Big Brother 16 Week 3 summary of Events and HOH/Eviction results –


This has not been a very eventful week, the house knew what it was going to do and no amount of campaigning on Devin’s part was going to help. Not to worry though this coming week will likely be filled with lots of drama, stalking and backstabbing with even more new alliances forming each day.

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  • Nicole and Derrick win HOH: Week 2 Eviction / HOH results.
  • This weeks plan is to Backdoor Devin so 4 pawns have to go up on the block. The original Plan was Victoria, Amber Nominated by Nicole and Caleb Jocasta nominated by Derrick. Caleb is supposed to throw the Battle of the block to save “His Queen” and to ensure that Derrick has control of the HOH.
  • Last minute scrambling by Donny freaks out Nicole and she puts him up on the block.
  • Nominations for Battle of the block where Nicole nominated Donny & Amber and Derrick nominated Caleb & Jocasta. Nomination results!
  • Although the plan was for Caleb to throw the Battle of the Block it wasn’t exactly a competition that could be thrown given his role but that Jocasta lost it for herself due to not being able to solve the puzzle. Battle of the Block Results!
  • The plan to Back door Devin remains with the POV players entering the POV. Zach calculates there a 3 in 78 chance Devin “Makes it”
  • The Power Of Veto players are picked and Devin name is pulled by of all people Caleb. The POV Players are Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin and Donny. However, Jocasta can’t play because she’s dehydrated from the Battle of the Block competition and from taking too many laxatives. POV players picked!
  • Donny wins the POV and makes it’s very obvious that he will use it to save Jocasta. POV results!
  • Everything is set for Derrick to put his target all along Devin, up as the replacement nominee.
  • Have nots are picked and it’s Offal Burritos & tripe. Houseguests are starting to get a little annoyed with Christine and Frankie having excuses why they can’t be a havenots. Hayden says f*** it he will be a havenot and takes it like a champ. Havenots for the week are picked!
  • Devin says his goodbyes on Sunday well in advance of the Thursday eviction.
  • As planned Donny uses the POV to take Jocasta off the block. As HOH, Derrick then nominated Devin as the replacement nominee. POV Ceremony Results!
  • Devin says he’s not going to campaign but production wants him to for footage. Devin campaigns any ways but just a little. Goes out like a champ. Devin campaigning.
  • Amber officially calls it off with Caleb and makes it known here, here and here.
  • TWO new Alliances are formed one called The Detonators (Frankie, Derrick, Christine, Zach and Cody). Derrick and Cody also named their final 2 alliance calling themselves “The HITMEN”.

OBB predictions
Devin goes home, HOH winner is Beast Mode Cowboy and Brittany

Actual Results
Donny Votes to evict Devin
Jocasta Votes to evict Devin
Brittany Votes to evict Devin
Frankie Votes to evict Devin
Christine Votes to evict Devin
Nicole Votes to evict Devin
Hayden Votes to evict Devin
Amber Votes to evict Devin
Victoria Votes to evict “Devil” Devin
Cody Votes to evict Devin
Zach Votes to evict Devin

The next group of Have nots will be picked based on their activity levels.

Devin is evicted!
6 teams.. the team that wins gets HOH
Victoria and Christine
Caleb and Nicole
Brittany and Jocasta
Amber and Zach
Donny and Hayden
Cody and Frankie

Team America tasks target Someone they believe is a physical threat

HOH Winners are Cody and Frankie
Amber and Zach , Cody and Frankie were in the lead when the live show ended.

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-17 19-37-01-905

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105 thoughts on “Big Brother 16 Week 3 summary of Events and HOH/Eviction results –

  1. Simon & Dawg, thank you both, for another awesome recap. You two are the best! I will be making another tip jar contribution this season. Thanks :)

  2. The guys where saying that Devin is going to get boos from the audience for WHAT? for being Entertaining?
    Seriously they where giving a standing ovation when he lost the veto like why kick the guy when he’s already down

    1. I pity Devin. Not saying that I like the guy or that he doesn’t deserve this treatment, but it must suck to go out like that.

      1. I don’t, Devin needed a huge slice of humble pie…and Britany giving him that phony heart cut out didn’t really help.

    1. Victoria is the ultimate floater, she will be moving into the HOH room as soon as the door opens and giving whomever the HOH winner the best snuggles and massages.

    1. I agree except for Jocasta…. her Christine, Amber would be my last choices.

  3. Zach is always talking about his hatred for Victoria when in reality he really likes her always bringing her up in conversation

  4. Welcome to big brother hall of fame class of 2014, first inductee is Brendon Villegas, second inductee Sovreign six, third inductee is Danielle Reyes, let’s introduce the fourth inductee is……………..Mr. Pectular Jessie Godderz from big brother 10 & 11!!! Congrats Mr. Pectular into Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2014. We still take final 2 comments into the hall of fame
    Comment 1 for Jordan vs Natalie Ma.
    Comment 2 for Hayden M. vs Lane
    Comment 3 for Drew vs Cowboy
    Comment 4 for Adam J. vs. Ryan
    Comment 5 for Dan vs Memphis
    Comment 6 for Eval Dick vs Daniele
    Simon, put this on the poll so votes results by before finale night!!!

    1. My Favorite final twos are:
      Evil Dr Will and Nicole (If she had just picked Bunky she would have won LOL)

      Ian and Dan… I loved this final two because after he misted Danielle and all of them through out the game then miscalculated and took Ian. He misjudged that he had a better argument with Danielle than Ian. He had dragged her through the game and got her to betray her showmance… where as Ian did his own game did big moves of his own and he was much more likable than Danielle.

    1. It really won’t. Frankie and/or Derrick will control the noms no matter who is in HOH. They may have to change the order of their targets based on who is HOH, but they still control the targets. I suppose after Veto, one of them could slip up a surprise replacement… I could actually see Donny feel controlled by Derick and nominate him as a replacement.

  5. I really don’t know if i like anyone in this season. I have started liking Donny…but everyone else gets on my nerves.

    1. Donny and Brit are hard for me to watch (game-wise… They change their mind every second which just makes me think of the awful Donatos). Caleb is hard to watch too, but for different reasons (creepy and awkward). Other than those three (and Devin), this is one of my favorite casts!

  6. A goodbye message from Brittany would’ve been better than that trash from Zach. We know you’re a Gator, so you can cut that annoying clap thing!

  7. Ok Caleb, we all know you have muscles. Now button up your shirt. You’re on a live show for goodness sake.

    1. Haha too true but will he button up before or after the restraining order Amber gives him? Stalker much? Holy unstable no wonder he was working with Devin!

  8. Well thanks Devin for the entertaining two weeks you gave us. Devin was the type of villain you will love to go against because of his paranoia. I hated how the houseguests disrespected him by jumping up and down like maniacs. He made alot of dumb moves and was going crazy in the house but he never made it personal and even made things right for Donny when he wronged him. Anyway I am hoping Hayden and Donny wins HOH.

  9. If Have Nots are based on activity, Nicole & Christine are definitely in that group. They don’t run or exercise outside because people are in the yard, they don’t run in front of people, the turf/grass is too soft and other lame excuses.

    1. That doesn’t mean they’ll have the lowest activity. Christine runs like 3 miles per day. What does Victoria do? I can see her, Brittany and Zach being have-nots for sure.

  10. Never watched Big Brother After Dark until this season ….. Wow can I see how it changes opinions about people when you watch that and not just the show….. I liked Derrick when I was just watching the show, now just after 2 episodes of Big Brother after dark I think he is a pompous ass! I have never seen someone talk so much about himself and how the fans love him and sit for hours giving other people advice like he is the best player in the world …… I think he just loves to hear himself!! I’m going to have to stop watching as he is driving me nuts I hope he goes next!

  11. It’s about time the guys went on the block. So do Derrick and Frankie go for the cash or protect the other guys?

    1. My ideal situation after sole HOH would be Frankie and Caleb on the block. It would be nice to see Frankie squirm a little.

      1. Yeah he’s way too comfortable, it’s time for him to scram a bit. I’m wondering what Victoria is thinking though, I mean no one has come up to her for an alliance, you’d think she’d start trying to talk strategy to someone. And I’m guessing Jacosta is just under the impression her and Donny will keep each other safe but I just don’t understand the outsiders.

  12. so the next lame assignment for Team America is obviously going to be Caleb, cause who outside TA is left to be a physical threat???
    one of the worst twists ever!

    1. I’m kinda thinking they’re gonna go after Amber because she is also a physical threat since she is the strongest girl and she also already has a target on her back because none of the girls like her.

      1. They aren’t going to go after Amber for one. she’s HOH so unless she is dethroned there will be no chance there, and two the boys think and TOTALLY can control her game. She’s a bigger asset because she can win competitions for the guys and get the targets out they want. So far Amber hasn’t proven that she has a strategy of her own other than going after what the house seems to want.

        1. Oops read that last snippet wrong, I still don’t think they’ll target Amber. Derrick told Cody they could control Amber and personally I think she’ll be an asset to them because if they want to prevent someone from winning HOH or POV she’s one more member in the house that can probably win the competition and block whoever they want from winning it. She also doesn’t think for herself much in the game so they could easily influence her to nominate whoever they want in the house.

          But who knows…Caleb hasn’t proven to that big of a threat in the game, I feel like that first HOH competition was more of pure circumstance. I think the players in the house greatly over estimated his “beast mode” capabilities.

    2. Caleb and Amber may be the targets for this week. I don’t think Derrick will target his “hitman” Cody. Donny trusts Hayden so he won’t put him up. They won’t put Zach up if they don’t want hm to expose their alliance again. I think all the girls (except Amber) will be safe. Cody and Amber are close so Caleb is more likely to be the biggest target now

    3. The thing with their assignment is that they can literally pick anyone as a “physical threat”, there isn’t a certain list of houseguests. They can simply pick Donny, since he’s won 2 PoVs and a BoB. They could pick Nicole, for winning an HoH and a BoB. Heck, if they think Victoria is a physical threat and make up a good argument for it, they can just put her up.

      Although, I’m rooting for Frankie/Cody HoH win so that TA does get Cody to nominate Caleb. It’ll fuel the ‘rivalry’ already brewing.

      1. Totally forgot Donny was apart of TA! My bad, you can count him out of that, but you still know what I mean by what I said.

    4. Caleb and Amber may be the targets for this week. Donny trusts Hayden so he won’t put him up. They won’t put Zach up if they don’t want hm to expose their alliance again. I think all the girls (except Amber) will be safe. Cody and Amber are close so Caleb is more likely to be the biggest target now

  13. Looks like Caleb and the boys will now start bullying Brittany into nominating players they know will win the battle of the block…seriously if I have to watch another week of a girl letting the guys (who are very clearly running the house) force her into giving up her power, I’ll be very PO’ed

    1. I doubt Brittany is the type to be bullied she knows she’s an outsider and wasn’t ‘invited’ to join the bomb squad, so why the hell would she listen to people whose alliance without her meant that she was the enemy? It’s a matter of subtraction, you’re not in the alliance you’re the one nominated.

      Plus she’s already been nominated by them so if she wins HOH she better return the favour. If she nominates them what are they gonna do? Nominate her in return? Been there done that.

      1. I was talking about HOH power….i read the prediction for HOH winners (Caleb and Brittany), and thought that those two had actually won it, that’s why I said those names. I realized after I posted it. But the boy/girl pressures part of my post still stand lol

  14. Have Nots will be Nicole Jocasta Christine and Victoria

    I hope the HoH is either
    Donny Hayden or Jocasta Brittany

    mostly Jocasta Brittany. They have No alliances so the nominations should be less predictable.

    1. i was looking at the activity feed or whatever its called on the cbs website and according to the stats Caleb is actually the least/ one of the least active people in the house which I personally find funny since he claims to be a beast every 5 minutes

  15. Anyone else find the HOH competition’s theme ironic? Jocasta better have her bible handy. She’s going to need it.

    Go Donny/Hayden!

  16. Didn’t they used to show the comps that went over the tv time on the live feeds or am I remembering incorrectly?

  17. Boring and predictable tonight. Really thought someone might have decided to shake things up but the sheeple voted as one. Too bad Cody, Zach, etc can talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

  18. I’m sooo excited for the new HOH! Anxiously waiting for updates on this site :) and obviously, rooting for Hayden and Donny ALL THE WAY. Them two are the only ones with the balls to put up the good players, not the Jacostas and Victorias of the house.

  19. Judging by the Edit and the Team America Challenge my guess is that the want Caleb out of the game.
    It is actually the easiest challenge for Team America because the Target is Caleb unless he is HoH which is unlikely, considering the Challenge.

  20. Cody and Frankie… Crap. This week is going to suck a**.
    ugh I so wanted anyone else to win… Oh well Goodbye Caleb or someone lame like Victoria, Jocasta or Brittany
    Better not nominate Donny or the House may get stormed LOL
    No big moves this week… nap time.

  21. Is not fair COdy and Frankie won.

    Frankie will have to try hard for Caleb? I hope he gets caught.

    I just hope Britanny will be safe this week

  22. Cody and Frankie win HOH, which means another boring week. With TA twists, It’s obvious they will try to backdoor Caleb. And Caleb is not in The Detonators and Cody hates Caleb makes him an easy target for this week. I don’t like Caleb too, so it’s good to see him go

    1. I still don’t even know who she is. Would anyone in there honestly recognize her? Is she that famous?

  23. ugh i hate him soooo much why does frankie have to win, hope his team loses but if not he will have to nominate a huge threat putting a target on him

    1. Honestly don’t think he has the balls to do it. He might make Frankie do it. Of course Frankie would gladly since he would get $5k.

      Either way I see either Jocasta or Vic going home this week.

  24. Jocasta, Donny, Victoria are going up.

    Brittany or Caleb possibly 4th nom.

    Lets see if Derrick and Frankie want to put a ally up for $5k.

  25. Does anyone feel like with these extended seasons the past two years and so many houseguests it’s hard to grasp a favorite with more “filler” pre-jury weeks unlike old seasons with less houseguests? In old years, we would just be starting this week and forming a favorite early august. I just feel that it’s hard to grasp their personalities with so many houseguests to air early on. Any thoughts?

  26. Simon and Dawg, u guys should put Adriana GRANDE’s picture in HOH room
    By the way, thank you so much for spending a lot of your valuable time updating the feeds for us. This is the best website. I’m Vietnamese BBFAN

      1. Yup. I’m like the biggest fan in Vietnam. I told my friends a lot about BB but they don’t know anything about it. I’m currently watching BB 8. I have finished watching BB9-15

  27. I’m sorry , but I just don’t like Donny. I’m not buying the good ole boy act. When you do nice things for people you don’t seek or want attention. He seems to enjoy all the attention for his “niceness”. He appeared to hold a little bit of a grudge toward Derrick when he wasn’t told of the plan. But he already proved to be untrustworthy when he told of his and Nicole’s conversation. Plus he wasn’t very forgiving toward Devin when Devin confessed his misjudgement of Donny.i think his is strategy all along, to pretend to be nice to people so they won’t nominate him. I believe he can and will be ruthless when he has to be. I just don’t like him cause I think he’s fake as fake can be.

  28. I read on another site that Derrick told Cody & Frankie Brittany’s and Jocasta’s method for moving two eggs at once. Wouldn’t production have called Derrick out for cheating? Not surprised at this from Derrick, I really wanted one of the “outsiders” to win one of the HoH spots. This week is going to be more of the same.

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