Big Brother Spoilers Have Nots OFFAL Burritos “I’m going to stick with Slop dude”

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations:
Have Nots  Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

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4:40pm Donny and Jocasta
Donny is going to put the veto around Jocasta’s neck on monday, “You won’t know what it’s like to talk to julie chen YET”
Jocasta wonders if the plan all along was to have Caleb and Devin upo. Donny thinks the plan was always Devin but now there’s options.
Amber comes in They start wondering if there will be a HAve nots competition. Amber says Frankie has a circulatory problem and Christine is gluten free so they won’t volunteer to be havenots. Donny TElls Amber he’s using the Veto on Jocasta 100%.

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4:50pm Storage Room Caleb and Cody
Caleb points out that was a competition any of them could win. He’s certain the next HOH will be endurance. CAleb – “all in all my plan worked I didn’t win but someone that is with me did and Devin is going home” Caleb says Donny told him he’s using the POV on Jocasta. Cody – “If he doesn’t Jocasta is going home”
Cody says next week they have to keep Donny safe.
Caleb agrees says Brittany goes first then Jocasta. Cody will put up Jocasta if he wins HOH

bandicam 2014-07-12 17-04-06-546

5:02pm HOH Caleb and Zach
CAleb saying the big reason he did all this was for Amber (Going on the block) . Amber gave him a hug after the competition But she still hasn’t come to him to thank him for the BOB (Caleb wants Amber to love him because apparently he threw the BOB for her).He points out that AMber is feeling good now because she was really worried that CAleb was going to get voted out.Zach just playing along.
Caleb says all the girls hate her because she’s pretty, She’s a model and she’s cool with him. Caleb says no other guy would have done what he did for her.
Zach says the girl think Amber lies.
CAleb – Victoria is a lying son of a gun
Zach – Victoria is the worst, dude.. she’s got to go next
Caleb agrees that if he wins HOH he’s putting Victoria up but she’s not his target.
Zach says when he wins HOH next week he’ll put up Victoria and JOcasta.
Zach says theres 11 voters this week do they need 6 to evict someone.
Caleb still talking about the Bombsquad like it’s really a thing says once they get to Jury the alliance is over. Zach (Plays along) says caleb will be the biggest target once they get to the final 8 and that is why Zach is teaming up with Caleb.
Caleb – “You know what I’ll be surprised if I have a vote against me.. we’ll never know.. everyone knows Devin’s going so their one vote won’t matter.. they won’t care.”
Caleb says whoever votes against him will be his target next week. Unless it’s AMber and Frankie doing it to be funny then it’s funny. Caleb tells him he’s the most athletic person in this house but as they’ve witness not all the competitions are athletic.

BB16-2014-07-12 17-30-16-585

5:00pm Storage room Frankie and
Frankie tells im this is going to reset everything and wash it all away. TEam america plan is to tell Amber, Nicole and Victoria that Amanda from Big Brother 15 is Zach’s cousin.
Frankie will tell Amber
Donny tells Nicole
Derrick tells Victoria
One Monday they tell Zach Attack

BB16-2014-07-12 17-59-26-284

5:58pm Kitchen Have Nots
Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden (Everyone volunteered, Christine was supposed to go but Hayden demands he’ll do it so Christine doesn’t have to be a have not)
They have “OFFAL Burritos” to eat a combinations of tripe, tortilla and Tomatillos
Brittany keeps saying how they can make so many different things with the ingredients, except for the tripe. When they find out it’s cow stomach everyone groans.
Devin – “I’m going to stick with Slop dude”
Derrick says Hayden can sleep in the HOH room every night and to be fair the night of the HOH comp all have nots are invited to sleep there

BB16-2014-07-12 17-59-57-789

OBB Bonus USing Falshback

BB16-2014-07-12 17-40-05-477

(Missed this originally. When the feeds came back from the 4:17pm Cam 3-4 Cody is doing a sttiptease. The feeds let you go back to any point in the season.)
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I’m going to laugh my ass off if Caleb ends up going home.


I’m actually hoping for that to happen, I don’t mind Devin sticking around a few more weeks. Caleb seems to think he’s this beast, which he is, but I don’t want him to have an easy game with things going his way. If he survives this week let’s hope he doesn’t win HOH we need someone different. Heck why not Donny, Christine, Hayden or Jocasta.


LOL. Can someone pls wake up Caleb? He is still dreaming in la la land. Lol. Even after all the losses he still keeps ‘bragging’ about how ‘strong’ he is. He definitely has issues.


In many ways Caleb demonstrates how delusional he is. He acts like he won when he lost. He thinks Amber is in love with him when he isn’t. I think he is the male version of last years stalker GinaMarie. Please Amber watch your back!

smd nicole

is it creepy that i am even more attracted to nicole in the frog suit? she looks cute (here come the down votes)


Lol. Here comes the down votes? That really funny. Lol.

smd nicole

everytime i post something about nicole i get tons of down votes


It’s OK as long as you don’t turn into a crazed stalker.


I wouldn’t toss that amphibian out of bed for eating crackers


LOL, an even 42 for each – ups and downs. Looks like a lot of people have a froggy fetish.


Sorry, that Christine and Frankie have gluten and circulatory problems, but if they could not be a Have Not then BB should not of had them on the show. It is unfair to the other 14 people playing the game. They should all be on an equal playing field, and by them not “being able” to be a have not for “medical” reasons gives them an advantage in the show. If you go on BB you abide by the rules all of them and BB should not play favorites, and if they can’t then they should not of been allowed on the show.


Is that true? i thought they just weren’t volunteering to be on slop and not given a pass by BB.


I agree.. Tripe is gluten free..



There’s plenty of things to bitch about concerning BB production. This, however, I disagree with. Blame the HOH. Unless production has informed them that Frankie and Christine are not allowed to be a havenot, which I doubt, then they’re simply manipulating their way out of it. They seem to have done well by creating a situation where the HOH will be the ‘bad guy’ if they put them on it. Kudos to them. Simply put, any advantage a player can get, anywhere in the game, at anytime, they absolutely should exploit.


No Doubt … this not being able to go on slop is BS.
Jocasta needs to grow some or get out. If she is dehydrated
… drinks some water with salt and lemon in it and coconut water
Should be good to go in a few hours…. I think she’s just being a
lazy drama queen. Cut the BS C/BS!

Donny's Beard

Right now I think it is HOH choice, but people have been volunteering…but due to their medical stuff, it appears that Frankie and Christine are not going to volunteer, and will wait until they have to, by either HOH selection or a have not comp loss. Christine mentioned that she was asked if she wanted gluten free have not foods but she told BB no, she’d be okay. As for Frankie, I think he is fair game too; he basically said he is just not going to volunteer and will only do it when he has to, because of the toll it will take on him. Oh, I hope it happens soon and often! I mean really, he’s a bigger princess than Victoria.


Exactly, they’re not getting special treatment or complaining, they just won’t volunteer to be on slop when they don’t have to, that’s all.

Jimmy 64

I am so sick of Devin and his fake smile they better send him home.


Come on, even if you don’t like Devin, he is soooooo fun to watch. I thought this season was going to be a little boring but he singlehandedly made it interesting. I am actually kind of hoping production works some subtle brainwashing subliminal magic and gets everyone to consider voting out caleb instead.

Butters Mom

How did they determine have nots? if it was a contest and they were given a free pass because of medical problems then no that isnt fair… but if the other houseguests volunteered… that is their dumb choice to do it for Frankie and Christine.

ugh Caleb

UGH Caleb and all his mushy mushy nonsense talk about his ‘sacrifice’ for his lady love! SHUT UP, CALEB! -_-
p.s. Nicole does look cute in that costume, and I’m a girl and not a lesbian…lol 🙂


I just sent an email off to the producers asking them to put Nicole in other sexy costumes for us to enjoy


I wish she would wear a rodent suit.


I wish she wore a Devil costume


Laughlaughlaugh. Nice.


I cannot wait for Caleb to get blindsided!!


Wooow wow wow Seriously? Derrick-YOU are going to risk it all so soon with all your don’t tell him her anyone crap. That is a red flag to me immediately to run and ask everyone. Which is ironic because he used this exact same method with the TA mission. Sherlock needs to think things through here.


Sorry about the other comment being in the wrong place. I totally agree with you about Caleb! Yikes he is weird! Wonder how his squad felt?

Captain Crunch

Caleb is delusional if he thinks no one will vote him out
and i hope he gets sent packing just so i can see the look on his face when the votes are read.

also its complete bs that Christine and Frankie don’t have to be a have-not b/c of “medical” issues, if thats the case id just make something up so i wont be a have-not if i was the other contestants.


caleb is delusional for so many reasons. this just adds one more. where do they find these people??!?


Oh I hope he does too! That would be so great!!!

K Kelly

Tripe isn’t glutinous. Frankie can put on extra clothing. Their on Big Brother and they should have to participate and quit floating!


i know!!! i was thinking the same thing. i can’t believe noone in the house thought twice about that lol


How can Hayden sleep in the HOH room if he is a Have Not?


Donny needs to play it smart and lay low for awhile and not win anymore competitions until he has to. People are going to start seeing him as a threat. I would hate for him to go.


If they’ve quit putting him on the block he could stop with competing all the time.


I don’t want Donny to go either. I really hope he wins this game…BUT I honestly can’t imagine a scenario where he makes it to the final 2. Everyone in that house knows that Donny will win the game if he gets that far. Nobody will risk that no matter how nice Donny is…except for maybe Jocasta and I will poke my eye out if she even makes it to jury. She’s nice and I’m sure she could use the money, but she does NOTHING in this game.

Butters Mom

Just curious… if Hayden is a have not… how is derrick going to let him sleep up in the HOH all week?

Day Yum Yum

Victoria is a JAP!! This week either Caleb or Devin goes thankfully!!

Big Jim

JAP I love it. Haven’t heard that phrase in years!!


That would be funny if Christine and Frankie were faking their symptoms with food so they wouldn’t have to go on slop.


So Derrick can’t let the have nots sleep in his room, can he? Why would he even say that.. Unless it’s a new rule?


“Derrick says Hayden can sleep in the HOH room every night and to be fair the night of the HOH comp all have nots are invited to sleep there”

Have-Nots can sleep in the HOH room?

BS expert

Simon is dead on! Derrick is just a weasel and they should make Wus Frankie sleep in an igloo!!!!

mr ed

Give Miss Frankie a pair of mitts and let him sit on a block of ice!!!!What a cry baby!!!


I guess you guys forgot Derrick is cop, so whatever says goes or else you will be arrested. lmbo….I was partial to Derrick from the beginning but now he’s starting to be to full of himself. Certain ppl are figuring him out and I don’t think it will be long b4 is game play will blow to pieces.


In past years, if you were sick you had tho option of going home or competing sick. If you can’t follow the rules, you need to go home.


Caleb needs to go, he reminds me of Jessie, way too arrogant


Glad Donny won the veto. I don’t get any players thinking they know who will win certain comps. I hope one of the girls beat all the guys who think they are shoe-ins on endurance.

I wonder what is wrong with Jacosta??Maybe she needs to be hooked up an IV or something if she’s really depleted for some reason. Hopefully she’ll feel better and get herself together with some sort of tenacity even if it’s not outwardly. Even Jesus flipped over a table now and then. He wasn’t lazy and has some passion. lol


“Even Jesus flipped over a table now and then.” That’s the line of the day for me. Great laugh, thanks!


Its the line of the season! I’m visualizing Jesus flipping over tables and laughing.


The girls should send Caleb home and stop listening to the boys
Once again Zach can’t keep Vic name out of his mouth looks like someone is obsessed


Tripe, gross even the smell is revolting. I agree, if those fools volunteered to be on slop, good for Christine and Frankie for sliding by another week without it.
Jocasta and Donny are starting to bug me!!! (Ya Ya I know) but I don’t care.
I still think they need to leave Caleb in the game a little longer.


Everyone volunteered for Have-Nots? How stupid are they? Don’t they realize that Derrick will basically reveal who his top 4 targets are or his 4 least favorite people in the house are. “What the house wants” & volunteering for punishments is making this season lame. You never see this hand holding care bear shit on Survivor. Bring on Blood vs Water 2 already please!

kay w

“i’m so hungry i could eat a cow.” amber 3:15 am cam1