Production wants Devin to Campaign “No Chance dude my daughter bro”

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 19th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations: Caleb & Devin
Have Nots Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

BB16-2014-07-14 17-14-09-112
5:13pm Backyard Couch Nicole and Brittany
Nicole is saying she gets so nervous when she has to say things in front of the camera, “I have to practice what I say just incase she asks me about my grog suit”
Nicole points out how good Derrick and Zach do in front of the camera. She has everything figured out in her head but her heart starts pounding and it never comes out right.

BB16-2014-07-14 17-25-14-075

5:19pm Hot Tub Devin, Frankie and Cody
Devin wants people to shut the f** up and just let him be., He’s cool about what is happening. At the end of the day they will remember how he exited this game, “When the game is done lets party.. MY game is over seriously.. I’m not going to throw a funeral dude theres only so many people that can do that.. I’m just tired and over it dude” Devin says “They” want him to campaign and try things but he’s done with the lies he there’s no chance he’s going to try something like that he misses his daughter. Frankie theres a difference between bowing out and fighting to the end, “You put your foot down you fought like a beast we watched you.. If you continue to fight you will only ruin your image and make sure it’s a unanimous vote.”
Devin -”Bro I got the best of both worlds I get to go home right now.. See my daughter get to watch you guys compete “
Devin says his stomach was all in knots and bloated from the oats he ate last night.
Cody – “It’s straight gas.. DONE ..DONE”
Devin – “Dude.. that can’t happen again no chance dude..”
Devin says he loves each and every one of the people in the house. He’s going to have nothing but the best to say about them on his way out.
Devin whispers “I was going to be a little bitter if Donny didn’t use the Veto”
Devin explains that there was three scenarios that went through his head either; the obvious one, Donny didn’t use the veto or he did use it and Derrick put Victoria up “
DEvin – “I just want to see my Daughter dude.. I’m super stoked.. so tired.. dude..”
Devin start hinting that production is wanting him to campaign to stay. He thinks all that will do will make him look really bad he’s just going to go peacefully. Devin doesn’t want to be isolated like Joey and POW where he wants people to celebrate “you came here and you played” (Devin accepts he’s lost and is waving the white flag)

5:32pm Hayden feeding the frog

BB16-2014-07-14 17-35-57-185

5:35pm Cam 1-2 Fireroom Frankie and Christine
Frankie tells her about his talk with Devin, “I respect his decision to not campaign but he’s still campaigning” Frankie told Devin if he went around the house and tried to get votes he would RUIN any chance he has of going out on a positive note and you will ensure you go out in a unanimous vote. If he doesn’t campaign he has a chance to get a couple pity votes.
Frank – “This is a unique situation nobody has f*** the house this bad”

BB16-2014-07-14 17-41-08-399

5:41pm Kitchen Devin and Caleb
Devin telling him that he’s not going to campaign against him and he’s not going to go around talking sh!t about anyone he’s a competitors and he’ knows he’s been beaten.
Caleb says he’s not planning on any speeches to make people look bad
Devin- “Daughter”

BB16-2014-07-14 17-53-00-391

5:51pm Backyard couch Donny, Hayden and Frog
Donny says 500 thousand might last him till the end of his life but for the younger people like Hayden and Frog it’s not going to last.
Hayden says he’s going to build a self sufficient home that’s on trailer and doesn’t cost much to run. He thinks the money will last if he’s smart about it.
Hayden – “and Nicole will live in there with me”
Frog says they’ll need to have a bunch of them so they don’t get board.
Donny asks them what type of music will they play in the trailer.
Hayden – “mountry .. a combination of metal and country”
Hayden – “I’ll want to play country to make you happy”
Nicole – “I’ll want to play country to make you happy”
Donny – “this is a moment”
Donny calls Brittany over he says she’s missing a show. Brittany joins them. She asks them if they are going to live with each other before they marry. Frog and HAyden say no, Hayden – “un;ee you want to” Nicole thinks it can ruin things. Brittnay points out they have already lived together in the Big Brother House. Frog says living here 24 hours is tough.

BB16-2014-07-14 18-10-55-854
6:08pm Hammock Caleb and Cody
Cody saying that production is giving Devin crap for not fighting to stay here.
Frankie told him that if he campaigns they will make him look like a monster, campaigning will only make the vote 11-0
Cody – “If he did campaign he would go the way he did before and scare people.. if he campaigned it will still be 11-0 with people harbouring biter feelings”
Cody – “11-0 biter or 11-0 at least he didn’t drive the house insane.. do you think he’s going to spread sh1t and stir stuff up?”
Caleb doesn’t’ think so it’s only going to make him look worse on the outside.
Caleb thinks there is more to zach than just being a rich kid that lives with his parents and plays golf.. “there has to be more” Caleb points out he’s a fitness model that hunts hogs and fish, Devin is baseball player who stopped for his daughter, etc etc..
Caleb – “who knows.”
Cody points out Zach saying he’s Amanda’s cousin brings Zach nothing in the game.
Caleb thinks if it’s a twist and hes really Amanda’s cousin he’ll have to say the truth when they ask him. Caleb asks Zach and he said he wasn’t
Cody thinks zach just likes to f** with everyone plus POWWOW was saying heaps of sh!t on her way out
Caleb thinks they looks a like Amanda and Zach.
Cody doesn’t think so he hasn’t spent a lot of time on it to be honest
Cody is looking forward to figuring out who everyone really is when he gets out he thinks some are questionable. Cody believes Caleb, Hayden, and Derrick are straight up. Caleb says Donny and brittany may have life back home they are not honest about. Cody says Brittany’s husband is a paramedic, “apparently they make good money”
Caleb – “paramedics make bank”
they question Devins backstory.. Cody played soccer and the higher levels and hey never made as much money as devin was saying he made at semi pro baseball team
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BB16-2014-07-14 18-36-37-918

6:33pm Hammock area Donny and Caleb
Caleb says Devin screwed his game up. Caleb wants to know if Donny will give him his vote. Caleb mentions that Devin did Donny wrong. Donny says he gave POW that vote because he knew she was going home and she was his friend if the vote was going to be close he would have voted her out because he wanted to keep Zach.
Caleb says his targets next week are the people that are doing nothing. Caleb now claims the people who usually win Big Brother are the ones that do nothing.
Caleb – “The person in the end I don’t want it to be another Andy I want it to be someone who deserves it” Caleb equates competition wins to deserving to win.
Brittany joins them.

BB16-2014-07-14 18-40-18-314

6:40pm Hayden and Nicole Backyard couch
Nicole says when she first saw Hayden she thought he was going to be super cool but then after talking to him she was into him, now she thinks he’s really super cool. They giggle..

BB16-2014-07-14 19-07-25-584
7:05pm HOH Derrick and Frankie
laughing about Zach saying he really is Amanda’s cousin. Frankie – “Could you imagine”
Frankie fills Derrick on Devin asking Donny if he can get 6 votes and Donny told him no way. Deve then went to him and Cody and told them he’s being pressured by production to campaign. Frankie explains what he told Devin about campaigning being a bad idea.

Alliances (Some of these only a few of the members actually think the alliance is real the bombsquad is done but some people still think it’s real)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
Feed watchers = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and hayden (still being built)

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Devin: “daughter”

nuff said lol


That was my most favorite line of this posted! Cracked me up!

Captain Crunch

looks like Devin is going out with class but im sure Victoria or Christine will keep beating a dead horse and bring up something before Thursday to bash him and try and make him look worse than he is.

TA Sucks

Devin saying he will not campaign is his way of campaigning. Devin being aggressive would give zero chance to stay, his only choice is to be more laid back about it.

Detroit Girl

It’s what the Schnozz Twins do best. I guess they’ll be scared of Caleb or Donny next.

Props to the inventor of that name!


Its amazing.. If he does campaign he’s planning on something, if he doesn’t he’s planning on something. I mean come on he knows his faith. He can get on his knees and beg with tears in his eyes, u all will still vote him out. He’s going out with his head held high, don’t be upset that he’s not giving u the power to see him beg for your votes. Let him be he knows its over with.
I really dislike Christine now, just for the simple fact she doesn’t like Devin. He personally hasn’t done anything to her, so why bash him behind his back and then smile in his face? He never put you up, never said your name brought you into what he believe was a strong alliance and this is how u are to him.. GTFO, I can’t stand people like that. And Victoria too, she’s hates Devin but yet he was the same guy who had her back when Zach was being disrespectful to her behind her back.. Zach, Victoria & Christine I dislike so far.


campaigning is a total waste of time for Devin. I don’t blame him at all giving up at this point. he knows no one would give him a vote because now the house is voting like sheep. as much as people are giving Derrick credit in his game, I’m not gonna give Derrick too much credit because great players find a way to utilize and take advantage of a situation when a player is on the block. that’s why production is telling Devin to go around and campaign using his “daughter” speech and he’s not going to do it. Devin knows production want to edit some type of game play evicting him, when in all it would just be a normal eviction with a sheep vote. if I was Derrick I would of gambled and place Christine on the block and backdoored her. taking Christine out was a way better move than Devin this week IMO.


What Derrick did wasn’t even a smart game play. If majority of the House guest hates on one person DUH whoever is HOH will backdoor them. Has nothing to do with smart game play. No one has great game play in the house. We have yet to see a big turn of events in this house.


I disagree. I think doing what the house wants – in this case – is good game play. If Derrick had done anything other than put Devin up, he’d be in more trouble. I think you can mark him down for a successful HOH. It’s not a bad thing that this week has been more chill after last week’s brewhaha.


I’m not worried about it being chill, I’m stating the fact that when majority of the house is on the same page with wanting to get a certain person out. That’s not good game play… at all; He wouldn’t be in trouble, because anyone who would have been HOH this week would have done the same thing.

There’s nothing remarkable about back-dooring someone when majority of them were on the same page. Especially when the person already sees it coming, Devin already knew… he wasn’t shocked, he wasn’t caught off guard, and the viewers weren’t even shock because we all knew it would happen. It’s not rocket science to do what Derrick did. He doesn’t deserve credit for making a big game move, nothing fantastic about what he did. That’s all I’m saying.


Maybe so, but thanks, Derrick!


I know Devin talks a lot about just daughter, but I’m thinking that brings him peace of mind to accept what’s happening. No matter what he says they will think bad of him so what’s the point. Caleb talks about Amber. Hay day talks about boobs and frogs, which us very boring and unimportant IMO. Productions wants him to further make a fool of himself for their benefit to keep us from getting bored.
This site has been great for me. I have only watch one live show. The recaps here are so good I don’t. Record the show I rather read it. Thanks guys.


Classy? Meaning he could not figure out a way to bounce back after his game got scrambled? Devin is a “one hit wonder.” He bulldozed his way into game play because he could not wait for everyone to know about his one “good” game move. (Ha-Ha about the “good” part.) It takes a “special” person to be him.


I miss daughter, bro. At the end of the day it’s just for my daughter, man. Dude, I just really want to see my daughter bro.

smd nicole

caleb pretty much just said that dr will didn’t deserve to win


well since pretty much everything that caleb says THE OPPOSITE is true, Dr. Will definitely deserved to win!!

I Don't Like Derrick

Sorry, but Dr. Will and especially Dan are way over rated. Their manipulations depended on the super stupidity of the other houseguest, not houseguest of just average, logical actions. If Danielle had won Big Brother 3, would she had been the best player because she convinced Marcellas not to use the veto. No, because that was just a plain, stupid action. The best players are the ones whose manipulations don’t depend on the stupidity of other people. Tony, from Survivor is a good example, with the spy shack, etc. Actions he took did not depend on stupidity of other contestants, Though, he would not have won, if not for the stupidity of Woo. If Donny makes it to the end, playing the way he is now, then he will probably be one of the better players, Why? Because, as of now, his gameplay is not dependent upon the stupidity of others. He is just smart. Ian played a really good game. He did manipulate Mike Boogie, but his success had nothing to do with really stupid actions from other players. Sadly, I have to say the same about Andy.


He didn’t he had horrible game play right up to the end where he accused the jury of being out of touch with reality. He was a terrible player, he was just lucky enough to attach himself to the best player of the season Nicole who carried him to the finals. he never won a single comp, and he was kept around because he was viewed as the weakest person and easiet to beat. He just got lucky the jurors were all bitter at nicole because she backstabbed them all and played an awesome game, kind of like daniel did.

yo, sup

Thursday can’t come fast enough this week is going to be boring af. You guys might as well just take off for the week.


No joke. Take the week off simon.


hahaha in Devin’s conversation with Caleb I laughed so hard. Devin – “Daughter”


Lol, that had me cracking up too! Along with, the picture of him shown above. At first I had thought that my phone had cut the rest of the sentence off but…nope Devin, was done with explaining himself. Haha


I really don’t understand why Brittany, Nicole, Hayden, Jocasta, Victoria, and Christine aren’t even talking about voting Caleb out. Who cares if they hate Devin or even if they don’t think Caleb is a threat, he is still a vote for the boys running the show aka former bomb squad… they aren’t even discussing it.


Sorry I meant Donny not Victoria… I don’t know who where that name came from


Agree. That is why I found Cody and Zach thinking about voting Caleb out really stupid. Lost some respect for their game, Caleb is a number for them. House is split right now, they just don’t know it yet. Zach, Cody, Amber, Caleb, Derrick vs Nicole, Hayden, Christine, Jocasta, Donny. With Brittany, Victoria, Frankie floating to who wins hoh next.

I Don't Like Derrick

My point above about the stupidity of others. If Derrick wins this game, people will probably say he was such a great player, etc. But look at the stupidity of the other people in the house, not banning together, when they know. His success will be the result of other peoples’ stupidity, not just plain, smart gameplay. That is why Dam is overrated. And dumbasses from Season 8, letting father and daughter make it to the end. Plain Stupidity.


Once Devin leave no one will have a punching bag to beat up on because Devin gets blamed for everything. Should be interesting to watch the people outside of the 8 regret voting him out because they’re too stupid to realize they’re at the bottome of the totem pole and it will be very interesting to watch Caleb Derrick zach and Cody for after each other. Caleb especially of the four guys is going to wish he had fought to keep him and Devon off the block because he hasn’t realized it yet he is the next guy they want out even though they keep telling him they want the next guy to be Donny. This group is the worst group in BB history. Never has there been a season where the majority of the house is so dumb to the game.


Zankie is so freaking cute, they make me want to puke! Lol


I have a question for you, Simon and Dawg. I was wondering if Pow has been heard from since she left the house? My reason for asking this is we all know Devin is gone this week, and as much as he brought entertainment into the house, and shook it up, would BB possibly sequester the evicted house guests to bring one back later? I’m curious because I do root for the underdog, and it won’t be until Devin leaves the house that some of the HG’s will realize he wasn’t such a bad guy and how much he could have helped them take out some of these “alliances” that are just going to take them out. And when people like Donny and Brittany finally realize who is really running the house now, they will wish he was there. The BB house is turning into nothing but a frat house, where those, like Derrick and Zach, who deem HG’s like Donny, Jacosta, etc. aren’t worthy of them, they will pick them off with ease. If something doesn’t shake up the house soon, the frat boys will take it all the way. Thoughts? And thanks for all your hard work! You guys are the best!


Thanks Simon, I forgot about the smurf! Lol!


Yes. I read an interview with Paola on the Hollywood Reporter & on Twitter…she knows what went on in the house & commented on them…she thinks Devin is evil.

Detroit Girl

So, Amber had nothing to do with your game getting screwed Caleb? Umm, OK, if you say so ::rolls eyes::


I am already dreading watching the two shows this week because I will not be able to stand watching Devin acknowledging his daughter……one…….more…………time!
And his total martyrdom as a “single” dad…..

Just think how much extra space there will be in the house now for Caleb’s ego to expand into!


What about Trilogy? Christine, Nicole, Hayden.


my dream hoh for this week donny and jocsasta win hoh best friends working together i hope its happen too and brttiny and victoria sit back enjoy the week thats what i wish for


Oh lord. My dad is a dork


This was funny…demented…but funny!


Thanks Simon for the alliance rundowns. A lot more than even new about.


Is it me, I feel like there are way too many “alliances” so far. It’s only week 3.

And all the names suck


Im going to be glad to see him go. I agree about Thursday.


If production really wanted to give Devin a chance to stay, they would have made the veto less of an opportunity to gang up against him. Now, the only option left is a booze delivery, please BB. Not a Devin fan necessarily, but a fan of the drama he creates. Can’t take much more of Derrick blabbing about every scenario a hundred times over and over.


Simon you forgot to put the “flaming queens” as an alliance that was formed by Jocasta Frankie Victoria but they’re no longer in the alliance


Devin once again proved come in playing too strong of a game and youre TOAST
It might fly being a bully in yo everyday life but not here folks.
Amanda stumbled into power she wasnt a power freak like devin


Devin is not a bully he’s actually playing the game unlike Zach who sleeps all day Britney who cooks all day Cody is in second place in the sleeping area Derrick talks so much my ears can’t anymore Caleb looks like a walking glue Amber i dont even know what shes doing Victoria thinks she’s in disney channel Frankie flip flops everyday Jocasta strategy is praying she’s in an alliance with God Donny no comment Nicole Christine and Hayden boring


Yes production wants him to campaign because House flips are fun to watch… people love it.
BTW He is campaigning,,, He did the same thing the week before the HoH he won.
“I am not going to campaign, I’m good with this I want to see my daughter… I am good with this.”
“Caleb I am not going to Campaign, I know I am going home, I just want to enjoy this. I want to be with my daughter.”
“Donny I know I did you wrong I don’t expect your vote. I am good with this I want to see my daughter.”

He fought for the veto, lost it to Donny…. but he is good with it… wants to see his daughter.

Devin’s done he is no threat he just wants to enjoy his time here. He wants to see his daughter.

Classic Dan… Is that move in his book… I would not doubt it.
Listen the house may flip for you people who want Devin to stay, they will start to freak out Caleb or other people will start to freak out about Caleb being cocky he has the votes to stay… we have to get rid of Caleb now….
“You know they have to be working with Caleb or he would not be so cocky about staying.”
“Caleb has to have a Deal with those guys.”
It could be either side thinking that. That is how all of these sub-Alliances work… NO Trust and Us v. Them.
All it takes is Caleb to start freaking about someone voting to evict him and say “If you go against the house that will put a target on you.” and Devin is staying. All Devin needs is that one person…. preferably Jocasta because she is a woman and she is vulnerable.
Mark my words that is when it will happen.
It is sort of a classic Big Brother move. I hope it does not work and he goes home.
this group may be paranoid enough to see through it or paranoid to keep Devin and vote out Caleb.
Say this happens vote will go like this:
Evict Devin:
(this vote to evict Devin could be made by Hayden or Christine if they knew the votes were solid.)
Evict Caleb:
Donny (If Donny Could get the votes he would evict Caleb.)
Hayden (He can say Amber voted to keep Devin, and I think Derrick, Cody or Zach would back it up.)
Devin Fan he will stay. Let’s see what happens.


Please… its a rap for Devin especially when every house guest have utter the words
” I hate Devin”,
“he’s the Devil”,
“I don’t trust him”,
“I don’t want to be around him”,
“I wanna stab him”,
“I don’t want to be nice to him anymore”.
He feels it so he knows, Why campaign when u know you it’s over? Majority of the house are dead set of voting him out. He’s not gonna get away with it like Zach did who also has been very disrespectful but yet they gave him a pass. Devin will walk out with his head held high, He’s nothing going to give them the opportunity to lie in his face. He’s taking the high road.

The Truth

Dear CBS,

Can you please orchestrate an early exit for Devin….before this Thursday. He needs to see to his daughter.


Devin’s mom (not the houseguest,crew or Big Brother fans)


Everyone in the house thinks Devon is evil, As much as I think he should be gone for 2 reasons, one he put one of his alliance up, that was just wrong there and 2nd of all, he tried to run everything his way, his best bet was to get input from rest of his alliance instead of trying to take control. but getting back to evil, that I don’t think he is. Anyone that could use POV to save single mother to stay cant be all that evil. Evil people ususally don’t do much nice things for others.


IMO, Zach asked to be put up, and I dont think anyone should be evicted this week simply because Jacousta was sick and didnt play. I feel if if youre on the block but cant compete to save your own neck, a) dont evict anyone, b) evict the player who cant compete for themselves, or c) DOUBLE EVICTION


Say what you want about Devin but he’s been entertaining. Everyone hated him and he was the player we loved to hate. Once he walks out that door, then what? I don’t blame production for trying to get him to stay. He’s being a complete wimp. THAT’S how he’s going to go out of the house. As a great big girl.

And what Caleb said about paramedics making “bank”? That is so totally not true.

Without Devin this season might be sunk. And don’t get me wrong, the guy drives me nuts with his daughter and his “bro” and his “dude” but he’s been a force in the house. Sorry to see him give up and leave.


Don’t insult girls – some of them are stronger than big scary Devin.


And P.S.

Next week they’re talking about putting up Victoria and Jocasta????

Wow. That’ll be an exciting grudge match.


Who are these people to tell Devin not to campaign because then he will go out on a 11-0 vote? Who gives a damn! If he is going home, he will go home no matter if he campaigns or not. He can go out fighting if he wants. They are making it seem like he needs their respect, he doesn’t need a damn thing from these people but 500,000 dollars. I’m so close to being over this cast….