Big Brother Spoilers – Nomination Ceremony Results! “CAN I SELF EVICT?!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 12th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 11
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations:
Have Nots
POV Players

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10am – 1:10pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Nomination ceremony. When the live feeds return – we learn that as one of the HOH’s Derrick nominated Caleb and Jocasta. As the other head of household Nicole nominated Amber and Donny. Caleb has volunteered to go up on the block to be the Knight in Shining Armor for his “Queen Amber”. These 2 sets of nominations (Amber & Donny versus Caleb & Jocasta) will battle it out in the Battle of the Block competition. They have already planned out how the rest of the week will happen. Caleb agreed to throw the battle of the block so that his “Queen” Amber & Donny will come off the block and be safe for the week. Derrick will then remain head of household and Caleb & Jocasta will remain on the chopping block. They’re hoping that Devin won’t be chosen to play in the power of veto competition so that they can backdoor him. Everyone wants Devin out of the house so whoever wins the veto will use it so that Derrick can nominate Devin as the replacement. Nicole also has the backup plan that if Devin ends up getting to play in the POV and wins it, then Caleb will remain on the block and she can try to rally the votes to evict him.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-11 13-14-13-803

Host: Brittany
Players: Caleb & Jocasta VERSUS Donny & Amber

In the kitchen – Devin tells Caleb that he understands and respect that he has to do what he has to do for his family. Caleb heads to the bedroom. Caleb says soon enough I am going to go beast mode and this bracelet is coming off.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-11 13-10-23-000
1:10pm UP in the HOH – Derrick is talking to Nicole and Brittany. Brittany leaves and Derrick tells Nicole that the house needs to know that Devin is the backdoor plan more that Devin doesn’t need to know about the plan. Hayden quickly talks to Nicole and she asks if she can self evict! Devin comes up and asks I just have one question WHY Donny?! It’s a great game move. Nicole says that people were throwing his name out in the last second and I didn’t know who to trust. Donny and I don’t talk too much. It was either Donny or Victoria. Devin says I was more hurt about Donny and Jocasta… I know the plan is to backdoor me. I know that they are safe if I get pulled for the veto. Nicole says I even contemplated putting you up because I didn’t know who to nominate but I knew the house would hate me. People don’t want you safe for another week. (Nicole got to do her nominations first)

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-11 13-15-05-590

In the storage room – Derrick fills Donny in on their TEAM AMERICA mission (The have to get three other Houseguests to spread a rumor that someone in the game is related to a past Big Brother contestant.) Frankie gives one option: Paola said to you that Zach is related to Amanda. Derrick says we don’t have to accept this mission if we don’t want to. Amanda and Zach are both from Florida. The agree to go with Zach as being Big Brother 15 Amanda Zuckerman’s Cousin.

UP in the HOH room – Nicole talks to Hayden and says that she feels bad about having to put up Donny. Why did he have to run his mouth like that. Nicole asks if Brittany is mad. Hayden says that Brittany is just mad that all the good people keep getting put up. Nicole says that Derrick asked me if I was afraid of him backdooring me. I said no but now I am that you said that. She says he told her that she needs to just trust him. Nicole says that the way Donny cried I felt so bad. If I won Veto I would use it on him.

1:40pm In the storage room – Derrick and Donny continue to talk. Derrick asks if he has any questions about the nominations. Donny says he understands. Derrick tells Donny about why he nominated Jocasta.. she doesn’t talk game with me. Derrick tells him that it was going to be Victoria on the block with Amber. Derrick says someone else came in the room right after and told us something different. Derrick says that Nicole got spooked and changed her nominations. You were not Nicole’s original nomination. And you can confirm that with her. Derrick says I wont say who the person was that came up to the HOH and talked to Nicole …you can ask her. Derrick says I couldnt include you in the conversation that Jocasta was going up because she is a friend of yours. Donny says well if you had I wouldn’t have said the things I said. Derrick says one of the biggest things that bugged Nicole and I was that no one came up to talk to us. You were asleep but others didn’t either.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-11 13-26-51-793

1:43pm Chirstine comes into the HOH room and talks to Nicole. Christine regrets everyday that she didn’t tell her about the bomb squad. Nicole says that was the most uncomfortable thing I have ever had to do and I hate that is going to be on TV. Im sorry Donny isn’t my target but he was running his mouth. He wanted me to put you up so I knew you were going to be his target. Christine says that Devin and Donny are in an alliance.. she says that Devin slipped up and said lets get Double D t-shirts. Nicole relays her conversation with Devin. Nicole says honestly I feel like bad for Donny but HE screwed me over this morning. He is after the bomb squad so bad. Nicole says he had me so convinced to put you up. I couldn’t do that! Everyone wanted me to put up Victoria. Nicole says if Donny hadn’t done that I would have put up Victoria. Its so crazy how fast things change. I had to go first and I knew I would gain Derricks trust if I put up Donny because he wanted me to put him up. Nicole asks Christine if she knows that Caleb is planning to throw the Battle of the Block. Christine says yeah he told me downstairs. Cody joins then and Nicole says that Donny would go home last of those 4 people. Cody says that he is worried now that stuff is coming out that Donny said to me that it makes it look like I said it. The thing is he doesn’t say names. Nicole says he isn’t playing a smart game .. he is so focused and paranoid on the 8. Donny’s thing too is that he says well you never told me not to say that. Victoria joins them and Nicoles tells her obviously I didnt put you up. Victoria says yeah I was confused. Nicole says I just felt like you didn’t deserve it. Donny isn’t my target either. Nicole says that she just feels bad because Donny is so nice. Christine says I don’t feel bad because he threw my name out there.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-11 13-43-39-242

1:55pm In the hive room – Caleb and Amber are talking. Amber tells him about how Devin made the comment of him and Donny needing to make Double D t-shirts. She says that Donny was so mad when Devin said that.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-11 13-52-16-682

2pm – 2:10pm Derrick then talks to Hayden in the storage room. Derrick says that Donny was trying to rally against the 8 being nominated last night and again this morning. Hayden says Donny was just trying to rally basically the good people. Hayden says I feel like the both of you made really smart moves. Derrick says I just want a clean game I want Devin out of here. They talk about the bomb squad and trying to remove the heat off of it now that its over.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-11 14-08-09-979

2:12pm Derrick joins the HOH crew – Christine, Cody, Nicole. Derrick says that he was just talking to Donny. Nicole says that Donny thinks that Derrick is manipulating me to better his game. He thinks through things to a key. He thought I should put up Caleb. He wanted me to think that Derrick was using me and that I should be going after the 8. Nicole says that I told Donny that he is making Derrick look bad. ANd his response was well I’m not saying any names. Nicole says what he did was he went through a bunch of scenarios and then made it look like Derrick was using me. Derrick says me and Donny got into a bit of a hostile conversation and I had to turn into the person that I am outside of this house. I didn’t like the way he was being condescending to me. Derrick tells Christine that Donny is throwing your name out there and he’s making you look bad like you are running around saying things. Derrick told me that he doesn’t believe you about the plan to get out Devin. Derrick comments that its better that Donny is on the block because he is a vote for Devin. Nicole says it makes me feel better knowing about the Double D alliance. They talk about how the double d was an alliance since day 1. Nicole says I don’t feel bad now knowing it. Derrick says that Donny came here to float through like a Spencer Clawson (Big Brother 15). I can guarantee that America loves him. I don’t care I hope America loves me too but I’ve come here to play the game. Caleb says Amber came to me and told me not to throw the competition. I told her that the plan is already in motion. Caleb says I know there’s more to it because she said that infront of Cody.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-11 14-15-45-418

2:20pm In the living room – Donny tells Jocasta that the reason I am up is because of what I told you this morning. Donny tells her that it was Amber listening and told Nicole what he said to her. Donny says I wasn’t the target someone else was until that happened. Donny says its okay I wanted to tell you. Jocasta says they gave me their word. Donny tells her that the others asked him why he’s not his happy self today. Donny says ain’t that selfish!

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-11 14-19-04-865

2:30pm Up in the HOH room – Christine doesn’t understand why Donny keeps throwing her under the bus. Derrick says lets be honest the bomb squad doesn’t exist any more.

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why the hell would they try to spread rumors about Zach of all people! You don’t spread rumors about someone who is in your so called alliance. damn idiots!! this can’t be life

Hall Monitor

It’s smart to use Pao as the person who’s supposed to have said it. Now they have to be smart about transmitting the lie and not making a big deal about it. Just say something like “can you believe she said that?” Making it a huge deal isn’t part of the so-called “mission”.

Hall Monitor

It’s smart to use Pao as the person who’s supposed to have said it. Now they have to be smart about transmitting the lie and not making a big deal about it. Just say something like “can you believe she said that?” Making it a huge deal isn’t part of the so-called “mission”. ( I think! )

Hall Monitor

Oops, sorry for the double comment.


Nicole is a moron and they’ll all use her and tell her what she wants to hear and then cut her as soon as she’s useless to them including her best buddy CHRISTINE!!! Didn’t Christine say it just yesterday, I think to Cody, that Nicole is her friend but she would have no problem turning on her and kicking her out when the moment presents itself. It’s in one of the posts from yesterday. Dumbasses!!!!


Watching Derrick play confuses me about to whom he is actually loyal. I thought it was Zach and Cody, but now he’s spreading potentially harmful rumors about Zach. I know he watched everyone try to get Elissa booted last year. None of the HG’s want to give up the chance of winning America’s Favorite/25, 000. He wanted Donny nominated. He tells people he doesn’t trust Frankie. What is his deal? Is he just trying to throw everyone off the trail of his true allegiances?


Ha Ha!! Team America Yo!!!!


Bye Bye Devin!!!!

TA Sucks

That rumor going to hurt Zach’s game.

Hate that Donny is up on the block but it will be great when Caleb throws the BotB so then Donny is safe for the week.


that was so stupid putting Donny on the block. this whole HOH is gonna backfire on Nicole and Derrick next week. Devin knows the plan is to backdoor him. if Devin gets to play for veto and wins the veto, Devin should not use it on anyone.

TA Sucks

Actually it would be smart for Devin to use the POV on one of the nominees. He can’t be a renom and he might gain an ally.


Derrick already said he’d put up Brit. He’s planning on making her a have not AGAIN!!! Derrick is now Devin 2.0.


First, I am SOOOO mad they put Donny on the block again – WTF? And I don’t get Derrick. I have been liking him this whole time and now I’m rethinking that. Why is he after Donny????? I’m so confused. I feel like I missed something. Why are the TA members going against each other? They should be working together.

And if Derrick does make Brittany a Have Not again then he’s just a complete a$$ and I will hate him for the rest of the season – not because I love Brittany (still trying to figure her out), but that would just be utter crap and there’s no reason for it.

Julie's Glitter

If Devin wins POV he should not use it, unless he wants Britany to go up and go home.


I agree that was a dumb move on Nicole part. For all the talk of nobody will control my HOH, and I am going to do what’s best for my game, how is putting up Donny best for her game? Sure she doesn’t like Devin, but for all her talk she dislikes Amber even more, so why didn’t she put up Amber and Caleb together? Because she decided to let Derrick and Hayden convince her to get Devin out before Amber. Now how dumb is that when she said herself Amber is coming after her? Especially knowing Caleb is going to throw BOTB so Amber can come down, and even if Caleb ends up going home or Decin for that matter, SHE NEVER once said Caleb or Decin was targeting her. If she was smart she’d want to leave Devin in the game and let the guys keep fighting to get him out because Devin are after the 8 and they’re after him. Nicole was no where in the mixt. She just blew her own game by not doing what she claimed she would do and that was use her HOH the way she wanted to. I hope to it blows up in her face.


Donny is one of my favorite people, but it was not smart for him to of went back and told Jacosta what he had been told or to try and convince Nichole to put up Christine on the block. Donny needs to start using his head and keep what he is told to himself because he is going to end up shooting himself in the foot. Just sit back Donny and relax. You are in one of the best positions in the house because everyone liked you before you start repeating what you are told so keep the information you are given tight to your chest until you need it, and protect yourself.


So if Caleb throws the BOB competition and remains on the block with Jacosta, and then Devin wins Veto and takes Caleb off, that means Devin, Caleb, and Amber are safe right? So then who would the target be?


if it all happened right now Jocasta maybe Brittany or teh house will flip again hard to tell.


Oh No… Don`t think that far. Britanny is not going nowhere.

Would be nice if Jocasta gets evicted this week, Would be just a waste of HOH. And even better if Devin wins HOH next week.

If Caleb, Devin and Amber end up safe. I hope Donny goes.

I think i would even prefer DOnny leaving insteaded of Caleb


If that happened and the bow tie lady went home, if you’re a woman in the house you might has well pack your bags. They are slowly eliminating each other without the guys having to really push it.


Simon don’t you think Devin would save BowTie over Caleb?


i’m not sure I haven’t caught that last 10 hours of feeds. I might have an answer for you by the end of the night.


Hopefully if Devin were to use the POV to take Caleb off, Frankie goes up!

TA Sucks

Hopefully Frankie


Derrick and Nicole never thought of this. What if Devin gets picked to play and then wins and pulls Caleb off the block. He would have no reason not too and that would bring the alliance back. Then Devin, Caleb, Amber would all be safe and another floater would go home. I hope this happens for the sake of TV

andy 2.0

if derrik doesnt take team america so seriously i wohld hope he would go after frankie the rat


Wait can you nominate someone that has the power of veto if they don’t use it on themselves? I kind of forgot but I agree if what you say is possible that would be awesome to happen.


Well if someone doesn’t use it on himself/herself, that means they’re on the block so they can still be evicted (a la Brendan). But if the person is not on the block and they pull someone off, no he/she cannot be put on the block.


Hello Frankie !!!


I don’t know if Devin would use the veto on Caleb. He was so upset that Jocasta was nominated; he might use the veto on her…

Heather Grace

Actually Nicole and Derrick did discuss that, but they’re hoping it won’t get to that point. If Devin wins POV, and uses it on Caleb, can Devin then get put up in his place? For some reason I’m thinking he wouldn’t be safe from being put up as a replacement nominee..


If Devin gets picked to play POV and wins he is safe. Anybody that wins the POV is pretty much safe. The only way they would still be able to go home is if they were actually on the block and decided not to use it aka Marcellas from season 3 did it and was sent home (one of the dumbest moves in bb history)


The winner of POV can’t be put on the block. That is why they are worried that Devin will be picked to play in the POV and he’ll win it.


If they can’t get Devin out then it might as we’ll be Caleb…


seriously Frankie, you are continuing to mess with Zach’s game, and it is getting annoying. you could have gone with caleb or someone on the other side. really annoying.


great plan: nicole avoids hoh, devin goes home, caleb is plan b.

it will be interesting to see if this works, we all know all bb plans go exactly as intended (just like house meetings!).


Nicole wimped out. She went first and could have blown this whole thing up but the superfan is so afraid. Its too early…Gee Helen we’ve never heard THAT before!!


If everything goes according to play, either Devin or Caleb will be gone. Derrick will be the person that got a big player out and Nicole can fade back into the background for a couple of weeks. I don’t see anything wrong with her decisions. Is there a better plan than getting out one of the two biggest threats in the game?

Roise dubh

Devin ain’t going anywhere. That little rumor twist is gonna send Zach into a meltdown and once again, the target will switch. Derrick ruined his game by talking way too much. Little Nicole is gonna sting him. Devin staying calm this week will go a long way. When the plan backfires and it will, watch Nicole get fired up, get mad at Derrick and flip the script. Derrick’s in for a world of hurt. Devin will get picked for POV.


Well, with what Nicole has done now, she no longer has power as HOH anymore if everything goes as planned. If Amber and Donny wins BOB, she will be ‘displaced’ as HOH. Derrick can even use her as a replacement if POV is used. So her move was very stupid.


Devin will get picked to play in POV either by having his name drawn honestly or BB redoing the POV ceremony however many times it takes until his name is drawn. That is a Guarantee!


Nooooooooo. Not Donny. I know the plan is for Caleb to throw the BOB but I’m still not ok with that becos with this set of HGs, anything can happen. If Cody gets too close to Amber Caleb might get angry or if Amber does ‘something’ to make him mad, he might just flip and decide to win the BOB to safe himself and then Amber and Donny will be up. He is very unpredictable. And after he wins the BOB, he might reconcile with Amber again and then start to rally around, threaten the others to keep Amber safe and vote out Donny. Nicole, why??? I was just starting to like you. What happened? Why did she change her mind? She had said she wasn’t going to put up Donny.


I would love if Donny gets evicted this week


why? So all the bullies can stay in the house and nobody make any big moves? Donny got put on the block because he was trying to go after the bs who have been controlling the house and threatening everyone into doing what they want. I mean at least Donny had the balls to try to do something about it instead of being a lil rat like Frankie and Derrick or threatening people like Devin and Caleb. I’m not a fan of any of those guys so I’m pulling for Donny. Also he’s just as many comps as caleb, frankie, and derrick. Devin is the only person with 2 comp victories. Donny is probably one of the smartest people in the BB house mostly because they always bring idiots in but still he’s alot smarter than people think. Go donny!


fabio, are you just trying to see how many thumbs down you can get for saying you want Donny out? LOL!!


I really don’t see why people like Donny. I haven’t seen any real game play from him. To me, Big Brother is not about being nice and lovable. It’s about backstabbing and lying your way to win. Why do people like this guy? His game is not strong. Derrick on the other hand is playing a really impressive game. He is able to convince people to do what he wants in a calm way.


I actually would have liked Derrick if it wasn’t for last night when he was running his mouth nonstop about the BS would have been better if he wouldn’t have kept bringing it up. His game was strong but him winning HoH really messed up his floater game. Honestly Derrick is still one of the better players but needs to learn when to shut up. Definitely don’t like Nichole anymore not so much that she put up my favorite player just because she did exactly what someone else told her to do instead of thinking for herself. And people like Donny because he has a really nice personality and just seems like someone who’d be fun to talk to. His game isn’t that bad he plays his easy to get along with personality the first few weeks and tries to get a feel of the people in the house. He even won Veto when he was on the block because apparently nobody in the house knows how to spell! Donny has been playing pretty low key game not getting a big target on his back too early but i will say he may have messed up talking to a puppet who won’t listen to reason.


Production probably coached Donny into talking to Nicole about the Christine stuff… knowing her paranoia would cause her to turn on Donny.


Nicole said that Donny said something at the last minute that made her not trust him anymore. What did Donny say?


dony said that nikol shud put up Christine and he says Christine is a meanie and a liar and nicol get mad bout dat and put dony up and it deserv Donny dumb


Umm – Are you related to Pow Pow or something??? – learn to spell!

mr ed

Hope Derrick goes down for all this coniving he is doing!!!!!!


Um…it’s Big Brother…you know its a game, right? A reality show?


The game is called Big Brother. This is what every player should be doing. The way Derrick is playing is the way every Big Brother player should play the game. (Dan, Boogie, Dr. Will, Ian, Evil Dick) all lied their way to wins. That’s what Big Brother is all about.


Wait! What did i miss…who told nicole to put donny on the block?….if he volunteered, why dif he cry? *confused

Hall Monitor

I think we’ll have to wait and see. He may have gone to Nicole and offered, then cried to keep up the ruse with Diva.


I don’t think he volunteered. I’m not sure but it looks like Nicole got mad becos Donny was trying to tell her that Christine might not be who she thinks she is. That Nicole should not trust Christine that much and if she is certain if Christine gets HOH, she won’t put up Nicole? Well if that’s it then Nicole is very stupid. Somebody was trying to give you an advice and you turn on him. Donny knows Christine is still in the BS but Nicole is too stupid to believe Christine has her back and is her friend. Friend indeed.


Cristiane is playing a stupid game and does not even what she is doing, but she never said she would put Nicole up.

Donny made that up and got caught.

Bye Bye Donny


Hayden convinced Nicole that Donny was playing her and she put him up. Now they’re all trashing Donny. I hated Derrick but now I hope Nicole goes soon. She won the 1st nom. She could have put up who she wanted to put up and at the ceremony told everyone Caleb/Derrick planned to have Caleb throw the BotB and that doesn’t fly.


I like Hayden better now.

I wish Donny was not on Team America, them they could say he is the related so some past houseguest.

Hoping Donny goes home this week. He is useless in the game, just like Jerry from season 10


How is Donny useless he won veto when he was on the block last time which is more than what most house guest have done?


Ok..thanks evrryone! ..i reread and see what happened…i agree nicole should have put up vic or christine! ..i thought she had a good game til now! Silly girl


She should have put up either Frankie or Cody. Frankie because he’s part of the Caleb/Amber/Frankie alliance. Or Cody because then Caleb would have to throw the BotB to save his Queen and her Boy Toy.

Julie's Glitter

Derrick needs to relax. He’s getting diarrhea of the mouth. (And he needs to quit saying “It is what it is.” I hate that stupid phrase.)


…or the term…’at the end of the day’…

Sheep Deprivation

Boots on the ground


Derrick was being a d$ck to Donny forcing him to accept how things played out and why he got nominated (i listened to that talk on the feeds). Give the man a break and let him process being put on the block before trying to do damage control. Derrick was badgering Donny to accept what he was saying and shouldn’t be upset. Of course Donny is upset, who wouldn’t be. Also, Derrick needs to shut the f up about the damn 8 person alliance. Let it die.


OMG, now Derrick is running his mouth in the HOH room. He said Donny was being condescending. No, Donny was being Donny and you were projecting your bs on to him! Derrick, I can’t stand you any more!


And saying that he went into his OUTSIDE life and felt disrespected…puleaaase! Sounds VERY cop-like to me!


Sounds a little Devinish doesn’t it?


If I’m on Team America, I am spreading the rumor. Frankie can calm Zach down and if he can’t, oh well. The guy already threw him under the bus first. But a smart player would look at the odds of winning the game vs. getting 5k each week by completing tasks. If the task isn’t something that will totally destroy your game, than it’s beneficial to complete them. Because if you play your cards right you can get as much as 2nd place would.


Wish they said that Victoria was related to Amanda, one plays the victim and the other plays the bully and they both from Florida too. This is going to hurt Zack bad.

Sheep Deprivation

Wish they said Nicole was cousin of KKKBarbie Aaryn. They look like cousins.


That’s funny, my husband walked into the room last night while I was watching and said “Isn’t that the little racist from Texas?”
Obviously he hasn’t caught on that it’s a new season with a new cast….. lol




That would have been the more obvious choice for me too…now that you brought it to my attention 🙂 Would have been fun watching Victoria protest. I am not liking what they’re doing to Donny, not one little bit. Derrick, I’ve been pulling for you since day 1, but you’re starting to lose me.


Remember Derrick was a narc. He was trained to gain someone’s trust and then send them to jail. The Dbag made his living lying and betraying people. And if he’s that quick to turn on Donny when he knows Frankie is the bigger threat then you have to wonder how many innocent people had their lives ruined because of him.


Dude! this is just a game. Why are you taking things so personal? Derrick is playing a really great game. He is able to convince people to do what he wants. If the other house guests can’t see that, then they’re idiots and deserve to go home. Derrick is the best player in the house so far. But again this is only just game. Don’t take it so personal


Team Donny!!


Serious drug dealers are terribly damaging to society. A friend of mine did the same undercover work for a few years and then got out. It takes a very strong person to not let that “life” effect you permanently, and I think Derrick is one of those people.

new to BB 14

This is bad so Calib says he will throw the BoB what if he does but still ends up winning! Then Donny and Amber are still up as canidates in the POV devin gets picked to play and wins POV decides not to use it leaving Donny and Amber up on the block. Thursday night Donny ends up walking out the door!!

I will be done with this season and hope Donny finds Pao and they have a happy june/October relationship!!


i think with that choice, people would vote out amber. Caleb would vote her to stay, but no one else really has anything going on with her over donny. devin and jocasta are unlikely to vote out donny, devin because he owes him at least that. Nicole if she is not HOH would vote out amber, and i think christine will vote out donny due to what is being said. Cody would annihilate amber, and so would Zach. derrick has no vote, and Frankie is kind of stuck having to keep donny otherwise they’ll end up with someone new as team america which will affect his game. victoria would get rid of amber just because of the connection to both devin and caleb, and there is zero chance hayden would keep amber. zero zip nada. i don’t think ambers chances would be very good if she was up against anyone really.


That’s why Derrick, Cody and Christine are trashing Donny. If it goes wrong Donny goes.


I would love that.

Why would you be done with the season? Donny is just floater…


Wish they said that Victoria was related to Amanda, one plays the victim and the other played the bully and they both from Florida too. This is going to hurt Zack bad.


I don`t think that would work. I think Victoria`s family is from Israel, something like that… Hard to think Amanda and Victoria were related.

I think maybe they could say Jocasta is Candice`s aunt.

Amber and Monnet half-sisters (from season 12)


Amanda is Jewish and lives in Boca just like Victoria. Amanda was also nicknamed Demanda so it wouldn’t be that hard to convince this group of idiots.

Devin's Dealer

Every year all the good competitors take each other out early and by the time we get to jury were left with Victoria, Jocasta, Christine, Donny, and Frankie wins it all. So exciting.

Hood rat

Ya I’m hoping devin stays. Not because I like him but because it will make the season interesting. I would love to see a season where the weak players are voted our early and not allowed to float the entire season without getting blood on the hands.


Donny told her that Christine could not be her buddy ????? I agree why is everyone so hard on Frankie? Christine is all over the place. TEAM AMERICA start a rumor that Christine is W.C. Fields great granddaughter………………………….


That’s funny!

smd nicole

I hope nicole loses her hoh she doesnt need the heat


nicole they told you what to do donny was not run his mouth to people only you you lost myrespect i hope you go home soon dumb in i hope devin wins pov

TA Sucks

Sounds like Devin is messing up Donny’s game also. Another reason Devin needs to go.


Told you Devin is no good for anyones game… The Double D’s way to put a target on Donny… douche bag. Screw one of the two people that might save him… idiot.


And twice for that matter. After he was so contrite. That guy (why I oughta) has terrible impulse control and self-awareness. Then again, he is fighting to stay. Always enjoy your posts, EricCA


Me too!! What was the conversation between Donny & Nicole that made her put him up????


Lame-o noms. Caleb falling on his sword for his frigging queen, he doesn’t give a damn about the money. Nicole can’t play to save her life which is exactly why she’s gonna lose, she’s too damn personal. As for Derrick, what happened to Team America?


Hey you’re not me!! I agree with you but you’re not me!!

A Nonny Mouse

Yeah, sorry about that. I have no idea why that happened and there’s no delete button so…

But Sorry!


I think it would have been cool if Nicole had put Cody and Amber up. That would have been hilarious! Then Caleb would be falling on his sword to save his queen and his competition…


The hell would Nicole put Donny on the block instead of Victory, oh I know, she like the rest of us forgot Vicotria was even in the house…


I love the fact that jocasta got nominated. She has zero gameplay so for and she continues to be the biggest floater in the house right now. She needs to get it together and find some allies


Awww…I like Jocasta, but you’re right…girl has brought nothing & probably wouldn’t because of her job title & faith. Sad thing is, what if she did? BB Fans would more or less rip her apart.

Amanda's dog Woofie

I luuuv Jocasta a lot. And I’m an atheist. Go figure.


I think Donny should wait until Team America starts the Zach is Amanda’s relative rumor to a few people and then out Team America. It would end it. Donny doesn’t care about the 5-25k like Derrick. Derrick is obsessed. Blow it up Donny!! Team Donny!!


If they can get the rest of the floaters out, Jocosta, and Victoria, I think this game could heat up, with all competitors…

Downvote me!

What do you all expect? It’s like there’s a HOH curse. Whoever becomes HOH, everyone hates them. All of last week, we wanted Devin out and now we want him to stay? And now it’s derrick’s turn?

Y’all are mad dysfunctional.


This is a very entertaining season!

Sheep Deprivation

Which Rat will get the Cheese?… So&so is talking to So&so.FrankieorDerrickorFrankieorDerrick come in the room. The topic changes to wiener-dogs. Will the real Andy2.0 please stand up?


I think the Team America thing got into Derrick’s head. He says America loves him so he believes he is going to win. I thought being in TA with Donny, he would actually protect Donny from the BS but no. I bet you the secret mission they’ve been asked to do, if Zach finds out, Frankie and Derrick will blame it all on Donny that he started the rumor. I hate this.

Aaryn G.

Cant they c through Donny? What 40 year old talks and acts like they r 60 years old? Elvis Presley was 42 when he died and he could shake rattle & roll……while Donny just creeps & scoots. He’s playing on the sympathy of the other houseguest & taking advantage of the fact that he greyed early so he grew his beard out starting back when big brother 1st came out with the plan of having a grandfatherish persona & to one day be on the show ,tell pitiful stories, & speak like a helpless little old groundskeeper. In reality he can probably run , jump& skip like an Olympic gold medalist….isnt that right Simon?

Brittnay's future ex

Elvis couldn’t do anything when he died because he was so heavy!

Sheep Deprivation

Hey Aaryn… Did you get your boob job?


When has Donny been acting like an old man? I mean, he’s 10 years older than the next oldest person, which would make it tough to really bond with these people, but he’s been very active working out. So I’m not sure how that gets twisted into him acting old and feeble.


My husband is older than Donny and says slow and steady does it. He can also jump shake and skip. I firmly believe Donny was building a social game first.


Hang in there Mrs. B., Donny dances to different music. Elvis was all Rock-N-Roll,, Donny is more like Dueling Banjos played with a Cello. He may put them all to sleep.


There’s always tension after any sort of ceremony. People’s feelings are hurt for being nominated, the HOH(s) are trying to justify their decision to anyone who will listen, and everyone is else is either bad mouthing or consoling. This dies down, and once everyone comes to grip with the situation, the game begins anew. Things will change by dinner, much less by the time the POV comp has been played and is used or not… Now… How about a wild scenario to ponder…

What if…
What if Donny throws the comp as well? The game is spent trying to avoid the block, obviously, and I think in most cases it’s a bad idea. But just for arguments sake, let’s say he does, and is successful;

He is up against amber. A target for many, and unliked by the women apparently. Hard to see him losing that vote if the POV is not played and noms remain.

The POV is won by Amber or Caleb: Devin as replacement. These are the only two that I can see using it on Amber.

Anyone besides Devin, Caleb, or Amber winning the POV: Donny comes down, Devin goes up.

Devin wins the POV: Donny comes down, Derrick goes up, and any loyalties that may be left to the BS, are officially extinguished. This also isolates Caleb and puts him in a precarious situation as far as the following wk(s)

He also saves his ‘friend’, ‘ally’, or ‘someone he trusts’ in Jacosta from worse case scenario. He already lost one, he does not want to see her go if it can be helped.

The nomination of Donny and Amber was meant as a throwaway. By trying to justify and validate it, it’s coming across as something more conniving. Donny, in one way or another, will use this to his advantage. They all seem to like Donny, like the majority of us. In a situation where people are constantly bashing each other, the understanding ear Donny provides to the HG’s, is at the very least subconsciously appreciated. In a rash moment they could get behind evicting him, but given 4 days, he’s gonna be ‘a beast’ to evict.

Unlikely to play out, but definitely a scenario. And of course, this is just looking from Donny’s perspective. Long post, I know. Apologies. I’ll try to keep them shorter… Thoughts? …


Donny has a simmilar social game to Jordan, which I will argue is one of the best in Big Brother History. If you doubt it… she won Big Brother 11 with that game and it made people really take a look at the floater strategy.

Jordans good social game was also proven when she returned with Jeff and she would try to advise him how to play and if he had listened they probably would have won.

Best Big Brother Social Games:
Dan Gheesling
Danielle Reyes
Shelly (Straight Shooter)

So I think Donny will go down as one of the best social games ever. He is the old guy this season, he has a bear and should have been gone week one… but he will last longer than people will think and if he get’s to the final two… win.


I agree. Which is why I think someone like Donny could entertain that scenario. And again, not that it’s the right move or a likely move, but because he is a social player he has that option. A player who isn’t well liked couldn’t pull it off. Anyone with a great social game needs not fear the block. Of course no one wants to be on it, it’s the only way you go home, but given enough time, they get off. Dr Will was the best at that. You can’t manipulate, if you can’t socialize… And the idea of ‘floaters’ is completely misconstrued. It’s wk 3 now. No one has even been in the house long enough to float. The term came about when the house was split with 2 known alliances against each other openly, and 2 or 3 people remaining neutral. They infuriated the alliances because they essentially were deciding the fate of the house, but the alliances couldn’t work together to eliminate them. Why would you NOT want to be the one with the deciding vote, while simply sitting back and watching two sides eliminate each other? Furthermore, in this season, who is in an open alliance? If there are no known alliances, how could anyone ‘float’?? It’s ludicrous. Simple minded people have hijacked the term and use it on anyone who isn’t with the houseguest of their choice… I’m ranting today 🙂


You’re correct. Of course they often also misuse the term backdoor as well. That drives me crazy. 😉


I agree 100% the term floater is misused more and more each season. There are actually NO real floaters this season… because all of the Alliances that are in the house are not real Alliances. These guys spend an exhausting amount of time concentrating on taking out other Alliance members and completely loose focus… In about two weeks Derrick, Frankie and Zach will be talking about how they need to get out Cody… because he runs the girls. While Hayden and Nicole will be talking about how to get rid of Christine because she is too close to other people. They will all want Brittany and Amber out while Amber is campaigning to get Caleb out of the House… Victoria will be doing her nails while Donny combs out his beard. Oh Jocasta is probably the one going home this week, next week might be Devin


Hey Dan, send Donny some of your mist!!


Nicole is an idiot and somehow fluked a win and now is being manipulated by Derrick. Donny was one of her real allies but that girl is THICK


Jesus, These people are getting on my last nerve.
They really need to take a break. Especially
Derrick. I can’t stand this guy


I’m a little behind on the feeds. Would anyone be willing to explain why no one on this site seems to like Frankie anymore? I’m just curious if said/or did something…..


He was supposed to have a final 2 with Zach, but he was going to Devin (HOH) and trying his best to get Zach back doored. Frankie chose Devin and Caleb (who no one likes) over Zach when it was completely unnecessary. Frankie was the one that was turning the house against Zach, until Derrick stepped in and flipped it back. None of this made the show.


Derrick, STFU!!

Brittnay's future ex

I can’t wait for Caleb to walk out the door and see the look on his face. Mr Douche mode is a tool!


What if Donny just blows their plan up and throws the BOB comp and strikes a deal with one or 2 people not in the 8 so basically Jocasta, Brittany, Devin one if he gets house guest choice he will pick them and if they win use it on him and they would be safe too. It could possibly backfire but it would be crazy if it worked then the house would flip. We would get some pretty good drama maybe even more than last week


I’m confused….If Devin is chosen to play in the pov, and wins it…Decides to pull caleb off, can he then be backdoored?


No. The golden power of Veto means you are safe if you win/use it. If you are not already on the block, you also have the option of removing a nominee.


If Devin wins the POV and uses it to save Caleb both of them are safe from eviction.


Whoever wins the pov is safe and can use it on whoever they want… if youre on the block and win the pov you have to use it on yourself or youre an idiot and can be sent home

BB Psych Ward

No, POV winner is safe and can use it to take someone off UNLESS they are already a nominee and use it on the other nominee, then in that case, they would b in danger of being voted off.When Brendan and Rachel were on the block together, Brendan used the POV to take Rachel off the block , he ended up being voted off.


What a weak cast of girls. Cowering, hiding, allowing the guys to control them, not making decisions, playing scared, not realizing they are getting picked off one by one even though they deserve it for being so lame. Pathetic. And Frankie, you are Andy more and more every day.


It’s clear Derrick still has his wagon hitched to the core of the BS. Donny is right, the BS might not exist as it did last week, but Frankie, Derrick, Christine, Caleb and Amber are still tight. Nicole should listen to Donny instead of putting him on the block. Christine is playing the game for herself and I do believe she would not put herself in danger or do anything public to save Nicole or Hayden. I can’t believe Derrick threw Donny under the bus like that. He did say to both Frankie and Donny that going forward they would decide together how to vote. Derrick didn’t consult Donny at all, and Donny isn’t stupid. Derrick lost a lot of cred in my eyes. I thought he was smarter than this. He risks pissing off Cody, Jacosta could talk, I don’t think Donny feels any loyalty to him anymore and if anyone but Devin goes home this week (like Caleb) Derrick will have had a disastrous HOH. Funny how Nicole was trying not to win and she scored highest. That’s the thing with crap shoot competitions. Just because you are a strong competitor doesn’t give you any advantage over the weakest player. I knew there was something like this coming up soon. Next HOH will probably be endurance.


This really pisses me off and scares the hell outta me for Donny now. Yep he should have kept his mouth shut at the POV and went to Nicole afterward privately. I can understand his anger and hurt tho – Nicole had just confided in him a few days before agreeing to an alliance! Why oh Why would SHE put up her own alliance too? Because she caved in to Derrick’s alliance deal to be a part of the “cool kids”. And now she tells the BS about EVERYTHING Donny told her – which was ALL TRUE! EVERY LAST WORD WAS TRUE! Now you ask why would they spread rumours about Zak? – Frankie once again got into Derrick’s ear and controlled that to ruin Zak but ALSO to ruin Donny’s game by having Donny be the “link” to the rumour via Pao. Today as we see, they are all spreading “spun” rumours about it being Donny who is causeing all the other HG’s rumours.
. Frankie doesnt really want the TA thing – it hampers his previous lies and connections. Yah I am really angry about this.