Frankie – “The thing I’m thinking is not good but I think it maybe best .. we’ll see”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 19th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner ?/? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 18
Original Nominations: ?
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players ?

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-17 19-41-26-287

7:41pm Derrick and Caleb
Derrick describes to Caleb how the competition went says Victoria and Brittany were doing good they were using the same method as frankie and Cody “Over under”. Derrick warns him if that group won the HOH they would have gone up. Derrick says it’s another easy week for the, “up pack your sh1t you’re not going anywhere this week”

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-17 19-44-05-169

7:43pm Fire Room Zach and Frankie
Celebrating saying Frankie and Cody winning is the best thing to have happened.

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-17 19-44-38-167

7:44pm Storage room
Derrick and Zach
Derrick – “easiest week in the book”
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Big_Brother_16-2014-07-17 19-49-05-756

7:47pm Amber and Caleb
Talking about Devin telling everyone they have a final 2.
Amber – I just smiled
They start planning their feast after fav nots is over Caleb “We’ll have a bunch of pizza cookie dough and ice cream and popeye pancakes”
On the way out Caleb checks out his “Swollen breast”

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-17 19-53-24-625

7:49pm Caleb walking around the house
(Most houseguests are milling around the living room random chit chat. Frankie is super excited Caleb is talking a lot.. too much)
Caleb is walking around telling everyone about his Swollen chest he calls it “breast Cancer”
“you want to feel it you want to feel my breast cancer.”
Brittany asks him what jit is.
He keeps saying it’s cancer.
Brittany say no
Caleb – honestly I don’t know what it is” He then launches into the reason which we’ve heard 5 times now and have posted it completely before/… He blames it on all the gluten he’s been eating because gluten gets converted into estrogen and plugging his glands (Great i’ve only heard this story 5 times now)
Caleb’s comment about losing weight from his fast/have nots – “I look like a holocaust survivor i’ve lost 10 pounds” He explains that a person with low body fat like him looks more cut when they lose weight.

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-17 19-53-04-623

7:52pm BEEHIVE Zach and Frankie
Zach – yes I will bang you
Frankie – I’m safe this week and Cody.. and Derrick
Zach ask him who the fourth vote will be because it’s obviously going to be Jocasta, Victoria and Amber.
Zach – “You’re going to put up Amber and Jocasta
Frankie is not going to say anything yet I want to be happy for a hot minute
Frankie – the thing i’m thinking is not good but I think it’s maybe best .. we’ll see
Zach – I’m happy for you great job great f*** job
Frankie thank you

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-17 20-14-53-677

8:15pm Talking about the competition
Brittany and Jocasta did second best



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90 thoughts on “Frankie – “The thing I’m thinking is not good but I think it maybe best .. we’ll see”

  1. Seriously?!? Caleb comparing losing 10 pounds as looking like a Holocaust survivor?! What an absolute moron. I wonder what his excuse for losing this comp will be?

    1. Just recently went to the Holocaust museum in DC. Caleb is an idiot. He has no clue. None. I want to slap him.

    2. Oh you know it’ll be that Nicole slowed him down! I had high hopes for him in the beginning. That lasted a day at most. His whole cornering joey, blocking the exit by positioning his chair in an interrogation pose did it for me. We ain’t stupid, darling. Baby girl we got smarts and is on to you. I would have lost it and blew up!

  2. With all of my respect, Simon and Dawg, thank you so much for spending a lot of your valuable time updating the feeds for all of us. This is the best website ever. By the way, I’m vietnamese bb fan

    1. I posted this comment in “Big Brother 16 Week 3 summary of Events and HOH/Eviction results” but I didn’t see it so tried to post it here. I’ve just returned to check and saw my comment. So sorry for posting twice

  3. Simon, which final 3 would you like to see atnthis point? I like Derrick because hes very knowledgeable at the game. Donny because he kept his cool both times he was in the block and hes one a few comps and he such a good old boy. Im still not sure about my third choice.

  4. FCK CBS!!!!!
    They LET derrick tell Cody/Frankie about Jocasta and Britt strategy, the past HOH IS SUPPOSED TO STAY SILENT!!! THATS CHEATING!
    Jocasta/Britt would have won!!

    I PRAYYYYY that Ariana picture is in frankie family basket, and if they were SMART they would BACKDOOR caleb, probably not tho..
    And im tired of Zach depending on frankie & thinling he is also in power, UHH im just so pissed with this outcome, HOPEFULLY cody stays HOH because he would go after a physical threat…CALEB

    1. I had that same question on the wrap up post! Maybe we’ll get lucky and B& J will get it. THAT would liven up the house!
      They reviewed tape and saw Cody’s fall during the keg HoH comp. Maybe they’ll fix that Sunday since Derrick cheated. I’d love to see Brit make him sweat. He’s getting too comfortable with Frankie & Cody running noms.

    2. Well now the Derrick was telling Cody and Frankie what to do, the other dum house guest should realize they are working together. If they smart.

  5. Stop complaining about a boring week. This is Big Brother…anything can happen and usually does. Be patient people. In my own opinion, I still want Frankie around. Hope he stays safe. Now, when do they get liquor? I need some excitement. Lol

    1. Your idea of excitement is waiting for them to get a small amount of liquor and watching them drink?………….CBS you have a easy job if that’s all it takes to intrigue people

  6. I would have love to see Brittany and Jocasta win HOH but I’m still happy with Cody and Frankie winning. With the team America mission I’m convinced that they will end up putting Caleb considering he’s a physical threat. I can’t wait to see how this all plays out this coming week.

    1. If they are smart, they should put up Hayden (another physical threat). Caleb can be controlled/ manipulated.

  7. Wow! Caleb once again demonstrates his immaturity and stupidity. Seriously?? Comparing being a HN to the holocaust?

    This dude needs to get over himself and learn some history.

  8. I bet Frankie & Cody don’t have the balls to put up Caleb
    We’re going to get Victoria , Jacosta ,Brittnay ,real predictable
    week coming .

  9. Ok Cray-leb, keep blaming gluten when the increased estrogen that causes this condition is a known side effect of steroid use.
    Oh well, maybe you can become the founding member of a new alliance.. the bra-gade

  10. I’m hoping that the not good thing he is thinking will be to put up Caleb. All he will have to do is stroke his ego and Caleb will go along with it thinking he can win anything.

  11. Well it looks like Cornball Cody, Gestapo Cop Derrick, and The B*tch Zach will be controlling another week….another week of the Gestapo Cop telling everybody who’s going home, The Cornball hugging every girl in the house and talking about how every women and men, young and old in America wants him…. and The B*tch sleeping,dancing, and bitching all day…dreaming about humping Frankie and punching Victoria…

    1. It’s like you read my mind or something, I couldn’t agree with you more. Also it is bullsh!t if they let Derrick tell Cody/Frankie how Jocasta/Brittany were doing the comp. I think that’s cheating but I guess that means that Derrick/Frankie are Grodner’s favorites this year.

      1. I didn’t forget Zach…i call him The B*tch…he’s dreaming about humping Frankie and punching Victoria…

      2. Zach has the HOTS FOR Frankie, not Victoria. I think he is a typical University of Florida GAY-tor alum- an arrogant no nothing punk with closeted homosexual desires. The closet door is cracking open.

  12. I can’t wait till Caleb gets evicted and watches every episode and Realize he was always viewed as an Obsessed Dumbass.

    1. I couldnt agree more! I get that he likes Amber, but crimeny! I have to mute the sound anytime he opens his mouth. That’s super sad because I generally like most people.

  13. Leave it to Caleb to make light of breast cancer and holocaust survivors when speaking of his body (his favorite subject). I wish someone would call him out and put him in his place so bad….and I want the cameras to catch it all.

  14. So disappointed that Frankie and Cody won… I would’ve loved to see Brittany and Jocasta win because I think they would’ve made it a very interesting week!

  15. But america voted for them to put up aphysical threat. That probably means someone I that huge alliance will have to be put up. Could get interesting….

    1. They will put up Caleb because he is their target for this week anyway. Caleb is an outsider and he is too blind by Amber and Cody’s interaction to see it.

  16. Just when I had hope.
    This season is going downhill
    to boringville fast.
    So bummed Brit & Jacosta lost.
    It would have been epic to see that
    Looks like Derrick & the Alpha Males
    will control the block/voting….

  17. Come on Frankie it’s obvious you are putting Caleb up. Duh. Why so mysterious about something they’ve talked about so much already.

    1. And it’s such a shame cause they only had 1 egg left… 1 FREAKIN EGG!!!!!!!

      It’s such a letdown, but there’s always next week and at least Frankie or Cody won’t win again.

  18. Man if Brittany and Jocasta could have just won, all the guys would have been running around like a chicken with their heads cut off. Instead just another typical week same sh!t different HOH.

  19. HaHa…TA has to get a ‘physical threat’ nominated…how’s that Team America working out for you, Frankie & Derrick?

    …and doesn’t Zach remind you of Dr. Will wannabe?

    It’ll be an interesting week.

  20. I am also waiting to see where this beast is. Simply saying you are a physical threat doesn’t make it so. Not an Amber hater, but I can’t see any game going on there? Hayden in the dr is hilarious! I thought this was supposed to be a twisted summer?? Where are they because this two hoh thing kind of blows. Seems pointless and could be used so much better. Oh well, I still love the game!

    1. I think the jury consists of nine. There are thirteen left, so two more go home and rest go to jury. Is that right?

  21. Frankie and Cody winning great can’t wait to see who they put up…NOT!
    Seriously they need to put another twist in this isn’t working

    1. First HoH after the twist needs to be a double eviction. Stick it to em! I hope they do a fun puzzle within the house like they have in the past, but they’ll probably just rig that anyway :/

  22. As interesting as it would be to watch chaos ensue this week, the people going on the block are not playing the game in an entertaining way, and are boring. I think i would see the lame gamers gone first and then watch the fun really begin, but we might have to suffer for a few weeks for Victoria and Jacosta to be evicted.

  23. Frankie and Cody winning great can’t wait to see who they put up…NOT!
    Seriously they need to put another twist in this isn’t working

  24. caleb is gone this week! cody wants him out and team america has to target a strong competitor! who do u guys think will throw the BoB this week?

    1. Amber xD
      If Frankie is smart, he’ll nominate them both, that way he can manipulate amber to throw it and still play in the veto against Caleb.

  25. Can Zach and Frankie just hook up already so they can stop talking about it? We get it, Zach, you like men. Nothing wrong with that.

  26. Can we please choose different players for TEAM AMERICA except for Donny I mean it was done so early
    I can’t stand Frankie and Derrick

  27. Yup looks like another easy(boring) week in the BB house. I miss Devin already. I predict next week will be 10-0 vote(lame) no matter whos on the block. Since we can go ahead and look pass this week lets hope the next 2hoh winners are people not in the alliance. That’s probably not gonna happen but since im pretty sure next week will be questions the odds are slightly better. SMH……….the only thing that can make this week some what enjoyable for me is if Victoria gets evicted. I really fuxin hate that chick

  28. If they do nominate amber this week maybe it will at least help her realize that she is expendable to everyone and that she needs to take some boys out

    At this point she’s the only girl I have faith in being able to win an hoh

  29. I hope Frankie gets to be HOH, since he’s TA he can put up the physical threat and they can get another $5000. Not that I care if rich Frankie gets more cash, it’s just nice to see Donny making some money on the side, so when they evict him it won’t be as bitter.

    As for Caleb, he’s ridiculous. That guy is in his own world, breast cancer and holocaust survivor, wow.

    1. If Frankie is the final HOH, do you think he would try to backdoor Derrick or Cody if the POV is used? Frankie isn’t loyal to anyone and he said of all the boys he is the weakest but as a girl he is the strongest. I think he knows in order for him to stay in this game longer he will have to take out some of the stronger guys sooner than later.

      1. He will not do this yet. Like he said, he’s the strongest girl. He’ll use the boys to protect him as he takes out the girls, and wait for the boys to turn on each other. Can’t say I particularly favor him, but if he plays his cards right he could get far. Someone called him a floater. I think he’s worse. #BBRat

  30. Is it just me or does anyone else dislike derrick thus far? His comment about playing for his “boys in blue” and wanting to copy cat the brigade made me stop being a fan. What about female police officers, you’re not playing for them? Didnt the moving company fail at a brigade strategy? Just saying…

    1. I really do not like Derrick. I did in the beginning but as he’s shown that he is a slime ball, women hater, I hope he is exposed and evicted.

  31. Oh I was hoping it would have been either Donny/Hayden or Jacosta/Brittney win the HOH. So disappointed it was Frankie/Cody…

      1. Donny would have nominated Amber and Christine (unless Hayden talked him out of Christine).
        Hayden would have nominated Victoria and Jocasta HOWEVER… With the Team America task… He may have ended up putting Caleb up instead of Jocasta.
        Different HOH’s, same targets. Even if Brit and Jocasta had been HOHs, Frankie and Derrick would have controlled the nominations.

  32. my highlight of tonight’s episode was hayden in the DR when he said “no seriously, what’s your name?” about victoria. i DIED laughing!

  33. If Caleb doesnt pick up the pace he’s gonna lose another ten pounds when he’s back on slop next week and his other breast is gonna grow. Clever comment posted earlier…bragade alliance. LOL

  34. So, we’re looking at a potential 4th week of NON-Game Changing moves?
    They got out the big black man who they were all scared s**tless of for NO reason. Everyone quickl;y jumped on the “Devin Is a “Devil , He’s a Bully” bandwaggon.

    They took out a HUGE target in the house, keeping the target off themselves for a awhile, while keeping a potential power couple in Caleb and Amber? Yea, nothing “sexual” will happen between them but they can still play together.. Have any of them learned anything from the past BB season?

    Brigade Strategy will fail misseribly, just like the Moving Company that got broken as soon as Amand wrapped her mouth around Mcre’s member 1st week(becasue he was in power), and his brain went to s***.

    This house needs a FLIP and Frankie and Cody won’t be able to do it this week…

    Let me predict who’ll be going up. Jocosta,Donny,Britiney,Nicole Christina

  35. I can’t wait for Derrick to get evicted, come out of the house
    and realize he’s not so HOT as he thought he was.
    He rubs me in such a wrong way and not because he’s a cop.
    It’s his arrogance thinking he’s gods gift to this game that
    I cannot stand to watch!

  36. I can’t even…Beast Mode Cowboy thinks he has breast cancer now?! From gluten? He’s absolutely insane.
    And do straight men ever joke about banging another guy? lol at Zach

    1. Zach needs to quit pretending he’s straight and come out the closet… Too many gay-tendencies to be faking it… Frankie is going in that hole either before or after the show ends.

  37. I think production didn’t expect the guys to win that HOH… Small fingers. I skipped through half of this last weeks postings cuz it’s so predictable and the same will go for this week…

  38. So GLAD Jacosta’s boring old out of shape ass LOST!!!! Sucks for Brittnay though and I really hope they don’t put her on the block. Now since Donny has won 2 veto’s I wonder who they will pretend is the physical threat. SO because someone has muscles that means they are a better player? Bullsh*t. It just means they have muscles. Shouldn’t the “winning things” count for something?
    I also love how Donny starts to tell people how Caleb will save Amber and he will vote for whoever she is voting for ect ect ……Really Donny? Just like you are doing and DID with Jocasta!! SMFH , cant stand this pitty for the duck caller.

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