail.

Beast Mode Cowpie

I like Donny but he kind of wimped out with his nominations, which ended up screwing Nicole’s game. He said flat out he was afraid to get blood on his hands. When they were planning out their noms last week, Donnie agreed that a big move was a great idea but that Nicole would have to be the one to do it. All he was willing to do was offer her his vote if she executed the plan and it worked. But Nicole did plenty to screw up her own game as well these past few weeks by voting out potential allies because they got more attention from the guys than she was getting.


Frankie is a pig.


One thing Frankie was right about. Amber needed to go so Caleb could start playing the game. I never thought I would say it, but I like Caleb. he’s loyal to a fault and he lets Frankie know to his face that everything Nicole said is not a lie. He knows Frankie and Christine were playing both sides. Now lets see how long it takes for him to figure out so was Cody and Derrick. I think Nicole and Donny can rest now, because if Caleb keep talking he’s going next.


Production team giving him the answers, Caleb is dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Caleb is delusional, that does not necessarily mean you’re dumb.


Ooohhh ohay RIGGED, did production give him the answers when he just won HOH and beat the “so called Super Fan”? I think you are delusional. He has his head in the game now.

Chilltown 4 Life

Ah, yes, Zach lives to fight another day. Nicole crying, and thanks for playing, Hayden(sarcasm) lol. A great show tonight–glorious!


Zack is a dick head who probably just punched his final 4 ticket tonight.

Chilltown 4 Life

And that is point isn’t it? Zach is playing a decent game(not great), but doing it in an entertaining fashion.


Zach is full of crap. Donny is not going anywhere.


Donny is f*cked. Baahhahahahhaa!

Donny for the Win

We shall see…… Dum, Dum!!!! Oh yeah……. Bahahahaha!!!


Donny is so f*cking clueless to what is going on in the house. His old ass is going to break down next endurance comp.


These people make me SICK!

The clueless one here is Nicole.


Donny is a comps beast. He wreckon of winning comps.


Are they all forgetting that they will have to nominate 4 people? If they put up donny and nicole together and they win BOB then neither if them will go home. If they put them on opposite teams then for sure one of them is staying and the other has a chance to win POV. Let me guess if they can’t get out nicole or donny they’ll put up victoria? yawn


Julie said the BOB is over. One HOH from now on.


Julie said the double hoh is over for that hour pf double eviction. Its still on and 2 hohs will be crowned 4 nominees will be made.


Yes, but I thought she said “for this hour” only alluding to just the double eviction. I personally was confused by that.


hate to be rude but you clearly didnt listen to julie say that the BOB twist was done JUST for the double eviction. She said that 2 HOH’s would be crowned again after the double eviciton multiple times


Julie said the BOB was gone for the next hour!


No she didn’t – That was just for Double Eviction night.


you a f#$king idiot!

Still 2 HOHs Next Week

I agree 100%, Penny. Put Donny & Nicole up together, and both can come off of the block during BOB. Split them up with Caleb or Victoria as their partners, and 2 will come off the block and 2 remain. There is still a POV where one of the remaining non-Detonators plays. It happened this week. Put Caleb & Victoria opposite them, and 2 are coming off for sure. They must turn on their own this week.


Detonators def done this week. Frankie was alreadyv suspicious of Cody and Derrick and after the aftermath of tonite it’s going to be clear the hitmen were working to get out Zach and the backdoor of Frankie. How can Zankie work with Cody n Derrick knowing they were that close to being done in by them. Just a matter of who can rally the remnants of the house to their side.


Tonight Julie said from now on there will no longer be 2 HOH.


The house is going to go crazy! Nobody trust anybody right now.


the way Frankie is freaking out…if he won HOH tonight I could definitely see him firing the first show at cody and derrick.

Cry Me a River

Exactly! All the girls screwed themselves from the beginning.


Nicole and Donny win the veto PLEASE. Send frankie or derrick or cody packing




Somebody tell Zach how it really went down. Please release The Zacken.


Who would have thunk it? Caleb actually makes sense because yes Christine will go to the other side if they win , why wouldn’t she? Right now she’s consoling Nicole, keeping her closer, making sure in the event that Nicole or Donny win, she’s safe. Not bad.

Regardless , I want Frankie, Caleb and Christine out the house.


Caleb is truly the houseguest of the people, he saved Zach and is now throwing Frankstine under the bus. Beast Mode/ZachAttack final 2 ftw.


that would be some interesting final speeches

Captain Crunch

Its obvious man-faced Allison grodner got to Caleb and derrick last night to keep Zack. Anyways if Iwas Donny I would refuse every TA mission from here on out to get at derrick where it hurts him the most, his pockets.

Butters Mom

AS an AMERICAN, I’d like to tell Production to shove its TA mission choices up its Ass! They are stupid and I have refused to participate since week 2. I dont want Derrick or Frankie getting any more money and Donnie has made it clear he can’t be bought and Im proud of him for that! Donnie for the win!


It’s just a game show.


Does it seem to anyone else that production is trying to use the TA tasks to stir up drama b/c there isn’t much? Usually the America’s player tasks have an equal amount of risk and humor in them, ex. BB10 when Dan had to get Jesse to hug him for 15 seconds. This time they all seem to be risky and potentially detrimental to their games.


You are not the only one thinking that. The choices for TA clearly are detrimental to the actual players in the house and I don’t blame Donnie one bit for saying he was not going to do a mission that jeopardized his personal game.


That’d be pretty foolish considering he’d also be screwing himself out of 5 grand per mission. Get real.


I wouldn’t refuse the mission, I would except it and some how let Derrick and Frankatard make sure it’s accomplished, blame them if it doesn’t goes through. I would try to use them as long as I can w/o me doing that much.


Nicole needs to stop the crying and win HOH. She can redeem herself.

Derrick and Frankie should go up forget backdooring. At this point anyone of the detonators can go.


This episode was crazy! I’m glad Hayden threw the rat and the snake under the bus. Victoria is dumb, she just votes however derrick tells her to, and now it’s just Donny and Nicole. So guess what…the rest of em are gonna have to turn on each other soon. Can’t wait!


I liked it too, but man Derrick just continues to skate. He and Cody are the ones that really screwed Haycole. Even if Frankie and Christine flip Derrick and Cody could still have forced a tie.
I don’t know how he does it but Derrick is a master manipulator.

Donny for the Win

That he is and all though I’m not a fan of his….. he indeed is playing the game and I respect that. On the other hand I cannot respect Christine’s game at all…. toying with Nicole’s emotions…. she is definitely a rat! Hope Donny or Nicole win the next HOH!!!!


Sounds like the house is in an uproar. Where is Derrick hiding? Donny better step up tall or he is history soon.


Yeah, where is Derprick hiding? Notice how he always uses the excuse not to be seen participating in alliance discussions “I don’t want the rest of the house to see all of us together”. In this way Derprick never gets any shit on his shirt. That’s how he flies under everyone’s radar undetected. Out of everyone left, he is the one I want to see leave the soonest. Can’t stand him and his style of game play.


So instead of being low key, trustworthy in every housemates eyes, and secretly making every eviction decision; how would you win big brother?


Derrick’s in the DR production is telling him his next moves to make


Oh poor little Nicole. You got f*ckin schooled in the BB house. Deal with it, you of all people know how the show works.


EXACTLY, for someone who’s a feed watcher, how the hell could she not see this coming from a mile away? Fruit Loop Dingus was lying about being a huge fan…


They are bringing a Houseguest back.
I hope it is Hayden I want to see Calebs face when he had a completely wasted HoH.

Who won the full week HoH? Are they just leaving it like this for a week?
They usually do the second HoH right after the Fast Forward.


This sucks even more….

I hope Nicole and Donny can last weeks then, Hayden comes back in by beating Jocasta, Victoria, and Caleb. Then it will be Nicole, Hayden, Donny vs Derrick, Cody Frankie and Christine. This is my dream.


Nicole & zach really need one good sitdown to hash everything out then we will see who has been lying the entire time.


I really hope that Donny and Nicole win HOH so Derrick, Frankie, Cody, and Christine go up!!


Nicole needs to get like Frankie and be in every room where people are talking. She needs to call each person out on their lies in front of Zach. Zach Caleb Donny and Nicole needs to flip this house again.


She doesn’t have that kind of backbone, I’m not being mean, it’s hard for most people to have that kind of mental strength when they’re up against a majority that consists of big strong guys, she’s also too nice. Evil Dick is that type and he’s an anomoly lol.


She should do a Frankie to annoy them to death!

Not Surprised

Karma’s a bitch, Nicole! You didn’t want to get your hands dirty when you were HOH and now Hayden is out. You’re not there to listen to other people’s orders, or to make friends.


Nicole wanted to get her hands dirty and get out Frankie. People need to know that we see everything and the house do not.


I have never understood why every HOH wants to know how people are going to vote BEFORE the HOH has made any nominations. Again and again this approach has proven to be foolish because everyone changes their minds hour-by-hour or day-by-day. If you have earned the right to be HOH, nominate who you want on the block and let the chips fall where they may. Of course, you can negotiate some deals or navigate as best you can but cripes, be fearless instead of gutless and do what you are entitled to do during your HOH. This House democracy thing is for the birds and a waste of energy. AND I WOULD NEVER ASK ANYONE what do you think I should do, that’s so lame.

Phil Donahue

Honest or not, it’s people handing you information about where they sit in the house. Why would you ever turn down free information?


Phil, I totally agree with you – would never pass on people giving info/opinions but I sure wouldn’t share my game and would keep my cards close. Everyone would find out who was on the block during the nom ceremony, then and only then and then, let the scrambling begin. They would play my game and not me, as HOH trying to make everyone happy. Fearless. This way there wouldn’t be all of this sitting around, sleeping, playing pool and endless boredom for days on end. People would have to figure things out. That’s how I remember it played in the early days back when an HOH really did have the power and the HOH room was not a group lounge.


Tell that to pig Cody for one. Karma or reaping what you sow, he’ll be a pig on a skewer. Not there to make friends? Then keep your hands off the girls two-faced PIG! And Derrick quit giving fake hugs!


Caleb – I just want to read my letter.. if I read my letter i’ll just tuck myself in bed.
Bahahahha, oh beast mode. He totally surprised me during the competition, how the hell did he remember all that??!

And I was so impressed with how sweet and non-bitter Jocasta and Hayden were when they left and were interviewed. I have a feeling Derrick and Frankie would be so pissed off.


They didn’t have to figure out the answer – they just had to guess.


I believe Christine threw it, so she wouldn’t have blood on her hands, that’s why she voted Hayden out so Nicole will think Christine is her buddy while she crying.

If I was Victoria I would watch out cause if she ever decides not to go the way Derrick instructs her to “He gone knock her in her JAW” she won’t see it comin

Butters Mom

I dont feel sorry for Nicole. She made her move on the chess board and she made a bad choice right off the bat with her first nominations… If she is going to spill the beans on Frankie and Christine and Cody… she better spill them about Derrick too…. he is the REAL mastermind here. I still think no one in that house gets that… idiots.


If she put big strong guys, she would’ve been dethroned…which actually would have left her in a better spot. There are a hundred factors that led her here. Her trust in people that have no loyalty (Derrick and Cody) especially so don’t try to simplify it down to one factor, she would’ve had Zack and Frankie up ther if given the chance, her game was pretty smart but she didn’t anticipate Derrick and Cody being rats.


Isn’t the whole point of Big Brother to “expect the unexcepted?” For a “super fan” you’d think Nicole would remember that. She was a fool to trust Derrick and Cody, but that’s the game.

matter of time

for another…

Zach ATTACK!!!!!!!


Nicole and Donny threw away their only chance to become the majority in the house when they failed to put up Frankie, Derrik, Cody and Zack when they were both HOH. What were they thinking?


Derrick misted them!


Ok so… A lot just happened this what I feel certain peoples brains should be.
Donny: don’t trust anybody but maybe Nicole and win HOH send home either Derrick or Cody or Frankie.. Zake will be zack leave him for this week.

Nicole: don’t trust ANYBODY!!!! Period but Donny if she wants and win HOH that’s her only option.

Victoria(hate that I’m saying this) if she has any kind of brain don’t let Derrick manipulate you and play your own game with a shred of luck if she could pull it off win HOH and go after Frankie the person that done her wrong.( This week is going to be interesting so happy Donny won veto I was scream at the top of my lunges when I saw he had that final duck.)



Kb, actually I thought that was me screaming but I really think it was all of us from all over USA, Team Donny all the way,
Now, regarding our girl Victoria (nice girl) if she just get out the mirror long enough and remember what Derrick said to her earlier today regarding who to vote for – take that info to Nicole and Donny then we may be back in the game. The only thing I would do is walk low because when officer derrick finds out her brain has opened and she can think for herself, He gone put a hurtin on that Jaw. What people will do for the LOVE of Money, Team Donny keepin it clean.


It’s all good,their going to start turning on each other soon enough.Then we will see their true colors shine through!
The Detonators will Detonate!


This season has been one of the most boring seasons if not the most ever. WHERE are all the twists in the “Most Twisted” season ever?? One side has been in control this whole game and its so boring to watch. By the way why is Team America still listed as an alliance? XD It was never an alliance to begin with.


Blame that evil, fat, ugly twat Grodner, whatever she wants she gets, even if it means displeasing the fans… she is scum.

Phil Donahue

…it’s just a tv show. Everything’s gonna be ok.


I can hear the BB voice over guy now, “and after eviction, Zach went on the ATTACK”


Things aren’t looking bright for nicole and donny at the moment but nicole can’t be mad at anyone but herself for putting up Jocasta, who was a potential ally. All we can do is hope nicole and donny win the next HOH. I’m hoping Cody, Frankie,Christine, and Derrick get a taste of what its like to be on the block this week. That’s when the REAL drama will happen.


YES!!!! Finally some drama!!!!


Are the winners of Bob immune from being a replacement if POV is used?




someone needs to knock frankie off his high glitter unicorn and send him packing and maybe Derrick can hitch a ride with him!


I think Nicole is the only one this season who can save it :/


Caleb’s loyalty is going to be his downfall. Before the show ended, I heard Donny trying to talk to Caleb, {I think he wanted to asked Caleb about the things he heard} Too bad Donny can’t open Caleb’s eyes to Cody, Derrick, Frankie, and Christine lies. Tell him how they made a fool out of him. This is where Production needs to come in, and tell Caleb to trust Donny.


Does production actually do that? oh my

Kathie from Canada

What were the choices for America votes? In Toronto, the network broke for commercial so we didn’t get to see that part of the show. Bad timing or what?


Yeah WTH was that…why did it just hit us?

Toronto to the rescue

Had to go hunting it down. When it cut out I wasn’t even sure if there was an assignment. But here are their choices:
A) Work together to convince someone to go on the Block as a pawn and then get them evicted
B) Have each member of Team America create and name a fake side alliance with the person they trust the least

Kathie from Canada

Thanks for the info. We were watching Global because of the football game on CBS. Appreciate your taking the time to bring us up to speed.


Was anyone else afraid Donny was going to have a heart attack after the competition? I was literally afraid for him.


I think he hurt his leg.


I can actually bet that if any two of Zach, Cody, Derrick and Frankie win, the 4 nominees will be Donny, Christine, Nicole and Victoria.


Not only was Nicole kicked in the gut, her fans were.


Simon – When is the HOH going to happen? Do you think they’ll show it?


I agree, while Amber was doing nothing, but playing everyone else’s game, Caleb wasn’t playing at all, he was playing his delusional game called Amber… Once she left, he’ got his head back into the game….. Good thing she’s not in Jury, if she came back, Caleb would go right back to being Sling Blade…




Someone earlier said that Julie said 7 person jury so obviously the next twist is they are sequestered and they will bring people back in? There’s proba my a 7person jury But they would have to have another double evict, right?anyways however they make it happen someone is coming back and if Julie let it slip on accident 7person jury.


Next week the Targets will be Nicole, Donny and Victoria… How shocking they will be going up.

Even if the guys who have me utterly disgusted right now…. don’t worry it never lasts that long, I am a very forgiving viewer. Though I will admit I have not felt about an eviction like this since Brittany H and Jannelle evictions. Of course look who was the HoH Beat Mode Cowboy…. a guy that has no idea that he is not the king just a disposable schmuck with really bad judgement. I feel sorry for Caleb, when he finally gets home and finds out everything that went down he is going to feel pissed, betrayed and stupid.

Oh well in about two weeks these guys are going to turn on each other and it will be a blood bath… I hope it is sooner than later.


Bal Li Ode Da Ma Ta Las Si Ta No Ma – THE DEVIL IS A LIE!!!!!!!, I wanted to smack them all in the name of Jesus on behalf of Jocasta. Cody and Pig face Derrick will probably burn in HELL!!!!!!! I hope Hayden comes back and kicks everyones ass.

They will start fighting with themselves soon and I can’t wait when they kick out stupid ass Frankie Bell!!!!. I can not stand that little boy!!!!!! .


Little boy!?!? That “disco-dancing, Oscar Wilde-reading, Streisand ticket-holding, friend of Dorothy” is a 32 year old MAN!!!


I think that production kept in this BOB twist to create more chaos in the house. They know that the odds for the detonators side of the house winning power this week is high, so that means automatically Nicole Donny and Victoria will be put up. Forcing them to nominate a person in the alliance go up. My guess is that they will NOT put Donny and Nicole on the same team because if they win BOB they are both safe for the week. They will put up Victoria with one of them then one of them and someone from their side (possibly Christine or Caleb because they are the least liked/trusted at this point). Whoever is on Victorias team will lose BOB and if that person doesn’t win POV they will go home. Just my prediction! This is only if the detonators have power this week.


Let me taste those tears Nicole


My Top 3: Donny, Nicole, Dawg