Big Brother Spoilers – “Frankie thinks he’s a celebrity he literally acted like one the whole entire night”

POV Holder: Zach Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 11th
HOH Winner 1: Nicole HOH Winner 2: Christine
Battle of the Block Winner  Frankie/Ca;eb Next HOH Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Nicole’s Noms (Caleb & Frankie) Christine’s Noms (Zach & Donny)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Donny and Zach
POV Players Christine, Zach, Donny, Nicole, Caleb, Derrick

BB16-2014-08-10 20-33-19-404

9:32pm Caleb, Frankie and Christine are back.
Caleb – We’re in shock for seeing them and they’re in shock seeing us
Caleb says the person that showed them around said his twin 16 year old sons are huge Big Brother fans they never miss an episode.
Christine – You know what we said on the way back… We miss our friends.. AWhhh
They say during event they weren’t allowed to talk game. Caleb says someone told him he looked like he could play some football said he could be a running back.
Frankie – CAleb saw some hotties.. these football players wifes.. OH my they are HOT
Caleb got a jersey signed by Jason Witten.
Zach says what they got was better than a a exhibition game. They got to see the Cowboys playing drills, Meet Tony Romo,Jason Witten, Dez Bryant and Jerry Jones
Zach – “THe cowboys they’re the tightest team.”
(Sounds like Jessie from BB10, BB11 was there)

BB16-2014-08-10 21-05-03-286

8:53pm Zach and Frankie
Zach – lets just do what the fuc** we’re going to do and get to the last five people you know what I mean .. I’m just happy I won Veto.. if i didn’t win Veto i would be a mess
Frankie – How are we
Zach – You and I WE good.. right ..
Frankie – It’s up to you man.. i already told you how i feel about it.. its up to you
Zach – again i told you i don’t have a choice lets get to the last 5 people and from there it’ll be a f** dog fight dog fight you know

BB16-2014-08-10 21-07-57-710

I missed you Cody..

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BB16-2014-08-10 21-10-13-640

9:10pm Caleb, Frankie and Zach
Caleb and Frankie say they were not allowed to talk game at all. They are going to talk to Christine before bed tell her the entire house wants Niceol on the block.

Caleb – If I can get her alone with Derrick.. I will just flat out say it all and we’ll see how she takes it
Zach – we have to get nicole out
Caleb – I have the numbers so I don’t care what I say
Frankie says Nicole is saying “Awful sh1t” she has to go.
They are going to tell Christine, Nicole’s plan was to put Christine up if Frankie won the POV.

BB16-2014-08-10 21-37-33-678

9:17pm Frankie and Zach
Zach saying Nicole has to go out this week.
Frankie – She’s a lunatic
Zach – SHe’s more of a lunatic than me
Frankie – I don’t know if she’s conniving or if she’s crazy
Zach – again you said this was a blessing..
Frankie says “This is” one of the biggest disasters ever in the game.
Zach says he forgives Frankie wants Frankei to forgive him, they have to move on
It’s us five against CHristine, Victoria and Donny.
Frankie – You think if she puts up Victoria we should take out Donny
Zach and Frankie both agree keeping Donny ofr victoria is best for their games.
Frankie thinks they can convince Derrick on it.
Zach says their backup plan is to bring DOnny and Nicole in if Victoria goes home.
Zach – We Keep Donny.. Donny isn’t coming after me not coming after you”
Frankie – I’m basically saying Donny should stay
Frankei says Nicole said horrible horrible things about his sister he is never going to speak to her again.
Frankie says he missed Zach today the whole day he talked about him.

BB16-2014-08-10 21-53-41-518

9:40pm Christine and Victoria

You can tell he’ sued to the celebrity life biggest diva ever
Christine – Caleb was actually awesome
Victoria – like Caleb now that Amber has left.. he’s conceited but he’s genuine..
Christine says Frankie told production I need a coffee get me a coffee i don’t care if theres suger or not I need a coffee
Victoria – what did sean say
Christine – Margot got him a coffee.
Victorira – really
They say Frankie isn’t fighting for his life. Victoria mentions no one other than Frankie and Maybe Zach are very wealthy.
Christine says Frankie thinks he’s a celebrity he literally acted like one the whole entire night.. I’ve never met a diva like that in my life..
Christine adds how Frankie was saying he hated everyone in the house didn’t want to go back in there. Frankei was emotionally exhausting

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Okay, here is my little rant on this season so far. I totally understand and appreciate that Big Brother is a game in which lying, betrayal, and generally villainous behavior plays an important role; however, the extent of the lying and manipulation has in many cases passed beyond the point of acceptance as part of this game. Frankie, Christine, and Derrick specifically have utilized hurtful fabrication, malicious backstabbing, and incessant emotional manipulation. I believe it isn’t necessary to list the instances of such tactics as they are painfully obvious and continually occurring.

I honestly feel very bad for Zach. I understand that he can be a jerk, but I believe that his oftentimes ridiculous behavior is a front for someone who is very emotional. Zach was honestly growing very close to Frankie (and I doubt he is close to many people), so when he found out that Frankie cared so little for their relationship and was willing to throw it away sooooo easily he was truly devastated. The game of Big Brother should not excuse such callous disregard for another human’s emotions, and, lets be real, Frankie isn’t stupid (while he may be a tad bit delusional) so he knew Zach really trusted him and had deep feelings for him.

Lastly, I just wish Nicole, Victoria, Donny, and Zach could all speak to one another without then throwing each other under the bus. If they all teamed up they might have an actual chance of sending the other houseguests home. Victoria and Nicole need a reality check in terms of their relationship with Derrick. I find Nicole a little naive, but I do still respect her a lot for attempting to make big moves and not backing down from targeting Frankie. I hope he leaves ASAP!!!!! End Rant.


You said Derrick, Frankie and Christine… and only mentioned Frankie’s gameplay. WTF IS UP WITH THAT YO.

I hope to God Frankie wins so we can all laugh in your face and if he doesn’t who cares Andy won last season so we still have you there. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

LOSERS. Don’t forget to down vote this comment because it hurts your feelings, crazy cat men.


WE? Do you get a share of the winnings?

Frankie's youtube manager



I only when into detail on Frankie’s gameplay because I find it particularly egregious. Also calling people who have a different view of things names only proves that you are ignorant and not open to points and opinions that do not fit into the narrow Big Brother narrative you have bought into. Also I’m more of a dog person 🙂


I believe we all know it’s a game but it is a gas unfair at times. BB knew that Frankie was the target and that Caleb had agreed to throw it so they made sure to put up a comp that worked best for one person. If Caleb had actually played he could have made sure they lost. Frankie is no superman but one person doesn’t have the added burden of the other going in the wrong direction or pulling too hard like it was with Zach and Donny. BB is helping Frankie and we fans see it as a fix that makes it unfair for others who are also there to play the “game”. I saw it last year with Andy. Maybe BB is afraid to let the game speak for itself? This is less game and more production. Call it what it is. Frankie is a despicable character . I have no idea where Zach’s head is at…Maybe Frankie will donate to his cause of unemployment before he leaves for Africa.?

Toe Cutter

I did thumb up this comment but I disagree with the “emotions being toyed with” not an exact quote, but even in the real world its our choice who we trust and who we believe. Its magnified in the BB house because you have no choice but to trust people who sometimes you know are lying to you. If your feelings are hurt so easy by being lied or manipulated then BB isn’t the game for that person.
That’s the whole “gotcha factor” of this game and the reason for the *Backd**r*. The look on someones face when they have been “had or played” but in a good way. Its a game yes this is true BUT its still a game with real emotions involved. Just like with everything, people will take it to the extreme but that’s what makes them good players no? The fact that they got you to believed them. Lying about Dead Grandmothers and sick wives or even pretending to be a victim of Katrina and you lost your dog ect ect…The reason people feel hurt when they get lied too or bamboozled is they invest real feelings and they feel close to people because they are sharing stories of real life events. BUT just because I have shared a story or two and some tears, doesn’t mean I wont vote you out if I have too. This is the name of the game.

Roisen Dubh

“When you look up into the sky, remember the Nightrider”

Toe Cutter

I love that you knew that!!!! 🙂

Roisen Dubh

See you on the road Bronze.

Reality Check

Someone got their poor “wittle” feelings hurt on Big Brother!?!??!

You MUST be joking!!!- take your tampon out….. this is a game, and a ruthless one at that…..

If you’re not emotionally prepared to watch, turn on real world or jeopardy-

I can’t imagine how boring this show would be if people REALLY agreed with that ridiculous comment….


lol. BB should’nt accept that people don’t care fo each other and punish Frankie because he broke little Zach’s heart? haha what show are you watching.


Frankie wants Donny to stay if Victoria goes up? I bet production told him keeping Donny would make him look like a saint. Seriously though, Victoria going would be great. She is the last “floater” left in the game, which is nice after last seasons all floater finish, and Derrick would lose his guaranteed final 2. I just really need to see Derrick struggle, that’s all!


Last floater after Victoria is Cody. Honestly Cody only talks to Derrick, eats, sleeps, obsesses over Zac Efron, and TRIES to flirt. He is a whiny lil child that depends solely on Derrick to get anywhere


He’s even a joke in competitions. I would love it if Donny or Zach sent him to the jury house. It is amazing though how him and Derrick have not been talked about being put on the block to this point


My thoughts exactly! However, I think Cody should go before Victoria. Victoria is talking/opening up more and is finally aware of Derrick’s purposeful deceit/manipulation of her. She’s also voiced her dislike and distrust for Frankie.


correction: MY 11:44 comments are in response to C’s Post … thank you!


He probably wants to keep Donny because of Team America, To him, Donny=$$$!


Nah..he doesn’t really care about the $$. He’s trying to save his image at this point.


I think his image is not just tarnished, it has suffered serious, debilitating rust. his true character is out and this “Star” business isn’t cutting it for me.


Now Caleb is BACK working with Freakie!!! What an idiot! Freakie was acting like a DIVA during the entire day’s reward. What a surprise!

Go Donny

I treated tonights episode like how I used to watch Old Yeller as a kid. I watched all
the way until the unfortunate end. I think production looked through their list of comps, knowing Frankie was in trouble, and found one he could accomplish by himself. Don’t you think CBS would rather have saved that comp to promote the start of Thursday Night Football a little closer to the actual date instead of a month before the Steelers/Ravens game?


OMG I was so pissed with that episode today. If you noticed when Caleb had just sat down, the chains were already set up for Frankie next to each other.

Ariana Grande stinks

NEVER forget that Caleb is Frankie’s b!tch! 100% and forever!


I didn’t actually think of that until now. I mean the contest was obviously easier for one person who didn’t have to deal with the difficult communication aspect of the competition. The editing was also very transparent in trying to make it look like underdog Frankie overcame all the odds to have some amazing victory against evil Donny and Zach.


This show should be like the Real World’s The Challenge and disqualify a player if their partner doesn’t complete the task with them.


Uh huh.. Sure they did.. What other wild conspiracy theories will some of you come up with that can’t process the fact that Frankie was literally on the receiving end of a 3 on 1 pile up? Let’s see Caleb publicly humiliated him in front of the other house guests and in horror Frankie realized that Caleb wanted him to lose and go on the block even after he practically begged him to participate then Caleb sat down.. Then Frankie had to play for his survival against 2 to 1 odds against Zach who was publicly mocking him and Donnie.. That look of desperation looked real to me and when Frankie won it he almost broke down in tears because he was relieved to save himself.. This is the 1st time I have ever seen someone refuse to participate in a challenge.. Caleb should have been punished and put up for defaulting. Just because you didn’t have the satisfaction of seeing Frankie lose is no reason to embarrass yourselves coming up with this ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Go Donny

We are saying its production, not the contestants. Production can put any comp they want out there. Even ones that favor certain houseguests.


Everyone keeps saying the competition was rigged. But I don’t think so. They must have had things like the trip to watch the football game or practice or whatever it was scheduled ahead of time. So that just goes to prove that it is possible that Frankie just lucked out and got a competition he could win without Caleb.


people did speculate that perhaps bb made the chains longer, enough for one person to reach

Go Donny

You may be right. But I think that comp was to be scheduled later and the reward wss to go to an actual preseason game and not a practice. Look at tje preseason schedule. First week no Sunday games. Weeks 2 and 3 had multiple ones close by in California and Arizona. Also that BOB comp took a long time to setup. Maybe production was using the extra time to set something up with an NFL team.


Bet Christine is lying her butt off about Frankie…at least embellishing, in order to further distance herself from him. She thinks being a diva is asking for a coffee? Don’t most people drink something at a football game?

Team zach

Also, isn’t she a barista? LOL. Wonder how her customers feel.


OMG cannot stand Frankie at all. He’s going off on how bad Nicole is because she said he has some of the guest on his side because of his sister, which is the truth. Right after Frankie came out with his big secret some the of the cast change their thinking about Frankie. He is ALWAYS deflecting his junk on everyone else. He wants it both ways, what a cra# player. He’s lied probably the most out of anyone, X10 and he believes all his lies. I just hope he goes down in flames.


What did Nicole say about Frankie’s sister that was so horrible that he will never speak to her again. I don’t get the live feeds, just BBAD and I don’t remember hearing anything horrible. Please someone let me know.


The only thing Nicole did was warn Vic that frankie can manipulate her now because she is such a big ariana fan. (caleb overheard this and ran and told frankie) He is now going around the house telling everyone how she is saying all of these horrible things about her sister…. Wtf. His true colors are really showing now that he’s told them about ariana… in the overused words of the houseguests, He “is the worst”

Turnabout is fair play

Oh please…..I’m so tired of hearing how wronged Zach was by Frankie. Do a rewind….Zach started talking about getting Frankie out LONG BEFORE this past week when Zach was on the block. It’s amazing how short and selective some people’s memories are. Send Zach to the jury!


THANK YOU SO MUCH. It’s people like you who brighten by day because we don’t PICK and CHOSE the facts, we take it as it COMES.



I must correct it before the crazy cat men hate on me.

Also, is there anyway we could get an edit function on your lovely discussion boards? <3 LOVE YOU MODS ^.^

Im sucking up.


That would’ve been once. How many times did Frankie the Fairy try to get Zach out? 3 f*****g times. Don’t try to paint Zach as the villain. Anytime Frankie is confronted with something he did, isn’t it funny how it gets twisted around so that Frankie is the one being apologized TO? He is a manipulator that exceeds even the limits of this show. And honestly I hope that Zach back doors Frankie because that’s what he deserves for being a conniving weasel. And revealing his sister secret like that was the most arrogant and weak attempt to distract the HGs from all the s**t he’s done. Don’t defend Sparkly Satan


Frankie the Fairy?!? Grow up.


Glad you called it like you see it, he is a fairy, he fricking flits around the house like that all the time. He is a disgusting human being not because of the fairy thing, just his personality is sickening. His famous little sister and mommy should be very proud of him. I wish I could be there when he get out and finds out he is hated by most people.


I can tell from your post that you haven’t liked Frankie from the beginning because hes gay…..and this game seems to give you and others the feeling that calling him gay slurs is ok. Your hatred for him started before he entered the house.


When all else fails?? WTF? When you have to resort to using homophobic language in order to get your point across in 2014, then it is you who is on the receiving end of a massive FAIL.


I think that most people, myself included have no problem with peoples sexuality choices, but you don’t have to be so over the fricking top. I know lots of gay people and none of them act like Frankie, actually the people that I know that are gay, can’t stand him.


When are you homophobes going to join 2014 with the rest of us? When you use homophobic language like that, do you seriously think that others won’t call you on it? Leave that garbage for your local Tea Party/Republican fund raising meetings.

Kathy B

Good grief, don’t bring politics in to this -I’m a Republican, my much-loved brother’s gay and he and his friends all think Frankie is over the top and a PITA (pain in the ass)!


Can I ask why comments like these are allowed? I notice a lot of people using anti-gay terms and getting away with them on here. Can we use other prejudicial, bigoted and racist terms too?

When I post something I notice that it says the comment is awaiting moderation so someone mu be reading them before they are posted. Why aren’t those kinds of statements and the people that make them banned?


Grow up!


I hope Victoria goes up and gets evicted over Donny, that would be the best. I didn’t even watch the episode tonight cause these dumasses make me sick! I don’t wanna watch Derrick and Frankie show. I wanna watch big brother damn it!


Frankie and Zach’s relationship is literally manic. Soooo many highs and lows. I think Zach is playing Frankie, but they always end up making up.


Zach is crazy, I cannot keep up with him and who he is aligned with, which is awesome, have no idea what he is doing or thinking. He is fun to watch for sure, even though he is a bit obnoxious, funny to watch.


I think Zach is 100% playing Frankie. I think his sole purpose in the game now is vengeance against Frankie. In my opinion it seems he wants to really, really hurt Frankie the way he’s been hurt. Unfortunately I doubt Frankie has really invested himself in Zach the way Zach had with Frankie.


It’s like a soap opera.


Frankie a diva? Living vicariously through his sister – you don’t say! #evictFrankienow

GrandMomma Cheryl

What? Frankie & Zach want to keep Donny over Victoria? That’s awesome!!! First good idea either one of them have had the whole season! Go Donny!!!


I’m praying that someone comes up with the idea of putting Derrick up. Frankie knows he is a real threat, if Christine would backdoor him, Zack, Frankie, and Nicole could vote him off on a tie, and Christine would send him home. As much as I hate Frankie, Derrick is so much worst, saying Victoria can’t grasp what was told to her by Zach, basically calling her an idiot.

But even if he did get backdoored, I sadly think Nicole would vote to keep him still *facepalm*

Roisen Dubh

They all know he’s threat. These people are straight up Manchurian Candidates, but the stupid edition. This is the best time to get rid of him and flip it, but everyone is content with their fate. AG, if you’re gonna cast idiots, at least cast idiots with a set of balls. That’s no too much to ask for is it?


According to Freakie, he intends to fund four schools in Africa at 25,000 a pop. Still leaves FREAKIE with a bit of change to fund his wanna be DIVA / Celebrity lifestyle. I’m so over his nasty ass. HG’s should continue to press his buttons by asking him about how he feels about his sister’s success as opposed to his own career.


Who made you lord and master over everyone??? It’s none of your concern what others do with their money, especially if they choose to give it to charity.. God forbid, one day you may need charity of your own.. That could be another economic meltdown away. Frankie can give his money away to whatever charity he wants.. What do you do for others except to make them shake their heads in dismay? I remember Frankie saying he was giving money to charity if he won $500,000 I don’t remember him saying he was giving the entire amount to charity.


He’s trying to use it s a manipulation tool so I think it’s perfectly fine to call him on it for that


I am the point I wish Jessie would come back in the house, and I help vote him out twice,
I just can’t with these people they want to coast to the end with working for it, Dan had to work for the final 2 so please stop comparing Derrick to Dan


sorry, helped vote him out twice


I really should not comment when I get tired
I meant without working for it


Give the money to anyone but Frankie and Derrick. They deserve 3rd place… the WORST place!


Why not Derrick? He is playing the best game in the house. Hasn’t won sh*t, yet he still owns everyone.

Don’t hate because his BB social game is near perfect.


I will never root for someone who uses an innocent child all the time as a reason as to why he deserves to stay in the game. He was so nasty to Victoria and also on how he referred to her when talking about the whole situation with his guys. He has 0 charisma and is too self-assured about his game. He deserves to lose and see the money go to someone like Cody who does NOTHING but is basically his acolyte.


That’s not why we hate him


Boohoo, best game in the house bar none.

Just like Tony last Survivor.


Why you hate him them? Well, whatever the reason, it’s good to know I’m not the only one who wants him gone…

The Goose

I totally agree with you. I think if he wasn’t a Police Officer he wouldn’t be getting such back lash. People would be saying hes playing a good game. Instead comments are about him being a pig nose and Victoria being ugly and calling Christine a squid and her and Nicole the gonzo twins it just goes on and on. Just looking at the way he is playing this game. He might be shady when he has to be but hes not a total c*ck smith about it. The Cop that won Survivor last year was a dick head and was rude to people. Derrick is at least nice to you before during and after the knife goes in your back… far.
If Caleb’s attitude and game play in the beginning was as it is now I would be a total fan of his. Even with his arrogance I think I could have looked past it and enjoyed his game. The whole Amber thing put me(and I am sure a few more) off of him. Even though he still goes on about her, I do like him a little more now then I did before.


I couldn’t care less about him being a cop. I feel that BB gotta still be played with a bit of integrity. For instance, you can try to manipulate people but not be nasty. He has to face other competitors and not enemies. People like to talk about Zach being “the enemy” as he calls himself that… but guess what: fruit loop dingus is not even CLOSE to the other nasty things they say and do. For instance, Cody crying because he put Donny on the block was his pathetic attempt to seem genuine and good to the audience. He couldn’t care less… he’s selfish as hell. I think people gotta fight hard to win, but try doing it more wisely and try not to hurt other people’s feelings. Derrick made Victoria cry with a huge pile of lies… he could’ve done that differently and still not make her cry.

Everyone says: Donny does nothing… but he has survived thus far and I never seen him being a pr*ck. The only time he was stupid was when he ALMOST spoiled Nicole’s plans and she corrected that mistake by putting him on the block.

I feel I’m all over now… lol… but that’s my point: I think there’s a way to play this game with dignity and I only see Derrick doing it solely for the money. He doesn’t care about any of his final 5, 3 or 2 deals. He doesn’t care… he wants to get to the end no matter what he has to do. And I hate a person that pretends to be friends with THE WHOLE HOUSE! Come on… and none of those dinguses realize that. INCREDIBLE. A bunch of morons…


“He only does it souly for the money”….NO SHIT DUDE!!!! Welcome to Big Brother USA!. Are you for real? Only people with real money already would do it for the experience or unless they were dying or something. ie: Brad Calpepper and his wife (how ever you spell their names). They did it for the experience. WTF how else can you make this amount of money in a few months. Pfftt another self righteous Donny advocate. Give it a rest man, Derrick is playing a good game whether you like him or not. Even though Frankie is a weasel he also is/was playing a good game. Im sure peoples minds would change if Derrick wasn’t an Officer!!! Straight up.


Donny still don’t have the votes to stay, specially if derrick does not want to let Victoria go. derrick, cody and beast mode cowboy will vote out Donny and then Christine will break the tie and send Donny home.. Frankie Zach and Nicole will not be enough to keep Donny in the game.


Just what I was thinking. I think Nicole is a locked vote for Donny eviction. She will never listen to Frankie. Don’t even think it would be a tie. Vic goes up, Donny goes to Jury.

Dear Santa

All I want for Christmas is for Victoria to be sent to jury this week. Let her explain to Hayden why she voted him out. I hate her game, I hate the sound of her voice and I hate looking at her face. She just seems like such a rotten person. I don’t understand my reaction to this girl , but it is what is it is. I hate her.


My username is dedicated to Victoria – I can’t stand anything about her either. The other night when she was telling Derrick how bad money was for her – my mother, my sister, my dad, wah, wah….if it’s that bad go home stop paying for an extra apartment to take boudoir pictures and get a fuc**n job. She lives in a gated community – I don’t think she’s hurtin’. Anyway, I don’t really care about people’s wealth outside the home and it drives me nuts to hear Derrick say his daughter’s food is being taken away. Go home and feed her then you f77Kin moron. I don’t know SMH.


I heard Caleb threw an 80 yard pass to himself for a touchdown against the Cowboy’s defense.

Roisen Dubh

Mr. Perfect did it back in the day.

Frankie Needs to go!

So is Nicole going to go up?


Simon, who do you think Christine will nominate?


After pulling for them for weeks, I am so over the Detonators/Bomb Squad. It has been the most dysfunctional, self destructive alliance and it takes the fun out their success. If Nicole wasn’t such an epic fail with every wasted HOH, a power shift could’ve been possible. But it’s looking like these paranoid, backstabbing, egomaniacs are going to run the rest of the game.


I’m really hoping Nicole will be the one to take out Christine. Frankie is overrated.


Freakie you are such a LIAR….he just confronted NIC about what what she told Victoria. He out and out lied about saying that HE HAD VICTORIA in his POCKET.


Ummm Big Brother && the Dallas Cowboys!!! Two of my favorite things!

&& I like this sending Victoria out option! but telling Derrick is NOT a good idea!


Frankie doesn’t have the pull to keep Donny over Vic. Vic has Derrick, Cody, Nicole as locked votes. Nicole will never do what Frankies says. When it comes down to it, I bet Caleb would vote which ever way Derrick told him.

Roisen Dubh

The thing that really corks my snorkel about the whole thing is how stupid Nicole is. She really should’ve been this season’s Powerplayer. She was HOH at the crucial times, could’ve made some seriously damaging moves, but because she’s has a serious attachment problem, she let Derrick run her show. Even after Hayden left, she still doesn’t see it. These people are really gonna hate Derrick when this is all said and done, especially Nic and Vic. They let this fool, yeah I said fool, because he should’ve been popped already. How the hell does this guy escape even after last night? These people are complete morons. Derrick’s game has had some serious flaws and mistakes. Any other season, he would’ve already been caught. His game play is overrated because all these guys fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down. He waves a knife in front of Vic and she licks his nuts for trust. Devin gets out of bed and farts and she was scared shitless of him. If these guys had any brains on what’s happened so far, Derrick should be getting BD this week, end of story. But once again Nic’s HOH is wasted and Donny goes home, and it only benefits Derrick. I’ve seen stalks of corn smarter than these jackasses.

pants on fire

Fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down!! Thx for the chuckle!!


It’s NOT Nic’s HOH, it’s CHRISTENE’S!!!

capt obvious

Isn’t it amazing how hypocritical Darrick is pertaining to this weeks TA assignment??? He lays into Donny last week because he said Donny put his own game infront of TA. Earlier tonight, he mentioned to Donny how IMPOSSIBLE this weeks assignment is.
UHHHHH, actually its not. Its probably the easiest one. “Convince” Victoria shes going up as a pawn(which is extremely easy because she already knows she is) and then vote her out. DONE!!! $5K in your pockets!
But Darrick wont do that because that move would only screw up HIS GAME!!! Why haven’t Donny & Frankie called him out on this????


Derrick is a two-faced manipulative liar. Donny & Frankie should convince him to be the pawn and then vote him out. Donny deserves the $5,000. Frankie doesn’t … BUT we’re finally rid of Deceitful Derrick.


derrick lost a lot of fans thank you for trying Frankie i hope Donny comes back in just win like crazy in take derrick out that’s what America wants im so mad Donny better come back or we done with big brother cause what ever derrick say goes why don’t we just hand him the 500 thousand in go home if i was there i will not be on a show that nobody has a chance but one person never been nom or nothing what a joke then at the end they say he play a great game lets give him the money what game did he play he didn’t play big brother cause he never was on the block i wish hayden in Donny comes back in join Frankie and zack in take over


DO anybody in this cast look at BB like a game except for Donny & Derrick Donny know Derrick wants Victoria at the end for the easy win and Derrick knows Donny onto him so he wants to get rid of Donny just like he did Hayden because he know Donny could have convinced hayden to go after the group with him than Nicole who still think Derrick wouldn’t do anything wrong even if he put her on the block. this really is a weak cast everybody wants to roll with the majority than team up with Donny and go against it.


it would be funny if derrick saves Donny and then derrick gets evicted because of Donny . watch derrick save Donny and then Donny put derrick and cody up next week….

Fast Eddie

I think Zach genuinely liked and felt close to Frankie. Before Zach said anything about him wanting Frankie out it was Frankie who said we need to get Zach up and out in week 2 . He started in with that not Zach, I think Zach actually likes him as a person and was hurt about hearing that.

I also have a like on /hate on for Caleb. Inspite of his conceit , I don’t think he is too bad when hes not being a psycho. Then I remember he is a we bit out of sorts and I get scared again.:P

Why the hell would they want Nicole or Victoria out when they have a chance to get Donny out? Regardless if you like him or not it would be a good game move for them since he has won most of the vetos. Its like people forget to take that into consideration. It should be the first thing you think of if someone isn’t in your alliance. “How good of a player is this person”…..


Thumbs up if you think Nicole is going this week :'( D:


Donny is the biggest floater !!!!

Roisen Dubh

Actually, Cody is the biggest floater. Really, what has he done all summer? Zilch. Jocasta has more work put in than that clown.


Cody is the biggest floater.


I do not believe Christine would put up nicole at all. If the guys try to gang up on her and say they’ll put her up, she knows they would put her up mo matter what. Hopefully nicole and Donny stag in the game wish for the best

Tell me a story Frankie...

Maybe it would be nice if he funded some schools in his less fortunate areas in his own Country and his home town. Im sure there are children in poorer places closer to him who are going to school hungry and could use a hot breakfast and lunch. GMAFB with the schools in Africa shite. Im so sure Frankie. Why not use some of your families existing money or your internet money to have started this project? Ohhh right, because it sounds better to say what you “will do” then what you will “really do”. Divalicious is getting a little too much for me lately.

WTF Caleb

If Caleb wasn’t so dramatic during Battle of the block and didn’t sit down he could have just held the chain. Then Frankie would have no chance to win it


I would love to see BMC put his muscles where his mouth is. I think he needs to try out for next years America Ninja Warrior competition. I bet he couldn’t make it through to the second round.

pants on fire

Hell, he wouldn’t get past Jenn Brown interviewing him!!


Why didn’t Caleb participate and sabotage the Battle of the Block? If he had one chain and kept going “oops” there is no way Frankie would have won. Throw the comp doesn’t mean sit & pout, it means make sure you LOSE.


Next season…brought to you by GRANDE Producer…Freakie (My sister is a Mega STAR) no, REALLY SHE is…BB UNDER COVER COPS…all our HG’s are under cover cops! Using their TRAINING in manipulating and lying; these men and women will stop at NOTHING to protect their true identity and WIN the money! Great fun for all viewers, they will tear each other apart!


That was so hilarious!

Ariana Grande stinks

I am not surprised the Evil Gay Clown behaved like a diva… He’s just a gigantic ahole!

Now the Gang is scheming to get Nicole out. Frankie and his b!tch Caleb are filling Giggly Hyena Christine that Nicole planned to backdOOr Christine. It is very likely that Nicole will be sent to the Jury House next Friday. Zach’s also behaving pitifully… 🙁

Oh shizzle

Nicole is getting screwed. Wonder if Christine is falling for this backdoor plane?


I hate this part of the game when people act like you have to be on welfare to win the game of Big Brother or have a large family to support no one knows what is in your bank account and it doesn’t matter what is in your bank account it should have absolutely no bearing on the game at all

Is Delusion in the Water?

Is there any chance that the twist this summer is that BB16 is actually serving as a PSA warning parents to check their children’s delusions at an early age? Educators can use this season to show parents that it is in their child’s best interest not to let them reach adulthood with an inflated sense of self that has little grounding in reality. The world is a cruel place and Caleb, Frankie and Victoria prove that indulging delusional tendencies in a child will earn them nothing but ridicule as an adult.

Take Frankie as an example. Many BB fans seem to agree that he is an obnoxious, insincere, delusional, glow stick of a human. Basically a thesaurus would list him as another word for awful. Presumably his family has met him before, yet in his entire 31 years of life no one has bothered to be honest with him about his prospects for fame? Instead they supported his decision to thrust himself onto BB fans reeking so intensely of desperation it is sickening to watch. Unsurprisingly all it is gaining him is contempt.

This is honestly too bad. I’m sure he has lots of great qualities about him that may not be fame worthy, but probably still make him a worthwhile human being. It is understandable that his family is trying to protect him from the backlash being directed his way, but maybe they should do him a favour and let this experience give him the reality check he so clearly needs.


Nicole is targeting Frankie because Hayden got evicted. News flash! Frankie is not the only person involved in getting Hayden evicted. Others are also involved. To me, its not fair that Frankie is being her target while others are also involved. Btw, Christine is such a cheating sl**t and hate her on the jew comments. Love you Grande 😀


actually thats not the only reason she is targeting him, he is easily the source of about 85% of the drama and lying in the house. He just so happens to decide the secret of his sister’s identity is too much for him when he realizes he’s going to go home. He’s just a wanna be socialite living in his little sister’s shadow.


After BB, Frankie can get an even bigger ride on his little sister’s coattails. She won 2 flipping teen choice awards last night which Frankie will undoubtedly turn to his advantage. Of course if he keeps his promise to BMC, he will have to introduce him to Justin and Co. Somehow, sadly for Zach, I think he is going to get tossed aside like yesterday’s smelly fish.

Canadian Girl

, as the VIEWERS favorites (all at some point) keep coming back from the (seemingly) point of no return?

Current case in point. Frankie wanted Donny OUT! Since the blow up started he’s the ONLY one who I’ve seen trying to keep Donny.

Somethin’s fishy!


ZANKIE, TEAM AMERICA ARE GOING TO MAKE IT FAR…. like I said in my previous post… im kinda surprised Nicole and Hayden are going to be in jury. but It wont be a shock if Nicole and Hayden are the two people to comeback in the house.


production hinted to Frankie that Donny is popular and keeping him in the game would be a good for his image….


to take the words of Chris Crocker and apply them here I say: leeeaaav nicole alone!


Before jury I was complaining about how bad this season is and everyone kept saying if you don’t like it don’t watch. Just wait till jury then its gonna be good……Ok now jury is here and I must say the show has gotten 100 times better imo. But I bet the same people who were upset about how I felt in the beginning weeks are the ones doing all the crying about the show now……..

Canadian Girl

Sorry y’all…apparently I struggle with copy & paste after I’ve had some liquor lol!

It seems odd to me that the houseguests that weren’t on the NFL trip felt free to just sleep and lounge the day away (even Donny for a while)…and the ones that were on the NFL trip were instructed not to talk game. Though, we’ve only heard that second hand. Could be a lie. Someone’s lips were moving.

On that other CBS show (Survivor) when some of the tribe leaves camp…each group plots at least somewhat against the other. THAT’S THE POINT!

Now I’m (barley) not saying it’s rigged. However….don’t y’all find it odd that Frankie, Zach and now (possibly) Donny


I just wish Nicole, Donny, Victoria, Christine, and Zach could all form an alliance together somehow to get Devin #2 and Cody out. I know it’s not likely at all but I’d rather have Nicole, Donny, and Zach stay over Frankie, Derrick, and the floater Cody. I hope BB knows that Nicole and Donny are the favorites right now.


“I missed you Cody.” Christine.. what about your husband that you haven’t seen for a month and a half?


No way whiny Nicole is one of the favorites she was lying to Frankie and Christine and trying to play them to send them home and then when the tables got turned on her she had a six year old melt down. Nicole tried to play Frankie and his game but Frankie beat her to it. So you want to now say the hypocrite Niciole is the nice and honest one?? Puhleaseee. Nicole is one of the first ones fans want out of the house, she is nothing but a whiner complainer and cry baby. Boo hoo baby girl!