Big Brother Spoilers Week 3 POV Results

POV Holder: Donny Next POV July 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 14th
HOH Winner 1:  Nicole HOH Winner 2:  Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny/Amber Next HOH/ Next BOB July 17/July 18
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Caleb & Jocasta) Nicole’s Noms (Donny & Amber)
Final Nominations:
Have Nots
POV Players Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Devin, Donny
  • On Thursday Night POWPOW was evicted from the house with only votes from Donny and Jocasta to stay. With almost everyone voting to keep Zach this left Devin on the wrong side of the house.
  • The HOH was Played it was a crap shoot, Nicole and Derrick win.
  • Nicole nominates Donny and Amber, Derrick nominates Caleb and Jocasta
  • Derrick makes a deal with Caleb to throw the Battle on the Block competition ensuring that Derrick is HOH.
  • Battle on the Block is played Donny and Amber win and are taken off the block. Nicole who nominated them loses her HOH title.
  • Rumors that Caleb didn’t throw the competition it was more jocasta’s fault arise.
  • Jocasta start getting sick
  • Derrick’s plan is to Backd**r Devin so he needs the POV to be used. Zach says theres a 3 in 78 Chance that Devin pulls this off
  • POV players are picked and Devin is one of them. Derrick, Jocasta, Caleb, Christine, Donny
  • Jocasta is too sick to play in the POV Competition
  • Christine and Donny told Derrick they will use the POV so he can complete his plan to backdoor Devin.
  • Donny said if he won it he would use it to take Jocasta off the block.
  • Christine said she wanted to go out and either win it or get second to show that she can compete with the boys.
  • If Derrick wins it he will take Caleb off the block and put up Devin.
  • if Devin wins it and uses it Derrick will use Victoria as the replacement nominee.
  • Caleb said he’s a beast mode cowboy that’s not going to let Devin win it.
  • POV Starts at 2:30pm

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BB16-2014-07-12 16-21-25-462

4:22pm Donny and Derrick
Donny won the POV. Sounds like it was very close. Donny says he’s going to use it to take Jocasta off the block.
Derrick – ‘He already knows it.. he’s going to have a good week this week”
Donny and Derrick shake to their partnership, Dinny – “50/50”
They agree to take Jocasta down and put Devin up in her place. Caleb and Devin will be on the block.

BB16-2014-07-12 16-25-40-143

4:26pm Bodybuilding competition..
Nicole and Christine are the judges.

BB16-2014-07-12 16-34-06-554

4:32pm Bathroom Devin and Donny
Devin says he’s glad Donny won it.
Donny thanks him for being such a good sport



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YESSSS!! Caleb will still be on the block! There’s still a chance………


even though I cant stand devin it would be kinda great if caleb goes instead


I can see Caleb going home this week, I think so far there are solid votes from Donny, Hayden, Nicole and Jocasta they need to only pull two more and it’s a done deal. Brittany and Christine I think can be swayed by Nicole and Hayden, Victoria can be swayed by Donny and Jocasta (though wouldn’t count on her because she hates Devin). Cody and Zach seems to prefer to take out Caleb now over Devin. If they smart up the outsiders could take over the house this week. I just hope they are not too scared to make that move. I’m liking Donny not because he is a lovable character but it because he is not afraid to flip the house, I’m just glad that someone is not playing the “Andy” strategy this season.

Derick will be in a very terrible position if that happens, I think the outsiders already seen him as one of the manipulators, he has been covering his base so much that it damages his game more than actually protecting it.


This is great analysis. I don’t think Donny needs to fear about a house flip, so doesn’t. It’s already fractured and will flip regardless. Caleb’s not so popular either (as I read it). He also hurts Amber’s game and he’s a strong GUY player. I’m glad to see Donny has gotten some skin in the game recently, and has been talking a lot more game. This will move a target onto him, but I think he’ll have solid support from Hayden, Nicole, Jocasta (certainly), Britt, Victoria (likely) and Christine (?) so,6/7 I canNOT get a good read on Christine, she’s definitely keeping her cards close to her chest. I think the “Outsiders” will have the house for a bit and can oust Devin, Amber, Zach, Frankie and on down to F4 Hayden, Nicole, Donny and I dunno, but I hope Derrick. Derrick, is going to need to switch sides and what may help transition him is the TA, which I think Donny would want to keep going.


Woooo Hoooo…..


Woah! Look at Donny! Just winning comps left and right. I am really starting to like the way he’s playing. Still winning to get by, but laying low at the same time.


I remember reading a complaint during BoB which they were supposed to win that he was ‘moving too slow’. but they won that BoB. And last time he played POV, he moved slow slow compared to the others, and won it.

Slow and steady. Glad he can play to take Jocasta off the block because it’s like she played herself and won by someone doing that. also works out well for the eviction plan. i think they should take out Devin as planned because it is a big move that won’t ruffle any feathers. Plus, Caleb didn’t win the POV this time or that other time with Donny playing. he may not necessarily be all that good. 🙂


I agree. The biggest misconception about the game is people think you have to be big, fast, and strong to win comps. In some cases this may be true, but in most comps it’s not always true. Donny is proof of that. Caleb and Devin never would have thought they would lose comps to Donny, but they’ve lost twice (three if BoB counts) now. So it’s not always about athleticism.


I was thinking that if Donny was moving extra slow…he might have been trying to help Jocasta get off the block and keep Nicole in power.(smart) He felt bad that she was on the block in the first place.


I don’t agree that voting off Caleb is any worse than voting off Devin. Neither of them have any real support in the house right now. So neither puts blood on your hands. This is your chance to get Caleb off and they should take it because you got him to ‘volunteer’ for the block this time but he won’t do it again. So you will have to rely on another back door scenario with him having chances to win HoH and POVs against a smaller pool of people. We know some physical challenges are due up as we really haven’t seen too many. There has to be another endurance one due up soon.


I do not want to see Caleb go yet, however, what a dummy to get a crush on a girl so soon and then to try and protect her. He better wise up. The only reason Cody wants him off is he is afraid of him and a little jealous. Cody is sure trying to change everyone’s mind about putting Caleb up. Personally, Frankie ha to go, he is another Andy but playing it a whole lot cooler, guess he is using the same tactics, sticking his face in all conversations and trying to play a social game to get to the end. Would someone tell my why he is laying all over the guys, hugging, kissing, rubbing and letting them love on him back??????????????????? Making me sick.


Team Donny!!!

Amanda's dog Woofie

Gotta get me one of those BOW-TIES of INVINCIBILITY!! Team DonCasta!!!


the Beast Turtle wins PoV again… LOL…. Go Beast Turtle (Iam going to start calling him that… Beast Turtle
OMG couldn’t think of a better result… it will be
Devin V. Caleb this week. Enjoy


haha, that’s great! Looks like Donny is the real “Beast Mode”. What has Caleb won since the HoH?


I actually hoped Devin will win, He brings drama to this house.


I’m sure his family misses the drama he brings to their house. So, hopefully, off he goes.


As much as I dislike Devin, I am interested to see how this plays out with Devin vs. Caleb. I’m sure some will try to flip the house to get out Caleb first. It will be a much less boring week than it would have been if Caleb had come down.

TA Sucks

Bye bye Caleb.


Didn’t even consider the possibility of Donny winning the veto and using it on Jocasta…
Devin vs Caleb on the block this week should be great! With Zach, Cody, Hayden and Nicole saying they want Caleb gone this might not be a death sentence for Devin.


Not happening. They will go with “this is what the house wants” and just vote devin out. The vote will be uninamous.

Butters Mom

Its going to be a GREAT week in the BB house!!! yesssss


I just wish Donny would not have said he taking Jocasta off. Just kept his mouth shut on that


DONNYS A BEATS!!! I love Donny Caleb and Devin on the block this could go either way. Will be crazyy if Caleb goes home


Poor Caleb…his ego is probably crushed. Haha


His beast mode must have been “pu$$y” cat mode 😉


I seriously hope that Donny uses it on Jocasta, I would love to see Devin and Caleb having to fight for their lives. As much as I despise Devin and wanted him to go home before, I want Caleb to learn a valuable lesson. DO NOT OFFER TO GO ON THE BLOCK!! and secondly DONT THROW A COMP FOR A GIRL, especially one whom doesnt like you in anyway shape or form!! He deserves to go home not only for his past actions but because he failed to follow rule 1 and rule 2 of big brother.


I agree but I’m really beginning to feel a bit bad for Caleb. He OBVIOUSLY doesn’t know this game very well…doesn’t understand the type of competitions they have (not usually about pure upper body strength), and that it’s not a dating game. He needs a clue, and no one, especially his selfish crushee, is going to enlighten him. Just sayin…


Agree. But every time I start to feel bad for him, he says something arrogant and delusional, then the sympathy passes.


they should vote out the stalker caleb, this way devin will always be the
target and be a distraction….


Stalker?? PLEASE!! Why do people use that word to blow things out of proportion??

smd nicole

unless donny needed to win because devin was close than it was really dumb of him to win


What in the heck are you talking about?!!!


The type of comp is was, Donny didn’t have too much of a choice


Really upset Devin didn’t win it but it’s the second best thing that Donny won it and that he will be taking Jocasta off the block. It will be Caleb vs Devin this week, I hope it will be an amazing week and that Caleb will be blindsided we could still be hopeful that Caleb leaves this week there’s still a chance!

Effin A Bro !!!!

Devin – “With That Being Said”
Caleb – “At The End Of The Day”
Donnie went “Beard Mode” on both you conceded fellers!!
Aww Shucks….


yes! fear the beard! glad donny won, and it looks like jocasta can retreat back into her hiding place another week.

let the chaos begin!

Mister E

Yes yes yes!!!!!!!!


This could get interesting. The BS 2.0 only controls 5 votes this week. The outsiders have 6, if they wanted to make a move and get Caleb out, they could. To be honest though, a lot of those people (namely Nicole, Victoria) are likely to be persuaded by Derrick to get Devin out. We’ll see though…


Only control 4 votes now… al they need is 6 this week and 5 next week
Derrick, Cody, Zach and Frankie.

Amber has actually been cut out and is slowly edging to Brittany side… really wants to be friends with Christine and Nicole than the boys… but she will vote to keep Caleb
Derrick is HoH he can’t vote
Caleb can’t vote
Caleb is actually a floater now like Devin… they are in the same Big Brother Boat now. Neither side wants them.
So this in actuality only 4 locked in votes and that does not apply next week. They are not the numbers in the house in reality.

So Devins and Calebs fates are decided by the remaining house guests.
Hayden, Nicole, Christine, Brittany, Donny, Jocasta and Victoria they hold the actual power this week. Remember almost all of those flipped and kept Zach over PowPow even though all of the can’t stand Zach.

They BS2.0 needs 2 of them vote to keep Caleb…. but they may decide to keep Devin… it depend on Donny, Jocasta and Hayden.

It is all the about the numbers and the BS screwed themselves weeks 1 and 2


Jimmy 64

I hope they stick to the plan and get Devin out !
They can get Caleb next week.


So says Helen.

Captain Crunch

Lol If Caleb goes home he has no one to blame but himself, u never volunteer to go on the block in BB it always comes back to bite you in the ass.


Donny just told BowTie that in the POV they were one on one challenges. Devin vs Caleb and Devin wins. Then Donny vs Caleb and Donny wins. Caleb is losing challenges, losing his Queen, and has lost control of the BS Squad. And he volunteered to be a have not. Could this be Caleb’s week for a meltdown? And if so how would that effect the vote? Stay tuned….


Who’d have predicted that Donny would be this season’s competition beast? 2 POVs and 1 BOB competition! Fear the Beard!!!!! Now we can watch some bro drama for the rest of the week. Should be good!


Caleb is very confident and comfortable and Devin has accepted his fate, more reason for why Caleb should go!


Well of course devin has accepted his fate. He has no other options.


But But But beast mode cowboy was on level 95 and was gonna win all competitions????

Lol I called it that this clown will not win another competition ever again. I hope Caleb goes home instead of Devin, there’s always hope.

Amanda's dog Woofie

I’d like to see Amber wake up and campaign hard for Caleb to go. Ask daddy Derrick to save her from this creep. Then start working with the girls & DonCasta.

Beard Mode

When Donny uses The POV on Jocasta, he should say to Caleb,
“Where’s Your Queen Now?”
Gotta love this…..


Donny doesn’t have to do things like that. That’s a fratbrat ego move and that’s NOT Donny.

Beard Mode

Totally agree with you Jax, Donny has too much class for that.
It was just wishful thinking on my part,
because Caleb seriously needs to get over himself…


Yay!!! Wow. Donny keeps making me love him more and more. Lol. Thank God. But Donny really needs to be careful around Derrick. He tends to float over to who is in power. Ever since he became HOH, he became really nasty towards Donny. Now the other HGs who underestimated Donny will begin to fear the beard more becos he’s been WINNINGGGGGG……….


I hope Donny works towards getting Caleb out this week just to turn things around like he was talking about with the non-BS people. They all know they need to take Devin out, but they think Caleb is a bigger threat to them. The person who volunteers to go home usually goes home! If Devin stays and Caleb goes it will get crazy. Go Donny! Shake things up!


Donny doesn’t have to stir up anything. Right now he needs to clam up and not talk game with anyone. One of those two are going home, and Devin is not on lock. Caleb is already going around threatening people, not smart when you are still on the block after POV. I think Donny, Cody, Zack, Hayden and Nicole know that Caleb is a better move. Victoria can be manipulated and I think Brittany will also realize that Devin is easier to evict than Caleb. I think Derrick and Frankie are the only ones that would like to keep him, and Amber might be glad to have him out so she can stop walking on eggshells around him. Jocasta will probably vote out Caleb as well, he is one of the people that I have never seen talking to Jo. Amber will be orphaned if Caleb goes and Devin will still be target #1 in the house.


Amber has to want him gone. I can’t even imagine what Caleb would do if Amber tries to flip the house to vote him out. He would look like even more of an idiot than he already does.


I wish Brittany, Victoria, Nicole, Jocasta, Donny, and Hayden would all get together and discuss what works best for them. They can’t keep passing up chances to whittle down the BS. Hayden knows the alliance is still going strong. Keeping Devin would put a huge obstacle in front of the BS. Keeping Caleb gives the BS another number. Even if they don’t want to work with Devin, he wants to take down all of his former alliance members. I just don’t want to see Derrick and his crew pick off all of the other side without them putting up some kind of fight.


Caleb is much more well-liked player and has much more social bonds with people than Devin, Caleb has way more pull in the house than Devin. More reason why Caleb should go, it would be glorious if he went this week. Devin going would be so predictable and boring.


Exactly what i was hoping for! Its nice to know that devin & Caleb will be on the block together. Its a win win situation!


So in other words, Caleb is going home. No way Big Brother is going to let an early week go by where the person who “everyone” wants out, actually goes out. May this be a lesson for you newbies out there about volunteering to go on the block…


I hope it’s Caleb who goes. I’m enjoying the entertainment factor of having Devin in the house. Also, maybe if Caleb goes then it’ll send a clear message that if you volunteer to go on the block or throw the BOTB comp then you’re likely going home and it will spice up the game a bit.

Power Of Veto Corleone

Had Jocaster not gotten sick Donny wouldn’t have played in the POV comp. She would have played and Devin would have had a better chance of winning. If she was that sick they should have sent her home. I don’t like Devin but I respect that he came to play and think the house will be a bore fest after he leaves. He’s good for the drama that most people enjoy watching.


That’s not necessarily true. If Jacosta would have played, she would have pulled a chip and she could have always pulled Donny’s name. As it was, there was 5 Veto players instead of 6.


I don’t think Donny played as a replacement for Jocasta. He was actually picked as one of the players. They were supposed to be 6 including Jocasta. Since Jocasta couldn’t play, they were only 5 players. Donny had said if he wins he would use it to save Jocasta. He wants to use it on her because he feels like she is the only person he is close to and who trusts him.

Cody Fan

Wrong about that…. Donny was selected to play…. nothing to do with Jocasta’s illness.


Caleb started asking if they think they’ll be a Have Not comp. He’s sorry he volunteered to be on the block and now he’s sorry he volunteered to be a have not. Want to mess with Caleb’s head Derrick? Let Amber worm her way out of being a have not (she’s been trying that already) Then have Cody sleep next to her at night while flirting during the day and watch Caleb’s head explode!! Admit it folks–you want to see that!!


Happy Donny won, but I think that they have to get the bigger threat out & that is Devin. Caleb only won that first HOH and only b/c they let him. He’s sucked at every other comp he’s been in. On the other hand -LOL- Devin has shown he can win & he’ll keep winning if they leave him in the house. They should be able to get Caleb out next week or the week after.


Watching Caleb he sure looks nervous. Sitting on the couch rocking back and forth while Donny and Hayden do yoga in front of him. LOL. Now he is wearing out the floor in HOH, pacing back and forth. Losing a do or die POV to Donny when he was on full ninja cowboy mode is pretty embarrassing to a guy like Caleb. All he needs now is for his imaginary showmance to go up in smoke and we could have some interesting times this week. The fat lady is just warming up, who goes home is a toss up.


Not just losing but losing to Donny. And remember he volunteered to be a Have Not. So days with no real food and no real sleep. And no real Amber.


I knew the beard had it in him.


Best season in years!


Beast mode cowboy is shooting blanks again! First with Amber, now in comps. Sending Caleb home would be the best move because that leaves Amber and Devin with no one.

miss g

This may be the only chance they get to get rid if Caleb. If they are smart they will do it….there will be plenty of other chances to get rid of Devin.


Hopefully Derrick realizes this and puts up someone besides Devin as the replacement nom to ensure Caleb goes home.

also anonymous

Wouldn’t it be a smarter move for Derrick to put up Devin? He could still rally up the votes to get Caleb out but he would not have nearly as much blood on his hands.


No, I don’t think it’s a better idea to put up Devin. If you put up Devin then there’s a great chance he goes instead of Caleb. You already have Caleb who’s gonna come after you and Devin has bigger fish to fry then going after Derrick. So no, you don’t risk Devin on the block. Brittany and Victoria are on the outskirts and he could get away with one of them instead of Devin.


I guess without getting blood on his hands he could try to convince Donny to not use the Veto. That works too.

The lense-less stupid eyeglasses...

Caleb vs. Devin would be awesome and the perfect scenario.
However, I don’t trust Derrick not one bit !!!
He could make us all even sicker with his cockiness, go back on his word,
and throw up Victoria to save Caleb.
Sorry, but I wouldn’t put it past him…


If he throws up Vic the house turns and Caleb goes home and Derrick is done. Remember that was the final straw for everyone with Devin.


You’re right. A smart Derrick, and he is, will stick with what he said he’d do…and what the house wants – and put Devin up. Then, the house will decide who goes.


Thank you for the recap, but you missed this part: Derrick telling Donny he can never go against him or America would hate him and he would be the villain.

WTF, stupid Derrick. Shut up. I’m starting to hate you for trying to push Donny around you jerk. You are BOTH Team America, so it goes both ways. Stop going against Donny and making me dislike you more and more.


When I heard that I heard Derrick saying HE could never go against Donny or America would hate him (Derrick).


Oh – thank you for clarifying that. I actually read it on another site and it took it as if Derrick was threatening Donny.

Although, the truth is Derrick has done nothing but go against Donny and I still don’t understand why.

Devin's Dealer

A little disappointed but if anyone is going to win and I’m never going to be mad its the BEAST Donny-Mania.


Caleb and Zach are in the HOH plotting who they are going to put up next week…arrogant much? And guess who Zach said he’d put up? Donny? OMG!! Anyone who puts Donny up next week is going to find the house turning against them.


Really bummed about this Team America twist. It’s creating an unnatural alliance that I fear will keep Derrick safe for longer than I would like. I don’t know why, but I don’t trust him. However, I am liking that Devin has toned it down… Hopefully it’s not too little too late. I thought this game was going to kick floaters out but it could look like Victoria and Jocasta could slide right on through to jury.

Butters Mom

I dont mind Victoria and JoCassta sliding through to jury as long as they do it painfully in the have not room… otherwise… out they go.


Hopefully the veto doesn’t get used. Devin makes for great tv, at least for 2 more weeks.


Nooooooo! Not Jeff again! Bring back the fish!!! Can’t he find any better clips than the ones they keep repeating from when Joey was still in the house? Why not show us what happened after Veto ceremony last week. But no, we get Frankie prancing, Donny wearing ugs and Pow eating bacon. Pfffft!

Home-Fry Caleb!

We’re in for a Shocker!
Donny Votes to evict Caleb
Jocasta Votes to evict Caleb
Brittany Votes to evict Caleb
Frankie Votes to evict Caleb
Christine Votes to evict Caleb
Nicole Votes to evict Caleb
Hayden Votes to evict Caleb
Amber Votes to evict Devin
Victoria Votes to evict Devin
Cody Votes to evict Devin
Zach Votes to evict Devin

Jody H.

I would really love to see Caleb go, just because you Never volunteer to be on the block. However, Devon wins a lot more, so it’s risky. However, it would make everyone scramble again and boy would that be entertaining.


As much as I dislike Devin, I think I am beginning to dislike Caleb even more. He seems to think he is untouchable so perhaps now would be a good time to send him packing. Git along little cowboy, git along.