Frankie/Caleb suggest nominating Cody/Christine “going to be some fireworks I promise”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: Derrick HOH Winner 2: Frankie
Battle of the Block Winner  ?/? Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: ?
Final Nominations: ?& ?
Have Nots ?and ?
POV Players ?

bandicam 2014-08-14 19-23-21-204
7:07pm Living room
Everyone milling around Caleb super excited .. He keeps mentioning losing the HOH competitions says he’s not good at mental comps.
Caleb – I just said I was a beast never said I was smart.
Derrick says in the 4 or 5 seasons he’s watched they haven’t had as many “Spindle” competitions.
Zach – COdy you only have two girls two cuddle with..
Caleb – Poor Cody
Cody – I gotta keep it PG with Christine so Victoria gets the Spoon master

BB16-2014-08-14 19-09-06-362
7:09pm Storage room Caleb and Frankie
They hug, Frankie tells him he has to win next week. Frankie adds this is why they are a good duo he’s physical and Frankie is mental.
Caleb – All the way to the end all the way
Frankie – mm hmm

BB16-2014-08-14 19-30-53-576

7:26pm bathroom Cody, Caleb and Derrick
Cody and Caleb want Derrick to stay as HOH.
Talking about possible nominations.. They are suggesting Zach and Donny Derrick wants to have them all in a room where they can figure it out.
Caleb – I volunteered to be on the block three times..
Derrick wants Christine in the conversation. Caleb thinks Christine should go up.
Caleb – Me personally I do not want to be on the block but if I have to I have to..
Frankie joins them..
Derrick says Donny will be going to sleep early they can have their meeting then. The only person they have to worry about is Victoria.
Derrick – Clearly she’s up my a$$ so i’ll say to her you’re safe this week go to bed.
Derrick proposes they put four people up with no throwing just have them fight it out..
Frankie – Zach Donny CHristine and…
Caleb – who do you want up with Christine
Zach comes ion
Derrick – We’re just trying to talk logistics..
Derrick and Frankie want them as a group to make the decision on who goes up., “Everyone here is equal.. we can draw straws..”
Frankie – will you throw it
Zach – Of course rose.. the only thing that scares me is you only need 3 votes to get you guys might decode to get me out.

Derrick and Frankie both say they don’t care to be HOH
Derrick – “This is a cruise Control Week”
Victoria comes in
Derrick tells her she’s not going up on the block
Victoria – For real.. I thought for sure
Derrick – I wanted to but they talked be off the ledge..
CHristine – joins them.. Victoria leaves. Derrick tells Christine tonight they are going to have a meeting talk about the nominations.

BB16-2014-08-14 19-44-07-196

7:43pm Bathroom Caleb, Frankie and Derrick
Frankie wants Cody to volunteer to go up he’s not been nominated yet.
Caleb – Christine /Cody, Zach/Donny
Frankie and Derrick make don’t care who wins HOH whoever get to pick first will put up Donny/Zach.
Derrick leaves.. Zach comes in for a second.
whispers to them they need to make up a lie about Donny targeting Victoria just in case Victoria wins the Veto.
Frankie – she’s not using the veto.

BB16-2014-08-14 20-04-28-224

7:47pm Derrick telling Victoria he made a stand during the meeting and said he’s not putting Victoria up
Victoria says everyone seems pissed she’s not going up.

Derrick tells her nobody will throw a competition anymore it’s too risky
Victoria wonders if maybe Cody will throw the BOB so Derrick gets HOH
Derrick – not a chance.. Tonight when Donny goes to sleep we’re bringing all of them into the HOH and going to asked them which 3 of the four will go up.
Derrick – 3 out of 4 people their time is coming up.. I got your back.
They hug
Victoria – I love
Derrick – I love you too

BB16-2014-08-14 19-54-30-065

Derrick telling us to tune in with the HOH drama after the HOH room is revealed..
Derrick tells the camera there’s going to be some fireworks in that HOH room.. Nobody is going to volunteer except for Zach..Fireworks I promise you

The new bomb squad – Caleb, Zach, Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Christine
“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Anybody who uses this site should donate a little if they can. Love online big brother, Thanks for all the work you do Simon, I am sure i am not alone in that. Keep up the good work!

Coward Cody

And Cody is being the little b***h he is and hiding behind Derrick asking him not to be put up. He’s the biggest f***ing p****y in that house.

Cackling Hyena

It’s never OK to volunteer to be on the Block. But this is a situation where alliance members will be forced to volunteer or be nominated against their will anyway.
Knowing that, this might be the best week to “volunteer” to be on the Block because there is Donny, and Victoria as buffers. Zach and Christine seem to be the secondary targets. And any volunteer who stays and win HoH next week can have the excuse to return the favor.
What I look forward to is the tantalizing possibility of the remaining HoH backdooring the losing HoH (one can hope).
Derrick wants to nominate Donny/Zach (I smell Derrick misting Zach to throw the BoB). If Donny wins POV, Zach leaves against any replacement (unless Pinky gets backdoored).
If it backfires and lesbian couple Christine/Cody lose the BoB, Christine goes home. If Christine wins POV, Victoria goes up (Pinky will protect BMC) or hopefully Derrick gets backdoored.
I hope either Porky or Pinky suffer the same fate as Nicole (get evicted on the same week of winning HoH).
#WildCard #FearTheBeard #ZachAttack


Derrick should just put a dog collar on Cody with a tag: NellyBoy. Ahahaha.

He’s such a b!tch. I can’t with Cody. He’s the worst!


Cody’s picture is in the dictionary under pussy. Even in his dreams he fails at fighting, he might as well start wearing a dress.


Although i agree what you’ve said about Cody being a coward, the comment of him wearing a dress is a really misogynistic reference. Since when does being cowardly equal to being a girl? Not only are there mentally and physically strong women in the outside world, there are also plenty of great female Big Brother players in the past seasons.


I hope Donny and Zach can win this time. Those are my two favorites.


Me too:)


I am puzzled as to why everyone loves Zach. Him telling everything to Victoria and then becoming paranoid that she’d tell Derrick, then trying to frame Nicole and getting busted for it. His social game is awful and he plays a VERY emotional game.


Uh…. Because he’s entertaining! Duh!


I’d rather root for a player with heart than someone like Derrick or Cody. Both of them are devoid of principles, treat women as inferior to men, and are huge hypocrites.


Any chance Derrick and Frankie will keep Donnie for TA missions? Both are lame IMO.


By lame I mean the TA choices


This is why I hate derrick, it is not that he lies to the houseguests, but to us, do no insult my intelligence, he said in the eviction room, to America, that he is team America and keeping donny, he is full of it, if they had a re-vote of team America now he would not be TA! You can to the houseguests all you want derrick, but do not feed me lies too. HE NEEDS TO GO.

Vero fowler

Great another predictible week in the bob house run by the same idiots!!!


It’s about time they get pinned against each other! Finally!


I hope Derrick remains HOH, Donny gets saved and Derrick backdoors Frankie.


That would be the absolute best thing that could happen. Here is to praying.


I’m kind of hoping they do it next week cause i’m worried if they do backdoor Frankie this week that he will just come back in afterwards, so it’s better when the returning player twist is finally over next week and then get rid of him for good and also no more of the BOtB either to save him.


Very good point! I like your thinking there!


I was thinking the same thing but if production has anything to do with it, they will wait until Frankie gets evicted and the challenge will to his advantage for him to return.


I thought J.C. announced at the end of tonight’s show that this was the last week of the Double HOH / B of B (HALLELUJAH!) and that next week the four in the jury house (Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole and however gets voted out next Thursday) would compete for one of them to come back into the house. So if they avoid back dooring Frankie or Derrick next week neither of them would be able to come back if voted out in any later week. Unless there is a second competition between Jury House members later, which I don’t see happening.


I would rather Christine get backdoored (in the game…)

Kathy B

“….Derrick backdoors Frankie” – OMG, your choice of words is priceless!


Has Frankie replaced Zach with beast master?


Yes. Caleb is most likely easier on the eyes to Frankie than Zach, is dumber (Caleb admitted to this), and easier to puppeteer.


derrick that sounds so darn interesting. and Zach volunteers but is still total trash to you guys. that is nice.

boo you and you old pink haired weirdo


Yesss! Cody is finally going up, hope it gets interesting!!!!


Kind of have to give props to Zack because he continually volunteers to go up. Still Team Donny though!


Zach’s an idiot to volunteer & throw it at this point. I really hope he decides not to or Donny or DR convince him it’s not on his best interests.

The Fix Is In

I’d like to see both Christine and Cody nominated, and then stay on the block. The herd is finally thinning out, and the butt-hurt is about to begin in earnest. Should be some conflict coming up…


I wish someone would like a firework and shove it up that cops azz. I hate that cop with the heat of a million burning suns.


I’m with ya sista!!
He is a dirty cop; I can’t believe he has not come clean to the group yet… that sucks


What a lousy thing to say. What does his lying (aka…playing the game) and his being a cop have to do with each other? Why take shots at players that way?? You can like or dislike a player and still be nice. Crap….I am sounding like my mother….


Oh, another one – sided conversation with the cameras, Derrick? I can’t stand the dude. He calls everyone else a fame whore….yet he “strategizes” with America. Eff-off


Worst possible hoh duo I can imagine


Probably the best case scenario for Donny. They might want to keep him to make more Team America money.


Victoria is the worst !!! I fu*king hate her. (Just as much as Cody actually)


Looking now, Christine plays this game very much like Kass from Survivor BBB. She practically lays her insecurities on the table, and is not afraid to bring down her friends, in order to be at the bottom of an alliance.
Also: They are both their seasons most hated players.

Pirc Defense

Yes, great comparison. Christine is playing Kass’ game and is a goat too!


When I mentioned in a post days ago that the boys would end up drawing straws coz they love each other I was just joking. Little did I know it would actually cross somebody’s mind.

I shake my head.


Yes, I thought I’ve seen everything. This is Derricks passive way of not making an enemy—he doesn’t want to have to make a decision and have the nominated person know Derrick made that decision on his own. Don’t play this game people, let him show his cards and them you’ll find out if you’re on the bottom of totem pole. Don’t make it easier for the HOH!!!


Yes Derrick I’m sure there will be sooooo much drama I bet it will be so skerry.


If Derrick says there is going to be drama, there darn well better be drama- since Derrick controls everything- or so he’s told us.


I just have to mention Cody’s ridiculously funny haircut tonight.


Finally! I thought I was imagining things, but nope he really did get a ridiculous cut.


Thought that was the result of some kinda “have not haircut” punishment.

I'm back

I hope Donny wins veto and christine or Frankie go up that’s if Frankie ends being dethroned. Then Nicole or Hayden come back in and team up with Zach. Whether you like him or not, Derrick is playng the best game!!!! It is what it is at the end of the day. (Ha Ha). Would really love Nicole to return and be the one to send Christine packing!!! Hate Christine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


will someone please knock princess sparkle Frankie off his effing unicorn I`m soooo over him and his imaginary media mogul status …ENOUGH ALREADY


Yes please! All the prancing around is so annoying. Grabbing his breast. Screaming like a little hyena. The way he laid down for Caleb to slap his ass was fugly. Girls can’t even be girls anymore cause so many men are trying. No offense to homosexuality but Newsflash you’re still a male or female.


Maybe when he leaves BB he can film the next Prancercise video! He certainly does enough prancing, doesn’t he?

Frankie's Hair Dye

All of Frankie’s mugging and fidgeting on the couch during the live shows is just an attempt to draw the viewer’s eyes toward himself, and away from the other contestants. He can’t bear not being the center of attention, every moment. It does get tiresome. For curiosity’s sake, I’d like to see him present himself a little differently; I imagine that he could be strikingly attractive, without that clownish hairdo and the toddler-style clothing. He’s chosen to present himself the way that has, and of course, that is his right. It does makes him look older than his years, though.


Zach should actually try and win the BoB and work with Donny this week. They will both be safe + one of Hayden or Nicole will be coming back which could potentially flip the script in the house!


Donny and Nicole won’t get the chance to both be in the house if Donny doesn’t stay safe this week. You can do it, Donny!


Although it’s a remote possibility, what if Jacosta gets to come back into the house. Ha!
It wouldn’t surprise me in the least, considering how this season is playing out.


I think Zach is volunteering because he knows he is going to up anyways so might as well volunteer and maybe use it for a reason to keep him. I have to give Derrick credit if he does find a way to not get Victoria nominated. Btw I think Zach/Donny can beat Christine/Cody and now imagine if that happens.

Frankie's Hair Dye

I wish that Team America had never happened this season. The mission assignments have been lame and depressing, with no entertainment value to them at all. I can’t even bring myself to vote on this newest one.

Hank loves Donny

Yes, totally agree. What is even the point of either of those missions??Honestly it’s embarrassing that is the best that CBS came up with. They will probably end up with the keep someone awake mission and Frankie will pick Zach to be his victim again!


Blah blah blah Derrick we’ll see


productions they going to try to through it tomorrow so please help Donny tomorrow for us let it be win for us in please give Donny golden power of veto this week help him help your ratings men in tell derrick quit talking to us we don’t care what he say he not with team America karma I hope comes


Derrick has got this. He is a great player.


Derrick is a good manipulator but as for him playing a “great” game; I think not! He is a scummy, narcissistic “dick”. The way he talks about women evidences the type of man he is, and the endless pandering to the camera pretty much puts him in the same bag as Frankie.


Hoping Zach and Donny are put up together. Then Zach is mentioned as a possible target. He gets wind of it and doesn’t throw the comp. It wouldn’t even matter if he was the actual target or not – just so someone gives him the idea he is… go ahead Donny, you could do that.

Frankie's Hair Dye

production will have to put in heavy work this week for Donny to stay.. don’t think its going to work….. I think Donny is toast if he does not win veto…..


I hear where you are coming from, but i do not think production should get involved in the outcome, even if it is for my favourite player


production have been getting involve for the last couple of years now, why should this season be any different? also Frankie is getting such a special treatment that’s is super annoying… cbs wants frankie to go as far as he can in the game…. I bet my house on it that he is getting hints from dr about whats going on in the game…


I agree that they have been doing it since the beginning. I still don’t like it, and I don’t think they should. Let the players play the game, and may the best schemer win.


I really think Donnie and Zach will be safe this week! I think Deprick played a great game so far..not a fan of him, but he does have game. I don’t think Donnie will be the target by the end of this LONG week!! Lines will be drawn and it’s going to finally get intersting. I am also glad that Donnie and Zach will be on the block together…bringing them closer…those two..with maybe Hayden back next week…could be awesome tv…js


I don’t know if Zach volunteered to go up or if he just knows given past experience he has no choice. But I hope that he tells them to stuff it if they pair him with Donny. If the plan is to throw it and get Donny out then Cody can pop his cherry and go up with Donny to throw the BOB.

Derrick FTW

Great show…Great HOH outcome. See ya Donny. Crybaby.

I Don't Like Derrick


A Nonny Mouse

Typical night on the feeds :
zzzz…oh there’s Zach going off like a rabid dog…zzzz…and Crusty and Cotex are molesting each other…zzzz…Frankie twirls like the social media mogul he is…zzzz…Victoria tweezes something…zzzz…Donny mopes…zzzz…Bitchmode Cowpoke talks about wrestling a dinoshark…zzzz…and Derrick squashes anything about anyone anywhere…zzzzzzzzzzzz

Wake me up when something truly epic happens.


If Donny/Zach go up together then Cody/Christine, Donny/Zach win pov then Victoria or Donny win pov and don’t use it that would make this the greatest week ever. Then hopefully Hayden returns, Zach gets smart, teams up with Hayden and Donny and starts picking apart people left and right


derrick you right we didn’t clap when you won hoh what that tell you in quit talking to us we like Donny zack even Victoria not you


At this point in the game, Zach will not throw the BOB if he is up with Donny no matter what the other idiots tell him. He is smarter than that and so is Donny. Let’s hope for Frankie to be the next to go.


I can not stand Derrick all he thinks about is the money he make me sick, can not stand Frankie always touching so someone. Poor Donny is going to need to win BOB and the veto or these two scumbags will send him to jury.

Fred and Ethel

What the hell else is he supposed to be thinking about. You don’t just pack up and leave your family for 3 months to sit around and think about butterflies and rainbows.


Why have there been no endurance competitions this season???


I was thinking that same thing when they panned to the backyard and I saw them all in their little cages to answer questions again. So sad. All those macho, muscle men and they answer A or B. What a waste.


Frankie pleads and pleads to Zach to get him to trust him again and then what does he do? Swap Zach out for Beast Mode Douche Bag and tell Derrick that if he gets picked to pick his noms first he will put up Zach. Frankie is an emotionally bankrupt fairy princess that needs to go. And if Zach leaves, I will not watch the rest of the season. Simple as that

Hello Rose

It’s going to be a hoot watching everyone scrambling, now. Too many of these people have been too comfortable for way too long.


Caleb hasn’t mentioned his growing breast nodule lately….what’s up with that?


Hope it is Haydn that returns, not Nicole. Even during her interview with JC, she still did not seem to know what was really happening in the house. She would go in with her sweetness and light, love everyone attitude and would be afraid to make any moves not approved by DePrick. So disappointed Donny did not win HOH but possibly this will work in his favour.
Donny FTW

Egregious Cuddling

If it’s Zach/Donny vs. Christine/Cody, Production just might make it a “creepy cuddle comp”… and since one team has had 50+ days of practice, the only hope Zach & Donny might have, is if it’s a prize comp, and a honeymoon trip to Niagara Falls is on the line. You know those crazy cuddlers could never resist that!


UGG – we dont want her cackle & snot in Niagara!


How different would this game be if ZACH had been on Team America? Why does this guy not get props in the house when he’s one of America’s favorites?! What does the house not see that we see in this guy?


I agree. He should get a piece of the completed missions money since they used him for it. I’m glad Rachel is a Zach fan cuz this season is boring without him


Derprick mentions that he NEEDS the money for his daughter but with all the TA missions he has completed he has $15,000 (maybe $10,000 but I don’t really know). That should be more than enough to put food in your daughter’s mouth Derrick unless she has the most picky and choosy diet on the face of the planet. You and Frankie should be thrown out now for waving around your reasons for being there like they are a ticket to the finale. And when TA gets blown up (notice how I said “when” and not “if”) they will target Frankie and Derrick so fast they may be sent packing then and there. I know that’s totally unrealistic but I can hope right?

pants on fire

A Zombie breaks into the BB house looking for brains to eat…runs into Derrick but even the Zombie can’t see that Derrick is the brains of the outfit!! Derrick promises him that he is safe this week, he has other targets. The Zombie naturally agrees with him and seeks out other brains in the house but doesn’t find any. The Zombie goes back to Derrick and Derrick tells him…I told you I have your back, now got to bed and get some sleep. Victoria sees all this and gets jealous…morale of the story…you are only as good as your worth that week but if you were smarter and figured out Derricks game…well, then the Zombie would have eaten your brain!!

BB16 sucks

This definitely is the worst BB cast ever! Astonishing! Right now Evil Gay Clown is mocking Jocasta’s bow-ties. He and his age inappropriate hideous cloths?! He and his German-flag hair?

That’s not game play Frankie — that’s plain being mean! I hope you lose miserably and take the Crustine-witch down the drain with you!


The cast is pretty good to me. Derrick is a mastermind, and a lover of the game. It’s hard to hate a player that’s been dominating it all. Is he good TV? No, not really but he’s playing with plenty of logic surrounding him so it’s hard for me to hate him.
Caleb has shown himself to be a loyal trooper to his alliance, and once-again it’s hard for me to hate on that. He’s the opposite of a floater and it’s that loyalty that makes him an enjoyable player
Donny is a breath of fresh air. He’s not only proven himself to be more than “the old guy” in the game. But has also shown himself to be genuine, even if that trait isn’t the best in a game full of liars, it’s still great to watch him.
Zach’s the wild card a season hasn’t gotten in years. I’ve probably sympathized with him the most, because he’s filled with passion and entertainment.
Just those 4 alone beat last season’s cast of racist bullies, and season 13’s mix of idiotic newcomers. If anything, this has been the best cast since season 12.


Derrick has been professionally trained to do this – unlike the other HG’s. So I dont really consider him a mastermind. I dont consider any cops to be masterminds and i come from a family with a few of them. My retired cop uncle even calls D a dirty cop! Says he sees it in him.


I agree with you ! People can hate on Derrick and say he is a “Dirty Cop”…. it is Big Brother people!!! And I am sorry he is a smooth talker with some logical thinking that seems get things done. Hell he got the heat flipped off him and got Zach to admit he lied about the whole nicole Victoria thing with no screaming and yelling. He got Caleb to volunteer himself to go on the block to “Save” Amber – with Caleb in a sense thinking it was his own idea. I am sorry he is a good player. Yeah talking to “America” via the cameras can be a bot corny but you have to give credit where credit is due and IMO Derrick has earned his place in the house thus far…
Caleb is not my FAVORITE and personal I am a little sick of the “Beast Mode Cowboy” thing – especially since the “beast” hasn’t really won much. BUT as Diggity said he is LOYAL. And he has made some smart moves – even volunterring himself for the block and throwing comps and risking his safety trusting that his “Alliance” will keep him safe. I give him props for his social game.
Zach… eh…. I don’t know I in some ways want to like him but a little of him goes a looooong way… I feel like he is using his sting in Big Brother to “Audition” for his own reality show or something. He is making himself into a “Character” playing up on his “Catch Phrases” of “I hate everyone in the house” and “Fruit Loop Dingus” etc… I understand he is entertainment for people watching as he add some drama to the show- just personally I find him a bit over the top.
I am team Donny all the way. I fear that he won’t make it to number one based solely on the fact that he is out numbered vote wise. He has played a pretty genuine game. He is a kind sole that truly loves “Big Brother” and is taking in every second of this experience. And has proven that he has it in him to win. 3 POVs and an HOH under his belt – you can’t say he has floated (Even though Cody – Mr. Floater Himself has implied that a few times). I hope Donny makes it as far he possibly can – I hope he gets America’s player because I think he deserves it and I think the money will benefit him greatly.
Cody – as I said “Mr. Floater” He has ONE HOH under his belt and big whoop got Brittany out . He has done nothing in this game! LAME
Christine – Another one that has floated by not doing anything of greatness until this past week and I wouldn’t even call what she did that “Great” she turned her back on her friend in the house because the boys told her too – because I think she seriously think these guys are swooning over her (her husband is so lucky ) She doesn’t get it she is a puppet. I can only hope she gets backdoored very soon!
Victoria…. Floater… that is all…. Literally….
Frankie – A little too over the top in my opinion. Like many houseguests have said he is EVERYWHERE. Every person that wins HOH is his BFF… which results in him shrieking and doing awkward leaps in the back yard. He doesn’t need the money… And Big Brother doesn’t really need him. Another I would like to see backdoored and blindsided out of the house.


Evil Gay Clown! That’s so perfect


Best Case Scenario:
-Frankie gets backdoored this week.
-Nicole or Hayden re-enter the house.
-Donny/Zach/(Nicole or Hayden) form an alliance.
-Derrick, Cody and Christine go home.
#ZachAttack #FearTheBeard #Haycole


One thing I CANNOT STAND about frankie is how after every HOH he wins, or how after every HOH someone who he thinks he is in an alliance with wins, he does those stupid jumps and gallops around the backyard! I’ve had enough of those!!


That’s the REAL Frankie bursting forth in all his glory!