Donny says Derrick could be working with Caleb, they’re sleeping together!

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 11
Original Nominations:
Final Nominations:
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POV Players

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8:47am In the hive room – Nicole is telling Donny that if Caleb went up to save Amber and look like a hero he could potentially stay there!! Donny says and go home! Nicole says thats my … but I’m won’t be HOH at that point so I can’t make adjustments. So say if I were HOH at that point I probably wouldn’t use the veto if I won it. Donny says we don’t know who’s going first yet do we?! Nicole says no. Donny says if you get to go first… YOU do Caleb! You have the right to do whatever you want to do. Nicole says that’s smart because then I would be HOH! Donny says Derrick could be working with him, they’re sleeping together! There was a movie called Sleeping with the Enemy. Nicole says that I could explain to Derrick. Donny says you don’t need to explain nothing to him. Nicole says I feel like I do because he won’t trust.. I could says Derrick maybe we should switch it up. If I’m not in power they could switch it up. Nicole says I could put up Caleb… I have to put up Amber because I have reason to otherwise it looks weird. Donny says they have to be working together .. they’re sharing a bed. Nicole says the plan is to make Caleb look like a Knight in Shining Armor and not like the second target. I think I would have to put up Victoria. Donny asks how close are you to Christine. Nicole says she’s my best friend. During that 8 time she was going up the steps. Donny says Christine wanted to talk to me for the first time ever and right after she went to tell Frankie stuff we talked about. I didn’t vote my buddy out and you shouldn’t have to either. But is your buddy, your buddy?!

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-11 09-09-47-150

When the live feeds return – Nicole says I don’t want to do what they want me to do. Hayden tells her that you’re not in the mix. Hayden suggests she put up Brittany. NO one likes her It wouldn’t be a big deal. Nicole says I don’t want to put up Zach who is one of my best friends in the house. Derrick comes in and Nicole talks to him. Nicole tells him that she is stressing out. She says that people are talking and
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-11 09-13-52-733

HIVE ROOM – Derrick says I am not protecting the 8. There is nothing I can tell you in 45 minutes that will convince you. You need to do what you want to do. Derrick says are you and me in an alliance?! Nicole says yes! Derrick says you can be HOH if you want, it doesn’t matter to me. You’re honestly scaring me at this point. I just woke up and you asking me questions and I haven’t spoken to anyone. Nicole says I just really don’t want to put my best friend. Derrick asks who in your heart do you want to put up. Derrick says from a big brother perspective I dont want to put up any people that have the potential to come after me. Nicole says okay that makes sense. Nicole says I am thinking of putting up Amber and you should put up Caleb. Are you putting up Jocasta? Derrick says I am putting up the best player in the house. Nicole says yeah but he’s your best friend. Derrick says he’s not my best friend. Cody and Zach are my best friends. Nicole says okay that makes me feel better. Derrick asks who are bringing up the 8? That means that the 7 that aren’t part of the original 8 then they’re bonding together. Derrick says if that was the case it would be smarter for me to put them up because they’re coming after me. I’m not going to do that though. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When they come back Brittany comes into the room. Derrick asks her if she thinks there is still an original 8 working together. Brittany says I think there was an 8. Derrick says I am thinking of putting you on the block. Brittany starts getting upset and mad that he would even consider putting her up. Derrick says I wasn’t even thinking about until 2 seconds ago. Derrick then says look I am not putting you up. Brittany leaves and Derrick says I have to go talk to Caleb to find out if he really wants me to put her up. Derrick asks who are you putting up? Nicole says Victoria. Nicole tells Derrick to not get so excited and paranoid.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-11 09-45-43-734

Derrick brings Caleb into the hive room. He tells him that people still think the 8 are working together. Derrick asks Caleb if he is still willing to go up. Caleb says that he thinks that’s the safest way to ensure Devin goes. Derrick tells Caleb that he is putting up Jocasta with him. They pound and leave the room. Caleb then talks to Frankie in the hive room Caleb explains the plan and Frankie says this is really cool of you! Slay the beast!

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9:50am – 10am Nicole pulls Victoria into the storage room. Nicole tells her that she is thinking of putting her up as a pawn. Victoria says yeah but pawns go home. Nicole says that won’t happen. Devin is the target. Frankie interrupts their conversation. Nicole and Victoria head up to the HOH room to talk. Derrick and Nicole explain to Victoria that the plan is to get out Devin. Victoria says that Zach was going home and then all of a sudden Pow Pow. What about Devin. Derrick says we can’t put Devin up initially because then if he comes off he’s safe. Nicole tells her that she is 100% safe. Derrick says I promise you you won’t go home. The person you are going on the block with and the person I am putting up will never go against each other. If you know what I’m saying. The person I am putting up will never compete against the other one. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-11 09-58-24-092

10am Big Brother blocks the live feeds.

11:50am The live feeds are still blocked for the NOMINATION Ceremony..


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having posted here for at least 4-5 years, it feels like longer, I can’t even remember when I first came here or when you first started up,, but I am pretty sure I was here not long after, and if it wasn’t for this site I really wouldn’t get to follow BB like I enjoy following it.

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Thanks dennycrane.. Always nice to hear from some of our long time readers.


Thank you!!!! I have some stuff I’ve been holding off to purchase! You guys are the greatest!


Is this works (Amazon) all year round or just during Big Brother season?


All year round or at least as long as we have the links up on the site. I think the mechanism works this way after you click the link a ‘cookie’ is set on your browser and it takes you to the Amazon site. You then have 24hours to make the purchase before the ‘cookie’ expires. If you click on another site’s Amazon link it will override the previous ‘cookie’.


I’m so happy to see this! I love shopping on Amazon, so I love that it can help you guys as well. 🙂


Can the Amazon link be used year round, or only during the BB season? I shop on throuout the year, but a lot over the Christmas holidays.


Hi Kaleb, It’s good all year long.


This is great news! I am not much of an Amazon shopper during the summer but I am one of those people who start shopping for christmas in august! and i spend a good amount on christmas(i hate the busy stores) I am glad I am now able to give back to my favorite site as well!


Sure! I wish I’d known last week. But, all future purchases…


Caleb’s a sweetheart. People need to get out Hayden, Cody, Brittany and Jacousta. They do nothing in the game. I like Derrick/Caleb’s friendship


ya caleb just stalks a girl all day and night and calls her his queen………. thats normal


Yup, he’s just a total sweetheart.


i agree. i don’t see anything wrong with caleb. he likes a girl so what. i think its bad that he is agreeing to go up though.


Caleb is a complete off the wall nutbar!!! I suspect he may more crazy than Devin and that’s saying a lot.


EXACTLY Donny! Don’t let Derrick be HOH. If Devin does get to play POV and wins, Derrick can take Caleb off and put up whoever, probably Brittany. Why doesn’t Nicole tell Frankie to be the pawn? She can still tell him he’s a pawn, but she wouldn’t mind at all if he left.

Nicole, please don’t go the easy way out and let Derrick make the decisions for you!


And… Nicole said she wanted to make a “big move” earlier in the week. I want to see if she’s all talk, or will do something about it. C’mon, Nicole, I’m rooting for you, don’t be a pushover!!


I had so much hope for Nicole and Derrick gave her the perfect opportunity. She should have said “What a great idea! I’ll put up Caleb and you put up Amber” Then when making her HOH speech she could have said that Derrick/Caleb/Amber made a deal that Caleb will throw the HOH so…

That would flush out the rats in the house.


I was going to say, why not put frankie up?


Donny’s idea would absolutely KILL Nicole. It is incredibly stupid.

So he’s telling her, if she has the first pick, to choose Caleb. There’s a problem with that scenario: Derrick will not put up Amber if Caleb’s name is already in Nicole’s selection. And if she took both Amber and Caleb, Derrick is no dummy. He’d take Jocasta and Victoria, knowing that Caleb and Amber will fight for their lives to get off the block.

Either way, if she chooses Caleb (whether or not she also takes Amber), Caleb will come off the block in the BOB. And she then becomes the No. 1 target for Caleb, Amber and Derrick after Devin gets the boot.

Or maybe Donny wants to blow up Nicole’s game. I doubt it though. It’s just a really stupid suggestion that, if entertained, will explode in their faces.


Totally agree, also I don’t think she has the votes to evict Caleb, most of HG’s want Devil out. She has to play it safe for now.


No matter who puts up Caleb Nicole needs to out the plan to throw the HOH right there in the nom ceremony. That would shake up the house. It could be dangerous but Donny, Vic, BowTie, Hayden and Brit would back her. It would send the others scrambling and if Caleb did lose the HOH she would have control. Even if she didn’t stay HOH Derrick would be outted and have to prove her false…


Lol, Caleb is a dummy! He’s perceived as the second biggest threat in the house, was associated with the person who is perceived as *the* biggest threat in the house, has the tightest alliance in the house with Amber – who is probably the second most hated person in the house after Devin…..and he’s actually VOLUNTEERING to go up….AND THROW IT….especially after what happened this week?

Lol, not exactly the smartest one Caleb….


And the fact that he keeps saying that in exchange for him risking his game for Amber, he should get a date with her out of it, to which Derrick replies “you should get much more than that!”. That’s not respecting women like all those men claim to do, especially after Amber told Caleb she doesn’t like him, AND she isn’t even the one asking Caleb to throw the comp for her, she keeps saying she’ll think about it. Amber doesn’t owe Caleb shit and he needs to stop feeling like he’s entitled to a date/relationship with her just because he likes her and is willing to do stupid game moves to protect her.

smd nicole

Donny really is smarter than he seems…..


Donny and nicole are both smarter than they seem.


Donny’s got the guts to make the big move so the question is does Nicole.


IMO Donny is a genius. He seems to be in top of things but not in a Frandy kinda way. as a woman I would be completely turned off by Caleb’s possessive obsession. Amber should save her self.


Frandy!!!! Awesome and yes he is an Andy clone because he floats to everyone!


Amber knows what she’s doing. She’s been playing Caleb from day 1. Don’t feel sorry for her because she was ready to drop him for Cody because everyone was saying how they think Caleb should go. That was until she heard that Caleb would go on the block for her.


Frankie sure has taken a tumble in popularity even with the backwards CBS edit


You can put a dress on rat and make them look presentable, but at the end of the day its still a rat.


Andy was a RatDog…Demanda’s little ankle biting RatDog. So I guess that makes Frankie RatCat…always lurking and ready to pounce into anyone’s conversation.


he betrayed the one and only remaining Zach ATTACK!

how dare he. he must make it up to us by saving Zach in a future week


Derrick is a jerk off!!!Talks just about the crap as Devin did!!!


I hope Devin wins the POV that would be so great!


i think derrick winning this hoh might be a mistake for him. he’s saying way too much stuff about the 8 person alliance when he should just be letting it die and he’s throwing too many targets out there. why even tell brittany he may put her up if he’s not going to?
i hate the way he talks to nicole like she knows nothing. and he went and told amber that nicole was putting her up, even though he specifically told Nicole that he wouldn’t tell her nominations for her (like Devin did with Amber last week!!)


hard to label that HOH as a mistake if you won it. Nicole stated she didn’t want it. you could easily shoot for a 28 and get an 8 (Zach) or you could try for less and get the highest score(Nicole) its why they throw that HOH in there, they don’t want to give them the chance to throw it, they want anyone and everyone to have a chance and now that there are two hoh’s its even more juicy drama


I was thinking the same thing when watching him talk to Nicole about his “8 person alliance where he didn’t even know who the 8 were… for 2 weeks…”
He has to realize just how unbelievable he is. He knows that Christine already confessed to her what went on with the Bomb Squad. He has to know she thinks that he’s BSing her, but she just doesn’t say anything like that because… that’s what you do on BB!!!
He said “we never met as an alliance” when Christine and others told her that they met the other day and were only interrupted by Hayden and PowPow entering the HOH room.

He used the term “mouth diarrhea” to describe what Zach did, but seriously, he’s also talking way too much!
Even when the person he talks to wants to say something, he always interrupts them to say what he thinks they want to say.


Why does everybody tell Frankie EVERYTHING??? Did none of them watch Andy last season?


same reason they don’t think he is a beast in comps, because he is gay. we all know that is true. girls feel more comfortable with him, and he does a darn good job integrating with the straight guys as well who ALSO will tell him more things

Cody Fan

In my opinion Nicole should be suggesting that Derrick put up Caleb and Devin…. Caleb throw it….. Devin and Caleb on the block…. Devin goes home!!! Nicole puts up Amber and Jocasta and her hands remain relatively clean. If Caleb is willing to throw it….. Derrick or Caleb should not have a problem with this. Yes Devin will play in the power of veto but he may anyhow even if he is not on the block originally and if he wins the POV….. then Caleb goes home. Derrick will not be Devin’s first choice to come after as at least he gave him a fair shot at saving himself.


that is the worst idea ever

see, Derrick at least gets it. he understands you can’t put Devin on the block he will beast mode a comp, or BB will hand them a batting cage and whoever hits it the farthest in simulation wins. oh shocker, caleb and devin pull it out. then all of a sudden they are safe, and BOTH can vote to keep Amber in the house

that is an AWFUL plan


but we don`t know how will be the BOB.

Devin is a strong guy but I dont think he is smart.
I don`t think he would have won the BOB that was last week, or even the one that Britanny and Victoria won.

I just hope that Caleb or Frankie goes home this week.

Then next week Britanny and Devin wins HOH


Nicole even said that they shouldn’t be asking people to throw comps, look how pao pao got ostracized for it. and really there is no reason for it. and if caleb had a change of heart he could help save devin and himself then use their votes and a couple others to keep amber.

Cody Fan

Oh and how does that make the majority of the vote….. also if it’s not a good idea to throw the competition for Caleb….. would that not apply to anyone he is teamed with…. not just Devin! Also I think it is a good idea to ly low the first part of the game!!! Making big moves did not work out that well for Joey or Devin now did it!!!


If they do that…Devin is guaranteed to play in the Veto comp. They don’t want him to get any chance to save himself.


Im loving THIS!! I hope by the end of the week Caleb is sent PACKING! back to hooterville for you Mr. Metrosexual

Mister E

I like Donny s plan if Nicole gets to go first with nominations. He is the old wise man in the bunch. I hate the way everyone talks about not getting any blood on thier hands. You have to get blood on your hands. It’s part of the game. I would rather get blood on my hands before jury so that the people I upset are not the ones voting to give me the money.


I agree with you.
If nobody would get blood on their hands =, there would be no show for us to watch.

The problem to put Caleb up is if he wins BOB>

The only way is Nicole needs to put Caleb up, but them Derrick to put up Jocasta and Amber, this way Caleb would throw it.


well the blood on your hands does actually make sense in the first 3-4 weeks in my opinion. there are still a lot of bodies who have strong relationships within the house. there are only so many pao pao’s you can toss out or joey’s without anyone really caring. you saw that last night when derrick and Nicole said “nope, or no way” on just about everyone other than Caleb, Amber, Jacosta and of course devin but they don’t want to nom him.

I don’t see why creating a huge enemy this early in the game is a smart move. if derrick didn’t like Nicole’s noms, he could go up there and nominate hayden and Christine and be like what now Nicole.


Think Nicole is starting to trust Brittany more than Christine, thanks to Devin blowing up the BS. So Derrick putting Christine up with Hayden wouldn’t be as much an issue with Nicole. Besides, IMO, that would be great for Nicole bec C&H would kill BoB and then Nicole will be HoH and whoever are her noms will stay on the block.


This just prove how smart Christiane is.

She has no clue how to play this game..


derrick may be playing too hard too fast, but I give that guy a TON of credit for two things

1. he kept Zach in that game, he had his back, and he knew it was a stupid idea to throw away a number, at the same time he knows Zach can be a loose cannon and is kind of an idiot with a mouthpiece that at times we all talk through,(thanks Zach!)

2. Derrick realized he could convince caleb that being on the block was a good thing simply by giving him the opportunity to “save” amber. realize this is a guy who legitimately wanted to practice a going away kiss with Amber that Pao Pao was going to give to Zach(based on that outgoing message, that kiss would have led to her getting thrown out the door) I give Kudos to him for realizing just how easy it would be to put both caleb and amber up with very little backlash


Nicole is playing better than him. Because she is trying to get Caleb or Amber out… Derrick wants Devin out and She is find with that also.

I wish Derrick would get backdoored this week. Can`t stand him


he totally talked too much last night to Nicole, but then all of a sudden Nicole started opening up, and saying things she wouldn’t have 20 minutes prior, so maybe what he did was actually establish some level of trust, I don’t think people care about the alliance and he needs to let it go

I think he is one of the better players in the house right now, and that Nicole is a nice sweet girl who is overrated by men who find her cute and women who think she is sweet. can you give me a list of things she has done anywhere near as impressive as saving Zach last week or convincing caleb to go on the block opposite amber?

Butters Mom

I agree with everything you said but….. Nicole is a BB fan and as a fan you KNOW that playing too hard too fast is a mistake. Nicole has a strategy to lay lower and make friends in the house in the beginning… we are just now going into week 3. This season has been fast and hard game play from the get go… that doesnt make Nicole a floater.. it makes her a strategizer and it makes Derrick vulnerable to be playing so hard so fast in my opinion… yes he’s made some good moves but he is also starting to stand out in the crowd and there are many many weeks to go. I think Nicole has been playing a better game… those that stand out will self destruct if they dont tone it down some. Look at Frankie… he was a favorite and now everyone is onto him.


Yes, Britanny made the best move so far.

She talked with Devin and made him change his mind about her. With that conversation she not only got herself off the block but she destroeyd the Bomb Squad. Because with that conversation Devin started got on her side and took down the BS


Hayden telling Nicole to put up Britanny? This guys needs to keep his mouth shut because that is the only thing he does best.

britanny has been 2 weeks in the block, leave her out for at least once.


Personally I would nominate Frankie/Amber if I was Nicole.
Then have Derrick nominate Jocasta/ Caleb

If your goal is to get out Devin. You need some people that can beat Devin in a PoV
I hate to admit this the biggest Physical threat is not the guys you think are.It is sort of
a huge misconception. yes they have brute physical strength but, they have poor agility, endurance and
balance. They tend to be slower.

Now look at Frankie, he has better upper body strength (than the girls) , as a dancer he is more agile and has a stronger core than the meat heads. He can jump higher and farther than those big guys. I think people never notice dancers as a physical threat because they just see it’s a “Girl Thing.” they are athletes.

they think Frankie has a good social game… it actually sucks.
For Nicole and Derrick, if don’t want to have the house se you as being against the BS or gunning for them… those are the nominees. You also need people that can beat Devin in a PoV. So you can backdoor Devin.
It is really the best move for both Nicole and Derrick.

Butters Mom

agree 100% with you… that is what I think she should do as well.


Nicole does not want Devin out.
She wants Caleb and Amber out


I think its a freaking hoot that you had Julie mention how no one has seen or heard from Victoria, and on this website you see constant fluctuation like Frankie’s popularity dipping, Zach now more popular than the boring cody.

but the one constant is that Victoria manages either 0-2 percent of the vote. she is simply not well liked or well known


Victoria is my 2nd favorite this season.

The things is people don`t like pretty people. Im not saying the others are ugly.

If Donny looked like George Cloney nobody would like him.


Victoria is not popular simply because she suck .
She’s not cute at all and Donny would pwm all their asses even if he looked like brad pitt.
Peoples that are not shallow tend to prefer smart and interesting peoples over “pretty faces” . Especially those as annoying and shallow as Victoria


looks like they went with Victoria as the 4th. makes sense.

Julies's Glitter

owww nooo, I think this HOH is too much for Nicole. Her head is going to explode. Why isn’t Frankie an option for her? He was one of the 8.