Devin “I’m at peace bro.. I gave it everything I had in the tanks.. I miss my daughter”

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations:
Have Nots Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

Zachdancing again

10:20PM Zach and Cody Dance

BB16-2014-07-12 22-27-38-769

10:26pm Donny and Frankie
Donny says he did his “America” thing with Nicole.
Donny says they have all say tomorrow and all day Monday to complete it.

BB16-2014-07-12 22-54-57-180

10:53pm Brittany and Frankie
Talking about what Caleb did for Amber was insane. “He’s on the block now

BB16-2014-07-12 23-01-37-855

11:01pm Amber and Frankie FIREROOM
Amber says she’s freaking out because people might get rid of Caleb this week and her next week. She thinks that Caleb has kind but the target is on her because of him. Frankie says Caleb put the target on himself it’s wonderful and admirable what he did she should say thank you.
He tells her it’s going to be unanimous to evict Devin he’s sinking right now and there’s nothing for her to worry about.
AMber – “I feel like he’s working his way with everyone”
Frankie – People are being polite and cordial and when he walks away they throw up in their hands. Amber says she cannot trust anyone it’s time like this that she wishes she could call her sister someone she can trust.
Frankie says as a gamer it’s tempting because Caleb is on the block and they may not get another chance to get Caleb out, but it’s too early, Frankie say everyone loves Caleb he’s got a heart of gold he’s like Frankie’s brother.
Frankie says he loves Devin but despises his game play. What Devin’s done as a game player is foolhardy. Amber hopes they win HOH next week. Frankie thinks they will if it’s HOH , “you’re the strongest girl and I’m the strongest small boy”
Frankie tells her the bombsquad doesn’t exist but it still kinda does. All the members are all still keeping each other safe.
Amber says there people in the alliance she is iffy about. Frankie understands going into the “Merge” (jury( they don’t have the numbers. Frankie says everyone that sleeps in the fireroom doesn’t have good game. (Victoria, Nicole, Jocasta, Donny) . Frankie points out ath Jocasta can’t make it through a single competition he feels for her but she’s not going to last, “She’s not going to lie.. her game is very transparent”
Frankie points out that Brittany only talks to people about game when she wants something, “She’s never talked game to me once.. she might not trust me”
She tells him her and Caleb are not close they never talk. Frankie tells her trust that Caleb is not going. Amber asks him if she can trust him. Frankie says of course she can.
Frankie says “They” are trying to keep Devin by instilling doubt.
AMber says she appreciates what Caleb does for her in the house. Victoria and Jocasta roll in.

BB16-2014-07-12 23-52-54-241

11:45pm Devin and Frankie
Frankie thinking Donny is going to take Jocasta off. Devin brings up this weird idea in his head that Donny was going to leave the nominations the same. Devin doesn’t think he’ll do it though because the whole house will come after him. Devin – “I’m not going to begg.. I’m at peace bro”
Frankie doesn’t know for sure but he’s thinking the POV will be used he mentions Donny coming into the Fireroom and handing the POV necklace to Jocasta. “If it changes that’s crazy and awesome but I don’t know it will”
Devin – I gave it everything I had today I went as hard as possible
Frankie – “You were amazing”
Devin – I miss my daughter dude..
Frankie – I’m so impressed with you you did great
Devin – I tried bro.. gave it everything i had left in the tanks.. Just want to see my daughter bro .. I’m so tired..
They hu Devin thanks frankie for coming by seeing him.
Devin – this room is not that bad

12:03am Lots of pool and chit chat going on outside
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BB16-2014-07-13 00-09-57-356

12:15AM gymnastics outside
Caleb is crazy can walk across the backyard on his hands, Flips and tumbles.
hayden is pretty good he can walk on his hands a bit but can’t do the flips caleb can do. Frankie tells Caleb to stop before he breaks his neck.
Amber asks him how does he do all this. Caleb asks them if they’ve ever seen those videos on youtube “Amazing people” He’s in one of those videos. Frankie – “you’re an amazing person”

BB16-2014-07-13 00-24-16-226

12:21AM Donny and Frankie
Donny telling him he thinks he was successful in telling Nicole and accomplishing his side of the Team America Task. He now needs Nicole to Tell Christine. Donny – “I’m not good at those things (lying) I’m good at the real stuff”
Frankie asks him if he’s using the Veto on Jocasta. Donny – “It shouldn’t matter.. Shouldn’t make the house mad at me” Donny explain he threw POW a vote last week and if he had known Zach was in danger he wouldn’t have given POW a vote.

BB16-2014-07-13 00-33-39-916

12:32AM frog, Christine and Zach
Frog tells them it was between Victoria and Donny. She decided right at the last minute. Zach tells them the week after next is double eviction. They get Devin out this week, Caleb next week followed by Jocasta. Christine asks him why they are keeping Donny so long. Zach says Donny is a competition beast they will have to backdoor Donny. Zach – “Could you imagine if Donny doesn’t use it”Christine doubts that will happen because they will send Jocasta home and he’ll be pissed.

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Do you think Devin misses his daughter?


I think he’s at peace, bro.

Note to Devin: every time you want to say “I miss my daughter”, just think it, don’t say it.

Note to Caleb: it seems that the houseguests have the capacity to hate more than one person.

Do you think that Mr. Piggy and Kermit the Frog are really working together?


Cody and Zach should not be thinking about get Caleb out right now. Stupid game move for them. As of right now Caleb is one of their allies. The house will eventually split down the middle and with Caleb gone, it would be one less on their side. Hayden is going to win HOH eventually and won’t hesitate to put up two strong players.


I’m really hoping Caleb gets to be interviewed by Julie this week. He should have fun watching Cody and Amber flirt in his television at home.


Hi, is it possible to watch the live feeds if I don’t live in America or Canada? I don’t have a billing address to fill in. I thought CBS charged credit cards and I could watch the feeds wherever I want.

Chrome User

i use hola with chrome…many different ip’s from a lot of countries. i use an american ip living in canada for the live feeds. it’s easy you just click on a flag of the country




I know you guys didnt right this but i really want a cody amber showmance.


I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit. Cody and Amber????? ugh
I am actually enjoying there not being any real showmances this season.
It is refreshing… someone will hook up but no more showmances.


Ok…so I need a life…read on another site that Zach told Frankie, that there is talk of getting Caleb out (no surprise) instead of Devin…so what does Frankie do? Runs up to Derrick & informs him of this news…

Let Devin fight another week for his daughter

I hope Devin stays, Caleb going would make for such great television. He offered to go up, threw BoB to save “his queen” who doesn’t like him back, promised to go “beast mode” for the POV and lost it to 42 year old Donny who he lost to again (back in Week 1), and is up against his former ally Devin who is having his “redemption week” while Caleb is very confident in his “big move” and Caleb gets blindsided this week will be amazing television! I hope Caleb leaves, there’s still some time he might still go!


Frankie isn’t as sly as he thought he was. Time to pick a side, sink, or swim buddy!

Let Devin fight another week for his daughter

I find it to be interestingly amazing that Zach is the only one potentially considering keeping Devin.


Zach isn’t the only one considering it. Many others are. The difference is, Zach blurts it out to everyone non-stop, while the others select who they choose to talk to about that possibility.
Brit, Christine, Nicole, Cody (not anymore) and Donny have all said at times that they’d rather see Caleb go than Devin.

President of Devtopia

Let’s pray Devin survives this week! #TeamDevin #ThanksDevin #Devtopia


I understand this is “just a game” and the “true” fans enjoy players that lie and manipulate in order to win. I am not addressing that aspect of game play at all.

I do not have the live feeds, but if I understand correctly, statements made by Christine and Victoria have subtly implied that Donny is a pervert…. or at the very least “creepy” with the girls. This breaks my heart. Although I don’t care for Devin, I think it was equally wrong for Victoria to keep telling any houseguest that would listen how she fears for her life because Devin might kill her in her sleep.


The part about Donny wasn’t a lie. Maybe he’s trying to fit in with these young people who flirt constantly or just say risqué things in fun. But he probably is just being himself. It may come across creepy (I’m a girl so I can see that) but he’s just doing what most men do. I don’t fault him for it unless he gets more aggressive.


I completely understand what you are saying and I didn’t mean to imply the actual statement(s) were outright lies. My reaction was primarily to the context in which the statements were repeated (or at least what I read about Victoria’s shorts). It now plants seeds about Donny’s character and motives – but I guess that is one of the objectives.

In some ways, although I don’t want to see Donny hurt, I almost wish Zach would have told him (without embellishment) exactly how the girls felt. That way, Donny would know to be more careful about what he says and how he says it.


What p’s me off is this bs the girls are saying about donny being a pervert… so it was ok that hayden walked by and pretended to have a boner but unacceptable for donny to say I feel the same way???


Exactly!! It seems Victoria is setting Donny up , like she did with Devin.


I read a lot of hateful/disparaging remarks made by Victoria; she’s just not a likable person. I just didn’t read any actions made by Devin towards Victoria that warranted those feelings/remarks.

Yes, Devin is full of himself and annoying, but, c’mon, Victoria, look in the mirror.

To me, I get the Donny’s creepiness; I had pretty much the same sentiments and I thought Zach was right-on when he was commenting on Donny’s creepy tendencies very early on. It may be his beard or his affect or his awkwardness, but it’s something I would just let it stay in my head and not out loud as it may reflect something about me more than Donny.

Just saying…


no.. donny’s just creepy..

people love to love the underdog.. the different guy.. the harmless outcast… so they put aside their initial first impressions.. this guy seems weird.. but then after the honeymoon period expires and he is himself and everyone else are themselves his free pass of awkwardness expires and he’s subjected to the same microscope everyone else was subjected to.. then they embellish… and when the weird guy acts like normal guys they read more into it…


Hey Simon, I’d love to see a poll here asking “Who do you want to see evicted this week” with the choices being only Devin, Caleb, or Someone Else (and Dawg, of course, cause it’s an official OBB poll but we won’t vote Dawg out).

Lots of commentors including yourself want to see Devin stay just to keep the drama going, others can’t take the crazy and want him gone, and some can’t stand Caleb and would rather have Devin around. I’m wondering if it’s a 50/50 split or totally lopsided one way or the other, because even after reading most of the comments here every day I can’t predict it.

Chrome User

i use hola with chrome…many different ip’s from a lot of countries. i use an american ip living in canada for the live feeds. it’s easy you just click on a flag of the country


What’s with all the “Get Donny Out,” all of a sudden? Donny needs to keep winning just in case. Go Donny Go!!!
Team Beard all the way!!!!


Amber is so inconceivably selfish. But Caleb is deluded so it’s hard to root for him out of the two.

Amanda's dog Woofie

Amber seems to have Abused Spouse Syndrome. “He scares me, but he means well. He’s ruining my game, but I must protect him.” Caleb recognizes this. He preys on this kind of woman. It puts the lotion on it’s skin.


Amber go’s home after Caleb go’s home.
She isn’t one of my favorites… probably be one of those Big Brother cast members that will be forgotten by the next season Like Kristin… do you now how long it took me to remember Kristin the other day… “Babe, who was that girl that was with Hayden on Big Brother? You know the one with the leotard.” I just had to google that Season again to remember her, and she wore a leotard… Nobody will really miss Amber when she go’s home
I can’t even remember some of the Big Brother Winners… and Amber is way more forgettable that any of them.
and we will all forget her soon enough.


Nicole is really smart, she already figured out Donny is American`s player. Im sure they will all get caught really soon, Which means Derrick, Frankie and DOnny wont make very far.. LOVEEE ITTT


I know it is still early in the game but hgs appear to be better behaved than last year. Don’t have feeds but have not noticed much swearing, sexual or racial remarks and, Spencer’s favourite pastime — hand in pants. Wondering if production warned them that that type of behaviour would not be tolerated?


less alcohol.


These girls in the house are so full of it. Either Devins gonna kill them or Donnys gonna rape them. I dont like to say I hate anyone but at this point I really fuxing hate Victoria. Thought Zach was an ass for the stuff he said about her. I thought wrong. Shes garbage.


Put yourself in their shoes. Imagine there was a large gay man that was twice as strong as you in the house. Now imagine he frequently makes comments about how attractive you are and that you’re making him horny. That’s what its like for women. They feel vulnerable and uneasy around unwanted advances. Its the same reason men are afraid of prison. No one wants that kind of attention.

Now, do I think there is actually anything for the girls to be afraid of? Of course not. They’re on national TV, being monitored constantly. But don’t say they don’t have the right to be uncomfortable around those guys. Its part of their survival instinct.


Ok so Hayden runs around the house naked. Christine said while Victoria was dancing on Frankie Hayden walked by while pretending to have a boner but Donny is the Creepy one. And Christine is only mad that Donny is on to her bs. So ill add her to my list as well i fuxing hate Christine


the difference is hayden was kidding… and donny is not known for kidding like that.


Well, maybe you shouldn’t be on BB where there’s a 24-hour live feed. No offense, no “perverts” here.


These girls give all women a bad name. They are the kind of people why real rape and abuse victims are not believed. These girls in the house grossly exaggerate claiming Devin is going to choke me and kill me or donny is going to rape me with no proof. This creates a climate of suspicion whenever the claim is thrown out there because in the back of your mind you have to wonder… is this just another exaggeration or truth?


Did I miss something or did Frankie not do jack shit for the TA task?




I need some clarification on how Frankie gets away with not having to spread the rumour because Derrick spread it twice? How is that fair and why should Frankie get any money? I bet Frankie didnt spread it on purpose


Frankie not spreading TA tasks, just goes to show that its pointless and just screws up their game. BB shld have worked a better approach to the TA $$$ by doing something to impact using the veto, by AMERICA

A Name

Christine, Nicole, Victoria, Hayden, Cody, and Zach are the most disgusting people this season. I hate this constant “Devin is so scary he’s gonna kill me” and “Donny’s a pervert” rhetoric they keep throwing around. IT’S A GAME! Stop trying to ruin someone’s reputation who CLEARLY hasn’t done anything wrong to you! Especially since Donny works at a school for god’s sake. Victoria, Zach, and Christine make me especially sick. I can’t wait till their eviction and I hope it’s a complete blindside so they can go cry on stage to Julie; they are truly disgusting


I 100% agree with you. I would like to see Christine or Cody go next week. I do not understand all the love for them- Christine consistently says horrible things about nice people in the house, and Cody does nothing but bitch about the other guys. I have yet to see either one prove themself useful in any way other than fueling hate. The Donny comments are especially offensive, given that he does work for schools. I think that Donny is just making joke comments to fit in with the other guys, and it is an awful double standard that it is fine to do/say flirtatious things if you are a good looking person, but vile if you fall into the “homely” 40+ category.


Victoria is just putting a target on other people…… she knows that she is a target for eviction next week and the week after that…..

I Don't Like Derrick

Do these dumbasses not realize they need to stick together?? I know they can’t see what we can, but it’ common sense. If you know there is a big alliance, even if they have the numbers, you stick together , and attempt to fight them picking you off one by one. Instead, these dumbasses just do what Derrick/BS says, hoping they won’t be the next one picked off by them. They talk about putting up each other, if they get HOH, rather than any members of the BS, so they don’t piss the BS off. That shit is ridiculous.

Derrick Needs To STFU

Do these dumbasses not realize they need to stick together?? I know they can’t see what we can, but it’ common sense. If you know there is a big alliance, even if they have the numbers, you stick together , and attempt to fight them picking you off one by one. Instead, these dumbasses just do what Derrick/BS says, hoping they won’t be the next one picked off by them. They talk about putting up each other, if they get HOH, rather than any members of the BS, so they don’t piss the BS off. That shit is ridiculous.


Do these dumbasses not realize they need to stick together?? I know they can’t see what we can, but it’ common sense. If you know there is a big alliance, even if they have the numbers, you stick together , and attempt to fight them picking you off one by one. Instead, these dumbasses just do what Derrick/BS says, hoping they won’t be the next one picked off by them. They talk about putting up each other, if they get HOH, rather than any members of the BS, so they don’t piss the BS off. That shit is ridiculous.


They really don’t… They have been backstabbing their own Alliances since day one.
Zach, Cody and Derrick will all turn on each other.
Frankie is already turning on them.
They are all disloyal people.

I think that is why there is a general air of mistrust in that house… That is why nobody truts anybody in that house this Season. That is why all of the target lines are blurred. Why a target one week is not the target by the end of the week and the guy who swore his mission in the game is to take out another player is now considering keeping him over one of the people who voted to keep him….
I kind of love this. It is very old school Big Brother. Since the Brigade everybody wants to do a secret Alliance and go to the end. It is one of the things that has made the game suck in the last few years.


Oh well.. I guess “Bro” is the new “Dude”.
Although I was saying “Bro” in the 70’s quite a bit.
Until “Dude” became the new “Bro” sometime in the 80’s.
Congrats “Dude” you had a mighty long run.



Almost forgot.. Long live “Bro”.. “Dude”..