Big Brother Spoilers “Devin has a 3 in 78 chance of pulling it off “

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations:
Have Nots
POV Players

BB16-2014-07-11 19-20-14-013
6:44pm HOH Derrick and Brittany
Derrick says the plan is to backdoor Devin. He thought he could work with Donny but he can’t Donny doesn’t trust him. Derrick bring sup talking to Donny earlier today and Donny giving him “YUP YUP Answers”. He’s not going to lie to Brittany there was people that wanted her to be put up.
Brittnay say she’s trusted Derrick “from A to Z” she’s derrick’s biggest fan she cherishes their relationship, “whether I bite my ass later”
She thinks Caleb/amber/devin/frankie are still playing with each other she believes those are the risk in the game. She can imagine those where the 4 people that wanted her out
Derrick says she’ s missing people

Brittany points out Cody has been acting differently
Derrick tells her Victoria adores her but she’s “So naive to the game”
Brittany tells him she doesn’t trust Christine Either.
Derrick says he wanted to work with donny but Derrick blew his chance because he made a “deal with ‘the devil’
Derrick mentions how Donny isn’t realising he doesn’t have enough people to come after them. Derrick says he’s tried to talk to Jocasta to make sure she knows there is no way in hell she is going home Caleb and Devin are going before her. Nobody will vote out Jocasta over one of the stronger players in the game.
Derrick says Caleb is the most cocky person he’s ever met still he doesn’t have plans to send him packing, if he really wanted to take Caleb out he would never put him straight up.
Derrick – “if I get Houseguests choice I’m picking cody or hayden”
Derrick would hope the house will unite and take and take out Devin. Derrick is thinking if Devin and Caleb are up on the block things might get iffy. Derrick thinks if he wins the veto he’ll take Caleb down just to make sure Devin goes home.
Brittany warns a lot of people are seeing Celab as a bigger threat than Devin if those two are on the block it’ll be a close vote.
Brittany doesn’t trust Christine. Derrick says Nicole and Christine are so ‘F***’ tight never talk sh1t about them to the other.
Brittany asks if Nicole was going to put her up. Derrick explains they each gave four players they will not put up. Derricks four are, Donny, Brittany, Zach and Cody. Nicole’s names are different than the ones he picked.
Derrick says he’s not ready to go to battle with Caleb, he stresses how much of a beast Caleb is. Derrick embellishes if there was a competition on the wall he’ll stay up there until he dies, 7:14pm cam 2
‘We get on a wall that man will die on a wall .. all the power to him.. he’s a soldier they don’t know how to fail”
Derrick says if he wasn’t married he would invite her to sleep up in teh HOH, “Looks bad for me.. looks bad for you”

BB16-2014-07-11 18-47-19-749

6:47pm Storage room Zach and Frankie
Frankie says he’s planning on chilling this week. So is Zach.

BB16-2014-07-11 19-33-52-624

7:36pm Frankie and Victoria
Talking about Jocasta being so sick. Frankie suspect she might get removed from the game.
Conversation flips to Devin being the target. Victoria says if Devin’s name gets picked for POV it’s be fishy. She will hate her life if he’s still here. Frankie says if Devin wins the POV he’ll use it on Jocasta then it will be Caleb and Brittnay up on the block.
Victoria – “I don’t know about Brittany ‘
Frankie – “I don’t neither”
Victoria – who would Derrick Backdoor
Frankie – No one except for Devin
Victoria – he has to put someone up
Frankie – he’s not thinking about that
Frankie – Maybe Caleb is going home then
Frankie says if Devin doesn’t get pulled as POV they have nothing to worry about they can just relax.
Victoria about Devin being gone – “There will be manipulation and lies but at least people will not be physically scared.. he makes everyone or at least me physically uncomfortable”

BB16-2014-07-11 19-44-34-214

7:44pm Rock Room Brittany, Nicole, Christine sleeping is Hayden and Cody
Talking about how “high school” everything has gotten with all the lies. Brittnay – “It just got crazy in 3 days”

BB16-2014-07-11 19-59-50-850

7:59pm HOH Zach, Frankie and Derrick
Frankie says Jocasta has heat exhaustion and is dehydrated. They are all surprised that she’s like that after what they thought was a easy day.
Frankie – “I thought Donny was trying to throw it”
Derrick brings up Devin coming up to him and saying “best move of the season bro”
Zach says Devin has been really classy lately.
They all agree Devin is being very classy and ‘wonderful’
Frankie -”Outside this house he’s wonderful” \
Derrick says Devin knows if he doesn’t get picked for POV he’s going home.
Zach has been pondering this whole time that maybe Brittany and Devin are working together all along.
Derrick and Frankie disagree they think the deal between them started last week.
Frankie points out how bad Brittany is scrambling “I just want to figure out all these lies”

BB16-2014-07-11 20-28-08-907

8:27pm HOH Derrick, Zach, Caleb and Frankie
They are saying Devin has a “3 in 13 chance” of getting picked and a “1 in 6” chance of winning
Zach “3 in 78 chance of pulling it off “
Derrick – “I’ll take those odds”
They’re plan is if Devin wins the POV they will put Brittnay up
Caleb gets called into the Diary room. Frankie claims he’s a super fan and says the twist this year is superfans vs. “Morons”
they go through the list and count 9 people that are “superfans” and 7 that are not. Zach says he’s watched the show and he applied. They decide this means he’s a super fan so their numbers go 8/8
Superfans = Frankie, Derrick, Donny, Cody, Zach, Christine, Nicole, Jocasta
never watched the show = Brittany, Devin, Joey, Caleb, POWPOW, Hayden, Victoria, Amber

BB16-2014-07-11 20-43-23-833

8:42pm Froggy and Devin

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Bob Superfan

superfans. right.


I cannot believe Derrick’s comment of – If i weren’t married you could sleep here to Brit….. What!!

Jimmy 64

Simon & Dawg I am sick and tired of these people throwing
Competitions ! If I were in the house I would never throw
anything .How about all you people would you throw a
Competition ?


if you go to cam 1, 7/10 @11:52 this is where Derrick (the undercover cop) tells Nicole she is playing Andy’s game, he recognizes he is Wrong, then says she is playing Dan’s game……omg he so suks lol…So not a fan of Derrick


Production may not have thought the 2 HOH would work together instead of compete. It’s because they’re working together they’re able to manipulate results.


I kinda want Devin in the house, hes entertaining and you never know what hes gonna do. And i think the house guests would be stupid not to take out Caleb right now, that dudes cray and hes annoying with his obsessive behavior toward amber.


He’s screwing up her whole game by attaching himself to her. Best thing for Amber would be if he left. I’d love to see her vote him out, lol.


Talking about Caleb, of course.


If it’s true he hasn’t watched the show then he doesn’t realize how a showmance can work against him. Nicole is having the same issue with Hayden. Pretty hard to avoid your stalker when you have to live in the same house.


Is it just me or is derrick starting to get a bit arrogant during his hoh?

Roisen Dubh

Nah, he’s getting stupid. He’s running his mouth way too much. HOHitis is no joke and that kid has a severe case of it. Victoria needs to get slapped, Devin doesn’t even giver her time of day and she’s going around saying he’s gonna hurt me? They really need to get rid of her, Jocasta is useless, but she isn’t trying to smear someone with stupid lies like that.

Butters Mom

Starting to get arrogant? ha…. he’s been arrogant in my opinion. He just threw Nicole under the bus to Brittany with an outright lie about the 4 they each would never put up… some of Nicoles were the same as Derricks and Brittany keeps coming up as the replacement nominee if Devin wins the Veto. What a jerk.


He’s playing the game. Putting doubt in Brittney’s mind that’s all (about Nicole). He’ll need that.


Except that in this case, it makes zero sense for Derrick. He just established a relationship and an understanding with Nicole and he’s trying to repair his relationship with Brittany. So why lie about the person you just formed an alliance with, to the person you’re trying to regain trust with? It’s stupid. He should’ve done the exact opposite and say Nicole and I both had your back. Considering Brittany likes and trusts Nicole, that would’ve helped her re-establish trust with Derrick.

Instead, Brittany went right to Nicole after this and they both came to the conclusion that Derrick’s a liar. He could’ve had both of their trust, but now he’s burned two people.


Possibly more of Derrrr ick’s overplaying. His primary focus being on figuring out whose loyalties are with whom. He knows Nicole trusts Brittany so he tests whether each of them trust him or each other more… but perhaps he completely undervalues the negative effects of the test… in favor of what he thinks he gains by knowing who trusts him the most.
He has consistently jumped to conclusions about Brittany and questioned her loyalties based on his interpretation of her behaviour … he reeks of insecurity and self doubt.


It’s not just you. He’s starting to annoy the crap out of me. He doesn’t shut up. I thought Devin could talk. Forget it. Devin’s an amateur compared to mr. police officer. I actually think there is a likable part of Devin through all his craziness. I plain don’t like Derrick.

Captain Crunch

The girls are too stupid to realize the guys are using them and gonna pick them off 1 by 1 for letting them control their nominations. At least Donny see’s this and tried to warn them but they don’t wanna listen.

Roisen Dubh

That’s why Derrick hates him, he’s got a pulse on the house and that scares him.


Donny’s smarter than I think I realized. He sits around quietly and observes and it seems he has a good idea of what’s going on.


Girls getting picked off year after year after year. You’d think they would get smarter and play differently. I wonder why females have this reticence to play hard and play for themselves?
(Also, wish Victoria or Caleb had gotten the Froggie suit, although I’m happy to see Nicole wearing it.)


We need another Janelle! She was Awesome!!


Ya, if Nicole had gotten the nom box first (I don’t know if she did), she should have picked Caleb as one of hers. The same plan could have been in place but she’d still be HOH. She did acquiesce to Derrick rather easily it seems.


But if she had chosen Caleb first, would Derrick have even picked Amber?


Really hope Brittany talks to Nicole about her conversation with Derick, it would totally expose his game. Liked him during the first week and second week in a half but he’s becoming a bit too comfortable and it’s not even the second half of the game. Somehow his gameplay reminds me of Sabrina from BBCAn without the theatrics and her personality. I just really hope someone wins the veto and not use it to send Caleb out, sending Devin this week will be a snoozefest.


Yes I hope Britanny does that.

I wanna Devin to win POV, now that britanny names is coming up. SO i guess is better Devin does not win.


Are you saying you want Brittany to be a rat-Andy tattletale? Hope not. She doesn’t need to go around and spill the beans of her convo with Derrick imo.


They did talk and Brittany said she doesn’t trust Derrick. So boom goes the dynamite.


I really hope Devin gets picked,wins and then caleb and him make up. Then he pulls caleb off the block. Lets see what Derrick would do then.


Chicken as he is he would probably does Britanny


Victoria and her irrational fear that Devin is going to physically hurt her is getting on my nerves. Adter all he has a daughter(did you all know that?) and he isn’t going to assault a female. She has nothing else of value to add to BB so she creates a storyline of a victim.. Just because she keeps saying isn’t going to make it true.


Victoria is a smarmy, mealy-mouthed beatch! She thinks she’s white and plays the pity card – “I’m so afraid of Devin, ’cause he’ll physically hurt me”, poor baby, ugh! My perception of people like her who hail from the Middle East is that they are more prejudiced against Black people than even the White people are.

Roisen Dubh

Derrick is spinning way too many lies. He’s in trouble if Christine, Nicole and Britt have a POW-WOW. Devin knows what’s going on, and you know he’s just isn’t gonna sit back and take it. Dude’s got one more trick up his sleeve.


Zach and Derrick clearly don’t do math. It would be a 1-11 chance because 2 ppl gone, one hoh, two noms equal 5. 16-5 equals 11. This means nothing just pointing something out.


I thought the same thing, but there’s at least one ‘HG choice’ chip in the bag…so there’s at least twelve. And maybe they were calculating that there were two added. But I think it’s safe to say, they screwed up the math:)


There are 2 HG’s choice inside, so there are 13 chips.


Definitely feel that Caleb should try to win the competition so that Devin could go home for sure


Okay classic BB. Devin has joined the boys in the HOH and made piece with them. They are all laughing and joking. Meanwhile in the Beehive Zach and Cody are plotting to vote Caleb out over Devin. And that’s why we can’t stop watching.

Team Donny

Can Team America continue if one of the members is evicted now that the group has been established? It would be so much better if the team can only be given missions for the time that they all remain in the house, which would really incentivize the members to form an alliance (I thought this was the point?). Otherwise if Derrick gets Donny kicked out because he wasn’t willing to kneel at his HOH bed then I don’t want to see Derrick win a penny. There is no way “America” would have voted for him knowing that he was going to target Donny!


Maybe that’s why they shouldn’t have did the Team America so early in the game before getting to watch these people more and let the house dynamics form more. Even though I think it helped Donny open up some as far as the game. But he wouldn’t have been the underdog in the first place if they would cast with more diversity in the age demographic. But they had to do something to keep people engaged and emotionally invested on some level so I get it but I personally don’t like the Team America twists at this point.


Simon and Dawg Im so glad to be back on your site for BB16 after a great BBCAN2 season.
I just want to say a few things:
1. Devin is cray cray but there is something a bit likeable about him and I dont want him to go …yet
2. Derrick is going to ruin his game with his ‘Verbal Diarrhea”
3. The girls are a disappointment, week after week they get put up and evicted and they do nothing…as usual
4. I wish we had a hardcore smart strategist in the house now like Neda from BBCAN2
5. I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!

Roisen Dubh

You know, I’ve been giving it some thought- I want Zach to win it. The guy had a complete meltdown, dared the other crazy to put him on the block, gets put on the block, walks and nobody is even giving it a second look. He knows these people are idiots. The way he’s gonna play Derrick and Hayden is go down in history.


I would love to see Julie Chen ask Victoria when she leaves ” When did Devin ever threaten you physically”. She really needs to stop. No one in the house even notices her big nose a$$.


What in the heck happened to my super clever cop – who I thought had sworn to protect the innocent – ie: Donny, & get rid of the guilty – almost everyone else? Either he is just pretending to be against Donny & has some masterful plan (at the end of the day) or he really has “copped” out on all of us who had faith in him. I really hope it is the former – because he is a masterful manipulator that could put him right up there with the greats like Dan & Dr. Will. Derrick is so smooth – he wouldn’t have to stab me in the back – he would convince me to go get the knife and do it myself, and it was gonna hurt him watching me bleed much more than it was gonna hurt me!!


I know, hey? I hope there’s some master plan too. Hardest to figure out is the Donny thing. At the very least, It’s hard to believe he’d compromise TA, since he seemed genuinely pleased with it. I’m not getting it at all.


I am confused about America’s Alliance. Why is Derrick going after Donny? Doesn’t he know America wants them to work together, or are they only supposed to work together for the “tasks” America assigns them?


They only have to work together for the tasks.


No one in this house likes Victoria neither do they believe that Devin would even talk to her much less hurt her. As you can see no one in this house trust each other at this point. At this point I honestly believe at this point Devin is insecure about himself as a person because he told Jacosta when he was little he always got picked on for being different because he was mixed. I think he wants to be liked but puts up a wall to reject people because he might be rejected first. At this point Derrick is being cocky and this no one is after him and everyone isn’t smart as him.


Simon and Dawg please help me. I want to try the feeds for 2 days before I purchase them. I am in Canada and I don’ t know how to sign up. Please help me I would appreciate it.


This is a strange season so far…. I’m not sure if any sort of real loyal alliance of more than 2 people exists at this point or at least a loyal one. To me it seems like everyone is playing way to hard which is great for us the audience but seems like poor game play. It seems like what works the best in this game is laying somewhat low and keeping your mouth shut early but your ears open. I think being patient about revealing your voting intentions early is pretty key too.

Derrick was playing a fine game initially but now he is talking way to much and has his hands on way to much. Ultimately I think this will make him a target sooner than later. Not to mention he just has way to many lies to keep up with, its only a matter of time before he slips up.


I guess I’m in the minority here but I think I’m rooting for Brittany, so far she is the only one that i could see among the girls who will make big moves. I just want a female “competitive or manipulative” winner in Big Brother, not a fan of Reilly’s win coz it’s “fixed” and Jordan didn’t necessary made strong moves her season. I want a Janelle Pierza, Dani Donato and Danielle Reyes to shine this season and it seems Britanny’s the only one who may fit that category. I guess I’m still hungover from Neda’s great performance in BBCan.


She like Amber don’t seem to have instant geunine trustworthy connections with at least on other female even though they may like some of the other girls. I don’t mind Britney’s spunk. But to me she comes off like she has a chip on her shoulder or something is off about her. Too bad she and Amber don’t really click because both have have qualities that they other could use a little bit of to balance them out.


watching derrick’s game crash and burn is disappointing. he’s gone from smart, observational game play to non-stop gabfest. why would he give brittany any info on his nomination decisions? bad cop! no donut!


What I would really like to see happen is Devin win POV this week and then win HOH next week along with Zach. That kick this two HOH twist into gear. No way either of them would work together.


I can also totally something happening this week similar to what happened with Frank in BB14 where everyone is prepared to vote out Devin and then something happens and no one goes home that week. Perhaps Jocasta will get sick and have to return home or something. I forgot what got Frank off the hook.

On the level

What has Devin done for Victoria to feel “physically scared” of him? Other than being a muscular African American man? This is what I refer to as subconscious racism. Please prove me wrong!


You would think if she was that scared she wouldn’t have talked to him alone and hugged him last week. She’s a spoiled brat and probably thought she was going to be the cream of the crop coming in there. She was looking very scared on the couch during the veto ceremony too just in general. Some people are just used to there own little world and are maybe sheltered and ignorant. As for subconscious racism, Devin seems to have his own underline issues with race and acted ridiculous last week so what can you say. They maybe have something in common in that arena.

The Truth

Somebody please put a muzzle on Derrick.


Kind of ironic that some house guests were licking tables and putting feet in their mouths and Jocasta is the one who gets sick.

possum queen

Nicole and Brittany could be leaders if they could rally some support. Zack and Devin wohcchuld be great to wat