Caleb volunteers to go up – I’ll sit down. It will be amazing to watch Frankie try and win it by himself!

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  ? Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: ?
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-08 02-15-02-901

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2:15am Caleb and Zach are in the storage room. Caleb brings up how Donny came up to him and asked what was up about him wanting out the weak players. What happened today? Hayden was coming after me and I had the chance to get him up and get him out. A older gentle once came up to me in the bathroom when he was in power that he would much rather be put up and have the chance to pull themselves off and not be backdoored. Is that not what I did!? Zach says Christine and Frankie are making up lies about us and everyone else. And they’re throwing us under the bus. They set up Hayden the whole time. They’re the ones that approached Nicole and Hayden with an alliance. Frankie got caught in a huge lie and now he’s f**ked. Frankie is Dead to me! Dead to me! Caleb says make it known tomorrow! Zach says he’s been throwing me under the bus. Caleb asks do you think she will put up Frankie? Zach says she (Nicole) said she isn’t going to put up her target. Caleb says she said she isn’t going to put up both her targets together. Caleb says if she puts me up with Frankie I will throw it.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-08 02-25-19-888

Caleb tells Derrick and Cody in the bathroom that after Nicole won Frankie went up to Nicole and told her she should put up you, me, you, and Zach. Derrick asks who told you that? Caleb says Nicole told Zach that in the bee hive room. Zach joins them and tells them they can’t say anything or Nicole will know he told them. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back Zach says I will tell her to put me up against Frankie! Derrick says I am just throwing scenarios out there. Derrick says is she puts you (Cody) and I up together then we would go out and kill it and Zach could throw it. Derrick says if we won it then she can’t put us up as replacement noms because we’re safe. Zach says Nicole does not want me to go home this week. She told me everything that happened from a long time ago. Derrick asks that you believed to be true. Zach says yes. Zach says Frankie is sh*tting bricks right now! Derrick says that Christine will not throw up Frankie. Derrick says we could say to Nicole that she has to throw up Christine and we will work with her to get her out. Caleb sasy we have to keep in mind that there is first and second pick for noms. Donny joins them. They talk to him about how Frankie and Christine were going around putting each other against each other. Zach says they’re blaming everything on me. Derrick says everyone is a rat! I’ve never seen big brother played like this.. people would use things against each other but here people are making up blatant lies that you can’t defend because you don’t even know it was said.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-08 02-46-11-454

2:40am Christine says to Zach I am thinking of putting up Donny. What if Nicole puts up Donny? Zach says you can’t put up Caleb. Christine says no he’ll murder me. Zach says you can’t put me up. Its between Derrick, Cody and Donny. Christine says I want to put up Donny and Victoria. Zach says I don’t know you’re f**ked unless you get first pick. Caleb joins them. Christine says that Victoria and Zach have talked to me. Zach asks what did Victoria say? Christine says literally nothing! Caleb says yeah she was probably more worried about what people think about her outside the house. Zach leaves. Caleb says I don’t have much to tell you other than I didn’t put you up. Christine agrees. Caleb says I had two chances to put you up and I didn’t. On your side I feel like I am good because I haven’t done anything to you but I am not good with her because I just put her up. I put her up though because I knew she wasn’t going home.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-08 02-53-41-476
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2:40am Derrick talks to Nicole in the HOH room – Derrick says I’ve never seen Big Brother played like this.. people take things you say a week ago and use it against you today. I have never seen it before where people make up blatant lies saying you’ve said something when you never said it .. so you can’t even defend yourself because you have no idea about it. Derrick says that Zach is the biggest snake in this house. Nicole says I just want to know the truth so I can trust people. Derrick says you can’t trust anyone in this game its big brother. Derrick says I am who I am and you can trust me. I don’t even know who to trust any more. I almost sent myself home tonight. Nicole tells Derrick you’re the only person I have. Derrick says I have a daughter that will see this, I will not scumbag someone. Derrick says I think you should put up Frankie and Zach. I have convinced Zach to throw it to get Frankie out. If Zach or Frankie win Veto then you put up Christine. Nicole says she doesn’t think Zach would throw it. Derrick says he will. Nicole says if he doesn’t then Frankie is coming after me. Derrick says he already is!! Derrick says if you did that Frankie or Christine would go home. Derrick asks will you backdoor Christine? Nicole says we already said we wouldn’t. Derrick asks the question is will you still do it?! Derrick says if we can convince Zach.. Derrick says I am in a tough spot just like you. I know I wasn’t your number one. I think Hayden was your number 1 but now all you have is me. Nicole says Christine wants to put up Zach. Derrick says you just have to tell her you’re putting him up. Derrick says if you want to put me up you can because in the end only 2 people are going to win. Nicole says I am not putting you up. Derrick says that Zach was literally berating you for an hour and so I am surprised you told him as much as you did after that. Derrick says I am completely disgusted about how this game is being played. I’ve watched the live feeds and I’ve never seen it been played like this before. Derrick gets Nicole to bring Caleb in.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-08 03-14-14-677
Caleb joins them and Derrick asks Caleb to tell Nicole what Zach said. Caleb says Zach wants to go up and said that he will throw the Battle of the Block. He said he will sit on the floor to throw it. Caleb says I feel like I made a huge mistake with putting up you and Hayden because Christine is the one making up lies. Caleb says if you don’t feel comfortable with Zach throwing it, then you can put me up. Nicole says I would feel more comfortable with you throwing it. Christine wants me to put you up any ways so this would work better. Caleb asks what if we accidently win it?! I would need to literally sit down. Nicole says you would need to go out knocking things down and stuff. Nicole says you can pretend to be mad at me. Caleb says I will sit down and says Frankie you done this to yourself home fry! Good luck winning this! Caleb leaves the room. Derrick says if you don’t trust me now, you never will. Nicole says I trust you. Derrick says one thing I know is that he (Caleb) is a man of his word. Nicole asks so I have your word to get him out? Derrick says yes.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-08 03-37-36-385
Zach joins them and Derrick tells him that Caleb said he will go on the block and throw it. You just want to do it for the tv. Zach says if he wants to thats great. Nicole is worried about if the BOB is a one person competition. Zach and Derrick tell her it won’t be. Zach tells Nicole that Christine said she is putting up Victoria and Donny. She is freaking out about thinking she’ll go up if she loses. Nicole says if it gets out I am not doing this. Zach says 3 people already know. Nicole says if Christine finds out I am not doing it. Nicole says I am not telling Christine that I’m putting up Frankie. Zach tells Nicole to tell Christine you’re putting up Caleb and Victoria. Derrick says Caleb has earned a lot of respect in the last few weeks. Nicole says if Caleb does this for me I will owe him a lot.

3:24am In the havenot room – Caleb starts to tell Cody about how he talked with Nicole and will go up to throw it so that Frankie stays on the block and goes. Frankie joins them and Caleb stops talking. Cody leaves the room. Caleb tells Frankie that he was just up there trying to figure out if she was going to put him up. I told her if she puts me up, then I am coming after her. That’s the game. Caleb says if I get put up I am playing for myself and playing my game. Up in the HOH room – Cody talks to Christine. Cody says that she has said she wants to get you out. Christine says this is so crazy. Cody says I think people are just playing this game very dirty. Derrick talks to Christine. Christine asks what is Zach going to do to me when I put him up. Derrick says I don’t know how he would react. He might flip out or overreact. But to be honest half an hour ago he hated Nicole and now he loves her. Derrick tells Christine that if she doesn’t put him up, then he won’t put her up if he wins HOH. Christine says that Zach said to me us three to the end. He then told me it has to stay between just us three. Derrick says I honestly think that Zach is getting money for doing things. Christine says I really want you and Cody to know that I really love you guys and I want to work with you guys! Derrick says we love you too. Christine says someone has already told Cody that I want to backdoor him. Which isn’t true! Christine says she is thinking of putting up Donny and Victoria. Derrick says so if you put up Donny and Victoria and Donny wins veto who would you put up? Would you put me up? Christine says no. Derrick says okay that’s all I care about. Christine tells Derrick that she hates how Frankie gets in my head. Derrick tells Christine that he would want her to win the money if it wasn’t me.
Big-Brother-16-2014-08-08 03-51-16-482
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3:50am – 4:50am Cody talks to Nicole in the HOH room – Cody says everything that happened this week I am devastated by her (Christine). I know that Frankie was trying to get me on the block and that he’s been throwing me under the bus. I called him out on it. Cody says I was the other vote against you. I trusted Hayden since day 3. Nicole says yeah I knew you did, I don’t hold it against you. Nicole says Christine is very good at this game she was saying f-Nicole this and F-Nicole that and now she’s got me think I should work with her. Cody says I know same with me. Nicole tells Cody that she is thinking of putting up Frankie and Caleb but she (Christine) can’t know. Cody says you’re someone I would never go after .. I am going after her (Christine). She sits there and tells me she isn’t nominating me. I know she’s lying to me. Nicole say you can’t tell her who I am putting up. Cody says I am not going to say anything to her. I can still lay with her an rub her head. Nicole says I can’t believe how calm Hayden stayed when he walked out. That literally makes me want to cry. Nicole starts crying. Nicole says we even tried to get Christine and Donny to be friends and then she turns around and backstabs Donny. Cody asks who the f**k have I been playing this game with!? Nicole says the way that everyone was so excited when Caleb won HOH sickened me. Nicole says I looked at you when Zach was going off on my for an hour. Cody says I told Zach if he made you cry this week I would punch him in the mouth. Nicole says Christine I am just disgusted that she tried to mess with me and say the things she did about Hayden. As a friend there is no reason why you would call me to the couch and say things like that when she knows I like him. I am not saying she isn’t a good person outside of this game but.. Cody says I am not saying that either. Nicole says I will never trust anyone like how I trusted Hayden. Caleb and Zach joins them. Caleb says I have been thinking and I honestly think I am too big of a target to go on the block because what if people decide its better to get me out? Nicole tells him he isn’t going anywhere. Who got in your head? Caleb says nobody. Nicole says I just don’t trust Zach to throw it. Zach asks you don’t trust me? Nicole says no, not to throw it. Cody says I would do it but I am too much of a pu$$y! Caleb changes her mind again and says he will go up. It would be so amazing to watch Frankie try and win the BOB by himself. They agree that she will tell Christine she is putting up Caleb and Victoria but that she will really put up Caleb and Frankie.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-08 04-06-08-735

4:25am – 4:50am Zach and Caleb are playing chess while Frankie and Derrick watch. Derrick asks what can we eat right now and no pizza? Frankie asks you want some pen!s? Derrick says no pen!s. Derrick and Frankie head downstairs to eat. They go into the storage room and talk about how the Team America mission is impossible. Derrick says it sucks that we gave away the one last week that could have been doable. They head to the kitchen. Derrick asks what would be the reason to get someone to volunteer to go up on the block as a pawn… nothing. There’s no reason for someone to do that. Look at that board and tell me who would volunteer to go up on the block. Frankie says yeah no one!

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“Everyone is a rat!”

And you’re the biggest one, Derrick


princess aid he will punch zach in the mouth if he talked to nicole rudely again. ahahhaha omg how many times have princess said that about a houseguest. Remeber cody when you were scared of backdooring caleb. bahahahhaha. the kid has a vagina.


“I won’t do it because I’m too much of a pu$$y.”

The most truth you have spoken all summer Cody.


Lol, so true, the only loyal are Cody and Derrick, other than that u don’t know who is with who in the other side is donny who is fighting hard for staying,
Nicole deserves stay longer she has won many Hoh


haven’t Nicole learned from what happened in her previous HOH in how she got played hard. she will be getting played even harder if she listens to Derrick. she should be talking to Donny instead of these idiots who backstabbed her less than 24 hrs ago.


Caleb for America’s favorite? hahahahahaha….



smd nicole

NICOLE!!!!!! funny how u all were hating on here before and calling her names and now u all are jumping on the
#TeamNicole bandwaggon!!!!!!!!!!


They are all best buddies again. Don’t fall into again Nicole.


Once again Nicole never plays her game. She says don’t tell anyone who I’m nominating then she tells everyone. How dum. Just shut up and watch everyone run like rats . Watch and stop talking observe and listen. BB is a game where people need to know what YOU will do. Once that is known then they can adjust their game to benefit them or work against YOU. So shut up Nicole for awhile. Get some sleep. Those rats are biting on your ears like cheese.


I don’t believe this to be true but I’m hoping that Nicole doesn’t trust Derrick and she’s just playing the game now.

I can’t believe it seems like Nicole is trusting Derrick. It’s such a no brainer that the reason Zach stayed was because of Derrick. They had the votes even if the house “flipped” because Nicole would’ve been the tie breaker.

I guess Donny didn’t mean it when he said that he would give up his game for Hayden and Nicole. Of course, I didn’t buy that for one moment when he told Nicole that last week but last night, for a moment, I thought maybe Donny wasn’t going to use the veto and sacrifice himself.


Because Zach told her too many people already know so it doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t get to Frankie or Christine, and Cody would be a moron if he did that because Nicole could put him up and the guys would be pissd at him for ruining their (Zach’s) plan


I don’t think she’s falling for it, I think she knows that she can’t outright make enemies when she’s got no one to back her up


Funny how you haven’t made a comment in awhile and now you’ve come out of hiding to cheer on the fruit loop dingus…..guess you had hopped off the bandwagon as well…..SMD Nicole

smd nicole

or because i have been on vacation…..


yeah ok “vacation” sure

smd nicole

yes…. thats something people typically do over the summer time

Not what I was expecting

After watching the double eviction I was pulling my hair out at how the vote flipped in a matter of hours, but now it’s kind of hilarious watching everyone scramble. Nicole needs to have her noms lose so she’s got the backdoor option in play. I’m worried that Christine will have her noms lose and she’s in power, then we might as well write a Detonator a check for 500K. I’m hoping that the backdoor targets Derrick rather then cody, I like Derrick’s gameplay but he screwed himself talking himand the detonators out of voting out Zack.




And just watch production bring him back in after he’s voted out. :eyeroll


Yea, that’s the only downfall is that if Frankie does go and it’s “Americas Vote” to get someone back in the house we all know who would win the Frankie/Hayden/Jocasta vote to get back in.


tis totally 100% true…
Elissa was helped
along by Rachel’s fans
we all know his kid sis
has tons + tons of FB fans!


Has BMC not learnt his lesson about volunteering to go up on the block?


BMC doesn’t think for himself. He has to be told what to do. His brain is entirely devoted to self-delusion. Blind loyalty will be his downfall yet.


ugh why does christine want victoria and donny on the block? Doesn’t she already distrust cody, derrick etc?


She wants to stay besties with all the men who pay her attention?


This is probably the most attention she’s ever had from men in her life.

Truth sayer

Let the games begin .. Finally 🙂 🙂 🙂 it’s anyone’s game .. These next few says are crucial for alliance making to get farther in the game. Detonators now done .. Big brother begins !!!


If only Frankie could go up as the pawn….
Sadly Not possible cos he’s in TA and he’s too paranoid


All this plotting and scrambling is getting slightly interesting…
Hope Nicole really puts up Caleb and Frankie. Christine gets dethroned. Anyone but Frankie/Christine win POV. Bye Frankie!!



What’s your take on Zach. Is he playing Nicole or is he really after Frankie?


Thanks. I wasn’t sure since I read your great feeds to catch up and watched the last few hours on rewind of the feeds.


I’m so confused with what’s going on. I don’t have the live feeds, but usually the site really fills me in. I must of missed a bunch after the Nicole blindside and the double eviction. Zach is going after Frankie, but honestly it was Derrick and Cody who threw Zach to the wolves. Has he not talked to Frankie to see what his say is? He says he’s dead to me, but I don’t see how this happened so quickly. You would think Cody and Derrick would be everyone’s target since they started it and started an alliance with Nicole/Hayden. Frankie and Christine never made one with them, right? Or did I miss that. Everyone is believing everyone’s lies! Although if I kept hearing conflicting stories then I wouldn’t know what to do either.


Sigh….Derrick did hs misting trick again & now almost everyone thinks Frankie/Christine are the only evil, lying, backstabbing schemers.


I think Nicole and Christine are being played and they are so turn upside down with what they are hearing they can’t see straight. They are both being used for the end game of someone else.

The way the houseguests were going up to the HOHs remind me of the old days where it wasn’t a house vote. Everyone is scrambling. This makes the feeds fun to watch. I do feel bad for you tonight Dawg because you haven’t gotten any sleep yet.


Thank for doing this. I know it’s a job for you too and lack of sleep is the worst. Without the updates, I’d never know what was going on because I’m on the east coast and asleep when most of the good stuff goes down. I’m sending you another donation this am. Thanks Dawg and Simon!


Nicole needs to put on her big girl pants and see who the real people are she needs to get out. Stop putting up the weaker. If your a BB fan Nicole you know darn well who to put up.

First timer

I feel like she needs to sit down and have a conversation with Donny so that he can make sense of all of the information she has been given. She’s like a lost little bird too busy complaining about only being able to trust Derrick, when if she took a moment to process what has gone on the past 18 hours she would realize that the guys that she formed an alliance were already allied with her targets in the house. She whines so much about trust and people playing dirty, like she didn’t just meet these people 45 days ago on a game show, I am starting to believe she’s never seen this show. And don’t get me started on Cody and his Chicken Little complex.


No one knows what’s gonna happen tbh, the detonators may wanna stick together because they need numbers. God! I hate them all. I just hope Derrick, Frankie or Cody go home this week! Nicole made a stupid move last week and I just hope she doesn’t trust Derrick and Cody after they f***ed her over and lied to her.

What the What?

Nicole still trust Derrick! LOL, I can’t wait for her to go home cause she is so Clueless.


I think it’s hilarious that Derrick doesn’t want to be seen by his daughter as a lier and a scum back, but he is the biggest one in the house. He practically throws everyone under the bus. I can’t believe that no one has traced all these lies and everything back to him yet like Cody is too dumb to think of these things by himself he obviously had to get it from somewhere. I hope Derrick gets out ASAP.


Derrick is a big fat pignosed liar! He is no better than the cops that choked the man on Staten Island to death!


None of the detinators will win americass fav. Derick is such a phony. Someone should tell Caleb he seems like a creeper. You can only hope Hayden comes back before they get Donny. They suck


I see now why girls hardly win this game. They count on the men to much. All these guys just backstabbed you with the vote and then they send your man to the jury house and you still will not put them up.Christine just went through where they were shunning her because she give Nicole sympathy and you do not see the writing on the wall. They will never trust you. Get the bigger threat out.


She’s working with the enemy to get rid of another enemy – Frankie tried to recruit her the second she won HOH but he has no loyalty to her, she’s not stupid. If he could gain their trust back, he would switch sides again. And this doesn’t automatically mean she believes she’s with them until the end, I’m proud of her for trying to work through her betrayal to play rationally.


I know I might get hate for this but I think I’m turning a little bit into team caleb. Know that Amber is gone he has his head in the game. This is the second time he volunteered to be the pawn. More than any other of these wussies. He is the most loyal person in this house next to Donny!


The problem with Caleb is who will get into his ear once he’s on the block and convince him to go beastmode cowboy for BOB. Zach is going to have to be up his butt to ensure no one is getting into his ear.

Be You

The one thing I hate in these comments is “I know im gonna get hate for this” or “I know im gonna get thumbs down for this”…..if its your opinion its your opinion….own it. Who cares if people thumb it down or not. If you like Caleb then like him with every fiber in you being and fuck whoever disagrees. Be You!!!!


Caleb is into loyalty as a concept. In truth, as soon as he gets a wiff of betrayal you become his enemy & he believes whoever tells him the best/most recent lie without bothering to find out otherwise – that’s not really loyalty (ask Amber),


@ Rocco,

I have always had a soft spot for Caleb, despite what all the haters have to say about him. so what if he talks a lot of bull. He is basically and insecure little boy who tries to act like a big man. He is always loyal to those he is committed to and isn’t two faced like the rest of the animals in the house…( not Donny, Nicole or Hayden)………….

What the What?

There is no way Nicole is a superfan.


People have said it on here before, and it’s the truth. This is the season of the floater. There are so many lies and half truths flying around, that it’s enough to make your head spin. I feel Donny will probably be safe this week. BMC may be digging his own grave for TA’s mission or Zach may be because I think Derrick is done with Zach not keeping his mouth shut.


I’m curious what Christine would do if she remained HOH… Would she BD Nicole (who seriously has it coming. I mean she still trust Derrick? I almost wish Hayden stayed at this point. Okay lies no I don’t. I wanted both of them gone)?

People keep trying to call for Frankie to leave next, but lets be honest. If it’s a vote or even not Frankie would come back at this point. He has his sisters’ fans. I think it would be much more entertaining to watch Frankie make it to the final 3 and then get evicted.


I want to back door Nicole! She needs and deserves it. She has it coming………………………..

Sexy Kaysar

Nicole TOTALLY deserves to be backdoored! What a pathetic game she’s “played”…

Go, Ratine! Get out the obvious NON-SuperFan Nicole! The MEN can get rid of you next, Ratine!


Anyone else get the sickening feeling that Victoria, Queen of the Floaters, will float right to the end yet?


she could float into Top Four
but i think she needs wins to
get into the Top Three. she
is definitely a classic floater.


We all doubt Victoria, but she has won POV and BOB a couple of times now. I think if she makes it to final 5 or 4 she could squeeze into the final 3 and anyone would be a fool not to take her to the final 2, because everyone would think they could beat her. She’s definitely a classic floater, but it’s worked for her.


I know, and to top it all off, she’ll believe that it was her strategy that got her there. I can’t believe she had the nerve to say she saved herself each time she was on the block, ugh, people like her make me sick…..suck it!


I hope this backd@@r Frankie plan works this time. I’m so sick of seeing him overact on live shows and in the diary room.


Letz assume Frankie or Zach lucks out and either one of ’em joins
poor Jocasta and Hayden in the Jury House… Julie kept on saying
last nite there is a way to return into the game, she said this first to
Jocasta and then Hayden… i keep on thinking Hayden has the best
odds of returning, even if its Frankie or Zach trying to best him and
Jocasta. If he does return, is he going to lit into Christine becuz of
the betrayal? Can Nicole flip Christine once again? this opens the
door to a realm of scenarios down the road. Derrick is not 100%
secure, he can be evicted under the right circumstances. Caleb is
living up to his BMC moniker and Donny’s wins have me in awe!!!!


I totally agree. His wild fancy pants displays are so staged! I will jump with joy when he is out. Problem is, I wonder if production will fix it so that he returns…..


If it does work, we will know for sure who Julie was talking about when she says a player will have the potential to return to the house. I’ve said it many times, Frankie is BB Royalty.

I don’t see him winning but I do see him making it to the last few weeks, thanks in part to Production.


“Caleb says I will punch you in the jaw and your toes will need to be reconstructed.”

LOL wut


Who knew that Caleb would turn out to be those smartest of the bunch?


i tend to hand Donny 10 to 20 I.Q points over Caleb
but we just saw both of them pull off an equivalency
of home runs at a critical juncture in this game. Zach
got lucky… Caleb just bailed his sorry French derriere
out by his HoH win, and this had Donny needing a PoV
win sooooooo bad! i think i am happier with Girl Power
trying to deal with Hayden’s possible return from the
Jury becuz the game is again unpredictable, and not
so very totally under Derrick’s undercover cop thumb!


Caleb tends to be very loyal. He actually had no idea the bomb~squad was a defunct joke.
He assumed HE alone had Amber evicted for being fickle, not that Zach is a motor~mouth
and wanted to get her out the door. Caleb 100% came thru for all the Detonators and this
frags the Rationale royally. Donny’s brave PoV win gave me hope for an eventual upset
and if Christine finally totally flips on Derrick to Nicole, we might see pure chaos or a zoo.
I hope Donny avoids being evicted over the next four weeks and that Hayden returns to
the game, Julie last nite compared H + N as a team to Jeff and Jordan, so if he can ask ’em
all why they back~doored him, i think sparks will fly!!! he knows he walked into it royally…
i still think Zach is living on borrowed time inside the BB House and that he don’t change. i
also think he likes taking things to the limit becuz he getz bored too fast, he ain’t patient…


Right – he’s so smart he believes everything he gets told & then volunteers to go on the block & throw the BOB. Now that’s smart.



Still cant get over that excitement


That still has me so happy too! I just hate that Christine will probably throw him on the block. He’s the beast in the house! Go #FEARTHEBEARD !


Just stating that I loathe that Derrick isn’t on one person’s radar!


Chief Wiggum is only doing this well because he is in a house full of morons…except for Donny. Donny sees right through him…but he is alone in a sea of stupid…


I turn in early last nite and wake up to a Wonder Woman realization
that “Girl Power” is about to determine the composition of the jury as
we enter the 2nd half of BB-16!!! i hope Hayden + Nicole can link up
after the game ends, but if she manages to work with Christine and
they spare poor Donny, i’m going to be very happy. its now interesting…


It’s quite impressive how Donny won POV at the most crucial times, he was almost the first person to go until he won the POV, and then he won the POV that kicked out Devin, and then the POV that saved himself again during double eviction.


He knows when he needs to and he gave it his all! Then you have Julie throwing to commercial oblivious to or ignoring the fact that The Beard is laying in a heap on the ground almost passed out! Go Donny!


I thought the same thing: Donny is the king of the veto, but then a conspirator in me thought maybe the production put 20 ducks in his aisle and in some of others only 2.


Nope. Just think clown shoe. Ask Jeff, who production very much wanted to stay.


I have convinced Zach to throw it to get Frankie out.” PUH-LEAZE. Does he always try to take credit for everything? Has he deluded himself into believing if he says it enough it becomes true?

Also, when Nicole said Christine and she already promised they wouldn’t put eachother up after he asked if she would backdoor Christine, Derrick said “Will you still do it though?” That should be enough to show Nicole what a scumbag he is, literally he said that after calling the rest of the house a bunch of rats. Honestly… I hope she doesn’t actually believe his crap and keeps communicating with Zach so they know exactly what everyone’s saying about them behind their backs. It would be good gameplay if they could learn to trust each other.


I like the Zach/Nicole thing. I think they could maybe make a good couple. He could help her out of her shell a little and she could help him not be such a dumba$$. lol


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And so Derrick continues to play Nicole like an instrument (can’t wait for Nicole to go. I can’t believe her gullibility. And she’s telling Zach almost everything. I love Zach, but he can not keep his mouth closed lol). I’m not going to call anything yet because the week has just started, but I think Derrick will fly right though this week. I won’t say he won’t, but I doubt Frankie is leaving. I get the feeling that BMC, Nicole, Zach and maybe (small maybe) Cody or Christine go.


Self evict Nicole because you’re stupid.

Derrick does not want to be in the hot seats and he convinces everyone to put up who he wants making sure he’s not even used a pawn. He deserves to win for that alone. It’s not his fault the others are weak and fall for everything he says.

Case and point: Nicole say I need to know who to trust. Derrick, you can’t trust anyone this is big brother. I am who I say I am “you can trust me”. COME ON that flew right over Nicole’s head. Hahahahaha

Derrick will more likely win!

Day Yum Yum

Well now, looks like there is a good chance our little Miss Nicole is going to get a second bite of the apple. Set the bullseye, focus your sights and make it happen this time will ya?


Houseguest your all Sleeping With The Enemy his name is Derrick!!!!!

Love BB

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Nicole really know what she’s doing this week! Telling Derrick she won’t put him up but the plan is to use the POV & backdoor him!

I only wish she was that smart!


While Caleb shows to have a huge pair of cojones, Cody is whining and whispering how he doesn’t trust Christine and how he actually hates her… #TampaxCody

I disliked Caleb for his shallowness and for his bigotry/racism on Instagram. But in the house so far he is truly remarkable game player, with big balls and a enormous heart — he’s a complete opposite to Cody or Derrick.


Sorry for my atrocious grammar. Should read: I disliked Caleb for his shallowness and for his bigotry/racism on Instagram prior to BB16. In the house so far, however, he is a truly remarkable game player — with big balls and even bigger heart — as opposed to the case of Cody or Derrick.


Caleb is still a delusional idiot. Just look at his comment about how it sucks that there are a couple of girls in HOH & they’ll probably put up all guys. He’s a horrible misogynist at the very least. Honestly though, his egotistical boastful delusions are so funny they’re almost sad.


Are you kidding me? BMC for America favorite houseguest!! America loves Donny more and he deserve for America a Favorite Houseguest. Donny always be America favorite and he never gives up.


Seriously, i feel Nicole and Christine have to put up Cody, Frankie, Zach and Victoria just to see
what Zach then does. If someone wins PoV they need to put Derrick up and have Donny explain
to Caleb how close to going home he was. For this to happen, Christine has to spill everything. the
two “pets” in the game are Cody and Victoria. they need to take down all of Derrick’s groundlings
as Hayden returns into the game sadder but wiser. Donny wins competitions, i do hope he stays!!!

Off the chain

Zachattack off the chain. Detonators saved him from the pound and now he’s chewing up their shoes and peeing on the couch and biting everyone. They underestimated zach thinking he wouldn’t get to the bottom of exactly what happened behind his back last week. He’s clearly gonna help nicole eliminate either cody/frankie this week. One of them deserves to go after turning on zach so easily last week. Until cody is in the hot seat nicole won’t know the truth that derrick was the reason the whole vote flipped. Cody has to get there first.


Nicole is turning out to be a Boss A$$ Big Brother B*tch, and I love it. So pissed with how the double eviction turned out, but Nicole winning HoH was a nice turn around.

Now we just need to get rid of Christine. She way more dangerous then m Derrick if you ask me. Christine has totally been throwing comps, look at how beast mode she’s been the last few weeks.

Forget Derrick, he can’t win anything. Send the barista packing PLEASE!!!

Nicole Sucks

I can’t believe she is letting cody and derrick get away with this. Didn’t have the votes? If you two voted out Zach it would have been 4-4. How is Derrick the only one Nicole trusts? He should be the least trusted!

But the worst thing is that she is distancing herself from Donny and doing nothing to help him. It became clear it was her/Donny/hayden vs. the house and she forgets already? You are mad that Donny voted you out? No wonder, he needed an ally that would stick by his side in this mess and not throw him to the wolves in hopes of becoming a number for disloyal derrick. I was rooting for you three last night, but now I’m only rooting for Donny!


What’s the matter Detonators!! Donny is a POV beast!!!! Keep put up Donny!!! He not going anywhere.


If Nicole puts up Caleb/ Frankie and Christine puts up Donny/Victoria
Caleb may not throw it… it looks like the longer Amber is out of the house the more Caleb comes out of his fog.
That would mean it is Victoria and Donny on the block.
If it is Caleb/ Frankie on the block and Frankie wins the PoV who does Nicole have left to nominate.
Christine, Zach, Derrick and Cody. She promised Christine she would not nominate her
So that leaves the choice as being… Christine, Zach, Derrick and Cody
Now if Caleb wins the PoV
Zach, Christine, Derrick and Cody…. Now that is a paranoid House exploding all over itself.
A Christine HoH just means that Donny or Victoria go Home… depending on if Donny winning the PoV.


Donny for sure will win POV. He the veto beast. He not going anywhere.


If Derrick does win BB ( God forbid ), I hope he will spend a portion of the money to have plastic surgery on his nose. Watching him in the DR, or any straight on face shot, his nostrils are big enough to drive an articulated lorry up each one.

Drs. Christian and Troy

Taylor, tell us what you don’t like about yourself.

You must have perfect looks.


I hope Hayden gets back in the house!! I literally was screaming at the tv for Donny to win pov! Anyone feel they threw pov to him? Game on now!!


Can we redo Team America? I want Derrick and Frankie off of it.

Love BB

I agree completely! I (& all of you) are supposed to be part of an alliance called “Team America” but we don’t even get to submit the missions. Just get to pick from productions ideas…smh. We, as part of the team, should get a vote on evictions same as the other HGs. Now THAT would be a great twist on the NON-twisted season.

C’mon Donny!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Nicole! Put Derrick up with Caleb and let them BOTH throw it. Oh wait, Derrick will never go on the block.
Wake up dummies!


I got to give it to beast mode cowboy he has a pair unlike most of these sad sacks. If he throws the BOB competition it’s crazy however I think he is dumb if he throws veto competition also you never know if Frankie could win veto. I hope Frankie or Christine goes this week sick of there snake like ways. I really actually hope Christine goes home because she lies to everyone, Nicole is now her best friend because she’s HOH but before she stabbed her in the back. Derrick is winning this game mark my words!


Get luck Frankie this is Danielle BB13 all over again for me.


I meant good sorry