Big Brother 16 Week 2 summary of Events and HOH/Eviction results


What a week we just had! I’ll try and summarize one great week of BB16 feeds

(They got to practice a bit of the HOH competition last night check it out here .

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  • Amber and Devin win the HOH’s  Devin’s goal is to take out Brittany with the help of Caleb and Amber they devise a plan.
  • Amber is to put up Hayden/Nicole , Devin puts up POWPOW and Brittany
  • Devin makes a deal with POW to throw the Battle On the Block competition to ensure Brittany and POW stay on the block. Devin promises if he wins the POV he will use it to save POW
  • Devin jumps the gun and tells Amber’s nominations that they are going up
  • Hayden/Nicole/and the Bombsquad are privy to this plan but the architects were Devin/amber and Caleb
  •   Battle On the Block ends Hayden/Nicole win , Amber loses her HOH and Brittany and POW stay nominated for eviction

POV and replacement nominees

  • POV is played Devin and wins – POV Results and ensuing Drama
  • The plan is for Devin to put up Victoria against Brittany so they can send Brittany packing.
  • Sunday night before the POV ceremony Britanny and Devin have a heart to heart conversation where she tells him about her personal life and being a single mom etc etc
  • Devin “falls in love” with Brittany decides to keep her and get out Victoria, “I can’t throw a single mother out in the cold”
  • Due to Devin’s erratic behaviour The bombsquad starts to turn on Devin, Zach, Frankie, Cody, Derrick and Christine all actively start planning on getting Devin out next week as he’s too much of a loose cannon.
  • Caleb tells Devin members of the Bombsquad are thinking about taking him out Caleb doesn’t name names but when asked if it’s Zach he pauses and says ‘everyone’
  •  Devin calls a bombsquad meeting and all the heat goes to Zach
  •  Zach and Devin have a argument where Zach taunts Devin into nominating him.
  • Devin decides to nominate Zach for Eviction 
  • Devin uses the POV on Brittany and nominates Zach
  • Devin going back on his deal with POWPOW and the bombsquad causes the house to fracture
  • Zach calls out everyone and blows the bombsquad up to Hayden, Christine blows it up to Nicole
  • Frankie is called out big time and losses a ton of influence
  • In a panic Devin invites Hayden to the HOH where he offers him a deal to join the bombsquad. Hayden accepts but not really. Bombsquad is back to 8 members in name only
  • Brittany finds out that POWPOW agreed to throw the comp and is pissed
  • Amber makes it look like she had nothing to do with the plan and is seen as untrustworthy
  • Hayden and Nicole are seen as untrustworthy because of their knowledge of Devin’s plans
  • The house starts to break into two groups Devin’s side of the bombsquad and Zach’s side. the outsiders find a place to float in the middle

Battle for the votes and house flips

  • Different combinations of votes float back and forth for a couple days. LInk to post covering these events
  • Tuesday night Derrick determines they have the votes to flip the house
  • Not wanting to come out of the eviction with any blood on their hands Derrick goes to Caleb to flip his and Amber’s vote in the hopes of making the vote a 10-2, 11-1, or 12-0 to keep Zach
  • Caleb agrees to keeping Zach and will get Amber to do the same the vote is at 11-1 with Jocasta being the only vote to evict Zach.
  • Caleb says the bombsquad is 9 members strong and they all are guaranteed to make it to Jury.
  • Frankie tells DEvin the house has flipped, Devin says “I’m out of the squad bro” Devin goes to Donny and Brittany and blows up every secret of the bomb squad
  • Brittany learns that Derrick has been lying to her (They had developed a very close game relationship up until this point )
  • House begins to reorganize but nothing is certain until a HOH winner is known


OBB predictions
POWPOW goes home, HOH winner is spilt one person from each side of the power in the house.

Actual Results
Donny Votes to evict Zach
Jocasta Votes to evict Zach
Brittany Votes to evict POWPOW
Frankie Votes to evict POWPOW
Christine Votes to evict Paola
Nicole Votes to evict Paola
Hayden Votes to evict Dj POWPOW
Caleb Votes to evict miss POWPOW
Amber Votes to evict POWPOW
Victoria Votes to evict POWPOW
Cody Votes to evict POWPOW
Derrick Votes to evict Paola
POWPOW is evicted
HOH Winners are Derrick and Nicole

croquet game essentially a crapshoot
Amber = 17
Cody = 17
Caleb = 21
Frankie = 24
Christine = 4
Nicole = 29
Victoria = 12
Brittany = 16
Zach = 8
Donny = 20
Hayden = 17
Jocasta = 22
Derrick = 28

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smd nicole

does anyone know where to watch the show live? WUSA9 are a bunch of dicks that are showing a baseball game that is on 2 other channels and pushed back big brother from 9 to 1:30 and i can’t wait that damn long

smd nicole

thanks man il check it out when the show starts! have u used it before?


I believe this is the same link used last year to watch online. It worked pretty good then. I know I’ll be using it next month when pre-season football starts – ugh!
Appreciate all your hard work Simon & Dawg!
Oh & Devin has a daughter – in case you didn’t know! LOL!

smd nicole

thanks so much simon it worked perfectly and i will definitely use that site again!!!!! ur the best! that was my favorite episode since dans funeral!

Bumbling Bozo Barack

Way to go Nicole.


Am so glad Nicole won, anyone but Frankie and Caleb. I like Derrick but him being part of the bomb squad there’s no telling what will happen. As for Nicole she hates Amber so that’s probably her first nom right there. I want Nicole to be the final HOH this week, a shift in power is always fun.


I was seriously worried when Frankie was number two for SO long! Nonononononono, there was no way they;d get the right results if that happened. i was surprised Zach didn’t win it, being the golfer, but i know that comp is not based so much on skill as luck i think tho it seemed very clear it was meant for him to win it, since it was kind of his skill set, and there was no endurance or strength component, it seemed obvious the comp was meant for one of the non Bombers to win it.

I am very happy with the results, 🙂

smd nicole

🙂 im in love with her! she is pretty much a dorky version of jordan


She is my favorite too. But I don’t know how she can be like Jordan besides blonde hair and an accent because she has won 2 competitions……


Let us all hope that they manage to get the creep with multiple personalities, Devin, sent home this week. He is so creepy it is frightening.

Arya Stark Bad Ass

Several people are doing a great job of laying super low so far. Cody. Nicole, Victoria, Jocasta, Christine, Amber, and Derrick are almost invisable so far.

Team Donny


The show is being re-shown in it’s entirety at 1:35 am on channel 9. I guess a lot of people called the station and bitched about it (I know I did!) so they decided to show it…I just hope I can stay awake! I am recording it, but I wanted to see it earlier to see Zach blow up and Pow go home. Check your tv guide channel and see if it is there to be shown in your area.


Nevermind, i see you changed it


Simon, You think Zach is going home? Great recap!


I thought you saw something that we all didn’t. Phew, however, that would have made another twist and thrown off all of them.


Who should we root for for the HOHs for maximum drama?


I was thinking that the house would panic if it was Donny and Jacosta that won HOH. I don’t think anyone knows what they would do. lol

Jule's says..........

If this was the two who got HOH, this would really have heads rollin’! The a** kissin’ that would be played? Kinda would root for this to happen!


Too bad that didn’t happen, that would actually give them a chance to really enter the game and talk strategy.


I’m hoping Derrick keeps his seat as HOH. He’s definitely been playing the best game so far, the fact that he was able to convince Caleb to switch his vote to keep Zach just proves it.

I also can’t stand Nicole and think she’s basing most of her decision on who to align against off of petty reasons–which is my NUMBER 1 problem with a show like BB–at least in Survivor there is a greater chance of players staying that are actually playing the game.


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I buy a lot from and would love to help you guys out if there was a link attached. Thanks!


Will simply clicking on that ad via your webite give you credit? Nothing else I have to do? I assume that OBB is not part of for which I need to designate a charity? I do mega amounts of amazon shopping and will be chuffed to help you.


Will I always be able to find the amazon ad? Or does it randomly pop up? I buy stuff all.the.time from Amazon and have some big purchases to make this month.

Jimmy 64

I hope Nicole , Hayden , Brittnay , and Donny win tonight’s HOH .


Nicole & Derrick just won HOH!!!Yea!!!


Soooooo glad Derrick knocked Frankie out of the HOH!





Excellent post… gives us all we need to know coming into the live show. Good work, guys!


Part of Devins “Team Talk” and “Team Management” is do with his sporting experience in these area.
Caleb is to do with ? having a stab here…..partly to do with army and southern background

I am confident those who have been part of a sports team for a long time will understand what I am trying to get across. Caleb is a bit trickier to work out, but confident I am on the right track. Point I m trying to make is Devins and Calebs Team Talks and Team Management Skills got lost in translation and rubbed the people the wrong way as the can’t see the obvious “Skills” they have had in their respective fields.


I got a headache just trying to figure out what the hell that means… I gave up and my headache is gone


Hope Zach Stays and Devin goes home next week


WONDERFUL recap of the house events! Thanks Simon and Dawg! Ps. I hope you bring back the predictions part like you guys did with BB Canada 🙂

Jule's says..........

The thing about tonight’s HOH competition, there is really no skill to it, this way you could have say…. Jocasta, Victoria or even Nicole winning this. It’s just luck, which ever way the little ball rolls. No brains, or brawns will play into tonight’s game! Good luck kiddies, and no fighting!

smd nicole

everyone is acting like nicole is some bad competitor when she was close in the last HoH


You will be very happy – I know I certainly was! Nicole & Derrick just won HOH!! Yea!!

smd nicole

im so happy!

The Questioner

Jule’s what says?


Excellent Recap!! I’m noticing less comments on the comment section though… Maybe is the new format, I personally prefer the old format, it was more “friendly”. You were able to see lots of more comments and replies at a glance. Simon and Dwag recaps are better than ever!


Excellent summary! Glad I came and read this before tonight’s episode. Very helpful. I haven’t been able to keep up with you guys this season but the summaries are AWESOME. Great work as always.

I’ll be glad to see pow go. What is she even doing in the big brother house. What a dissapointing house guest. I was anti zach when they first introduced him. He seemed like a real turd. But he’s coming off different than what he advertised. I like him! Let’s go! 🙂


Welcome to big brother hall of fame class of 2014, first inductee was Brendan Villegas, second inductee is Soverign Six, now let’s meet the third inductee…………………Danielle Reyes from Big Brother 3 & 7!! Congrats on inducted into Big Brother Hall of Fame!!!!! Also, still taking comment votes for final 2 hall of fame: Comment 1 for Big Brother 11 Jordan L. vs Natalie Ma., Comment 2 for Big Brother 12 Hayden M. vs. Lane, Comment 3 for Big Brother 5 Drew vs. Cowboy, Comment 4 for Ryan vs. Adam J., Comment 5 for Big Brother 10 Dan vs. Memphis, and Comment 6 for Big Brother 8 Eval Dick vs. Daniele. All results for comment votes will be final inductee.

smd nicole


production rigged it

Hey Simon just wanted to say that the problem I was having with the posts was with the Firefox web browser. It is up to date too. Don’t know why only certain ones didn’t work because most of them did, that’s what didn’t make sense to me. Anyway I decided to try Google Chrome and they worked on there, so I’m sorry for wasting your time. To the a$$hole who said I was complaining (goes by the name HMMMM) learn the difference between a technical question and someone complaining before you comment. I would never complain about the job that Simon/Dawg do. I love this site I have been coming here since BB12 and would never say anything negative about them.


Whew!!! Great recap of the week.


Where’s my cake?


Pulling for Team America!!!!


Already better than last season


Zach was totally right saying what he did to Devin. That was awesome!!!


Devin will get his wish and go down in BB History. Devin is a Bomb with a Squad who succeeded in creating the biggest alliance ever, having all the numbers to get everyone to jury, in having a week with all the BB Power by winning HOH (during a Double HOH Twist) AND the POV. Yet, Devin still manages to blow up his alliance, have every deal he made backfire on him, have everyone in the house want him to leave and not accomplish a single objective of his HOH. SWEET!!! Your daughter is going to be soooooooo proud of you!!!

Brittany for the win

Devin makes Lawan look like a tactical genius.

Lennon's Ghost

Now that’s funny!
Oh, by the way, did you know that Devin has a daughter?
Thanks Simon & Dawg!


C’mon Grodner, yo had t make Zach look like the asshole between him and Frankie when Frankie screwed him over. Poor editing right there.


Definitely playing up the Zach versus Devin thing however. I think it is going to be the “story” of this season for a while.


I was disappointed in the editing as well, but saw it coming. They want people to like Frankie because many don’t get the live feeds. It was heavily edited and made Zach look like a jerk, when it was Frankie playing victim after he through Zack under the bus and wanted him out. Zack was loyal to him and even cuddled with him…cuddled lol


Seriously, Frankie is being portrayed as a victim is disgusting. He was the one who’s thrown Zach first and the editing is making it look like Zach betrayed him. Seems like Frankie is golden boy (and Elissa) of Big Brother this year.


You had me until the Elissa comment.


OMG….Why did Frankie reveal to Devin that Zach was staying???? Good god Frankie sucks.


Probably in case Devin wins the veto this week and saves himself. That will keep Frankie from being Devin’s next target.


Frankie is a friggin’ Pink Snitch. Why oh why did he have go run upstairs to Devin to give him a full report on how the House decided to vote and how Devin was going to be the next target? He wrapped Devin around him like a Terrorist wraps himself in a Bomb Vest and it blew up his game. Now he’s got to pick up the pieces and try to get his shit back. Frankie, you’re a Pink Snitch and nobody trusts you anymore – not even Team America.


wooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Zach made it!!!!!


Well darn! I was actually starting to like Pow Pow this week. Devin sucks for doing that to her.


Booo boring!!!


Devin sucks worst move ever and it back fired

Bumbling Bozo Barack

As of now I’m rooting for Donny, Nicole and Brittany but in this house it is subject to change at any time.

smd nicole



Sooo Derrick and Nicole wins. Not good for Devin. Now lets see if they give him a chance or if they backdoor him. I say give him a chance. Makes for better TV. Also the house would be boring if they backdoor him.

bb is a house full of crazy

That physique…..that constant smile…the constant lies….Devin reminds me of O.J. Simpson


Zach stays and Nicole wins HoH and Devin knowing he’s in deep shit already is what made this episode so fantastic.


Re-f$($)$ingHAH!!!!! I still have 2 hours to wait for the show, but pleased as PUNCH with the two HOHs, couldn’t be better in my book. I was hopehopehoping Derrick or Hayden would be HOH. Team Derrick, or Team USA, whichever you prefer. I’m in!

smd nicole

dude derrick won hoh….


Hey Dude backatchya, I knows, I knows and thrilled I am! I like Nicole too so I’m happy x 2. Pretty sure these two will work together fine. I wonder who they’ll put up, but I guess both their targets are Devin, hey?


Wow – live feeds are already back! surprised!


So happy that Nicole & Derrick won HOH!!! The only thing better would have been Nicole & Brittany!! We need some GIRL POWER!! Anyway, it always amazes me how watching the live show is so boring & misleading compared to reading what really goes on. Thank you Simon & Dawg for letting us know what is REALLY going on in BB. People who only watch the show have no idea how different what they air is from what they really are like. Have to say as a side note though that Pow Pow kinda touched me with her farewell talk with Julie. I did not realize that she & Donny were that close – like she said, they are so different – who would have thunk it? But it was really sweet what they said about each other.

Sheep Deprivation

Now we get to meet the real derrick. This week could be a lot like Helen’s HOH.

Eric CA

I love it…couldn’t be happier with the results…
Do we hate Derrick and Nicole yet?????
Just wondering.
So what was Devin’s face like when Zach stayed… did he promise PowPow he would avenger her, against the people responsible getting her out of the house?
Did he cry when he had to pass off the key?

Why am I loving this?

So when is Brittany and Victoria going up? What it’s tradition.
nominations will be Nicole: Caleb/Amber and Derrick: Jocasta and Victoria
I think so Nicole can send a message and Derrick can do the actual dirty work… I think it would be hysterical if Jocasta and Victoria won BoB (If those where the nominations…. just having fun. I am not psychic… LOL)

I have a feeling Devin will be there for at least two more weeks unless he get’s kicked out or self evicts… I think the only self eviction I have ever seen Evil Dick self evict… and that was something outside the game, never because of in game things. (NO to my knowledge Devin did not self evict… wish he would.)


How people can say what zach and pow pow said about devin is absolutely fine I will never find out. This person is a human too. Also how does big brother determine how good of a father you are?? They took it way to far


I hope Nicole plays for herself and doesn’t let Derrick influence her nominations. I’m pretty sure she will put Amber up and probably someone that won’t do well at competitions. I don’t think she would put up Victoria, she needs her right now. Hopefully she puts Frankie up with Amber. If she gets to pick first and puts those two up Derrick will have to put up two weaker players if he wants to stay HOH, and that would be Donny and Jacosta. If he trusts Nicole to backdoor Devin, maybe he will put up Caleb and Cody , but I don’t think he trusts her.


Diggin’ this season. Shaping up to be on par with season 2. Would be cool if Zach and Hayden hook up ala Dr Will and Boogie.


I wonder if we’ll see Frankie try to make out…I mean make up with Zach, now that his game has been flipped! I wonder what their “make up” will consist of! Way to go Zach, we were all counting in you;)

King Silva

OMG I loved that recap.

Can you do that every week because it really helped and I read most of these recaps already. 😉