Zach Attack “I want Frankie gone sooner than later.. He has control of people.”

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 19th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations: Caleb & Devin
Have Nots Caleb, Amber, Devin, Hayden
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-15 19-36-59-007

7:36pm Brittany and Frankie
Frankie he’s going to put on light make up. He asks her if she’s ever had plastic surgery. She said she had her boobs done. After all her kids they lost all their elasticity. She mentions how nobody knows she’s had a b**b job but now all America knows. They laugh.
Frankie says he had his nose fixed, “I broke my nose twice”
Brittany says its nice cleansing your body from drinking. She knows she complains about not have any cocktails but she likes it right now.
Frankie says the first two weeks your body hates you the third week your mind hates yu but after that you are out of the woods.
Frankie – “The thought of not drinking every day it never occurred to me”
Frankie says Brittany’s skin colour right now is stunning, “You look so exoctic.. you look columbian”

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-15 19-38-22-762

7:39pm HAmmock Amber and Christine
Chit chat about Tattoos.
Amber brings up not wanting to be in a showmance with Caleb.
Christine and Amber agree Devin isn’t going to campaign to him, “He knows”
Amber – “He’s been driving me crazy today” (Devin)
Christine – “I can’t be around him”

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-15 19-52-53-083

7:50pm Kitchen Frankie, Amber, Zach, Cody, Victoria
Frankie and Zach have a plan to pick up ladies/men
Frankie says the two of them are the perfect wingman Zach is super hot so the gay guys will be all over him, Frankie is super gay so all the girls will be over him. They would alterative Gay bar Straight bar. Zach – “You’ve ever heard of the bait and switch”

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-15 19-55-19-251

7:54pm Storage room Frankie and Victoria
Frankie mentions how Devin was campaigning. Devin came up to him and said he knows he said he wasn’t going to campaign but he is going to. Frankie being sarcastic says “Thats so weird I never thought you would be a liar”
Frankie explains Devin’s ploy to get votes by saying, he did a lot of stupid stuff, told a lot of lies, made a lot of mistakes but caleb is only going to fight for Amber.
Frankie laughs says caleb is the best person to keep in the house because he’s predictable he’ll go on the block for Amber. Frankie stress that Devin is the most unpredictable person He has ever met they have no idea what he’ll do.
Victoria – he needs help,.. new flash he’s a psycho
Try It Free! Get 24/7 access to the house PLUS more for 48hrs before you decide!

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-15 20-13-46-564

8:06pm HOH Frankie and Cody
Zach mentions Brittany was up here and asked him and Derrick if they want an alliance with her and Cody. Zach wanted to say yes right away but Derrick said they have to talk to calzone (Cody)
Cody says Brittany is smart she just doesn’t know how to play the game. Cody mentions how she was recruited and had never heard of the game. She wants to work with people that are good at the game like them. Cody wants to work with Brittany but he’s certain Derrick doesn’t
Zach thinks Derrick and Brittany are really close now.
Victoria comes up, Zach – “F*****”
Victoria goes into the shower
Zach whispers to Cody that Brittany and Amber are at odds big time you can see it they both try to outdo each other what they do around the house. Dishes, LAundry cleaning etc etc
Zach is going to tell Brittany “To be honest Amber Brittany is out to get you” he wants to keep Brittany and Amber fighting.
Zach wants them to use Brittnay to do their dirty work.
Cody says Brittany can be used to get out the Ambers and Christines and they will take out Jocasta and Victoria.
Zach is going to ask her straight up if she’s working with Donny.
Cody says the bombsquad is done for him he’s ready to get Caleb out.
Zach says he’s ready to.
Zach – Do we b@ckdoor him”
Cody – “Once the BOB is gone I have no problem putting him up go for the POV bro”

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-15 20-09-26-642

8:21pm beast mode cowboy hasn’t done much talking in a while

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-15 20-28-25-400

8:28pm Kitchen
Derrick at the HOH balcony says to a bunch of houseguests in the kitchen, There was a picture of Hyden C***k on the hOH camera and he left it there. Hayden also took a bunch of pictures of Victoria’s a$$. Hayden goes on to explain how he was getting the pictures of Victoria. Derrick and Zach head to the HOH where Victoria is just getting finished up in the shower. Zach tells Victoria he wants to talk to her when she’s done.
They start talking about how much they’ve already done to get to 3 weeks imagine how much more work is involved.
Zach – what is Jocasta’s deal bro.. she does nothing.. she just chills she doesn’t even talk much”
Zach wonders hey they made the picnic bench so uncomfortable nobody plays chess anymore. Derrick hasn’t seen one person up there since he’s been HOH. Derrick thinks they went with looks this year over function.
Zach can’t wait for Devin to leaves thinks the entire house is going to change when that happens.
Zach – “Caleb is out of it dude”
Derrick – “He’s on slop man”
They talk about Hayden thinking about beating the BB record for being a HAve nots. Derrick says he’s already done 2 weeks if the record is only 5, 3 more weeks he can crush it out.
THey talk about Ian BB14 and how he has a have nots record.
Zach says Ian was a beast but lucky, Don’t you think.
Derrick says Ian was smart had a strategy, won competitions when he had to and built an eclectic alliance.

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-15 20-56-29-894

8:43pm Victoria and Devin
Victoria thinks theres a lot bigger targets than her out of the girls. Derrick tells her she’s always got to prepare for the worst.
Victoria says she found out today that more people were watching.
Victoria says she has to take allergy medicine every morning and she talked to a Certain Doctor there you go get it? “they told her she’s doing so great.
Zach comes in tells Victoria if he wins HOH he will not put her up. Zach asks her who she would put up for the BOB. Zach says he’s not putting up Derrick and Cody. Zach tells her if he wins HOH he’ll put up Jocasta and Donny.
Victoria might put up Frankie because he put her up, “I don’t know where Frankie stands”
Zach “He’s a flip flopper”
Zach – “He’s close friends with Caleb”
Frankie – “He’s close friends with everyone.. he put me up so I would put up a girl”
Zach – “would you put up Amber”
Victoria – I don’t know.. she never put me up
Zach says DOnny is after him so he really wants to win the HOH.
Victoria hopes they both win HOH, Zach does to says he’ll put up Donny and Amber and She can put up Frankie and Caleb.
She says she use to be close to Amber back when POW was in the house but not really as much anymore she’s worried Amber talks to Caleb who she cannot trust.
Zach says theres one person in this house that Frankie is working with more than anyone else. they trust Frankie 100% and Frankie trusts them 100% but nobody knows who that is (Camera zooms in on Derrick).. “who is it nobody knows”
ZAch asks her why not put Donny or Caleb up over Frankie.
Victoria explains that Frankie put her up Caleb never did.
Zach tells him Caleb and Frankie are working closely together.
Zach asks how much does she trust Christine 1 to 10. Victoria says 6 and Nicole is 8
Zach claims to feel the same way.
Zach “I want Frankie gone sooner than later.. Frankie has control of people.. He’s a better player than me”
Victoria – He has a really good social game.. hey he’s an actor he knows how to connect with everyone he gets into character.
Zach asks her if Frankie talks game to her. Victoria says he does. She never talks game with Jocasta.
(Zach is bullsh!tting Victoria about Frankie)

Big_Brother_16-2014-07-15 20-49-56-951

8:50pm Backyard couch Frog, Amber, Brittany and Donny stargazing.

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I really appreciate all the work you do for us to keep us updated 🙂
Question – it says Brit asked Derrick and Zach to be in an alliance with her and Cody.. Do you think she is really looking to start an alliance or trying to figure out if they are working together? That was a great move because they didn’t deny it and now the ball is in her court. She can choose to work with them honestly or fake it and get lots of info for when the house flips


Is good that britanny gets really close to one of these guys, this way they might not go after her.
But she needs to be smart and keep Donny, Victoria and Jocasta on the other side

Lady Luck

Why do Frankie and Zach dress like 12 year old boys?


Pretty simple: they haven’t grown up!


“8:21pm beast mode cowboy hasn’t done much talking in while” haha thank goodness he says the same thing all day long!


at least Zach is trying to use some misdirection and start working some of those other hg’s


I hope zach and Cody end up being final 2.


Vic is so clueless. Calling her a floater is a compliment. She isn’t anything, she just exists.


wil’s bb16saga this week is a music video (ariana grande’s “problem”?), very funny, on point as usual:


Thank you for posting this, made my morning. I laughed so hard!

That's Classic!!!

N.Alabama you post some of the funniest comments on here,
I seriously played it over and over and still cannot stop laughing…
Thank you! 🙂

Detroit Girl

So, Cody has no problem letting Caleb play for POV/BOB, but he, Zach and Derrick insisted Devin couldn’t be given that chance to fight. (Yes, I know Devin played in POV and lost,) What an alliance of punks!


Cody’s thinking is that Devin is good at everything. Caleb is only good at a few things, so Caleb doesn’t scare him. (Plus Cody wants to look brave for Amber…)


Zack has been the best part of these days. I really wonder the purpose of recruiting Victoria?


Boring week… Very predictable… Hope next week brings on the drama and excitement with 2 of the question marks winning HOH (Donny, Brittany, Jocasta, Victoria or Hayden) I hope this season isn’t gonna take a turn like last year after Jeremy (this year Devin) was evicted and become a snooze fest because of unanimous votes and following one group! Remember people last year was looking real great with David and Nick getting blindsided and Jeremy being the perfect villain and then BOOM… It all went downhill from there!!!!! C’mon BB 16 cast don’t disappoint the viewers!!!!


I don’t care what happens as long as there is drama, I mean the gameplay of BB15 was boring after Jeremy got voted out, but you have to admit there was still great drama that season despite of the bigotry and the lack of big moves. Don’t get me wrong i do like watching great gameplay as well, but it doesn’t mean there can’t be decent drama as well.


the fact that everyone knows there is an 8 person alliance (whether they really are going to honor it or not) and that the people that are not involved are not teaming up is strange. They all know Devin is on the outs with them and that Caleb was/is involved. It sure seems like they would to take the opportunity to even the odds. Team up with Devin and vote out Caleb. Of course, I can Imagine teaming up with Devin is a very scary thought given how all over the place he is. But still he is a target to keep around. If I were on the outside of the 8 (original from day 2) I would want to get Caleb out just to even the odds back out.

Seems like they could get the votes if they were smart too since Derrick can’t vote. They only need 6: Donny, Britney, Victoria, Jocosta, Nicole, and Hayden. If they made a deal with Devin that would give them 7 that could rival the 6 six remaining from the original 8. Not to mention, Christine would like float back over to Nicole making it 8-5 and Devin would still be a huge target left.

It would make it a lot more exciting and even the odds more. Not going to happen though.


Okay… I’m hoping 1 or 2 things to happen:

1. Christine and Nicole’s plan gets exposed… probably through Hayden and they become the next targets.

2. Donny, Britney or Jocasta gets wind of this and use it to their advantage to try and keep Devin and evict Caleb, while having Christine and Nicole’s stupid actions to bite them in the ass.


Christine will be Nicole’s downfall in this game… Nic’s gonna regret going along with all that b*tches shenanigans when she turns around and does the same thing or even worse to her and to be honest she’ll deserve it! She calls herself a “super fan” but she sure plays like she has NO BRAIN!!!! Christine is running her!!!!


Can I just say this is the season of “let it slide” for ex let it slide that Christine and Frankie cant be havenots because of health issues! Ok I get it I have lupus thats why I cant play BB I couldnt be a have not or some challenges maybe now I can be on the “let it slide” show! Also while I respect them keeping Devin sober is it really fair to the other houseguests to not be able to have alcohol?! Isnt that part of the show to go to the storage room and yell we got one bottle of wine and 4 beers for 16 people! How drunk could they possibly get?! I am just waiting for the kumbaya to start and all hold hands playing ring around the rosie! I feel for you Simon/Dawg you guys are amazing but to have to sit through these boring HG omgosh! We feel for you and appreciate it:) Poor Julie will have to say
Welcome to BB nothing happened this week worth mentioning so lets just evict Devin and start the HOH competition! The announcer will have to say previously on BB nothing happened stay tuned to see nothing happen again in this episode of BB! Lol;)


Yeah, but alcohol is what helped Aaryn, Gina Marie etc. make headlines last year. I’m sure that this has probably inadvertently helped some of their games. If Frankie talks this much now, can you imagine him after drinking a little?


Christine is really starting to annoy me, they should go after her soon, but not before they get Caleb and Frankie out. Frankie has almost the same strategy as Andy, and we all saw how it worked for Andy. I don’t think we want a repeat of Andy lol


Zach totally loves Victoria. He stares at her all the time 😉


I liked Christine in the beginning, but I’m starting to realize that all she does is gossip about the girls and make rude remarks about Devin. I’m pretty sure she qualifies as a floater!


I dislike EVERYTHING about Christine and that includes: her game play, her lazy ass (check out her FIT BIT stats on CBS), her tattoos – particularly that hideous blue blob on her thigh, her laugh, her false teeth (yes – I’d bet money on those), her personality, how she eats, those bug-eyed glasses. I’ll be kind and give her nose a pass – she had no say in that.


Exactly. Two days after her dehydration, Jocasta had walked over twice the steps that Christine had.


Donny, Derrick, Hayden and Nicole if she ditches Christine would be a great final four. All 4 know the game and would probably make good use of the money and they’re good competitors, even good old Donny is smoking the rest of them in comps! Hopefully somewhere down the line they realize this and make it happen! Big Brother 16 should have a deserving winner not floaters that do nothing all summer but kiss the butt of whoever is in power and then wake up one day sitting in the finale waiting for a 50.000 or 500.000 check!!!!!


Duuuude, if Christine and Nicole throw hinky votes their games are basically over. That’s the dumbest idea ever. There are too many different personal relationships in the house for that to work. Information will get around in no time. All it takes is Zach to believe Brittany, or Derrick to believe Victoria, or Amber/Cody to believe Jacosta for Nicole and Christine to get caught.

Even if it does work and people go after Donny, Brittany, and/or Victoria next week, every single one of those people would never go after Nicole. You’re basically burning three votes to save you or three votes to evict someone you want out. Christine is a terrible gameplayer and I can’t believe Nicole is going to allow her to blow up her game as well. Hopefully Nicole tells Hayden and Hayden talks her out of it.


One week at a time.. Go slow.. Best season ever!


cispence98 mentioned that Victoria and Frannie have been given a pass for havenots? Is this true?


No they don’t have a pass from being havenots. Christine only eats gluten free foods so she wouldn’t eat slop. She told casting before coming in that she wouldn’t eat slop and would deal with it. Frankie has a circulatory issue that would make it really difficult to sleep in a cold room on a hard bed. The other HG’s feel bad and most have said they wouldn’t nominate them to be have nots. Eventually they will probably have to be havenots and have to deal with their issues with it.


No one has caught onto Cody’s “flirt with anything with boobs” strategy yet? Apparently he is expecting every girl, and most guys, to take him to final two.


Very surprised to hear Zach say he cared for Donny. Maybe he’ll talk the others into saving him next week.
If Nicole follows that witch Crustine they will both be on my sh*t list!!!!!!! TEAM BEARD till the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Team Beard needs to Flip the House NOW. Donny’s biggest fault is he thinks that Derrick really means to keep he and Frankie. But, Derrick is spreading the rumor that Donny was stirring things up etc.
Donny and Jocasta need some muscle power. But, he’s about to walk out the door and they will soon follow.


I hope Devin goes out with a bang with his eviction speech, just to create some excitement and drama. I really hope he does since he’s going home regardless.

A Nonny Mouse

Why the hell is Zach so worried about what Jocasta does? He should be worrying about what he does since all he ever does is run his mouth.


Anyone have the link to watch online tonight? My dog has decided to chew through our Satellite cord.