Zach – “everyone is on his d1ck. S*cking.. I don’t care if your sister is Hillary Clinton”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Ca;eb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-08-08 22-48-36-895
10:46pm Derrick and Frankie Have nots
Derrick says he knows why Frankie is team america
Derrick – I told you why I was here.. I’m here for my daughter
Derrick explains that Cody told him that Frankie wants him and Zach out that is what caused this divide between them
Derrick says he’s got a obligations to work with Frankie because of team america “You got a lot of Damage control”
Caleb come in and hugs him Frankie.
Frankie denies some of the lies he’s being accused for says Nicole made all this up.
Caleb – she said you backed her into a corner and told her if you didn’t lie to caleb you were going to put her up
Frankie – No does that sound like me.. obviously she was lying
Claeb says after Frankie’s BOB performance and coming clean has really
Caleb – When I get out here I will have to check out you sister I’ve never seen her”

BB16-2014-08-08 23-02-30-163

10:51pm FIREROOM Derrick, Cody and Zach
Derrick is getting annoyed by Frankie’s news “People are getting starstruck out there”
Zach – A hour ago everybody hates him now they’re s***ng his d1ck
Derrick – doesn’t change a fact he literally was playing all of us
Victoria comes in “I’m confused now”
Victoria – I’m a HUGE fan of her
(Derrick and Zach are the most worried about frankie”
Victoria – whats a matter zach
Zach – Frankie f**d me talking sh1t about me all this time making fun of me..
Derrick – where did you hear this
Zach – Nicole
Victoria leaves
Derrick – we’re f***d they are going to love him.. Caleb is going to meet Justin bieber.. In a way I didn’t leave my family so he can make it to the end vause his sister is famous.. just send me home..
Derrick – I don’t think he should have been allowed to play by himself.. as a person he’s a good dude.. it is what it is.. hwwe just gotta play”
Zach if I win the veto or we’re f***
Derick donny isn’t one of us
Zach what if DOnny wins the veto .. we’re f*** D
Derrick ya then one of us are going home..
They agree Frankie will win America’s favorite. Derrick is poissed becuae Fnrkeai is realssing all these truths but he’s omitted certain facts..
zach – everyone is on his d1ck
Derrick- ahh if he’s on the block next week it’ll hurt him
Zach – why am I wasting my time
Derick I feel defeated
Zach – he’s playing this game for school in Africa who’s going to keep me over him. dude for real
Derrick laughs..
Zach is certain he’s going home.. Derrick think Zach is fine against Donny he’s go the votes Derrick can only promise Victoria as a vote if they are not up against Frankie. Victoria will not vote out Frankie.
They agree they lost Victoria and Caleb tonight to Frankie. Derrick hopes they can get them back.
Derrick says if Donny wins the Veto Derrick or COdy are going up, “That’s worst case scenario it’ll be either COdy or myself up against you.. once of us is going home perdion”
Cody comes in “Who’s the liar”
Derrick – I think he’s being straight f***g honest he’s got a following he doesn’t want to look sneaky it tarnishes his images

Derrick Thinks everyone is lying.
Cody agrees they lost Caleb.
Zach – F** Christine”
Derick – the problem is she’s HOH
Frankie comes in asks Zach to give him a hug Zach says no.. Frankie leaves
Cody – you gotta play the game dude
Zach – I’m not going ot su*k his d1ck”
Cody – Who’s s*cking d1ck..
Zach – he’s got mad bread his sister is hot as f***
They agree it was better one person than two during the BOB competitions. THey wish Caleb would have done the comp by not doing it he helped Frenaki
Derrick – Easier with one person than two
Derrick says they have a chance to convince CHristine to put up Nicole.
Zach says Christine is playing COdy..
Cody – She’s the f***g liar but she’s the HOH
Derrick tells Zach he has to mend things with Christine. Cody thinks the plan is to backdoor him.
Derrick wants them to try and get Nicole nominated, .
Caleb comes in..
They agree the best case scenario is Veto isn’t played and DOnny goes home.
Caleb says the girls are already
Derrick says as a big brother player what Frankie just did was outstanding.. Frankie knew he was done in the game so he Hopes there’s a couple guppies in the house that will decide to keep him because he will hook them up outside the house.
Derrick reminds them they still have Victoria in their back pocket but if it’s against Frankie they don’t. she’s starstruck.
Zach – Victoria is a f***g bimbo she’s dumber than a box of rocks
Zach – I don’t care if your sister is Hillary Clinton what the f***
They start talking about the pre season football game that Caleb won he also gets a slop pass for the trip.

BB16-2014-08-08 23-38-49-848

11:33pm Have ntos room Victoria and Derrick
Victoria is confused about where the house is she wants to know what is going on.
Derrick says Zach is upset because he thought he had a chance at America’s favorite. Derrick Adds they really don’t have a chance anymore..
Victoria says she’s a normal person playing for herself and he’s playing for charity, “Nicole feels bad.”
Victoria – is he still everyone’s target
Derrick – yes.. that was his last move.. he even said this is his dan ghoosling speech
Derrick says Frankie is in the game for the fame to build up more followers
Victoria – is he still a tafet
Cody yes we’re still in the same game.. it’s the same game..

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BB16-2014-08-08 23-53-18-234

11:48pm Frankie and Caleb
Frankie – I’m sorry for being deceitful..
Caleb says he had Frankie’s back 110% until I found out he threw him under the bs.
Frankie says he was 110% with caleb up until that moment.. and I have your back 110% now.
Caleb – and that is more so what matters now more than anything
Frankie says he’s closest to Caleb he is his brother “I offer for you to stay with me and my family when we get out of here that’s all real.. it’s reall “
Derrick comes in Frankie says he’s not working with Christine or Nicole they are lying to him and spreading rumours,
Freaknie – Shes a mess out there
Derrick – she’s a mess because she’s worried of the haters for putting up Ariana Grande’s bother

BB16-2014-08-08 23-53-39-493

11:52pm Bathroom Nicole and Victoria
Nicole is worried that she’ll have a bunch of haters because she put Frankie on the block.
Victoria says she talk a lot crap about Frankie in the DR then says how much she loves his sister Ariana Grande.

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185 thoughts on “Zach – “everyone is on his d1ck. S*cking.. I don’t care if your sister is Hillary Clinton”

  1. Frankie claims to play for charity but what’s the guarantee this fame-hungry weasel will give the money away? At most he will give like 10k out of 360k that he nets.

    p.s. no one gives a tiny rat’s a$$ about ariana grande..(including myself)

    1. What kind of a loser uses his little sister to gain the admiration of others? BB better not do this again. I’m over dumba$$ fakie and his $lut sister.

      1. If production had to continue to insist on forcing Frankie on us longer, then couldn’t hey have at least entertained a bit more with rigging the game?
        They still could have allowed Breast Mode Cowboy to f*ck Frankie over in the BOB including his ‘this is me stepping on your neck on your way out the door’. Let them loose BOB, Nicole could still be HOH, Frankie could’ve scurried like a rat until POV comp. Then production could’ve rigged the POV fo Frankie to win, and Nicole could’ve BDed Christine.
        And maybe then nobody would’ve had to listen to him brag about his little sister and his overly inflated list of followers while prancing around.

    2. I hope to God that Donny wins America’s favorite (he’s the only other HG with a shot at it) if but for no other reason than to see the look on Frankie’s face! What? I didn’t get the most votes? But I’m Ariana Grande’s brother! lol

    3. This has to be the most pathetic moment in Big Brother history. Frankie admitted that he lied and backstabbed all of the guys in the house and justified it by saying he has 1.5 million youtube subscribers and his sister is a celebrity. Then he bribes players with the promise of meeting Justin Bieber and front row tickets to Broadway shows.

      Then he lies about playing for charity (he has NEVER said this before, even in DRs and the pre-show interviews) and ends the night dancing around and gloating that he’s safe and people like him.

      Such an embarrassment. I fear Big Brother US has reached a point of no return and officially jumped the shark.

      1. I said 3 weeks ago they jumped the shark and everyone on here gave me shit. BB has no integrity. Next season will be all relatives of celebrities or the D list ones.

        1. Yes he is but so is Derrick. Derrick is on to him and knows what he has to do. I still think Frankie is banking on his sisters fame a bit too much… except for Caleb who wants fame anyway he can get it.

          Poor Donny keeps saying he has no one…if he only knew he’s been most popular with the country.

      2. He has said many times he will use the money to build schools in Africa and Derrick has said he would give him some of his winnings to help as well. That is the one thing he hasn’t lied about. Everything else including the nose on his face is a lie.

        1. Yes, Team America money, but do you really think he’s going to donate $500k to charity? He’s never said that before. If that were the case, then why wouldn’t he mention that earlier? It would have achieved the same thing with people being weary of voting someone out who’s playing for charity.

      3. I thought I heard Frankie talk about his charity or read about it on this site? It seems to ring a bell but not quite sure how.

    4. Does anyone else find it weird that Frankie claims to be an internet “mogul” , but in a group of 14 or so of his “peers” who I am sure all go to Vine, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, ETC.- NONE of them recognized him or had any idea who he was? Some mogul.
      I also hate that who his freaking sister is might affect how people play the game now. Nicole is worried about the haters who like his sister? WTF? Who the hell cares. His sister is of no consequence. This is just getting stupid.

      1. I know what you’re saying, but do you realize what type of people are out there is this blissful world? For example; The Kardashians have over 10 million followers because Kim K. made a sex tape and she’s now a mega million because of a reality show. This was made possible because of FANS (mostly men). People don’t care about truth or morals, because we all lack those qualities in one form or another.

      2. I looked up his YouTube account.. I didn’t see a million and half followers. Maybe I’m missing something. I did see a video with his sister where he said he’s a Broadway Producer. Huh?

        He is riding his sisters coattails so shamelessly that he’s deluded himself to thinking he’s something that he isn’t. I think Cody and Derrick see that he’s really nobody.

    5. For the first time all season, I watched BBAD last night and it actually disgusted me to watch that little mirror-gazing troll Frankie.
      First, he can’t help but stare at himself in the mirrors/windows when he’s talking to people. Second, the way he carried on you would have thought his sister was Beyonce. Who the f cares about some manufactured pop tart? Apparently…Victoria does. The way she screamed and carried on was embarrassing. Promising the HG that he could introduce them to Justin Bieber? Umm….no thanks.
      Obviously, I am older than the HGs, but its appalling that Frankie just flipped the game on these numbnuts because of who his sister is.
      Regardless of how I feel about Frankie, it DOES put him at an unfair advantage over the other HG.
      Every year, I’m growing more and more disillusioned with BB. Someone mentioning “jumping the shark”…I fully agree.

  2. I predict a huge backlash from this pathetic Frankie G Show that we are suffering through.
    Seriously Frankie Grande & A-G fans have seriously ruined this season so far of BB16
    He is the biggest fame-whore on this planet!

    1. this season is a wrap. it’s completly ruined and you can thank the attention whore Frankie.

  3. This is the biggest farce I have ever seen. If Frankie was my brother I would be done with him.

    Nicole/Caleb-So are do you consider yourself famous or your sister famous?
    Frankie-Of course i’m famous!

    All we need to know. I’m done.

    1. Sad but true. This is more pathetic and more transparent than big brother 13 Pandora’s box. Awful stuff and I really hope there’s a backlash. Did the same thing with Elissa last year too. It’s too bad, I didn’t even dislike Frankie as a player (personality is a different story) but now he’s impossible to root for.
      This stuff didn’t happen on the earlier, pre AG seasons now it seems to be the norm.

      1. It’s funny how much hate I always got for saying AG was the problem with the show. You could see a real change in the show once she started taking over and it started with Jeff and Jordan and the Coup d’etat.

    1. I agree sh’e going overboard, but she may be thinking about some of the horrible tweeets etc. (even death threats) some of last years cast got. She’s clearly alway been concerned about her image on tv.

    2. Nicole is a small-minded simpleton, afraid of her own shadow. Completely incapable of independent thoughts.
      Derprick is secretly and royally pissed now because Frankie’s secret identity trumps Derprick’s secret identity and someone else is now taking food from the mouth of his daughter. Derprick interprets this as his lost bid to be America’s Fave Player, has maybe lost his (imagined) lock on the 500,000 and in the last TA challenge, lost his claim to 5,000. Derprick is freaking out because he sees all his easy $$$ fading away. Walk out the door, Derprick – like a spoiled little girl whose candy has been taken away.

    3. Yes and now the dumb broad will never put him up ever again. Nicole you clueless silly girl!

    4. The worst part is that Nicole said she starting to trust Cody again. There is no way this bitch is a super fan.

  4. right now we know Devin has a daughter, Derrick has a daughter, Frankie has a sister and Donny has no one. this is the most twisted summer ever. BB16

    1. Actually Donny has a lovely girlfriend who misses him and cares deeply for him – I get the rest of the post and your joke. :)
      Who does Victoria have? Oh, I know – her beaver-tail hair extension.

      1. calm down, I’m not disrespecting Donny. Donny on several occasions throughout this season has said he has “no one”…meaning he’s alone in the game. you get it now?

        1. I actually did get it and I enjoyed reading it – I guess I just wanted to state for Donny (he truly is alone as you said in this game so far); but outside
          the game he actually has authentic and lovely relationships and I admire that.

          1. I watched BB 1 when it was on. Chicken George, Eddie and the others played a REAL GAME. Production had very little to do with it. That was when the game was enjoyable and you actually had decent people playing. B.B. , bring back the good old game.

  5. These house guests have gone full retard. Never go full retard. Its some pop singer lmao. I would understand if it was like britney spears or someone the whole workd has heard of. But ariana grande muhahaha i didn’t even know she existed until i heard of frankie. Nicole-pathetic “oh no ariana grande fans are going to be so mad” who gives a flying F. Your playing for half a million dollars get it together. Victoria is young so i understand her stupidity. But the rest of them give me a break. You’d swear he just told everyone he’s related to elvis or something.

    1. Ariana has 3 songs on the 100 charts…………………………………………………………………………………3.

      1. Yea and her songs have the same manufactured beats.
        But I ask some toddlers and yea they knew her. Goo goo ga ga

    2. Since you even mentioned Britney Spears it just shows how out of touch with pop music you are right now…..remember when Britney first came out over a decade ago how popular she was with the young people then…..well lets just say Arianna Grande is a new Britney spears….if youre over 30 its not a surprise you don’t know who she is but don’t downplay her popularity as if you understand what the younger people are into

      1. Never heard of his sister.The fact your taking such offense to that only brings me more pleasure. You must be a fan of hers. Answer me this. Will you be listening to ariana grande songs when your 50? Lmao. And im 23 btw.

          1. Oh Crap!
            The A-Grande fans have ruined BB16
            They have ruined the hashtag on twitter for BB16
            Now they have invaded Online Big Brother :(
            Damn they are annoying as f#@K!

          2. I will never understand why people feel the need to go on a blog and insult other people…do you feel powerful hiding at home behind your computer.

          3. Oh Dear.. has Victoria snuck on to this site? This poor soul thinks someone’s life sucks for not knowing some pop star!!! LOL Talk about being a pop culture victim.

            Such vapid, clueless, uneducated mind set is typical of the HG’s in there and why this season sucks.

    3. I’m right there with you. I had no idea who Ariana Grande was, however my sons did, because she had a show on NICKELODEON up until a month ago. And for the record….Britney Spears has over 40 Million followers on Facebook….Ariana has 20 Million. Further, Selena Gomez has 50 million, as does Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift has nearly 80 million…..I think Ariana has a ways to go to be called a “mega-star”. She’s climbing up there, but most of her successes have been songs that she has performed with other artists, so I have to wonder if she can truly carry her own weight for the duration.

      1. Seriously?!?!
        If I didn’t know better,, I’d swear I was on a Nickelodian Website.
        You all just compared a girl, who I never even heard of, and might like her music,
        to absolute, Trainreck Pop Whores!!
        Nice going…
        Let’s just stick to Big Brother PLEASE!!

    4. loved it when christine said she’s barbra streisand’s niece (either BBAD or Live Feeds). So I guess that zach is amanda’s cousin and cody is john travolta’s son and nicole is jordan’s kid sister. lol come on people, lighten up.

  6. Get ready for this . Who is the most brilliant person in the house ?
    VICTORIA ! It take a brilliant person to fake such stupidy . She is
    Bad at almost everything . When the people in the house want someone to lose they put her up . They keep carrying her along right to the end. Wouldn’t
    it be funny if she is a beast in an endurance competition . So keep going girl
    right to the end and win the 500,000 grand.

  7. Better with one person than two?? Sounds like it was rigged to me. So sad that Donny, Nicole, and Zach are all in danger and that Frankie and Christine is safe. I guess we will see on Sunday if the competition looked really rigged. I hope not.

    1. I am not usually one of the conspiracy theorists about this show, but this BOB had to be rigged! Frankie actually thanksed Caleb for not playing and said that it was easier to win with ONE person. When has that happened when a BOB player was better off on their own? They have always required two to get it done. Caleb even mentioned that it was taking so long setting up because they changed when they found out he was going to sit out. This is really sickening. Is CBS THAT desperate for ratings? And why in the world would a pop “mega-star” want any association with this show? I would kill my brother if he did that to me if I was famous. Now the way the girls are behaving all gaga is embarrassing. DO they really think Frankie has any pull with real “megastars”? Justin Beiber? Seriously who the f**** cares! Talk about a fruitloop dingus! I can’t believe Christine thinks Frankie will help her husband with his”music career” and Caleb is sucking up, too! How can they be so shallow to be impressed with this looser?!! Sorry y’all for the tirade but I am SO irritated!!! Talk about bribary. Derrick should pull his cop card and arrest this major A-hole!

  8. So stupid. Frankie is worse than I ever thought. What a pathetic loser for using the “ariana grande” card to benefit himself. The way he was saying it was like he’s the star. He’s a nobody and just because he’s related to someone with talent doesn’t mean sh*t.

  9. So what his sister his famous, now Caleb wants to meet his sister and stalk her? Did you hear Caleb say, his sister would want to meet him he’s a good ole country boy. One good thing may come of this, maybe now somebody will put Derrick or Cody on the block, I hope Donny wins the POV. It is time for Derrick to see what it feels like to sit on the block, either Derrick or Cody.

    1. Hopefully, Nicole will win, and take Donny off, and Derrick goes up, and goes home. I have a feeling Nicole would use the POV on Donny.

    2. Hopefully, Nicole will win, and take Donny off, and Derrick goes up, and goes home. I have a feeling Nicole would use the POV on Donny.

  10. Everyone in the house is wayyyy to worried about public perception. Everyone except for Zach of course.
    #Wildcard #ZachAttack

    1. I love Zach…but truth be told he DOES care about public perception. He wants to be an evil character and make “good TV”…not to mention gain social media followers. He even thought he had a shot at winning America’s favorite.

      I just hope Zach doesn’t roll over after this. It would be amazing if he won HoH next week and was the one who took out Frankie.

  11. So Frankie’s explosive secret would only be met by awestruck impressiveness to those in the house that are shallow enough to think that by default Frankie should be given more respect or revered?
    Who screamed – Victoria I bet was the only one over the moon about this news.
    What does it have to do with the price of milk?
    Angelina Jolie’s brother isn’t (I would imagine) impressing people with his blood tie to his sister.
    It has zero significance in the game and if it makes people treat him special well they are absolute morons.
    So I have 4 siblings – none of us are the same by any stretch. None of my sister’s accomplishments are on my resume.
    I want to scream.
    He just confused the hell out an already unthinking Victoria because she does not know whether to love him or hate him now because of his sister? What am I not getting?
    Maybe I’m just a free-thinker but …..if this changes the way people see Frankie then I have no respect for them and I know it definitely won’t be Donny jumping up and down screaming about the news.

    1. Victoria said that Frankie is an ahole. She said that she loves his sister, but he’s been treating her awful all summer. …she even told Nic to play for herself, she needs the money. She said his sister is rich….she can donate to build schools….Wow I was impressed

  12. I was so proud of Nicole & she was becoming a favorite of mine. Now she’s too afraid of haters to ever nominate Frankie again?? And Victoria is so star struck she won’t either. And Caleb is so excited to meet famous people through Frankie that he’s being blind too. So upset that production got involved and ruined what would have been the best night of this season.
    I also was rooting for derrick but after him going on and on about how he’s been honest from the beginning, when in reality he’s lying about his occupation, I’ve lost respect for him too.
    (Of course the two I love are the two on the block)

  13. Big Brother should of not let Frankie play this game really not fair to the other contestants. The ones that are starstruck by Frankie will not vote him out in the future. I have no respect for him by using his sisters fame. He’s just using her name to weasel out of the situation he was in. Glad Zack is not falling for it.

  14. Oh these people are real losers. Aww he’s playing for charity. Aww his sis is a superstar. SO WHAT! He doesn’t need the money. You’re still in the game play the game for yourself. DAMN WUSSES & WHINERS

  15. What was Frankie supposed to do? I personally don’t care for Frankie, I would much prefer if Donny wins this. I respect Frankie for coming clean. I noticed his game went extremely down hill after his grand father died. The guilt ate him alive and he got sloppy. For a while Frankie and Derrick played the best games in terms of social game. Do you people not realize he tried so hard to keep the ariana thing quiet because of the reaction and targets.

    1. Frankie was persuaded by Production to come clean early in the day. Frankie knew this was his last chance for fame whoring his own sis out. It’s actually repulsive. Kudos for him because these girls plus Caleb will be shoved up his ass now. It worked. Donny I’m hoping sticks it out like he’s been!

  16. Are you kidding me Nicole that’s what your worried about??? This is not big brother wear a famous person just automatically wins now… I hope everyone on here realizes our only hope for a rightful and deserving winner of our show big brother lays in the hands of zach, Cody, and Derrick!

  17. I’m really loving Zach right now. So far…he seems to be playing the game and playing it honest. Yeah sometimes he’s brutally honest but he’s got game. And he isn’t taking any more of Frankie’s crap…which is refreshing.

    Nice scramble Frankie… “My sister is famous and I want to give the $ to charity”. Puhleeeez! Ick. Zack is right. You suck!

  18. Donny’s reaction to frankie’s “news” is exactly why i love donny. Muhahaha he was like ok that’s nice. #unimpressedbeard

  19. Seriously, why would she care what arianna grande’s fans think? I was a fan of her until now. Im guessing she really is as dumb as she acts. I thought she might know what is going on and keeping it to herself, now. F I don’t know, what the hell?

  20. This is why big brother shouldnt include contestants with celebrity. If Frankie wasnt who he is, he would not be in TA and he would not be winning the Americas Favorite prize, which he definitely is. He is clearly not well liked among big brother fans, but that doesnt even matter.

    1. It’s like Elissa last year…she was production’s pet and rolled into the house with the the Rachel army behind her. She was America’s player and won America’s favorite and she didn’t do jack in that house.

      BB seriously needs to either A)stop casting people who already have a massive following or B)take away all perks that are voted on by “America”. Having both is completely unfair because the unknown houseguests can’t compete with millions of on-hand followers that are in the “famous” houseguests’ back pocket.

      1. Add to that stop the obvious rigging/manipulation & biased tv edits to help keep them there. Truth is that other than the Ariana Grande teen army & their tweets, the VAST majority of people who are BB fans cannot stand him – he’s really a very nasty person.

  21. Its funny how Brittnay got evicted because she had the guts to make a big move and that the houseguest claimed that she doesn’t need the money since she owns a bmw and has child support. Meanwhile, Frankie is Ariana Grande’s half-brother.

    1. Frankie is not Ari’s half bro (FULL bro), he said he has a half bro (don’t remember the name) whom he loves. Brittany is yesterday’s news, if she didn’t walk around like she was Ms. know it all, maybe she would still be in the house, people with children seem to think they deserve the money more than anyone else, well guess what, you don’t. If you choose to have kids then get a job that allows you to support them in a manner you believe they deserve. This is America, right? People are always saying work hard and your dreams will come true, being on a freakin reality show is not WORK! Those entitled idiots need to grow the frak UP!

      1. Nope. Frankie is 10 years older than her (Frankie is 31 and Ari is 21) and they share a father, but not a mother. So he is her half-bro.

      2. Frankie’s father’s name was Marchione. Arian’s father’s name was Huber. That makes them half sibs. BB should not have celebs and wanna-be celebs. Prod can always opt to do a season of Celebrity BB.

      3. Uhh. how will she get a good job if she dropped out of school just for a family. In order to get a good job, the education is what is needed to find one.. And btw, saying “people with children seem to think they deserve the money more than anyone else” is just implying that people are desperate for money. Well guess what, brittnay proved to the houseguests that she was a competitor (compared to others – not mentioning) by completing the 2400 goals punishment and winning one of the battle of the blocks competition.

  22. Caleb went from hero to zero. Does this dude have any ball$ he is like seriously messed up. I wonder was he born this way or does he need to sue the gov for f-ing him up in the war. Caleb I CANT anymore

    1. HE IS CERTIFIABLE. I would love someone to call him out in front of Frankie for saying a bunch of homophobic slurs and the assault he would do if they were outside of the house! Oh wait he loves Frankie now… Sure wish they aired that footage of him saying he was going to shove a pickle in a banana and put in ambers suitcase. Metaphor for his insanity.

  23. I really wish zach knew that it was all cody & derrick’s idea to vote him out in the first place, but frankie thinks it was his idea… WTF!! Crazy night of live feeds!!

  24. I feel badly most of all for Donny because he’s SO on the outside, more than ever now. And there really is NO way Zach will leave, like ever. Production couldn’t allow it. Bye-bye Donny. I will miss you.

  25. hahaha, what a bunch of superficial P.O.S. I couldn’t even name one song from Ariana Grande nor would I care to find out.

    Are these people really that brainless that a brother of a mediocre celeb makes them question their game play? We all already knew though that Caleb and Victoria were mindless idiots, this just cemented that fact.

    At least we know Zach and Derrick are real people. I can’t believe I have to put up with Frankie for another week. Barf.

  26. Whyyy is everybody so against Frankie. I don’t understand! You people are that blind to not see that EVERYBODY lies in this house. Just because Frankie has ariana doesn’t mean he’s even remotely close to as rich as her. And I don’t think Frankie really wanted to pull the”famous sister” card but my god it’ll probably work in his favor now. I kinda feel bad for him because literally the entire house was/is against him.

    1. It has NOTHING to do with the lies. It’s because he’s an obnoxious fame whore pathetically trying to use his sister to become “famous” & win (with a lot of help from production).

      1. It’s weird how Big Brother fans always talk about their morals and shit when every year they choose people to hate so viciously. Get over it, it’s a game. No one said it had to be played fair. Frankly, the stuff said in here is way worse the the stuff you crusify the house guests for. It’s like you people don’t just dislike them for whatever they’re doing, you hate them, which is so strong considering what this game is. This is proven by the fact that you let this hate roll over onto their families. I’ve always been a fan of Big Brother but Big Brother “fans” need to get a grip, it’s a game!

  27. “victoria is dumb as a bag of rocks” Zach is freaking funny… His one liners are hysterical. Im so glad he is still in the game.

        1. “His one liners” as if he made it up and that saying has not been used a billion times. And anyone who thinks dumb as a bag of rocks is that funny must be in fact dumb as a bag of rocks.

          1. One liner:

            Noun; a short joke or witticism, usually expressed in a simple sentence.

            Hmmm, just what I thought. No where in the definition does it state it is something the person made up, as you are trying to imply. But thanks for playing. :)

  28. And there you have it – the BOB competition turned out to be easier for one person to do it than 2. What a surprise.

    1. There must have been something Caleb could have done to sabotage Faggie. But instead I bet he just sat there & watched like a fucktard.

      1. “FAGGIE” really?

        I can’t believe Dawg or Simon approved this post with a homophobic slur in it. Shame on yous.

      2. caleb reneged because he got a reward out of it: a ticket to a pre-season NFL game and a slop pass for one night. think frankie, as his partner on the block, and christine, as HoH, get to go too.

  29. ZACH AND DONNY PLEASE SURVIVE THIS WEEK. There’s so much flip flopping, never before have I watched the most idiotic, just plain STUPID shit on repeat. Everyone besides Donny is the most odd two faced wacky bad liars. I’m dumbfounded. This season has left me with a brain numbing feeling of stupidity after every conversation that occurs. HOW are these real functioning humans!!???? Keep ZACH! Donny win POV and even if he leaves he will be back. Back door Derrick best move.

  30. I think its ridiculous but I get why this makes them take a step back for a second, Elissa had a huge following because of Rachel and won MVP every time so I get why they would think that if people were voting for something, it would be against people who put Frankie up. it doesn’t mean it doesn’t piss me off, this shouldn’t change anyone’s game. Frankie’s so clearly milking it, with Caleb “you can stay with me and my family”. its so obvious.

  31. Everything Frankie does is so contrived and fake. It actually makes me sick that he is willing to use the death of his Grandfather to excuse the disgusting way he has been playing this game. I actually bet it was tearing him up inside to not name-drop his sister to everyone in this house, but that is just the self obsessed person he is. I just can’t with him anymore.

  32. So glad Frankie won only because it makes the game harder for the boys in the house, they have been chilling for weeks talking all kinds of smack about the girls all season especially Cody he is such a cry baby ugh!!!! Frankie is playing the game hard he is not resting on just wanting to be famous, he’s an actor for God sake!!! I was pissed when Caleb wanted to throw the comp just to keep Frankie up on the block, little did he know he would have been the one to go home because of the TA. Frankie is No angle but at least he is playing the game unlike that horrible season last year. Ariana Grande is a star and there are so many haters, she win’s!!!! Time to get these gossip girls out of the house starting with Cody the guy that was too scared to but up Caleb what a puss.







  36. This is bull*hit, who the f*u*k cares if u have a famous sister, doesn’t mean nothing, This is big brother, everyone has their own reasons y they need the money, wtf not everyone in this world is rich and can’t give money to charity…they need it more!! Zack rite might as well hand Frankie the money, they should get rid of Frankie next week, Fu*ck Wake up ppl..

    1. I am probably going to come across as the most callous person. If I understand correctly, the charity is to build schools focused on the arts. I am not saying that is not a very nice thought… but it is a little bit much for Frankie to boldly brag and proclaim his great philanthropic efforts for a continent that is in need of basic necessities [e.g. during this ebola outbreak, doctors have stated on the news about the medical facilities not adequate].

      Well, it is separating the houseguests into those that have come seeking fame (e.g. Caleb wanting to meet Bieber – eek) and those that have come to play the game.

      I am just confused why no one wants to work with Donny – he’s no slouch in competitions and he is not prone to adolescent hysteria. The houseguests don’t think he ever had a chance to win America’s Favorite. I don’t know why he is sometimes labeled as a “floater.” He has no one that wants to work with him…. that seems more like treading water before being slammed by the next wave.


    1. Jesus Christ! Take the caps lock off. Get away from the tv and computer. Go outside and get some fresh air.


  39. The fact that Frankie is calling this his Dan’s funeral ticks me off. Dan was a great strategist and Frankie is just a fame whore. So disappointed

    1. Dan Played better in BB10, then in BB14. It’s not the so called big moves that make a person such a great player. It is overall strategy, common sense, and the ability to win comps. The so called big moves, like Dan’s Funeral are usually 100% dependent on the stupidity of the other players. So, it’s not the so called big moves that are so great, but the level of other peoples’ stupidity. What if other people had laughed at Dan’s funeral, like I would have? Would he be such a great player? NO!! So, why is he just because people fell for it? He’s Not. Derrick hasn’t made any big moves, but so many dumbasses are calling him great, etc. No, people in the house are just so damn stupid. Frankie and Christine taking the blame for Zack, etc, when Cody/Derrick had the intention of voting him out. What makes Frankie and Christine stupid is they are keeping their mouth shut. PLAIN STUPIDITY!!
      Ian didn’t make any big moves, but he won comps, had strategy, and used common sense. Those things had absolutely nothing to do with other peoples’ stupidity. That’s why he was a better player than Dan in BB14, and not simply because he won. If he had lost to Dan, he still would have been the better player. He did manipulate Mike Boogie, and get him evicted. However, that move had nothing to do with Mike being stupid. So, things Ian did had nothing to do with other peoples’ stupidity, unlike Dan’s. That’s why I never get dumbasses who never understand that.

  40. So Caleb decided not to help Frankie which actually helped Frankie LMAO they all thought its was so funny when Caleb said he was just gonna sit there and do nothing. If Caleb would have helped Frankie he could have screwed him and still threw the comp. The plan backfired and they all look like idiots lol.

    1. Derprick was just saying that if CrazedCaleb wanted to throw the comp all he had to do was grab the chain and hold it but he wanted the field trip.

  41. Nicole really is a froot loop dingus. Crying over the fact that she put up Ariana Grande’s brother. Come on Nicole, you didnt even know that info when you put him up. But, does it now mean that you will never put him up again…. now that you know who his sister is? Are you just going to hand him $500K???? Nicole, you are f scared of your own shadow!!!!! You shouldve never come on BB if you are such a scared little girl. You’re f*cking sad!!!

    1. Fans of Ariana Grande aren’t really going to care that she didn’t know Frankie’s identity; they’ll hate her all the same. Plus she has guts, as she made two attempts to get Frankie out and would have succeeded if it weren’t for production

  42. On a positive note. Since ariana grande is affecting this game now. I hope caleb put’s his full stalker toolkit together for her. Night vision,binoculars,camoflauge gear. I hope he stalks her to the point to where she disowns frankie muhahaha.

    1. what a horrible human being you are….you are the lowest of the low…….the scum of the earth……the shit on the bottom of your shoe…….the fart in your rectum……the cancer on your left testicle…….the cum in frankies colon…..the herpes on your shaft…….the ebola outbreak that’s about to spread in America……..the snot falling out of your nose……….the bugger in the snot falling out of your nose………the hair in the bugger in the snot falling out of your nose……Victoria…………..ect ect ect

  43. Im not taking up for Frankie, I think he should have never been allowed to say he is a youtube sensation and his sister is Ariana Grande because it will affect how the game us played. Weak minded people like Victoria, Caleb, and Nicole are now star struck and they will kiss his a$$. For people who say Ariana is not famous, she is up and coming and will be very big. She’s talented, cute, and sweet. She had two shows on Nicolodeon and will become just as famous as Miley Cyrus but without all the vulgarity of Myley Cyrus.

    1. Yeah, give it time, teenyboppin has a real short shelf life and things change when those teenyboppers get older.

    2. The people who are hating on Frankie for playing that card have always hated him on this blog. I am sure there are many fans of his sister; I haven’t heard much of her songs to be one. He won’t be America’s favorite. It will either be Derrick( for pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes) or Zach (for his antics).

    3. The only thing is, Miley Cyrus was already “Miley” by that age. Same with people like Britney. So she may or may not become that big on anywhere close to that level. Not that it even matters she has some talent and a career that she’s been working for awhile. It’s just icky how Frankie is using it as game play and for famewhoring. It’s like he’s been allowed to invade the game/show so he could be featured and seen with is overinflated ego and thirst especially with his edits. It’s a turn off really.

      1. What do you mean, she might not ever make it that big?
        According to Frankie, she’s already better than Madonna, (who has has managed to stay relevant for over 30yrs). Lmfao

    4. I agree it’s got nothing to do with who Ariana Grande is & everything to do with who Frankie is – and I personally think he’s got Miley Cyrus beat in the vulgarity department

  44. BeastMode wants Zach to apologize to Frankie and Derrick too wants Zach and Frankie to squash it. No matter what, these boys are determined to stick to this stupid alliance. I’m so sick of Piggy rallying the troops, I knew he’d pull something like this.
    If Zach doesn’t win veto and goes to jury, it will be a case of ‘When keeping it real goes wrong’ but I respect him!

  45. So BB wants ratings and they’ll get them. But for us fans that have watched season after season they really have let us down. So far we got 2 weeks of game and now its done. Game over. And if they’ll allow this hot mess what will they do for next season to get ratings? Zach/Vic and Derprick/Ratine all clearly broke the rule about not telling who you voted for. They showed it live and yet there is no penalty for them. So the rules don’t matter. Its not a game anymore. I remember the early seasons and now I’m just sad.

    1. Yep. BB became the real world when Evil Dick popped up. The guy made me laugh and I was rolling for days when he won. I still think that jury was too scared to dog him out of 500k. The changes has been kinda subtle since then but the last 3 seasons have been blatant. This just made me realize I’m an old fart now. Wow, how jacked up is that? Thanks AG, bitch. LOL!

  46. 1.5 million my a$$!! His youtube has less than 250 k followers and twitter 690.1 k…that doesn’t even add up to a million…unless he thinks his sister’s followers are his followers. Ugh!!! I hope you’re proud of your 31 year old brother, Ariana!!! Big Brother can just suck his balls too so they can hang out with Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, OMG!!! A$$!!!

  47. I have heard that Ariana Grande is the next Mariah, the next Whitney, the next Christina. You know what I haven’t heard? Any of her songs. Maybe someday I will. Who cares? It shouldn’t even be a consideration in this game. But it will be. Because we have some real shallow thinkers in that house. And outside too. I can’t stand the sheer nasty, crappy things these people have sunk to. I don’t even have anything else clever or snarky to say. So peace out fellow posters.

  48. Does Frankie ever mentioned his half brother James lol? Cuz I think I’ve only
    Heard him mentioned it 2x unless he did ans I just tune him out now

  49. Who the hell cares and how did the brains of some of these individuals gets sucked out of their head in 5.7 sec by the knowledge that Frankie is related to a singer?
    It turned into The Real Brainless of California – Big Brother edition.
    ‘You owe me to introduce me to your sister?’ – Victoria
    WTF. I can’t even respond as he sat them around and performed a dance and they all sat agog like Arianna is your sister? So what?
    Please someone tell me what would make someone scream without even being in the same room as ‘said idol’?
    Ok – so Victoria is 22 but really – screaming with pleasure about it?
    RocksForBrains – I hope not too many of them are going to let this change their game. Very little faith in that but we’ll see.

  50. I love Frankie (huge fan)and all but don’t be lying saying you have over 1 million on everything social media when you don’t because it’s note cute. Also I feel so sorry for Nicole thinking she going to get hate because she put up Frankie it’s not gonna happen because you a sweet girl and the strongest girl in the house. Caleb should give her his beast mode title because it’s his fault Frankie is safe. Team Nicole/ Donny / Zach ( maybe Frankie but we all no he won’t make to the final and win but I still love him as a person).

  51. Oh dear God, this whole thing is hilarious. AG just gave the hardcore BB fans that have watched the show since day one a big fat FU! But on the flip side, you now have these dumb people in the house star struck over him. I’m sorry, but when Caleb said he’s was gonna humiliate him and everyone jumped on the bandwagon, Production put a stop to it real quick. Now Lee Harvey wants to blow him. This is weird, part of me is angry at the blatant manipulation but part of me is laughing at these idiot houseguest. That’s what happens when you mug for the camera instead of taking care of business. Donny’s the only real person in that house, the rest of those morons are as plastic as you can get.

  52. Frankie can’t win this game on his own so he uses his sister and his dead grandfather, sick man just sick. what about his little speech had to do with the game, nothing, it was just a way to gloss over the shit he has been spewing, get people to fawn all over him, kiss his stupid ass, and make himself seem special. who does that, who is that sad…Frankie, if I were his sister I was be ashamed of how he is acting and treating people. Yes this game maybe his to win, but man he will be far be the WORST winner EVER! hope the ratings drop to show CBS just how pissed off everyone is..this sucks..BIG TIME!

  53. I love Frankie I’m a huge fan but don’t be lying saying you got over 1 million followers on your social media sites because it ain’t cute. I feel sad for Nicole thinking that she’s going to get hate because she put up Frankie she’s wrong because she’s a sweet girl and the strongest girl player in the house currently. Caleb needs to give her his beast mode title because it’s his fault that Frankie is safe it was 2 on 1 which made it easier for Frankie what ever challenge it was. I’m team Nicole/Donny/Zach ( maybe Frankie but we all no he won’t make it to the final and win )

  54. this was a new low for BB tonite, pinky more less won the game tonite. i looked him up on utube 99% of the videos have his sister in them, talk about leeching off on someone….

  55. So despite everything that has happened if Zach wins POV, Christine and Nicole want to put Victoria up???
    Is this the Twilight Zone? Are we being punked? Seriously Cody and Derrick lie to you continuously and your best plan is to put up Victoria??? Next year I hope their is an age requirement and nobody under 30 can play the game. These young people lack common sense.

  56. Frankie had to play that card. I knew if the BoB was attempted to be sabotaged in such an obvious manner, it would come and bite them in the ass big time. This is a game where everyone lies; it’s not as if Derrick has told people he is a cop yet.

  57. Oh man Frankie, assuming he’s got production backing it’s bad enough, but invoking his sister’s fame AND grandfather’s death and an obviously fake intention to “do this for schools in Africa”? Just the worst!

  58. Im 27 and i couldnt care less about ariana grande. And ive watched bb since 2005. What kind of fans was Jabba the Hut Grodner trying to get this year anyway? Preteen disney/bieber/selena gomez/ariana grande fans?? Newsflash: they dont have any money!

    And if he won and gave half a mil to a school thats nice but i looked it up his family was already filthy rich way before the sis was selling albums. He shouldve already given money to the damn school and if he wants his sister protected he should act like a man and be her bodyguard.

    I have never seen a bigger famewhore than frankie and youtube personality is the most pathetic “job” in the world. Yay grodner for bringing in the 11 year old fans

  59. Derrick has such a hate-on for Nicole. I believe he has a secret crush….he talks about her all the time. In addition, anybody notice the man-love for Derrick? The only two not copying his beard are Zach and Donny”…..Unreal…..wimps…lol

  60. How does revealing that you are siblings with a celebrity and dont need the money not make you a target. Can you imagine what other bb power players would do to someone thats not in it for the money?? Evict them as soon as possible! These other people are embarassing

  61. Is it just me??? I would think having a sister that’s making BIG $ and being a “mogul” himself would hinder him not help him… WTF are these idiots in there thinking?

    And who the hell asks the HOH to “spend the night”??? Why would anybody do that? And why the hell would she agree to it?

    These are the most socially inept people I’ve ever encountered. It’s like what makes good common sense is beyond their grasp… if there’s a stupid thought to be had they pounce on it and expand on it.

  62. Yeah ok, Frankie called to DR when a lot of drama was going on and he comes out and exposes who he is?? It shouldn’t matter. I had no clue who his sister was nor do i care, I’m 43 not in middle school. Frankie is a “hanger on” nothing more. By a lot of comments the consensus is we the viewers don’t care and don’t care for you. I would think the majority of live feeders, CBS watchers, recap readers and commenters are adults not tweens. Hey other HG’s, we the public already knew who he was, we’re not impressed(the idea that some of you HG’s think we are impressed is so off base) and we don’t have a role in voting for the winner, you do. You should not care that this douchebag has followers or his sister. Go win the $$$!! Frankie your sister maybe climbing the Hollywood success ladder, But you, not even D-List you asshat. mmmkay!

  63. Did everyone forget that in that farce of a eulogy Frankie conducted he told America that he & his sister have had everything handed to them basically on a silver platter?
    That disgusting piece of garbage has used Zach to gain an extra 10K over the other HG’s (not including Derrick & Donny)! He’s driven the bus over Zach countless times while Zach stayed 100% loyal! And now returns yet again to the victim card after outing himself as a “media mogul” (Ha!!) & the brother of a “mega MEGA pop star” (more like adequate AT BEST nickelodeon actor with a voice more annoying than nicole’s). He has stated that he was going to milk the dead grandpa card for all it was worth. (Let’s not forget Derrick’s grandpa also died, yet he didn’t even want to be a part of that joke of a funeral! )
    Frankie is a deplorable individual! If you think otherwise, you’re as delusional as Caleb about Amber!
    I weep for the future!

    1. I am 57 and in my day nothing about this little stunt by CBS or Frankie would have been deemed admirable or fair play. I felt it was obvious from the beginning some of the things F said indicated that this was a card up his sleeve. And here it is. After seeing the vilest people last year and now this, Yes, I weep for the future. Who says the things (filthy) these people do on television? My son is 34 and just in case he lost his mind and did some of this crap, I’d snatch a knot in his a$$. Oh yes, I weep for the future.

  64. SMH, I am guessing we can expect Frankie to win… They might as well hand the winnings to him.
    He is acting like he is the celebrity and everyone should forgive him and show him leniency… For us feeders, the remainder weeks are going to be Frankie talking about his sister, over and over again, (give us strength).
    Thank you Big Brother for once again, coming through on your predictability.

      1. I’m just surprised how this cast is buying into this garbage… My question to him would have been, What in the world does being “Ariana Grande’s” brother justify lying? He said he did it because of “Paranoia”, yet that still doesn’t validate the reason or justify it for that matter. Neither reason, is relevant to why… When did Frankie say he is giving his winnings to Africa? I read a few houseguest mention, but haven’t been able to read, exactly when he said it. In addition, and if this is true, how can anyone compete at this point without looking selfish? The game seems over at this point, thanks to Frankie. He has ruined everyone’s chances of “wanting” to win without looking like selfish players, after all how do you compete with “building houses in Africa?” Couldn’t he have at least picked the United States for Gods sake? LOL This season is DONE! LOL

        1. Okay, What questions would you ask Derrick for all his bullshit? Nicole, Frankie, Christine, end even Victoria are not asking questions that they obviously should. You’re coming down on the houseguests for not asking Frankie certain questions. What about the houseguests not asking Derrick certain questions? DAMN!! And someone stating they’re playing for charity doesn’t necessarily give them an advantage. Anyone who evicts Frankie or doesn’t vote for him, if he makes it to Final 2 doesn’t make them look like a DICK!!! DAMN!! Some people are playing because they are struggling and need the money to help support themselves and their families. Frankie is not struggling, and can simply afford to give his money away to charity. But obviously, he could probably afford to give the money away, even if he doesn’t win. Yes, Frankie might give the money away, if he wins, but he is probably in the house for the experience, not the money. I would want to be in the house, for both the experience, and the money, because I need it. LOL.

  65. Wow! Now Nicole and Christine want Victoria up on the block but not Cody and Derrick?! LOL, these fools can’t be superfans.

  66. What does it matter? Everyone in that house is lying to each other noone is clean. The episodes I have seen someone always using a HUGE LIE to gain sympathy or votes, so Frankie can do it also. I’m not a big fan of Frankie but he is no different then the previous players. People get over it!! Now if the house wants to be dumb, one should expect that because noone in the house had a brain to start with except Derrick and he is lying all day and night! Just because Frankie came out with this does not make up my mind to watch the next season or not, some of these people thinking on this subject is just as bad as the people in the house! Get over it!!!! #IJS

  67. I disliked Frankie from day 1of this season and none of his game play has changed that. Maybe they should keep him in the house until after someone comes back in so that when he is voted out he won’t return. Lord Caleb is scary. I can see him stalking Ariana now. And Justin Beiber too. And Nicole’s friend and Amber. He is going to be a busy fellow.

  68. Awful. play the damn game. Why anyone gives a rats ass about another HG’s outside life to the point of influencing their game, WTF! To quote Zach “Fruitloop Dingus Busta Fooligans” all of them. I would have liked to have heard/read atleast one HG say “yeah thats good Frankie, what were we talking about”.

  69. BB needs new producers. I have always been a big fan but how about going back to the original format? Lets get REAL people on the show and not a bunch of shallow people that do nothing but look at the mirrors all day. Donny seems to be the only person that most of A merica can relate too. I am done for this year. Has to be something better on the other networks.

  70. I can not believe Nicole is crying and upset over the fact she but Frankie up on the block. She needs to put on her big girl panties and play the game.

    1. I wish Nicole would have put herself on the block!! Her and Christine is a waste to viewers time. She is constantly being naive and dumb and keep asking Derrick for an alliance with her when they screwed her over multiple times and she still can’t put 2 & 2 together. Christine is going to put Victoria up and this is another waste when she can make other moves. They both are waste and the sooner they leave is better for everyone!

  71. YOU DUMBASSESS NEED TO QUIT!!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with Frankie revealing who his sister is. Wasn’t it more wrong for someone to throw a competition, preventing him from competing,so he would remain on the block and go home. If the houseguests want to be against Frankie, that’s fine, but preventing him from competing by throwing the BOB is ABSOLUTELY WRONG!!! But you dumbasses didn’t have a problem with that. No, you dumbasses were cheering that shit on. SO PLEASE!!! Normally, I don’t think it is fair for production to step in, but in this case production stepped in, to make the competition fair, to give Frankie an opportunity to compete, which he would not have been able to do, if Caleb threw the comp. There is nothing wrong with Frankie revealing who his sister is. WHY?? just because she happens to be famous? SO WHAT!! That doesn’t mean, he doesn’t have the right to talk about her. Other people talk about their families. And people play all kinds of cards that they can. People use whatever advantage they have in the game. Look at Derrick. He is playing the other peoples’ stupidity card. Is he not taking advantage of other peoples’ stupidity in the house, and getting away with it because of it? YES HE IS!! SO PLEASE, DAMN!!! And believe me, I definitely wanted Donny to stay. Hopefully, he still does.

  72. Evywryone is complaining about Frankie being in the house but when BB UK started they had celebrity and regular players in the the end of the day its a game you may or may not win so may leave the house how you came in (broke as hell) or come out with half a million. That is not enough to live off of for the rest of your life it just helps a little. Zack is just pissed someone out played him he’s been lying the whole time (Dr. will wanna be). Derrick is a cop hiding it (he makes decent money). Maybe because I don’t make a lot of money I’m not upset about Frankie.

  73. Victoria did not say in such a nice manner “I’m a normal person playing for my life, he’s playing for charity” She said, “He’s playing for FREAKIN charity and I’m playing for my life, home” Please stop sugar coating comments made by certain individuals, a nasty person is just that, NASTY!

  74. LMAO…Derrick had convinced himself that he was Americas Favorite & now watches as the money hops across the floor into Frankie’s lap!!!!!!!!

    C’mon Donny………….WIN POV!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Nicole can cry all she wants … Joey, Brittany and Amber offered a girl alliance and she rejected it mostly by jealousy…

    You cooked your goose lady, go eat it now….

  76. I am extremely worry for Donny now! He is the last person left in that house that I am rooting for….

    How did Frankie won that competition? I don’t get it…

  77. What is wrong with the girls on Big Brother? You bitch & moan you have no one, you do everything the guys tell you to do, you put up for eviction who they tell you to put up,, & you vote off who they tell you to vote off.. Then you complain when you get put up for eviction, do you girls really think the guys are going to have your back???? You say you have been watching Big Brother since you were little, did you take any notes???? I just hope Donny wins, the rest of them are garbage. Non of the girls deserve it. Christine is as bad as Frankie & Zach & Frankie & Zach make me sick to my stomach. I dont give a crap who Frankie is, He does not seem to be a good person. You can tell alot about a person playing these games. You can tell if a person is a good or bad liar, Frankie is a GOOD liar he seams to have had a lot of practice.!!!!! I cant stand to look at Frankies BEADY eyes !!!!!! It has to get better , It cant get much WORSE

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