VETO Ceremony Results! “Jocasta was going nuts man. It shows how grateful she is to be here!”

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 19th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations: Caleb & Devin
Have Nots Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 11-46-21-854

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11:05am – 11:45am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Power of Veto Ceremony to take place. When the live feeds return – we learn that as the Veto winner Donny used the veto to remove Jocasta from the block. (Not surprising as he told her before the veto that he was going to win it for her and when he won it he came in and handed it to her.) As Head of Household Derrick then nominated Devin Shepherd as the replacement nominee.

When the live feeds return – Cody is hugging Jocasta. They hug for a long while. In the kitchen Derrick says to Donny that was a great speech, great speech! It was a very touching speech. You have no idea how much that means to her. There was no chance she was going home any way but.. you know. Great speeches all around. Devin comes into the kitchen and tells Brittany and Cody. Lets all keep it nice and have a great week. Devin goes out and hugs Derrick. He tells him that he’s a beast in competitions. Devin heads back inside. Derrick says that moment with Donny was a Kodak moment! Zach says man Jocasta was going nuts man. It shows how grateful she is to be here! Derrick says I feel bad for who has to put her up next week. Derrick goes over to Donny and says kudos to you. Derrick explains he felt bad having to put Jocasta up but knew she wouldn’t go home. Donny says it just sucked that her being sick she couldn’t even compete to save her own life.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 11-46-52-402

11:55am – 12pm In the kitchen – Devin hugs Jocasta. He tells her that I really think this is with its rightful owner because I think if you would have been able to compete in that competition. You would have killed it. Jocasta takes the veto off her neck and kisses it. She then hangs it up on the memory wall. Jocasta says to Cody and Zach how she can’t believe how she cried in front of them all. JOcasta leaves the room. Cody and Zach comment on how Donny is a hero. Zach says he’s already won america’s favorite. Donny’s the man!

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 11-56-27-997

12:10pm Caleb and Amber are playing a game of pool. In the hammock – Christine, Victoria and Cody are chatting about random things. Over by the pool – Team America is having a meeting about their mission. Derrick says that he asked Victoria to ask Brittany 2 days ago and she still hasn’t done it (Victoria did ask Brittany this morning). Derrick asks Donny to ask Brittany to talk to Jocasta about the rumor. Derrick says immediately after we will kill it and tell Zach so that he can address the house about because then that would be 4 (when they only need 3 HGs to spread the rumor). “We don’t know if it is true, maybe you could address the house.”

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 12-11-35-108

12:20pm – 12:40pm In the hive room – Brittany and Victoria are working out. Up in the HOH room – Zach and Frankie head up to the HOH room. Frankie says that laying in bed with Victoria literally tries to find his d**k with her butt. Zach says I would like that! Frankie says I guess its because she feels safe with it. Zach says Devin is leaving this week. 11 – 0 votes. Frankie says who do we convince Donny, Jocasta or Victoria to put up if they win HOH. That’s what we need to figure out. Zach says I don’t even think Christine is even a good player. Frankie says she has been making some stupid moves this week. She’s very useful though, she’s very close to Nicole. And Nicole is a strong competitor. Zach says yeah I’ve been getting closer to her. Frankie says if they’re (production) going to keep my Kambala bracelet then I’m going to burn down the house. I’m going to ask for it again. Zach says so our next big targets are Victoria & Jocasta. Frankie says its the people that we don’t have control over that are the most dangerous. Zach is called to the diary room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-14 12-26-35-517

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12:50pm – 1pm Derrick and Zach are sitting on the backyard couch. Derrick asks who Zach would put up if he won HOH. Zach says Victoria and Jocasta. Derrick comments on how he is going to be praying that someone wins HOH that won’t put him up. Zach asks but who’s our target next week? Derrick says Victoria and Jocasta .. we just have to see how the day plays out to see if anyone is targeting us. Zach says probably better to get out Jocasta. Or do we target Donny? Derrick says we just need to see how the week plays out. Zach says Devin isn’t going out without swinging. Derrick says of course he’ll go out swinging. Zach asks are we just sitting on cruise control? Do we need to do anything or talk to anyone? What the deal with Christine? Derrick says Cody trusts her but if it comes to any of my people she is going out first. Zach says they call them selves the outsiders.. Brittany slipped it to me the other night. Zach says we’re sitting pretty. We’ve got the bomb squad. Derrick says which really we don’t. The LTA los tres amigos is the best one we have. Zach says and we have the five me, you, Cody, Frankie and Christine.
Zach wonders if they should bring anyone else into the los tres amigos (LTA) alliance (Derrick, Cody, Zach). Derrick says there is an unwritten thing between me, you Hayden and Cody too. Zach asks should we make that official. Derrick says we should call it another name. Zach asks what would we call it? Derrick says the Quad Kings. Zach says I like that. Derrick says and we have Caleb because of the bomb squad.

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I wish you’d UPDATE the pics better on top….this is the first season where the pics are not updated that fast….should have “NOM” under Devin’s pic and Caleb’s pick with POV USED on Jocasta….regardless, great site SIMON…sometimes people just come to see that part without having to read the blog entries. Just a suggestion….


Chill out.. they are providing you with updates constantly.

The Thought Police

Someone mentioned this the other day – but living in New York – this site is my Daily News – first read in the morning – great job onlinebigbrother… your work is very much appreciated.


Never mind, I just saw the big Donation button. Thanks,


I think you should show a little more respect, a lot of time and effort is put into this website and if it doesn’t reach your standards then go to a different website. And calm down- Devin was just nominated.


Thanks for the suggestion and feedback we’ll try and update the graphic faster. It’s easy to get caught up with crafting posts and forget about creating the houseguest graphic.


Simon and Dawg, do you work for the Big Brother production team? I’m just curious if you’re writing from inside the production room? — or do you have nothing to do with production & do this from your own home? I’m just curious!



We’re at our homes far from the Big Brother House.. Same time zone different country.

We watch the feeds 24/7 and have been doing so for a long time all our posts and knowledge come from the feeds, years of experience and a few trusted sources.


I worship this site… you guys do a fab job!!


In fact.. I haven’t left any comments this year until I saw someone say something shitty to you guys lol. Glad someone else got your back! Love SIMON and DAWG!


Dawg I really appreciate the work you guys do. I also have the live feeds as well, but I have a typical schedule 9 – 5pm, so this website gives me a great recap. Keep up the good work. Where can I send a couple of $ for a donation?


Thanks Airhun. Donations are accepted via paypal


Luv this site. I have live feeds…but, can’t watch them all of the time (unfortunately).


Awesome u guys are awesome


Simon, you and Dawg are awesome and you both do great work. This is the best BB site ever!


You guys do a fantastic job with this site. I’m amazed at how much content you can get posted so very quickly. How you are able to transcribe so much so well is a mystery to me. Great work!


Simon and Dawg
You have my thanks and big appreciation for everything you do. I am always surprised by how quickly new recaps appear. After reading the spoilers I do not have to worry if am unable to watch BB on a given night.


Thanks taylor!

Love BB

Dawg & Simon: You guys are GREAT! This site is phenomenal! Just w’anted you to know that all you do is very much appreciated! I’m addicted to it. I’ve used the Amazon link twice already & will continue to do so. For all you fans out there….click on the Amazon link on the right & get these guys some money for all their hard work!
Thanks guys 😉


Thanks Love BB, It’s great to hear the support!


My gosh- this site is FREE. Simon and Dawg work diligently 24 hours a day to make this site AWESOME. They update constantly and provide the best and most comprehensive information about all the doings and undoings inside the Big Brother house. I do hope you are donating to the site and using this site links to do your Amazon shopping in addition to your serious critiques. Just a suggestion.
Simon and Dawg- I am obsessed with this site! Thank you thank you thank you!


Why would anyone give Dawg’s comment a thumbs down? WTF?!!

K Kelly

I too get antsy for a new post when it has been a while. Love this site, look forward to checking in every morning. TVGN ruined After Dark. It is only two hours now and they run as many as ten commercials at a time. Loved it on Showtime. I just wait to read your posts in the morning.


Phortitoo I can’t believe you would come on here and complain about not updating the graphics. Simon and Dawg do an amazing job keeping us updated on the feeds. So good that I don’t have to watch them myself. I check in four or five times a day. Your complaining is motivating me to donate to this site in appreciation for all the hard work. Thanks again Simon and Dawg. Canadians rock!!!!!!!


Bye Bye Devin!!! Donny has my vote for America favorite houseguest!!!

Roisen Dubh

Donny, you better win HOH, bad move using POV, you just cut your own neck. Devin would’ve been your Beeotch if you left the noms the same.


Why? Everyone knows the plan was whoever got the POV (other than Devin) was supposed to use it. In order to escape being put up next week, the POV holder needed to use it, bottom line.


Why? Donny is on everyone’s radar from winning comps and things he has said and rumored to have done. He’s a target no matter what and I think Donny knows this. Saving Devin would have made the target bigger and Devin isn’t a safe alliance. Devin doesn’t honor his deals or the people he makes them with. Remember, he put Donny in the block week 1 when they were an alliance. Yes, Devin apologized…. After the fact. They all know Devin can’t be trusted. I’m still not sure Donny might not try to get the house to get Caleb out instead though. Seriously, he should just stay Donny and quiet the rest of the week and let Devin leave.


Devin put Donny up because he was listening to his ‘best bud” Caleb. He told him Donny wasn’t what he pretended to be. And as for the week 1 alliance? None of them are standing. The problem is now, that Donny is on Zach/Cody/Derrick’s radar.
They plan on getting him out of the house. Donny needs Devin. Devin can be trusted for at least TWO weeks, because he knows that the BS is out to get him

Are we watching the same game?

Devin wasn’t HOH the first week so how did he put Donny up?


Show wise, I’m going to hate to see Devin go. Dude was such a unpredictable player, he makes the show and live feeds so much fun to watch. Between Devin and Caleb, I wish they could both stay. Heck, I wish no one had to leave this week XD.

Game wise, Derrick is playing a great game. Of all the players in the house, him and Donny would be the two I would try to get out as soon as possible. They are both very social, cunning and pretty much knows everything that goes on in the house.

No chance of Rachael/Victoria going home instead this week is there? I like her but she’s on the bottom of my list of people to watch.


All of this veto thingy for jocasta when potentially she could be the next to be evicted!! What a joke the house is better off caleb he is just there to be for amber needs I don’t think he even cares about the game no more all he cares about is giving his blanket to amber in the night to keep her worm. The sad part is that amber is just playing him like a dumb ass!!! Devin might of not be the best player of BB but he brought the drama that keeps this game intense!! But sadly this season is just gonna be boring from now on


All of this veto thingy for jocasta when potentially she could be the next to be evicted!! What a joke the house is better off caleb out than devin.He is just there to be for amber needs I don’t think he even cares about the game no more all he cares about is giving his blanket to amber in the night to keep her worm. The sad part is that amber is just playing him like a dumb ass!!! Devin might of not be the best player of BB but he brought the drama that keeps this game intense!! But sadly this season is just gonna be boring from now on


Caleb really should go home. they all know devin’s game. Caleb is straight up scaring me. I was watching BB After Dark, and watched the guys play pool for about 30 min. Cody, Zach, Hayden it was a good time, they all had fun. then caleb comes outside. at first I figure, OK, he is just being kind of creepy and quiet because he just woke up or something. no, he is being creepy and quiet because he has one thing on his mind. Cody/Zach go inside, and its Hayden stuck playing pool with Caleb. what is the first topic of conversation caleb goes to? Caleb tells Hayden about how he heard how much amber enjoyed the conversation that he(caleb) and Amber had.

Hayden’s reaction was pretty priceless, about 2 minutes after brushing off one of the most awkward moments of late, hayden doesn’t want to even finish their round of pool and says he is done

mr ed

What the hell is Caleb wearing around his head now? I think its Amber’s prom dress! Looks like a secret Ninja Turtle now! Yikes!!!


Hahaha! I thought Nicole’s comment about Caleb looking like Harry Potter on steroids was funny too!


put yourself in the shoes of the hg for a moment. your choices are:

1) a major point of stress in the house who cannot be trusted, is physically the biggest threat in the house, does whatever he feels whenever he feels, and creates added tension by being unsociable for long periods of time.

2) another physically strong player that has a creepy obsession with another hg that allows you to control him, who votes how you want, and has stayed true to his alliance.

if it were me, i know who i’d vote to send home.

catchphrase hater

when you watch the shows on tv all you hear is ” i dont want blood on my hands” “i dont want blood on my hands” its wearing real thin. the way i see it there is no blood on your hands because the people you evicting are not the ones in jury that are voting for the win. they need to come up with a better way to say it!

You're totally right.

I agree!! I think when they say it, its meant as, “i don’t want anyone in the house to have a grudge against me.” Or “i don’t want to rub people the wrong way and have them come after me if they’re not evicted.”


I like Donny a lot I just think he should tone down the good guy speech. I would not be surprised if Zach and Cody go after him. He is taking the compliment lightly from them. If they feel he is America favorite , knowing he won 2 pov and 1 bob this is his time to lay low. Use the veto and shut up. Lol he don’t need to prove anything to Jocosta, the fact that he took her off is enough. I would just say this is what the house wants. Or say I’m using it to take you off to benefit my game.

new to BB 14

Zach made a brilliant statement/observation when he said Donny just won America’s vote!

Whether this is by design or dumbluck on Zachs part(my money is on dumbluck Zach isn’t as bright as CBS wants us to believe)it points out to the rest of the house Donny is dangerous simply for being Donny and no one wants to sit next to him in the final 2! However they have to be real careful in how they get Donny nominated and eventually voted out because that WILL hurt someone especially when they are sitting in the final 2!


Wasn’t this season supposed to be all about twists? UK and AUS are much better about messing with contestants expectations. US and CAN are so routine. When all of the people in the house have it figured out what days of which months specific hoh challenges are, it seems kind of lazy and predictable. I wish production would have a little more fun screwing around with the house. And that’s not a strategy vs social experiment thing, you can do both.


Some even know what weeks (or generally) when double evictions happen and are planning moves for then! It definitely should be more of a surprise – give them less time to plan and all get on the same page.


The contestants have also worked it out so people are volunteering for have not every week. Definitely need to shake them out of their comfort zones.


Preferred it when a comp was held for haves/havenots, no scheming, no volunteering. Wish also that hgs don’t have so much down time. BBAU keeps hgs busy with comps for prizes and comps to raise funds for charity. No one spends the day sleeping.

Amanda's dog Woofie

Zach sez this weeks targets are Victoria and Jocasta. I guess that will be called a BIG MOVE by this flock of SHEEP! This cast SUCKS!!!


not at all. Zach even said it was just to get rid of people who they can’t control. simple as that.


Jones, or possibly Simon/Dawg,
Can you please tell me where you access these other country’s BB shows? I’ve tried Netflix and Amazon streaming sites but have never seen them offered. Do you have to buy the actual CD sets? I don’t mind having to pay for them, just wondering. Are they on YouTube? Thank you so much!

Caren in Canada

Suze you can go all the way back to Season One of US, or BBCAN or any of the other franchisies on youtube, or search Quirkydude on youtube, his site covers most countries! My family has followed BB since Eddie won Season One US, I might have been in diapers, but this is where I went to watch all the seasons I was too young to watch! And just a suggestion to any real BB addicts, I highly suggest Season Three was absolutely hilarious, had some great players (OMG Jason was so dayum Hot!!!1) And it had the notorious Marcellas seriously ppl if you want to watch an epic season, that one was one of the BEST! (even had a Cheryl Crow concert in the backyard at final five or six)


Caren in Canada! Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me! You are very kind and I can’t wait to start watching….if I can ever get myself away from THIS site!! Can’t wait to see my husband’s face when he starts hearing Big Brother with accents coming from MY TV room! It will be priceless….thanks again! Suze

Caren In Canada

You are very welcome hun! Hope you enjoy watching all the different BBs I find each franchise adds their own special little touch to each one they are all similarally different! Although the UK does seem to keep the hgs much more active, and involved in the game! We could take a page from their playbook most definatly! Happy BBing! =)


Should be able to find them on Youtube.


Than you, Jones!


Why would he shut up? He’s playing the Big Jon game from Big Brother Canada…Everyone likes him, so no one will evict him. Plus, Dude is genuine. I think him, Nicole and Hayden are the only genuine people on the show. Nothing wrong with being yourself, especially if it makes people happy.


you cant be genuine and win the game unless you are jordan lloyd

smd nicole

nicole pretty much is jordan


That pic of the serial killer hugging Victoria is priceless. She really looks scared. I cant even finish this post im laughing so hard. Cant wait to see Finale when Devin realizes all the hate people are sending his way when they are doing the exact same thing he did. Im happy Devin is leaving cause he doesn’t deserve all this hate and people lying on him about him stiring the pot, especially Brittany whose ass he saved. Devin social game was horrendous but take him out of the game, there’s no need for the childish remarks. I was going to stop watching but now I have a reason to watch. I want to see the people who do nothing but sit in the hammock and spread hate sweat being on the block. I.E. The Schnoz twins and Derrick. Hayden is straight class for real no gameplay involved, he just a classy dude.


Simon and Dawg… about this amazon link… is it based on how much we spend? or is it better to click the link for every item we buy? Just trying to maximize the kickback for you 🙂


The kickback we get with The Amazon link is only based on what you purchase.


So its best to have a larger order as opposed to a bunch of small orders correct?


We get a percentage based on total goods sold. I don’t think it matters if it’s processed as one order or multiple small orders. As long as the link at OBB is used we’ll get the same amount.

Thanks for the questions we’re new to using Amazon still trying to figure it all out.


Any chance that they decide to vote out Caleb and keep Devin around? Devin is on an Island, no one likes him, no one will make an alliance with him and he will always have the biggest target on his back. It might be better for everyone to get Caleb out while they can and backdoor Devin another time. No?

The Thought Police

There is still plenty of time for us to mess with them in the D. R.


Simon or Dawg,
I am really lost on who is in alliances. Do you think you can do another write up like you did before?


HI Debbie.. I’ll try to add something tonight.


Thanks Simon you’re great!!!!!!


Just wanted to chime in and say thanks too. This site is top notch and many of us are appreciative even though we don’t say ti often enough. I try to click on ads as much possible, multiple times daily. I’m not sure if it matters or how often they are counted but even so a big thanks to everyone that puts in the effort here. Excellent job!


Thanks TorontoGuy!


….and why exactly does Jocasta HAVE to leave next week? Can we see some flipping in the big brother house! Tired of everyone playing Derrick’s game!

The Truth

Surprisingly I like this years Big Brother, however the so called “twist” have not really been effective. The contestants have figured out how to manipulate the “The Battle Of The Block” by discussing nominations and throwing competitions. Might as well have kept HOH the same. Don’t even get me started on “Team America”. Whomever came up with that idea should be fired.

Big Brother > World Cup

Agree totally. To make the Battle of the Block twist effective I think the two HOH winners should have to make their nominations as soon as the comp is over so they can’t work together to target the same person. That might shake up strategy and force some big moves.

Not aDonnyFan

Still not a fan of Donny but I think he should leave the noms the same. If Jocasta goes so what. She has not played since day 1. Not that she isn’t a nice person but this is BB- not a charity. If she goes he will have Devin- a better bet to win comps. Plus there are many who would jump at the chance to get rid of Caleb. A vote that would divide the Cody/Zach and Derrick/Frankie alliance and give the rest of the house more of a voice. Donny could then pull the outsiders together and derail the BS for good. Of course we all know Devin is a loose cannon but with a second chance who knows? I have genuinely liked Caleb but at this point he is a sick puppy who needs to be put down for his own good. Amber doesn’t like you!!! Never will!!


Wow — my intentions was just CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM…I didn’t mean to cause so much havoc….I’ve been a HUUUUUUGE FAN for a very long time. I just noticed the graphics were not updated as fast as before. I wasn’t trying to put Simon and Dawg on BLAST….We all know this is the best Big Brother website. I hope Kaysar wins this year!!!!


I am friends with Kaysars cousin. He moved back to Iraq. He is probably waching though !


I bet Devin will count his blessing before he will get evicted.

A Nonny Mouse

The only thing that these HG are good at taking their time with is making up names for these convoluted alliances. Why don’t they try, I dunno, playing the actual game??


they aren’t even good at that, the names they are picking for these alliances are horrible


Victoria gotta be super horny to stick her butt out in a gay dudes crotch… She’s this seasons Jessie, only victoria has a better shot at gettin some D#@k.