Amber “I didn’t come for a showmance I came to win, tan and work on my butt.”

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 19th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations: Caleb & Devin
Have Nots Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-15 15-13-19-753

3:14pm Cody and Hayden Pool chit chat

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-15 15-13-20-760

3:15pm Backyard couch Frankie and Amber
Jocasta came up to her today said Devin is told her she has 6 votes.
Frankie – It’s a lie he doesn’t have 6 people.. It’s a lie.. to be honest Jocasta wishes he did .. “
Frankie mentions when Devin came up to HOH and told them he is going to campaign and he gave them his campaign speech. This is a complete 180 from what he was telling them yesterday when he said he wasn’t going to.
Frankie calls him a liar, “He’s the worst”
Frankie runs to the couch for “45 Seconds” to talk to Derrick

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-15 15-18-25-144

3:17pm Frankie tells Derrick that Devin is campaigning now. Derrick knows he was campaigning to him earlier. Frankie – “He told Jocasta he had 6 votes”
Derrick – “Umm no”
Frankie – ”I know that”
Caleb says Devin was called into the Diary room early this morning he had to… Feeds cut (Production told Devin he has to campaign.. in the contract perhaps I dunno)
Frankie runs back to Amber on his way hugs Brittany says she’s got the nicest bum

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-15 15-19-43-130

3:50pm Backyard COuch Amber and Frankie
Frankie says he slept for 14 hours. Frankie says he’s not worried about any of the boys he’s more worried about the girls, “I don’t think we have to worry about any boys”
Frankie hopes they pick the HOH teams randomly because he feels he’s built more like a girl. the says he’s the strongest girl but one of the weakest guys
Frankie – “what if someone transgender was on the show what would they do “
Frankie thinks that the HOH competition will be a major set up because they are building it in stages. Frankie says he’s preparing himself for slop and being a have nots, as long as they approved him to have a sleeping bag he’ll do it.
Amber thinks the HOH will be guys vs. Guys and girls vs. girls. Frankie – “Endurance comp where it’s the last girl and last guy standing”
(Sounds like production is building the competition this is why they think it’s going to be larger setup and hence endurance)

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-15 15-42-18-226
3:41pm Backyard Amber and Christine
Amber wants to be nice but thinks Calev is damaging her game a bit by the way she’s acting towards her. Amber says Cody is one of her closest friends in the house and Cody can’t even talk to her because of Caleb. Christine says everyone is aware of what is going on, “What is a girl to do though”
Amber wanted to come in here and not worry about guys .. “ghosh”
Amber – “I’m definitely not here for a showmance.. a relationship no.. I should have told everyone I had a boyfriend.. ugh dang it I’m so dumb”
Amber – “Part of my strategy was to get in with the guys” She never expected something like this to happen though.
Amber adds that coming into the house she wanted one guy that she could trust she wanted Devin at first because they were so close but that didn’t work well at all.
Amber – “I don’t know what to do I’ve never lived in a house that.. “
Christine – “with a person head over heels for you”
Amber – “he’s such a sweet person, such a kind heart so sweet .. that’s not what I came in here for.. I came here to win, tan and work on my butt.”
Amber says she shouldn’t have to go around the house and let them all know theres nothing between her and Caleb it’s not fair because she didn’t put herself in this situation.
Amber says the two girls working with Donny are Brittany and JOcasta.
Christine points out all the guys like Brittany which is dangerous. Amber – “The only guy we have to worry about winning HOH is donny”
Christine agrees.
Amber says if it’s just her and Brittany hanging on the HOH comp and Brittany wants to see her kids Amber will make a deal with her and drop.

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-15 16-06-08-112

4:06pm Backyard Zach and Frankie
Frankie says Devin is blaming it on production saying they are making him campaign.

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-15 16-21-30-107

4:19pm Frankie and Cody
Frankie says Devin is campaigning doing what he said he wouldn’t.
Frankie asks im who he thinks will put him up. Cody thinks Caleb will. Frankie doesn’t think he will. Cody thinks only because he would go up with Victoria.

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-15 16-22-15-160

4:20pm – 4:55pm HOH Brittany and Derrick
Derrick says Devin is claiming he has to Campaign. Derrick doesn’t believe it. They agree Devin is a beast and it’s the logical thing to send him home. Brittany has noticed Devin being really nice to everyone these last days things would have been differently if he was like this since day one. Brittany is worried Caleb is going to put her up .
Derrick doesn’t think so because isn’t Brittany and Amber close
Brittany says she’s not buddy buddy with anyone except for maybe Derrick and Cody.
Derrick asks about Victoria aren’t they close to?
Victoria drives Brittany nuts, “I don’t understand.. she never talks game all she talks about is getting ready.. her ex boyfriend and getting married
Brittany says caleb’s blood boils when Cody talks to Amber, She think if Caleb wins HOH he will put Cody and her up.
Derrick says all Caleb ever does is talk about Amber he never talks game.
Brittany asks if he trusts Christine
Derrick talks game with Christine which makes him feel better, “If Christine wins you and me could go up”
Derrick adds that Christine will never put up Nicole, Cody, and Hayden that is why he’s worried.
Brittany – “I don’t think Donny cares for Christine much”
Derick – “He doesn’t .. he could put me u because I put up Jocasta”
Derrick says Victoria is probably going on the block next week.
Brittany “She’s the next POW”
Derick mentions how Zach has no filter and some of the things he says pisses people off. Brittany Says Zach has grown on her.
Derrick tells Brittany she is quiet and is very hard to read. Brittany always thought she talked too much this is a surprise to her. (Derrick is BSing her he always talks about Brittany talking too much)
Brittany says she LOVES Cody, Derrick says Cody is great if Derrick was in an alliance he would want to be in an alliance with COdy.
Brittany says they have to watch what they say to Frankie. Derrick aggres says Frankie talks to everyone he’ll take what you say and use what he can.
Brittany is worried if Amber and Caleb win HOH she is going up. Derrick thinks they would put up Jocasta and Victoria.
Derrick wants to know who she will put up. Brittany needs to think about it, “I would put up Victoria”
Derrick – “Sure everyone will.. she’s playing the float game”
Brittany says if she wins HOH she’ll come to Cody and Derrick because she won’t be able to figure out what to do on her own.

Derrick mentions that Victoria has been living in the HOH all her stuff is up there he can’t wait for it to be over. (See images in gallery)
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Big_Brother_16-2014-07-15 16-27-20-980

4:24pm Living room Devin and Zach
Devin admits he made a mistake putting Zach up he should have taken Brittnay down and put Victoria up. Devin also sees that creating such a large alliance day 2 was a mistake. Devin says if he stays in the house they know he can win competitions and he’ll work with them.
Dude that is my only campaign Amber and Caleb are great people I’m not going to bash them, “I still love the kids it’s unfortunate I made decisions in the game that put me in this position”
Zach says he’s not lying to Devin if the house is closer to 50/50 he would vote to keep Devn but he doesn’t think it’s close enough.
Derrick again says he made a mistake he got paranoid and didn’t know that the right move to make. They shake it out and leave.
Devin – “Daughter”

Alliances (Some of these only a few of the members actually think the alliance is real the bombsquad is done but some people still think it’s real)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
Feed watchers = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden!

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I posted this somewhere else but I’ll repeat it here. About Amber there is the opinion from some that she should play the game and not string Caleb along. If it was the other way round Caleb would totally string her along and use that to his advantage to further himself, so I fully understand her being nice to him she’s waiting for the right time to strike. But right now he’s someone who will never turn on her as seen by the events of this week, him sacrificing himself for her.

My dream scenario would be for her to work with the other side of the house just because I don’t like Caleb, but will that really be good for her considering the ‘alliance she’s with seems to have the strong players that are winning the HOHs? So for now sticking with Caleb is not so bad. Just my thought. The pro of the Camber alliance (him protecting her no matter what) far outweighs the con (her being viewed as dangerous because of him) for NOW.

Thoughts, people?


If I were Amber I’d be afraid to cut Celeb loose, he’d go off the deep end and probally be on a rampage to get her out


a woman’s perspective: i think amber has a crush on cody and is pissed she can’t pursue it bc caleb is a veritable stalker. everything else she is saying is BS. i also think she is partly delusional too bc she expected guys like devin and cody to like her romantically but only got caleb, who she doesn’t want. she also believes that she is “closest of friends” with Cody (and was starting to be great friends with Devin?) when I don’t think either of see her the same way. so i don’t know if she resents caleb so much for hurting her game bc she does rely on his help a little too much for that to be true – instead, she resents the fact that she can’t openly be with any other guys in the house (who i don’t think want something with her anyway).

Women are jealous of Amber

Wrong and right! I do think she is upset that Caleb is blocking her flirtation with other men in the house but Cody has said several times that Amber is hot. If you watch the feeds, you’ll know that Cody openly flirts with Amber and talks about how Amber and Brit are the only hot ones in the house. ZAck and Derrick has confirmed that too. Now, I agree that Devin is not interested in her…he’s has a type.


Cody flirts with all the girls, I wouldn’t say he has any special feelings toward Amber.

Amber is just full of BS, she says she didn’t come in for a showmance? The truth is she just doesn’t want a showmance with Caleb, if it was Cody she would be all over it. So she wanted to get in with the guys but not have a showmance. She is full of it. She is upset she can’t have one with Cody because of Caleb. The funny part is Cody would just use her the way she should be using Caleb.


donny and jocsats needs to win this week hoh then the game will change watch


Devin – “Daughter”
This gets me every time I see it! ROFL!!
SImon & Dawg – ya’ll are the best! I don’t know how you do it. I’m on the east coast & I get intermittent sleep watching the live feeds. It’s awful to get up in the morning & make it through work. Thanks for all the updates so I figure out anything I missed! Your dedication is appreciated! As always – when it comes to voting I only vote for Dawg! 🙂


Yeah, your dedication is ‘appreesh’.

Also, did you know I have a daughter?


I don’t get it. I was wondering why he would say daughter. Is he trying to communicate in code or something. Like I really want to go home…


i read it as the bloggers are using a bit of shorthand to represent devin’s inane jabbering about his daughter.


Really Amber? Work on your butt? You think you have THAT much time?

smd nicole

please tell me devin didn’t actually just say “daughter” as a sentence and nothing else?


No….its a joke

Devins Tic Tac Dealer

Devin isnt saying the right things. He has a chance to stay if he plants the right seeds which he isn’t. I wouldnt be suprised if production hints it to him. By the end of the week I bet his gameplay changes.


Maybe I’m missing something. Amber keeps asking derreck who will put her up he say oh no and name 2 other people. Is she so dum she forgot there will be two HoH ? If one don’t pick her ax one of the four on the block the other HoH will!! Do she think the power couples are going yo pick each other.

Does she even know how to play the game!!! I’m so mad at her telling derreck if she win she will come to him to help her. What?! That’s why Devin was telling them what to do, they don’t know how to play. And Derreck knows this, so yes I do understand why he wanted him out.

The next dumbo is Amber. If Caleb is messing up your game VOTE HIM OUT!!!!! Lol
These girls after Devin leaves will be picked off and by the time they see it, it’s to late go do anything about it. Donny too. He trying but I understand he not feeling the numbers are there.


Caleb looks like Linus in “A Charlie Brown Christmas” when he wrapped his blanket around his head playing a shepherd. Caleb is no Linus.


CBS has a new series inspired by– you guessed it–Caleb. It’s called Stalker… I’m not joking.

TA Sucks

Hayden is playing a great game so far.


Amber is just as much obsessed with Cody as Caleb is with her. She just doesn’t go around broadcasting it. Still, it’s pretty obvious (at least to me and Jocasta anyway). And why aren’t any of these people onto Frankie yet? He runs from convo to convo all the time.


this is going to be the longest 2 days in bb history…ugh!

by the way, devin, as much as i believe production asks leading questions, sometimes rallies hg, and has planted suggestions in the past, in no way do i believe they are “making” you campaign. of course, i can’t believe a word you speak at this point, and neither can anyone else, talk about crying wolf. oh, and daughter.


yeah i don’t think production is making him campaign. pow pow didn’t campaign. don’t think it’s in their contract that they have to campaign.


We completely strong armed and bullied Devin into campaigning like these people in the house claimed they were bullied and strong armed into being in the bomb squad… you see he had no choice in the matter at all


no. no one is as obsessed in that house as caleb is. he will be playing pool with a random person who never talks to amber and all of a sudden “so…I heard from someone who talked to someone else that amber liked our conversation and said I am really nice…….”……—silence———HG leaves the room—Caleb follows.


Oh Devin – how can we miss you if you won’t go away?


Frankie is a gossip monger of the worst kind.
I wouldn’t put it pass the Diary room telling Devin he has to campaign to get paid. We have all heard past contestants complain about the diary room


Its easy for those who haven’t been on the block after the POV ceremony to say he’s making it up. To prove that he’s lying if that’s what they believe, why don’t they get put up after the POV ceremony tell the House guest they are not gonna campaign and see if production says anything to them, then they can prove if Devin was making it up. Till then their assumptions have no validity.

andy 2.0

i love how donny can spot out rats christine, frankie, and derrick. frankie is the worst he is over 30 years old but acts like 17


Spotting it and doing something about it are two different things. I hope he acts on it sooner than later. Donny needs to stick with Nicole and Hayden and keep Jocasta nearby. All of them need to stop telling Frankie everything. Most of them don’t trust him but keep running their mouths. Do they not notice how he moves from person to person gathering information and repeating what he hears? It is Andy all over again except more annoying.


Horrible strategy from Amber coming in without knowing what guys were in there. Some of these girls are either insecure are too full of themselves. At this point Amber is messing up her own game by playing in a gray zone. Caleb is probably stifling but I’m not so sure he has made her any more of a target than she would have been. If she think she’s going to “get in with the guys” she’s sadly mistaken and apparently hasn’t watched enough of the show or doesn’t how gender roles can fall in the house or just in general. Maybe she should have gone back and watched Britney Haynes season.


I think I’ll take a break from thes dumbos for a week. See if some fire is under their backside nothing againt the site you guys do a great job with what they give you. Not much. Lol


Everything about Frankie is nauseating

The fact that’s he’s over 30 and lies and says he’s 28 is hysterical


Why would Amber throw the hoh to Brittany, she’ll be the first one on the block if she loses lol


Oh zach, i hope you were just bs’ing devin…saving him if you had a chance would be a terrible idea for your game.


On this one occasion.. I don’t think Devin is telling a lie.
I think the are required to play the game and compete.
I remember there have been instances players did not want to do a competition
and they where made to… something to do with mud and her hair. naked bubbles something like that.

I think campaigning to stay is part of the game and they are required to play the game.
ugh defending Devin hurt.

Lady Luck

All these girls deserve to get picked off one by one. Britnney telling Derrick that she will get his help choosing nominatins if she wins HOH!!! Pathetic. All of them need the men in the house to think and play for them. Just vote the all off and let the real big brother start.


I agree with you in some respects; the girls are fairly weakesque, but I’m pretty sure Britt is playing Derrick here, making him think she trusts him. She’s not submissive, I don’t think.


Most of these players seem to be clueless about the importance of winning HOH to actually be safe for the week. It’s frustrating when they talk about throwing/giving up HOH to another player, or taking money over veto when they’re on the block. Basic rule to winning the game is knowing how to stay safe. I miss players like Dan and Dr.Will:). Love the show this year! Thank you for the updates!

America is not ready

I just looked at the survey polls and not surprisingly all the people of color are at the bottom of the popularity list. The only reason Caleb is at the bottom with Jocosta, Devin and Amber is because he associated and had a crush on a minority. I think there should be a big brother that has an all diverse cast to give them a fair chance. The cast and the fans will never like and accept a person of color as a winner on this show. Let the down votes begin….


I totally agree with you. And you can see how you were right about the dislikes. I don’t see why because your point was valid and absolutely true. And as for when someone commented about how none of the players of a minority had a good game plan is not true at all. Not to play the race card but it’s not fair honestly.


As a minority, i get sick of people playing the minority card without getting their facts straight…so, aria, in addition to isis and not true’s comments, consider this:
Bb5 and bb15 winners were gay.
Bb6 and bb11 runner ups were also of a racial minority.
Helen was considered by many to be the best strategist and most deserving player last season.

If i really have to kerp researching to prove you wrong, just ask, i will.

not true

Their low popularity is due to their poor gameplay or complete lack thereof. Also bb3 and bb4 were won by minority women. Danielle of bb3 was regarded as one of the best to ever play the game, and was voted back by fans to compete in all-stars, as was kaysar of bb6, who was the shows first muslim contestant.


She is known as one of the best players to have never won the game. People never understood why the fans liked Kayser because a lot of people say he was “Over rated” as a player. I don’t think it was the fact that he “was so good” as a player (Helloooooo) it was that he was a nice guy. This BB game is not for someone like him but I liked him and so did a lot of people. At the time, it was weird in the world and just the fact that he was the very first muslim on the show with a Fireman and Kayser was the one who was voted back by the public. I mean it was just all so surreal at the time. Hated the winner that season. “The Friendship” Eyeball roll.

not true

to me, kaysar is an example of why you cant play nice all the time and win this game. The guy was the classiest person in the house though, both seasons.. I loved him!