Big Brother Spoilers Caleb “If Amber goes on the block I’m doing nothing about it”

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 19th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations: Caleb & Devin
Have Nots Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

Hayden dance

Hayden dances for the HO camera but they are not watching it.

5:34pm HOH most of the houseguests chit chat
The girls warn the guys all their periods are in sync. Derrick – “It’s the only thing that bleeds for 7 days and doesn’t die”
Nicole says it’s just the shedding of the uterus so they can have kids
Derrick – It’s f***g gross
Frankie and Cody do their hair up like “Gudos” Cody calls himself Danny Zuko (Jon travolta’s character on Greece)

Cody puts on Frankie’s shorts starts impersonating him. He rubs up to Nicole tells her his shorts are wet. She giggles says he’s making her nervous.

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-16 19-13-08-539

6:27pm Kitchen Jocasta, Brittany and Amber
Jocasta says she’s glad the girls this year are not Catty. Amber agrees says the boys are more than the girls. Brittnay say she thinks about that all the time she was not expecting the girls to get along lie this.
Jocasta says Victoria has a hyena laugh. Victoria reminds Jocasta of her kids, When it get late out they get super silly and laugh.
Donny joins them to make ice cream.

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-16 18-58-05-667

6:45pm in the HOH Caleb and Frankie are working abs everyone else sleeping or chit chatting.
Most of the chit chat is Caleb talking about himself..
Caleb says when he was 4% body fat before his sport illustrated shoot he couldn’t even do one sit up, “It’s all muscle on muscle” (Caleb tells this story a least once a day)
Caleb tells about when he tore his hamstring it was the worst pain he’s felt in his life. “I had to stay in bed was on percocets all day” Took him 5 months before he could walk. He warns them to warm up before they run.
Caleb – “I can run from here to that door lightening speed” but after that his leg gets sore.
Caleb – “I’m going to pull up into my home town in a limo. like that will happen.. we just got a logans.. you know the place you throw the peanut shells on the floor”
Caleb says tomorrow is day 28 if he gets sent home he wants his phone activated. Zach tells Caleb he’s sure as hell not going tomorrow
Caleb really hopes it’s 12-0.
Christine doesn’t think anyone would do that.
Zach and Christine correct caleb the vote will be 11-0 for sure. Zach mentions Devin campaigning to him saying that Caleb’s mind is clouded. Caleb says his head is still in the game he’s not thinking about other people, “I’m not clouded anymore”
Caleb “If Amber goes on the block I’m doing nothing about it… I have to protect my game” Caleb tells them he not only went up for Amber.
Zach – you did it for everyone
Caleb says he did it because he wanted to go head to head against that “Meat head” Caleb – “He was already beaten before I got a turn”
Caleb says this doesn’t mean Amber’s a target he’s going this way and she’s going that way.
Caleb tells him none of the people in room are anywhere close to being his target. (Christine, Cody, HAyden, Zach, Derrick )
Zach asks him the two people he would want least to be HOH. Caleb says Jocasta and Amber.
Everyone leaves but Zach, Cody and Derrick. Derrick was sleeping says every time he woke up he heard Caleb’s voice. Cody says Caleb was the only one talking, he kept telling them his head is one right and he’s playing his game beast mode Cowboy.
Derrick “I guarantee if He wins HOH and mentions your name (Cody) I can change it”

They think if Caleb wins HOH he’ll put up Brittany. Cody brings up Amber’s feelings getting hurt when he spends time with Brittany. Derrick tells him it’s better to have Amber on lock she will do whatever he says but Brittnay maybe not, :”We think we have her (Brittany).. when she finds out we can hurt her game she’ll turn on us.. she’s here to play”
Cody – So you think I should break it off with Brittany”
Zach and Derrick tell him to Lock in Amber, Zach – “thats why you are here”
Derrick – “Lock in a gorgeous super model.. here I am locking in Victoria”
Victoria comes up

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-16 19-29-58-337

7:25pm HOH Derrick and Zach
Derrick says if Cody locks down Amber and she wants to go to the end with him they are golden.
Zach says Amber is clouded by emotions and Brittany is going to do whatever the f***k benefits her.
Zach leaves Caleb comes up.
Derrick says cometeloing a week as a have nots is a huge thing in BIg Brother and in Derrick opinion this year is a tough one.
Derrick says sooner or later Christine is going to have to be a Have nots. They are competing for half a million dollars the just can’t keep rotating she’ll have to eat something.

7:36pm BEEHIVE Jocasta, Donny and Nicole
Talking about their home towns.
Jocasta tells them The cop in her hometown was shot in the back at the waffle house.

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-16 19-45-07-632

7:46pm Nothing but chit chat




Alliances (Some Of these are dead)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
Feed watchers = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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Fly on the wall

It would be funny if Amber and Brittany win the next HOHs.


Brittany should win, but not Amber. If Amber wins of course the defunct ‘bomb squad’ would control the nominations and be all nice to her even though right now none of them seem to care about her at all., but with a power they’ll pretend to be her allies. Plus I think she thinks the alliance still exists, so her winning HOH is not good.

As for Brittany she’s the interesting one to win who knows who she’ll put up she’s a smart girl and will for sure shake up the whole house.

Detroit Girl

Brittany already has her suspicions about Derrick. I’d love to see her nominate or backdoor him. Like Donny said, cut the head off the snake. Zach would also be acceptable. He’s obnoxious and talks too much.


lol it’s hilarious that the guys put themselves in jeopardy just for saving brittany from the block. now they’re worried she’s going to put them on the block. even dumbo devin fell for britt’s charms and look where it got him! too funny!!!


OMG!!!! I hardly ever cry for TV shows etc, but, when Donny gave Jocasta the veto and she started crying whole heartedly, I started crying!!! I know that no one in this world is perfect, but Donny is one of the most kind hearted men that I have ever seen. If we were all more like him, what a beautiful f world we would live in. We need to take notes from him!!!!


I thought she sounded ridiculous and exaggerated… at the end it was just a POV, A GAME, not the World Championship, I started laughing. Bad acting, no Oscar for Jocasta


You are not in that house. You have no clue of what its like to deal with the HIGH level of stress/paranoia/being away from your family/ heat exhaustion and dehydration/being on the block all week and too sick to even compete to try to take herself off the block. Once she let her emotions go, she just let them go. Say what you want, but I dont think it was fake at all.


Geez so dramatic your comment!
Who cares? So she shed some tears…

Captain Crunch

Caleb is extra salty about Amber, lmao did u see tonights episode??
every other guy would’ve got the hint that she didn’t like them if they were in his position
except for Caleb because of his ego.

also in the last post Caleb said amber is a floater but she has proven to be a better competitor than him, im still waiting for this “BEAST MODE COWBOY” to show up but Caleb is all talk and really hasn’t done anything to prove he’s as much of a competitor that he thinks he is.


the more i watch the show, the sadder it gets.. Devin was the only one to bring life into the house


Just a random thought I had today – about wanting to have an all-girl house for one season of Big Brother to see how women would play the game without the temptation of showmances, the distraction or intimidation of guys in the house. They would have to really play the game without being able to use the guys because of their strength and ability to protect them and they would not be in the position of being systematically picked off by the guys. They could have some physical girls, some smart, nerdy types, some pretty girls and some lesbians. I would really like to see how an all-women’s house would play Big Brother without any guys around. Any thoughts on this?


I love that idea. That would interesting .


my thoughts: short nighties and pillow fights


I always root for girls never ever guys… so it would be cool. But I wonder if would be less interesting.

Like I root for girl in any kind of Reality Show.
American`s Next Top Model is only girls…and I tried watching once, but did not like at all once there`s only girls. But I did love the last season with guys and girls and a girl won


I doubt that will change a thing. You’ll just see girls eliminating girls based off of looks. Look how Nicole secretly hates Amber and doesn’t want Brittany winning HOH, both those girls are considered the prettiest girls in the house and Nicole’s been doing nothing but wishing for them to go home because of it.

Games like this don’t really encourage people to play based on pure strategy. In Survivor at least there is a greatest chance for strategy because you ACTUALLY have to survive in the wild, so if you help out around camp, prove an asset in challenges, people will keep you because it benefits their survival. It’s rare when people get voted out simply because some girl or guy is jealous of the hot “one.”


So you want a show with all girls so there is no showmance then you add lesbians to the mix what a idiot.

GB BB addict

No showmances? But if lesbians were included, the possibility would be there. Just saying.


Oh Hell No that B does not have her hands on Froggie’s man… S**t is going down. Frogger gonna hop all over her…. but seriously.
There are NO Floaters in that House, floating requires a clear distinction of power in the House. You have to have loyalties that are defined for people to float. There are so many alliances that everybody is a floater and if everybody is a floater, it is like a double negative that cancels the floater out… so there are no floaters. So to say “I want the floaters out of the game.” is like saying you want to be evicted.
I think what Caleb is doing regarding Amber is going to get him evicted because they will no longer have Amber to control him and they can use Cody to control her…. at least that is what they think because nobody in that game is loyal to anybody…. anymore.


Did anyone catch Derrick’s slip-up while talking to Frankie and Zuck at the hammock a couple of nights ago? He was talking about having a MAC computer at home and then added afterwards, “but I have a PC at work”. Neither Frankie nor Zuck caught it – why would Derrick have a PC if his occupation is GROUNDS KEEPER? Oooops, Derrick. Keep slipping dude and perhaps someone in the House will catch you.

Power Of Veto Corleone

Donnie is a groundskeeper. Derrick said he works for the parks and recreation dept and I think would have access to computers.


Why wouldn’t a greenskeeper have a computer at work? E-mail, ordering supplies; most jobs involve computers in some way.


Devin made me proud today…. He did a great job trying to keep himself alive in the POV comp. He gave everything that he had and I totally respect that.


I was surprised by that too; I didn’t realize from the updates that he’d done so well.


I rather see Brittany stay in the house over Amber.


They both need to go along with the rest of the houseguests who were “recruited”. Brittany had never even HEARD of BB. To think of all the smart super fans out there who could have really played this game right…and CBS gives us a model (Amber) and some LA mom who was in a rap video and visited the playboy mansion on multiple occasions (Brittany). And don’t even get me started on Victoria. Sheesh.


I’ve been watching BB since season 1…this is the first year that I’ve heard of people who don’t know the game getting recruited! Could this be the result of their horrible choice of house guests from season 15? I watch for strategy…loved watching Ian because he knew the game, inside out! I would like a word with Allison…this will not do!


If Amber knew that the bomb squad was over she would try and make an effort to form an alliance with the other side of the house since she’s distancing herself from Caleb. She has no one and I’m not sure Cody classifies as an ally.


I dislike Jocasta, Amber, Christine and Donny. The first three because they’re hypocrites, thumping the Bible every day yet constantly wishing Devin nothing but bad. Where is their Godliness? What sin did he commit against them? I hate Bible thumpers!!! As for Donny, he’s a first class creep; he gives me the heebie jeebies and his voice grates on my nerves.


You’ve got to be kidding me….

1. Devin backstabbed Amber while Amber was still a loyal member to his alliance…in fact she and Caleb were his only loyal alliance members.
2. Devin called Amber a street walker…that’s grossly disrespectful and ungentlemanly like–and given how nasty Devin talks about Amber behind her back, we all know it wasn’t a joke.
3. Devin betrayed the Bombsquad by bringing in Amber and Christine without discussing it with them
4. Devin manipulated Pow into throwing the comp for him, she did and he backstabbed her by taking Brittany off the block
5. He made his first alliance with Donny and betrayed Donny by assassinating his character to the Bombsquad and campaigned to get him out of the house first
6. Devin’s lied on Amber numerous times…first leading Caleb to believe she liked him (when he knew she did not), then telling Caleb Amber was using him (when she wasn’t)

So please tell me just how nice Devin is?


A lot of those “lies” were actually attributed to Devin by the BS. Remember Christine and Derrick and other members of the Squad wanted to make Devin look like a liar, when he called it out. And Caleb, was actually the one who pointed out Donny’s legs to Devin. He also told Devin that in the South, you only wore fatigues like that if you were in the military. At that time Caleb was still playing a good game, (he wanted Devin to doubt Donny) .
As for Devin and Amber…Devin was acting. Once he saw what chaos ensued after he took Brittany down(which is what the BS originally wanted…remember?) He tried to pretend that love…made him do it.
Derrick used this to his advantage…(I have to give credit wear its due)


Oh and didn’t Pow overhear Devin and Donny talking about Double D t-shirts.

Caleb has poopy pants

I never understood the reasoning behind the camo pants thing. I am from the south, A LOT of people wear camo. Hunters, survivalists, fashion victims. Devin is just a poor dumb man, who thinks he is smart. God bless him. And did you know, he has a daughter?


If Devin would have just played it cool and not gotten the HOH’itis, he would still be in the game


Listen to Zack and Derrick sabotaging Codys game by telling him to stay close to the poisin that is Amber cause deep down they know they cant beat him in the end so thats why they are trying to drown his game by telling him to hang with Amber cause by doing that he upsets brit and caleb making him a target for both and will lose their jury votes if he makes it that far which i hope he does not cause i hate his stupid flirting games he does with these stupid girls who just fall for it why did kasting choose these stupid girls shhhhsh………

smd nicole

i said it earlier but i will say it again….. caleb is literally a weaker version of jessie…. only difference is all the girls in this house won’t act like he died when he is evicted


That was one of the best episodes ever on BB11


Tonight’s Big Brother show was a sad spectacle. They all ganged up on Devin and it made me wonder about mankind’s humanity. Talk about kicking a man when he’s down! This world is a cruel world, just look at what’s happening to the Palestinian kids. Kids are kids all over the world….innocent beings!!!


I hate to say this because I don’t believe in kicking a person when he’s down also, but Devin brought all of this upon himself. He was a straight up bully to most people and tried to strong arm people to do what he wanted. He had a horrible case of HOH’itis and he’s reaping the consequences of his actions. I hate to see him go because he was very entertaining and made good tv


I don’t think he was a bully actually. He’s just massive. I looked at the stats and he weighs 239 the next male player weighed 187 and he has then by a couple of inches. What he did wrong was say…this is how its gonna go….
He told people to join up, he didn’t ask politely.
Derrick has done the exact same thing, behind a pair of fake glasses and a subtle STRONG Arm. He’s a master manipulator. Jocasta called him out on his manipulation before he even made it as HOH…..


Amber is in a no win situation. The other side of the house doesn’t really care for her and Caleb is turning against her and the messed up part is that it’s not really her fault. Sadly, her days are numbered in the BB house.


Is tgis you, …says from last year? Ive been looking for your comments.


I like Amber as a person but as much as things were really out of her control, there were some things she could of done to secure herself.

Let’s review

1. When Caleb first told Amber of his feelings, Amber politely declined and told him she was only hear for friends. However anyone with the game in mind would know turning down the advances of the HOH can be deadly to your game. How Amber just could go on willie nillie thinking she’d be okay after turning down arrogant HOH is beyond me. But then after Amber started hearing all of the evil things both Caleb and Devin were saying about her she

a. continued to stay in the alliance with them–when she should of teamed up with the floaters (her girls) Jacosta, Pow Pow, Victoria and pulled in Donny because he hated Devin

b. She also chose to cry and hide about the entire situation, rather than confront Caleb the first chance she got.

Amber should of distanced herself from Caleb a long time ago and by distance I mean assuring herself a new alliance. How does she think she can have a bombsquad alliance still with Caleb when she’s rejecting his advances?? I mean I just don’t get how the girl can’t see the possibility of being voted out because of Caleb and his ego??? Its like she’s totally clueless to these power trips that come in a game like this.



alliance galore

I can only imagine how bad it must be to have this many people in so many alliances. Victoria is in the “outsiders” alliance, yet that isn’t even an official thing. She just can’t seem to make a move or choice. And if a crow picked her up as a baby, that thing must have been a 20 pound bird or she must’ve weighed the size of a worm or a sunflower seed. She sure does sound like a crow though, with her culling. But she’s pretty. I’m not gonna hate. BTW, too many alliances. We need a triple eviction to thin some ranks.


I hope that people pick TA to put up a strong competitor. I’m pretty sure that they will pick Caleb. I really wish TA was one person and that it will be Donny.

andy 2.0

donny and jocasta for HOH! it will make all the houseguests scramble i love it


#Oldman, lol love Donny!

Power Of Veto Corleone

Loosen up a bit. This isn’t real life here. It’s TV and is supposed to give us a break from the world world and entertain us for a few hours a week. Enjoy it for what it is and relax.


After this week Im not as big of a Derrick fan that i thought i was going to be.

But kudos to him for having a good HOH. So so so many times on this show the hoh’s ruin their hoh week…


After watching the show I’m pretty surprised production didn’t go to bat for Devin. I mean everyone having the ability to pick him really lowered his odds that much more. If anything, they helped them get him out some.

I hope the other side of the house wakes up and starts playing or they are about to get picked off in a very unexciting fashion. That and I want Donny to team up with someone so he can have some success and make it far. Right now he’s a target and doesn’t have too may people on his side. You know Jocasta has his back but other than that… no idea of anyone for certain. Not sure how much help she can be though. I hope either her or Donny win HOH, that would really shake things up a bit. Really wonder what she would do if she won- totally doubt that will ever happen though.


They should have some head to head comps like in the challenge where they run over each other to ring a bell except make it girls vs guys. That would be hilarious.

mole on pow pow's nose

I do not like the new Team America challenge at all. If the have to put up a “strong” player they can easily put up Hayden and as for a floater they will put up Jacosta.

Baby Firefly

Did anyone catch when Zankie were in the storage room and Frankie knows about Los Tres Amigos now? Can Zach keep his mouth shut about anything? I question if Zach even knows how to play BB cos the other dudes help him a lot, Derrick pretty much changed minds when he was on the block, cos Frankie was ready to cut him then. I am waiting to see how all this goes down with Zack. Derrick gets annoyed with him, and I think Derrick also has a problem handing such a young kid the money, especially one who sleeps all day. And when it comes to Frankie, I know everyone loves the whole “Zankie” thing, but I have thought from the beginning that they are both B S’ing each other. Frankie met his match in Zach, or so he thought, so it’s like let me keep this one close. I’m curious to see which one turns first. And since Frankie already turned and tried to get him out once, I think he actually trusts Zach now and it will be Zach to cut Frankie’s throat. He has to win an HOH at some point though and he’s admitted to throwing them so…. Time will tell.

Slop Tastes Like Jizz

Amber is a lazy player. Just waiting and letting everyone do crap for her. Victoria is a moron and I hope she goes next so I dont have to look at her stupid face. Donny rocks, and I hope he wins this! Bye bye Devin, hopefully you enjoy a nice big piece of humble pie once you leave the house.


I don’t think she’s a lazy player. She’s not lazier than someone like Christine. She seems to give her all at the comps. I think she’s more of a delusional player.


Victoria’s main problem is her narcissism…boring! She is taking up a spot that a real player should have taken, for that I cannot forgive her inexpert play! Bedbug 2.0

The Truth

Oh God! Amber is back on Caleb’s sh*t list again. Even when he “hates” her he just can’t stop talking about her. Caleb is beginning to remind me of Jeremy from last year. He used to talk about himself a lot as well. So much so that Spencer and Andy would come up with these tall tales describing the unbelievable feats he’s overcome.

Detroit Girl

It was so much fun watching them sweat during the first two rounds, especially with Christine & Derrick talking so much trash.


Is it just me or does Caleb look like Kid Rock? Def have the same mouth atleast

Day Yum Yum

Derrick NEVER shuts up!!!!!!