Big Brother Spoilers – Power Of Veto Players PICKED! DEVIN has a 1 in 5 Chance Of Winning!

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations:
Have Nots
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-12 11-58-11-506

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11:15am – 11:47am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the house guests to pick players for the Power of Veto Competition that will take place later today. When the house guests gathered in the living room Derrick explained about Jocasta being sick and not being able to compete said it’s okay we’ve got that covered, I’ll explain all of that.

POWER OF VETO Players: Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny (Only 5 players not the usual 6 because Jocasta is too sick)


11:47am – 12:05pm When the live feeds return – Caleb and Amber are in the earth room. Cody says you’re winning it so I’m not Caleb says now he (Devin) has a 1 in 5 chance at winning. (Apparently Caleb picked Devins name out of the bag lol) Caleb says but the thing is he is just too big, these comps aren’t made for him Caleb says he told me good luck and I said good luck to you too. The cameras switch to the HOH room where Amber, Brittany, Nicole and Frankie are talking. Nicole says I can’t believe that just happened. Amber says I’m glad Christine gets to play because she’s wanted to play in one.

In the storage room – Derrick is telling Donny about the Team America mission. Donny says lets just concentrate on the veto competition. Derrick says if I win the veto I will take Caleb off to put up Devin. Donny says that Caleb isn’t very smart and hes stacked against the brains. Devin is part of the brains. They talk about how Caleb is clouded by liking Amber. Derrick says I want Caleb gone as bad as I want Devin gone but I don’t want to risk Devin changing anything. He started a rumor about me and I want him gone. I want to guarantee Devin goes home. Derrick says that no one will have a problem with you taking off Jocasta if you win it. Donny says it would be nice if I won it .. so I could take off Jocasta and you put Devin because he was the one that wanted me out week 1. Derrick says if Devin wins then we will talk about who goes. Donny says Caleb should go then. Derrick says we’ll talk about it. The leave the room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-12 11-51-26-307

12:06pm In the kitchen – Devin apologizes to Derrick for getting amp’d in the picking of the players for the veto competition. Its just for air time. Derrick says don’t worry about it. Just know I’m not going to throw it. Derrick says you do you. We’ll talk if you win it.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-12 12-10-14-617

In the bathroom – Derrick asks Christine what are some veto competitions they might have? Christine says maybe the one where you fly across on cables. Derrick says obviously we’re taking Caleb off and putting up Devin if we win. Derrick says he thinks Donny would take Jocasta off. Christine comments on there being 5 cables. Derrick asks how would they know Jocasta wasn’t going to play? Christine says because she’s sick. Derrick heads to the storage room and tells Caleb we just got to win this one! If he wins it then the better man won.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-12 12-21-57-703

12:30pm Although Jocasta couldn’t make it to the veto meeting because she’s too sick she was at the meeting in “bow tie” spirit.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-12 12-27-02-848

12:40pm In the kitchen – Caleb says Amber got under my sleeping bad and put her hand on my foot! Derrick really. Caleb says I was thinking don’t start being like that now just because I am on the block fighting for you. I was like na, no, not today! Caleb says and then I picked him (Devin’s name). Derrick says hey its the name of the game. I am going to race to hit that buzzer! Caleb say right now its 4 verses 1. Big Brother blocks the feeds.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-12 12-41-09-556

12:50pm – 1pm In the bathroom – Christine and Caleb are talking about how maybe the competition is the one where you roll the ball back and forth over the ramp and can’t drop it. Caleb then goes into the kitchen and says BEAST MODE COWBOY is at level 90! Caleb tells Devin how they’re thinking the veto competition is the ball one. (Why would you prepare the person you want to beat for what the veto might be?) In the bedroom – Donny wakes up Jocasta and tells her they wanted me to tell you to drink more. Donny tells her that he was chosen to play in her place. He says we’ve got 50 minutes before it starts. Derrick comes in and tells Jocasta don’t worry about it you’re not going home no matter what. My target is to get Devin out. If he doesn’t win it, I’m putting him on the block and he’s going home. Relax, enjoy your day! Get back in it! Derrick says they told us to wear comfortable clothes for the veto. Its not a costume competition. Derrick says sorry I put you up. I feel a little bit responsible. Jocasta says no. Donny tells Jocasta I don’t believe you will go home no matter what. If I win I’ll take you off and if anyone else wins someone will come off. If you’re sitting beside Devin he will go home. Donny

1:10pm – 1:30pm Derrick and Caleb put on war paint. Caleb says he’s turned up! He’s now at level 95! Nicole comes into the bathroom and wishes Derrick good luck. Frankie paints John / 3:16 (Bible reference) (He then changes it to PHIL / 4:13 because he had the wrong bible reference) over Caleb’s war stripes. Derrick gets JBL (Wife’s name) / TRL (Daughter’s name). Derrick, Devin, Christine and Donny go into the have room to discuss the strategy if its the competition where they have to get closest to 1 hour. The talk about dropping off before and Caleb dropping off right after Devin drops. Donny tells then that he will not use the veto on Devin if I win it. He’s burnt me too many times. Caleb agrees and says he knows how it feels to have the knife you his back.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-12 13-19-39-397

1:40pm – 1:50pm In the hive room – Nicole tells Christine to go out and have fun. Your life isn’t on the line you’re okay. Just go out and represent the girls. Christine says okay. Can you say my name that really helped me in the other competition. Nicole says okay. Christine says I just want to beat the boys. Even if I come in second. Nicole says she doesn’t think there are any other backdoor plans (other than Devin). Christine says she doesn’t think so either. Nicole says don’t be nervous, just have fun with it. Christine says I just have to be fast than Donny and not as reckless as the other guys. Nicole says I have a (bad) feeling that Devin is going to win it.

Hayden yelling / singing is told to stop by big brother. Hayden says I didn’t do anything! Big Brother says Hayden SHUT IT DOWN!
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bandicam 2014-07-12 13-48-49-650

In the living room – Derrick, Donny and Hayden are stretching. Derrick tells them that no way, no how will I ever make a deal with Devin. Hayden agrees. Derrick tells Donny the veto might be something like tempting us with money or something. Donny says it might be. Derrick says I hope not. I’m not taking it. Derrick and Caleb go up to the HOH room. They talk about how this is the biggest veto of the season. Derrick tells Caleb don’t take any money if there is any. You came here for 500K not for 5 or 10K! Derrick says I am going to make it very clear to Devin don’t come up here telling me who to put up. If he wants to backdoor me next week thats fine.. Caleb says I don’t want any good luck or sympathy .. I only want a thanks when I win it.


Big-Brother-16-2014-07-12 14-06-58-080

2:10pm Big Brother calls CODY to the diary room! The other house guests say its about to go down because Cody’s the host of the VETO Competition.

2:30pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the Power of Veto competition to take place!
3:55pm Still playing the POV

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Please Devin!!! Lose the POV!!!!


Please Devin, win teh POV!


Please Devin!!! Lose the POV so you will be backdoored!!!!!!

Franks Carrot Suit

Please DEVIN, win the POV!!!!

Caleb VOLUNTEERED TO GO ON THE BLOCK!!! period, point blank, end of story, …… you should go home….

and apparently to “protect his queen”, with intentions of throwing a competition that ended up being a competition he COULDNT throw and is left of the block…. come on…. if youre that dumb…. you need to go….

he can get a headstart on his amber collage and drool over her every minute on the feeders—–

didnt you guys hear??? “She touched his foot”!! Shes Obviously crushing on him hard ……. BWAHAHAHAHHAA

I cant respect someone that would toss their game away over being crazy about a chick you knew 10 days…. then jump on the block…..


Devin wins POV, takes Caleb off the block. Derrick nominates Victoria. Victoria goes home. Yay!

Devin calls a house meeting (haha) and pose a question where they think they stand in the house.




Let the real game beign!

(Yes, I want a real battle and suspense.)


I want Devin to win POV for the simple fact it’ll be chaos in the house.


Knew BB would make sure Devin played in the POV either by getting chosen fairly or BB making them choose until his name was drawn. He is so strange and creepy. Devin needs to lose and go home, but BB will make sure he doesn’t just so the drama stays in the house. Betting this week Jocasta ends up going home.


New to this site this year (it’s FABULOUS by the way..totally addicted…never leave the house! lol), and you may have answered this b4, but, Does anyone get to check the bag before they pull names for POV? It just seems that a target that makes great TV ALWAYS gets pulled. This one looks particularly shady…..although I don’t really his Divas-ness WAS pulled….I like the fun too. Just wondering what you know…


Thanks! they do get searched before entering.


Why didn’t someone get to play in Jocasta’s place like they did a few years back since she is so sick so there would be 6 Veto Players instead of just 5. Also read that the medic said Jocasta was suffering from dehydration and heat stroke so why did they not give her IV fluids? Just sending her back to the room to sleep is not going to help her very much as sick as it sounds like she is. Seems like BB and CBS are being pretty negligent in their medical care in regard to Jocasta.

Amanda's dog Woofie

BB’s first-aid kit…Vaseline, Adderal & Atavan.


I kind of want Devin to win the pov and keep it to send home Caleb. That would keep everything interesting and is it just me or is Zach a download floater he hasn’t won anything and he always calling someone a floater that’s alittle werid. I dunno??


Agree 100%. He has no game.


I think you’re misunderstanding what the term “floater” means, along with the rest of the people who liked this comment. A floater is someone who floats to whoever is in power. Honestly, IMO it is too early to tell who is a floater or not, but some HG’s do seem like they could be potential floaters. As far as Zach not winning a comp, the same could be said for others. I’m sure he will win a comp at some point during the summer, especially as the numbers go down. You also have to factor in that not everyone plays in every comp, and some comps are won only by chance. Like the last HoH, anyone had a chance to win that no matter how smart or athletic you are.


The the term ‘floater’ has changed. It used to mean people that float to the power, but now it also means anyone that tries to float through the game without ever winning anything or being apart of any big moves. Accept it and move on.
It’s unimportant to the discussion


Demeaning much?

Mister E

Devin gets picked for Veto comp…..Check
Veto Comp is baseball themed………we will see.

Mister E

Maybe it will be a “talking about your daughter comp” or “how many times you can say Bro in one sentence comp”


Bench pressing only for those with daughters.

Julie's Glitter

I wish Christine would win it and NOT use it, but for a super fan, she seems pretty foater-ish to me.


Thanks Allison Grodner. Although I’m not surprised she could at least TRY not to make it so obvious.


HaHa…you guys are terrible…


It always works this way. The person you don’t want to win HOH or POV does. Should be interesting to see who wins. If it’s not someone’s close to Derrick, will they screw over Derrick’s plans to get Devin out? Donny needs to stop telling Derrick the truth and just agree with what he is saying because he will end up in Zach’s position next.


Have past BB players ever talked about checking the bag after the veto player pick, to make sure there was 1 chip – no more, no less – for each houseguest? And no… “special pocket” or stuff like that?

yo, sup

There can’t be double names because by now they definitely would have picked the same name twice at some point in BB history if production did that, and no house guest has ever said that a name had been picked twice ever


These are my exact thoughts! I wonder if there were possibly two Devin chips in there. That just seems like too much of a coincidence that Devin got picked over every other person. I wonder if Derrick could have checked the chips before the ceremony to see if there was only one for everybody.. I’m sure production would not like that though.


Caleb, please win the POV so Derrick will backdoored Devin!!!!!!


C’mon BB saboteurs, make the veto be a weightlifting contest!

All jokes aside, Devin’s been a good sport about everything instead of pouting; I like that he asked if he could host if he’s not picked for veto.

I still like Zach and Hayden.

I wanna pick a girl, between Brittany or Nicole…

Amanda's dog Woofie

Instant Karma

Al Beetross

I would love to see Devin win just to see the madness that is sure to ensue soon after.


Caleb would lose his mind!! And if Devin didn’t play it Caleb would be gone. No one is going to vote BowTie off and keep a threat like Caleb. Wait this is a house full of idiots so you never know.


I KNEW Devin would get picked to play. Honestly, I think he is just saving face this week, which is why he is coming off as “classy”. If he wins POV, then he will be back to his ways next week. I wouldn’t fall for it. I feel like Caleb is an easier target than people think because he is playing for AMBER, not himself. The real test will come if he and amber are ever on the block together and he wins POV. Will he take her down or himself with the confidence that he has the numbers? Something to look forward to.


Considering she doesn’t do anything and is ill, maybe they should send Jocasta home this week.


Aww…I like Jocasta…but I agree!


watch Donny win HoH and choose not use it…. LOL
This bad… it up to Derrick and Caleb to win the veto.
It would be lovely to say Christine might win, I hope she does, but, instinct says she will throw that challenge, so she is till seen as not one of the 8 BS’ers. If she wins and uses it she will be exposed as in on it. It will fracture her and Nicole. She may not have an out.
My hope is that Caleb wins and Devin go’s up.
Nothing personal against Devin but if they have the opportunity to get him out now.
If Jocasta go’s home due to illness they will probably still have an eviction this week.
Because in Big Brother… sometimes they come back.


If Devin wins veto watch Derrick, Cody, Zach, Frankie start scrambling for the next couple of weeks. Devin joins up with the outsiders who will then have the numbers.


Am I the only one who wants Donny or even maybe Christine to win so Jocasta comes off and it becomes Caleb against Devin? Then everyone will really start to squirm


I think most of us want Caleb v. Devin
It’s the results of that we do not agree on.


I honestly don’t care if devin or caleb leaves, I’m just exciting for cody vs devin or caleb, that’s brewing for next week

smd nicole

i want caleb to leave this week so bad then hopefully devin leaves pre jury…

and I’m hoping this is one of the PoV’s where u have to give up stuff to stay in the game like the one chicken george won on all stars where he put himself on slop the entire summer… thats my favorite comp


It would be really funny if they did that comp and somehow it worked out that Caleb can only have the Veto if he puts Amber on slop the entire summer. Hahaha I can only wish to see how stupid he would feel later on! Lol


Hopefully caleb wins so devin gets backdoored, even though hes trying to be nice I dont buy his niceness he’s up to something so they should get rid of him then followed by caleb then frankie(the snitch).


I’d really love it if Devin won the POV, but I’m afraid he would try to use it on Caleb to win back some loyalty.

Get Caleb out of there!!!


Not going to happen!!! He has 1 out of 5 chance of winning, in which he won’t.


Everybody only has a 1:5 shot at winning, so I guess nobody will win with your logic…




Nope that wouldn’t happen bcuz he has had some doubt about him since he won HOH. Do you recall the conversation when he was talking to Derrick. When Derrick was trying to convince him to tell Caleb about Brittany being taking off the block.

Team Donny

I dislike Devin but i think he is good for drama.


All the more reason for production to rig comps to ensure Devin stays in house several more weeks.
DONNY for the win.


Derrick is annoying. He keeps going on and in about Devin messing with his money and family. Well isn’t that what everyone is doing?!? Messing wih everyone’s money hence being on Big Brother. What a douche. Oh and that Devin spread a rumor about him?! Umm… HELLO?!!! Isn’t team America doing the exact same thing in order to win money?? These people are so entitled it’s sickening.


All Big Brothers are like that… There is always the people who will say the are the good guys and fight for the forces of good… be it real or imagined.
Fans will always love or hate different people.
There will always be people walking around that house saying what???? and those who think they know everything about the game and what is going on.
It is the nature of the beast…. and we haven’t even gotten to the crazy part yet.


The all so-called Do-Gooders always turn out to be Bad…. I never take that stuff seriously.


Kinda true.
Season2: Dr Will was the villain that Season
yet Hardy and Nicole where actual bullies
they are the ones that shaved a target on Bunky’s back hair
and screwed each other over. Nicole even picked Dr Will for final 2
because she thought sympathy for Bunky’s sister with Down Syndrome

Where as Dr Will lied the least and kept his word the most
He was more loyal to his alliance. He manipulate people with the truth.

Dan Gheesling to viewers he was a bad guy… in the house he was a good one.


I liked Dan and Dr. Will. They are two of the best that ever played BB, and a lot better than this season or last season’s players.


BB14 was the Season of Stupid and BB15 was the Season of Slobs… Season 15 is the worst Season I have ever watched… It was a disappointment. It is the the first I ever watched out of habit not enjoyment… it was terrible.

this Season so far is reminding of Seasons I actually love. It has potential… I have watched every Season of Big Brother in the US… Season 1 one was blah blah I always though IT was the worst until Season 15.


Luv it EricCa! Manipulate people with the TRUTH!! Doesn’t get any better than that! And that’s gonna be my new fav saying!


What would be a wonderful twist? Devin wins the POV and removes Jocasta. Derrick throws up Victoria. Caleb hears that he’s being “backdoored”. Somehow he confirms it. On Thursday…votes are in…Julie says by a vote of 7 to 4. Caleb “You would have been EVICTED”. But, we’ve hit the RESET button….and watch the chaos that ensues…


I don’t think the reset button would work in this season, but yea, it would be funny.. I hope Devin wins too, more chaos all the time…


That is the dumbest idea that I have ever heard in my life…


It is? Well you can scratch that off your “bucket” list. (Although, I thought POW’s throwing of the comps or Caleb’s volunteering to go on the block…topped my idea :^)


Devin winning POV will make this week crazy!
I hope he wins

tyrone willis

Im rooting for the epic underdog devin to win the veto. and by the way caleb is a fucking idiot. who would choose to nominate themselves and throw a comp that could have saved them. hopefully devin wins the pov and chooses to save caleb. that would make things very interesting.


I was hoping for someone else to propose that theory. Imagine the choas if Devin wins the VETO and decide to remove Caleb. Who would Derrick nominate? Brittany or Victoria? And would they have the vote against Jocosta? That would be a crazy week. But unfortunately I don’t believe Devin would be that smart to figure that out and he hates Caleb now right?


I like Caleb he nut job and it’s fun watch. I like Devin too they make the show interesting everyone is kinda boring to me. I do like zach, Donny, Amber and Frankie. But the rest I’m not a fan of at all.

Devin's Dealer

AshByrd youre so freaking right, all these people wanna see Derrick, Cody and Zach just take all the HG’s out one by one and everybody hug it out and be nice to each other. Well that’s not why I watch BB. I love the drama and everyone wants to see the 2 people who made week 2 EPIC go home. Pretty lame and boring to me. Devin needs to win and take Caleb off or this show is going to be boring AF.

Bob Superfan

Wow Devin getting picked means it’s totally rigged. And I’m sure the producers will make it an comp to favour Devin…. probably to get him to stay around another week for more drama to go on.


Fans have been saying that for years… The button bag (I call it button bag because that is what they call it on Project Runway..LOL) is rigged… we have all felt that.


No more rigged than Rachel’s season. Remember the times when Rachel didn’t win a comp to save herself, and was somehow still saved?

Production manipulates the game for the drama and entertainment… This is why we watch, if everything always worked out the way we wanted it, it would get boring fast… If you look at it, there’s evidence of Production tampering all over the seasons.


Of course it is rigged for Devin to win. UGH!!!!!!


I really don’t like how the new generation of BB players play. The last few seasons no one ever wants to be the bad guy and in turn it makes it boring everybody always wants to play it safe. I loved how in bb 5,6,7, and even 10 there always 2 sides that went after each other without ever worry about what other ppl had to say. They were standing up for there team. Now it like the hoh is scared to nominate who they want because the house wants something else. Who cares about the “house” do what works for you. That’s why I always like the ppl that do what’s good for their game. All this consulting with house irritates me. Sorry to rant lol


The current HG’s are just copying strategies they’ve seen the early players have success with. Dr Will purposely didn’t win comps. to seem low-threat. Secret alliances have been around since the first season of Survivor. Its actually the most effective (boring) method.


Come on home run hitting contest.


if i were jocasta, i would have them carry me on a stretcher to be able to play in the pov comp. she might not win, but she just might prevent someone else from winning when she competes.

she has physical symptoms, but is it the heat or stress? off to bed as soon as she’s nominated is too convenient for me. i think she’s given up, maybe she feels safe, or even could be looking for sympathy (a game move). either way, i would go down fighting, not in bed.


Y’all are as flip floppy as some of these players. Devin’s got to go!! Downvote me.


I want Devin and Caleb out, but I would love to see Devin win POV and stay to keep changing what is going on in the house. Either houseguest going home works for me, but one creates a lot more drama and keeps the game interesting. The live feeds and this site would be nuts if Devin wins POV. I think there is a difference between flip flopping and voting for an interesting week. I think Derrick’s over correcting and trying to contol everything like Devin has turned some people off, myself included. I don’t have anyone I’m rooting for to win at this point, but there are houseguests I like better than others. Like the house, feelings about houseguests will shift and change.


Could Devin be playing for Jocasta? Or did Caleb pull his name?


caleb pulled devins name from the “mystery” bag (let the conspiracy theories roar!).

wasn’t it porche in bb13 that injured her knee or leg and couldn’t play pov? she wasn’t allowed a substitute, but it worked out for her.


The really funny thing is the one person we didn’t see for the first 2 weeks (personally I thought she went to the store and no one noticed) is playing a major role in week 3. If Devin wins and doesn’t use the Veto will the house keep BowTie over Caleb? Or will they use this chance to get him out? And that’s why we love BB.


That is the point of putting Jocasta verses other players:
fact is she is the most disposable person in the house at this point.
If nominations do not change and she is against Caleb. People can vote her out over Caleb easier than about any of them.

If Devin is backdoored and the House flips and it is the smallest sting. Donny is about the only one who would really miss her.

She is not feared and still a bit of an unknown… Hayden “You slept for 33 days it is Day 36….” says more about her than anything.

I realize that this sounds cruel but, it is what it is. That is really why she was put up in the first place.


I really think if it does come down to Caleb vs Jocasta, Caleb will end up getting voted out.
There will be those who see a benefit in the big athletic threat and BS key member leaving, and on the other side, there’s those who think he’s “on their side”. Those are
a) for sure: Amber, Derrick and Frankie.
b) not really feelin’ it: Cody, Zach, Hayden, Christine.
– Cody thinks Caleb might turn on him very soon, he knows Caleb called him “cancer” for wanting to save Zach, and that Caleb repeatedly ratted them out to Devin.
– Zach knows Caleb wanted him out, and he’s less “long term strategist” and more impulsive.
– Hayden knows he’s the last addition to the BS, and he knows it’s BS. He gets along well with Caleb, but will rather vote with his real ally (Nicole, possibly Donny) – and as well vote for the nice lady to stay.
– Christine: wildcard for me – strategically, it might be in her best interest to keep a big target in the game that isn’t targeting her, but she might also see it as a great opportunity to get rid of him since most of them are bigger targets than her anyway, and to prove the BS is really dead…
Obviously, when Frankie would find out Caleb doesn’t have the votes, he’ll switch his not to stand out. Same with Derrick. Amber would give him the sympathy vote if she gets the green light from the entire house, to give the impression that she is loyal (which would be fake).
My bet would be: Caleb evicted by a 10-1 vote.

Mister E

If Devin does win and takes Caleb off the block. Who should Derrick put up?

I think he should put up Frankie, but i doubt he will because of the whole “Team America” alliance.
Next one he should put up would be Amber. Since he believes she is working with Caleb. He will not put her up though because he does not want to upset Caleb.
I think he will put up either Victoria, Hayden, or Donny.
Hopefully it does not come to that and either Caleb or Devin goes this week.


That is another possibility, Devin wins POV and saves Caleb. Derrick would probably put up Victoria because I don’t think they can put someone back on the block if they won BOB, but I could be mistaken.


You’re correct. Donny cannot be put back on the block (thank God – otherwise I think stupid Derrick would put him up and I would stop watching the show if Donny was sent home)


Honestly, I don’t really care who of either Caleb or Devin goes. I’m curious to see who Caleb would align with if Devin goes though. Caleb is the odd man out with the other ”bros” I don’t see him meshing all that well with Cody, Zach, Derrick and Hayden or even Franki. Those 5 are going to be tougher to get out, you can tell they really have each other’s back.


Disregard the last comment! I missed the paragraph where Caleb was talking


too late. 🙂


Philippians 4:13New King James Version (NKJV)

13 I can do all things through Christ[a] who strengthens me.
Wow is Jesus a Big Brother Fan.

Is Christine getting war paint? Should be:
Naked and then C 8 H 10 N 4 O 2 chemical formula for Caffeine

His daughters initials and Brittanys LOL

Beast Turtle


I have zero love in my heart for Caleb. Whatever happens, I do not wish him to leave this week, however. I desire him to be backdoored when Amber is HOH. When he eventually talks to Julie, I want a broken man in that chair. 🙂


Wow… there is something seriously wrong with you… I love it. Haha.


I know, right?!?? And I don’t even feel guilty about it 🙂

Amanda's dog Woofie

You have a beautiful mind.


I can’t believe all the support for devin. yes he was interesting in power, out of power he is less interesting than pao pao was.

he is such a phony too, how are people buying this? seriously, at least fans of Zach agree he is a total douche who has done NOTHING thus far to justify early hopes that he may be a sleeper candidate. instead he is just a sleeper. devin is gaining fans like he is this year’s underdog Rachel style, cmon folks. he is a total douchenozzle.


His mannerisms and his way of talking down to people is so like Brendan it’s kind of creepy. Caleb is his Rachel.

I see something in Zack that makes me think he may turn out to be one of the best players in BB history. I might be wrong, but he reminds me a lot of Dr. Will during his first season. Both Will and Zack can be brats and get away with it, because they have a certain charm and know how to use it. He is a player to watch.


Chloe – I was thinking the same thing – Zach even kinda looks like Dr. Will. Don’t know if Zach has Dr. Will’s game or not yet – but hey – not many do.


Cody and Zach are the biggest floaters. Cody goes around flirting all day then has an opinion on everything that is going on, plus he hasn’t won a comp. Derrick thinks Cody can take him to the top 5 haha it’s dumb, he can’t. Watch Derrick do all the dirty work and Cody benefit from it.


Cody and Zach aren’t floaters. They have an alliance. “Floating” in this game means not aligned with people and floating to whatever alliance has power that week.


How can anyone float when the power has been with the guys since the start of the game? I still don’t see what’s wrong with floating if done right. Every player has to draw on their own strengths to get to the end. For some it’s dominating in competitions (Rachel), for others it’s winning only when you need to win (Dan) and a few really audacious players will throw everything, even the ones they need to win, and they still end up safe (Dr. Will). If floating is done right, it only means that you stay out of the drama while the big personalities clash and send each other home, while you work the house to position your self for the second half. Sometimes being the floater will mean you are the deciding vote, and that can change the direction of the game. The people that bother me way more than floaters are the ones that are there for exposure and camera time. Devin has mentioned several times that he did things to get camera time. I also don’t like the recruits. Brittany literally didn’t understand how the veto works. This season about half of the cast was recruited.


I’m praying Devin wins and takes Caleb off just to see some drama!!


It would be so crazy on the feeds they would break.

smd nicole

this is the kind of drama i like in the BB house! it actually has to do with the game its not just people yelling at each other that is not interesting to me



Devin better win. I want some more laughs!


here is my prediction, Donny wins pov takes down jocasta… devin and caleb are on the block together means more drama in the house… the house is pretty much split down the middle on who they want out between devin and caleb…


I hope its endurance I want to see caleb go beast mode I think its hilarious. That comment about donny as beast turtle made me LOL so hard. Love him though. I really dislike devin he has issues and has no idea how to play big brother. So I hope he goes…

new to BB 14

Calib getting evicted as hes walking out the door Cody and Hayden should mega flirt with Amber hugging her LMAO
Calib would go ballistic and Julie Chen would have to call security LOL

Amanda's dog Woofie

They should do the Night At The Roxbury dance with her.


I still want devon to be backdoored, but Devin winning the veto would set off the house. I would love to see Zach win HoH next week and do the honor of evicting Devin


Dawg….If Devin wins POV and takes Caleb or Jocasta off the block, can Derrick still put Devin up as the replacement?


If Devin wins the POV he is safe regardless of what he does.


Okay wasn’t sure Thanks Simon!


Zach says he hates Victoria but I actually think he secretly likes her


Looks like secret agent Donny has done it again

Like a baws


I think he has experiences with girls like her and he didn’t enjoy it. Probably dated or tried to date someone similar to Victoria and it didn’t go well. Just a guess.


Zack was hoping for a showmance and Victoria… But she does even see Zack as a man.


Yep, He wants her to do the full Fran Drescher and start calling him Mr Sheffield.


I am dreading the PoV results…. and I am also excited.
such a weird feeling now that they are happening… ugh.