Caleb says this is nothing I’m used to being with soldiers taking cold showers & p**ping in a hole.

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 19th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations: Caleb & Devin
Have Nots Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

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9:30am – 10:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Devin has been awake since 7:30am this morning getting prepared for the eviction tonight. Zach and Victoira wake up after 9am. Zach’s in the kitchen making pancakes. When live feeds return – Frankie, Christine, Caleb, Zach and Amber are in the kitchen. Frankie says that Victoria does this thing when she’s sleeping where she needs to punch, jerk, twist. Christine complains that it sounded like someone was hammering the fire room wall all night. It was so annoying. Frankie says that he used to hear someone going up and down a spiral staircase in that room. Christine, Frankie and Amber talk about going back to bed until they’re woken up to go up to the HOH room for the lock down. In the living room – Donny, Caleb and Devin discuss how the HOH lock down is around 11am and the rehearsal is usually at 4:30pm. In the bathroom – Nicole, Jocasta, Victoria and Brittany discuss what tonight’s HOH competition could be.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-07-17 09-58-55-380

In the bee hive room – Victoria, Jocasta and Brittany are talking about how another twist has to becoming soon. Brittany says she has a bad feeling about today. Victoria says yeah they did say this season was going to be twist after twisted twist. The camera’s switch to Donny talking to Nicole.They talk about tonight’s HOH and Donny doesn’t think it will be an endurance until the 2 HOH twist is over. He says that he doesn’t even have an idea of who to put up. Nicole agrees and says that if he need and excuse you could put me up. Donny immediately says no.

10:35am – 11:15am Big Brother blocks the live feeds.. When the live feeds return – Caleb is up in the HOH room talking to Derrick. Derrick says he went to bed at about 3am. He says Hayden got up and joined them. Caleb comments on how Amber was up late with Cody. Right now Amber is trying to catch up on sleep I didn’t want to be like that because now she is like I want to get at least one more hour of sleep. Derrick comments on how once Devin leaves you can take over his drawers. Caleb says na, I’ll take these ones (HOH room). Derrick says that Brittany has the weirdest sleeping habits in this house. Caleb agrees. Derrick comments on how one thing he would do differently if he got HOH again would be to have a good nights sleep after the HOH because they don’t give you much time the next morning before nominations. Caleb says this is nothing I’m used to a year and a half with 300 hundred soldiers all in one room sharing 1 shower and a cold shower at that, pooping in a hole with a board hitting the dirt. You want to put my in a house with a bunch of hot girls competing for money I will sign up any day! Derrick says this is an amazing experience that a lot of people would die for and I think Victoria is going to get a razing from people because all she does is complain. I think they’re going to read her the riot act. I hope they don’t but I wouldn’t be surprised. Brittany and Nicole join them to get a spot before everyone comes up for the lock down. Derrick tells Brittany if its an endurance make sure you get low to use your weight to your advantage.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-17 10-49-40-891

11:10am Big Brother blocks the feeds..

1:15pm The live feeds are still blocked as the house guests are locked up in the HOH room for big brother to get ready for the live eviction tonight.

1:40pm – 1:50pm The live feeds return with Donny and Zach chatting in the living room. Donny call the activity braclet a lie detector. He says if he goes out and is talking to Julie Chen he’ll slip it under her chair. Zach and Donny both agree if they got HOH they would want to read their letters in private first. Zach says we’re about a third of the way through. Donny says up 4 weeks in.

Meanwhile in the bathroom – Hayden, Victoria, Devin, Nicole and Christine are getting ready for the day. Hayden tells Victoria that his favorite moment in the house was when he and her showered together. Nicole is curling Christine’s hair. Derrick is trimming Frankie’s hair.
Big-Brother-16-2014-07-17 13-47-33-154

2:30pm – 2:35pmFrankie shows of his new hair cut to Christine and Brittany. Derrick comes through and compliments Christine on her hair looking good. She says thanks. Brittany says Hi Derrick. Derrick says your hair looks good too Brit! Brittany laughs and says thanks.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-17 14-32-04-436

2:35pm Big Brother blocks the feeds again..

2:38pm – 3pm The live feeds return again – In the kitchen Hayden is telling Christine about a category on p*rnh*b called enema where people shoot milk out of their b*tt. Christine asks really!? Hayden says yeah, its weird. Hayden starts asking them if they’ve watched p*rn. Nicole, Victoria and Brittany all so no. Brittany asks Donny for a compliment. He tells her that no matter how least others do for her she always does more for them. Brittany says thank you Donny. Victoria asks Donny for a compliment. Donny says you’re cute. Victoria asks thats it?! Brittany got a whole speech and all I get is that I’m cute. Donny says you’re cute as a button. Victoria says that Zach said I was hard working. Brittany laughs. Victoria asks what?! Devin questions it. Victoria says I’m 22 and I have my own business I would say that I’m pretty hard working.

Big-Brother-16-2014-07-17 14-38-24-859

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-17 15-05-10-248

3:09pm THE FROGS
houseguests just milling around waiting for the live show alot of nervous energy

4:12pm Feeds showing highlights. They won’t be back until after 7 PST
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Alliances (Some Of these are dead)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
Feed watchers = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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I am in no way saying that I WANT this to happen, but wouldn’t this be the perfect time for BB to use that “this isn’t an eviction week” thing where they make you think he is being evicted then lock the door.

devin would then have another week, and the house would go into such a crazy tailspin that part of me wonders if they would be crazy NOT to do it. we know due to joey being handed all the details and not being in sequester that they aren’t bringing back HG’s, so they very well could have a non eviction night just as much as a double.

I would go no eviction, 1 eviction, then double, and ANOTHER double if I was BB production

I have to say last night’s episode was one of the best I have seen in terms of editing since season 6. it was pretty darn hilarious


– I agree last night’s episode was great fun to watch, especially the cool dice comp, the general explosion of joy when Devin lost, and the emotional Donny/Jocasta moment.
– I disagree with your opinion that a “noone goes home week” would be a good idea. BB did that in Season 14 in a very transparent move to save Boogie’s sidekick Frank in week 3, and they used the whole “coaches are entering the game” as a BS excuse. It would have been an epic blindside as Frank thought he would stay, and BB just cancelled that great TV moment because they wanted their “dynamic (ranting) duo” to keep on ranting.
I understand the appeal of keeping the lunatic in the house, but he seems so far out of any chance to get back into the game even if he somehow stayed, that I think it would just be more efficient for BB to let him go and focus on the exciting blowups ahead. Caleb imo is lunatic enough to promise for some great material in the close future. If Christine and Nicole go through with their plan to vote the other way to stir up trouble, that could drive him (even more) crazy.
Keeping Devin in there would just prolongue the pain, plus apparently BB is already preparing to (finally!) give the HGs some booze after he left. Given how long they had to live without alcohol, that alone could lead to major trouble: Caleb blowing up because Cody and Amber happen to have a discussion that lasts for more than 30 seconds, or Zach losing the tiny bit of filter he has and blurting things out even more, the Frog finally agreeing to getting kissed by her Prince Hayden, …
Lots of things to look forward to!
– Joey not having been sequestered doesn’t necessarily mean future HGs won’t be…
– I hope BBUS soon reconsiders its approach of only having 3 x 40 minute shows a week, since they’re so filled with comps and “ceremonial”, time consuming stuff like watching the POV winner walk to the wall and have a long look, and the usual “recap” and “recap of the recap after each commercial break”. (boy, do you guys have A LOT of commercial breaks in the US!!!) I’d hope for a 1 hour recap each day, not just After Dark catching whatever happens in those 2 hours.
I mean, yesterday, Christine said in the DR “the biggest bully will leave”, and I thought someone who only watches the shows would be surprised as to why she called Devin a bully, since none of his aggressive talks have been shown. Same with “Derrick went to bat to save his friend Zach”, when the live feeders know Derrick and Frankie were at times neutral, at times really eager to get Zach out, and were trying to convince people that evicting Zach would be the better idea. I don’t understand the need for BB to alter the reality, when reality was so THRILLING to watch!


Paragraphs, it’s a wonderful thing.


Conciseness is even more wonderful.


Paragraphs ARE wonderful things. Grammar is also.

Pinocchio Obama

Why does Nicole have to wear the frog costume? Was it because she was dethroned as a HOH and if so did the other dethroned HOH’s get a punishment?


I did notice some punishments for the dethroned HOH–in the first BOB, after Victoria and Brittney won, Frankie was dumped in the pool. In the second, after Hayden and Nicole won, Amber got jello dumped on her head. This is just the first one that lasted more than a minute.

Pinocchio Obama

Thank you Dawg and sadilou! Sounds like Nicole got hosed.


Like what you said.. and I agree… but would do…
No eviction, Double Eviction, with Ms. Chen inferring another Double the following week, to drive up the paranoia and make everyone show their game.


Yes I agree. It also displayed Donny not going with what Derrick was trying to imply about him using the POV. He had already made his decision once he one it. Like Donny said and to be fair Devin as well, the ppl n there are so paranoid. If Donny could just get Nicole to see that Christine is not really her partner n crime they could possibly shake the house down with Hayden’s help. I was looking at the live feeds from the other night and Frankie had the nerves to say to Christine and Nicole that Donny was making up too many lies and his game play wasn’t that good. I thought that was awfully funny he would even open his mouth to speak that since everyone is aware how he’s always into everyone conversation. Plus not too many trust him. Did anyone see that conversation with them sitting on the hammock?

Pinocchio Obama

I really liked when Donny would not tell Derrick his plans. He was exactly right that Derrick did not share his plans with him so why should Donny let him in on what he was thinking. Donny did great in the Veto competition too.

Caren in Canada

Last nights episode was all right, but I have to say (and I am not a Devin fan at all) that during the POV comp, I was supremely taken back at just how rude the hgs were when Devin lost, they could have at least let him think they felt bad for him, but instead they were jumping up and down cheering and basically saying a Frack you to Devin! I just so not believe there is any need for that kind of ignorance in the game! I have seen every season from one on, and this is the first time I have truly disliked the entire cast! I felt horrifies for Devin last night, and I cant wait for the others to get their payback! Just one fans opinion!


Jocasta annoyed the heck out of me on last night’s episode with her bawling.

Donny is growing on me, especially when he didn’t tell Derrick what he was going to do if he won the POV.

I vote for America’s Team getting rid of the floaters and let the gamers/competitors duke it out.

kathie from canada

Agreed! The houseguests all call Devin a bully. But this mob mentality struck me as the worse kind of bullying!


My thoughts the same, after dark was really bad when they were sitting in the HOH room looking at Devin on the screen laughing at him. I thought that was heartless….. It was Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Victoria, Caleb and Donny. Caleb and Donny d/n comment very much, but the others said rude and nasty things……………………..

Caren in Canada

Exactly, this is the one thing that really disgusts me about the show! If you need to be heartless, ignorant, and bully one player for ratings, than it has truly become a very sad world indeed! Every year I find that BB lowers its bars more and more fro ratings! As I said before I am in no way a Devin fan, but I do have compassion, and the way they treated him last night, went way beyond where I thought BB would go! (again just my opinion)


Someone is really on their high horse. Get off your soap box and understand that guess what not everyone loves everyone else. Im not saying that they should be mean to the guy but when someone gloats and cheers and is a Dick when they win they deserve to get laughed at when they do lose


Devin deserved every second of it!


If they announce that this is a “non-eviction” week, the house will go into an uproar and Devin would definitely go into “beast mode” to win HOH and find out that the next twist is no more of “Battle of the Block” and there’ll be just one HOH; and get revenge against those who wanted him out of the house. He would have a “smaller” alliance with Brittany, Donny, and Jocasta to get rid of those who wanted him out. Even though I’m not a big fan of Devin and his lying ways, I’d love to see the look on the rest of the houseguests’ faces when he calmly getting ready to choose his two victims. Watch Frankie, Zack, Caleb, Amber, Derrick, Cody, and Christine practically brown nose him; and throw each other under the bus to stay in the house while Victoria will simply try to “seduce” Devin to let her move in the HOH with him to share the comforts like she tried with Derrick. If that happens, I’d suggest to Devin to put up Caleb and Frankie, win the POV, use it on Caleb, and backdoor Derrick.

Captain Crunch

I thought Caleb was over Amber, yet he’s still talking about her.
anyways im hoping someone from the outsiders win HOH so we wont have another predictable week.

hopefully the TA task is to put up a physical threat but we don’t know if they (Derrick, Frankie) would risk there game to put up someone like Caleb over fear they’ll get exposed by him. i don’t think Donny has a problem putting him up so i hope at least Donny wins HOH

Caleb has poopy pants

For tha luve of little green men! Victoria complains a lot? Do they even listen to what comes out of their pie-holes?
I do hope they decide to kick the BM cowboy to the curb tonight. At least with Devin in the house, there really is something for them to complain about.


I would love an early Season Double Eviction… would it not be funny if Devin leaves…They do the HoH, Julie stops the Quiz Early and says Jocasta, Donny…. and… Victoria you are the new HoH, so you have 3 HoH’s (the top three people)… the eggs come out. HoH 1: has to pick two nominees then there is a POV and live eviction right there. HoH 2: nominates two people HoH3: nominates two people. On the same schedule…. That would be great… and a shocker a true twist… because it is so early no one would see it coming pre-Jury.


Can’t wait to see Devin face out of door!! I bet Zach is Satisfy with Devin leaving!!!

Oh Caleb

Is Caleb really talking about Amber first thing in the morning? Smdh

Run Amber,,, Run !!!

Yup, for the love of God, he sure did!
But thinking this is his new strategy to drive all the HG’s to Self Evict !!
It might work, because, I know after the first 87 times he talked about her to me,
I would have just jumped off the HOH room balcony… lol


Give him a break this time. He said his estrogen level was high from eating to much slop.


All Derrick does is gossip about the women in the house… such a woman hater. I really do not like this guy.


I know right! He even said Britt isn’t that pretty without makeup and talking about her chest like she would ever look at you in the real world
Plus Derrick wife’s not attractive at all Cat calling the kettle


I couldn’t agree with you more. Derrick isn’t an attractive guy and his wife is definitely not attractive…so I don’t understand why he feels the need to take shots at Brittany’s (or any of the other females in the house) physical appearance.


Zach….Are you satisfy that Devin is gone?

Pinocchio Obama

Was anyone else surprised by how well Zach took the Amanda rumor? I thought he was going to blow a gasket but he was into it.


zach has moments where he is just a fun guy who is a really good sport. Even when he says something atrocious, he’ll turn around apologize and sounds really contrite. and not like in a way that you think he thinks someone is really watching so he’d better cover his butt. in a way where you can see that he actually does feel bad for doing it.


That would be hilarious if no one went home tonight. Devin can terrorize the house guests more lol!


I love how they showed what an a$$ Caleb is towards Amber on last nights episode (the hammock scene). He does these things for her without her wanting him to, and then gets upset when she’s not over the moon with being grateful to him. He’s the guy who will buy you dinner and then expect a b j because you “owe” him something, I wish Amber would just evict him tonight.


I was beginning to think they were going to portray Caleb as just having this huge crush and all the viewers would say aww, how cute. I’m SO glad they showed the psycho side. They actually took it a little easy on him though. They could have really showed his obsessive behavior with talking about her nonstop since day one, planning routes to get to her house faster, etc etc.


derrick acted like Devin this week


YES!! Thank You!!!

miss g

I just want Victoria gone…does she even know that she is supposed to be playing a game?


oh mah gosh, no, don’t you realize production llllooooovvvveeesss her and thinks she’s really the very best ever HG. Iike they don’t say similar things to the other HGs. On the other hand, she actually has watched BB and knows past players and stuff, it is crazy that she seems so disinterested in playing it when she was given the chance to be on it. Britney who didn’t know what it was is showing more interest in BB


Trying to figure out why Grodner casts useless idiots like Victoria year after year. Isnt there more to her houseguest decision making process besides looks? Of course its also entertainment value. Just surprised that Victoria can fool the queen of big brother into thinking she will be interesting.


I think some of these people may come off more interesting than they end up being once they’re in there. Like a crap shoot. I remember Julie Chen saying last year that “they” (whoever they is) thought Aaron was going to a fan favorite because of her looks and personality in casting and was shocked once she got on the show. They never would have guessed.

Allison Grodner

Because I spend all my time rigging the show to make America’s favorite HGs win most years. Do you really think Evel Dick won without some extra help? He even had a secret clue to a secret power in the game that I never ended up revealing on TV because he was already guaranteed final 2 at that point. You probably also never heard the slurs that Jeff would spout because I edited him as perfect as I could to make America love him and his useless airhead wifey.


oh lord, not the “secret clue” argument again

If BB cared THAT much about a particular HG winning, Jeff Schroeder would have won (and they’ve had 2 chances to make that happen).

Not saying they don’t pull some shifty stuff….just saying they don’t give people answers and they certainly didn’t do that for ED.


Sorry – I misread your post. Somehow I read that he had a secret clue as opposed to a secret power.


Totally agree, that episode was great. No eviction would be crazy exciting, but any week they did that would get a strong reaction. This cast is great.


andy 2.0

i heard there is a wind room but how come no one is ever in it?


The wind room was only there for the first week. It was turned into the ice room for the have nots.
Every year they start with 3 bedrooms then the second week one gets turned into the have not room.
I hardly ever see anyone comment on it or discuss it.

smd nicole

caleb=jessie godderz – charm with the women

smd nicole

and it would be wise of nicole and hayden o push christine out of trilogy and put donny in but i doubt it will happen


That crazy SOB told guys last night that he thinks Amber and Cody are “doing things” behind his back, implying that Amber is his girl and that she’s cheating on him. If I were present for the speech, I would go straight to Amber and tell her it’s time to rip his f’ing face off. “Get your bitch on” Amber, it’s war time. He is so obsessed that from what at first was funny, it’s not funny anymore. First he likes her, then he hates her for a week, then he likes her, and now he hates her again. It’s scary that he lives 2.5 hours from her. And that look in his eyes whenever he watches her or her and Cody chat around… psycho, like there were unhealthy thoughts going around in his mind. He family should have a talk with BB.


He actually doesn’t live 2 1/2 hours from her. I’m not sure why they keep talking about that. She is FROM Tennessee, but lives in Southern California (and he lives in Kentucky).

D-Bag Mode

Actually he lives in La La Land…


Caleb’s obsession with Amber was never funny but Amber has been playing Caleb all along. She should have said straight out that she wasn’t going on a date with him and to STOP NOW! And she could have had the house(including the girls) back her up. Caleb would have been gone by now. But she kept saying “I don’t know” and “Maybe”. She’d push him away and then reeled him back in then pushed him away–rinse/repeat. Now that she couldn’t get him to get her out the Have Nots she’s ready to cut him loose but his obsession continues to grow. Teaching Moment = Never try to play a psycho stalker. It won’t end well.

YES, YES......

She told him that she was not interested!!!!!!!!! are you a friend of his?


I don’t watch the livefeeds, so maybe I missed it if she was clear with him. What I saw from all the shows so far, she seemed pretty wishy-washy with him. I never once saw her be clear and direct with him that she wasn’t interested. She did in the diary room, but I don’t remember seeing her tell him that she had no interest in him.

are you serious??

get over yourself…..amber leading him on ……yeah keep telling yourself that ….. you are definitely a frient of Caleb’s for sure. Caleb is a pyscho! She has done nothing to lead him on – this is ALL IN HIS HEAD!! He thinks he owns her …. she has told him several times – I AM NOT INTERESTED – he gets SO ANGRY. Seriously – are you even paying attention to what is going on????


Really starting to hate Frankie the Rat alot now! His shtick is getting real old and he is just plain irratating !Never shuts up.Hope he is on the way out soon!!!!!


I can only take a few minutes of him and then I to change the feeds.

grizzle t

what season did they do a non eviction week? I only started watching season 10 but I don’t remember one since then. I might have just forgotten.

Caren in Canada

It was the season Frank was in I believe it was season 14! The season they brought in the coaches!


They did yo Season2 when the guy was kicked out for holding a knife to Krista’s throat.
He was kicked out and they decided to do a Free week the next week because there was
one less Person in the House than what was scheduled.
I think that is when they overbooked the House so they could do Double Eviction
They also started sequestering evicted House Guests to bring them back.


On one of the posts it mentioned Christine and Nicole putting votes to evict Caleb to blame on Donny and Jacosta. Do you think or seen them talk about that again? That would be stupid, what is the point? I feel Nicole would feel bad b/c it is Donny and couldn’t keep the lie.


Yup, that would have been me! :p
(2nd post from the top)
I read in a recap that Christine and Nicole talked about voting for Caleb to leave, so that “$hit would hit the fan”, and possibly work in their favor as they’d never admit to it…
I’m really curious if they’ll do it. I would love for Caleb to go insane over it.
Unfortunately, his habit of being 100% convinced that whatever thought pops up in his head out of thin air is the truth would probably lead him to be 100% sure it was Cody and Amber, and he’d have a temper tantrum to get them out next… The others would probably end up going along with his wish just so he calms down…


dawg continues to beat Victoria. nice.


At some point they might have that ‘one HG can come back into the game” Too soon for that tho, and I think it is a good idea to get out those players that you know you want out prior to jury, because jury time is when they bring in that twist.

i think as long as there are double HOHs we aren’t going to see a lot of other twisty things, but I doubt if there will be double HOHs past next eviction, maybe the one after that. Not enough people to put up, imo, once you get to 10 or 11 left, with the former HOH not playing.

it will be interesting to see how Team America will win their next challenge if none of them are HOH. They should be pulling to make sure Donny goes up if they want to win it, and if they are supposed to put up a player not a floater. if they have to put up a floater, then either could be HOH for that purpose.

I am just glad Caleb is backing off of the amber crush. Everything she is saying to everyone else should have been said directly to Caleb. I know she hasn’t given him encouragement, but she also hasn’t been direct enough. all she had to do was say she is single, she doesn’t want a show mance, and when she leaves she wants a chance to be single and pursue her work interests without having a BF around for a change. she could ‘confide’ in him and say she hadn’t mentioned this to anyone, ‘but’ she only recently separated and it wasn’t a good one, and she needs a lot of time to ‘heal’. It would inspire his protection instincts, and might help them get along as just friends, and she had best make a friend out of him. 🙂


If it’s a floater!! Hopefully it’s Christine or Zach!!!


If it’s stronger threat hopefully either Caleb or Nicole!!!


I will be in big trouble if I choose put up stronger threat!!!


I will be very trouble if I pick the put up Stronger threat. Please, put up the floater!!


That would be hilarious TV if that happened. Sort of like on the Amazing Race show where randomly (wink wink) no one is eliminated entertain legs. The panic would be worth keeping Devin’s jackass in there even though he full well deserves to go home. And I’m with you, I liked the editing on the last show and so did everybody watching it here. I thought that veto comp was cool in how they edited as well because I didn’t realize Devin was that close to possibly winning it.


Oops this was in reply to Anonymous post #1.


I think it would be funny if they keep the door locked for like 30 seconds after devin is voted out, just to screw with the rest of them.


If I was working for CBS, I would put in the parts where Caleb walks up to a person then out of the blue starts talking about amber. you would have like 8 straight clips with silence on the other end. they need to get across even more that he is the biggest stalker in BB history.


I wish Derrick and Cody would stop trying to keep Zack in line. He is another time bomb, can’t wait to see just how nutty he can get. Caleb is absurd with this Amber nonsense. Devin played to wacky too fast, he’s going to go tonight, although it would be a fun “twist” to keep him and watch the house scramble.

Bumbling Bozo Barack

I would be happy with both of them going home. So far I’m Team Donny for the win.

How cute are Hayden and Nicole together?

Mister E

If the Team America task is to put up a physical threat, who is the one to determine if the nominee is a physical threat or not. The way Derrick talks, Donny, Nicole, and Brittany are physical threats. Also, if its the “put a floater up”, who is to say what the definition of a floater is. Could Cody be put up as a floater? He has not won any comps. I wish they defined it a little bit more. Something like “for the TA task, you have to put up Cody, Caleb, or Hayden for a physical threat, or Victoria, Jocasta, or Brittany for a floater.” Really hard for me to decide which task i would want to happen without knowing who the possible nominees could be. I am sure in some peoples eyes that Hayden is a physical threat, and some other people might look at him as a floater. It is really all in the eyes of the beholder.


Devin, got two words for you “CHECKMATE”!!!!


lol… count again… anything missing?
checkmate is 1 word.

A Nonny Mouse

Well I’ve got nine: after he’s gone, it will be boring as hell!

Detroit Girl

Christine needs to be a Have Not next week and do the protein items like tripe, etc. I’m pretty sure they have gluten-free tortillas and slop. Not that it would be the same menu, but you get the idea. She’s not that special and very annoying.


Agreed. Christine knew what she was getting into when she applied. A while back she mentioned to the house that when interviewed, they asked her if she could handle being a havenot, and she said yes. So do it!


Caleb isn’t stalking Amber. He just really likes her and wants her to give him a chance. He won’t hurt her and its not fair to assume he will. If they thought he would hurt her then the producers would have made him leave by now.
Amber has said no to him but she also gives him mixed signals. If she’s not interested in him then stop hugging him and stop having private conversations with him. Leave the guy alone. You can’t be around someone who is crushing on you like that and expect them to not have the hope that they can win you over. You don’t want them then tell them and stay away from them.
Amber also needs to stop telling the house every chance she gets that she doesn’t want Caleb. They have eyes and ears and people get sick of hearing it all the time.
I’m just so over the whole Caleb/Amber thing. It needs to stop. Maybe the houseguests should just evict them both and go on with the game.

are you serious??

really????? so it’s OK for CALEB to talk 24/7 about Amber -but it is not OK for her to set the record straight – are you Caleb’s family member/friend?????.


What are you a racist? You can’t say that to a black person you pig.


Why is it when someone posts something about someone you don’t like they are family or a friend?
Amber isn’t setting the record straight. She heard that Devin was campaigning then decided to distance herself from him and tell everyone she’s doesn’t like him. She was on team Devin until he started making everyone mad. Its her game play and all it will do is annoy people and get her sent home. Caleb’s crush on Amber will get him sent home. Like I said before if you don’t want someone to think there is a chance stay away from them. Amber isn’t 100% innocent and neither is Caleb. They both should be sent home. Neither one of them have a decent game plan.


I couldn’t agree with you more. This whole “Caleb is a crazed, delusional stalker” talk is starting to get annoying. He simply has a crush on an attractive woman. Part of the intensity of the crush may be because he’s confined to the house with limited interaction with other people. Once he is outside of the house and goes back to a normal, daily routine, I highly doubt Amber is going to need to get a restraining order against him. Caleb is not a bad looking dude and I’m sure he won’t lack for female attention. Nor will he spend his days pining over Amber when he gets out.


Caleb is teetering on “Fatal Attraction” mode. He’s calling Amber his “queen”…..craziness!
Cody is understandably concerned about Caleb’s infatuation/lust for Amber, and I know that he wants Caleb gone. I wouldn’t be shocked if some of the players start discussing getting Amber out, because she is giving mixed signals, imho. Amber is also toying with both Cody and Caleb; and, she was interested in Devin.

I wish BB would have more masculine/less feminine gay guys; and, more than one.


I’m done with the whole Caleb/Amber crap. Just evict them both so we don’t have to hear about it anymore.


I would love it if tonight’s HOH was no longer double but back to the single HOH. That would throw everyone’s plans off. I would want Donny to win HOH and put up Cody and Derrick. He knows these two are the closest and are coming after him. Tell the house if one comes down then one of the other guys (Zach/Frankie/Caleb) go up. Donny already has a target on his back so why not send these fratbrats into a frenzy.How fun would that be to watch?

Team America

Does it seem odd to anyone – that the house knows the identity of TA – shouldn’t they have remained a secret? Or did I miss something and TA changes week to week?

Im Still here to See Christine On Da Block

I want to stop watching but not until I see Christine, Victoria, and Dickhead Derrick go up on the block. Donny is smart but he is playing with people who dont want blood on there hands and that is making for boring ass t.v. Am I the only one that fast forwards when Victoria gets tv time.


my highlight from last night was definitely cody in his pov host outfit!! HOT!!!


That was hot! He did it so effortlessly, like he strips for a living!


I would like to see Caleb win HOH – put up Cody & Amber, just for the drama of it. Then get Brittany to be his new Queen, get Zach to throw alot of digs in at Cody & Amber (Zach likes doing drama filled things lol ) Let Devin stay for a Non-Eviction week (as others have mentioned ) Let somebody Pah-Leeze figure out Derrick is a cop. (what other hg uses the word “bylaw’ when talking about BB ) Let Victoria suddenly find Caleb very attractive so then he has 2 gals fighting over him. Saturate with alcohol, sprinkle it with Frankie chatter, and let the madness ensue!! This will give us livefeeders something to look forward to. LOL c’mon BB make it happen 🙂


There is no way in H.E.double L Brittany is going to put up with Caleb. She is not intimidated by anyone.

Caleb has poopy pants

Zach needs to shut up! With his mouth, why would anyone think he is a good bet for an allie? Isn’t the whole point of a secret alliance, secrecy?


look all if we put up a floter then we know its victoria britny or jocasta cause thats the way the house thinks but if we pick the physical threat one that means caleb cody zack the big dog see all we know that chrisina zack cody or floter now but the house dont we can change the game with the physical on the block all 4 or one


The more I see of Derrick the more I see he acts exactly like a cop. He wants your full attention when he speaks to you, doesn’t like to be doubted or disagreed with and expects you to do exactly what he says and how he says to do it. I really noticed it when he was with Donny in the storage room and Donny didn’t buy everything Derrick was selling. He gave him that cop glare and Donny picked up on it also.


the bossy dude who was an undercover cop in real life
won out over tall, brainy & lanky Spencer on SURVIVOR…


Great observation and commentary regarding Derrick’s tactics. It has been a real education for me to see how a cop thinks/operates and how easy it is for them to stretch or twist the truth in order to further a law enforcement agenda. I must say, it’s pretty scary to see how intimidating it can be – much more scary than anything Devin could muster. Derrick also has this habit of serving up big, steamy piles of false humility in order to ingratiate himself with other people and manipulate others into respecting, trusting and liking him. He also thinks he knows everything about BB Production, as if he were an insider and loves to coach others in how to conduct themselves. I’ll be doing a BIG HAPPY DANCE the night his arse gets the boot and he’s evicted.


A lot of you keep saying all these other houseguests are bullying devin and now you hate all of them? When last week all of you hated devin and thought he was a bully… Come on BB fans pick a side

For the record,,,

I have despised Caleb from the moment he did the “Jessie pose”,
when he won part two or the very first HOH competition.
Right then, I knew he was going to be the seasons Douche Bag,
and he hasn’t let me down yet !!
I wonder if his arm hurts,, from patting himself on the back all the time???


Dawg or Simon, anyone have the link to watch the show live tonight?


i’ll add one when the Event summary post goes up.. Otherwise I end up posting it a million times


Thanks so much! My dog chewed through my DirectTV cable outside today. 🙁 They can’t come until Monday. You just saved me! 🙂


ohh no way thats bad luck


Cowboy Beast Mode = The new Devins daughter drinking game


Or just the word beast. I can’t believe how often that word is said; it really irks me.

Pow even said she was a beast at her social game in one of her exit interviews. ugh


If by a total fluke Devin stays, I’m going to compare him to Helen
the perennial cheerleader from Hades…. If they all keep to the
game plan, I’m going to talk about Nick from BB-15 rather fondly
as i redefine the word megalomania so it can happily fit inside
the context of astute Big Bro gaming and gameplay. Even so, i
sorta hope he gets on the Amazing Race and redeems himself.


I know I’m about a day late, but I just caught up on the feeds from late last night and today (damn family keeping me busy ;). I laughed so hard when Jocasta and Amber were talking about how the girls this year aren’t catty like they were last year and then the next words out of Jocasta’s mouth was talking about Victoria. Hahaha!


HAHA it was perfect


BBfangirl: I made mention earlier of the hypocrisy with people like Jocasta the so-called Minister and the others whose heads are always in the Bible and are always reading verses out aloud. These are the very ones who sit and back stab each other at every opportunity. God should burn their hands whenever they touch the Bible. Hypocrites like these never practise what they preach!…….Donny included.


I think that Team America could actually work. If Derrick would get off his high horse and Frankie would quit acting like a high school girl and the three of them realized that together, they could control the whole house. They have more power than they think they do because all three of them are aligned with different people in the house! Noone would ever suspect that those 3 were working together. But it probably won’t happen since this season everyone wants what “the house” wants because “they don’t want blood on their hands”. Come on people!!


The ghost of Helen haunts the BB house!!


Don’t tell Nicole that… she will self evict.


Caleb, Caleb! You are one delusional SOB dude! I just finished watching BBAD and you seem to think that you will be strutting the “Red Carpet” wearing a Tuxedo? My little hick town boy, dream on! First of all, you are what we call a “Turncoat” in the Military for the way you turned your back on Devin when the going got rough. No wonder Amber doesn’t like you and won’t, you like all the other guys in there are a pack of “wussies”. Y’all need to grow a pair. Therein lies your (all y’all) problem with Devin……….a strong and dominating black man! The easiest way out for you wishy washy men is to call a real man names and declare he is mental.


Tbh a smart game move would to vote out Caleb this week. He is a very strong player. Devin would still have a big target on him next week and the following week if he wins HOH


does everyone keep saying that Caleb is a strong player???
I just don’t get it…..