Big Brother Spoilers Battle on the Block “She literally lost the competition for herself”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations:
Have Nots
POV Players

BB16-2014-07-11 17-53-23-460

Amber and Donny win the Battle on the block
5:50pm HOH Derrick and Nicole
Derrick telling her he doesn’t want to go back how it use to be he wants them to keep talking. He welcomes her to come up to the HOH anytime. Nicole says she feels like a idiot in the costume.
Nicole is in a Frog costume for the entire week Live Eviction and everything.

BB16-2014-07-11 18-03-39-277

5:54pm HOH Derrick, Caleb and Cody
Derrick tells Caleb to not tell anyone he threw the competition for you it makes him look like he’s looking for sympathy. Plus people will say he cannot be trusted if he’s throwing competitions. Derrick telling Cody he’ll pick him if he gets houseguest choice
Derrick “Christine is going to take us far in this game plus she’s a peach”
Derrick hopes one of them “Beasts” wins the HOH next week he will be “Tickled pink”
Derrick says he questions Brittany.

They agree if they win the POV they take Caleb off the block. so that Brittany doesn’t try to flip the house. Cody tells him he’ll know if Brittany can be trusted tonight. Derrick says he wanted to work with Donny but Derrick didn’t like the way he was giving him the “Yup” answer, it’s disrespectful.
Derrick mentions Devin coming up to him pre Battle on the Block competition and said he knows “Part 2 of Derrick’s Plan” Donny was going to throw it so it’s Devin and Amber on the block and nobody will vote out Amber. They all laugh.

Cody mentions that it looks like Donny was moving extra slow.
They agree Donny, Brittany and Devin are the only ones they don’t want in the POV. Derrick is certain Brittany is going to be coming up to the HOH tonight. They think the POV is going to be physical because the Battle on the Block was ‘totally’ not physical. Derrick is praying that the next HOH is “The Wall” because Derrick doesn’t think COdy, Caleb or hayden can be beat.

Cody says the girls are miserable because they are feeling like it’s just time before they go home. Derrick says the competition wasn’t the type that Caleb could throw, “She literally lost the competition for herself”
Cody – ‘She did without a doubt”
Derrick – there was no way you could have thrown it

BB16-2014-07-11 18-03-36-274

BB16-2014-07-11 18-17-24-580

6:16pm Cody wants them to take out Caleb. Derrick doesn’t think it’s time. Derrick says Caleb plays with his heart not his head he’s a number on their side right now.
Derrick says he’s built a little relationship with Nicole he doesn’t know if it’ll “Blossom” Derrick wants Devin to be backdoored but he wants Caleb to stay on the block to ensure they get the votes. Derrick doesn’t want to be left alone in the HOH with Caleb because it doesn’t look good. Derrick knows it’ll suck but he wants Cody to run up to the HOH whenever he see Caleb going up there. Cody says he’ll sleep in the HOH tonight.
Victoria rolls in asks him who’s idea was it to nominate her.
Derrick says it was Nicole.
He shares his plan to put Devin up as a replacement nominee.


6:32pm Jocasta is sick Caleb helps her to the toilet where she pukes.

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Just for fun, not that I really want to happen, I want to see Nicole booted this week just to see her being interviewed by Julie in that ridiculous frog outfit. :)))


I have officially lost all the respect I had for Derrik and Nicole.


Agreed they are just playing Calebs game


Why? just cause Devin may get backdoored?

Amanda's dog Woofie

I would like to see Devin win POV, use it on Jocasta & force Derrick to pick the replacement. He will have to get Somebody’s “Blood on his Hands.”


I’m sure they are devastated.

Captain Crunch

anybody else notice that when people don’t talk “game” with Derrick he gets all mad and butt-hurt?? like its mandatory and some sort of requirement that information and game talk must come thru him first.

smd nicole

He is not getting butthurt he is gettin suspicous which he should…. If they are not talking game with him then they obviously dont trust him


Derrick =Devin 2.0

I Don't Like Derrick

Except, Devin is not like how people make him out to be. He has not been a bully at all. DAMN!!!

Truth Man

Yeah, he’s way worse.


Devin bully ? Maybe
Idiot and liar ? 100%


Idiot & Liar = the entire household 100%.


Hahaha thanks for your hilariously dumb comment!!!


Can we please have only the REAL BB fans speak. A true fan would realize EVERYONE is going to be a DEVIN 2.0 in the position of power. That’s the point! To go after your competition before they come for you.



he judges people on if they come up to him or if they say the ‘right’ thing. and having been close to britney now he runs around telling just about everyone that he doesn’t trust her? Like that won’t get back to her, and she actually becomes untrustworthy?

I don’t get it, are people unhappy with the results which are exactly what they planned the results were supposed to be? Were Amber and Donny almost going to lose, did Caleb have to leave the competition in order to throw it? enquiring minds. why is there a penalty for the losing HOH all of a sudden?

Captain Crunch

just a thought, to get people to stop throwing the BOB they should add a twist like if you lose the BOB you’ll be on slop for the next 2wks or you wont be eligible for HOH for the next 2wks just so people will actually compete and stop throwing it so there allies will be HOH.


U can fake it really good


Omg Caleb is such a moron :/ I have the misfortune of having him in a BB pool this year. Needless to say I doubt I will be winning the pool. I was starting to warm up to Derrick but now I am thinking he is a tool…it’s all going to his head.


The HOH always seems like it’s going to their head since they talk so much and get air time. I’m glad Derrick has the secret plan that Caleb–who he shared the bed with–will be voted out if Devin isn’t. Derrick at least isn’t strong-arming people.


Derrick has been acting like an A$$ before he even won HOH. I agree, I liked him initially but now he needs to shut up already.


Keep talking Derrick please keep talking… I love it, by the end of the week noone is going to trust him. Its funny how whoever wins HOH is bashed and hated. I liked Nicole till she won Hoh and basically let Derrick make her nominations for her. I really cant stand Derricks face anymore, I cant stand his sideburns. Anyways Im just venting!


afaik, nicole always wanted amber on the block, and probably Caleb. And Devin’s past behaviour makes him ideal now of course. I think she always wanted Amber, that’s why she didn’t end up changing amber to Caleb tho she was doing it first. i think she was dumb to put up Donny instead of sticking with Victoria. And victoria coming up and asking whose idea was it to put her up, well she was already told everything when they told her she was going up with amber. She didn’t seem to have a problem with it then,


I don’t know which annoys me most, derrick’s sideburns or devin’s creepy smile


I hear your sideburns are the cat’s meow!!!


You can take a day off from being an a**hole you know. Every comment you make, sucks.

smd nicole

Awwwwe she looks so cute!

Luis Suarez

I’d bite that.


Nicole looks slimey, so glad she received that costume, it matches her personality.


The only one I can legit say I would want to win now is Hayden. The rest are really playing slimy below the belt style.


i find it funny that they think a guy will win the WALL endurance…girls usually win the endurances…and besides the guys weight and height work against them on that..


also, big feet tend to get in the way on the wall (sorry frankie!). winners of the wall comp are usually small and very athletic. when i look at this crew, i see cody, brittany, hayden, amber, and zach – they’d be my picks to win the wall comp.


I agree, but Frankie has a good shot as well


If Derrick wants to earn my respect again he better not put Brit on have not and he better follow through with his plan to get out Caleb. Otherwise I will be anti-Derrick for the rest of the season.


Why can’t Brittany go on slop? You people act like she’s the cat’s meow. She’s just another player that ONLY started playing when the target was on her back. She was just as invisible as Jacosta the first week until the target turned towards her.

Brittany had made me change my tune about her when I saw how she was able to convince Devin to take her off the block but then I realized Devin only did that because he liked her. Had it been any other girl in the house, they would of stayed on the block. She’s no real mastermind, just a girl with looks. And then she turned me off with how hypocritical she was in blaming Pow for making a deal with Devin, when she made a deal with him out of desperation too.

Brittany can be a have not just like everyone else. She’s not special.


I hope Victoria goes straight to Nicole and puts Derrick on blast cause he is conniving. Is Brittany hanging low or is she just sleeping. She has been M.I.A.


Brit is eating and eating. She’s afraid Derrick will put her on have nots again. And he’s talked about it.


She’s just going back to her original role as “I’m just going to sunbathe and look cute girl” that she was the week before the target turned on her.

I don’t see and seriously doubt Brittany will be any type of great player in the house.


I think I would like this 2 HoH and Battle of the block twist more if we finally got 2 HoHs who oppose each other and people who don’t throw the battle.
That being said, still a great season/cast so far.


i like them working together and that someone has the option to throw a comp in order to ensure planned evictions/blocks go ahead. I think the prior way of doing things was getting too predictable and too certain. No one could take a chance to take chances and put up big names. Now they can virtually trick those people into going up because they say, hey we need someone we can be sure to win the BoB, and that’s you for sure. That gets them named, and from there at least you have a chance to have a Caleb up there. and without risking yourself if he doesn’t go home

Roisen Dubh

Wow, Derrick is doing the same thing Devin did, over covering the bases. If he keeps it up, by Monday, his HOH is dog crap. I starting to think the producers make every contestant drink a t 12 pack of dumbass before they’re allowed to enter the house.


I must have missed something in the recaps. Why is Derrick turning on Donny? I thought he was pushing Team America. Just confused about what Donny did to make Derrick flip his opinion of him.


I was wondering why Derrick turned on Donny too?


Because…Donny said something before he ran it through him. He said Donny didn’t come to the HOH and Talk Game neither did Jocasta. Although, Donny said he didn’t go the first two weeks, he wasn’t starting now. And Jocasta has already told Derrick that She ‘likes him but, he’s manipulating people.’
Plus Donny said he thought Derrick and Caleb had some sort of deal (which they do) He said that Donny tried to flip the house….and that’s disrespectful. BUT…didn’t he flip the house when Devin was HOH?


Wtf is with all this derrick hate? Hes is playing pretty good if u ask me… I think he should be targeting brottany though she is the only one that can see through him


Derrick is obnoxious and makes us want to puke..that’s what all the hate it about. He’s just like Devin. Can’t wait for his lies to catch up to him

Make up your minds

….and so if Zach or Cody wins HOH they won’t be obnoxious?

Uh did you miss last week where they started all that chaos.

You people are a real piece of work, it’s called Big Brother, the objective of the game is to get your target before they get you. This isn’t the Real World where the only objective is to hook up and make friends with the people in the house.

Why do I feel in my gut that Devin won’t go home next week?


2 words: “Grodhog Riggings”


Must be that third burrito.


I really think that Devin’s going to get picked to play in veto, then he’s going to win it and take off one of Caleb/Jocasta. It’s the worst case scenario from Derrick’s point of view, but I have a feeling that it’s going to happen.


I like how everyone complains about people PLAYING Big Brother! All the crap that you guys are complaining about is the game. Backstabbing, lying, manipulating…etc. Derrick is awesome at it. I just wish he would talk a little less now. I honestly can’t believe how manipulating he is and how successful he’s been with getting people to do what he wants so far. THAT is how you play it! What a complete dummy Caleb is for offering to go on the block. You NEVER do that! But “at the end of the day,” I really hope they stick with the plan to vote Devin out. If that doesn’t work, I don’t care if Caleb goes. Derrick’s HOH is wonderful and not wasted in the least. So refreshing to see for once.

smd nicole

I want to like this 99999999999999 times i dont get why people are hating on him for manipulating people when all the great big brother players in history like will dan and danielle where MASTER manipulators


You forgot my all time favorite…The Greatest Manipulator of the game ever, Dr.Will! …with a fantastic assist to Mike Boogie!


Talk about the Golden Age right there. I wish Dr. Will and Boogie would have went on Survivor.


uh the first person mentioned was Will…




Nailed it. Derrick must’ve brought some of Dan’s Mist in the house. He’s playing!


Derricks best move would be to get out brittany


Would be smart because right now Britanny, Devin and maybe Donny are the only ones can stop Derrick, COdy, Zack and Caleb.

but that won`t happen. Britanny is staying until the end


I am not liking Derrick as HOH. He needs to chill out. He is used to having the authority to make people tell him what he wants to know. Nicole did not want this HOH, it was an accident. I am disappointed in her for letting her relationship with Christine cloud her judgment. Donny only told her the truth. The only person Nicole truly has is Hayden, who I am liking more every day. Brittany is flighty, Victoria will do whatever the cute guy who flatters her wants her to do, Jacosta will only vote for people that behave like they are at bible camp, she hates Amber and Amber knows it, If she hadn’t put Donny up and kept her mouth shut until she confirmed what Donny told her, she would have a good ally in him. If Nicole wants to get to the end, she needs Hayden and at least 2 other people on her side. Since she won HOH by accident, she should have played hard to make HER best move. She chickened out and Christine is the reason. I don’t think Christine wants to take Nicole anywhere near the end, and she needs Frankie, Derrick, Cody and Zack to take her out so the blood isn’t on her hands.


That Jacosta line cracked me up! Well said.


I don’t wanna say this because Nicole is so cute, but wouldn’t it be funny if she got put up? The curse of the unitard, is real.

K Kelly

I totally missed something…..what is up with those horrible glasses? I have seen them on 7 different players. Clue me in please!


They are not even glasses. They are only frames without glass. They look stupid wearing them but think they make them look smarter. Glad I am not the only one who wonders the same thing.


Hipster Chic! …but that shit is getting old now!


Derrick did not like the way Donny was giving him ‘yup’ responses when they were talking, he felt disrespected. How would Derrick have felt respected? If Donny had responded ‘yup, sir’? WOW. Derrick! Derrick!! Derrick!!! He is very pissed and jealous that Donny made team America. He knows America loves Donny so he is mad. Because they all saw Donny as a floater. And it turns out America loves the floater. So he is threatened by that.

Love BB

Derrick is getting paranoid (maybe there’s something about the HOH room ;)) I thought his manipulation of Caleb was brilliant, but he’s losing it since he won HOH. He’s picked up that Donny is dangerous, i.e. smart, low-key, liked by America, so he’s going to the poison rumour route. Hope Donny picks up on this & someone reveals Derrick for the snake he is.

Amanda's dog Woofie

Donny makes Derrick wish he had his TASER with him.


LOL. you are right.


Maybe Donny told Derrick he was chosen days before the other two, so Derrick thinks Donny is the #1 favorite by America.


Can someone pls tell me what the true definition of a floater is like what makes one a floater?

Elissa's Fake Husband

A Floater originally meant someone who couldn’t win competitions and was carried along and manipulated by the house leaders. Now, it seems it’s used to describe the HG’s who are quiet and don’t make trouble.

Not A PHD Student

Definition of as floater…

VICTORIA the only way we know she is on the show is because she appears on screen to vote to evict a person that week, other then that we have no idea she is even in the house the other 6 days.


Someone who goes to the person in power week to week. So, they make a deal with Caleb week one, then week 2 they go to Devin, and now week 3 they’d be working with Derrick.


A floater is the houseguest who has no power, wins nothing,makes no moves,but manages to stay around while the power players take each other out! The outcome of a floater making it to the end is disappointing! You want the $$$$ to go to a player who won comps, made alliances they honored, made big moves, and deserves the honor of standing next to the Dr.Will’s, Jannelle’s,Dan’s,etc.

Power Of Veto Corleone

For the true definition of a floater study Victoria’s game. She floats around the house and does nothing concerning game.


it’s hard to tell this year. Floaters usually do just that ‘float’ from place to place alliance to alliance, etc. Not winning comps yet controlling nominations….I don’t actually think of Jocasta or Donny as floaters. Jocasta hasn’t won a comp. But, she finished right behind Amber last week. The first week she wasn’t the first to fall. And she hasn’t controlled the noms, isn’t afraid to vote against the House
Donny hasn’t won a comp but he won POV. Hasn’t controlled the noms. voted against the House


I Hope Devin win POV so everybody can star scrambling

Elissa's Fake Husband

I need Donny to win POV and not use it, so Caleb goes home.


He has to play for that to happen! In that case, he may take Caleb down, then Derrick can replace his nominee with his latest paranoid target!


Derrick is such a snake. I hate listening to him talk its as if he has some turd stuck in his throat. His voice is raspy and not the sexy kinda raspy but annoying raspy.


I can’t wait to hear his turd rasp voice while sitting next to Julie on stage in a few wks!


So, Victoria is going to play Derrick’s snitch (listening to the feeds)?


I hope Amber gives Caleb a chance. He seems like a good guy. Everyone is jealous of them. They look great together!


Will for the sake of her game she better not start no showmance and give him a thought when they are out of the house!


I hope Devin wins POV, uses it on Caleb, and Frankie gets tossed on the block


I don’t think Derrick hates Donny. He just wants others to think he doesn’t like him so they won’t catch onto the America’s players team.


I think Derrick is shady. He made no bones about keeping Frankie from the block. he didn’t mind about Donny…And he, has been trying to make others think Donny is untrustworthy.


So Derrick told Britney Nicole wanted her out and also told Victoria Nicole wanted her out! Wow! The one person she didnt want to put up was Britney! Is Derrick testing her to see if she goes to Nicole or is he throwing Nicole “under the bus?” I think Derrick needs to press pause for a second! He has been doing so good he may end up screwing up his game with all these side convos and lies! Smh


DERRICK IS up to something. He said tonight he will find out which side Britanny is on/ He is trying to set her up.

The reason Derrick kind wants Britanny gone is becaus she has kids also…so at end Britanny would use that to win votes, but Derrick wants to be the one using the weapon


I think it is a little of both. I think he’s testing Brittany to see where her loyalty remains…I have a feeling he’ll find out it is with Nicole (for reasons I truly do not know why), but I also think he’s setting up holes in Nicole’s game because he’s always said he doesn’t trust Nicole.


NO matter how pissed derrick and Donny are at each other, there is no way in hell both will target each other because of team America…


I’m not so sure. The last thing Derrick and Frankie wanted to do was play with Donny. He was going to be one of their easy early targets. They may have asked in the DR what happens if one of them is evicted and if they know that America votes someone else onto the team, they may be willing to gamble and see who America would replace Donny with. Especially since the kind of tasks they will has been revealed to be stupid, petty and trivial instead of mad game. Obviously they would hope it would be someone like Zack or Cody instead of Donny, but they are more likely to get Nicole or Hayden. Watching Derrick today it’s clear to me that he hasn’t let any opportunity to throw Donny under the bus escape him. I was liking him, but he is being a douche. The girls better get it together this week or the only ones to make jury will be Christine and Amber.


Amber and Christiane should not even make to the jury… they are stupid and lost

Here we go...

So who should? Nicole, Victoria, and Jacosta?

Oh please, oh please get out of here with that illusion.


how can I watch the live feeds for free online? I’ll even settle for Big Brother After Dark online because I don’t have TVGN


Wouldn’t it just mess everything up for team testosterone if Devin wins POV and takes Jacosta down. The only people Derrick could put up would be Victoria or Brittany, and he’s just told both of them he won’t do that. I don’t think he would dare put Hayden or Nicole up. He would never put up Frankie, Zack or Cody because he wants to ride them to the end. Caleb is going to kick himself when he realizes that he gave the game away for a girl that doesn’t even like him. I don’t think Amber is to blame, she is pretty, she knows it, and the whole bomb squad membership was sprung on her at 4 am. She couldn’t very well say no. She is playing along, but I don’t think she wants to hurt anyone either. I can’t really blame girl if that is her best weapon. if Caleb and Devin both survive the block, I wouldn’t be surprised if they work together again.


Give Britanny a break, 2 weeks on slop and on the block


Wtf?! Why is Derrick turning on Nicole and throwing her under the bus? There is no reason for him to ruin his or Nicole’s game like that… KEEP IT COOL BUDDY!


You must not have been paying attention these last two weeks.
Derrick has always had it out for Nicole, he’s always questioned her game; remember he was the one that told Amber to nominate Nicole.


is zankie still going or no?


where can I watch the live feeds online for free?


What’s up with Jocasta? Why so sick, boo?


Team America replaced Joca’s diaphragm with aMANduh’s, and we know how hard that skank trap was abused.


Frankie said dehydration and heat exhaustion.


So is Devin still the target or what?


Brittany (was only relevant because Devine put her on the block), Victoria (talk about other people to stay relevant), jocosta (too quite in the house), Christine ( you people are giving her too much credit about being a smart player she is a big floater with a annoying laugh)

Truth Man

Can you imagine the calluses on Derricks vocal cords? I predict that in the next 2 weeks, he’ll cough and his depleted, worn out voice box will break loose and fly out of his mouth. I can’t wait.


Derricks constant talking and interrupting others is annoying. Code can’t say more than 2 works without using the work “like” and he never completes a sentence.


Am I the only one that doesn’t like Nicole she so conniving I usually like those kind of ppl in the house. I just don’t like the fact that she tries to hide it with a smile and act like she so naieve. Nicole, and Christine they are so fake to me.